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217c3 No.256683[Last 50 Posts]

Disease spreading currently throughout china, at the time of writing there have been 17 confirmed deaths from it, and 571 cases. People are speculating the numbers to be deflated due to being china, multiple videos are coming out of people collapsing on the streets due to the virus. Use this thread to post any updates on the outbreak.

Useful Links:

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217c3 No.256685

At this time only 1 recorded case in the US, no updates on the individual besides CDC has him.

France has a confirmed case, women from china in the Now quarantined area got out with a fever by using pills to lower her fever so potential outbreaks in Europe incoming.

Last flight from the quarantine zone has left China and landed in Sydney Australia, no confirmed cases on board but still something to monitor.

Cases continue to pop up throughout Asia and other Asian countries will post more updates in the thread as news comes out.

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457d2 No.256688

Going to drop this here.

Oh boy! Starting things off with a plague sure sounds fitting for a plot of a novel.

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File: 1579808914640.png (484.65 KB, 650x874, Cacs.png)

The chinese trace it back to the Horseshoe back. It's consumption is common in china, it is also the same bat responsible for the SARS Coronavirus infection of 2002, similarity between the two is of 70%
>Pic very related

217c3 No.256698

File: 1579813920325.gif (909.75 KB, 440x300, LET IT BURN.gif)

217c3 No.256699

US gov was working on the virus back in 2015 meaning china probably was also, this disease may be Chinese bio weapon that got out https://patents.justia.com/patent/10130701

217c3 No.256706

39e42 No.256714

China losing control of their own bioweapon wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

ed6a0 No.256718

File: 1579836114703-0.jpg (245.57 KB, 1280x720, waifu.jpg)

File: 1579836114703-1.jpg (50.66 KB, 700x700, cleansing.jpg)

ac141 No.256732

I <3 u Corona-chan!

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File: 1579854242640.jpg (120.75 KB, 800x600, 153372AC.jpg)


e811a No.256736

Can you imagine how fast it'll spread in the west coast cities due to the collapsing sanitation?

47d05 No.256737

File: 1579854772121.png (303.28 KB, 793x1007, another_baked_goodslhg-pre.png)

I can't wait to see all that diversity to enjoy the experience.

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File: 1579879321670.png (182.03 KB, 1000x938, 0f3.png)

Fun rundown by Metokur (I'm 1 hour in as of posting)

>Can you imagine how fast it'll spread in the west coast cities due to the collapsing sanitation?
They also say it hits people with "Immune Deficiency" *cough* AIDS *cough* harder which would be a double whammy for the west coast.

f5676 No.256757

File: 1579882631079.webm (178.97 KB, 480x360, Ming Kek.webm)

You horsefuckers ready for some hilarious stuff?
The virus was made as a vaccine at a British institution: https://archive.is/mnjSn
That receives funding from the Gates Foundation: http://archive.ph/MuxC6
Who ran an exercise a few months ago about this exact scenario taking place: http://archive.is/eg04f
With the "solution" to the epidemic being to enforce globalism: http://archive.ph/z2bUC
>1: Governments, international organizations, and businesses should plan now for how essential corporate capabilities will be utilized during a large-scale pandemic.
>2: Industry, national governments, and international organizations should work together to enhance internationally held stockpiles of medical countermeasures (MCMs) to enable rapid and equitable distribution during a severe pandemic.
>3: Countries, international organizations, and global transportation companies should work together to maintain travel and trade during severe pandemics.
>4: Governments should provide more resources and support for the development and surge manufacturing of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics that will be needed during a severe pandemic.
>5: Global business should recognize the economic burden of pandemics and fight for stronger preparedness.
>6: International organizations should prioritize reducing economic impacts of epidemics and pandemics.
>7: Governments and the private sector should assign a greater priority to developing methods to combat mis- and disinformation prior to the next pandemic response.

05b17 No.256759

>the "solution" to the epidemic being to enforce globalism
kek, I like to see their faces when they realize people don't want globalization and would rather watch the world burn before bending down and submitting to their rule. Best way to combat an epidemic is closing your borders and watching the other countries burn.

83d9a No.256762

>election year 2020
>coronachan has swept through California
>faggots with aids stood no chance of surviving
>Hispanic population is especially hit hard since they live in close proximity by squeezing 20 families into a single home
>the ballot boxes are nearly empty in the cities for fear of contracting Winnie the flu
>the state ends up being carried by Jefferson County
>California goes fucking red
>property prices drop after Chinese proptery speculators die and the virus' fatalities gutting property demand
Good luck coronachan

457d2 No.256764

Good luck Coronachan

05b17 No.256765

File: 1579885922432.jpg (96.79 KB, 1480x925, Konachan.com - 298895 4cha….jpg)

Good luck Coronachan

05b17 No.256766

File: 1579886108943-0.png (438.42 KB, 954x1539, Opera Snapshot_2020-01-24_….png)

File: 1579886108943-1.mp4 (9.01 MB, 720x1102, coronachan 90k dead.mp4)

File: 1579886108943-2.png (459.11 KB, 946x1530, Opera Snapshot_2020-01-24_….png)

File: 1579886108943-3.mp4 (5.61 MB, 720x1106, coronachan 90k dead - incr….mp4)

>Today evening, a video circulated on the @Telegram, her name "Jingui" and work for hospital at #Wuhan. It clearly explained that more than 90,000 ppl had died in #Hubei throughout the #China! The person-to-person base is 1 > 14!

Hopefully someone who speaks Chinese/Mandarin/Coronachaniese can verify

59f17 No.256768

File: 1579888643834.png (621.45 KB, 1000x1000, 27b8707a1c9aae54f836c7b6e3….png)

>Chinese year of the rat
>Rats are a symbol of plague

05b17 No.256769

File: 1579889615252-0.webm (5.19 MB, 640x480, Meme magic.webm)

It is almost like it is meme magic

05b17 No.256775

File: 1579893861866-0.mp4 (19.07 MB, 1280x720, TheWildBoon - @MisterAntiB….mp4)

f5676 No.256777

Can you post the source tweet?

05b17 No.256778

05b17 No.256779


05b17 No.256780

It is confirmed Corona-chan has arrived in Frnace

>France confirms two cases of deadly coronavirus

>France’s health minister has declared there are two confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country. Speaking to French media, Agnes Buzyn said one case of the virus had been confirmed in Bordeaux while the second had been found near Paris.


05b17 No.256782

File: 1579896730616-0.jpg (72.75 KB, 711x900, EPEk1fKW4AIYBEH.jpg)

File: 1579896730616-1.jpg (423.39 KB, 2500x3557, EPEk1fQXUAId6-f.jpg)

File: 1579896730616-2.jpg (299.67 KB, 1200x2064, EPEk1fTWkAA3-eW.jpg)

File: 1579896730616-3.jpg (106.46 KB, 750x920, EPElCFLWAAAibNl.jpg)

File: 1579896730616-4.png (205.45 KB, 680x686, EPEnCGbXUAEWcIh.png)

9b5ce No.256787

kek, i knew that overrated shit would end us all

5056d No.256799

I think it's funny how so many people predicted it with memes
>hurr 1720 and 1820 and 1920 had a plague omg are we next?
yes. yes we are

ed6a0 No.256800

File: 1579914458721.mp4 (3.14 MB, 228x480, Corona Virus Compilation.mp4)

>Corona Virus Compilation

6b791 No.256826

File: 1579925881618-0.jpg (77.86 KB, 600x600, 1579920268569.jpg)

File: 1579925881618-1.jpg (75.87 KB, 1040x768, 1579923343526.jpg)

File: 1579925881618-2.png (570.2 KB, 1028x1200, 1579924217335.png)

File: 1579925881618-3.jpg (199.78 KB, 1834x1080, 1579924226999.jpg)

today is the first day of new year and large-scale vacation travel just begin.
nuke china before its too late.

1bc07 No.256827

File: 1579926537737.png (274.62 KB, 1500x1148, a2pW4Me1.png)

>nuke china before its too late.
Why? A global deadly pandemic would be a blessing straight from KEK. And Corona Chan would be his revengeful vessel.
Let the bodies to pile up.

80eb8 No.256829

File: 1579931672498.mp4 (1.18 MB, 270x480, scared chink.mp4)

>Let the bodies to pile up.
And the stench of death to spread wide.

69b95 No.256836

File: 1579937392568-0.mp4 (2.27 MB, 854x480, Bat Makes Itself Big.mp4)

File: 1579937392568-1.png (737.43 KB, 1353x768, cc.png)

File: 1579937392569-2.png (479.54 KB, 1163x768, respond.png)

09581 No.256837

According to this, it's gotten to chicago and is likely to spread further.


05b17 No.256839

File: 1579944364430.png (263.07 KB, 680x657, c2e.png)

I love you Corona-chan

ed6a0 No.256840

File: 1579945803501.png (49.21 KB, 653x425, ring a bell.png)


6b791 No.256841

File: 1579947454641-0.jpg (291.79 KB, 960x1178, pU7Y835.jpg)

File: 1579947454641-1.jpg (138.77 KB, 788x800, yAwGcWr.jpg)

科学家发现一种源自蝙蝠的新型冠状病毒/scientists discover a new corona-virus from bats.

中国科学院武汉病毒研究所/china sciences academy wuhan institute of virology.

针对蝙蝠持续开展冠状病毒的监测,发现、鉴定对人畜健康构成潜在威胁的蝙蝠冠状病毒/Ongoing surveillance of bat coronaviruses, detection and test of bat coronaviruses that pose a potential threat to human and animal health.


27252 No.256843

File: 1579952986117-0.png (851.92 KB, 5590x4000, 0152_OAT_Vectors_shipping_….png)

File: 1579952986117-1.png (448.01 KB, 955x524, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1579952986117-2.png (564.43 KB, 875x534, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1579952986117-3.png (255.31 KB, 603x511, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1579952986117-4.png (1.38 MB, 1924x2792, vlLQ7jl.png)

i knew this was going to be interesting as soon as i heard of this leaked doctor video that increased the infect toll 100 fold and that this chinese bioweapon laboratory literally has the umbrella corp as their company logo. heard rumors the medical personal in wuhan is already going insane and that the military in the outskirts is shooting anyone whos trying to leave the city after the communist party destroyed all roads.

27252 No.256844

File: 1579953508963.png (350.36 KB, 1031x643, ClipboardImage.png)

27252 No.256845

File: 1579953818028.png (270.09 KB, 500x678, fl8pgPZ.png)

sorry for the poor resolution thats how i found these om imgur

27252 No.256846

File: 1579954301057.png (574.29 KB, 896x512, ClipboardImage.png)

china is becoming a nationwide bugchaser meme

05b17 No.256848

File: 1579956342022-0.jpg (62.4 KB, 608x780, EPIK7eOXkAYVlai.jpg)

File: 1579956342022-1.mp4 (1.54 MB, 664x360, 100k infected.mp4)

File: 1579956342022-2.mp4 (633.79 KB, 360x640, CNW - Video from inside a ….mp4)

File: 1579956342022-3.mp4 (5.07 MB, 1280x720, Stephen McDonell - Just pa….mp4)

b67de No.256849

>and that the military in the outskirts is shooting anyone whos trying to leave the city
That's the reason why we need guns, to shoot them back.

05b17 No.256850

File: 1579957094345-0.mp4 (1.61 MB, 960x448, charlie - 这就是前几天在武汉市红十字会医院….mp4)

dfc14 No.256852

File: 1579957631772.gif (1.18 MB, 498x498, 123325457566.gif)

05b17 No.256855

File: 1579959400294-0.png (282.34 KB, 1920x882, Opera Snapshot_2020-01-25_….png)

27252 No.256869

File: 1579963676586.webm (4.26 MB, 480x360, the bag (resident evil 4).webm)

05b17 No.256871

File: 1579966784278-0.mp4 (3.22 MB, 720x784, Uyghur Nomad - The proper ….mp4)

The jazz music truly tells the story that there is nothing to worry about.

457d2 No.256872

File: 1579968544292.jpg (96.96 KB, 443x1024, 1539575951529.jpg)

Yep, shit is going down. Looks like the RE storyline is going on in, Resident Evil: China Edition "The Dead Living."
Coming soon is "The Wide World Expansion"
The walking already confirmed 'dead' are on a timer till they really die. Desperate people, with no hope of the future, can do things they wouldn't have otherwise considered. There is no compulsions, but just the human faculties. Some will spread the infection by trying to survive, getting medicine, or herbs to stave it off, and maybe get rid of Corona-chan from themselves.
>What a time to be alive. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

27252 No.256877

File: 1579972678035-0.png (285.06 KB, 629x613, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1579972678035-1.png (318.46 KB, 828x658, ClipboardImage.png)

Twitter Doctor claims Corona Chan is a record breaking virus with a Pandemic score of 3.8.

Also, in other news, Corona now said to be able to infect people not just via the breathing air but also THROUGH EYE CONTACT.

Chinese man who gave away free flue masks and eye goggles was warned by the Communist party to stop doing that or else he would be put into a Gulag.


58d5d No.256878

>eye contact
Can we just call this the Kung-Flu?

27252 No.256879

File: 1579974406679-0.png (599.61 KB, 640x800, Corona_Chan_-_Madagascar.png)

File: 1579974406679-1.png (587 KB, 640x800, Corona_Chan.png)

File: 1579974406679-2.png (354.24 KB, 640x800, Corona_Chan_-_Clear.png)

File: 1579974406679-3.png (586.38 KB, 1000x1250, Corona_Chan_-_Exploitable.png)

File: 1579974406679-4.png (121.17 KB, 640x800, Corona_Chan_lines.png)

https://discord.gg/t38A5Jn - Jays Discord Server, recently opened for fans

Jay just posted these on Discord and on Pixiv and allowed me to share these with you.
Hope you enjoy, fresh from the Bioweapon laboratory.
If you want to spead the blessings feel free to share these Coronas whereever you seem fit.
Praise the Horned Rat for the generous gifts in this new year.

05b17 No.256880

Corona-chan a cute.

27252 No.256881

9e7ec No.256883

Catching something via eye contact isn't that special. A lot of pathogens can infect you if they contact your mucus membranes such as those in your mouth, nose, or eyes.

05b17 No.256888

File: 1579976650214-0.mp4 (616.07 KB, 320x556, a man infected tried to es….mp4)

File: 1579976650214-1.mp4 (2.34 MB, 720x1280, Kudos to those medical hea….mp4)

27252 No.256895

File: 1579979584724.png (753.67 KB, 1104x628, ClipboardImage.png)


>Corona-Chan now allegedly proven to be mutated/bio engineered in a bio-weapon facility

>Infected people without prior symptoms falling down and cant get up in public
>Local Chinese Medical Apparatus completely obliterated and nearing collapse

27252 No.256901

File: 1579980281446.png (320.15 KB, 952x549, ClipboardImage.png)

Virus Spread now said to be possible via otherwise healthy appearing infected without symptoms

i am not sure if this virus can be spread via contaminated air to the eyes, but i would not be surprised if this was the case.

05b17 No.256902

Best incubators will probably be airplanes where they recycle the same air for the entire trip.

02a5c No.256903


Still less deadly than the 13%

05b17 No.256904

kek, that is true

05b17 No.256929

File: 1579985104630-0.jpg (170.24 KB, 962x590, 23861932-7928885-Cities_ac….jpg)

>Cities across the US are on high alert as two coronavirus cases are confirmed in Chicago and Washington, 63 people are tested in 22 states and 1,000 American citizens are told to evacuate Ground Zero in Wuhan

>Cities across America are on high alert amid the escalating coronavirus crisis as 63 people in 22 states are suspected to have contracted the deadly strain.

>Two cases have been confirmed in the US but officials have said they expect that number to grow as dozens more people are being tested for the virus that's sickened more than 1,400 and killed 42 in at least 12 countries.

>Both of the American patients already diagnosed with the disease - a man in his 30s in Washington state and a 60-year-old woman in Chicago - has recently traveled to Wuhan. They are being held in isolation at hospitals and are said to be recovering well.

>It appears that all of the patients currently awaiting test results after showing symptoms consistent with the virus - such as fever, cough and runny nose - had either visited Wuhan recently or were in contact with someone who visited the city.
>Those patients are believed to have all been isolated either in hospitals or in their homes to reduce the risk of exposing others.


0ea6a No.256931

Sorry, the what?

27252 No.256934

File: 1579986763602.png (52.46 KB, 1536x397, CIA Nigger MLPOL version.png)

e0401 No.256935

The TN case was resolved negative from what I read.

I don't totally buy the 100k infected in Wuhan (after 24 h+ we still only have that one nurse's word on that) but 56 million in quarantine is pretty spooky and tells me the official numbers are low. I'd wager 10k+ have it in Wuhan at present. Could reach 100k in a few days if it's as contagious as some epidemiologists have predicted.

I think isolation will work in the U.S. and outbreaks will be contained to Asia.

05b17 No.256936

File: 1579987276449-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.8 KB, 600x600, despite-only-making-13-of-….jpg)

05b17 No.256937

I can agree that if the infection rate was at 100k yesterday we should have seen a spike and heard more since then. China might be good at keeping info out of their press, but they can't keep as good lid on things leaking out as Best Korea. In a few days to a week we will probably know more when it comes to the severity.

0ea6a No.256938

How many more years are you going to keep this up for? I don't even remember what that not-Silver is from.

0ea6a No.256939

File: 1579988084687.jpeg (827.05 KB, 1536x2048, 1910888__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Oh, I getcha.

e0401 No.256940

>In a few days to a week we will probably know more when it comes to the severity.
Don't tell that to 4/pol/. The 20 posts per minute general is the same as it was yesterday except it's a sticky now. Waste of time going over there, guess I thought it might be different with a legit almost-happening but no.

217c3 No.256941

its 4c what did you expect? they are just going to make memes and shitpost its what they are and what they do.

3927b No.256942

First video, shots fired and bot violence initiated.

e86cf No.256943

File: 1579990413808.jpg (74.52 KB, 1131x707, wp2717072.jpg)

>Corona-Chan now allegedly proven to be mutated/bio engineered in a bio-weapon facility
And suddenly and for no reason, the movie's story comes true.

ed6a0 No.256944

4202b No.256945


4949a No.256946

File: 1579991474184.png (1.61 MB, 1954x2089, corona chan wmd.png)

meme magic is real

457d2 No.256947

File: 1579992470892.png (52.21 KB, 1100x800, 1538857259419.png)

Chinese Batman releases Corona-chan…
I'm not sure how much better it can get, but I'm looking to see how far this goes.

fd079 No.256948

File: 1579992566411.png (76.16 KB, 1014x139, canvas.png)

>meme magic is real
And it's impossible to argue against those numbers.
This is a gift from KEK to the American (((oligarchs))), if Corona-Chan keeps spreading, the economical damage will be catastrophic.

457d2 No.256949

RIP China. Hopefully Corona-chan can help clean up some problematic areas.

22fff No.256950

File: 1579993210213.jpeg (303.53 KB, 1024x767, my-little-pony-art-Flutte….jpeg)

>problematic areas
Palestine and Jew York perhaps?

d2a4a No.256958

4949a No.256961

you can actually find more patents, if you use BLAST.
Go to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/1798174254
and select "Run BLAST" from the link on the right.
Then on the BLAST's page, go to where it asks you to select the search set. Select "patent sequences" as the database and click on the blue button that sez BLAST. then just copy and paste the patent number to a search engine or modify the url.
e.g. https://patents.justia.com/patent/10023845 or https://patents.justia.com/patent/8361708

d2a4a No.256963

>N95 masks prevent 95% of particles down to 0.3 um in size. Mycobacterium tuburculosis rods are ~2-4 micrometers in length.
>Coronavirdae are about 125 nm, or 0.125 um. N95 masks won't do much.
This explains how doctors are getting fucked by the virus. You need a N100 mask and eye protection goggles.

1ba66 No.256964

File: 1580003077591.png (179.41 KB, 1024x1024, TiredHaggardRainbowDash.png)

Pray for me because I live alone and don't have anyone nearby to tend to me.

I can't emphasize enough not pulling any stops when it comes to protection. If you're thinking "this'll probably be enough" DON'T DO IT! I bought a full-face industrial gas mask that absolutely would have worked. The problem is I wear glasses and don't have contact lenses so the seal near my ears was broken, and I thought sticking pieces of sponges in the gaps would work. I also reasoned "well, there are only about two dozen cases in my city (though I knew there were more unconfirmed) so what's the chance of encountering someone infected?" Play stupid games, play stupid prizes. It's a very stealthy sort of virus so you don't see people breaking out in coughing fits on the streets nor can you tell when you have it. I still don't know what day I caught it, let alone place.

I can't say that I am a typical case because I have a pretty strong immune system and I was bolstering it with vitamin D (which you absolutely should take). What vitamin D supplements do is make up for deficiencies of sunlight which is why people get sick from colds and flu (taking a large dose at the first signs of symptoms for cold or flu curbstomps it reliably). This Friday I knew I had something because I was coughing sporadically (couple of coughs every five or ten minutes) but I didn't know if it was a regular cold, the virus, or the excessive moisture build up in my mask, and I reasoned that if it was the coronavirus it wouldn't be too bad if that's what it was. Right after I went to bed I was overcome with a crippling fatigue out of nowhere (fortunately for me this happened in bed and not in the streets) and for a couple of hours I had a high fever. However, although it worried me I had worse from flus before and after a couple of hours it subsided and I fell asleep. Saturday I had a very light fever and I was able to get around my apartment no problem. I didn't even have a headache (which is why I thought I was beating it handily) though I did have diarrhea which lasted only during the day. However, that night I felt all the telltale signs of pneumonia: high fever, coughing up phlegm to the point you're worried you'll suffocate, and an extreme cold that will make your normal winter blankets feel completely absent as you curl up into a shivering ball. I had to turn up my thermostat to blast 30ºC air but the pneumonic symptoms only gradually faded and I could fall asleep only just after sunrise. Now it's Sunday morning and I feel only slightly worse than I did 24 hours ago, but I don't know when the sickness will come back for Round 3.

It's quite unlike anything I've experienced before as it's hard to detect early and the swing from "I'm staying home but this isn't too bad" to "If this is what Hell is like I don't want to go there" is very disorientating. The suddenness of onset of symptoms reminds you of your mortality, and if you're not already spiritual you'll probably become spiritual. It's probably survivable by the average young adult male but can be fatal to children, the elderly and the infirm or if you're caught out in the cold. Advice: stay home (you'd better have stockpiled food) and avoid excessive physical exertion like I'd stupidly done on Friday. If you or a family member gets sick then quarantine as much as possible. Keep safe, anons.

33db5 No.256966

File: 1580003806857.jpg (45.41 KB, 590x582, kHPxj2F.jpg)

God speed chinanon

959e6 No.256969

Shit anon, i hope you get better, stay strong my nigga.

1d0a8 No.256970

Was this posted on 4/pol/?

>It's probably survivable by the average young adult male

As a fit white male in my prime I wonder about the morbidity resulting from infection. Sure my immune system could probably end up victorious but what's the permanent damage? Reduced lung capacity? Would I need to travel with an oxygen tank? Will be interesting to watch the present infections resolve themselves. Answers in about a week methinks.

3cab7 No.256971

File: 1580004898744.png (213.05 KB, 781x900, ADCC651F-39B5-480E-A5BA-C6….png)

Feels bad man. Here have cute pone to cheer you up!

457d2 No.256972

File: 1580005175639-0.png (112.18 KB, 425x450, 1538339567351.png)

File: 1580005175639-1.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1280x800, 1557366651422.jpeg)

Take my energy anon!

ed6a0 No.256975

File: 1580005917086.gif (658.68 KB, 800x448, attention.gif)

Fillies and Gentlecolts, your attention please.
To be sick is a downer, but, if you believe in KEK and Corona-Chan, you will be fine.
Remember >>256836 and declare your love.

f28c3 No.256976

Corona-chan is Ebola-chan in a wig. Change my mind

26459 No.256977

File: 1580006279591.png (377.1 KB, 743x996, eponasmile.png)

We are rooting for you anon. Keep strong for us. Epona will be with you.

457d2 No.256978

File: 1580006343391-0.png (81.14 KB, 686x526, 1580004537876.png)

File: 1580006343391-1.png (142.44 KB, 686x526, 1580005659807.png)

Reposting from the anonfilly thread.

1ba66 No.256982

File: 1580007570575.jpg (866.34 KB, 1920x1080, EbolaChanKilledEveryone.jpg)

Thank you!
Also I have no idea about the long-term effects. The virus first leaked out in late December so there would be time to see how early patients dealt with it. Good luck getting any coherent data on it. That's why I wanted to post here just to let you know what to look out for. My experience also explains phenomena like people collapsing, >>256850 which is clearly shivering from pneumonia, and why it spreads so stealthily.
Whether this makes being stupid and getting sick worth it is another story. One plus side is that if I get through this I might be immune and can breathe the infectious morning air. If I don't, well, spiritual preparedness is an ongoing process.
Cute pone a cute!
[Attention-whoring intensifies]

1d0a8 No.256984

File: 1580008471496.jpg (681.43 KB, 1280x800, LhXeaizCVE.jpg)

Thought this was copypasta. Still think you might be LARPing (o/w post proof) but if not hope you pull through and lord your immunity over your comrades by taking in lungfuls of that sweet, sweet, infectious morning air.

1ba66 No.256985

What am I going to do, post a selfie with a timestamp? Being one of a 1000-100,000 infected isn't really an achievement other than going "Aha, official infection counts are off by at least one!" and "I'm the only guy infected on /mlpol/!" Thanks for the good wishes tho.

6547d No.256986

File: 1580009031332.png (330.99 KB, 781x727, SickFIlly.png)

Don't die, Anon…

9e7ec No.256987

File: 1580009076052.gif (102.25 KB, 379x362, suited_sandwich.gif)

Thanks for the template.

