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File: 1567000568703-0.png (437.97 KB, 1057x1536, 1566847100526.png)

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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>236417


Miss Sparkle.. I don't feel so good…


File: 1567025094109.png (452.27 KB, 4840x4840, HI, ME!.png)


File: 1567031560956.png (357 KB, 1634x1689, autism filly.png)

Guys, I think my filly might have autism.


If she didn't, she wouldn't be filly now, would she?


File: 1567035851048.png (220.37 KB, 1012x1024, 589023615231.png)

Yeah, only contentfags become the filly; and you know how autistic they are.


Regular autism or fancy Hollywood autism?


Hopefully this is something like what you're expecting, I'll actually probably try and update this relatively frequently if there's interest, since I haven't come up with many good ideas for Chilly recently.
>Your nukes are armed and ready, and your ship packed to the brim with disposable clones of the ideal soldier, Chad.
>You casually tap the launch codes into the console, pinkie resting on the enter key that will raze this primitive civilization.
>You need to piss.
>Your ship has a bathroom of course, but it's designed for zero-gravity and you don't really want to get your wiener sucked any more than you have to.
>You whistle as you deploy the various instruments that will determine if the outside is safe.
>Pressure: 1.0 atm.
>Oxygen availability: sufficient.
>Pathological load: still calculating.
>You skim the twenty plus lines of variables that determine whether or not your dick will burst into flames if you pull it out on the planet surface.
>Pathological load takes a hell of a long time to calculate (as per usual) but you learned not to ignore it after another Dropman came back with half of his body a fine soup.
>It finally comes up in the green, indicating that you're good to go out into the scanned radius of sixty meters.
>The airlock opens with a hiss, letting in some slightly odd-smelling air.
>Scans probably indicated a higher percentage of something or other.
>You stretch out with a crack, sighing as you can finally get some open space after two weeks in that cramped can.
>Pulling out your dick, you begin to let loose on some nearby plants which somewhat resemble ferns.
>You let out a loud moan, shaking your player two a few times before putting him safely back in your pants.
>You jump, spinning around to see a purple unicorn with two large feathery wings.
"Oh, hey. What are you doing here?"
>"I'm not sure, the map just told me that there was a problem over here. What… are you?"
"I was just about to ask you the same, but unfortunately I have important business to take care of."
>"What sort?"
>"I think I have more than enough authority to know what's going on here. Do you know who you're talking to?"
>You look her up and down.
"No, I've never seen you before in my fucking life."
>"Then allow me to introduce myself. I am Princess Twilight Sparkle, now state your business here or I will be forced to extricate you and your metal bird from this land for the security of friendship."
>You laugh. With the power of your nukes you didn't think you would need to use the clones.
>You discretely press a button on the side of your suit, opening a hatch.
