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File: 1567133989376.jpg (44.36 KB, 500x334, mauser-500x334.jpg)

90c86 No.240682

Since we don't have a /k/ board (or the user base to sustain one) why don't we get a /k/ thread going? Let's have a few questions to start the thread off.
What are some good guns for beginners?
Why do liberals hate guns so much?
What types of gun(s) do you have?
What gun(s) would your waifu have?
What is your dream gun?
How long does the second amendment have left in the U.S.?

f234e No.240683

>What are some good guns for beginners?
Unless you're a kid, skip any .22s. They're fun for sport shooting, and have very little kick, but ammo for them is notoriously hard to find because of such a high demand. Any sort of 20 Gauge shotgun is good for beginners when it comes to rifle-grip weapons.

6da8d No.240685

Are .22's good for target practice? I heard their ammo was cheap.

f234e No.240688

It depends on when you get it. Sometimes the price will be jacked up two to three times from normal because everyone is buying the hell out of it. A good time to look for .22 ammo is when your local gunstore has the ammo out on the counter, usually with a paper sign pointing to its availability.

They do make good for target practice, I will admit. But a new shooter cutting their teeth should look to other calibers for getting used to the sound and recoil.

81454 No.240691

>.22's hard to find
Maybe a few years ago, due to government agencies buying up ammo en masse, but that's no longer the case

f234e No.240692

Really? I'll admit, it's been a while since I've had to buy .22 ammo. I got three or so 525 count boxes of Remington-branded brass .22 rounds last time when it was cheap, and you don't really need much when you're going out to the range.

03a89 No.240694

File: 1567137160268.jpeg (54.05 KB, 741x1024, HumanApplejackStoringPist….jpeg)

>What are some good guns for beginners?
There are three considerations: price of the gun itself, ease of use/practicality, and price of ammo. I recommend an AR-15 (ubiquitous in the U.S. and very customizable) and a decently priced 12-gauge pump-action shotgun (extremely common ammo, easy to use, and ideal for home defense). As for pistols, I recommend the Walther PP/PPK (if Uncle Adolf, James Bond, and Elvis Presley all swear by it, you know it's good). If you're really unsure of your gun skills or want a family member to be protected, get a short-barreled double-action revolver.

>Why do liberals hate guns so much?

For those in power, guns represent a Damocles' Sword preventing them from going crazy with social control as in the UK, Sweden and France. For the average left-wing voter, guns are the easiest (though very stupid) cause and effect relation to violence. Subconsciously, they know that guns represent that people don't fit the Rousseauian mold and are a symbol of our imperfection.

>What types of gun(s) do you have?

Only the Walter PP for now, though that's because I'm moving around a bunch and can't invest in arms until I've settled down.

>What gun(s) would your waifu have?

Applejack would probably have a reliable hunting rifle ('94 Winchester), a Smith and Wesson revolver and a Colt 1911.

>What is your dream gun?

It's a beauty of a gun and is probably the best firearm to have when heading to war, considering it's popularity among special forces.

>How long does the second amendment have left in the U.S.?

As long as there is any political structure left in the U.S. Granted, it's been whittled down and constantly attacked but pragmatically the government cannot effectively disarm the population. People are more attentive to threats than most realize and every time it looks like it's in danger people just go out and buy more guns. If freedoms are taken away you will see the creation of the largest black market since Prohibition and it will be the death knell of the government.

>agencies buying up ammo en masse
Why would they be getting .22's?

e9357 No.240924

4chan/k/ here, whats up ?

e9357 No.240925

Some images for you isolated guys

e9357 No.240929

68127 No.240930

>What types of gun(s) do you have?
Glock 26, subcompact 9mm. Carried IWB 4 oclock. Reliable, light surface rust from being carried all the time, always fires.

Is 22LR really hard to find? Ammo was impossible to find under obama, people were fucking hoarding like mad. Last I went to the sporting goods store, they had plenty of stock.