I've been contemplating getting a full-face mask. I have a half-face respirator that I use when cleaning since the smell of chemicals gives me headaches. The multi-gas cartridges (olive) from 3M are pretty great at filtering out chlorine and ammonia fumes.

However since my apartment isn't an appropriate facility for decontaminating the mask, I imagine that such a mask would only postpone my infection by a few hours if I were exposed to the disease.

6547d No.256988


1d0a8 No.256990

>What am I going to do, post a selfie with a timestamp?
A shot of Wuhan out your window with the timestamp? Not asking you to ID yourself or post a mugshot. This isn't rocket science. Screencap the photo preview to remove metadata if you're worried about privacy.

217c3 No.256991

File: 1580009255341.jpg (102.74 KB, 494x739, 1491134590366.jpg)


user is a 3 shot IP meaning he changes IPs often, probably due to being on a VPN. I would bet on him being real with this one.

e811a No.256992

It can get you through your ears, Anon, if you're not wearing a helmet, you're fucking dead.

1d0a8 No.256994

Hmm interesting. Well I suppose anyone that can acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal wouldn't lie.

d2a4a No.256995

File: 1580009468972.png (70.05 KB, 550x375, 6b39131968dfff81cd882405c3….png)

so do you have a waifu? how popular are horsefuckers in china, are you even allowed to watch it? which side do you come from /mlp/ or /pol/.

33db5 No.256998

just have a few bottles of bleach outside to cover ur suit in while ur in it

9e7ec No.256999

I don't have a full body suit. My bathroom isn't that dirty.

6547d No.257000

File: 1580009924433.png (168.82 KB, 1542x1204, BatFilly.png)

33db5 No.257001

bathe in bleach

e6a33 No.257003

File: 1580010086626.jpg (104.58 KB, 1094x924, 503x0w.jpg)

Stay safe anon.

Stay hydrated, well fed even if you have to force yourself to eat and drink. Prevent additional infections of other flus.

Any chance to know which region you are from and where you have been to contract the virus?

Any chance of visiting a hospital, or is it a worse idea to go?

1ba66 No.257004

File: 1580010325137.jpeg (78.07 KB, 1080x1440, Mask.jpeg)

Pic related. 3M 6800 is really good and probably would have saved (I was dressed like a plague doctor) me if I didn't have myopia and wanted to see. Good point about decontamination, though. As it's airborne it'll settle on your clothes and you'll eventually breathe it in one way or another.

Shanghai, actually. And no, I value my anonymity so there's no point in revealing my exact location (which a clever person can get with a landscape shot).


AJ is best waifu and I'm not actually Chinese. Found this place two years ago through a Youtube comment.

Even better, if you drink it the virus will be killed off.

1ba66 No.257007

First of all, have you seen the pictures of hospitals in China? Don't have any footage myself but given I hear an ambulance every half hour it can't be pretty. Unless if the doctors come up with a magical cure that fixes everything, going to the hospital is the worst idea you can have whether you're healthy or infected. The only thing they can do is give you something to make you comfortable. Sadly it seems to be mentality in China, but also quite common elsewhere, that if anything's wrong the first thing is to go to the hospital. I've noticed that for lots of friends and acquaintances, whereas growing up I'd suffer through illness at home with the hospital being only for actual emergencies or special cases.

1d0a8 No.257008

Was hoping to see some Chinese script but I'll take it. Is the VPN essential due to China's great Internet firewall?

33db5 No.257009

anon u gotta get to israel and get joos sick

1ba66 No.257010

I can access /mlpol/ perfectly fine without a VPN which is why I don't need one because I'm sure the CPC will highly approve of my media viewing.

Brb, getting a yarmulke and booking a plane ticket.

1d0a8 No.257011

>Don't have any footage myself but given I hear an ambulance every half hour it can't be pretty.
I take it that's abnormal?


>Shanghai, actually.
The significance of this just struck me. There's not supposed to be many cases in this city yet at least last I heard. Pop 25 million, holy shit, big if true.

1d0a8 No.257012

Yea Xi's closeted #AltBrony, true fax.

d2a4a No.257013

File: 1580011393660.png (426.98 KB, 658x735, ClipboardImage.png)

33db5 No.257014

chinanon works fast

1ba66 No.257016

Usually I hardly ever hear ambulances. Also other than that and the chirping of birds everything is dead quiet right now. Maybe I'll take a video of the streets when I'm more up to the task.

>Chinese New Year
>biggest and richest city in China
Ya think?
There are thousands and rising quickly no doubt. I don't know how many infected are staying at home like me who aren't being counted (not that accurate statistics are shared anyway). Just taking public transport is a near-guarantee of infection.
Also, the (state-appointed) Catholic bishop of Shanghai cancelled all public services a few days ago.

Pretty funny that even the Jews don't listen to common sense. What if this outbreak is so serious because Bird Flu, Ebola and Zika were overblown and didn't meet expectations? Is this a case of the kid who cried wolf?

e811a No.257017

Hitler resurrected as the coronavirus to shoah the jews

d2a4a No.257018

it'l be all over the world since it was right around the Chinese newyear and tons of chinks visiting their families will be returning. really the absolute worst time to have an outbreak possible.

d2a4a No.257019

File: 1580012375660.png (38.89 KB, 306x253, fed2848310a68bc71013a1cd90….png)

hes a hardworker

9e7ec No.257020

I actually decided to order the mask a few minutes ago, and that happens to be the exact same one. I may not need it for the happening, but I can always use it whenever I'm concerned about splashes to my face when cleaning. It should also come in handy if the big igloo happens and tear gas starts getting thrown around.

1d0a8 No.257021

File: 1580012625897.jpg (270.68 KB, 2048x1365, 2048_1.jpg)

Are you Catholic?

>Chinese New Year

Shit that's right, that's possibly thousands of people that have been incubating the disease for days, traveling all throughout Asia. And possibly beyond, oh I so hope African safaris are popular in China.

>Is this a case of the kid who cried wolf?

Big difference? The media pounced over every little tiny development in those cases. "If it bleeds it leads." For coronavirus? Hardly a peep. Not even a Twitter trend. This shit's the real deal.

c48c0 No.257022

What I dislike is the irrational reliance on masks. 75% alcohol is way better at killing viruses and pathogens, and when you get home, you wash your hands, wipe yourself down with it.

ed6a0 No.257023

File: 1580012745392.png (678.11 KB, 985x1050, 8ea.png)


457d2 No.257030

File: 1580016369882-0.jpg (70.14 KB, 790x526, 1556488116923.jpg)

File: 1580016369882-1.png (139.17 KB, 297x430, 1539148144659.png)

I saw a scroll bar on the tv Faux news, once today about it happened to be the one time today where it was on. No numbers just someone was detained in Canada or something due to having the Corona virus. Very much kept very calm, and to prevent panic, or having the average watcher waking up.
Looks like Hitler is really getting around. Corona-chan just wanted to be inside everyone, but uncle Adolf is mentoring her.
A procedure to ensure sanitation throughout the home is an excellent idea especially with high stakes. Also might help prevent reinfection from taking place.

457d2 No.257037

File: 1580020076954.png (1.06 MB, 917x803, 1538449023590.png)

So, China is having problems cremating the dead. The holohoax once more is taking a beating from reality.
In a different tone, amusingly with the Resident Evil theme, Corona can be shifted to be Racoon. Racoon city. Even if it isn't a T-virus.
Also random trip namefag anon from cuckchans, claiming to be an ex UK World health organization bureaucrat, said the virus is a combination of two differing ones. One may have lasting neurological effects, that may directly effect the brain. Said cocksucker without proof also claimed that it could effect the neurology so that the effected would stop breathing, and people would collapse.
Corona also means crown, and may be a reference. Possibly for the effects in the head? Like where motor control is in the brain? Or to the people who wanted it to be developed?

e811a No.257038

Raccoon has two c's you brainlet.

b76ce No.257039

File: 1580023014428-0.png (551.52 KB, 1025x599, ca1.png)

File: 1580023014428-1.png (136.19 KB, 748x1013, ca2.png)

File: 1580023014428-2.png (1.31 MB, 749x2465, ca3.png)

File: 1580023014428-3.png (162.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1542827872614.png)

Tinfoil anon here.
Because of little happens by accident, there are some clues floating around a bit suspicious.
Let me show some:

Take 1: a bit of a far fetched conspiracy
>Coronavirus - Another Illuminati Psy Op?

Take 2: an older fact, but it might come back at anytime enforced by the government guns
>Obama Signs Executive Order 13295 – Detention of Americans with “Respiratory Illnesses”

Take 3: January 23, 2020. The (((System))) proposes to control the American people at gun point using the military.

e811a No.257040

>FEMA proposing martial law to contain coronavirus
You're not there yet, there's no way they can justify martial law without widespread infection.

fc263 No.257041

>there's no way they can justify martial law
Oh yes they can.
Most Americans only know what's going on because the judenTV and internet gatekeepers told them so.
Lying to the teeth and propaganda are the specialty where the kikes are the best, and a concentrated psyop about the alternative of to reach 100% containment or to die may be a reasonable plan to deploy.

ed6a0 No.257043

File: 1580024938875.png (331.52 KB, 835x510, clip.png)

>Take 3: January 23, 2020. The (((System))) proposes to control the American people at gun point using the military.
>gun confiscation

d2a4a No.257045

File: 1580025326224-0.png (445.44 KB, 1316x941, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580025326224-1.gif (266.99 KB, 472x360, 4d3504a65396d035b501af6baa….gif)

>The OC Health Care Agency said it received confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday evening that an Orange County case has tested positive for the coronavirus that appears to have spread from China.
>The patient, a “traveler from Wuhan, China, has been in contact with the HCA and was provided guidance in order to reduce exposure to the public while awaiting laboratory confirmation from the CDC. The individual has now been transported to a local hospital and is in isolation in good condition,” the HCA said in a statement.
>Information about the coronavirus is on the OC agency’s website here.
>Also Saturday, the new virus accelerated its spread in China with 56 deaths so far, and the U.S. Consulate in the epicenter of the outbreak, the central city of Wuhan, announced it will evacuate its personnel and some private citizens aboard a charter flight.
>Chinese President Xi Jinping called the outbreak a grave situation, and the government stepped up efforts to restrict travel and public gatherings while rushing medical staff and supplies to Wuhan, which remains on lockdown.
>The latest figures reported Sunday morning cover the previous 24 hours and mark an increase of 15 deaths and 688 cases for a total of 1,975 infections.

>The government also reported five cases in Hong Kong, two in Macao and three in Taiwan. Small numbers of cases have been found in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, the U.S., Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, France and Australia.

>Canada said it discovered its first case, the man is his 50s who recently flew from Wuhan to Guangzhou, China, and then on to Toronto.

Source: https://www.ocregister.com/2020/01/25/case-of-coronavirus-confirmed-in-orange-county/
Archive: http://archive.md/B5UTQ

This is literally across the pond from my family. And I just got done talking to my dad about it.

4502d No.257046

>1975 cases
Thats some kung flu shit right there

1ba66 No.257047

File: 1580025634425.jpeg (90.12 KB, 1083x900, StopTheFlightsPandemicPro….jpeg)

Canada's practically a quarter Chinese, how is this surprising? This is very quickly shaping up to be analogous to the Spanish Flu, which killed at least 50 million people (3-5% of world population) and in its first year reduced life expectancy in the U.S. by 12 years. This is unlikely to last as long but it will certainly spread much faster.

d2a4a No.257048

File: 1580025638222.png (1016.34 KB, 1218x860, ClipboardImage.png)


ed6a0 No.257050

File: 1580027109128-0.png (242.42 KB, 654x546, Screenshot_20200126_032024.png)

File: 1580027109128-1.jpeg (55.46 KB, 1024x573, EPAfC4vXkAEalGe.jpeg)

>And suddenly and for no reason, the movie's story comes true.
>Umbrella Corporation
It's true indeed.
The chinks in line with their lack of creativity stole the Umbrella logo for their laboratory.

1ba66 No.257051

I don't know why but Chinks seem to love the Umbrella Corp. logo, I've seen it on cars for no reason at all. Wish I took pics.

c48c0 No.257052


>TLDR/I don't read moon runes:

Burger, Bagulettes, and those who call fries, crisps, are removing their citizens from Wuhan and retracting their diplomatic representatives from the province.

Burger will use their vast mil power and airlift all burger citizens out of the place. They might also shoot some desperate infected zombies who also want out.

Other countries that also retracted diplomatic relations from Wuhan include England, Russia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Maldives.

05b17 No.257060

File: 1580035945318.png (161.78 KB, 696x764, d59xoys-4b080352-3802-4b31….png)

Take my energy Anon
May you be protected and emerge from this unscathed

1ba66 No.257068

NEVER EVER tell anyone you have a fever. At the moment I'm being escorted to the hospital.

ed6a0 No.257069

I'm not sure about the framework, but would you disable your snatcher without too much violence?
Can the kidnappers ID you back?

05b17 No.257070

Hospitals are the churches of current year where people gather to pray they got better and causing greater spread of the decease instead.

1ba66 No.257071

False alarm, maybe? A policeman showed up to my door and asked me to go to the hospital and this being China I took the hint in that there was only one choice. However, after getting dressed and packed he'd vanished and wasn't on the ground floor either. Hopefully it really was only a polite recommendation, as unlikely as it sounds. I don't like adding this to my list of worries, I'd rather be a sick hermit.

05b17 No.257072

I hope he don't return, and that you stay safe. I would also rather be a hermit in cases like this. Remember to drink enough fluids (bottled, or boiled, water to be safe) and ride out the storm. I don't think the hospital will be able to do anything better until there is a cure released (if there is one coming).

e811a No.257074

Viruses don't get cured, it's all symptom management until the immune system deals with it. Vaccines just hit you up with a lesser, similar version of the virus that your immune system can deal with easier and are pointless to use post infection.

ed6a0 No.257075

File: 1580040341318.png (327.25 KB, 1366x768, 5740480753.png)

>until there is a cure released (if there is one coming).
C'mon it's not 100% fatal. Let the body do its job to find the right antibody combination.
And for an explanation about natural immunity and how vaccines work, the following guy does a superb job in layman terms:
>Why scientists are worried about the Asian Coronavirus

1ba66 No.257076

>the gypsy Vee
Though, he did go to medical school or somesuch so you can find wisdom in unlikely places (like Sseth and his knowledge of cancer).
To a point I do agree that it is somewhat overhyped. Why people freak out is because we're unused to serious illnesses that can be fatal, as most experiences are just with flu or the common cold. My father managed to make it through tuberculosis though it was difficult. Coronovirus is no Spanish Flu.

05b17 No.257077

True vaccines are useless after the fact. Vaccines can only "train" your immune system to fight the illness if the real deal hits you. Most vaccines are as I understand it inert-ish versions of the virus they want to train your body to fight. It is like the Black Death all of Europe is more or less immune to the Black Death today because those who survived, survived because their immune system learned how to fight it. Same reason Indians didn't handle smallpox as well as Europeans and had inadvertent effects on them.

So best way to handle an virus is plenty of fluids and keeping warm, and other basic alleviation of the symptoms (fighting nausea and such - to basically keep you "nutriented" and hydrated).

ed6a0 No.257078

>So best way to handle an virus is plenty of fluids and keeping warm, and other basic alleviation of the symptoms (fighting nausea and such - to basically keep you "nutriented" and hydrated).
This. And the human body will do the rest.

05b17 No.257079

File: 1580041831678-0.mp4 (754.5 KB, 206x360, People recycle used masks ….mp4)

File: 1580041831678-1.mp4 (1.13 MB, 360x720, People fighting over food ….mp4)

File: 1580041831678-2.mp4 (1.02 MB, 336x720, Troops guarding an entranc….mp4)

>People recycle used masks in Wuhan trying to sell it again
>People fighting over food in Wuhan
>Troops guarding an entrance to the railway station in Wuhan

05b17 No.257080

Live now
>Protesters rally in Hong Kong against the government's handling of the new coronavirus

05b17 No.257084

File: 1580044270573-0.mp4 (1.57 MB, 624x1280, Damien Rieu - Un chinois e….mp4)

This is what true globalism looks like.

27252 No.257085

File: 1580044483731-0.jpg (800.09 KB, 849x1200, IMG_20200123_230009.jpg)

File: 1580044483731-1.jpg (639.85 KB, 1200x739, IMG_20200123_230010.jpg)


Randy made these initially in late December and early January as Tribute art for the Chinese new year, but i guess you can repurpose these to the current situation as well. And who doesnt like Rat milk. I know i do.

Also Randy may or may not be working on an additional Corona-Chan picture as we speak.

1ba66 No.257088

Update: by contacting the right person I was able to bargain to leave only tomorrow morning. At that point I'll see if I can pass some speech checks and convince them on the optimality of self-quarantine.

05b17 No.257089

Wishing for all the best for you.
Worst case put on full clown makeup, or demand to leave wearing an onsie, will make an beautiful video (if anyone captures it) in a sea of videos of hysterical people. I still remember a news-clip from the US (many moons ago) where a reporter was standing outside talking about how horrible the hurricane and weather was when a guy in a Bear-onsie strolled by in the background.

88039 No.257091

File: 1580049259001.png (741.83 KB, 691x808, 03a2fabab7d5b408494245e5e5….png)



05b17 No.257092

File: 1580049588624.mp4 (598.86 KB, 640x640, Seorang dokter yg sedang m….mp4)

eb755 No.257093

File: 1580050352024-0.jpg (41.66 KB, 840x556, raccoon_city.jpg)

File: 1580050352024-1.png (294.18 KB, 594x511, 1576974901297.png)




457d2 No.257095

Damnit, well thank you. Take this (You)
Good Luck anon.
>Home of Umbrella
Any other cities with corporations with similar logos?

05b17 No.257098

File: 1580052421157.mp4 (737.21 KB, 720x1280, 210,000 vehicles escaped f….mp4)

>210,000 vehicles escaped from the city the day before #Wuhan's lockdown.

>Vehicles entered these cities:

>70,000 Shanghai
>76,000 Hainan
>More than 25,000 Sichuan
>More than 19,000 Hangzhou

>The outbreak is expected to increase in these cities in the next 2 weeks.


27252 No.257099

File: 1580052603228.png (10.03 MB, 3913x9000, 79098702_p0.png)


Corona-Chan the WuFlu by Glee-chan

05b17 No.257103

File: 1580053988074.png (560.5 KB, 768x1341, Opera Snapshot_2020-01-26_….png)

Looks like the infection count is going to be increased by 1000 in a short while (if reporting is correct).

88039 No.257107

File: 1580054854436.png (294.85 KB, 692x741, Untitled.png)

05b17 No.257108

File: 1580054964639.mp4 (2.26 MB, 720x720, 自由亚洲电台 - 【武汉医护投诉政府防护用品质量差劣….mp4)

>[Wuhan Medical Care Complaints about Poor Quality of Government Protective Products]
>["Masks are fake!"]
>The major hospitals in Wuhan have been running out of supplies for several days. Under great pressure, the city government provided a new batch of protective supplies, but the medical staff took a look in the morning and found that they were all inferior products. Even the masks were fake.

05b17 No.257109

File: 1580055393750-0.jpg (98.53 KB, 612x615, EPOE8MwXUAEGqfH.jpg)

File: 1580055393750-1.jpg (73.85 KB, 606x611, EPOE68iWkAEi3cP.jpg)

File: 1580055393750-2.jpg (105.36 KB, 569x640, EPOE-UJWAAEteRv.jpg)

05b17 No.257125

File: 1580063353468.jpg (232.33 KB, 1200x675, oEJy9gMcTKDuQCN9daTfcg98Mx….jpg)

Nothing to see here move along
>Travelers at Gardermoen (Oslo Airport, Norway) were informed on Sunday about how to behave, if they develop an airway infection during the first 14 days after returning from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

9e7ec No.257134

File: 1580067917420.png (352.11 KB, 1913x949, coronavirus.png)

d2a4a No.257135

File: 1580070838956-0.png (1.15 MB, 900x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580070838956-1.png (324.1 KB, 1072x407, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580070838956-2.png (185.88 KB, 1149x636, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580070838956-3.png (227.19 KB, 904x942, ClipboardImage.png)

These are my recommendations for you

If you have anyway to get supplies id really recommend making your own chicken noodle soup, or even buying some. It wont be as good as homemade but itll do something, it's not just old mom memes but scientifically backed to beat out viruses and sickness.

This is all about riding out how the virus compromises the immune system, so do everything you can to keep it strong.

Doubtful youd have access to it in china but homeopathic remedies to reduce the severity would do more help than the shit theyl give you at the chinese hospital. Oscillococcinum is expensive for the small amount of uses you get before running out of them but it made a huge difference for my dad overcoming something like bronchitis or pneumonia reducing the severity.

Do note that occillo is best used at the very first signs of feeling ill.
but even when I was already majorly sick the difference it makes is huge for your general feeling, which is important because your mental state will have a huge impact on your immune system.


If you can find it I would take Mercurius solubilis, get it in liquid drops purified with alchohol for fastest absorption under your tongue. it's one of the big homeopathic remedies to treating fever, sore throat and respiratory problems.

d2a4a No.257158

File: 1580077723941-0.png (102.76 KB, 645x646, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580077723942-1.png (234.66 KB, 832x871, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580077723942-2.png (575 KB, 748x924, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580077723942-3.png (238.68 KB, 586x636, ClipboardImage.png)

>Corona confirmed in Arizona US

>China confirms that it spreads even during incubation when no symptoms are present


>Pictures of 1200 Bed 'hospital' being built in Wuhan and have barred windows

457d2 No.257162

Long incubation periods? That's not good. Excellent strategy for a pandemic campaign, but not good for trying to quarantine it.
The plan to gace a global government will collapse as they are ultimately incompetent, as they didn't have any time to stage their own weapon.

05b17 No.257169

>China's death toll from coronavirus rises to 80: government statement
>China’s death toll from the coronavirus discovered at the end of last year has risen to 80 and the total number of confirmed cases has risen to 2,744 cases as of Jan. 26, the national health commission said in a statement on its website.

07706 No.257172

File: 1580089056519.jpg (84 KB, 1039x713, Anime Tsundere.jpg)

>Corona confirmed in Arizona US
And still the borders and airports remain wide open.
It says everything, the people in charge prioritize (((oligarchs)))' money over citizens lives.

d2a4a No.257175

That's just the ones they're releasing publicly. There's already cases where they are downplaying the number of deaths because it's being put down as 'pneumonia' since the corona virus can cause that.

>Casting minds back to 2003, a Chinese doctor exposed the cover-up of China’s SARS outbreak. Dr. Jiang disclosed in a letter circulated to international news organizations that at least 100 people were being treated in Beijing hospitals for severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS.

>At the time, the Chinese medical authorities were asserting that the entire nation had only a handful of cases of the disease. The revelation prompted China’s top leaders to acknowledge that they had provided false information about the epidemic. The health minister and the mayor of Beijing were removed from their posts.

>This time around, instead of putting down coronavirus as the cause of death for an unknown number of Wuhan casualties, China's coroners and hospitals merely ascribe death to "viral pneumonia", case closed.

>A 53-year-old fitness trainer died on Wednesday after checking into a hospital in Wuhan a little more than a week earlier, said his niece. His family had expected the death certificate to reflect the deadly coronavirus, because as his condition deteriorated, his doctors told his family he was suffering from an untreatable virus in his lungs.
>Instead, it recorded “severe pneumonia” as the cause of death, she said. The relatives of two other people who died in separate hospitals in Wuhan this week also described similar situations, saying the causes of death had been given as “viral pneumonia,”

>reported in the WSJ, which gives us an insight to how China could be keeping the mortality rate of the coronavirus artificially low to void a panic.

>"There are likely to be many times more cases in Wuhan than officially confirmed,” said Neil Ferguson, a disease modeler at Imperial College London, estimating as many as 4,000 people may have been infected in Wuhan.
>What's worse is that if there are indeed 4,000 injected already, then the previously discussed catastrophic forecast of 250,000 cases by Feb 4 may be overly optimistic by half.


ae3b3 No.257185

File: 1580093978021-0.jpeg (327.47 KB, 1280x851, FluttershyCheeringUpSickP….jpeg)

File: 1580093978021-1.jpeg (144.87 KB, 1280x720, UmamiCampbellsSoupCycleOf….jpeg)

Update: still waiting for that dreaded knock but I sent messages out to the right people so hopefully it doesn't happen. I'll delay and (nonviolently) resist as much as possible. As for symptoms, I didn't have any dramatic onset last night so I'm very happy about that improvement; I just woke up with slightly worse congestion in my lungs that's starting to go away.

Thanks Anon! I don't think I can do the chicken soup though because even import shops don't have it, and obviously going to a fresh produce market is out of the question. What I've been having is a mashed banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, some oatmeal, dried cranberries, dried apricots, and jujubes (a peculiar Chinese fruit) mixed together with milk. It's extremely delicious and nutritious. However, I've run out of oatmeal so I'm using Weetabix now. I'm going to have to get more food soon but I haven't left my apartment for three days and don't know what shops would be open (even three days ago most places were closed).

If you have any links to news organizations get them to interview me. If they're relying on Chinese reports then they'd probably be thrilled to interview a native-English sufferer who knows the symptoms.

1d0a8 No.257195

File: 1580096605563.png (255.3 KB, 432x426, a51.png)

>I just woke up with slightly worse congestion in my lungs that's starting to go away.
When I had the flu there were ups and downs. Didn't see a doctor and just stayed hydrated and tried to eat well. You likely have a long way to go yet but your diet sounds great for recovery. Rich in Vitamins C, D, and E. And assuming you are American we all remember what happened last time around.