>Another button press later, and 300 plasma rifles are trained upon the unicorn.
"You and what-"
>Before you can even finish, a white-hot beam has cut fifty of your troops in half.
>The rest open fire on the unicorn, but she grins coldly and the air around her shimmers; absorbing the bolts.
>After about 1200 rounds have been loosed into her barrier, it twists itself into an inverse cone and vaporizes the entirety of your remaining forces.
>Just before everything goes black, you manage to fumble your transponder out and mash the panic button.
>It's dark.
>You're on your back.
>You try to raise your arms, but you feel restraints.
>Your legs too are restrained.
>You scream profanities.
>They go unanswered.
>You start to count the seconds in your head.
>You do not lose track.
>After 21629 of them, you hear a voice near you.
>You recognize it, and shrink back away from it as much as you can.
>"Your… transportation device is impervious to my cutting spells. What is it made of?"
"Release me and I'll tell you."
>"You tried to kill me, and if I were anypony else you probably would've succeeded."
"Wanna fucking bet I can't still do it?"
>The lights come on and you squint, accustomed to the darkness.
>"I must say, you're not all that diplomatic. Makes me wonder what exactly you were planning on doing with all of those other apes."
"I'm a human, you fucktard."
>She ignores you.
>"I don't think you deserve what I'm about to offer you, but I'll offer it anyways. You can tell me what you were doing on this planet, let me confiscate every weapon you have with you, and I'll let you go crawling back to whatever shithole you came from."
>You make a rather wet sound, gathering phlegm before spitting it in her face.
>It sticks and slides down her horn, an amusing sight considering how many projectiles she countered earlier.
>"So, option b it is."
"And what would that be? Killing me would be ill-advised."
>She shrugs and her horn begins to glow, the energy of whatever she's doing with it singing the spit and vaporizing it.
>You start to feel uneasy for the first time in years, truth be told you never have seen anything like her.
>You have no idea what she's capable of, but if she wanted to kill you she could've easily done so a while ago.
>Fuck, you can't remember her name.
"…Purple. What are you doing there?"
>The hint of a smile shows up on her muzzle.
>The room begins to darken, a look around suggests that it's being pulled in.
>You struggle against your restraints again, wondering if you had missed something.
>The lamp is still on, but almost no light remains in the room.
>You scream for help at the top of your lungs.
>The light is gone.
Even the horn itself, which you look for a light source, has snuffed out.
>Nothing happens for a few seconds, the pounding of your heart audible over the dull hum of Purple's horn.
>Then even that is gone.
>All at once, every single nerve ending you possess lights up like Clark Griswold's house in Christmas Vacation.
>You can feel your vocal chords vibrating in your neck, but you hear no scream.
>You begin to violently convulse, whatever the horse put into you being equivalent to grabbing a substation coil with both hands.
>Surprisingly, your restraints loosen over time.
>You'll have to take advantage of that in a bit.