22LR is not to be overlooked, it's generally the choice of assassins. No kick, shots land on target, death is not immediate, but does come. I have always wanted a glock 22LR conversion kit but they are so damn expensive.

Alphabet agencies weren't buying 22lr, but the same machines make ammo for other calibers also, and yes, obama was buying a shit-ton of ammo. But I don't think that's still the case.

f543f No.240935

You can upload images from an URL, that's the "Remote" in the "File / Remote / Oekaki" options.

e9357 No.240938

Wont work, the field is missing with the Tor setting.
Can you tell me something about this site?

be49f No.240964

>Why do liberals hate guns so much?
They desire total state control, an armed public stands in the way of that.
>What guns would your waifu have?
All of them, but her favorite would probably be an M16.
>How long does the 2a have left?
It's already dead.

a801f No.240991

File: 1567341336463.jpg (33.88 KB, 598x489, 1505616289234.jpg)

>tfw no gun

a8a83 No.241013

File: 1567349607912.jpg (30.92 KB, 480x433, 1537924944968.jpg)

I feel for you friend.
At least you can have shooty toys?


18a0d No.241026

File: 1567361823176.jpg (275.61 KB, 1053x1019, Guns guide.jpg)

Well, now that I have the chance, I ask: how does a man becomes more /k/?
You know, gun culture and hoobies. I like guns because, well, who doesn't like guns? But the thing is I want to get more deeper in gun knowledge:
>Good starting points
>Proper gun safety
>Gun equipment.
>Innawoods fun activities.
You know, that stuff.

As for the questions:

>Good gun for novices?

I say .38s, for great balance of power and accuracy. Plus, you won't need a lot of strenght to hold the gun after the shot. Just keep the arms steady.

>Why do liberals hate guns?

I don't know, they seem to hate a lot of things for no reason.

>Any piece?

No, but when I was in the army I got a FAL in my army days. Very reliable, but the gunshot leaves you deaf for a bit.

>Waifu's raifu?

Well, I like twiggles, so I think something that is precise and very sturdy. Maybe handguns.

>Dream gun?

Ever played Alien 3 for SNES? your gun works as a flamethrower, grenader launcher, and machine gun, all in one!
I wish a weapon like that exists, maybe with even hardcore updates like burning bullets or a good rate of fire for the grenader launcher, and the small mines exploding leaving quite a fire trail behind.
Hell on Earth with only one rifle.

>The 2nd amendment is still relevant?

I'd say the law has aged for sure, but I also know many areas in the US are still dangerous. Maybe a revision would be good.

Also, gun humor

90b71 No.241036

File: 1567367405053.jpg (54.11 KB, 830x963, applejack_with_sorrow_by_b….jpg)


I live in Sweden . . .

a801f No.241046

I don't think so. As far as I know these things are capped at a few Joule. MAYBE a slingshot is legal? Gotta check but basically everything is forbidden here.

a801f No.241047

That must be even more suffering than living here.

8ff37 No.241070

File: 1567381682960-0.png (5.85 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1567381682960-1.png (5.45 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

My pistol and Rifle

8f0f2 No.241081

Ooh, is that a POF Revolution?

8ff37 No.241082

STAG-15 actually. But the ROF Revolution does look nice

437e4 No.241085

>not Strelok
I miss 8chan.

90c86 No.241087

Anon, do you need help escaping that hell hole?

fe77c No.241109

File: 1567394755119-0.mp4 (6.43 MB, 854x480, Siegecast - About Gun Cont….mp4)

Reminder of the current situation.

90c86 No.241110

Mason was a convicted pedophile. Fuck that guy.

92bca No.241112

File: 1567395546104-0.jpg (32.43 KB, 454x663, kike.jpg)

Thanks for the info.
All doubts now are gone.