>If you have any links to news organizations get them to interview me.

Getting bolder too.

069f3 No.257196

File: 1580096832996-0.png (947.98 KB, 740x2461, gates.png)

File: 1580096832996-1.jpg (56.89 KB, 918x700, hzdhzhze41645.jpg)

>Gates Foundation Simulated Exact Coronavirus Outbreak Scenario Last November With “Event 201”
>In what has to be bizarre coincidence, in just November of last year, the Gates Foundation held a simulation called “Event 201”. Event 201 simulated an outbreak of a “zoonotic “coronavirus”. “Zoonatic” would be the spread of disease through animals (vertebrates).
Another Cohen-cidence?

1d0a8 No.257197

>Another Cohen-cidence?
Maybe but there are a lot of different coronaviruses.

>likely to be an endemic childhood disease

So this could be a pox-level scenario, pre-vaccination era. Noice.

d2a4a No.257199

File: 1580098372226.png (112.18 KB, 651x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Good to see you still around. Keep up your fluids up to thin the mucous, and gargle some saltwater in your throat

Take hot baths: inhaling warm, damp air may also help each breath feel less restrictive and keep the throat from tightening, and should have a general positive effect on your mood and reduce stress.

Peanutbutter is a good way to boost to serotonin which helps reduce stress and assist with sleep so thats good.

I dont know if you can get anything like these in China but some more suggestions.

Honey is anti-viral, the best kind being mananuka. Taking spoonfuls of it or in hot tea will help.

Some additional fruits:
>Apples have more antioxidants in the skin than bluberries. scientists calculated the antioxidant power of 1 apple is equal to more than 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C.
>Aloevera is a superfood and extremely rich in vitamins

Herbs ect:
>Peppermint soothes upper respiratory problems like sore throat and clears sinuses. Essential oil is the fastest way to get it but DO NOT ingest it, 1 drop of peppermint oil is equal to 100 cups of peppermint tea and can shock your system.
>Caffine may help to open up the airways if you feel like your throat is constricting
>Tumuric contains curcumin, an active compound known for its potent healing qualities. In addition to acting independently as an antioxidant and antiseptic, some studies have indicated that curcumin may be very helpful in enhancing glutathione metabolism.

>The number one antioxident for your immune system, basically first line of defense. Organic produce in the diet is helpful in providing the body with the nutrients it needs to create glutathione.
>Sulfur-rich vegetables such as garlic, onions, parsley and cruciferous vegetables are particularly helpful in addition to avocados, squash and tomatoes.
>Be aware that cooking reduces the glutathione content of vegetables by 30-60%, and canning eliminates it completely.

>native whey protein contains the highest levels of the full range of naturally-occurring glutathione precursors: covalent bonded cysteine, lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, and active peptides. Not all whey proteins are created equal: be sure that whey is from grass-fed cows, cold-processed and without sweeteners or other additives as these factors have a deleterious effect on the delicate glutathione-boosting proteins.

d2a4a No.257204

File: 1580099863501.png (766.32 KB, 1167x868, ClipboardImage.png)

The Simpsons predicted it, and they've done hollyjew movies around it too like Contagion in 2011. The plot points of the movie line right up with the Wu Flu. Symptoms (heat seizures), origins (bat virus), transmissiblity (R-0 2-4), descriptive terminology (novel, chimeric), future risks (AIDS community) locations (Macao), names (Mears - MERS) & vectors of transmission (Food Market / Vendors).

Even the MSM is reporting on the corona virus being a bioweapon, the same trail anons put together.

>The deadly animal-borne coronavirus spreading globally may have originated in a laboratory in the city of Wuhan linked to China’s covert biological weapons program, said an Israeli biological warfare analyst

>China has denied having any offensive biological weapons, but a State Department report last year revealed suspicions of covert biological warfare work.
>Mr. Shoham, now with the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University in Israel, said the virology institute is the only declared site in China known as P4 for pathogen level 4. That status indicates the institute uses the strictest safety standards to prevent the spread of the most dangerous and exotic microbes being studied.

The former Israeli military intelligence doctor also said suspicions were raised about the Wuhan Institute of Virology when a group of Chinese virologists working in Canada improperly sent to China samples of what he described as some of the deadliest viruses on earth, including the Ebola virus.

60a43 No.257209

File: 1580101161628.jpg (60.61 KB, 650x925, 1580093517141.jpg)

Also there has been reports that AIDS treatment works on coronavirus.

d2a4a No.257210

File: 1580101176794-0.png (298.56 KB, 587x469, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580101176794-1.png (93.85 KB, 726x348, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580101176794-2.png (27.65 KB, 605x219, ClipboardImage.png)

There are now 5 confirmed cases of it being in Aus.

The first Chinese official has died from it. Doctors in China estimate 100k have been infected. 5 million left before lockdown.

d2a4a No.257213

File: 1580102660533-0.png (513.9 KB, 1280x916, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580102660533-1.png (137.03 KB, 600x497, ClipboardImage.png)

What does the yellow represent. Suspected? The gray number is deaths i'm sure. That's extremely grim to who's recovered.

d2a4a No.257219

File: 1580105496253-0.png (164.87 KB, 1250x857, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580105496253-1.png (141.79 KB, 1057x689, ClipboardImage.png)

>At this stage, the mortality rate is high for 2019-nCoV, because six (15%) of 41 patients in this cohort died.

This appears to be closer to the actual numbers closer to what was posted in this tweet. 15% of 15701 = 2355.15 The 3.1% meme is just to keep everyone from panicking. It wont hold for much longer when people start dying outside of the reach of the CCP

0ea6a No.257222

I have caught a cold.
What do?

9e7ec No.257223

Even 3.1% is nasty for a virus that's:
1: Airborne
2: Has a long incubation period
3: Reportedly can produce asymptomatic carriers

6d1fa No.257226

Confirmed (Red): 15701
Suspected (Yellow): 8350
Recovered (Green): 49
Deceased (Grey): 2577

Who knows about that study, they only have 41 datapoints.

ae3b3 No.257227

Considering how my fever's essentially gone (which is how I wasn't dragged away, because apparently fever is a red flag), it's possible that what I have isn't coronavirus but instead an odd strain of the flu that I caught completely coincidentally at this time instead. Either that, or 2) it's a miraculous intercession to answer my prayers or 3) I'm an übermensch who can shrug off illnesses that kill 15% of the population.

Trips say this is really important.

6b791 No.257231


9e7ec No.257245

If you calculate fatality rate as fatalities / (fatalities + recoveries), those numbers put the fatality rate at 98%.

I'd like to think that China didn't fuck up that badly.

3fe4c No.257250

We can only dream, Anon. Perhaps the ccp helped some of those victims along and threw them into the mass graves.

3944e No.257253

File: 1580134081543.gif (Spoiler Image, 16.89 MB, 470x450, 2257569.gif)

你是哪來頭的,會注意到這種事 背後資源因該不少吧

27252 No.257255

File: 1580134713678-0.png (177.39 KB, 472x336, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580134713678-1.jpeg (40.37 KB, 373x500, alleged metokur doxx full….jpeg)

Guess who got reposted by James Patrick Oshaugnessy.


Congratulations to Jay. Even tho it was not directly from his account. Hopefully DECGRU will give him some attention some time soon too after his latest Hitler-Chan Artwork was throttled by twitter.

05b17 No.257258

File: 1580136449845.mp4 (5 MB, 362x640, Illness is not treated and….mp4)

>Illness is not treated and discriminated against. People are crazy. A Wuhan man was killed in Sichuan after being reported

27252 No.257261

File: 1580136968857-0.png (818.92 KB, 1151x1512, 1579970099646.png)

File: 1580136968857-1.jpg (426.35 KB, 916x680, 1580044727879.jpg)

File: 1580136968857-2.png (433.74 KB, 826x657, 1580077794792.png)

File: 1580136968857-3.jpg (986.64 KB, 1439x1437, 1580125329895.jpg)

File: 1580136968857-4.png (3.25 MB, 2500x3557, lraqoZG.png)

Here some more Ebola Chan art i found by chance on archive 4 plebs while looking some material up.

I dont know who made the Ebola chan crossover, but it looks really nice.

Also Randy may or may not stopped working on his piece. its about 60% finished. not sure if he will release it as is but its unlikely he will continue working on it.

27252 No.257287

File: 1580150766862.png (2.65 MB, 3344x2340, cc3.png)

a new piece of art, by the looks of it this was directly inspired by Jays Corona Chan drawing. here she is suffocating a man wth her Chunll Thighs. What a way to go. Made by MantisShrimpp.

27252 No.257288

File: 1580150886787.png (684.37 KB, 1242x698, ClipboardImage.png)

27252 No.257294

File: 1580153463540.jpg (84.38 KB, 908x1024, Phoenix Joker reaction to ….jpg)


Nevermind checking this guy out. hes a faggot.

>literally draw a pandemic virus

>cry over one sportsball nigger

27252 No.257298

File: 1580155547405.png (683.87 KB, 1096x601, ClipboardImage.png)

>Coronavirus Confirmed as Man-made, Wuhan Mayor Admits Witholding Information


d2a4a No.257306

what are your options you can get, what do you have around or can buy quickly?

symptoms of any illness can resurface until you're completely well so better safe than sorry. glad to hear you're recovering though

China's medicine is trash, which is why traditional medicine is way more popular over there. The west should be able to deal with it a bit better. Those death rates really look bad if that's accurate but it's likely that they ran out of supplies since the number of cures didnt move an inch.

78973 No.257310

File: 1580165929656.jpg (34.27 KB, 400x294, aaaaaaaaaaaah_1.JPG)

e46da No.257311

That really pissed me off yesterday when I was at the gym. I tuned in to the news while I was on the treadmill, and all that they did was talk about the apehoop player. At least they had some news about Corona in the ticker feed. Nothing that I hadn't heard about yet though.

d2a4a No.257312

File: 1580168136974.png (43.35 KB, 596x513, ClipboardImage.png)

The Corona virus is in Germany, confirmed not suspsected


Google Translated:
>The corona virus has now also occurred in Germany. A man from the district of Starnberg has been infected with the virus. It is in a clinically good condition and is medically monitored and isolated.
>According to the "Task Force Infectiology" of the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL), the patient is clinically in good condition. "He is under medical supervision and is isolated." The close contact persons are informed in detail and informed about possible symptoms, hygiene measures and transmission channels
>Responsible persons in Germany have repeatedly emphasized in the past few days that the danger in this country can be assessed as low. Health Minister Jens Spahn told the German press agency on Monday: "Basically we are vigilant, we take things very seriously, but we are also well prepared". Prepared pandemic and handling plans clarified what to do in the event of an accident at the airports and at the clinics.
>The Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases and other national authorities are in constant communication with the authorities of the federal states, nationally and internationally. "Everyone has their specific task," said Spahn. "If the worst comes to the worst, everyone knows who is responsible and what to do." They also learned from the SARS epidemic in 2002/2003.

174a9 No.257315

I watched the full news program on two different TV channels and neither bothered to even mention Corona.
What's more, only one of them bothered to put "Third confirmed case of Coronavirus in USA" at the bottom of the screen, the other straight up ignored the problem.
And here I was, thinking it'd never reach central/eastern Europe.

d2a4a No.257317

File: 1580173117530-0.png (628.38 KB, 1136x810, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580173117530-1.png (488.37 KB, 826x934, ClipboardImage.png)

>It'd never reach central/eastern europe
It'll be everywhere except shithole countries no one wanted to immigrate to. All of the cases are because of Chinese immigrants returning from trips to China for their Lunar New Year.

>Third confirmed

It's 4 confirmed states now, with another 6 potential states soon.


Canada is also trying to track down 30 potentially infected people who caught it from a chink on the plane.

d2a4a No.257327

China admits the official number tracker is bullshit, and they have over 10,000 confirmed cases


d2a4a No.257328

go to 11:00

d2a4a No.257350

File: 1580194521563.png (446.79 KB, 688x922, ClipboardImage.png)

Some good news for once

>SHANGHAI: The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission has claimed that the first patient since the beginning of the deadly outbreak has been cured and discharged from hospital.

>A 56-year-old woman locally identified as “Chen” was said to have been cured from the illness.
>Chen demonstrated significant improvements in her respiratory system following pulmonary CT scans and two independent blood tests found the patient free from the Coronavirus, as reported on Sunday (Jan 26) by the state-owned Beijing Daily Newspaper.

>The patient was reportedly released from quarantine after further examinations to prevent the spread of infections.

>Chen was a resident of Wuhan–the city where the Coronavirus originated–for several years, according to RT.
>She reportedly felt flu-like symptoms on January 10 before being admitted to hospital on Jan12.
>After nearly two weeks under medical care, she has now been released, cured from the disease, it has been claimed.
>The Express also published claims from Chinese doctors indicating that trial runs with an HIV wonder drug have “somewhat successfully” stopped the spread of the disease to cells.
>The study concluded that “Nelfinavir could decrease the production of virus from cells”.
>Since the intercontinental spread of the disease–which has now claimed 56 lives and has infected hundreds of others and more than35 million people are currently on lock down and five entire cities are quarantined.
>In Wuhan, local authorities have hemorrhaged funds in order to counter the deadly virus.


e811a No.257352

>HIV wonder drug
>Decrease the production of the virus from cells
None of these make sense. It sounds like fake news to calm down the drones in the locked down cities. Viruses don't get cured, and while it's possible to inhibit the process of reproduction for a virus, it's an all or nothing deal, you don't 'decrease' the number of viral particles a cell produces before it fails completely. The best that can really be done with a virus like this is to do everything you can to boost the immune system and treat the symptoms, that isn't "curing" it, and the doctors would know that.

ed6a0 No.257354

File: 1580195570643.mp4 (4.33 MB, 854x480, Corona-chan Loves You-1.mp4)

>Corona-chan Loves You.

cc682 No.257356

>>HIV wonder drug
HIV drugs are so toxic that have killed more homosexuals than the illness itself.

d2a4a No.257358

There's a new study saying the nCov virus is RNA based, which HIV is too. If it cures HIV then perhaps its based off it being an RNA virus.

1ba66 No.257363

It seems that fears have gone down quite a bit in Shanghai or at least the district I'm in. I haven't heard an ambulance in over two days now and I just went out to buy food. The streets are still mostly empty (as you'd expect at this time of year) but there's a handful of pedestrians, cyclists and cars, and bus lines are still running. A surprising number of stores are open too so I didn't have to go far. Whether this is due to info suppression or Shanghai legitimately not being heavily affected I don't know, but life is returning to normal.

09581 No.257364

That's good, how are you feeling?

1ba66 No.257365

Fantastic, I'm convinced now that I just have an ordinary flu. I'm nearly energetic enough to exercise and symptoms are only a mild cough and the sniffles. I suppose I was hasty to jump to conclusions but as I hadn't had high fever, severe sickness-induced fatigue or pneumonia for years their sudden onset seemed to be undeniable proof of coronavirus given as they're the listed symptoms.

09581 No.257366

That's good, I hope it does just turn out to be the flu. However, you might still want to keep on your toes just in case you either actually have it or someone near you gets it.

d2a4a No.257367

File: 1580201756714.png (862.51 KB, 5000x6354, 59d7fed985b44e303dcdd70942….png)

Latest report from China is that its more contagious than SARS but not as deadly, yet.
With fast mutation round 2 will be more deadly than if you didnt catch it the first time. There's 66 confirmed publicly in Shanghai so keep vigilant.

05b17 No.257378

File: 1580215348773.mp4 (12.03 MB, 1280x720, MAYANK K. PAL - Are we mov….mp4)

>MAYANK K. PAL - Are we moving towards a Global Pandemic

1ba66 No.257379

Guess I need to stock up on even more food. Eating nothing but that oatmeal recipe I described before, $27 gets me about four days of food if I ration judiciously. I'd want about a month's worth at least so that's $189. And that's assuming that the small shops I purchase from are able to restock after I buy their entire inventory of these products.

fb024 No.257380

>global epidemic
>draconian measures
>restriction of liberties
I see where this goes.
It will be enforced by State violence, and for that gun confiscation is a must, otherwise the people will respond in kind.

1ba66 No.257381

It's a little late to be worried about that in China. In America, though, I think people are alert enough that outside of major cities people would resist (see Virginia).

05b17 No.257390

File: 1580220875399.jpg (72.2 KB, 800x600, EPX8mtGUcAAmusL.jpg)

>tfw you're a pilot and know about the recycling of air

9149b No.257396

>107 deaths to 63 recoveries
Oh shit I'm feeling it. Thank you for this blessing Papa Nurgle.

27252 No.257402


i think an urban survival/bunker thread is in order.

d2a4a No.257416

File: 1580238262634.png (415.12 KB, 624x920, ClipboardImage.png)

Japan has two people confirmed with the virus, and they've never been to China.

>New type pneumonia Two new cases confirmed in Japan Men living in Nara have never traveled to Wuhan, human to human transmission or Mainichi Shimbun The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on March 28 that a man in his 60s living in Nara Prefecture has been infected with the new coronavirus. He did not travel to Wuhan, China. There may have been transmission from an infected person in Japan. If confirmed, this is the first case of human-to-human transmission in Japan. In addition, another 40-year-old male from Wuhan City was also infected, with six domestic cases.

The days of worrying about *only* coughing chinks are over. Now anyone is a risk

d2a4a No.257417

99017 No.257421

File: 1580239273011.webm (30.1 MB, 1280x720, Wuhan citizen plainly tel….webm)

d6187 No.257432

File: 1580246185587-0.pdf (3.84 MB, Brief-summary-of-evidence-….pdf)

File: 1580246185587-1.pdf (491.83 KB, Respiratory_Protection.pdf)

Few links from cuckchan, plus some interesting pdfs

>Unusual amount of crows in Hubei AND Qinghai, they are carrion birds.


>Infected person displaying violent behavior


>Patient confirmed for no virus on day 2, weak positive on day 4 and confirmed positive on day 6


>WHO admitting their first assessment was wrong, now set to high


>People not being tested for the corona virus in early stages


>Dead rushed to cremation instead of being tested early in the outbreak


>Dead rushed to cremation instead of being tested


>CCP changing the genome in the genbank to cover up it possibly being man-made


>Harvard chair of chemistry ties to Wuhan investigated by feds


d2a4a No.257446

9e7ec No.257453

Well I'm bummed out. I advised my family to start taking some vitamin C supplements to help boost their immune system in advance of this virus.
>haha, you're crazy. Nothing's gonna happen. Are you ready for the Superb Owl?
God I hate how complacent people have been indoctrinated to be.

1ba66 No.257454

I'd argue based on past experience that vitamin D is more important. That stuff wipes out cold and flu when taken in early stages.

ed6a0 No.257456

>God I hate how complacent people have been indoctrinated to be.
I think it's about not to give a damn.

d2a4a No.257457

Try to reason with them with how much procaution the world is taking. Ex: The US just diverted the flight coming back from wuhan that carried 300 US citizens. It was going to land in Cali but now its going to a military base. I have an uphill battle with my family too, only my mom believes it's potentially really serious.
You need your immune system to be at tip top shape, if you're weak or sick already then you're at extreme risk to die with it.

03b7d No.257458

Different Anon, but another thing that I find helps with colds is zinc tablets (Zicam). From what I've heard they're supposed to slow down flu/cold virus replication. They work great for me, but you gotta get on them as soon as you get a cold for them to be effective.

9e7ec No.257460

File: 1580278080647.jpg (108.37 KB, 477x641, visible_confusion.jpg)

Thanks, I'll take that into account for my own precautions. I just wish that people around me would give more of a damn about being prepared. Not even full blown pepper prepared. Just "not be forced to buy bottled water from scalpers" prepared.

I tried. I was met with:
>Don't listen to the fear mongering media.
Meanwhile I'm thinking that most of the media is barely talking about the virus and is spending more time talking about the impeachment circus or that dead basketball player.

I really feel at home with the clown world memes right now. I was talking to one of my co-workers a few months ago and it played out like this.

>Me: It's important to have a few days worth of nonperishable food and the ability to purify water at home because you never know what disaster may happen

>him: I don't need to do that since my apartment in the city is a block away from a grocery store. I'll just walk on over.
>me: If a disaster were to strike, then supplies would be gone within hours and you won't be able to get anything from the store.
>him: No disaster is ever gonna happen here.
>me: A tornado blew through here, damaged the power plant, and shut down electricity for a week.
>him: That's not gonna happen again


I've tried zicam and other zinc products. It's worked for me but it upsets my stomach enough that normally I pass on the zinc products when we're talking about an ordinary cold. I've used zicam's nasal swabs, and I think that they help me. But they're a different product and not zinc.

d2a4a No.257462

Well here's something to calm your nerves this guy is streaming in Changzhou. They have about 100 confirmed, but no deaths. It looks like everything is mostly a ghost town, but not hellish like in Wuhan.


22fce No.257463

File: 1580279569375.png (118.87 KB, 900x995, img-2673431-1-aj_disappoin….png)

>They have about 100 confirmed, but no deaths
An empty viral threat. Very disappointing.
Corona-Chan failed.

d2a4a No.257464

could still be in incubation stage

9e7ec No.257466

File: 1580280734198.png (381.79 KB, 540x718, heavy_metal_stops.png)

I'm just looking forward to getting some news from western doctors about the cases outside of china. Because I can't trust a word coming out of China


>long incubation period
>asymptomatic transmission
haha, that's just like my viruses in games like Plague Inc before I dial up the lethality after it's spread a ton
>ground zero of the outbreak is the site of China's only BSL-4 facility where they have allegedly been working on bio-weapons
pic related
>China says that it's fine, but they're placing cities under quarantine

This could still end up being a nothingburger, but to me the signs all point towards this being a serious incident worthy of close attention. From what I've heard, it sounds like this virus is REALLY FUCKING GOOD at spreading far and wide. The question as far as I can tell is how bad is it once you've caught it. It could be anything from nothingburger, to a new Spanish Flu, to OH SHIT WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE. But the information coming out of china can't be trusted because the government may be trying to underplay the disease and the government's opponents may be trying to overplay the disease. We'll need to see that results from the infections in other nations to get a good picture of what the virus is capable of, and given its long incubation time we will still have a few weeks to go before we get there.

d2a4a No.257467

New reading. Suggests it's only deadly to chinks, not whites.

>We also noticed that the only Asian donor (male) has a much higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than white and African American donors (2.50% vs. 0.47% of all cells). This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area.


57dbd No.257468

File: 1580281435370.png (261.58 KB, 881x907, filly_rarity_starting_to_c….png)

>This could still end up being a nothingburger
Yeah. I was counting with ZOG loosing millions of workers, globalization braked forever, armies decimated and Non White invasion stopped because there won't be any incentive to leech.

1ba66 No.257469

If this is a bioweapon then why would the government make one targeted against their own people?

09581 No.257470

Maybe it was more targeted towards other asians and they were too stupid or otherwise unable to find some way to make it not as likely to hit their people? I think that could be likely should that be an option, given that they were stupid enough to let a bioweapon not only escape containment, but also spread like the plague (heh) before doing anything about it.

d2a4a No.257471

Who knows what goes through bugmen's heads. It could be some 9/11 thing allowing it to happen just to take away more freedom.

d2a4a No.257472

if it is actually a global pandemic its incredibly easy to fullblast it into globohomo shutdown. did you watch event201?

fe1c5 No.257474

I read that this virus was also developed in a lab in Canada. A chinese woman was a leading researcher there and she was fired last year because… chin_cidence, she was involved shipping highly dangerous samples to China, "by mistake" some said, but espionage others think.
Nevertheless, it might be the chinks let the virus escape by accident, or, the Canadians used the incident to seed the virus inside China while blaming the Chinese lab for the epidemic.

1ba66 No.257475

>the Canadians used the incident to seed the virus inside China while blaming the Chinese lab for the epidemic
You ascribe too much wiliness to the Leaf.

ed6a0 No.257477

>You ascribe too much wiliness to the Leaf.
Actually the hidden nose behind them.

9e7ec No.257481

>This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area.
How many non-asians have it yet? I thought that there were only a handful of cases outside of china so far. With the long incubation time, it may be a week or two before a significant number of western cases present themselves.

A bioweapon could be used in theory to crush dissidents by first creating a vaccine and distributing it to elites and good goy cattle with high social credit scores. Then release the virus to kill off the trouble makers who are in hiding. You're playing with fire here, but they may not care.

d2a4a No.257482

Very low numbers besides the chinese have caught it so far. There was the case in Japan, a bus driver was confirmed after chinese people got on. But that's asian too. even though they're not in the same class of asian as chinks.

9e7ec No.257483

If you were being really evil, there would be two versions of the vaccine. A clean one for the elites, and a tainted one containing agents that are intended to make the populace more docile and malleable.

1ba66 No.257484

File: 1580283972290.jpeg (9.63 KB, 329x306, DeusExInteresting.jpeg)

ed6a0 No.257485

File: 1580284477845-0.png (1.01 MB, 874x2182, 15999799099799904.png)

Here is the chink_cidence plus leaf_cidence.

>Coronavirus outbreak a result of Chinese biological espionage?

>Did Chinese biological warfare program agents smuggle the virus into the country?

d2a4a No.257487

So more reading on this ACE2 stuff, not only asians but males too. Most of the victims we've seen in Corona are male. But ACE2 receptors are a factor of 5 in asians compared to any other race.

ed6a0 No.257488

File: 1580290384295-0.png (3.24 MB, 923x5897, canvas.png)

File: 1580290384295-1.png (791.38 KB, 1200x630, PM-1200x630.png)

More info.

>Jul 14, 2019.

>Chinese researcher escorted from infectious disease lab amid RCMP investigation
>Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng and an unknown number of her students from China were removed from Canada's only level-4 lab on July 5, CBC News has learned.

