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Catalog too small
Hello site team,

I was just looking for a thread (the hate facts thread from that crusader poster) and could not find it anymore either in /mlpol/ or /go/ (/go/ is pretty empty with many threads with 0 replies btw)

Id like to ask if it is possible to expand the catalog to pages to increase the uptime for important threads on the main board.

Also I would suggest to turn /go/ into a general archiving board. As far as i can tell no one is really voting for threads to get moved there.
Maybe it has gotten a bit small...
The thread in question was sent to the archive perhaps two days ago and can be found here in this link https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/res/43800.html
The catalog was reduced in size to 10 pages over a month ago when the then 2500 page limit to the catalog (so high to prevent a board wipe), which expanded to 29 active pages, was objected to by anonymous users. The catalog size was raised to 12 pages a week or so ago to prevent the then-common thread spam from knocking threads off of the catalog.

It is possible to raise the catalog size to 15 or whatever number of pages if desired.
12 pages is more than enough in my book. Really, just use archive.