>You vomit off to the side.
>And just as suddenly as the pain began, it's over.
>You try to dive off to the side and bolt, but only really succeed in twitching.
>Your vision comes back just in time to see that your physical restraints have been replaced with energy-based ones.
>Your hearing comes back just in time for you to hear d'awwing.
"Cut that shit-"
>You clap a hand over you mouth.
>Oh dear fucking lord, that's no hand.
>Sweet Satan, that's not your voice.
>Purple holds up a small mirror to you.
>The face that greets you is not that of a chiseled astronaut that has spent the last twenty years venturing into the cosmos to find areas for mining outposts, but that of a slightly pudgy, floppy-eared, very distraught looking green horse.
>Fucking shitbricks, that's you.
>"You don't like it, do you?"
"Of course I don't fucking like it, change me back or I'm going to have you all nuked."
>"I don't even know what that is, but it sounds like a threat."
>You're pulled out of the bed, legs squirming in vain trying to get in contact with something.
>Her head is next to your ear.
>"Good little fillies don't threaten their Princesses."
"The fuck are you on about you cun-"
>Before you can say anything else, there's a hoof over your back lightning fast, holding you down to the bed.
>You can feel what you assume to be a tail get lifted out of the way of your buttocks, though to be honest you've avoided looking down there in fear that this whole process would do something to your second mate.
>You look up at her, confused.
>She seems to be considering something.
>"I don't even have a name for you yet, and I'm about to punish you… what are you called where you're from?"
>Punishment isn't ideal, better cooperate.
>"What a nice name, wasted on such a piece of shit filly."
>You're not a filly, you're a man.
>Fuck her.
>"Well, no sense stalling this. Pick a number between one and ten."
>"Huh, I was thinking of that number exactly. That means you win."
>Something deep inside of you perks up, like this horse that just demonstrated her love of the art of sadism would do something nice for you.
>You try to maintain a neutral voice.
"What do I win?"
>"Well, I was going to tan your ass red with my hoof if you didn't get it right, but now…"
>A popping sound that you assume was displaced air resonates, and suddenly there's a big fucking paddle levitating in the air.
>It even has holes in it to reduce drag.
>You see her reach up, her hoof sticking to it like glue.
"God dammit you gay fucking hors- AAAAA!"
>The wood hits you so hard that you're honestly worried about splinters.
>"Well, I was only going to give you five, but now I think I'll have to up that to say… thirty? I think thirty is a good number for rude little fillies."
"You bitch I'll have your-"
>"You want seventy?"
>"That's what I thought. Now hold still, this'll be over soon…"
>At ten you're clenching your teeth to deal with the pain.
>At twenty tears have begun to leak from your eyes.
>At thirty you're having to hold back sniffles.
>At forty you're dripping mucous all over everything.
>At fifty, you've started sniffling.
>At sixty, you're letting out choked sobs.
>And by the time the sixty-fifth paddle strike rolls around, you're crying for real.
>The feeling of crying itself makes you feel terrible as well; after all, a man should only cry when he loses his father and when he loses his country.
>You reach back to feel your throbbing ass, but accidentally feel something else as well.
>At this realization, your crying begins to incorporate a good bit of screaming.
>Then… something surprising happens.
>You're lifted off of the bed, and two soft appendages wrap around you.
>You look up into Purple's eyes, still very peeved and sad; but mostly just confused now.
>"These are my hooves, Anonymous."
>"If you're a bad filly, they can bring you pain. I can guarantee you that I can easily make your life a living hell for what you were probably trying to do to my land.
>"But… if you're a good filly, they can bring you joy. Maybe even love. I wasn't even entirely sure what you would become when I readied that spell, but it would appear that it takes influence heavily from the user's mind. I… have always wanted a little filly."
>You look down, this whole situation feels so incredibly strange.
>"Girls, you can come in now. Thank you for your help."
>All at once, five other horses come through the door and introduce themselves.
>A bombastic nutcase named Pinkie Pie seems especially excited to see you, while a Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash simply give you cold stares and only introduce themselves when the pony who's name you are reminded is Twilight Sparkle directs them to.
>A yellow pony with a pink mane stands out in the way that she says nothing at all, but is eventually introduced by Pinkie as Fluttershy.
>Apparently the energy required for this wasn't achievable by a single midget horse.
>You hear something about elements of something in the ADD on Cocaine chatterboxing of Pinkie, but that doesn't really make much sense.
>Eventually, everyone but Pinkie and Twilight leaves and the three of you have the room to yourselves.
>Apparently you're going to have some sort of party thrown for you tomorrow, which is sort of cool.
>Though it's probably going to be lame as fuck without any alcohol.