10d5d No.257489

File: 1580291131958.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.78 KB, 1012x924, image0-15.jpg)

im so siked to get the virus guys. family member had a fever, time to write our wills.

6b791 No.257500

File: 1580308202047.jpg (120.1 KB, 690x1494, 16wuursw0cd41.jpg)

火神山医院建设者求援/Huoshenshan hospital builder require more medical resources donate.

require resources:ten thousand N95 masks,two thousand raincoat and boot,three thousand medical gloves….

>second largest economies aslo communism

ask citizens pay for resources not themself

6b791 No.257501

05b17 No.257504

>ten thousand N95 masks,two thousand raincoat and boot,three thousand medical gloves
I wonder what the contamination rate inside the completed "hospital" will be if the workers need this just to build it.

05b17 No.257510

>Finland's first coronavirus case confirmed in Lapland

>A Chinese tourist who was admitted to hospital for tests after showing symptoms was confirmed to have the deadly new strain of coronavirus that has so far killed more than a hundred people in China.

>Markku Broas from Lapland Central Hospital said that the tourist left Wuhan province five days ago. The province, which is the epicentre of the current outbreak, was shut down soon afterwards by Chinese authorities trying to stop the spread of the disease.

>"It was to be expected that cases brought by visitors could also come to light in Finland. However the risk of the disease spreading in Finland is still very small, so there is no need for concern," said THL director Mika Salminen.

>So far officials estimate that about 15 people may have been exposed to infection. Health authorities will monitor persons exposed to the risk of infection for 14 days.

http://archive.is/wip/2ywsu (queued up to archive - seams like archive.is is swamped)

cc3c3 No.257512

> vitamin C
> vitamin D
Both are important, and so is zinc (especially zinc acetate spray in case of a respiratory infection) and arginine (l-arginine gets converted into nitric oxide, which plays an important role in immune response) Also, it's time to go buy a lot of onions, garlic, honey and tea/coffee
Oh, and if you have been taken l-glutamine supplements, now is not a good time to stop taking them because stopping taking them can make you temporarily more vulnerable to infections, if you have used them for a long(er) time or taking a large(er) dose of them. And taking glutamine supplements can also enhance your immune system.


As a sidenote, I found this (unrelated) paper while I was searching for relevant papers from my bookmarks:

Fugg, I guess it's time to stock up on masks…

a9b4e No.257516

they copied our bioweapon programs.

d2a4a No.257526

File: 1580324920034.png (421.6 KB, 726x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Germanys first human to human confirmation is from a Chinese Co-worker to a German. Chinanon may have caught it and survived after all.

>Health authorities say a Bavarian man contracted the virus from a colleague visiting from China. It is believed to be the first case of human-to-human transmission in Europe.

>The first person in Germany to have tested positive for the new coronavirus was infected by a Chinese colleague who attended a company training event in the state of Bavaria a week ago, health officials said on Tuesday.
>The Bavarian case is the first known example outside of China of the infection spreading between people who are not closely related.
>Last week, the infected man, who works for the auto parts supplier Webasto in Starnberg, had attended a training session with the visiting Chinese colleague before she returned to China and began showing symptoms of the illness. The woman had recently been visited in Shanghai by her parents, who come from the area around Wuhan, where the new virus is believed to have originated.

>Her German colleague in Bavaria developed bronchitis-like symptoms over the weekend but recovered and felt well enough to go to work on Monday.


1f708 No.257533

Good news boys, the PM has stated that Australia will be evacuating our nationals from the wuhan quarantine zone and sending them to our version of guantanamo bay

ed6a0 No.257539

File: 1580337439985.jpg (66.39 KB, 900x900, Fluttershy - Thinking.jpg)

>Good news boys, the PM has stated that Australia will be evacuating our nationals
>our nationals
Not so fast.
Actually wouldn't be most of them chinks with Australian passports?

2949a No.257544

File: 1580340006817.mp4 (1.63 MB, 480x270, City turned ghost town Tak….mp4)

>City turned ghost town: Take a look inside sealed-off Wuhan amid coronavirus outbreak in China

05b17 No.257545

File: 1580341543485-0.jpg (110.56 KB, 960x960, EPcTN28VUAAVsfL.jpg)

File: 1580341543485-1.jpg (98.03 KB, 960x960, EPcTN29U4AA7m1y.jpg)

File: 1580341543485-2.jpg (38.31 KB, 560x315, EPfI6TSWsAcwkJG.jpg)

9e7ec No.257547

>gas mas
>if you use this one, you guarantee safe from everything
1: When using a full face respirator like that, the important factor is what kind of filter that you use with it. The are cartridges that are just particulate filters, there are some that are chemical filters, and there are some that combine the two. The mask pictured there presently has no cartridges installed and won't protect you from squat. The general recommendation in regards to the wuhan coronovirus is to get a p100 filter for the mask. That's a particulate filter and won't protect you from toxic gas. Chemical filters will only protect you from toxic gas if it is one of the gases that the cartridge is designed to protect against. Chemical filters have a limited shelf life and their effectiveness decays over time once opened even if you're not using the filter.
2: As has been stated earlier, wearing the proper mask only really helps you if you can decontaminate yourself before you remove the gear.

05b17 No.257550

All that is true (just posted some images floating around twitter).
P95 should be sufficient though, but you can never be to certain. If I had to choose I would go for full mask (or half mask) as it is reusable and most of the P95 masks are use once then toss, and I can't afford stocking up on one-use masks. The surgical masks can give false sense of protection as they are mostly meant to protect the patient from the doctor and not visa versa (but better than nothing).

3fefb No.257556

File: 1580353199485-0.mp4 (2.66 MB, 490x360, 2020 MANUFACTURED CRISIS.mp4)

File: 1580353199485-1.png (110.02 KB, 600x777, 1571270654767.png)

Just a Cohen-cidence goy.

1f708 No.257569

>wouldn't most of them be chinks with australian passports
Hence why it's a good thing they're being sent to Human Rights Violations: The Island

5c1c4 No.257574

File: 1580369429464-0.png (1.28 MB, 703x2641, canvas1.png)

File: 1580369429464-1.png (922.08 KB, 703x2277, canvas2.png)

File: 1580369429464-2.png (678.52 KB, 703x2922, canvas3.png)

>Airlines Suspend Flights To China As Coronavirus Cases Grow
>UPDATE: Shanghai, Beijing and Wenzhou now all have over 100 infections. So much for containing the virus. It is spreading outside of Hubei now faster than inside the quarantine zone.
>UPDATE: The Philippines has stopped issuing visas to Chinese. Papua New Guinea has closed its borders to all of Asia. Malaysia and Singapore have blocked travelers from Wuhan.
>UPDATE: Have you ever wondered what would happen if our ruling class had to confront a real crisis? Will there still be Trump rallies in November?
While America is wide open to the whole world. Yay!

94ce0 No.257576

File: 1580370381719.jpg (40.61 KB, 635x600, 2252379.jpg)

>this coronavirus … it was nothing, then all of a sudden it became this huge thing, and it's killing less people than the flu does
Could that faggot be any more retarded? It's been only about a week since news broke, which isn't "nothing then suddenly huge" (especially considering the number of claims about the news barely mentioning it), and the rumored time before symptoms even begin to show is about a week, and the death figures are essentially all from china at this point.
This is a classic wait and see thing, with maybe some encouragement to stock up on non-perishables, since those are always useful even if things end up being fine.

As for all the faggots posting:
<ZOMG! ZOG is going to use this to solidify control!
That would be a pretty damned risky move in the US (and possibly some of Europe, if rumors of growing popular unrest are true), especially with the continuing escalation of tensions on gun rights, with a growing number of gun sanctuary cities and etc. The kikes do not appear to understand restraint, and in their haste/arrogance have created a powder keg out of what was a peaceful sleeping descent unto death. If they try anything drastic, it has good odds of finally kicking off the civil war everyone's waiting for. And even if they could hypothetically benefit from it, it's still objectively a fuck of a lot riskier than slowly walking things along until demographics have completed the work for them.

1ba66 No.257579

File: 1580371930712.jpg (115.06 KB, 768x1024, TrumpEatingBatSoup.jpg)

27252 No.257580

File: 1580371961988.png (1.1 MB, 1215x598, ClipboardImage.png)


as of yesterday evening, Jays Corona-Chan was livestreamed by Mister Metokur to 10.000+ people as background art, with Signature.

3410a No.257581

File: 1580372010529.jpg (342.15 KB, 1590x400, 165909598.jpg)

>The kikes do not appear to understand restraint
That's right, kikes are going to kike.
That's the reason why they have been kicked out 110 times and counting.

ed6a0 No.257582

File: 1580372254463.png (22.44 KB, 612x612, 1573 KEK.png)

1ba66 No.257584

File: 1580374204519.png (253.19 KB, 1562x584, Lieber.png)


5cfe2 No.257585

File: 1580374709607.jpg (123.2 KB, 1024x843, passports.jpg)

>Lieber, was awarded Israel's Wolf prize in Chemistry. He, along with only 40% of the recipients, are Jewish.
I wonder if this treasonous creature has also double nationality.

27252 No.257586

File: 1580374721043-0.png (1.35 MB, 1200x1200, 79118199_p0.png)

File: 1580374721043-1.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 79120491_p0.jpg)

File: 1580374721043-2.jpg (810.67 KB, 2576x2694, 79123429_p0.jpg)

File: 1580374721043-3.png (638.63 KB, 601x1000, 79174011_p0.png)

File: 1580374721043-4.png (1.69 MB, 1500x1600, 79176342_p5.png)

NSFW Art is out now - Shoutout to Eirhjien
& kiomaru1


27252 No.257589

File: 1580380856229-0.png (614.13 KB, 1412x1700, 1580227317786.png)

File: 1580380856229-1.png (196.43 KB, 655x692, doublewrap.png)

File: 1580380856229-2.png (769.54 KB, 800x800, EPeQsXGX0AM1F4x.png)

aa649 No.257594

File: 1580382798685.jpg (362.2 KB, 720x720, robbery.jpg)

27252 No.257595

File: 1580383450120-0.gif (826.18 KB, 274x333, DSP Phil Rotating.gif)

File: 1580383450120-1.webm (11.21 MB, 640x360, 恭喜發財(Year of the Bat 2020….webm)

27252 No.257596

File: 1580383865973-0.png (349.51 KB, 1116x746, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580383865973-1.png (610.46 KB, 1116x740, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580383865973-2.png (611.43 KB, 1136x746, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580383865973-3.png (963.03 KB, 796x739, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580383865973-4.png (1.2 MB, 1022x741, ClipboardImage.png)

27252 No.257597

File: 1580384069260-0.webm (8.76 MB, 640x360, CORONA-CHAN wants u to ea….webm)

File: 1580384069260-1.png (1.56 MB, 1109x715, ClipboardImage.png)

Made by Kaiser Trigger

27252 No.257598

File: 1580384542949-0.webm (5.86 MB, 640x360, Corona-chan is Kung Flu f….webm)

File: 1580384542949-1.png (1007.51 KB, 988x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>Corona-chan is Kung Flu fighting

by LaddieMcLass, with custom Music.

27252 No.257603

File: 1580394633144.png (1.69 MB, 1200x622, ClipboardImage.png)


Teal Deer will be doing a Corona Stream in about on hour from the time of this post onwards.

27252 No.257604

Jay has just finished a set of NSFW Art for Corona-Chan. I will post it here as soon as it has been published to his art media.

05b17 No.257605

27252 No.257606

File: 1580397253367-0.png (479.42 KB, 800x672, 1580394435185.png)

File: 1580397253367-1.png (439.6 KB, 800x672, 1580394464727.png)

File: 1580397253367-2.png (383.24 KB, 800x672, 1580394477381.png)

File: 1580397253367-3.png (486.76 KB, 800x672, 1580394679181.png)


Uncensored NSFW is currently on Jays Patreon for paid promotion.

I will repost it here once Jay gives his OK for public release. Otherwise i would suggest you reach out to him on his Discord server. https://discord.gg/t38A5Jn

27252 No.257607

File: 1580398306330.png (1.2 MB, 1114x584, ClipboardImage.png)

ed6a0 No.257611

File: 1580411481928.png (15.08 KB, 685x431, Screenshot_20200130_140855.png)

I believe I'm late.

27252 No.257614


Teal Deer has declared his slowly but surely moving to Bitchute and Minds. I dont know if he has a stream archive. if it exists, i have never seen it before.

05b17 No.257619

>Coronavirus declared global health emergency by WHO

>The new coronavirus has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization, as the outbreak continues to spread outside China.

>"The main reason for this declaration is not what is happening in China but what is happening in other countries," said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
>The concern is that it could spread to countries with weaker health systems.


c224c No.257621

File: 1580419956787-0.jpg (250.17 KB, 1140x1067, Annotation 2020-01-30 1212….jpg)

File: 1580419956787-1.jpg (240.64 KB, 1920x1080, Annotation 2020-01-30 1627….jpg)

File: 1580419956787-2.jpg (142.16 KB, 1920x1080, Annotation 2020-01-30 1628….jpg)

>N. Switch production majorly reduced due to virus
>imagine this happening to everything else in china
>one bad downturn will pop the china bubble
>growth already critically low just from the trade war
>millions of people are being quarantined in each city
>dozens of cities are being quarantined
>even more communities ware walling themselves to outsiders by themselves
>just one more chip on the scale too many. things start to fall quickly
>current state of china

end of china bubble?

d2a4a No.257622

File: 1580423045911.mp4 (8.83 MB, 696x392, WHO 7 accomodations.mp4)

cut out the majority of dicksucking to get to the 7 accommodations they want to push on the white mans burdon

d2a4a No.257623

File: 1580423692763.png (2.31 MB, 2000x2000, illegally exported corona ….png)

these are pretty fucking boring not gunna lie. this corona kirin/bat chimera is a lot more fun even if it started as just an edit of evomanacunty.

ee11f No.257625

> westerners who used to live in china and train chinese doctors
> they provide background info and reasons why the outbreak got really bad
> CCP is not properly handling the situation
> the average chinease doesn't have a concept of basic hygiene (anyone remember what "gutter oil" is???)
> the best way avoid getting the virus is to wear a mask and cover your eyes and to wash your hands

> a chinese amateur reporter reports from ground zero

> he confirms that the outbreak is more serious than CCP says
> there aren't enough free beds or enough test kits in hospitals in wuhan
> people are starting to run out of masks and other supplies
> some taxi drivers heard about the virus back in mid/late-December
> it's still not known whether the wuhan seafood market is the real source of the virus, however the market is the place where many started to get sick
https://invidio.us/watch?&v=7AI3R41dGnU (make sure to enable subs)

d2a4a No.257627

File: 1580426742395.png (729.07 KB, 1267x815, ClipboardImage.png)

So much for it only being deadly to older people. 22year old in Tipura dies. Tripura is a hilly state in northeast India, bordered on 3 sides by Banglades


05b17 No.257628

File: 1580427532181-0.png (74.59 KB, 1347x882, Opera Snapshot_2020-01-31_….png)

9e243 No.257631

File: 1580431724652.jpg (54.97 KB, 727x960, 8d1.jpg)



The death rate is only 2.2%; fucking disappointing.
Corona-Chan needs to do better.

05b17 No.257632

File: 1580431917013-0.png (27.64 KB, 1095x301, Opera Snapshot_2020-01-31_….png)

I have to give credit to Metokur for pointing out that even though the current death rate is low the survival rate is not good given current numbers.

05b17 No.257633

174a9 No.257634

Give her time, Anon. Most of those people were only infected in the last couple days.

6c193 No.257636

Exactly, only those with compromised immune systems will keel over within a day or two of infection…

…God this thing needs to pay San Francisco a visit.

b186a No.257637

>…God this thing needs to pay San Francisco a visit.
There are plenty of inbound planes from China with fresh virus carriers landing every hour. This is obvious and the criminals in charge know this.

ed6a0 No.257642

File: 1580437923122.png (173.72 KB, 811x694, 380459.png)

>There are plenty of inbound planes from China with fresh virus carriers landing every hour

0e862 No.257651

File: 1580442925295.png (549.73 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_2025.png)

>[转发ENG SUB] Chen Qiushi: Wuhan is short of test kits, beds; the outbreak is serious
This is a video from Wuhan where a Chink is broadcasting his views. He says the government is after him because of his disclosure about what's going on.
Press CC for English subs.

d2a4a No.257652

Thailand isnt reporting the numbers due to scaring off tourism, and China is being accused of covering up the real numbers of dead people.

ac141 No.257654

File: 1580449008814.png (323.17 KB, 700x468, bobs_and_vagene.png)

I LOVE YOU CORONA-CHAN! She gives two types of yellow fever!

ed6a0 No.257655

File: 1580455469625.png (1.18 MB, 1366x768, Sc335.png)

>Senator Cotton Called for Stop to Air Travel from Red China for Duration of Coronavirus
>January 28, 2020: Senator Tom Cotton Talks Coronavirus with Tucker Carlson

1ba66 No.257666

File: 1580463889431.jpeg (3.03 MB, 3120x4160, Stash.jpeg)

Just came back from shopping and practically doubled my supplies. Shown:
13 cans of oatmeal mix (9.1kg total)
5 jars of peanut butter (+a quarter left in one more so about 2.1kg)
1 jar of Nutella (750g)
11 liters of miraculously packaged Australian raw milk that stays fresh for months unrefrigerated
3 packages of dried cranberry "craisins" with one a quarter used (55oz. or 1.56kg total)
2 packages of dried jujubes (don't like them and are inedible without milk, but I got them for nutrition; 500g total)
3 jars of dried citrus fruit, with one a quarter used (660g total)
12 fresh bananas
3 packages of dried bananas (450g total)
bottled water amounting to 30 liters

Not shown: half a package of wheetabix and about two servings of jujube. Each can of oatmeal is enough for two days but if I had to I could make it stretch past a month. As for water, there's a water cooler with several spare jugs in a building nearby I have access to, so I'll be refilling a 9-liter water supply every few days with the rest as an emergency reserve. I think I can live off this; I just wish bananas lasted longer because conditions permitting I'll want to get a new bunch in a few days. Is there anything else I need?

1ba66 No.257668

Forgot to mention the 250g of wolfberries too. I heard they're incredibly healthy.

ed6a0 No.257669

File: 1580464320495.jpg (129.99 KB, 1280x720, check.jpg)


d5174 No.257671

File: 1580465151471.jpg (239.27 KB, 1009x1247, wuhan bat google translate….jpg)

pic source: https://archive.is/CRabZ

the relevant links from the article:

>>257666 (checked)
that's pretty impressive both the trips and the stash
>Is there anything else I need?
onions, garlic and hand soup

3927b No.257672

File: 1580465637301.jpg (123.58 KB, 1280x720, umbrella.jpg)

99017 No.257676

File: 1580469599665.webm (49.69 MB, 640x360, Wuhan is short of test ki….webm)


05b17 No.257684

Looks good, and way better than anything I probably would go home with. I'e read about a trick where if you cover the "stems" of the bananas in foil they will last longer, but I am not sure of the viability of this.

One thing I would add in case you are running low is spices. Even if you don't use any they can be used in bartering down the road if all goes to hell. Eating unseasoned food can get boring and people will trade you for some of it. Granted I'm not sure of the availability of natural flavors ripe for the picking outside in your location. But this is an end of all society kind of bartering thing.

1ba66 No.257687

File: 1580483122463.jpeg (112.89 KB, 896x576, ApuNoJewsAllowed.JPEG)

R for respect
Remember that if he doesn't die from coronavirus then once it's over he's guaranteed to be disappeared by the government.

Good point on spices, but I don't think people will be running out soon judging by how plentiful they are here. It's a good reminder though to get some salt and sugar. If I see some cinnamon I'll get some too so I can revive the cinnamon spoon challenge.
Would you recommend getting spare filters for my mask? They're likely to be good past 24 hours of additional use, I'd wager, and I don't intend on traveling.

The compound I live in has heavily restricted entry, requiring you to prove residency and not have a fever. This, the relative isolation of my building within the compound and the relative isolation of my room in the buildings makes a comfy boi.

05b17 No.257690

>Would you recommend getting spare filters for my mask?
Spare filters if you can find is probably a good thing to have. I don't think they go bad (as long as sealed) so if you don't find use for them now you can do some spray painting when this is all over in comfort. If the outbreak and quarantine is prolonged filters and masks will probably be hard to come by as time goes by I guess.

05b17 No.257691

Another thing that might be good to stock up on is toilet paper. If shit hits the fan you don't want to also have to wipe with your hand or having to designate and wash the designated wipe-cloth (at lest in the start).

1ba66 No.257692

I always buy in bulk and have eight rolls.

92f2a No.257694

File: 1580487601283.jpg (75.21 KB, 900x952, Water filter merchant_2580….jpg)

The main thing that I see absent is a means to purify water incase your source of clean water becomes compromised. There a number of different solutions with their own pros and cons. I don't know what they have in China, but some sporting goods stores have some compact solutions that are designed for hikers.

I don't have time to be more verbose now, but a few options:
*chemical treatments
*UV light treatment

If you are being dehydrated, especially rapidly dehydrated by vomiting or diarrhea, then you want to replenish your electrolytes. Powdered sports drink mixes are an easy solution to help combat severe dehydration.

Bleach. Basic unscented liquid chlorine bleach can be useful in emergencies. It can be used to create a disinfectant solution for cleaning surfaces. At smaller doses it can purify drinking water in an emergency. IIRC it's 5 drops per 2 liters of clear water, then wait 30+ minutes.

Wound disinfectants such as rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine are fairly cheap during peacetime but can become scarce during emergencies. Rubbing alcohol can be burnt as a fuel in emergencies.

Drinking alcohol can be useful for bartering. Alcohol of sufficient proof can double as a wound disenfectant.

a9b4e No.257699

what a bunch of tripe.

d2a4a No.257703

File: 1580498670380.png (123.39 KB, 593x439, ClipboardImage.png)

it gets better

d2a4a No.257707

File: 1580502654478.png (378.83 KB, 1130x849, ClipboardImage.png)

Event 201 is in full motion
They're already cracking down on free speech.

>Facebook says it will start taking down bogus claims about purported “cures” and other unproven theories surrounding the coronavirus, as the deadly outbreak continues to spread globally, sparking a surge in online chatter and misinformation.

'unproven theories' like the fact it's a bioweapon theyve developed for years to unleash on purpose. Or how Event201 is connected is just a cohencidence.

>The company will “remove content with false claims or conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities that could cause harm to people who believe them,” according to a blog post published Thursday by Kang-Xing Jin, Facebook’s head of health.

ONLY what official sources will even be allowed to exist, like what the (((WHO))) says that's bought by China.

>The company also plans to increase its fact-checking and monitoring efforts on Instagram, which it also owns. Jin said users who click on a hashtag related to the coronavirus will now be served with a “pop-up with credible information.”


In addition AI with machinelearning is being used to track and predict people with the coronavirus.

Full surveillance, population database will be used in the near future

1150c No.257711

File: 1580507336404-0.jpg (1.07 MB, 2820x1510, 1381733835242.jpg)

File: 1580507336404-1.png (102.46 KB, 1314x718, 1420494755288.png)

File: 1580507336404-2.jpg (255.49 KB, 1203x1093, Katrina1.jpg)

File: 1580507336404-3.jpg (370.92 KB, 1217x1358, Katrina2.jpg)

File: 1580507336404-4.jpg (1.47 MB, 1489x2935, 1447710169650.jpg)

When used as a water disinfectant, chlorines are an extremely short term solution only be undertaken in the most extreme situations possible. You do know that all chlorines are estrogenic compounds, right? If you did not, then you have fucked up. There are hundreds of substantially factual guides for devising water purification solutions without chemicals. Research them, memorize them, know them better than you and they will save hundreds of lives.

Learn how to make simple, cheap, easy drinking/wound solution alcohols: non-GMO fruits/vegetables/berries/grains/tubers, add twice the amount of sugar per volume required to create a necessary proof percentage, and yeast. One of the best trade goods there is. Also what Norwaybro stated: buy as much long lasting spices as you can afford, and not the cheap shit either.

Image #5 is a walkthrough of the worst case scenario. This will happen within your lifetime in your region, or a region close to you.

27252 No.257712

File: 1580508864252-0.png (206.08 KB, 819x580, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580508864252-1.png (333 KB, 567x720, Corona_Chan_round_3.png)


Jay got himself a special birthday gift today. Made this in response for the 1 hour stream feature. Clothing and pose were based on Jims actual wife. People also recognized he made Tarrant chan.

05b17 No.257713

File: 1580508985935.mp4 (2.6 MB, 1280x720, corona-detection.mp4)

This don't sound good

>we've seen people that have detectable virus

>then they didn't have detectable virus
>then three days later they had detectable virus

05b17 No.257714

I love you Corona-chan

27252 No.257716

File: 1580512449646.png (1.09 MB, 1103x584, ClipboardImage.png)

>The World Health Organization Praises Winnie The Pooh For His Work on the 2019 n-COV Outbreak


35011 No.257719

File: 1580513996761-0.png (294.53 KB, 1366x768, Scr06.png)

File: 1580513996761-1.png (175.91 KB, 1366x768, Scr07.png)

>The (((W.H.O.))) Just Prioritized Money Over Human Life
>Yesterday, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) declared that the Wuhan coronavirus is indeed now a pandemic.
>The W.H.O. then proceeded to downplay the risk to public health and took pains to make it clear it doesn’t recommend placing restrictions on global trade & travel at this time.
>What?!? When we may be in dealing with a viral outbreak as (or more!) virulent than the Spanish Flu? (aka The Great Influenza)
>Folks, this is nothing less than a political decision to keep business/commerce flowing without regard to public health.

