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IE injection detected?
I hate this stupid motherfucker and always have. I'm not a religious of buy by any means, but this motherfucker is a sinner if there ever was one and I hope he burns in hell. She got the most manufactured smile on the face of Equestria. This motherfucker gotta be the largest con-pony on the planet with how many gullible fucks he's fooled with his tax-exempt church of partying.

This motherfucker's net worth is $54 million. $54 motherfucking million bits. Now I'm all for ponies that work hard and make something of themselves in life and follow their cutie mark, but not at the expense of other ponies sanity. I mean, there are ponies who are in serious need of help that look to our group of friends and her friendly approach foolishly to get by in life and she takes advantage of them, taking bits she doesn't need to continue to grow her empire and promote her party clubs. The good this motherfucker could do with that amount of sweet pastry in this world and all she does is splurge it on herself in one big piekakke. $10~ million bit bakery professional partymare is a wealthy, too under them good ol' Lakewood party bits.

And the one chance she had to help people, she acts like an ignorant fuck. Her church closed it's doors to parasprite victims, probably so they wouldn't get their nasty ass hoof prints all over her pristine dancing floor. The only reason this motherfucker did open their doors is to not look like a stupid asshole and ruin in megachurch, tax exempt empire. What happened to "love thy neighbor", ASSHOLE? >:C

Wai... Who are you talking about?
I tried posting this pasta in https://mlpol.net/mlpol/res/71324.html
and I got that error message.

When I copied that pasta from this thread then all of sudden it worked.
The server failed to handle your upload.
Curl says: The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden

>While Discord closed several servers shortly after Unite The Right and made an official statement denouncing white supremacy, many of the same groups and users continue to openly use the company’s services to organize, plan, and recruit. Unicorn Riot has obtained screenshots and server logs documenting the contents of a Discord server called ‘Pony Power’ that was created on August 17, just five days after neo-Nazi James Fields drove his car into a crowd of antifascist and civil rights marchers in Charlottesville, killing one and injuring nineteen.

>The ‘Pony Power’ server was set up by an individual using the Discord username ‘I Am Not A Gerbil’ who repeatedly identifies himself as Nebraska resident Dan Kleve. Dan Kleve, a biochemistry major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, attended Unite The Right in Charlottesville and is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Vanguard America. Kleve also runs an online national socialist group called “Racial Theocracy”, for which he was profiled by the Anti-Defamation League earlier this year.

>After Kleve was identified in Charlottesville and exposed online, people began calling the head of his department at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and demanding that he be expelled.
>In an apparent retaliation for this, Kleve created the ‘Pony Power’ server to seek revenge by maliciously publishing the personal information of alleged antifascists and encouraging others to harass them and bring them harm. “There was a coordinated effort to get me kicked out of uni,” Kleve wrote in one Discord message. “Plus a bunch of death threats. This is war.”

>Discord user ‘NSJW’, active in earlier chats to assist with Kleve’s harassment campaign, sounded a harsh warning to other chat users that they may be exposing themselves to serious legal risk. ‘Klaus Albricht’ objected to ‘NSJW”s legal concerns, and an argument ensued.
Both the proposed DDOS attack and the actually-carried-out spear phishing attacks mentioned in the ‘Pony Power’ server, could be perceived as violations of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, passed in 1986.
>Many of the potentially incriminating messages appear to have been deleted off the ‘Pony Power’ server, although we were still able to obtain screenshots and Discord history logs of the posts, some of which were taken in real time.

>Activity on the ‘Pony Power’ server saw a dramatic decrease immediately after the legal discussion exchange, some of which can be seen in above screenshots. There has been little activity on it in during the last week, with a choice few recent messages including a white supremacist sharing a picture of his truck, and another complaining about a temporary ban placed on his Facebook account.

Slideshow of leaked screenshots here: https://www.unicornriot.ninja/2017/data-release-neo-nazis-plan-revenge-in-new-discord-server-after-unitetheright/

Discord's statement confirming the shoah: https://twitter.com/UR_Ninja/status/905206178313056256

Our sister community over at discord changed their name now. I asked somebody and he said that they will probably use https://about.riot.im/ in case of another shoah falls on them.