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Android app
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I've been on this site since it started, mostly lurking and was hoping that I might ba able to contribute.

I was thinking that it might be an interesting idea to port clover to this website, today I was scoping out the code for clover and there is a definate posibility of porting it over.

Before I get too stuck in tho, I wanted to get your opinion on the matter. I know that mobile apps can bring alot of cancer to a website and that as the site lacks any kind of captcha this could prove to be a problem.

If there is interest in this, I estimate that it will take me about a month and a half to port clover (from when I start) and I would be looking to get it added to the f-droid repo.

So let me know what you think.
Atlas said he'd love to have a mobile app, but could not himself make one because of limited time. There may be a warm reception to your cooperation and involvement in making a mobile app, although that would require further discussion among the staff. Do not worry about the lack of captcha or of cancer - shills can be banned easily enough.
I find that pic to be much cuter than I'd normally care to admit..

I don't miss mobile app very much. I sometimes visit funnyjunk but never with app they made.