File: 1567042074967.png (384.78 KB, 658x480, autism cage.png)

quick, get her in the autism cage!


File: 1567046893496.png (1.25 MB, 4000x3191, spoiler bunker.png)

fresh Derpi filly by Czu


>Spoiler bunker
>But one of the fillies took it inside, wanting to talk to others
No place is safe, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA


File: 1567049058910.png (Spoiler Image, 663.3 KB, 792x577, 1542566900150.png)

If I invested myself in the show anymore, maybe I would be in one of these parties, but I just don't follow these happenings anymore. I don't need a spoiler bunker, and I don't have the context of seasons 4-9 to really care about being spoiled.


Welp, tonight's a Jameson night. Let Future Spike deal with my job applications.


File: 1567051716628.jpg (84.88 KB, 453x604, 1534214013234.jpg)

I want to grab the filly like this and go "GOTCHA, you little faggot."


File: 1567052434400.png (349.51 KB, 1200x1600, 1094638.png)

Back off anon.
You can't filly the Filly.


File: 1567053353900.png (518.62 KB, 2000x2000, 2022900.png)

Seconding this.
It's for your own good, anon.


File: 1567056183350.png (150.79 KB, 744x800, 15576864182600.png)

why do i like you so much when filly got bullied by Twiggles


File: 1567058358633-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.55 KB, 600x890, 1540442216138.jpg)

File: 1567058358633-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.58 KB, 625x812, 1538339733285.jpg)

>Be Anonymous A Local Giant
>Finding the tiny green faggot fucking around with the onions.
"What are you doing in my swamp!?"
>It's hard enough to find decently sized food for a man bigger than a two story house let alone for enough for every anon.
>Eating Discord's conjured food was something…
>Certainly something.
>An ear of wax would hopefully never be on the menu ever again thanks to these vegetables.
"GOTCHA, you little faggot."
>It's been a long time coming for this filly.
>Her helpless writhing only making the victory of catching the slippery anon all the more sweet.
>"Back off anon. You can't filly the filly."
>Another filly attempting to disturb the box of wonder of hope. The work of layers of effort!
>There still was one hand free.
"I must filly the Filly."
>More fillies hearing the warcry charged in.

>Hearing the commotion other Anons joined the fray. Both Man, and Mare of the youthful kind.

>It would be a battle for the ages.

>Royal guards would study this battle for centuries afterwards to unearth the incredible tactics, and planning.

>However the guards would never know of this filly black-ops failure. They may not have gotten the onions, but that was all ogre now.
>The battle of Tirek the rekt, Grogar the goatsed, and Anonymous the Anonymous and frens. Truely marked a new era of weaponry.
>Ultra-high velocity boops, nunchuk onion flails, and the dreaded helicopter squad. The ree of the homing filly guided each, and every attack.
>As the Anon that finished Tirek.
>"I cast boop. It's really that simple."

>An interview with Twilight under the bed surrounded with books.

>"They opened a new field of magic! Don't you understand?! Clover's Clear Cast Conundrum is reopened! Everything we know is wrong!"


File: 1567061506962.png (644.75 KB, 2228x1614, voodoo anon.png)

Wrong move anon. Filly has options to get back to you.


File: 1567077909789-0.png (156.9 KB, 678x585, NewCanvas255colo.png)

This image was paid for by the Flutters is Best Momfu Foundation.


"God dammit you filly fuck, piss goes in the toilet, not on my fucking pillows!"
>"That's not my piss, that's marecum."


File: 1567088867395.png (10.1 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Its not low-effort. Its and abstract filly.


File: 1567096891868.png (671 B, 102x59, extreme minimalist filly.png)

You can say that again!


File: 1567097768158.png (26.45 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Abstract art a shit. But if it weren't, here's how you would do an abstract filly:


File: 1567100045797.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

This is truly what Willaim Shakespear meant when he said, "Brevity is the soul of wit."

The colors of green and black and the proportions of them is so iconic for Anonfilly. This combined with the ball that represent her form is the epitome of her appearence.

But this is not the end of our breakdown analysis of this masterpiece.

The way the line and disk interact with eachtother makes the mind immediately think of and eye. Now think about this: What would Anonfilly be without eyes? The guy from Event Horizon and that is not cute, which makes anonfilly cute. Q.E.D.


Yes, indead. Very well done. I see what you are going for. So let me break it down for the layman.

What you see before you is suppose to represent what Twilight sees when filly throws a tantrum.

The position the filly has taken and the linework is key here to understand what are homeboy picaso here is trying to say.

So the position. Filly either sits and leans back or is actually lying on the floor. This what children usually does when they don't get what they want or when you want them to do or go somewhere, they sit down on the floor and starts screaming. As you see, filly is actually screamingThe linework is sharp and point which indicte anger. She also insults her so it implies further that she is screaming. something here.

Now the linework notice that the painting consists of soley straight lines except for a few.

Okay, so…

Round = softness, passiveness, and caring/kindness
Straight and pointy = edginess, harshness, and aggresive

The head consists of only straight lines and sharp edges and a lot off them. It represents the darkness that is filly's personality; an edgy faggot that attacks everything she can with whatever means she has. I.e. horrible foal and pony.

But the soft round circle they in contrast represent how filly can be soft right? So why is her hips and hooves the only ones round. Well, it is a well known fact that the secret to filly's good side is through hoof-holding and by less lewd actions involding her flanks.

