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>MFW I Realize I Am The Cancer
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>Go to 4/pol/ to find some links for a topic I wanted to discuss here, because I'm too lazy to search myself
>Get sucked into a two hour long, autistic pissing-contest with an EU-flag bearing OP who made a shitty, unsourced "pagan h8 thread", claiming that a few LARPing pagans were a few threatening Europe by proliferating Euro-skepticism and attacking EU's history of secularism
>Not even pagan: don't give a damn about them
>Know he's an obvious baiting shill, only concerned with sliding the board
>His OP reeked of plebbit cancer, and his posting-style was like that of a /leftypol/ raider
>He even used one of Jennifer Lawrence's leaked nudes as b8.
>Continue to argue with him anyway
>Saged every post, but my the gravity of the "argument" drew in even moar gullible autists and summerfags who didn't sage
>Finally quit
>Realize all the time I wasted
>Remember that I'd forgotten to gather the links, that I could've gotten from Jewgle anyway
>"Good" threads died because of my stupid waste of energy
>I've gone soft; let my shields down
>I'm a goddamn masochist
Anyone else fell disgusted about having lost most of their resistance to bullshit?
We've all gone slow to the draw. Thng is you don't have to keep on fighting. This is your peace here.
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We all feel like that some times. I think it is because we are like disappointed parents looking at children that don't understand the world, or even try to understand it. We politely tell them they are wrong and why, but deep down we know they will never understand. I think we are driven by a wish that there was more intelligent life on earth. And every time we sit down to explain things to them it is in a futile hope that we will discover a glimmer of intelligence in the person we talk to.
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sad pony.jpg
Now I'm even sadder...
I am sorry.
I think its allright. For instance, you can't expect African niggers to be capable /pol/acks, they are years away from that. Undesireables that you met are similar to those niggers except they are not that far away but still too far away.

There are approx 207k users on 4chins. Part of that is 4/pol/ and /bant/. Vast majority of those boards are undesireables. They are the kind of people who become political activism drones, get baited, get thread derailed, etc. You gotta look for potentional in people, we already know that normies pole 4chins. Normies are mostly lost cause.
>Anime OP image
>posting on 4chan and not even in one of the few remaining good threads
Yeah, I'd say you're the cancer
Another thing is that sometimes I visit /mlp/ sometimes, and I always end up in disappointment as I leave. I just don't have the patience anymore. /pol/ may be dying at a faster rate, but /mlp/ looks truly dead inside. No one seems to find any joy in there, whereas the few who do are despicably cancer.