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Is it just me, or has the site been really dead lately?
i am no staff member, therefore i can offer no hard numbers. but yes, i agree with your general impression. since september we had a significant drop in site activity. most of our traffic generates via pen & paper RPG threads of /vx/ now. we lack quantity and quality in users, threads and topics.

as far as i can tell it is getting progressively worse. Site management needs to do something significant about it asap before we bleed out. most of these days we have less than 400 posts per day sitewide.

see also >>3300 →

I haven't been making political threads as often as I used to...

our weekend activity is almost unchanged, however again, that is mostly attributed to /vx/ posts. yesterday was one of our weakest days in site history as far as i can remember. not even 200 Posts.

Maybe we are all really busy?
I mean I used to post a lot more, the only thing that's preventing me from doing so again is all the work I have to do.
Also some anons might have stuff like college and such, maybe it's not that we are dying out but rather the issue might be that we have too much responsible people and too little neets to keep the thing going on 24/7.
(I mean no disrespect to no one with this post btw)
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perhaps it is like you say, i strongly prefer working population users over unemployed ones, but regardless of the occupations of our current userbase i wonder how many active IPs we have fluctuating on the site at this time. We have to think big, we are not just a board, we are an entire chan site.

MLPOL seems to lack a great deal of marketing and presence. As I mentioned in the other thread i dont think we have a great pool of potential users to begin with, but id lie if i said we are doing enough to keep OR expand what we already have. MLPOL is in need or Innovations or we will share the same sorry fate as /pone/.
I do think we all want good things to happen so we get more users, the real question is what exactly can we do to get more users outside of discussing relevant events, making raids and setting up game servers?
I mean we could totally start making legions of mlpol users on games but are gamers interested in politics?
We could also spread the word irl but most people won't take a pony Nazi board seriously.
Maybe that is one of the problems, people just cannot understand why exactly we like pony and Nazi, they don't want to be associated with us.
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4chan /mlpol/ was relatively slow from day 2 onwards. the initial flood of posts was mostly spam from both boards. i remember the board being so fast that threads flew of from page 1 to 404 in roughly 5 minutes.

We are and will likely always remain a niche interest site for the few people with matching opposing interests. But this is not just a weakness, it is also a strength. Many people underestimate our capabilities. We are soverign and lord over our own fate. As far as I am concerned we are one of the best moderates sites I have used in a lifetime. That is not to say we are perfect adn we would do well to never think that of us since it prevents improvements, but we are pretty high up there as far as quality is concerned.

I do remember people suggesting back in April we should set up more 4chan april fools boards. this could serve as a traffic booster although i fear the time window to harvest this effectively has long passed.
I took a vacation for the past few days. I was planning out something that could tell people how to push the day of the rope forward and help create a world in which "Self Defensing" any niggers dumb enough to try and mug you during a casual late-night stroll through your own hometown is met with quiet approval, not "Hate Crime" punishments.
Well, maybe we need to do something with all the power we have then, I mean, something that actually makes an impact.

There was this thread of it's okay to be white for example, I see little anons posting there but I do hope they act up.
If we do have the power we should be able to do something as small as gluing some papers around.
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MLPOLs own ministry of propaganda comes to mind
Well we are Anons the only way we can get the population up in here is for us to spread the word of the site, post more, work more on telling others and advertising and try to get this place to grow.

The staff can only do so much, it's up to us the community to get the word out and post more often. The staff is maybe like 5 or 6 dudes there are over 100 of us we can do more to get the word out than they can.

We could raid, post threads on 4pol, 8pol, 4mlp and 8pone stuff like that. Reach out to their discords get in their communities and get them to move to here just work on getting new blood here.
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are you a member of the site staff and are these reliable numbers?
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What numbers? The size of the staff, or the size of the community? These are just the numbers I am guessing looking at the posting patterns of the staff and unique posters list.I mean we have to have over 100 anons on this site. And no I am not staff

Even so what does it matter? WE are still the people who need to spread the word of the community WE are still the ones who need to spread the word of mlpol and our ideals. WE need to work and preach and teach the pony Redpill and spread it to the other boards and grow our community! I mean we are Anons there is nothing we can't do! Let's show the internet mlpol is still alive still hhere and still going strong! We are the ultimate form of Autism.
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The size of the staff is difficult to say because it depends upon your definition of "active," but 5 or 6 active staff isn't a bad guess. As for the number of posters, I would say it must be far less than 100, and it's impossible to guess the number of lurkers. I've seen IPs that I had thought were gone pop up every now and then, so don't assume that just because many people are gone that they are necessarily gone forever.