So to summarize: The first art piece represented the idea and concept of filly. The second one, represented fillies dark side or more acurately the darks side of filly that Twilight gets exposed to.

I hope this essay has made you appricate the finer arts. I will take my check now. Please.



I did not know Anonfilly was a character from Worker & Parasite


File: 1567102392641-0.jpg (4.38 KB, 145x98, UGcls7H_d.jpg)

Was more going for a pic related sort of approach with the muzzle.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I will now throw all of my aspirations in engineering away, clearly the fine arts are my calling.


File: 1567102562586-0.jpg (276.97 KB, 965x1200, Spy-vs-Spy-MAD-60_583de820….jpg)

Oh right,
>For ants


File: 1567103535595.png (399.5 KB, 763x615, pyramid pony.png)

Pyramid Filly will stalk Twilight around town until she repents for her sins.


Damn, filly is being defiled badly.


That's from the good old days, before Mad Magazine was incessant woke bullshit.


Yeah… they also really should've let Spy vs. Spy die with Prohibas imo. Though I love cartoon gore as much as the next cat, Kuper's art feels incredibly out of place in something as silly as it.


I would grab that filly by the scruff.


>the scruff
>not by the pussy


File: 1567138584707.png (16.55 KB, 112x164, Filly Tribal.png)

Want to watch me fight a bear with my bare hooves ? Want to see me do it again ?


Please, everyone knows Harry gets paid to take dives regularly by Fluttershy. If you really want to show off, fight an Ursa.



>On a salt planet in a galaxy far far away…
"The show is over, the thread is dead, and when I'd killed you, I will have killed the last filly."
"Remarkable, everything you just said… Was wrong."


File: 1567182837799-0.jpg (82.91 KB, 778x570, IMG_4125.JPG)

File: 1567182837799-1.jpg (26.55 KB, 280x433, IMG_4126.JPG)

File: 1567182837799-2.jpg (18.48 KB, 265x250, IMG_4127.JPG)

File: 1567182837799-3.jpg (58.53 KB, 568x464, IMG_4128.JPG)

File: 1567182837799-4.jpg (28.44 KB, 691x216, IMG_4129.JPG)

Filly art references if any of you are interested in taking up drawfagging.


File: 1567182870132.jpg (23.5 KB, 269x241, IMG_4130.JPG)


Poor thing has a hole in her leg, no wonder she looks unhappy.


File: 1567183066585.png (486.49 KB, 768x1024, thumbsup.png)

based drawfag


File: 1567188091692.gif (66.08 KB, 360x360, Clapping.gif)

This is now my second-favorite Foundation


File: 1567188299664.png (189.53 KB, 800x600, Scruff 1 [C].png)


Twiiiiliight! My diaper needs changed!


File: 1567193388476-0.png (241.47 KB, 1600x900, 737547465_preview_Pm3UVdd.png)

Is the first pic redacted?


No. Fucking stop.


Time to steal plunger's style.


File: 1567207655251.png (19.51 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon.png)