8f0f2 No.241113

Reminder that "screw your optics, I'm going in" does zero favors to the movement and only makes one's viewpoints even more unpalatable to the dissatisfied public. It's a low-IQ strategy, short-term strategy that contributes nothing, unlike covert infiltration and organization.

90c86 No.241169

Seigefags are glow niggers.

6b938 No.241171

>.22lr is hard to find
Did I go back in time?

c3902 No.241174

File: 1567453890369.jpg (1.65 MB, 1980x1080, 46d955d90de7aa44d29012b50e….jpg)

It really depends on what they do. Yeah, faggots could use it as an excuse to do stupid shit, but "muh optics" can likewise be used by cowards to stay scootaloo and never do anything useful.
Take Hitler and his early followers, for example. They weren't afraid to brawl with commies in the streets, and that's probably a big part of their success was demonstrating to the people that they weren't the spineless milksops that most politicians were (and still are today).

d6cea No.241180

File: 1567455960802-0.jpg (298.72 KB, 2200x1200, Automatkarbin 4.jpg)

File: 1567455960802-1.png (88.74 KB, 250x218, 1565903912817.png)


What kind of rifle is that?

If I could own a weapon I think this one would do a good deal of heavy lifting.


If I could laugh I would at how bad it is. Sweden is a hellhole, much worse than Germany and Canada. My dear people thought it was a brilliant move to tactically vote on the Greens (Miljöpartiet) instead of an extreme party. The Greens want open borders.


Where to? Nah, I'll stay and make fun of the morons here. When they complain about the taxes and dilapidating welfare system I'll gleefully remind the fuckers that it would have been much better without those 2.5 million immigrants and the betrayal of the older generations that demanded everything from the government without instilling a sense of responsibility in the subsequent generations that now are basically selfishly voting themselves more gibs 'n' sheeeiiit.

That is the story of the West at large, betrayed by boomers and the hippie generation, both of which saw future generations as fat wallets to pilfer whilst teaching these new generations that the family unit is bad and children are torture.

6b938 No.241181

It's the infamous AR-15.

90c86 No.241182

>Where to?
The Pacific North West. I'm going to making the move up there in couple years. I could use a couple of hands on the homestead.

f234e No.241189

I keep telling you guys, Montana and Wyoming are far better choices for homesteading than any of the Pacific Northwest states.

1d4b5 No.241191

File: 1567465521492.png (162.51 KB, 889x898, hoofface.png)

>Mason works for the feds

90c86 No.241193

You think this "screw your optics I'm going in" shit is good for the movement? Anyone that tells you to do illegal shit is a fed, and if their not they might as well be.

8ff37 No.241196

STAG-15 my man, aka an AR-15

d6cea No.241482

File: 1567623003111-0.jpg (39.89 KB, 640x269, FN Five-seven.jpg)

File: 1567623003111-1.jpg (69.41 KB, 1269x444, We All Know How This Goes.jpg)

Since dreaming is not outlawed here in Sweden, yet, I was thinking which gun is durable and has good stopping power.

Would this be a good choice?

>>241181 >>241196

Oooh. The infamous 'mass shooter' rifle that retards believe is a fully automatic assault rifle.


Ha! If it's about farming it will end in a tragedy. Basically, I am closer to Glimmer when she were tinkering with time magic. Everything ends up a wasteland and dour looks.

8ff37 No.241484

Only retard thing it's fully automatic. If I lived in a state that had no restriction on guns, I could get a select fire lower where I can make it full auto if I wanted too.

d6cea No.241487

File: 1567623725953-0.jpg (15.73 KB, 236x331, 34aafd3418f2fbefc2a982c90b….jpg)


So the fire mode is restricted by state? Which means that in some states it is semi-automatic but not fully automatic and in others it has all fire modes?

8ff37 No.241488

Mine only shoots in semi auto. And I live in one of the worst state on the east coast to be a gun owner to be honest. As they restrict how many rounds can be in a mag.

6da8d No.241496

So San Francisco just declared the NRA to be a terrorist organization.