>The W.H.O. Just Prioritized $$ Over Human Life


6b942 No.257720

Purification via chlorine is still better than having no means to purify water whatsoever. However when it comes to chemical treatments, I prefer iodine.

Personally I prefer filtration, but appropriate water filters are hard to find once shit has hit the fan. I back up the filter with UV treatment incase the filter was unknowingly become damaged to the point where it no longer protects against viruses or bacteria.

Boiling works but it wastes a lot of fuel.

At the end of the day, China anon needs at least some solution to purify water. Probably multiple means to purify water. The plan of "I'll get water from the water cooler in the next building" won't succeed if things get bad and his whole community raids the water cooler.

bfcc3 No.257735

File: 1580519648590.jpg (316.12 KB, 1409x1605, love1.jpg)

Even this is small board its worth it.. no shills no reddit, its just much better. Thank you all.

0ea6a No.257736

How to get a water-purifying system for a normal house's drinking water?
Are any buyable water filters worth it?

cf147 No.257738

File: 1580520407940.png (171.39 KB, 900x1260, 1559363666406.png)

Well, that's /mlpol/ for ya!
Welcome aboard anon!

25e72 No.257742

File: 1580521597294.png (202.71 KB, 1281x521, 15308678676760.png)

Hi anon, welcome.
Notice that we have some anti glownigger measures in place.
Since its deployment shilling came down dramatically.

9c947 No.257748

File: 1580528062023.jpg (90.28 KB, 960x960, 1567695374790.jpg)


a9b4e No.257762

I'm sure he will be broken up about an under-reactive response, and didn't just put that in there to try to cover up his opposition to the precautionary principle.

ed6a0 No.257764

File: 1580534321253-0.mp4 (3.73 MB, 854x480, Walking around without a p….mp4)

File: 1580534321253-1.png (241.57 KB, 900x694, 723783.png)

>Walking around without a protective face mask Well, you can't avoid these sharp-tongued drones!
That harassment is going too far.

d2a4a No.257765

File: 1580534619418.png (639.92 KB, 871x753, ClipboardImage.png)

>Everyone who catches it is a coinflip of being detected at all
>Surviving it might be a genetic roulette of pure luck.
>You can run the risk catch it again afterwords because fuck you, your immune system doesnt mean shit
>It has 4 different HIV insertions, which is why HIV drugs work on it.
>The crown easily fits into your cells like lock and key, humanity will never be free of it just like the flu
>The RNA component to it alows it to easily mutate and avoid any cure, or vaccines. The old tests might not eve work anymore, burning the resources to race against it.
>A good chance you need to be hospitalized every time you catch it, guaranteed to siphon medical supplies of any population.
Yep I'm thinking bio-weapon to fuck us all.


d2a4a No.257767

how would they get the CCP drone footage?

37eec No.257768

>I'm thinking bio-weapon to fuck us all.
I agree. This is the solution to destroy Chinks' economy with full plausible denial plus to have the normies begging for vaccines.

ed6a0 No.257769

I believe that came from the Chinese TV, to show off the government cares.

d2a4a No.257770

oh propaganda, i can see that now. meanwhile they're boarding up peoples houses.

32746 No.257773

File: 1580536703615.jpg (74.98 KB, 680x658, 15878282518040404.jpg)

d2a4a No.257774

File: 1580536716477.png (294.33 KB, 1240x658, ClipboardImage.png)


(Not peer reviewed)Reports that this has an R0 value of 4.08

b6d31 No.257775

File: 1580536762960.jpeg (36.86 KB, 234x250, F7EEE257-8FB9-46B7-AB3C-F….jpeg)

b6d31 No.257776

File: 1580536819274-0.png (892.46 KB, 4972x2517, 4FDA34B0-1912-492C-ACAF-58….png)

File: 1580536819274-1.png (188.78 KB, 2628x1250, 220E7522-BDAF-4077-9860-A5….png)

Here’s maps of the outbreak I made this morning. It’s difficult to keep up with the news on this.

b6d31 No.257777

Map quads

7c6ac No.257778

>Map quads
Missed by one, but close enough.

8fb7d No.257779

File: 1580537032775.jpg (32.77 KB, 480x564, 1465319617952.jpg)

b6d31 No.257781

Aye, thank you.
Thank you, I love that flag.

457d2 No.257782

Very nice map frien.


That's the intent, but it caught (((them))) by surprise it wasn't supposed to happen so soon. They have been planning it for years. I think that (((they))) weren't able to perfect the virus before it got out. The final capstone that activates the weapon as it was intended to work instead Corona-chan is here.
If they did there would be a way to subdue the virus via shots. Plus a cocktail of drugs in them to make those that take it more obedient, less willing to rock (((their))) boat.
Thing is they havn't finalized their vaccine additive. Corona-chan spread too far, and in all the wrong places.
Right now they are putting everything they have down to play it off as how it should have gone.
Every move they make is more evidence of what they do, and who they are.
I'm going to be honest it's probably a good thing Anons memed Ebola-chan and Corona-chan having them be more humanized before their media could start spinning it.
The virus had one of two options. One is the insurance option to ensure that if (((they))) couldn't have the world no one could. The other option makes people more desperate, more rabid, less thoughtful. A cover so that they can eliminate troublesome targets with little public backlash. The 'zombie' virus.
>A much more paranormal tangent
They lost the front on the spiritual planes. Magically they are practically neutered. The grip on the various spirits and beings have been broken. The beings that they had the backing of left them.
The World is waking up, and too are its people. The Redpills will spread faster than Corona-chan or the flu.

ce970 No.257783

File: 1580538430514-0.mp4 (6.19 MB, 854x480, HIV-Like Sequences Found I….mp4)

File: 1580538430514-1.png (771.16 KB, 1280x1024, virus.png)

Evidence is piling up, it looks like the virus is man assembled.
Clip from:
>HIV-Like Sequences Found In Coronavirus | TPS #657

d2a4a No.257784

Start video from 59:50 for CRISPR talk about genesplicing.

ae3b3 No.257785

It would be pretty funny if anons did it in the West.
>You can run the risk catch it again afterwords because fuck you, your immune system doesnt mean shit
Whelp, looks like end times are here.

d2a4a No.257786

the document in the vid. this basically means everyone's fucked since it spreads exponentially unless fully contained, and kills almost as much as SARS

ed6a0 No.257787

File: 1580541701507-0.mp4 (5.6 MB, 480x480, Coronavirus 2018.mp4)

>Human Corona Virus… cleaning merchandise announced in 2018!

6e515 No.257788

File: 1580542002676-0.mp4 (1.09 MB, 854x480, Quack doctors.mp4)

Quacks and hacks.

9e7ec No.257789

While my personal opinion is that this is indeed a man made virus, that clip doesn't prove anything. "Coronavirus" is a family of viruses. They've been around for a long time. The "Coronavirus" that's making waves is the "Wuhan Coronavirus" or "2019 Novel Coronavirus"

e9dad No.257790

>that clip doesn't prove anything
I think that wasn't the intention, but to show another of many cohencidences.
Not related? Perhaps. But it's way suspicious to announce a totally unknown virus to normies, on a bathroom cleaner.

9e7ec No.257791

The product is a disinfectant and it lists coronavirus alongside a huge list of other pathogens that it kills. There's nothing unusual here.

e64e5 No.257792

File: 1580543462364-0.pdf (3.24 MB, 2020.01.30.927871v1.full.pdf)

File: 1580543462364-1.png (578.8 KB, 1366x768, 01.png)

File: 1580543462364-2.png (292.67 KB, 1366x768, 03.png)

File: 1580543462364-3.png (53.67 KB, 733x508, 04.png)

File: 1580543462364-4.png (224.26 KB, 411x685, 05.png)


And PDF with the scientific research about human tampering on the original virus.

d2a4a No.257793

anon the flu is a corona virus, so is SARS. I believe the outbreak was premeditated for years for sure but that lysol wipe vid is pretty retarded. Novel just means 'new' in medical terms as well.
In addition to all of those Chinese communities refer to it as WARS (Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

27252 No.257794

File: 1580551662663-0.png (621.46 KB, 533x554, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1580551662663-1.png (75.4 KB, 1242x698, ClipboardImage.png)

>Corona-Chan Hentai on Paheal R34, featured globally as Image of the Now


>Discord server of the Artist, Kiomaru


27252 No.257795

File: 1580551883802-0.jpg (217.02 KB, 2000x1400, 3486780 - Anonymous Corona….jpg)

File: 1580551883802-1.png (576.18 KB, 1101x1280, 3486943 - Corona-chan Whis….png)

File: 1580551883802-2.jpg (797.9 KB, 1275x1594, 79183063_p0.jpg)

File: 1580551883802-3.png (673.19 KB, 601x1000, 79191683_p0.png)

File: 1580551883802-4.png (7.15 MB, 3307x3307, 79217116_p0.png)

some new art i found, mostly NSFW. some people start to get butthurt about it

27252 No.257796

i just want to say, 2020 is off to a good start.
World war 3, Australia turning into charcoal and now a new Pandemic.
And January only just finished. Hope 2020 continues to be entertaining.

ce970 No.257797

File: 1580552475999.png (661.02 KB, 732x2883, 154908949047904790.png)

>Scared of Coronavirus? Studies Reveal Simple Protection
>It’s safe, cheap vitamin C!
>To say it takes a while for new things to catch on is an understatement as vitamin C’s ability to protect health and destroy infectious diseases and toxins goes way back into the 1940s with stunning results reported by Duke University Medical School graduate Fredrick R. Klenner, MD.
>Dr. Klenner tells us “When proper amounts are used, it [vitamin C] will destroy all virus organisms.” With polio being no exception, massive-dose ascorbate [vitamin C] treatment cured every one of his 60 polio cases. There was zero paralysis.

I heard about this before and many condemned it as quack medicine.
Even if it doesn't work, vitamin C won't kill the patient but it will reinforce the immune system indeed.

9df74 No.257798

Yea I saw
"N-no you cannot sexualize a deadly virus!!!!"

ed6a0 No.257799

File: 1580552720570.png (374.48 KB, 2000x1670, 1564103054674.png)

>"N-no you cannot sexualize a deadly virus!!!!"

5cfe2 No.257800

File: 1580553434369.jpg (152.01 KB, 640x853, 15404455555555.jpg)

9c386 No.257802

>appropriate water filters are hard to find once shtf
You can get activated carbon from gas mask filters, with that and some good ol' mcgiver skills you can make a pretty effective water filter.
Worst case scenario, boil the water afterwards.

27252 No.257808


i dont think the /pol/-sphere will tolerate getting their new waifu taken away from them by a bunch of china paid WHO goons. Not like Tai.

Open borders for Corona-Chan.

27252 No.257809

btw i nominate this thread for feature on the archive.

ed6a0 No.257821

File: 1580563684435.mp4 (6.23 MB, 960x540, gates.mp4)

>Russian TV Points At Bill Gates For The Corona Virus

d2a4a No.257829

File: 1580590377683.mp4 (7.1 MB, 696x392, what it means for ncov to ….mp4)

video citing this pdf

d5174 No.257830

File: 1580591799662.webm (4.03 MB, 256x144, Hearts of Iron IV Soundtr….webm)

in addition to these, supplements that contain Echinacea purpurea (and other plants from the Echinacea genus) might prove useful? pls be careful as Echinacea supplements (and other herbal supplmets) might interact with some drugs.


>vid related
so (((they))) want people to just keep on consuming and buying stuff, and not preparing.. "there is nothing to worry about. it's just a little flu! now go have some bread and circus, while we start manufacturing the ambrosia for you" I am starting to wonder whether corona-chan is a false flag for the coming economic crash…

656d3 No.257854

File: 1580620678038.png (201.73 KB, 324x490, chrysalis facehoof.png)

This is why faggots need to do research before jumping to conclusions. "Coronovirus" is a family of viruses, not just this one particular outbreak. For fuck's sake, the wikipedia history for the "Cornavirus" page goes all the way back to 2003, and clearly states that the coronavirus family is one of the main causes of the common cold. This fag didn't even do a single shred of research before jumping to "it was all a secret plot!"
The real question is, is that faggot really that retarded, or is he just trying to keep giving "conspiracy theories" a bad name? My money's on retarded, but malicious wouldn't surprise me at this point.

656d3 No.257855

And I was beaten to the punch, and didn't bother to read the rest of the replies to see if anyone else had covered it before posting. I am a faggot. My apologies.

9e7ec No.257866

It was a point that was worth repeating.

d3852 No.257878

File: 1580647340565.jpg (151.09 KB, 1156x640, 400940.jpg)

4b564 No.257880

File: 1580651537848.jpeg (43.01 KB, 634x358, E3C528EC-50BD-4263-BECA-1….jpeg)

Assignment: make Farcbook socket puppets and spread cronaposting everywhere. It’s what the virus would want.

1f290 No.258008

Can someone explain why we want this virus to spread? Do you guys not realize you'll be on the chopping block too?

f5676 No.258009

I want Corona-cha to eliminate China n because it would eliminate 99% of problems for everyone.

e811a No.258010

Does the world as it is seem good to you? Can you really be surprised that there are people who want to see it all burn down so something better can be built from the ashes? It was like that after the Black Death, however many people die this time, and I'm here hoping it's a lot, the survivors will have an opportunity to really fix things. This new parasitic aristocracy we're stuck with will be forced to cede power again, at least for a time.

b76ce No.258011

File: 1580701679929.gif (1.59 MB, 571x750, watching you chan.gif)

There are several reasons and sometimes they conflict each other. Suffice to say the unleash of Corona-Chan is for the greater good.
Also be gentle enough to lurk at least for two years to get properly redpilled.

ed6a0 No.258013

File: 1580701964111.jpg (288.93 KB, 2126x1417, sadako.jpg)

>why we want this virus to spread?
Don't you know?

9e7ec No.258016

File: 1580704455907.jpg (52.65 KB, 288x499, why contain it.jpg)

I don't want it to spread. I want this to be a nothingburger. However I honestly think that this world needs a good catastrophe. If Pestilence himself is at your door then you don't have time to waste on shit like virtue signaling or being politically correct.

ace36 No.258019

File: 1580705669515.png (498.03 KB, 1000x977, tasting-your-own-tacos.png)

>If Pestilence himself is at your door then you don't have time to waste on shit like virtue signaling or being politically correct.
I'm not so sure about that. The self-fulfilling prophecy of public displays of "wokeness" as the basis for social status is so powerful that parents virtue signal while the bodies of their murdered children are still warm. It seems like nothing will break the hold of this demonic spell over some minds.

9e7ec No.258020

Then I'll take solace in the fact that the societal rot is concentrated in the cities and that the cities will be the sites most devastated by a pandemic.

1f708 No.258028

File: 1580707502068.jpeg (85.02 KB, 1463x790, image.jpeg)

Shanghai Stonks drop 8% after opening since weekend (pic related)
>Australia goes full Madagascar
Australia shuts down all travel from china and will deny entry into the country from mainland china (https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2020/02/01/govt-advisory-do-not-visit-china/)

457d2 No.258030

>My Corona from My Sharona at the tempo of My Bologna
>Who my deadly one, deadly one
>My Corona!
>A little sneeze achoo, sneeze achoo
>Who a dirty kind
>I give it up
>Mu-mu-mu-my Corona!
>Spread it around
>Spit it up
>Cough some more on the floor
>She just won't stop, just won't stop.
>I always make some time for
>my Corona
>mu-mu-mu-my Corona!
*Hacks and spits*

eb87b No.258050

So we're doing song lyrics now?

>Everybody's kung flu fighting
>It spread as fast as lightning
>In fact, it's a little bit frightening
>It struck with expert timing

>They were sickly Chinamen from mainland Chinatown

>They were coughing it up and they were falling down
>It's a modern Chinese secret and an artificial sequence
>From a slip at the lab, to Wuhan bat soup

>Everybody's kung flu fighting

>It spread as fast as lightning
>In fact, it's a little bit frightening
>It struck with expert timing

69af4 No.258051

>So we're doing song lyrics now?
I believe it's to kill time while the sickness spreads. And take in count that the people in charge are doing their best to look the other way while infected chinks are arriving and roaming freely.

1ba66 No.258059

File: 1580734132975.mp4 (10.39 MB, 1280x720, Hearts of Iron IV Soundtra….mp4)

>not posting superior version

33db5 No.258119

coronachan has broken 20k confirmed cases

05b17 No.258121

File: 1580783404437.jpg (92.93 KB, 800x861, EP5eELlUcAAZZkL.jpg)

View from inside the newly built "hospital" cells

ed6a0 No.258134

File: 1580791024784.png (113.71 KB, 588x414, flu.png)


9e7ec No.258135

A few of my co-workers are starting to wonder why the fuck our employer has forbidden all non-essential travel to China when "Coronavirus is just another cold and not a big deal."

I'm a bit anxious since there is a chance that I might be traveling by air next month due to my job. I'm hopeful that even if this is the Happening, that the long incubation time will slow its spread in the US to the point where I won't be likely to encounter it in airports at this stage of the outbreak. Still, I'd rather avoid air travel entirely until after this outbreak concludes.

d2a4a No.258136

long incubation doesnt slow the spread it speeds it up since everyone is infectious the whole time they have the virus.

9e7ec No.258137

Not the whole time. The allegedly are contagious before they start showing symptoms, but there is still a period where they are infected but non-contagious.

d2a4a No.258138

>they are contagious before they start
>during since thats whats screened for symptoms
>while they're hospitalized because doctors treating them already were infected
>after death because they're immediately incinerated, no funerals
>spreads through feces as well as anything people touch
so when exactly is it not infectious?

1f708 No.258139

…mostly kills infants and the elderly

9e7ec No.258140

For a few days after they're infected. No pathogen is instantly contagious once it infects a host. It needs time to multiply within the host first.

d2a4a No.258141

File: 1580792493384.png (277 KB, 1103x692, ClipboardImage.png)

Since your going to be traveling you might not be aware that an American was infected after just PASSING THROUGH WUHAN AIRPORT

>Local media says the man left the U.S. on January 14 and stayed at Wuhan Airport for only 2 hours, after which he flew to Vietnam. He was hospitalized on January 31.



d2a4a No.258142

This is in a completely different class than a typical virus since its a bioweapon, the ACE2 receptors are in your lungs which is exactly where Corona plugs in. It's incredibly easy to start spreading the virus around out of your system when it comes directly from your lungs like SARS.

45640 No.258143

>an American was infected after just PASSING THROUGH WUHAN AIRPORT
>an American
Since this virus looks like has a greater affinity with Asian, wouldn't be that "American" actually was an Asian with American passport?

d2a4a No.258144

In addition the HIV parts of the virus lower your immune system and doesnt even set off any immune response until you're catching pnuemonia so its much easier to start the infectious period.

>Asian passport
wishful thinking, everyone on the planet is incredibly vulnerable to catching it. Germany already has 12 from the same company and only brought it from china.

1ba66 No.258145

Eat and drink before your flight, wear a full-face mask for the whole trip, don't take off your mask for anything, wear gloves.

Don't know what else I can recommend.

81ff8 No.258146

>wishful thinking
I don't remember where I read it, perhaps the PDF with the virus' study, but it was stated how susceptible the different races were, where the Asians have double chance to catch it than Whites.

d2a4a No.258148

File: 1580793592812.png (295.53 KB, 599x591, ClipboardImage.png)

you mean the not-peer reviewed one which is as good as toilet paper. ive seen it, and it doesnt look any better to avoid catching it. dont be stupid.
the only thing you can hope for is that whites have more of a chance to recover, but until we start seeing the infection:recovery/death rate outside of china when the incubation period catches up i wouldnt hold your breath.

0ea6a No.258150

How do

1f531 No.258151

File: 1580794438450.gif (1.33 MB, 950x577, shill.gif)

>not-peer reviewed
The same slur than "authoritative" sources.
At this moment most "recognized" sources are WHO' shills trying to save China's face, and calling "conspiracy theories" all the facts already out, such the Chinese team in the Canadian laboratory toying with corona viruses.
>which is as good as toilet paper
Well, that toilet paper showed the HIV hooks assembled by humans onto the original corona bat virus = bio-weapon, while the WHO clowns were silent.
Why would it be?

5599f No.258155

File: 1580797254073.jpg (111.39 KB, 1024x1024, 1572718070407.jpg)

We don't know for sure yet, except that the MSM called it "racist propaganda", straight up ignored it and continued with the "corona-chan sparks racisism" thing, while that do means something, taking measures wouldn't hurt either, even if it's true, you wouldn't want to get unlucky.
It's something about the amount of a certain enzime that the virus needs to survive, an enzime that asians produce like somewhere between three to five times more than whites.

9e7ec No.258156

I'm mostly salty since I shouldn't need to go on this trip. Without going into details, I was flown out to setup a computer system last year for a customer. In the interim time they fucked it up.

>So anon, we're having some issues logging into the system after we renamed the server

>Well, what do the server logs say?
>uhhhhhhh, we haven't looked.
>…send me the logs and I'll look into the problem
>So you never sent me those logs. Did you fix your problem?
>no, it's fucked. We reformatted the hard drives and want to re-install from scratch
>YOU WHAT!?!?!

I'm pretty sure that I could have fixed the issue that they were having in five minutes if they would have given me the error logs that I asked for. Absolute knuckle dragging retards.

Fortunately their boss realizes that they're retards and wants to cut them out of the loop. There's a chance that he might give me remote access to that machine so that I can set it up myself from the comfort of home. I pray that their boss manages to cut that red tape to give me remote access. It would save time, it would save money, and it may save me from Coronachan.

ed6a0 No.258157

File: 1580798394334.mp4 (27.11 MB, 854x480, Feb 3 2020 Corona Virus Pl….mp4)

>Feb 3 2020 Corona Virus Plus HIV - Was The China Virus Weaponized?
>Today on TruNews we share a special report detailing the potential biowarfare origins of the virus which now threatens to bring the entire globe under martial law and could lead to the very quarantining of truth itself.
A clip.

b6d31 No.258158

File: 1580798489129-0.jpeg (110.47 KB, 1033x607, 9350F54E-6FBE-4113-BEFE-4….jpeg)

File: 1580798489129-1.jpeg (87.78 KB, 560x960, 23BF1AB6-3930-44D2-86F0-8….jpeg)

Gonna just drop these off.

1ba66 No.258168

I get the feeling there are a few principled individuals in the Ministry of Truth who publish the real statistics just to get the truth out for a moment, only to lose everything themselves.

e811a No.258169

I don't read chink, what are the yellow and grey numbers? inb4 grey is for fatalities

8ef76 No.258170

see >>257225

d2a4a No.258171

File: 1580802202092.png (2.64 MB, 1154x6446, ClipboardImage.png)

nice >(1) faggot.
I posted the article itself, search for ACE2 ITT, it doesnt have the HIV hooks mentioned that is a different one. I just dont have blind faith in that alone. The CCP is obviously hiding the numbers and the severe extent of the virus, the actions they took to me show they knew what it was before it spread, and there's a lot of history around Wuhans lab that cant be ignored.
But it would be foolish to just think everyone white is going to walk it off even if there's less risk it's still going to fuck up a lot of people, such as the older or younger generation with weaker immune systems.

that page can be messed with inspect element, but here's something relevant.

e811a No.258173

Uh… Anon?

41792 No.258178

unreliable,its very easy to change by inspect element.

fb024 No.258179

File: 1580813278687.png (626.62 KB, 972x2882, canvas.png)

>Do You Know All Coronavirus Victims Appear To Be Chinese? Thought Not!
>At the time of writing, 170 people have died of the Wuhan Coronavirus [Coronavirus Live Updates: Death Toll Rises, as Foreigners are Evacuated, New York Times, January 30, 2020], though that number is bound to have increased by the time this article is published. All of these deaths have been in China. The disease has spread to at least 16 other countries, including Canada, the USA, France, Germany, Finland, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, and a number of East Asian countries [This is where Wuhan coronavirus cases have been confirmed worldwide, by Eric Cheung, CNN, January 30, 2020]. The Main Stream Media, in Western countries, is stoking panic with rolling news coverage on the spread of the possibly Apocalyptic new plague [Corona Virus Outbreak, by Matthew Weaver et al., The Guardian, January 30, 2020].
>But what nobody is openly reporting: the race of the victims. They appear to be all Asians—specifically, the yellow race formerly known (accurately but now Politically Incorrectly) as “Oriental.”

1ba66 No.258181

File: 1580815448383.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, ConfusedFilly.png)

>The Main Stream Media, in Western countries, is stoking panic with rolling news coverage on the spread of the possibly Apocalyptic new plague
>Others are saying the media's underplaying the danger
Which one is it?

9a6d8 No.258183

>Which one is it?
I think both, and depends of the agenda.
The team agitating panic wants the military killing dissidents and threatening the population while it confiscates the guns.
The team dismissing the threat knows the adversary's plan and tries to counter the narrative.

e811a No.258184

Neither, the MSM is covering the outbreak the same across the board, whether it's an overexaggeration or an underexaggeration depends on the viewer. Some people think it's not being taken seriously enough (It's an apocalyptic plague, shut down everything) and others think it's being taken too seriously (It's just a flu, you're just racist to asians you bigot). The truth lies somewhere in the middle, this is the outbreak of a major plague that we're not prepared for as a globalised world to properly contain and China's disease control abilities and quality of care are nowhere near first world status, which is an embarrassment for them, so they're covering up how bad it is. The MSM aren't likely to be in on the coverup and are just parroting what they're being told.