>No I am not staff

i generally welcome more community driven activism, however, i would strongly advice to synchronize this with staff steered efforts at the same time.


for that matter i would suggest to instal a say, 72 hour IP feature like the 8chan board have. so we can judge how much activity we have on the site or even per board. Would this be possible with the lurker number too? why not just a "visitor" counter?
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Well the staff can't order raids or do raids since it would risk the site.

In the end we can do more than the staff can when it comes to growing the community, running raids, and growing this place. We can do so much as anons we can't just sit here and expect the staff to lead everything we have to do some work too to grow this place too.

well someone has to take the initative. i would not mind if it were one from the staff as long as the idea is good. from someone on the outside i would suspect the staff talks a lot more about the site and the sites future interally than we actually know.
The thing is, who do we raid?
We don't have any real enemies nor relevant sites to raid.
Like 4chan had SA to fight against but what about us?
Yes, site activity is down. Did you not expect this to happen? Did you expect unlimited growth? That would be unsustainable either in maintaining the quality of content or the general intention of the board.
>site management needs
Site management is, its anons who need to do. Site management consists of anons who picked up the baton post April 3rd.
The Catalonia thread is currently (imo) the most quality thread available on Mlpol, and the one that draws more inter-site traffic. More threads like this would help to develop the boards but not artificially. Spainanon didn't post the thread because it would be a good thread for Mlpol (though it is), he posted it because it is information and content that only he could provide and which most anons outside spain would not get otherwise.
This. This is why it isn't helpful to autistically watch the weekly/monthly post counts. There will always be ebb and flow, and unrealistic expectations of posting anons won't help. Rather than scrutinizing the statistics, we could do to scrutinize ways we as individuals and as a group can innovate with enthusiasm.
The problem of raids is 'how to organize and plan' without leaving everything out in the open for any detractors to seize upon; how to make sure that the active Mlpol gets the word but without giving a heads-up to the intended recipients.
Oh, there is no shortage of places/boards/groups that can be raided.
Just out of curiosity, how plausible would it be to raid derpibooru? I don't really know much about it, I just search images there sometimes when I'm looking for something specific, but other than that most of my pony content is from here. However I've noticed the place discussed here and it sounds like at least one mod is an SJW cuck, some of the userbase is easily triggered, while the site itself is a general hub of pony content. Seems like a coordinated mlpol raid there would solve the problem of getting noticed by people with relevant interests while also triggering leftcucks and giving their mods a headache. Seems like a win-win.
The chickuning The event will have to be specifically coded to prevent spying, and false signals to throw off people while maintaining group understanding.
fgsfds what is all this? First of all, it is up to the community to to reach out and help bring members to the board. Its the staffs job to maintain the board from going into a complete cancer fest, if the community feels it needs more numbers anons need to take the finger out, also even if the the staff does not make an attempt to -which some of you are implying- bring in new users. the community makes the content, the community generatd the OC, the community is what represents the board and this chan as a whole. without the communities backing, there is no board to represent. There is no excuse for anons to sit back and expect the board to work things out for itself.
you really need to fuck off newfag, fuck you and the horse you rode in.
This guy has a point, tbh..
If you want more content/traffic, asking the staff isn't the way to get it: do it yourself.
Discussing MLPOLs future on qa.gif
>>3300 →

So recently, due to the latest Football tournament and the Winter Ball threads I assume, we seem to have a new insurgence of a small number of new users.

Regardless, i dont feel these threads accurately satisfy the level of attention it requires requires for the good of the community. I feel like talking with the same 4 people over and over again. No one feels responsible, no one has ideas, no one wants to take initiative and actually do something about it. Too much talk, not enough action.

The cart is stuck in the mud here and I think this needs to me moved elsewhere before our window of opportunity finnally closes for the site. The shitposting in the RPG thread and its 10 users wont keep this site afloat forever.
MLPOL Activity Statistics
MLPOL activity Statistics November 12th 2017.png
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This was a good week, total post count has exceeded the week prior every day so far, even the high activity Saturday.
This is from scraping the home page at the same time each day and calculating the posts for 24 hours. Where the numbers were ridiculously high or negative I removed the data. It shows a fall until the change of the month, generally speaking.

Later I will make a script to scrape the statistics page for more reliability.