42e80 No.241500

No full auto firearms are illegal in all states. But in some states it’s easier to get them legally. In some states it’s as simple as getting your local sheriffs to sign off on allowing you to own one. While in states like California they are more or less banned outright.

68aa9 No.241504


awesome gets :3

35168 No.241508

>No full auto firearms are illegal in all states
This is false. Full auto is legal, but it is restricted by a few unconstitutional laws like the National Firearms Act and the Firearm Owners Protection Act.

You can own one if you pay a $200 tax to the government (was prohibitively expensive at the time when the NFA was written), and if the machinegun is both registered in the machinegun registry and wasn't manufactured after the completely arbitrary date of 1986.

You can thank boomers for being 100% A-OK with that horseshit since they could care less about guns manufactured in the future since they already had theirs and the cutoff means that their guns are "great investments" since it put a cap on the supply of legal full autos.

35168 No.241510

>the NRA is a terrorist organization
Which acts of terror have they organized?

3a678 No.241511

Jesus Christ

88982 No.241525

Name a bill that reduces firearm ownership or control, the NRA authored >80% of those. The good ol' goys bought every fully automatic investmarent weapon dirt cheap in 1985 off the market fully expecting to sell them for 200 times the price 30+ years later, including the old huwhite cuck that loved Pissrael.

4e5f2 No.241527

File: 1567647645033.png (194.29 KB, 1920x1080, GOA.png)

I'm aware that the NRA are a bunch of faggots that just soak up money that could have gone into the hands of gun rights advocates that actually care about gun rights. That's still a far cry from organizing acts of terror.

88982 No.241534

Rights were forcibly removed through strong arm tactics accompanied by threats of militarized house-to-house-searching governmarental sponsored violence. Is that not 'terroristic'? Regardless of those facts, Commiefornia is a dying, irrelevant cesspit soon to cannibalize itself. On a personal note the 2nd Amendment Foundation has done far more to secure & re-secure rights than the NRA has though the GOA isn't as well supported as it should be.

7ee32 No.241543

America doesn't have a domestic terrorist designation, as that violates the 1st Amendment. If we had a president that put America first they'd be getting smacked down hard for this, but it will ultimately mean nothing.

10e63 No.241551

The problem with this is that the .22lr behaves differently than 5.56 and 7.62. And then there are slight differences within each caliber due to weight, and each weapon will propel the round slightly differently. If you want to practice, practice with the weapon and caliber you intend to use. 22's are are fun, I used to have a walther p22 and i could pop off a mag full of headshots at 25m in just a few seconds, but that didn't help my proficiency with rifles. What helped me learn to hit targets with a real gun? Hitting targets with real gun.

35168 No.241597

.22lr is cheap, and using it can help a person become familiar with the basics of handling firearms in general at low cost. The recoil from heavier rounds also causes some novices to develop a flinch when they shoot, so growing accustomed to shooting with a weaker round can help them develop good habits before they move on to heavier stuff.

d86b7 No.242042

>Anyone who tells you to do illegal shit is a fed
And in countries where holding the beliefs you do is illegal, is this still true?
Anyone who wants you to do illegal things is a fed
Anyone who wants you to fight back is a fed
Anyone who wants to speak up about the problems they see in the world is a fed
Anyone who wants you to do anything besides hide in your basement and simmer is a fed
Anyone who wants you to not just kill yourself now is a fed
Fuck's sake, man, think for one second before you post.

25067 No.242047

>ammo for them is notoriously hard to find because of such a high demand.

How's the weather in 2009?

25067 No.242048

They are excellent, the single best choice.

>I used to have a walther p22 and i could pop off a mag full of headshots at 25m in just a few seconds, but that didn't help my proficiency with rifles.

Practice with a handgun didn't help your proficiency with rifles? I am astonished by this, good sir. Next someone will be saying that training in karate didn't help him make a tasty Beef Wellington.

