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Archived thread

Can we make changes to the Archive?
So I noticed I haven't complained mlpol.net on mlpol.net in a while. This week, I'd like to talk about the site's archive.

First, the archive does not display the names of the threads, but only the post number of the OP. In order to know what a thread is about, you have to click on the thread and look at it, which makes looking for a particular thread a matter of trial and error, and few people are willing to go through that to find a thread. 4chan's archives display about a line of text from the OP, which is long enough generally to include both the title of the thread (if one exists) as well as part of the text of the post. Could we change it such that the archived threads display a line of text like in the 4chan archives?

Second, unlike 4chan, there is no search feature for the archive. This makes finding a particular thread or post in the archive, when you don't already know where to look, very difficult or even impossible. Further, the website search feature extends only to posts currently existing on the board, and not to the archive. Could we have a search feature for the archive, or even better, extend the current search feature to extend into the archive as well?

Third, I've noticed that the archive is not displaying threads created after Tuesday May 2 (the Tuesday after the thread shoah). This seems to be true of all boards. I would say it's because the threads since then are all extant, except that it is not displaying spam threads that were deleted after then, where as the present archive displays even spam threads. Can you make sure the threads are actually being archived and display in the archive?

Fourth, though less importantly, about 35% of the threads in the current archive are meaningless spam. Some of them, like the /pol/ type spam threads, are kind of interesting, but the dozens of "agua" spam threads can just die. It's difficult to find more recent legitimate threads sandwiched between spam threads in the archive.

Another poster in /qa/ suggested that we need to reduce the catalog to 10 pages and let most of our current threads be pushed off the board, to reinvigorate the board. I don't know if that is or is not a good idea, but I do know that we should fix the archive before eliminating many of our current threads.
I've been meaning to make a thread about precisely this, but I was too lazy.
I'm serious. If we're going to reduce the catalog size eventually, we need to make the archive easier to use, and also make sure threads are actually being archived
Your suggestions have been noted and are being worked on.
Thank you