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Taking the Winterball to /mlpol/
It's been noted & discussed that the drawfags of the 2017 Winterball have been having difficulties due to mod tyranny, so this opens up an opportunity for us. Particularly we can offer a haven for content creation for them on our very similar site. We have done things like this before and we can do it again, there's even other perks for the content creators besides convenience such as less shitposts & no Malay. Here's what we do:
1.We send "diplomats" (in the silliest sense of the word I know) to propose sanctionary.
2.We strike a deal.
3.The bad posts on our present Winterball thread like the arguments are deleted.
4.The plan goes off with success with some proper monitoring.
My only concession is the third point, that was some really shitty posts that deserve proper clean up. After all this, our event hosting will be a spectacular one this year.
I'd like to mention that the place to talk to the content creator is on /pol/'s drawthreads.
we discussed this in a minor way in the current Winterball thread and I am in favour of this prospect. Even if the Artist wont stay for long or wont make exclusive content for us, it will get positive publicity for our site out and we would have little to do for it. Dont really see a downside for it either.

Do we have people here who are in contact with the Winterball community? MLPOL Tan perhaps???
I know very little about the inner workings of the winterball stuff and I haven't been paying enough attention to know the situation on 4chan, but I'll bump this to draw attention to it.
Onto something productive, how about that Winterball? I remember the last, it was such a fucking riot. I was talking about it the other day with someone here while scouring the /pol/ drawthreads for /mlpol/ art.