90c86 No.242054

>And in countries where holding the beliefs you do is illegal, is this still true?
You know damn well this isn't what I meant. I'm talking about the people telling you to shoot up public places or do something stupid.

a801f No.242372

Okay so I got curious and have a couple questions.
What are the most common handgun callibers?
Are there some common callibers smaller than 9mm?
Since the flight ballistics and the impact force are mostly based on the calliber and the barrel (and the barrels must be mostly the same) how do you decide what kind of gun you buy? Is it just optics and style and weight?
Are there some anti-tank rifles that can harm modern main battle tanks?

>What is your dream gun?

Honestly the only source I got are vidya and I kinda like the H&K USP from CS and Metal Gear (as Socom) and the Baretta from RE 1

>How long does the second amendment have left in the U.S.?

God I hope as long as possible

a801f No.242374

>Unless you're a kid, skip any .22s. They're fun for sport shooting, and have very little kick
Why does the millitary use it in like all of their rifles?

b6580 No.242376

That's an Assault Rifle 15 no doubt loaded with baby head seeking bullets

a801f No.242377

This gun looks kinda neat. Simple and functional.

a801f No.242378

>As for pistols, I recommend the Walther PP/PPK (if Uncle Adolf, James Bond, and Elvis Presley all swear by it, you know it's good).
I have to admit that th P99 looks nice but I don't really like the PP (I can only judge by pictures though).

90b71 No.242380

File: 1568298217640.jpg (109.77 KB, 1200x350, Automatkarbin_5.jpg)


The Swedish military uses it, alongside the AK5 (Automatkarbin 5), for sturdier targets as it uses a larger calibre bullet than the AK5.

a801f No.242381

File: 1568298706545.png (78.25 KB, 899x861, 1488105538247.png)

I kinda l-like this g-gun.

20937 No.242398

>Common handgun calibers?
.22LR, .380 ACP, 9x19mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP
>Smaller than 9x19mm?
.22LR and .380 ACP
>How do you decide what kind of gun you buy?
Depends what you're using it for. For self-defense, you pretty much go with a handgun, or a .380 single stack for concealed carry. Shotguns are generally for either hunting or home defense. Hunters tend to use higher caliber bolt-action rifles.
>Anti-tank rifles that can harm modern MBTs?
None. With how thick the armor on tanks are now, you'd be putting dents in them at best.

>Why does the military use .22LR in rifles?
They don't. Most armed forces use 5.56x45mm NATO because of standardization. Plus the 5.56 round is good at maiming without killing, which means the enemy will take up more resources trying to help wounded troops.

a801f No.242399

>>Why does the military use .22LR in rifles?
They don't. Most armed forces use 5.56x45mm NATO because of standardization. Plus the 5.56 round is good at maiming without killing, which means the enemy will take up more resources trying to help wounded troops.
I may be a bit confused here but .22 is the same diameter as 5.56mm. Is this not the same?

Anyways thanks for your reply.

20937 No.242405

Ah, you're thinking of .223 Remington, which came first and was developed for the original AR-15. 5.56x45mm is essentially a refined version of .223 for better penetration. I should also mention that using weapons chambered in 5.56 allows for troops to carry more ammo compared to something like 7.62x51mm.

11108 No.242411

>None. With how thick the armor on tanks are now, you'd be putting dents in them at best.
Anti-material rifles can indirectly incapacitate mbts by damaging the vehicles in their supply chain. The supply trucks don't enjoy that much armor.

a801f No.242423

I just watched what a 50BMG can do to steel plates and concrete. I do not wish to see what it does to a person.
A sniper with that could take out support trucks over really long distances.

a1dcd No.242984

File: 1568875339596.jpg (4.77 MB, 4608x3456, 25354f456c.JPG)

haven't been to /mlpol/ in a while.
After going through the Bullshit CA guns laws I finally have something.
S&W SD9VE. I like it, it's a good first gun. now I just need to focus on the SKS rifle that i'll eventually build.