5599f No.258186

Am guessing it's just a result from combining western MSM with China

2ff68 No.258187

File: 1580819541742.png (27.51 KB, 630x354, corona virus vs all flu st….png)

>agitating panic
>As Media Fans Coronavirus Fears the Flu Has Already Killed 10,000 This Season in the US Alone
>Let's keep some perspective, eh?
>At least 19 million people have come down with the flu in the U.S. with 180,000 ending up in the hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The flu season, which started in September and can run until May, is currently at its peak and poses a greater health threat to the U.S. than the new coronavirus, physicians say. The new virus, which first emerged in Wuhan, China, on Dec. 31, has sickened roughly 17,400 and killed 362 people mostly in that country as of Monday morning.
>“In the U.S., it’s really a fear-based on media and this being something new,” Dr. Jennifer Lighter, hospital epidemiologist at NYU Langone Health, said of the new coronavirus. “When in reality, people can take measures to protect themselves against the flu, which is here and prevalent and has already killed 10,000 people

457d2 No.258188

Can't wait until Corona-chan merges with several influenza strains (and more) realizing her true potential. To absorb them all to obtain perfection.

3a3d5 No.258202

66bbf No.258232

File: 1580841469834.jpg (97.85 KB, 784x966, 1580837235395.jpg)

I wonder how closely china's numbers will continue to follow this curve?

e37f1 No.258236

File: 1580842450404.png (350.96 KB, 640x512, mathematisch_korrekt.png)

This is probably why they said math is racist

ed6a0 No.258317

File: 1580873720697.jpeg (117.25 KB, 900x876, ebfewfoqi.jpeg)

Make sure you use a condom when fucking a mare.

457d2 No.258318

File: 1580874823409-0.png (211.03 KB, 1080x1116, 1560101207216.png)

File: 1580874823409-1.png (157.41 KB, 840x967, 1573265885635.png)

Don't fuck infected things unless you want Corona benis.

9e7ec No.258327

I never gave much credit to the banter about Chinese men having small penises, but now I wonder. Why is this notice written in English though?

8c562 No.258339

File: 1580912121545.png (396.59 KB, 533x550, IMG_20200205_141505.png)

>Not wanting Corona-chan on your benis

A friend of mine was in the Philippines and saw this sign, so could be that they put it in English since most SE-Asian countries know English and it would take more time making ones for each individual country

But it does make me laugh at the implication that it's ok to have sex with farm animals as long as you use protection

750f0 No.258352

File: 1580919839789.mp4 (2.58 MB, 842x480, Did The Simpsons predict t….mp4)

Did The Simpsons predict the Corona Virus.

3e306 No.258418

File: 1580936072741.mp4 (5.1 MB, 640x360, niggercattle.mp4)

based and greenpilled!
very likely. literally all mainstream media outlets are "pre-programming" these kind of disasters and events (remember 9/11??) This way (((their))) PSYOPS and other ways of control and fearmongering are more effective and the normies will just accept any kind of made up BS story because it sounds (((somehow))) familiar people will remember the movies/whatever at least subconsciously. the illuminati fags are also harvesting energy that's generated by the fear. the "pre-programming" and their symbols (that are often hidden in plain sight) make this all just more effective.

d2a4a No.258453

File: 1580951299140.mp4 (15.22 MB, 1280x720, Coronavirus Epidemic Updat….mp4)

Video on the HIV drugs and how it stops the corona virus

e811a No.258486

>"It not China fault! China government wise like 1000 year old fish! You no accuse great Xi Jinping of the doing wrong when really of knowing america orange man sicken China because he jealous of china numba wan."

a19cc No.258493

Donate your organs to science, Eugene. If this was a normal flu, China wouldn't be shitting bricks like it is.

9e217 No.258497

>If this was a normal flu, China wouldn't be shitting bricks like it is.
Totally agree.
However, this bio-weapon looks like is designed to target Asians as some news suggest.

f2a79 No.258506

File: 1580970530376-0.mp4 (4.98 MB, 854x480, feb5.5.mp4)

File: 1580970530376-1.png (815.2 KB, 1366x768, fe5.png)

>I don't read chink, what are the yellow and grey numbers?
>unreliable,its very easy to change by inspect element.
Okay, I found the source and meaning of those numbers.

f96fd No.258537

Do this in israel and tell jews that they have to go to the ovens to contribute to society.

f96fd No.258551

It seems there is a nice 10 year period between SARS,MERS.And i suppose two more years would have been needed for them to release the final product but fucked up and got released too soon?
Does that make sense?

024aa No.258601

File: 1581035124780.png (942.58 KB, 1753x1136, 1573207440062.png)

Hey Chinanon, you still alive? How are conditions near you?

4c978 No.258610

File: 1581042764979.png (647.1 KB, 1366x768, 756.png)

>New reading. Suggests it's only deadly to chinks, not whites.
>but it was stated how susceptible the different races were, where the Asians have double chance to catch it than Whites.
>It's something about the amount of a certain enzime that the virus needs to survive, an enzime that asians produce like somewhere between three to five times more than whites.
Screenshot from https://www.bitchute.com/video/2k-2FNy_VDQ/ time index 3:19.

05b17 No.258611

>Disease expert says true scale of coronavirus is not being reported – estimates 50,000 new cases per day

>Professor Neil Ferguson, an infectious disease expert says he believes there are around 50,000 new Coronavirus cases per day.

>The director of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis claimed that the scale of the virus is not being reported by Chinese officials.
>Professor Ferguson explained that only 10% of infections in China are being detected. While the rate of detection is better abroad, even then almost three-quarters of infections are going undetected.

>‘We have no vaccines, though vaccines are being rapidly developed, it will take months if not years,’ said Ferguson, when asked about a cure.

>While isolation is currently the main way of preventing the outbreak, Ferguson added that it ‘remains to be seen’ whether this will be effective enough.
>‘Quite a lot of people infected may just have quite mild respiratory disease and may not even seek healthcare for it. If those people are transmitting, then it will be very hard to stop transmission overall.’


35bc0 No.258618

Doing really well, thanks for asking. The compound where I'm living is taking security very seriously, even though most people left for the holiday. I don't post much because internet addiction isn't healthy and I limit my screentime.

05b17 No.258619

File: 1581056495151.jpg (40.98 KB, 600x480, 1464513399067.jpg)

>Doing really well, thanks for asking.
Happy to hear all is well.

41792 No.258623

File: 1581057332711.png (128.6 KB, 603x975, zhihu.PNG)

2/7 today many people against CCP on internet

1.(陈秋实)chen qiu shi lastnight interview hospital until now still disappear

2.some messy magical crazy thing happened.

(李文亮)Dr li.he was first doctor try to warning SARS-like virus on 12/30.but get arrested and taught warning by police.and he still back to work.

1/8 he identified more patients with unknown pneumonia and symptoms appeared in himself.but government still publicly confirm the SARS-like virus are unchecked rumors.

2/5 his condition is getting worse.2/6 night passed away.

we name him as 吹哨人 The Whistler.

BUT CCP CENSORSHIP Those news report he was dead.and in order to cover up facts.statement the dr li is alive.

but wuhan hospital and his familys have already issued death news in 2/6.

and 2/7 CCP finally approve (news) dr li dead.

Many people in internet mourn for this hero and criticizing government about censor even other peoples death.

each one hashtag almost 3500k views.

41792 No.258633

File: 1581060708538.jpg (66.6 KB, 1200x675, coomer in holiday.jpg)

>have faith,healthy eating,no internet addiction even in holidays.
if thats a real person.youare really OVERMAN.wish i can be like you some days.

35bc0 No.258639

File: 1581062780831.jpg (171.26 KB, 741x1024, HortonFeelsAFeel.jpg)

Believe me, it's a work in progress. I wouldn't put such emphasis on it if there weren't serious problems with my lifestyle. Thanks though.

a5194 No.258667

File: 1581080967944-0.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1080, 79256536_p0.png)

File: 1581080967944-1.png (768.3 KB, 1920x1080, 79256536_p3.png)

File: 1581080967944-2.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080, 79256536_p5.png)

File: 1581080967944-3.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 79256536_p7.png)

File: 1581080967944-4.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, 79256536_p8.png)

semi-new Corona-Chan Artwork found on Pixiv, from various artists.
This here is a 3D Model, comes in a normal and mutated variant.

btw Jay`s Corona-Chan is now used as tag avatar sitewide there.

a5194 No.258668

File: 1581081016332-0.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, 79256536_p9.png)

File: 1581081016332-1.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, 79256536_p10.png)

File: 1581081016332-2.png (2.77 MB, 4000x1080, 79256536_p14.png)

File: 1581081016332-3.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 79256536_p18.png)

a5194 No.258669

File: 1581081076604-0.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 79314921_p11.png)

File: 1581081076604-1.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, 79314921_p12.png)

File: 1581081076604-2.png (3.33 MB, 4000x1080, 79314921_p15.png)

File: 1581081076604-3.png (4.34 MB, 1920x2160, 79314921_p17.png)

mutated variant from the same artist

a5194 No.258670

File: 1581081209710-0.jpg (503.3 KB, 868x1228, 79222541_p0.jpg)

File: 1581081209710-1.png (2.87 MB, 2476x3560, 79085489_p0.png)

File: 1581081209710-2.jpg (291.95 KB, 1300x1300, 79096372_p0.jpg)

File: 1581081209710-3.jpg (661.69 KB, 1488x1180, 79294375_p1.jpg)

File: 1581081209710-4.jpg (301.56 KB, 1461x1591, 79336241_p0.jpg)

theres a nude for #1 but its currently locked behind a patreon paywall

a5194 No.258671

File: 1581081227689.jpg (423.8 KB, 1488x1179, 79294375_p0.jpg)

ff88d No.258672

I wonder what the reaction would be if Corona-Chan was introduced as a character for SPNATI (>>>/vx/122198)

a5194 No.258673

File: 1581081381301-0.png (692.27 KB, 1242x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1581081381301-1.png (340.02 KB, 1242x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1581081381301-2.png (800.87 KB, 1242x698, ClipboardImage.png)

a5194 No.258675

File: 1581081560628.png (319.52 KB, 1242x698, ClipboardImage.png)


this custom Strip Poker Game looks quite interesting, thanks for the recommendation, Anon!


a5194 No.258676

Oh btw, before i forget it since i did not see a mention.

The Doctor is dead. [/o

]As in the Chinese Dr. Lee from Wuhan who posted that long twitter videos at the start of the Pandemic. Reports claim he was infected with Corona-Chan and died after a short while. A MSM source reported he was still alive after he was called dead by several others. seems like he got the clinton treadment from the communist government for exposing bullshit,

a5194 No.258677


someone also claimed a major chinese media company accidentally reported the "real" numbers.

allegedly 150.000 infected and circa 35.000 dead, this leak and the numbers are unconfirmed, but sound reasonable.

a5194 No.258678

lastly, chinese government is now hosting "Quarantine stations" where they pile up ill and infected people without doctor supervision. once you enter, you are not allowed to leave.

additionally, china has now opened concentration camps for corona-chan infected in Wuhan and possible other places. They dont have water supply or toilets there. Bed are placed next to each other, providing excellent flooring for further rapid infection. People are already calling these thingd Maoschwitz.

ff88d No.258679

You're late.>>258158 >>258506

Oof, that's more incentive to stay inside.

a5194 No.258680


speaking of Maoschwitz, chinese crematories cant keep up with the body burning. even with modern technology and staff working 24/7 they barely manage to disintegrate 100 bodies within the day. Jews BTFO once again.

3fdc1 No.258681

Top kek

f5676 No.258712

>even with modern technology and staff working 24/7 they barely manage to disintegrate 100 bodies within the day
Let me just boil that down because I'm curious:
>The Nazis "started" killing Jews in 1933: http://archive.ph/DdGeN
>Hitler committed suicide in 1945
>So, the Holocaust occurred over a 12 year period
>To account for leap years (Every four years), that means the Holocaust took place over 4383 days total days
>Using modern technology, the Chinese can burn at the very maximum of 100 bodies a day
So, if the Nazis start systematically killing every single Jewish person, using the same modern technology that the Chinese currently have, burning bodies until they are literally nothing but ash, over 12 years of uninterrupted genocide, that means that Nazi Germany killed a maximum of: 438300 Jews via incineration.

f5676 No.258717

And, just for reference, "official" sources state that they burned 3-5 million Jews in the span of 2 years:

d2a4a No.258726

File: 1581111021331-0.png (910.16 KB, 1190x832, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1581111021331-1.png (503.95 KB, 1497x3203, protesting open boarders f….png)

That report only has a sample size of 8, so its pretty shit. There's another report that says ACE2 has no differences in race but that smoking makes a huge difference in ACE2 multipliers, there's a ton of smokers in China's male population, and the air quality itself probably contributes a lot to to it. Either way if you're healthy and not smoking or live in a liberal shithole city/country covered in smog then you should have a better chance.

The cruise ships are something to pay attention to because they're floating contained breeding grounds for the virus and things dont look good here. There is no evidence of immunity for whites, so you better give up on that retarded idea.
>Bongs testing positive on the ship. Alan Steele and wife Wendy from Wolverhampton. They were on a honeymoon.

Unrelated to ACE2, if we survive this the world has to be reminded permanently how leftism is a fucking disease. They're openly shilling for open boarders because daddy (((WHO))) said there's no risk and wah racism bad. I'd bet my house that Soros is behind these protests too. it has all of the same slimy smell.

d2a4a No.258735

File: 1581120423979.png (471.04 KB, 849x885, ClipboardImage.png)

Coronavirus can live up to 9 days on surfaces - German scientists

> Coronavirus is capable of living on the surfaces as much as nine days, remaining infectious, according to the group of German researchers. Scientists from Greifswald and Bochum claimed in their report released on Friday that its average living time is four to five days at room temperature.

>"Cold and high humidity increase their lifespan even further," Günter Kampf from the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at the University Medical Center in Greifswald warned.


0efc3 No.258748

This is (one of the many reasons) why multiculturalism is an utter mistake.
Of course it is, Melbourne is the SF/Austin of Australia

>cold and high humidity
That's the Chinese east coast for the entirety of winter. I hope you got enough alcohol.

9c801 No.258760

File: 1581134671344.jpeg (1.67 MB, 2480x3508, 8040255D-3126-4AC0-8C34-3….jpeg)

<Some fag estimated that China has burned almost 14k bodies this far.
When you account for the "100 bodies burned in a day" report, that means that China has been containing this situation as far back September, or the amount of bodies burned in a day is an underestimation.

0efc3 No.258762

0efc3 No.258770

File: 1581144953364.mp4 (2.38 MB, 900x720, A MAN IS SICK IN LEGO CITY….mp4)

aa836 No.258786

File: 1581157008272.png (52.11 KB, 528x760, 1580685258223.png)

These numbers wouldn't be too far off the early predictions either.

0efc3 No.258787

File: 1581159135642.png (160.96 KB, 809x987, TwilightSparkleWorried.png)

Considering that they were released on the 3rd(?), then it's PASSED the prediction!

aa836 No.258800

File: 1581166983908-0.png (50.99 KB, 528x760, average numbers.png)

File: 1581166983908-1.png (186.09 KB, 686x526, we did it guise corona-cha….png)

My bad, it says 2020-02-01 on Tencent, the chart predicts 24.120 infected vs 154.023, if they've been running out of test kits as early as 23/01/2020.. http://archive.today/B9czu
Odds are the numbers leaked on Tencent are accurate. I did some very rough calculations assuming 1 person infects 1.78 per day.. China is in partial lockdown right now so the numbers are going to be lower as time goes on.
By the way, store shelves in Hong Kong are empty, it's time to stockpile food.

8c562 No.258811

If Hong Kong wants to separate from Mainland China, now would be the time to do it. The Chinese Army and government are too focused on the virus outbreak and if they put up a border, they could pass it off as being a quarantine zone. But of course they won't do because of all the mainlanders flooding the place still

d2a4a No.258826

File: 1581197294656-0.png (1.06 MB, 1004x923, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1581197294656-1.png (379.89 KB, 701x893, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1581197294656-2.png (2.29 MB, 1621x1668, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1581197294656-3.png (643.99 KB, 830x765, ClipboardImage.png)

China and all of the ones under China's boot are going to fuck the world with incompetence and communism censorship. World Govs are bullshitting that it's no big deal just like they did in the Spanish Flu

>Top officials in Southeast Asia have played down the threat of the virus and shied away from travel bans. Some have even pushed supposed remedies not supported by science.

>BANGKOK — In Myanmar, loudspeakers broadcast advice from Buddhist monks: Seven ground peppercorns, exactly seven, placed on the tongue will ward off the coronavirus spreading across Asia and the world.
>In Indonesia, Terawan Agus Putranto, the health minister, advised citizens to relax and eschew overtime work to avoid the disease, which has killed more than 300 people and infected more than 14,000 others, mostly in China. “To prevent it is very easy as long as your immunity is good,” Mr. Terawan said.
While anyone with a weaker immune system or underlying health problems is prime meat for coronachan, nothing suggests so far that it's easy to beat.

>And in Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen told a packed news conference on Thursday that he would kick out anyone who was wearing a surgical mask because such measures were creating an unwarranted climate of fear.

Dont protect yourself, you're upsetting the local government

>The region now has the largest cluster of coronavirus patients outside China. Some governments there have either played down the threat of the epidemic or openly worried about offending a superpower whose economic heft can propel their economies.

>“We are not as prepared as first-world countries,” said Anthony Leachon, a Philippine health advocate who had urged a temporary entry ban, even if it risked riling Beijing. “Countries should break protocols to save their people.”
Oyvey that's nazi talk

>At one hospital in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar, a slide show during a presentation on preventing the spread of coronavirus said: “Don’t be so afraid of the coronavirus. It won’t last long because ‘made in China.’”

Nice shitposting, but wont save them.

>And China has been pressuring countries not to ban its travelers, with a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman calling an entry ban enacted by the United States “not in keeping with the facts” and not “in keeping with friendship.”

China numba wan and great ally, open borders now!

>Mr. Terawan, the health minister, has suggested that the coronavirus will not affect people who exercise properly and sleep amply. “Don’t fret,” he said. “Just enjoy and eat enough.”

Remember daddy (((WHO))) and China says there's no need to restrict travel and trade. And then there's this.
>5 British nationals have reportedly been diagnosed with the virus in a French ski town, according to the Telegraph. The group was reportedly infected when one of its members came into contact with an individual who had been infected in Singapore.
>Think about that: Five Britons have been infected with the virus (which can cause life-threatening pneumonia) after contracting it via aerosol exposure from a traveler who had recently been to Singapore, and was (presumably) infected there.

And this
>Confirmed transmission routes of the novel coronavirus include direct transmission, contact transmission and aerosol transmission, a Shanghai official said on Saturday.
>Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air to form aerosols, which causes infection after inhalation, according to medical experts,” said Zeng Qun, deputy head of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

95f36 No.258832

File: 1581206478268.png (1.26 MB, 780x1542, 1581202063983.png)

ed6a0 No.258833

Good. There's an anon inside.

31f74 No.258834

Tho the question stands for how long?
You know bugs in command won't let it slide.

f8820 No.258835

>You know bugs in command won't let it slide.
You're damn right. But if this anon is redpilled probably he already has a plan to make them pay.

a0aa3 No.258839

File: 1581215852580-0.png (768.33 KB, 757x1666, 828-0.png)

File: 1581215852580-1.png (306.76 KB, 757x1903, 828-1.png)

File: 1581215852580-2.png (286.5 KB, 757x1634, 828-2.png)

>New Claims: Chinese Authorities Going Door to Door, Dragging People to MANDATORY Quarantine Camps
>If you thought things in China had hit rock bottom with the quarantine of more than 400 million people, you’d be wrong. Shocking reports are emerging that are even more dystopian than the quarantine itself.
>Multiple sources report that officials in China are now going door to door and checking for anyone who might be infected. If a member of the household is running a fever or displays any other possible symptom, they’re being taken away to be put into quarantine. Even worse, it appears that some contacts of people who have been confirmed to be infected are being quarantined too – you guessed it – with those who are already sick.

a0aa3 No.258840

File: 1581215938840-0.png (177.22 KB, 481x691, 829.png)

File: 1581215938840-1.mp4 (4.64 MB, 320x564, 829-1.mp4)

File: 1581215938840-2.png (131.96 KB, 619x679, 830.png)

File: 1581215938840-3.mp4 (657.61 KB, 368x640, 830-1.mp4)

d2a4a No.258858

File: 1581224269564-0.mp4 (885.23 KB, 198x360, 69e475dbc936e6e81e7b5b8009….mp4)

File: 1581224269564-1.mp4 (15.84 MB, 720x720, 16b93310667694d7758de97cb0….mp4)

File: 1581224269564-2.mp4 (734.58 KB, 640x368, 579bee23e28edff7b0f8181244….mp4)

already seen a whole bunch of videos of exactly this. so who cares what a newsfag site says about it 'might' be happening. Look at this containment cube for example.

04292 No.258861

Do you reckon that a pocket-knife taped to a broom handle can puncture those suits?

05b17 No.258862

File: 1581229074130-0.mp4 (8.01 MB, 720x1280, Max Howroute▫️ - I see mor….mp4)

File: 1581229074130-1.png (322.6 KB, 720x720, vlcsnap-2020-02-09-07h16m0….png)

File: 1581229074130-2.png (286.72 KB, 720x720, vlcsnap-2020-02-09-07h16m1….png)

Given the reports that the suits are sub par knockoffs (ref >>257108 ) I bet a sharpened pencil will do that too. But a knife would do the work for sure.

069f3 No.258864

Those body snatchers can operate because people won't organize.
Imagine what different would be if citizen militias go after the chinesebots instead of to wait for them.

05b17 No.258869

>Imagine what different would be if citizen militias go after the chinesebots instead of to wait for them.
The Chinese gov would not stand a chance if people turned on them. And as time goes by this is probably more and more likely. I think all the people need to jumpstart the retaliation is assurances from a foreign nation that they will get support. Sadly Trump has said that Winnie the Pooh is doing a good job.

05b17 No.258882

File: 1581264273139.mp4 (3.72 MB, 960x540, Coronavirus Live Updates -….mp4)

Reports of 1.5 million infected and 50.000 dead.

04292 No.258883

Whelp, that settles it, I'm getting more food. Really don't think a month is going to cut it.

f7dde No.258884

File: 1581267763397.png (8.43 KB, 225x146, Screenshot 2020-02-09 at 1….png)

My wifi proxies my location to Chicago for some reason. The first thing I see when entering "coronavirus" into jewgle is this fearmongering shit.

d2a4a No.258917

File: 1581295827294.mp4 (9.32 MB, 368x624, dragging.mp4)

A lot of these videos that are kidnapping doesnt sit right to me, they might be seizing the means of reproduction since they're usually only drugging and taking women but the majority of infected are men. Is the CCP that desperate that they see total depopulation on the table and they need to start taking women to be slaves to be made into brood wenches?

aa836 No.258918

File: 1581297243051.png (176.18 KB, 686x526, Rarity visits Wuhan.png)

I'm pretty sure we only see women in videos because they're genetically predisposed to be irrational. They'll kick and scream about how they're being mishandled while men will walk themselves to the hospital.

e811a No.258926

It's because the men are just dropping dead before they can get to them.

d2a4a No.258930

not the case at all, a lot of men fight back too because it's kind of like a death sentence by the CCP.

that doesnt explain why men in close contact with the kidnappees like in the vid posted dont get taken to, but instead told to fuck off. its way too shallow of a pool to pick through to come to anything definite i just noticed it was a trend when they get drugged and taken in broad daylight vs just forcefully carrying someone

fe1c5 No.258931

>i just noticed it was a trend when they get drugged and taken in broad daylight vs just forcefully carrying someone
Anyway, I'm noticing how government's bots operate, it's always by overpower their victims by numbers, I mean, it's always 10 or more against one.
Food for thought.

0ea6a No.258937

It's because good people aren't organized and unified.
Even though there's an app you can use to summon people with certain items/skills in case of emergency, it's barely used.
The 10 govtbots they send in will never be outnumbered by a squad of patriots willing to kill to defend one of their own/prevent the unlawful arrest of one of their own/prevent one of their own from having his shit stolen
The govtbots go in, confident that nobody will mess with a govtbot like them and give the govt even more of an excuse to rape anyone however it chooses.
It would be beautiful if someone made an example out of a misbehaving govtbot on video, especially a dog-shooting or illegal home-invading one, but that will likely never happen.

d2a4a No.258938

no surprise there. power has always been in the numbers. thats why they celebrate turning whites into a minority before extinction

041a6 No.258991

I saw at work today that 23 Americans aboard the Diamond Princess have contracted the virus.

The Diamond Princess is presently quantined at a Japanese port.


92a08 No.259044

File: 1581389839752.jpg (302.15 KB, 1027x1280, Truth.jpg)

Truth, epidemic, and (((them))).

3a7c6 No.259046

File: 1581392691307-0.jpg (143.77 KB, 742x799, 08894909.jpg)

File: 1581392691307-1.png (121.87 KB, 550x461, 09849844698.png)

File: 1581392691307-2.png (696.23 KB, 796x1152, 0084904984089.png)

File: 1581392691307-3.jpg (424.48 KB, 1302x1600, 0408654648464.jpg)

3da9a No.259049

File: 1581394270611.png (846.61 KB, 1353x764, 4812.png)

>Masks being transported from one region to the other, APCs (armored personal carriers) and armed police escorts, are being robbed midway by other armed local police.
This is accelerationism, no doubt.

ed6a0 No.259053

File: 1581398940813.mp4 (4.82 MB, 854x480, Chinese billionaire who ca….mp4)

Chinese billionaire who called for overthrow of communist party claims 1.5 millions infected with corona virus.

05b17 No.259056

File: 1581403567917.mp4 (2.19 MB, 720x1280, LETSGI~1.MP4)

Is it just me or does it sound like this propaganda piece is playing a version of "Tumbling down" in the background?


a91c3 No.259057

>does it sound like this propaganda piece
You're correct.
It's so blatant that it offends.

