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Archived thread

So after looking at the "customize formating" options I noticed one that was [ code ].
What is it used for?

>pic unrelated
Don't mind me, just testing esoteric formatting
for something in whatever-the-fuck; do
i don't fucking know

[align|centre]No love for Commonwealth spelling, eh devs?[/align]
[align|center]That's cool, the burger way is acceptable, too[/align]
[align|right]These formatting features are really cool, provided that they work[/align]
[align=centre]It may help if I actually read the config.php syntax correctly, holy shit me[/align]
[align=center]Still, at least I can see find this stuff[/align]
[align=right]If this works, you faggots in the dev team have my thanks[/align]
Bumping cause I want to know