fe77c No.242985

>Anti-tank rifles that can harm modern MBTs?
No. With naked hands the best chance is combination of spray paint to blind the periscopes and to wait for the crew to open the hatches.

e9357 No.243038

Micro Claymore

e9357 No.243044

File: 1568927082454.jpg (720.72 KB, 3157x1249, fragkqjjo.jpg)

e9357 No.243046

File: 1568927248788.jpg (2.3 MB, 3458x3353, test2akoy.jpg)

0,8" diameter and 2,1"long filled with 12g HE and a C4 boosted detonator

5b94d No.243074

fe2c6 No.243082

File: 1568959295725.png (845.35 KB, 721x2169, asd123.png)

Stop the presses.
>Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market
>Gun-maker Colt is suspending its production of rifles for the civilian market including the popular AR-15, the company said Thursday in a shift it attributed to changes in consumer demand and a market already saturated with similar weapons.

f90c5 No.243103

(There's no express rule, but we can't allow posting of actual bomb-making instructions for liability reasons)

e9357 No.243110

No, a grenade has no safe zone. Only the left tip is filled with high hardness steel balls. So its mostly safe to stand between 2-10 o`clock and very safe to stand at 3-9

7cd0e No.243360

Thank you for the clarification. Kinda neat actually, when you put it that way

e9357 No.243495

NP, its a very usefull tool. I used it for passiv hog hunting last year. A apple with a pull ignitor was the trigger for the Claymore (0.3yards away). Head and brain was penetrated with 24 balls.
Im making a very special one, using publications and science paper for the blue prints

896c2 No.243504

I'm so not stealing that idea, I swear. Don't post the instructions though
>t. Texan

e9357 No.243530

Mod banned someone for a fake instruction so…
Everybody who knows how to make detonators and C4 wont need a instruction. Someone who needs a instructions cant use it because no detonators or C4 :3 Pretty funny this way. But its a solution for the texan hog problem since its cheaper than a $ and can used like the DDR traps they had for the wall

896c2 No.243553

No one was banned, his file was just deleted

fe77c No.245060

File: 1569807666133-0.png (552.75 KB, 980x551, yyyufucuy.png)

File: 1569807666133-1.png (776.36 KB, 1240x668, iubvuvuyv.png)

>WATCH Kalashnikov expert DESTROYING AK-74 in a non-stop full-auto stress test
> Russia’s Kalashnikov arms maker has surely met the internet’s demand for destruction videos of, after showing footage of a stress test of its AK-74M assault rifle – shot non-stop in full auto until a complete and fiery breakdown.
>The footage, titled “How to kill AK-74M? Full auto fire | Destroyers of weapons” was posted on Kalashnikov Concern’s YouTube page and has since gone viral in Russia. While rifle-destroying videos are a thing among some gun enthusiasts, it’s a rare sight for an arms maker to be putting its own piece through a full-auto meltdown torture.

e9357 No.245294

File: 1569990008640.jpg (176.69 KB, 1251x871, jqakqa4kjq.jpg)

Just a image showing explosives. Pretty useless for most taskes

e9357 No.245295

File: 1569990155695.jpg (300.43 KB, 2777x2025, whitepilledjbu.jpg)

And the better form.
High powder plastic with the same powder. Hope you like this /mlpol/

c8471 No.245299

Mmm, oreo filling.

e9357 No.245312

File: 1569995332799.jpg (1.53 MB, 3241x3249, ys7aa1vvksp.jpg)

Oreo cream makes big holes.
Made with a single piece… :3

e62df No.245377

Sounds like you could do a crazy prank with a REALLY small amount of this powder.

49653 No.252061

File: 1574998257888.jpg (29.88 KB, 600x400, 1574865126672.jpg)

5a6c2 No.252104

This is sad… the average nigger in your state is better armed than you.

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