58d64 No.259058

I don't hear it, but god damn I'd expect Chinese propaganda to be able to afford audio that's not so grainy.

83e16 No.259059

File: 1581404841357-0.mp4 (5.81 MB, 854x480, High level of sulfur dioxi….mp4)

File: 1581404841357-1.png (783.79 KB, 1366x768, 601.png)

High level of sulfur dioxide emitted over Wuhan is consistent with burning of organic material.

f6be2 No.259060

File: 1581404877307.jpg (90.54 KB, 704x728, dhxhshsrt.jpg)

f3723 No.259067

Guang zhou new article.

district government may temporarily requisition thehouses, venues, vehicles, and related facilities and equipment from company or individuals. required for epidemic prevention and control according to law when emergency.

nuke china!nuke china right now!

ed6a0 No.259069

>nuke china!nuke china right now!
No need.
It's already imploding.

3fefb No.259119

>coronavirus holocaust
oh fuck off,why won't they do the math for the 6 gorillion and compare to the current numbers that are going in china

f579f No.259135

File: 1581450219388.gif (92.87 KB, 522x472, 1894094606494.gif)

>coronavirus holocaust
>oh fuck off
This has a twist.
The clip says that 49 modern furnaces working 24/7 burn 1200 bodies a day, which equals 438,000 a year. Then, how many furnaces working had the Germans 75 years ago?
Doing the math can be pretty interesting.

a0aa3 No.259138

File: 1581453905919-0.jpg (375.72 KB, 1242x1925, 15494094970.jpg)

File: 1581453905919-1.png (1.79 MB, 1160x1380, 15959970989.png)

File: 1581453905919-2.jpg (138.54 KB, 768x510, 19709719097094.jpg)

File: 1581453905919-3.jpg (95.04 KB, 1280x720, market panic.jpg)

28348 No.259140

File: 1581455577054.png (658.46 KB, 741x1832, mist.png)

>Coronavirus: US evacuee mistakenly released from hospital
>Patient had been discharged from San Diego hospital on Monday
>CDC said further testing revealed patient tested positive

f7fd3 No.259144

Oy vey, this question is antisemitic

8e1d2 No.259156

Good to see commiefornia is up to its usual standard of quality. I.E. none at all.

7ceaa No.259192

I work at a U.S. national lab and have found out that HHS has sent out an emergency request that any government agency able to spare disposable Tyvex-type suits should send them to a collection point near Dallas. We were not told the reason for this action but it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together.

ed6a0 No.259201

>any government agency able to spare disposable Tyvex-type suits
Perhaps now they realized those suits are "Made In China" and now there isn't a way to get more.

84c97 No.259202

File: 1581477785800-0.png (342.58 KB, 743x737, Sc3.png)

File: 1581477785800-1.png (380.18 KB, 865x761, Sc2.png)

File: 1581477785800-2.png (306.36 KB, 779x728, Sc1.png)

>Toronto is getting an Asian food festival
>Because of racism
>In the wake of coronavirus-prompted discrimination against the Chinese community and Asian restaurants, a new event called Asialicious prepares to take over the city from February 14 to 28.

ff88d No.259204

a9b4e No.259210

given the repeated cruise ship stomach virus episodes, I am surprised to see people still going on them.

457d2 No.259211

File: 1581482056878.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.77 KB, 731x588, 1538329986868.jpg)

Thank you for the info.
One way or another they will take their cruise ship vacation or die trying.
>When you wear the biohazard suit
>Corona-chan whispers inside
>"Oh? I suppose this can fit two, especially you."
>Made in China.

e40cc No.259216

File: 1581483829833-0.png (419.72 KB, 787x1947, canvas1.png)

File: 1581483829833-1.png (469.52 KB, 787x3722, canvas2.png)

File: 1581483829833-2.png (423.79 KB, 787x2164, canvas3.png)

>Journal of Hospital Infection
>Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and its inactivation with biocidal agents
>Currently, the emergence of a novel human coronavirus, temporary named 2019-nCoV, has become a global health concern causing severe respiratory tract infections in humans. Human-to-human transmissions have been described with incubation times between 2-10 days, facilitating its spread via droplets, contaminated hands or surfaces. We therefore reviewed the literature on all available information about the persistence of human and veterinary coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces as well as inactivation strategies with biocidal agents used for chemical disinfection, e.g. in healthcare facilities. The analysis of 22 studies reveals that human coronaviruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus or endemic human coronaviruses (HCoV) can persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass or plastic for up to 9 days, but can be efficiently inactivated by surface disinfection procedures with 62-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite within 1 minute. Other biocidal agents such as 0.05-0.2% benzalkonium chloride or 0.02% chlorhexidine digluconate are less effective. As no specific therapies are available for 2019-nCoV, early containment and prevention of further spread will be crucial to stop the ongoing outbreak and to control this novel infectious thread.

Chinavirus survives 9 days on surfaces like glass or plastic. Further reading reveals reports of 28 days survival range on similar viruses when the temperature is as low as 4°C.

ff88d No.259218

Never expect a boomer to give up a boomer lifestyle.

>62-71% ethanol
Oh drat, I guess my 110-proof baijiu is not going to cut it.
I'm surprised it lasts only 9 days tbh, viruses aren't truly "living" in that they don't need to eat, but lie dormant until they encounter a cell.

8e1d2 No.259221

There's reports floating around that it can incubate for 24 days.

df78c No.259222

File: 1581486571032-0.png (827.53 KB, 1366x768, Sc20.png)

File: 1581486571032-1.png (963.13 KB, 1366x768, Sc32 - 1981 book.png)

In 1981 a novel titled "Eyes of Darkness" predicted a virus would come from China called Wuhan-400.
But it is just another Cohen_cidence, nothing to see here goy.

a19cc No.259224

Fucking lmao, they're trying to convince their population that everything is OK but the slant weebs know everything is tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down.

Nice dubs. I'm starting to wonder if Wuhan being some biomedical center is some lost knowledge that used to be common but China covered up. For example, if that Umbrella Corp logo is real, I wonder if the company predated RE, and Capcom decided to throw shade on a shitty Chinese company by using their logo for their game's evil biocorp. Still, your book only gets the virus coming from Wuhan right. Everything else is wrong, if anything the Corona virus is fucking up Chinese production while your book's is nice and clean. So it's probably more luck than anything. Also I don't know if that author's name (((echoes))).

837f5 No.259225

The intriguing thing is how this (((author))) knew 40 years ago that in the city of Wuhan, a laboratory dedicated to bio-weapons would be built.
>Everything else is wrong, if anything the Corona virus is fucking up Chinese production while your book's is nice and clean. So it's probably more luck than anything.
You are dismissing the tinfoil idea that this virus was seeded by a faction interested in to stop China becoming the XXI century superpower. Until now this weapon appears to be fatal mainly to Asians, which is another racial detail to watch closely.
>that author's name (((echoes))).
The author is Dean Koontz and wrote the book with the female pen name "Leigh Nichols".

cd139 No.259232

File: 1581492819025.png (479.27 KB, 976x2521, F76105-56CB92.png)

>Some in Russia Think the Coronavirus Is a U.S. Biological Weapon

d2a4a No.259277

File: 1581547895664-0.png (17.42 KB, 953x132, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1581547895664-1.png (328.11 KB, 835x961, ClipboardImage.png)

What a fucking joke, and it goes right in line with the new CCP orders.

>BEIJING (AP) — The number of new cases of the coronavirus in China dropped for a second straight day, health officials said Wednesday in a possible glimmer of hope amid the outbreak that has infected over 45,000 people worldwide and killed more than 1,100.

>stops counting infected people


they unironically stopped counting people who are infected but don't display any symtoms. They're only counting you if you're visibly sick, so all the asymptomatic people are still running around infecting everyone. The WHO sees no problem with this of course.

Oh and CCP seems to think because of their propaganda that everything is fine and force people to go back to work in the factories… only to have to close the factories again because the virus is spreading among the workers.

I'm at a loss how fucking stupid bugmen are. Surely there should be a limit to this stupidity, but the globalhomo is only going to use the CCP and WHO narrative to push the infection in the west

1f708 No.259279

This, Reddit didn't know what power it was playing with

0ea6a No.259282

What if it was eating meat, a very efficient protein-filled food, that allowed our animal ancestors to evolve real brains and evolve into humans? Suddenly we could get strong and smart, hunt mammoths with sticks, and gorge ourselves on meat instead of wandering for years looking for plant growth like the other beasts.
What if that's why the globohomos are trying so motherfucking hard to push Veganism and Vegetarianism onto the public?
Eating bugs is probably either a "haha lol we can make the public believe ANYTHING" flex from the globohomos or just a cost-saving measure. Or an attack on farmers since anyone can have a cow farm but not everyone can have a bug farm and get it """certified""" by the globohomNWO's health inspectors and get a """license""" to sell bugs. Or part of the "veganism weakens the mind spirit and body" thing because bug meat isn't as efficient as cow/pork/chicken or something.

dcd5b No.259294

>I'm at a loss how fucking stupid bugmen are.
They aren't.
They are in a impossible situation, keeping the quarantine will ruin China's economy and the people's anger will be directed against the government.
Lifting it will cause perhaps 15% of the population dying, however they hope to recover and sustain their achieved prosperity. At the same time the infection will widely spread to more countries and the focus will move away from them.
The decision to claim victory and move on is about money and the globalist project's continuation, not about people's health.

05b17 No.259311

File: 1581580808023-0.png (52.61 KB, 1101x739, Opera Snapshot_2020-02-13_….png)

File: 1581580808023-1.png (33.56 KB, 1092x730, Opera Snapshot_2020-02-13_….png)


1f708 No.259319

The Bug is basically another demasculinization ploy. Bugs are actually shit for you unlike what they'll tell you, sure they have alot of protien but they have fuck all fats or vitamins or carbs like regular meat. On the other hand i will admit that like every other food bad for you crickets are fucking delicious. It's the same logic as saying that we should only eat lollies because they have alot of sugars which gives you plenty of energy

48e5c No.259322

>The Bug is basically another demasculinization ploy.
I'm afraid is way, way more sinister than demasculinization. It's about (((Agenda XXI, or, Agenda 2030))).
If you read the UN's PDFs, then you'll understand what is in the pipeline for all of us.
A sneak peek in the plan is to move rural and most suburban populations into the cities, which obviously will mean the erasure of most farming and cattle ownership, which means the source of food will have to be replaced for something else. Restrictions to travel and gasoline vehicles are also planned, as well to clamp down on the protests with the military.
Dig into this shit, it's everything already public.

3be1e No.259325

File: 1581606845663.gif (785.9 KB, 500x281, FluttershyWatchingAntFarm.gif)

Sounds like we're going to be trading beef and gas on the black market. Best get some pastures while you can.
Also if they're seriously going to try a reverse Pol Pot they're going to face the wrath of most of the world's population, and these will be exact sort of people who know how to put up a fight.

03ad5 No.259326

>if they're seriously going to try a reverse Pol Pot they're going to face the wrath of most of the world's population
I was thinking, this incoming pandemic is perfectly tailored to declare martial law and to keep the population at gun point while declaring it's for the greater good.
As I understand it, the protocols for infectious deceases are the same in China and the rest of the world, meaning that combatants serving the government will use violence against the people.

d2a4a No.259336

whats the story behind this huge spike? some faggot at the CCP punched in the wrong number for the daily update?

05b17 No.259337

The numbers have not been corrected so it seams to be correct (well as correct as you can expect Chinese numbers to be). But I am not sure where (what region) the spike came from.

6f9ab No.259343

File: 1581631287698-0.png (154.51 KB, 819x860, 1226304.png)


ed6a0 No.259361

File: 1581642510571.png (1.03 MB, 1366x768, Scress_2.png)

>Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon
>Dr. Francis Boyle discusses the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) from which he believes the infectious disease escaped. He believes the virus is potentially lethal and an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain of function properties, which is why the Chinese government originally tried to cover it up and is now taking drastic measures to contain it. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring.
Recommended to watch, this guy has very high power levels.

ed6a0 No.259371

File: 1581653506645-0.gif (1.4 MB, 978x720, 15950959509790.gif)

File: 1581653506645-1.gif (360.02 KB, 450x293, 189090809909095909.gif)

File: 1581653506645-2.png (792.04 KB, 648x772, 129990999859898.png)

80eb8 No.259372

>Francis Boyle
He confirms the vaccine against coronavirus exists and is already patented but (((they))) are waiting for the right time to release it.

91436 No.259429

File: 1581721618916.png (369.64 KB, 1500x833, 67.png)

Suits on.

da203 No.259441

Seems like China is cracking down on VPNs again like they usually do every few months, so I have to find different locations to get it up and running. It may be to stop leaks, but it's not very unusual (just annoying).

9e7ec No.259445

File: 1581739516982.png (126.87 KB, 507x390, f32_smile_suitup.png)

Ready to go.

f1d8d No.259447

Still no pony Coronachan?

024ab No.259455

File: 1581742222281-0.jpg (604.99 KB, 2065x1743, corona-pony.jpg)

File: 1581742222282-1.png (133.35 KB, 743x822, pony_corona-chan.png)

d2a4a No.259457

yeah chinas going into full blackout over this. they're trying to stop the leaks but since it's effecting the whole population at this point then they're like hasbro trying to stop leaks.
https://streamable.com/ymkov if these vids in the compilation are whats leaking out then its already the worst possible scenario for them.

pony coronachan was made a month ago.>>257003 >>257623

51abb No.259465

Nice video but it's completely uncompressed; 134 megabytes?!

57c53 No.259466


ed6a0 No.259469

File: 1581750339019.png (450.53 KB, 2107x4500, 1613147.png)

>California lab says it discovered coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours
>An American biotech company says it created a coronavirus vaccine three hours after getting access to the virus' genetic sequence on Jan. 9, and now scientists are racing to get the vaccine on the market in record time.
>Inovio Pharmaceuticals is based in Pennsylvania, but scientists in its laboratory in San Diego made the discovery.
What a miracle.

9e7ec No.259470

>3 hours
Makes me wonder if it was a US bio weapon instead of a Chinese one.

51abb No.259471

Keep in mind what Dr. Francis Boyle said about upcoming vaccines: >>259361

09581 No.259472

An interesting idea given the fact that it's all but confirmed they were smuggling research material out of Canada, so it would make sense that they would try the same shit in other countries. One would still have to wonder whether that vaccine will actually work, though (besides the other implications behind it that have already been brought up, but oh well.)

e811a No.259479


>>257623 You're welcome.

05b17 No.259480

>COVID-19 coronavirus: First death from outbreak in Europe as Chinese tourist dies in France

>France has this morning announced the first COVID-19 coronavirus death in Europe.

>An 80-year-old Chinese tourist, from Hubei province, died on Friday evening in a Paris hospital, said France's health minister, Agnès Buzyn.

>"I was informed yesterday night of the death of a Chinese tourist aged 80, who was hospitalised in Bichat Hospital, Paris, since 25 January," she said. "He died from a pulmonary infection from coronavirus."

>"This Chinese patient, from Hubei province, arrived in France on 16 January 16. He was hospitalised at Bichat with strict isolation measures on 25 January.
>"His condition rapidly got worse and he had been in a critical situation for several days in intensive care.
>"His daughter also has the COVID19 virus and is also hospitalised at Bichat, her health condition is not causing concern anymore and she should be released soon."

19fb5 No.259482

File: 1581768785047.mp4 (1.76 MB, 272x480, Just_a_flu_bro.mp4)

Hah, if you follow geopolitics, only a blackops team can achieve whatever this is in mainland china. Making a virus leak into the public isn't too hard of a task I would imagine.

Until some scientists seriously study for biological modifications and genealogy origins, we can't know if this isn't an especially engineered biovirus for chinese people.
And sadly all scientists are busy finding cures, and any other deviation to that task is deemed heretical.

Its funny you mention the fact of stealing research, not like the US didn't do any before right? totally not, but let's mention it here.

This entire thing stinks of secret agencies, if the CIA was working in the CCP shoes, the first thing they would think is, lol no. The technical term would be "there are no such thing as coincidences." Anyone remembers the HK revolution? No one? Cool, thats what they want. Oh and also don't remember there's still a trade war going on, and America successfully steam rolled china. Remember when Sun Tzu said "Hit your enemies when they are down to ensure victory."? Neither did I, but thats totally not what America's doing, nope sirrriee.

Honestly the most appalling thing is that no country is going to bother to speak up to anything because they didn't when china was being a bully, so who the fuck is going to lift a finger when America hits back with their own brand of global police justice?

Why am I mad at all of this? idk, cus misinformed people frustrate me I guess? not dumb people, but wrong people. SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET.

57b08 No.259494

>impossible situation
No, there is a single win condition left for china. That condition is that they infect the rest of the world, specifically places they want to depopulate such as Africa and North America, and have those locations succumb just as their's are overcoming the virus. Then, they use their "hospital" factilities and convert them into military training camps, conscript surviving males who have developed an immunity, and invade & conquer foreign nations under the guise of "humanitarian aid" with the claim that the local governments are withholding medical care to their peoples and only the commie chinks can save them.

ac9c1 No.259495

Sounds good to me. Better a second-class citizen under the chinks than a fifth-class-neonazi-terrorist-noncitzen under (((democracy))).

I, for one, embrace our new chinese overlords.

a56ed No.259514

File: 1581792207519-0.png (347.27 KB, 490x383, 154940985655.png)

File: 1581792207519-1.jpg (142.63 KB, 688x538, it4rJsOO2Ik_640x360.jpg)

File: 1581792207519-2.jpg (172.43 KB, 1024x1024, 15499079795.jpg)

0e901 No.259542

File: 1581811945795.png (151.86 KB, 574x601, 1553059858-1.png)

I bet that CIA/mossad niggers set up a bait and the chinks fell for it. This way POTUS aka (((they))) is getting better position for trade agreement negotiations.

9e7ec No.259557

File: 1581818345735.jpg (4.18 MB, 3024x4032, home_depot_dust_masks.jpg)

I was at Home Depot today (Northern Alabama), and decided to check out their supply of face masks. It looks like someone made a run on the N95 masks. Humorously the more expensive respirators that actually make a proper seal with your face are all still in stock.

0a67e No.259563

File: 1581819055261.jpg (107.27 KB, 687x675, leslieshrug.jpg)

$20 says they're being sold on ebay

9e7ec No.259565


d2a4a No.259580

File: 1581838021156.png (702.05 KB, 653x926, ClipboardImage.png)

Never checked the filesize, its someones work in progress so maybe when it's 'done' itl be compressed.

Don't cont on this for much longer, if supplies havent already not dried up.


The coronavirus outbreak has exposed the United States’ dangerous dependence on China for pharmaceutical and medical supplies, including an estimated 97 percent of all antibiotics and 80 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients needed to produce drugs in the United States.

The economic repercussions of the coronavirus reveal the dangers of allowing one country to have a near monopoly on global manufacturing, David Dayen explains in an article at the American Prospect:

China is a source of not only finished goods, but also of input parts and raw materials. A substantial number of the materials needed for defense and electronic systems come from China, and that nation is “the single or sole supplier for a number of specialty chemicals,” according to a recent Defense Department report. Rare earth minerals, which are critical to electronics, are largely mined in China. As a result, Chinese disruptions don’t just hit Chinese manufacturing, they hit everyone’s. Automakers have already had to slow or shut down factories globally due to supply shortages.

Perhaps the biggest concern is over medical supplies. China produces and exports a large amount of pharmaceuticals to the U.S., including 97 percent of all antibiotics and 80 percent of the active ingredients used to make drugs here. Penicillin, ibuprofen, and aspirin largely come from China. Last month, the medical supply firm Cardinal Health recalled 2.9 million surgical gowns “cross contaminated” at a plant in China; the blood pressure drug valsartan also saw shortages recently, thanks to tainted active ingredients at one Chinese plant. The combination of supply chain disruptions and increased demand at hospitals if coronavirus spreads to the U.S. could prove devastating.

In a dark irony, most of the world’s face masks—now ubiquitous in China as a precaution—are made in China and Taiwan, and even for those made elsewhere, some component parts are Chinese-sourced. Shortages have led China to declare the masks a “strategic resource,” reserving them for medical workers. U.S. hospitals are “critically low” on respiratory masks, according to medical-supply middlemen. Lack of protective gear could increase vulnerability to the virus, and the one place on earth suffering from production shutdowns is the one place where most of the protective gear originates [emphasis added].


1st world countries might be royally fucked because the medicine to treat it is produced in China.

0ea6a No.259583

Can you recommend some good masks to me? What should people look for when getting masks?

9e7ec No.259586

Honestly I think stocking up on masks is kinda futile, but more on that in a minute. First to answer your question.

You're going to want a particulate filter. Ideally something rated similar to 3M's P100 filters, but I've heard some people say that the N95 filters may be sufficient for filtering out the relevant particulates that the virus is riding on. The problem with the cheap masks is that even though the filter portion of the mask may be sufficient for blocking the particulates, that doesn't help so much if the mask doesn't form an airtight seal with your face and some particulates can sneak around the gap. That's not so critical of a problem when you're using the mask for its intended purpose of woodworking or some other construction task, but it's a big issue when you're trying to ward off an infectious disease.

99.99% of the masks that you see people wearing in china, such as the ones pictured here >>259580, are utterly ineffective at protecting you from being infected by a virus. However, if you are the one who is infected, then those masks would do a good job of protecting others from you.
The masks that you see along the top shelf are more in line what what you'd be looking for. Assuming facial hair doesn't get in the way, they will form an airtight seal around your face. The masks themselves don't filter anything. You're need to attach filter cartridges to them. There are different cartridges designed to filter different things. Some are particulate filters, some are chemical filters, some compare both in one package. The cartridges in the upper left priced at $19.97 are an example of the dual filters that pairs a P100 particulate filter with a chemical filter designed to filter out organic vapors and acid gasses. However, everything pictured here is what's called a half-mask. They only cover your nose and mouth. An airborne pathogen can infect you through any exposed mucous membrane. That includes your eyes. You will need to either use airtight goggles to protect your eyes, or use a full-face mask that fully covers your face.

On to why I think that stocking up on masks is futile. Let's say that you wear the mask and the goggles and go about the day and are protected by infection by them. You can't wear them forever. The exterior of the masks are contaminated, your clothes are contaminated, your exposed skin is contaminated. Remove the mask and you'll infect yourself in short order. To be truly effective, you will need to combine your mask and goggles with additional safeguards. You'll need an oversuit with hood similar to painting suits to protect your clothes and skin from contamination. You'll need gloves to protect your hands. You'll need little booties to protect your shoes or you'll need to wear nonpermable footwear like rubber rain boots. You'll need an area designated for decontamination where you can carefully remove your outer layer of protective gear without contaminating yourself in the process. Usually professionals have an assistant to help them remove their protective gear properly. A lot of the protective gear is disposable and single use only. As you can see, suiting up properly to ward off a highly infectious pathogen is an arduous task. Are you going to make this your new normal? Are you going to dress up like that every day? Wuhan Coronavirus is contagious before the infected start showing symptoms, so you can't just wait for people around you to get visibly sick before suiting up since by then it's too late. These sorts of protective measures are viable for medical staff who know that they're about to work with an infectious disease, but they're highly impractal for someone who is simply trying to suit up as a precaution.

I think that it's more practical for the average person to focus on trying to be as healthy as possible and do what they can to boost their immune system. Eat healthy, get your necessary vitamins, get plenty of sleep, stay fit, etc. I think that you should follow modern hygeine practices such as avoiding touching your face, and sanitizing your hands after touching foreign surfaces. I think that instead of stocking up on filters and protective gear, you'd be better served by stocking up on nonperishable food so that you don't go hungry if the super market shelves get emptied out by a panic. Be sure to pick food that you would eat during normal circumstances. You don't want to waste money on food that will collect dust until it expires while you wait for an emergency. You want the food to be an extended part of your pantry that you eat normally but that you simply have enough of a stockpile to last you for an extended period of time.

bc30e No.259594

Also, breathe through your nose. Your nose has fibers that are designed to catch particles before they can reach mucus membranes. It's not "real" protection but you don't want to be a mouthbreather anyway.

Is there a guide for what are sufficient 3M filters? I have ABE-1 filters with NIOSH N-95 exterior add-ons. They're good so far but I can use them only so long before they get clogged, so I ordered replacements that probably won't arrive for a long time. Are the ABE-1 filters able to protect against viruses on their own? Guides for 3M filters focus on their protection in industrial settings and never talk about biological protection.

65d8d No.259626

File: 1581869947471.png (1.41 MB, 808x2441, canvas5424.png)

>Nearly 10K Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak!
>One aspect which is very interesting and has been covered extensively here is Event 201. The exercise simulating a global coronavirus pandemic took place on October 18th 2019 only 6 weeks before the first case of the virus was reported in Wuhan China.
>What not many people are talking about is that on this exact same day, October 18th, the 2019 Military World Games held its opening ceremony followed by a U.S. men’s soccer match in Wuhan China, ground zero of the outbreak!
Mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/11XmkITzv6YW/

ed6a0 No.259641

File: 1581881293084-0.png (1.36 MB, 600x3902, 143.png)

File: 1581881293084-1.jpeg (43.18 KB, 450x800, EQk8z4cU0AAYdtb.jpeg)

File: 1581881293084-2.jpg (233.64 KB, 1313x1043, voluntary.jpg)

>Chinese funeral homes offering workers $143 an HOUR from all across the country to literally stack up and move all the dead bodies

>Funeral Home Workers Across China Sent to Coronavirus Epicenter of Wuhan to Handle Corpses Piling Up


Ad offering money:

0c67c No.259661

Why would the same (((globalists))) who exported all the factories to China for cheap labor then turn around and cripple China, shutting down production and their profits? Why would they afterward bleed more of their profits from the increased tariffs brought on by said trade agreement negotiations?

