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File: 1576190046172.jpeg (110.87 KB, 1024x1024, B3F6EF2D-BC76-4E7E-9266-0….jpeg)

9d3db No.253027

UK Elections are happening today. Current projection is Conservative majority


ae084 No.253028

>Current projection is Conservative majority
Nice. I hope this will lead to a no deal Brexit, but I fear Britain will become a Vassal state in the EU link Norway.
But a broken Labour party is always a good sign no matter what.

c349d No.253031

File: 1576196029100.png (207.14 KB, 669x469, considerthefollowing.png)

But the people voted on Brexit. The House of Windsor is just stalling to keep this "new world order" a float when banks across Europe are crashing. They House Windsor is about to fall.

f9706 No.253059

Conservatives on pace to get 362 seats, and they only need 326 for a "fuck you we don't need anyone else's votes" majority.

It looks like British Trump might have just gotten the largest landslide victory in the UK since WW2.

00e90 No.253060

More like House Sinsor.
That Queen's a Jew. She's said and done nothing about the traitors in parliament, the muslim rapist and grooming gang machine on her street, or the replacement of "her" people.
I don't trust her.

21671 No.253074

>Labour are sub 200 seats.
>Corbyn resigned.
>Jo swinson lost her seat and resigned.
>Bunch of people screaming that remain parties had a greater vote share.
Going to be some interesting times, especially with next years american election probably playing into our trade talks and the looming european recession.

d1aa0 No.253075

File: 1576236130628.png (129.49 KB, 900x754, 62200759de4e42f468252850ef….png)

>Corbyn resigned

d1aa0 No.253076

File: 1576240981746.png (724.58 KB, 732x1862, canvas.png)

>‘Celebrate Boris!’ – Trump Hails UK Election Result, ‘Massive New Trade Deal After Brexit’

f343a No.253080

If Trump was serious about a big deal with britain to replace the EU deal, they would have been negotiating it for years already. That shit takes time to set up, they should have done it so day 1 of Brexit you have an American deal go live. Not five years after.

16a02 No.253091

File: 1576269855825.png (106.45 KB, 298x354, smug_Hitler.png)

>"I'm going to judge people and a situation I know next to nothing about because I'm a Pleb!"
This is exactly what is wrong with the democratic experiment.
God save the Queen.

16a02 No.253092

File: 1576270661649.jpg (13.42 KB, 181x185, ron paul holding a knife.JPG)

*To elaborate, one can only ever guess at what is going on in State matters. All we can do as Plebs is make inferences, yet so many arrogant profligates are prone to stating X or Y as fact. "You do nothing, therefore you are one of them!" Indeed, perhaps the Queen is a corrupt harlot without an inkling of care for the Britons. But what if there were unseen elements to this inaction? Like the favor of the Masses, which even nobles must pay heed to in this barbaric modern society. What if there was fear of Plebeian retribution, that figures in the State could take hold of for selfish ambitions? Again, one can never know for certain. All we can do is make inferences with the bits and pieces we have. And this is one of the many reasons why I despise you Mass Men, that is, you are arrogant. Wicked. Self-indulgent. Weak.
Although she is a Queen, and I shouldn't have these feelings, I eagerly await any chance of ''something'' to happen in this static modern world, and this would mean her death and the ascension of Prince Charles. The same applies in other nations, as in my own, just with interesting political figures instead of nobles. This impatience is wrong, but it is what I feel.

ae084 No.253093

>Low energy chimping in London

7fc5c No.253095

File: 1576273078467.jpg (41.96 KB, 780x440, sw.jpg)

This is why you need to keep the population in debt, poorly housed, malnourished and poisoned. Otherwise all the available time and energy gets put into escalating chaos.

The elites did nothing wrong.

a679c No.253096

Today was a good day.

00e90 No.253101

More like "you sexually experiment", faggot.
The Queen has failed to save "her" country from Islam in a timely manner, or do anything about the Jewish support of Islam's caliphate quest.

b9555 No.253102

File: 1576281037149-0.png (221.64 KB, 220x360, ouch.png)

File: 1576281037149-1.jpg (31 KB, 427x300, [000406].jpg)

>be me
>Commie neet mother phones
>Sounds distraught
>Talks about how her cat has be consoling her.
>Asks if I now what happened today
>Suppress laughter and feign ignorance
>Listen to the usual speil about election rigging
>Appearently suggested by some BBC thot
>Tell her BBC are partisan hacks
>She sais she is going to drink today
>Talk her into not drinking so much
>End the conversation talking about spyro

ae084 No.253103

I am really happy for you. I hope Britain becomes Great again, and that the EU burns to the ground.

00e90 No.253105

My brother!
Speaking of Spyro, it's possible to make custom levels and mod existing levels on the PC Release. I'm thinking of getting some cash together and announcing a themed contest, like what SimpleFlips does.

d1aa0 No.253175

File: 1576373989789.png (704.81 KB, 1366x768, btzebtz.png)

>'Not my prime minister': protesters clash with police after Boris Johnson elected
>Hundreds of protesters clashed with police when they marched through central London and in front of Downing Street in a demonstration against the election of Boris Johnson.
>Separate marches were organised on the day by Stand up to Racism, Love Music Hate Racism and Antifascist Action (Antifa), and demonstrators were confronted by a pro-government group. The police contained people in Victoria and the protest was dispersed.

0310c No.253179

File: 1576378526641.png (88.67 KB, 733x185, UK.png)

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