I could buy it if the US government weren't part of ZOG, or if president Trump really had the capability and will to cripple China, but it doesn't make sense in this case.

391f7 No.259662

File: 1581891222776-0.png (655.39 KB, 800x770, 1544090949494.png)

File: 1581891222776-1.png (115.1 KB, 753x688, 16060909509096.png)

File: 1581891222776-2.png (79.8 KB, 485x713, 1650995000905.png)

File: 1581891222776-3.jpg (442.78 KB, 1613x1598, 165095899449790909.jpg)

391f7 No.259663

File: 1581891338857-0.png (259.65 KB, 638x2035, 16509909590963777.png)

File: 1581891338857-1.jpg (144.65 KB, 728x546, 185090590958979792792.jpg)

File: 1581891338857-2.jpg (59.93 KB, 850x400, 16909097970979779633.jpg)

File: 1581891338857-3.png (388.76 KB, 850x800, 14950990790494.png)

1150c No.259668

The first major reason for kikes turning against China is due to the Chinese adopting multiple syndicalist and free market methods in the past 30 years. The second major reason is that the Chinese have massive reserves of rare earth minerals, platinum, gold, and silver. Do the fucking math.

591c1 No.259669

>kikes turning against China
I think it's clear by now; we are in the middle of an (((oligarch))) civil war, and the kikes are pulling the strings at both sides.
What both factions have in common is World Government under the UN direction.

5498f No.259673

Does Corona-Chan kill sperm cells?

44604 No.259674

I read that leads to men's infertility.

fbb1b No.259681

File: 1581913937697-0.png (1.71 MB, 659x3302, canvas.png)

File: 1581913937697-1.jpg (37.43 KB, 634x311, 19.jpg)

File: 1581913937697-2.jpg (28.26 KB, 634x257, 20.jpg)

>American passenger and his wife REFUSE to be evacuated from coronavirus cruise ship in Japan because they would rather be quarantined on the luxury liner than a California Air Force base, as another 70 people test positive on board
Luxury room, luxury food, and free internet and cable.
Based Boomer?

5498f No.259685

Honestly, Not a Bad Choice.
I wouldn't want to go to california.

ed6a0 No.259687

Perhaps the boomer is wisely thinking in the "BILL" which surely will bankrupt him.

5f36b No.259696

File: 1581919159428.mp4 (196.98 KB, 396x476, 15e4082d9303ea0.mp4)

you say that like Trump and the CIA are friends.

have you forgotten all the times the deep state have tried to undercut trump. spy on his campaign, the whistle-blowers trying to end his career. Trump does not control the CIA, they are loyal to the globalists. If the CIA did anything to china it must have been done under globalist orders and that is not impossible.

From what I gather the globalists wanted to jump ship from the US and move to the new rising star, China. When the Chinese told them to fuck off or die, they were a little upset. What is clear is that the HK protests were CIA colored revolutions. Meaning the globalists are confirmed butthurt. Now would they be willing to make a bioweapon custom made to kill the Chinese? This is a step too far even for satanic pedophiles, but not for the Chinese.

China knows that their economic system will crash at least three times as bad as Greece if Trump gets another term, and he's going to. The Chinese leadership are going to lose the mandate of heaven and they are trying to kill their revolution before it even starts.

Globalists are butthurt at the Chinese, the Chinese leadership are scared to death of being executed by revolutionaries. Which one is more likely to mass genocide Chinese plebs?

9c617 No.259697

>Globalists are butthurt at the Chinese
If you change the word Globalist for Nationalist will make sense.
The Democratic Party and Soros represent the Globalist faction. The ill named Nationalist faction is leaded by Trump with ties to the Likud Party.
The Globalist plan was to finance the world economy sacrificing the American one. The wrongly named Nationalist faction disagrees and wants to burn the world economy to save the American one, actually it isn't to save it, but to get a soft landing for the American corporations from the incoming global economic reset.
It is about fat cats' big money.

f3723 No.259700

>kill their revolution before it even starts

its doesn't make sense at all, how to kill a revolution. viruses can't be only infect liberalist.

if its Xi's will. make everyone sick,lockdown city,let economy stagnate has no different in the end. still have to face revolution too.

9e7ec No.259702

If it is a Chinese bio-weapon, I suspect that its release was accidental. It could have been developed for any number of plans, but why release it in the city that contains the BSL-4 facility?

If it is a bio-weapon, I think that its origin in Wuhan points more towards an accidental release than a deliberate implementation of some plan.

bf695 No.259703

I think I'm gonna have to go against the general grain of the thread and say that this is incompetance on the part of the Chinese government. Anyways, I'm personally more interested in seeing what Coronachan's highscore is when this is finished.

e811a No.259710

The outbreak is an excuse for increased military presence and control of resources, with the bonus of looking like the good guys if they 'save' the chinese people from it. Furthermore, you don't see many of the PLA getting infected, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of hazmat protection for them.

ceb9c No.259712

Occam's Razor agrees with you, but then again intelligence agencies are good at faking likely circumstances. Would be the plot of the century if that's actually what took place, though.

00878 No.259728

Philosophical razors are kind of retarded, aren't they?
It's like an one-size-fits-all counter argument.

ceb9c No.259732

More of a guideline given the lack of information and is meant to weight hypotheses rather than eliminate them. Of course it gets abused and as reality is quite complicated it's often proven false.

a0aa3 No.259772

File: 1581986038982-0.png (393.99 KB, 1366x768, 92601.png)

File: 1581986038982-1.mp4 (1.47 MB, 854x480, CORONA-unMaskeD - clip.mp4)

This hour of unedited footage from Wuhan and affected cities, filmed by citizens, shows the reality of the Coronavirus/nCoV/COVID19 outbreak and government response.
>Some of the worst aspects of human nature are documented for the purposes of awareness and preparation.
>The footage increases in intensity from start to finish and there are no trigger warnings.
>This is not the flu.
Mirror, age verification needed:
But the same jewtube link works without to sign, at least for me, at:

22fce No.259774

>and government response
Worrisome, the response is violence.
Better to move in groups and never ever allow them to overpower you.

1a037 No.259791

File: 1581995544836.mp4 (4.83 MB, 854x480, Reporting from the streets.mp4)

>Chink bodies everywhere.
It looks like Corona Chan won't disappoint.

a19cc No.259792

Day of the pillow can't come soon enough but der boomer isn't wrong. The US government is practically begging to infect the country with coronavirus after the San Diego fiasco. They see the good martial law shit Chyna is smoking and want some too. Trump be damned, Homeland Security will do it with or without his approval.

e40cc No.259793

>Trump be damned, Homeland Security will do it with or without his approval.
If the government tries the China method, which is the UN's WHO method by the way, resistance is guaranteed I think.

cf147 No.259849

File: 1582074376465.jpg (52.33 KB, 1024x576, 1573604723842 (1).jpg)

This, pretty sure they need to take away the guns before everything else.
I'll go for a not so uncommon accident in China getting out of hand this time, from which (((they))) are trying or already are capitalising from.

cd139 No.259850

File: 1582078956669-0.png (1.31 MB, 776x3043, 1595972779397.png)

File: 1582078956669-1.jpg (93.27 KB, 740x493, 15908077970779577.jpg)

>Who is WHO’s Tedros Adhanom?
>On the surface it appeared that the Director-General of the UN World Health Organization has acted swiftly and seriously about the spreading coronavirus health emergency spreading across China. He has gone to meet with Chinese leaders to discuss the situation and on January 30, after his talks in Beijing and meetings with the WHO advisory body, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared the coronavirus a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).” What the WHO has really done and especially the remarks of the Director-General, give cause for concern that he is motivated by something other than world health.
>Today the largest donors to the WHO are the Gates Foundation and its associated GAVI Alliance for vaccination. With backers like Gates and Clinton it was no surprise that Tedros went on, after a stint as Ethiopian Foreign Minister, to win the post of WHO Director-General, this despite being the first non-physician to hold the position. During Tedros’ three year campaign to win the WHO post he was charged with having covered up three major epidemics of cholera while health minister in Ethiopia, mislabeling the cases as “acute watery diarrhea” (AWD)—a symptom of cholera—in an attempt to play down the significance of the epidemics, charges he denied.

ed6a0 No.259864

File: 1582087104770.png (37.15 KB, 801x300, canvas.png)

After closing the Chinese border a few days ago, now is a ban on Chinese citizens.

70877 No.259865

File: 1582087446190.jpeg (121.86 KB, 1024x768, ERE2l5mWkAIsHJn.jpeg)

The Russians know something we don't.
Meanwhile the mentally ill among us are kvetching - Pic Related -

2c815 No.259866

Seems very likely to be bait, but with these people it's hard to tell.

fbe21 No.259870

File: 1582091945392.png (668.33 KB, 1366x768, 804.png)

>North Korea TV
>DPRK TV: New Information on CORONAVIRUS
Right to the point and accurate information.

3a3d5 No.259878

basically 1:30 of that video says its shitty enough to possibly cause cytokine storm

0812d No.259879

File: 1582100691987.png (282.65 KB, 977x1562, canvas.png)

>And PDF with the scientific research about human tampering on the original virus.

More about this:
>Japan Will Use HIV Drugs To Treat Coronavirus
>At the end of January, Indian scientists sparked a heated debate within virologist circles when they published a pre-print paper claiming they had discovered insertions in the coronavirus which bore an "uncanny similarity" to fragments such as gp120 and Gag found in the HIV virus, which they then said was "unlikely to be fortuitous in nature" and prompting speculation that the virus was bio-engineered. Following a flood of angry reactions amid rising public concern that coronavirus may have been a genetically-engineered and airborne version of the HIV virus, the scientists eventually withdrew their paper.
>However, it now appears there may have been more truth there than scientist peers were willing to acknowledge, because why else would one of the world's most developed nations start using anti-HIV drugs to treat coronavirus infections?

ed6a0 No.259880

The difference with the judenpresse on TV is outstanding. Absolutely 0 (zero) BS and fulfills a didactic function as it should be.

8340f No.259934

File: 1582138206652.mp4 (2.47 MB, 640x360, Cruise-Ship Was Never Quar….mp4)

>American passenger and his wife REFUSE to be evacuated from coronavirus cruise ship in Japan
Diamond Princess ship quarantine is a joke says infectologist Kentaro Iwata who managed to slip inside until he was kicked out.
It looks like the psychopaths in charge are setting a test to find out the virus' contagious rate and the passengers are the guinea pigs.

>Diamond Princess is COVID-19 mill. How I got in the ship and was removed from it within one day.

>Diamond Princess has completely inadequate infection control, and there is no professional ID person in charge. Passengeres, crews, health care professionals working inside are at risk of infection, and the practice is even worse than what I saw in Africa. Immediate action is needed to save people inside.

d2a4a No.259953

reminder the HIV drugs are only good for stopping the first infection. on a reinfection the virus kills you with heart failure due to the ACE2 receptors.

62753 No.259969

File: 1582174337053.gif (1017.89 KB, 320x180, 0854b9accd295923e292c61951….gif)

Launch missiles full of napalm and end this outbreak already.

c055c No.259974

File: 1582178243462.png (775.15 KB, 2500x1759, 358C03C1-9DFB-4CD4-941C-32….png)

d2a4a No.259975

There's cases all over the US where they arent reporting the numbers due to bullshit reasons. the outbreak isnt going to stop even if we nuked china at this point. The kikes behind the CDC looks like its even worse then the CCP

5f36b No.259976

I remember someone on bitchute around then that showed a picture of the FOUR HIV insertions and explaining. First of all they already have the markings a insertion would leave behind. second, the odds of sars randomly mutating one of these genes is unlikely, two, nearly impossible, three, definatly must have been artificial, there are four insertions. I really want to find that video to get a screen cap but it was a while ago.

d2a4a No.259977

File: 1582178936826.mp4 (11.6 MB, 1280x720, New_York_Issued_Gag_order_….mp4)

44604 No.259978

File: 1582179183531-0.png (473.1 KB, 1003x734, 1580543462364-3.png)

File: 1582179183531-1.jpg (83.95 KB, 600x351, fural-cleavage-site-s1-s2.jpg)

>that showed a picture of the FOUR HIV insertions
It is in the ORIGINAL pdf anon -→ >>257792

dfb9b No.259979

>New York State's cases
The focal point is University at Buffalo which enrolls thousands of Chinese students, additionally colleges compete for those Chinese sheckels opening wide open their doors to Asian customers.
Chinks are everywhere.

d2a4a No.259982

I wanted to get an mp4 of these ACE2 research but obs is being a shit right now and it's not recording audio.

Go to about 16 minutes to start

ac141 No.259986


>This lady just admitted on national TV that she/husband lied to get back to US & they are locked in quarantine in Neb., he has signs & @BillHemmer barely pushed back!! They put us all at risk! Who did they lie to? Japanese customs? Cruise line? US Customs? #coranovirus

80b84 No.259987

File: 1582185882497.png (11.71 KB, 987x62, link.png)

>I wanted to get an mp4
You can download it at: https://yadi.sk/i/X8ly0xh0OemHQg

ac141 No.259988


>Yes, in the sixth edition of its diagnostic criteria released Wednesday for covid-19, the National Health Commission has undone what it did just one week earlier, and has eliminated the distinction between how cases would be classified in Hubei province and other regions. Cases will now be reported under two categories: “suspected cases” and “confirmed cases,” the document said.

>As such, moving forward, and as was the case prior to Feb 13, cases will only be described as “confirmed” if they stem from a positive result in a nucleic acid test, not if they are clinically diagnosed by physicians.

>What this means is that, in its scramble to "confirm" that it has regained control over the Coronavirus, China's National Health Commission may report - as soon as this evening - the first official drop in new cases since the pandemic started. Why does this matter? Because that is now the catalyst everyone is waiting for to pounce and declare that the epidemic is effectively over, even if of course isn't. But since for China it is no longer an option to not have people go to work, the Chinese Communist Party will take its chances with another major breakout in coronavirus, or rather pneumonia, which is how all the thousands of new "mystery" deaths will be tagged by the friendly Chinese coroner, who will be instructed to never use the word coronavirus again and instead attributed covid-19 fatalities to far more mundane causes such as pneumonia, and ordinary flu.

ed6a0 No.259990

But it also is the result of faulty test kits. I read a few times from different sources that they show negative results from 50 to 70% of the cases later developing symptoms.

4dcea No.259992

File: 1582188851930-0.png (802.79 KB, 1366x768, 150999097099695051.png)

File: 1582188851930-1.png (870.53 KB, 1366x768, 150999097099695052.png)

>SMOKING GUN: Communist China Bought Weaponized Wuhan Virus From U.S. Gov't's Zionist Deep State

This is a video from Alex Jones who shills anti China propaganda non stop; however the guest talking is Francis Boyle (the same at >>259361) who shows proof that Corona-Chan was developed by a North Carolina University's laboratory and the research was paid by the Chinese government. He shows the names of the scientists involved and asks for their arrest.
Later Boyle mentions a second research in Australia, also paid by the Chinese government, to get the technology necessary to create a chimera virus from SARS and other pathogens which allegedly created Corona-Chan.
That's right, America sold a fucking bioweapon to the Chinese, I kid you not.

09581 No.259993

>>259470 called it, he wins one free vaccine that doesn't actually help you overcome the virus and just shocks you every time you think badly of israel!

ed6a0 No.259995

File: 1582191161164-0.png (301.19 KB, 648x806, 1678933897097490.png)

File: 1582191161164-1.png (40.72 KB, 688x668, 195908999336846.png)

File: 1582191161164-2.png (202.4 KB, 800x534, 140959595.png)

182c0 No.260016

Absolutely no one outside of power or this thread knows what's going on. It's like this is going on in two separate worlds. Can confirm though, the air quality is better than I've ever experienced, and because the local park's empty it's perfect to relax in. Can't really have better conditions to die in than this.

56ef6 No.260019

>reinfection is even worse
could a vaccine have a similar effect?

05b17 No.260027

File: 1582217691195.mp4 (5.01 MB, 640x360, ACE2.mp4)

Here is the ACE2 section cut (if that was what you were looking for).

Assuming Corona actually is a bioweapon, what trait would be better (for the enemy as long as your own don't get infected) than an accelerated mutation to obtain resistance against medicines/vaccines (if possible). So the next wave now has a high resistance to HIV medication.

d2a4a No.260028

Theres been a whole bunch of vaccines that caused horrible problems on introducing 'reinfection' for viruses. GatesFoundation has a long history with these kind of things. SARS in mice the vaccine caused the cytokine storm once they caught it again which means the instant death 2 minute drops you've seen around. Cytokine storms are definitely a thing in corona so id be very wary of any vaccines

f5170 No.260060

>Assuming Corona actually is a bioweapon
Which is a large assumption. I won't say it's impossible. I won't say it's likely. It could be something they were experimenting with in a biowar lab that got loose, but maybe they were just trying to test whether the inserted HIV genes would propagate. Maybe this was research, rather than development.

Speaking as someone who used to read a lot of unclassified public sources about this, Coronavirus doesn't incapacitate rapidly enough and its incubation period is far too long to be a useful biowar agent.

Let's think back to the good old days of the Cold War, shall we? Let's think about what biowar agents are and aren't, and what they're for.

Speaking hypothetically and for entertainment purposes only, let's say that it's 1982 and two days ago the balloon went up in Germany. The British Army of the Rhine is getting whaled on by Third Shock Army and barely hanging on. US VII Corps is getting hammered by 8th Guards Tank Army and 38th Army and barely hanging on. Bundeswehr III Corps is getting manhandled by 20th Guards Army. Russian paratroopers are landing in Norway, Denmark, Italy, and Austria.

And the US has satellite intelligence showing an enormous mass of Soviet follow-on troops is building up in the enormous rail yard in, let's say, Wroclaw, Poland. There are two million of them there and counting, waiting for their tanks and artillery to arrive from Ukraine.

Under these circumstances, that rail yard is a tempting target for something special, isn't it? The war hasn't gone nuclear yet. No one's uncorked the chemical or biowar or nuclear stuff just yet, but NATO is in a bad, bad way here, falling back all the way up and down the front. There hasn't been time to mobilize much of anything and some of the POMCUS equipment storage sites in Germany have already been overrun. Time is not on NATO's side.

Wroclaw is out of artillery range. It's ringed with the best radars and SAMs the Russians have, plus it's on the wrong side of hundreds of East German, Russian, and Polish jet interceptors for an ARC LIGHT strike by B52s to be realistic, even if you had B52s on bases in Europe, which you presently don't.

But maybe if we use some of the F111s for what they were designed for, high-speed low-level supersonic dash deep strike missions, maybe one of them could deliver something that doesn't quite cross the "get out the nukes" threshold and which has plausible deniability--after all, men packed together living in unsanitary barracks get sick all the time.

Speaking hypothetically, what if some mutated influenza virus had been discovered by--well, it doesn't matter who, as long as it's available in aerosol spray form that can be dropped on those two million troops. What traits does this mutated influenza need to have in order to be useful, militarily speaking?

It needs to be as contagious as possible. It needs to have as short an incubation period as possible--hours, not days. And it needs to incapacitate the infected as rapidly and completely as possible in order to neutralize them militarily. I'm not talking lethality here, exactly, though there is a lot of overlap in the Venn diagram. We need whatever it is that makes them as sick as possible as quickly as possible and will incapacitate as many as possible so that they won't be able to fight at the front lines and the Soviet second-echelon follow-on reinforcements never arrive. Certainly, something like this is likely to kill a lot of them, but that's not the objective, so long as they're puking and shitting blood and not able to mount up in their vehicles and roll into West Germany to fight.

Think of an ideal biowar agent as being like an ideal chemical warfare agent, but better, because it multiplies in the host and spreads from man to man among enemy personnel.

I think all the world knows that the Chinese are and have been for generations violating the 1972 treaty against biological warfare. I think all the world knows about their lab in Wuhan. I think it's entirely possible that the Coronavirus is something they were experimenting with at the biowar lab in Wuhan. It acts much too slowly to be useful on the battlefield, however, which is why I think it may not have been the intended finished product.

a9b4e No.260064

A long incubation period gives it more time to go unnoticed and spread, which is desirable, especially for plausible deniability. A war will take longer than a month, even if it goes nuclear quite frankly. the one thing I'd want to improve about coronachan is her severity, there are apparently lots of cases that are extremely mild, though perhaps the second round of infections make up for that.

05b17 No.260066

Great analysis and I agree with it all (with one caveat). The long incubation time in concert with being infectious during the incubation time can be greatly beneficial as a bio weapon. You force the enemy to isolate each battalion (as an example) as each battalion might be an infected battalion group. Reinforcements can't readily be deployed and moved around as needed; you want as few infected groups as possible. You add an entirely new restriction on the logistical nightmare a war is to begin with. Of course this adds an extra burden on yourself as you have to avoid any close combat with the enemy to avoid infection your own troops. So this is a bio weapon that perhaps is best suited for a cold war. Closed borders to begin with and all you have to do is infect the enemy and sit back and relax.

e811a No.260067

This, a long incubation period is also useful if you want to cause economic and political destabilisation outside of a war. As a nation killer, coronavirus is an exceptional weapon, all it has to do is debilitate and scare long enough for a globalised nation to utterly fall apart by not even specifically dying to the virus.

a9b4e No.260068

>hur flu killed more people
Those people should be shot for innumeracy.

f5170 No.260081

You aren't wrong, but that's a very risky strategy. Perceptions were different in the 1970s and 1980s. Now, though, if a nation--like, let say, hypothetically, China--were caught using that kind of weapon, that would be crossing a line that didn't really exist a few decades back. Use of a weapon of mass destruction invites, perhaps even requires, retaliation with weapons of mass destruction. It can't be allowed to go unanswered by any of the nuclear powers, because they know that if an example isn't instantly made, they could be next.

Or at least this is what the talking heads at various policy think-tanks tell us. I didn't major in international relations, so I will admit that this isn't my area of expertise. I will say that I am not so certain what would happen, even if "these are the rules." "Mr. President, we have proof the Russians are responsible for the soybean blight. It's a genetically engineered fungus they created in the biowar facility at Sverdlosk and spread to farms in the US and Canada by agents of the Russian FSB. International law requires you to retaliate with nuclear weapons immediately." I'm not sure I'd make any bets on how that conversation would end.

e811a No.260089

Any kind of hypothetical retaliation to this hypothetical scenario would be kept covert, if done at all, to keep the peace. Open war and even many forms of covert war are pretty much over permanently due to the international market, little can be done about China being covertly retarded because they have most of the world's manufacturing within their borders. China, hypothetically, has a license to fuck up and be as belligerent as it wants to the rest of the world because it has most of the world's manufacturing in its borders, the only thing preventing them from doing so overtly is the fact they have most of the world's manufacturing in its borders.

We're seeing what would happen if China were to openly invite international scorn right now, their economy is bleeding cash and it's looking likely that they'll never recover.

That said, no one's saying they hypothetically released a bioweapon on purpose, of everyone it's fucking up, it's fucking them up the most, what's being said is that China was hypothetically developing a bioweapon for a rainy day, and it got out for reasons unknown. Such an event wouldn't incur retribution, so to speak, nothing we'd ever hear about anyway, because if we did, it'd put the international order that legions of politicians and businessmen the world over spent almost a century building in jeopardy. Folks would start wondering why we rely on nations like China to do our manufacturing when we could be doing it ourselves without the risk. Markets demand stability to function properly, this goes doubly so for an international market, no one wants to risk rocking that boat, so indiscretions like this are swept under the carpet and ignored.

d2a4a No.260096

File: 1582254270911.png (228.82 KB, 686x608, Sparks when she sees a coo….png)

I'm thinking I've seen enough shit that a prep/advice thread to surviving corona chans love would be good to have. So far the more I learn about coronachan the worse it is. There have been other boards that put all sorts of advice for corona but they're either short lived burried under cuckchan shilling, or having to dig through 10+ archives of 750 posts on 8k. About time /mlpol/ gets one of its own, no? Perhaps a thread on /ub/, cant be an uberhorsefucker if you're dead.

e811a No.260098

Here is fine, we don't need to separate everything about the wu flu into its own niche threads.

ef2ac No.260101

File: 1582258009818.gif (110.3 KB, 671x600, eye brow.gif)

>I'm thinking I've seen enough shit that a prep/advice thread to surviving corona chans love would be good to have
Not so fast. Did you notice any European dead, or even sick?

e811a No.260105

Europeans have caught it at this point, but the infection is less severe due to lower levels of ACE2 and the effectiveness of western healthcare compared to china. That doesn't mean there's no reason to prep, if not properly contained, it could overwhelm even western infrastructure, and that's when people will start dying in droves.

a9b4e No.260107

the time to buy masks and such was back when they were pennies a piece before the outbreak. I think that a makeshift face plate, a good enough mask, and showering/washing your clothes after going out would be the best you could reasonably expect to do as far as venturing out. Stock up on food you'll eat is another good idea.

1e7e7 No.260108

>and that's when people will start dying in droves
It looks to me like the ones dropping dead will be Asian invaders.

05b17 No.260118

File: 1582263943502.mp4 (8.95 MB, 1280x592, CHINES~1.MP4)

>Chinese billionaire, Guo Wengui, now speculates that the real number of people infected with the #coronavirus is around 4-5 million along with 200,000 deaths based on how fast the virus has transmitted.

4d074 No.260120

Well, there is a discrepancy between what the chinks said and how they reacted; if the announced number of dead chinks is so ridiculously low for a population of 1.4 billion, then why to shut down their economy and badly damage their wealth?
Quarantining most of the country speaks about panic.
The chinks know that a bioweapon is on the loose and most likely they haven't an idea how to stop it.

b3b55 No.260122