>Cameras flashed everywhere as paparazzi followed Celestia and I through the streets.
>I had been made to wear one of Rarity's fabric monstrosities for the occasion, which fortunately didn't have much in the way of gems.
>It even came with matching saddlebags, though they were likely too small for much more than some books and such.
>Questions about how I felt about this or that were mostly ignored.
>Soon, our destination was reached.
>Turning in to the gate, the press stayed behind, likely due to rules or something.
>I could see a different set of eyes peering out from the windows.
>Celestia stopped outside the door and turned to me.
>"Well, here we are. Do you have everything?"
"For the fifth time, yes. I double checked before we left. YOU double checked."
>"Oh, I know. It's just it's your first day! It's so important! Everypony will be watching."
>I supressed a shudder before being pulled into a hug.
>"Have a good day at school, my little sunshine! Try to make some friends. I'll see you when you get home, okay?"
>Another squeeze, then she holds open the door with her magic.
>Time to get this show on the road.
>Squaring myself up, I made my way into the prison for children.
>"Okay, fillies and colts! Today, we've got a new student joining us. I hope you make sure she feels welcome. Why don't you introduce yourself?"
>I'm stood at the front of the classroom, eyes locked on me.
>Judging by how many ponies were standing around, more than just those that attended the class were present.
>Clearing my throat, I gave a slight bow.
"Good morning. As I'm sure many of you are aware, my name is Emerald Dawn."
>No, it isn't.
>Easier to not cause a fuss though.
"My adoptive mother enrolled me here. I'm uncertain how well I'll be able to keep up, so I'm sure I'll rely on many of you for help."
>The teacher gave a smile, then turned toward the crowd.
>"Before we start the class, do you mind if we let them ask a few questions?"
>Yes. Yes I did mind.
"I guess I can answer a few…"
>A forest of hooves shot up, hoping to be picked to ask their question.

Okay! Taking questions for the ponies to ask! These are fillies and colts, but some of them might have been fed questions to ask by parents beforehand. I'll probably give a bit of time to get the questions in, and do a second round for potential follow-ups. Please quote for ease of reference.


Ahh fuck. Forgot that name someone gave. Sorry. Still not used to doing it.


File: 1567208702721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 3069x2143, 396.jpg)

Grave of the Fillies.


File: 1567220824499.png (Spoiler Image, 172.73 KB, 625x437, 1531787083362.png)

Hey fillies, guess what?
you're all cute!


File: 1567220955107.png (83.71 KB, 348x491, fillyblush.png)

n-no u


File: 1567223288628.png (68.5 KB, 492x516, 1531847934254.png)

>Be me
>Crappy drawfag
>Spend a few hours on crappy drawing
>Think it looks p. good
>Post it and wait for the (You)s to flow in
>It's okay, I'm sure the thread is just inacti-
>Faggot comes along and makes the same 'ur cute' post he makes every thread
>Response within two minutes
So, how's your night?


File: 1567223468223.gif (272.95 KB, 296x272, 1456345433125.gif)

ur extra cute


File: 1567223705824.png (527.09 KB, 1812x2091, headpats.png)

I didn't get whatever reference you seemed to be making, so I didn't want to insult you with my ignorance
Sorry that just made things worse for you LonePone, you're a good drawfilly


File: 1567224282779.png (25.59 KB, 486x444, uraqt314.png)

N-no u!


I haven't been clicking any spoilered images, but here's a (you) and I'll go look at it.


Pretty much this
Doesn't help that the only text is also spoilered and the filename is just a few numbers


File: 1567226491357.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1920x1080, Brand new filly.png)

So what you're saying is, the filename has an effect on whether you click on spoilered images? Well, in that case, I have a filly to share!

Remember, this is a canon ship.


I'm not dumb, anon
I won't click that because you probably put a real spoiler as the punchline


It is. But to be fair, it's hard not to expect Hasbro to ship Pinkie x Cheese Sandwich. They're basically the exact same character.


I thought you ment the cake twins ship. That would be pushing it too far. But, another sun themed pone is stretching it. Putting a bit on her being called Sunrise Shimmer.


File: 1567232035828.png (205.2 KB, 837x469, AnonFilly-CuddlePillow.png)

"Sounds like a good plan, and especially a better plan than Truth or dare. Twilight, how about you start as the czar? And Coco… feel free to come up with outrageous responses. It's kind of the point of the game."

Twilight shrugs and starts thinking of a good question as the rest of your friends form a circle. Eventually, she announces, "I was really shocked this morning, to find blank floating in my breakfast cereal."

Okay… not the easiest, nor the hardest. You try to think up something funny that might sound funny or cute, but would be at least extra funny for Twilight. Eventually, you settle on, "Cadance's used panties" and whisper it into her ear. She chuckles a little, but then quickly retorts, "Oh please, you know she doesn't wear any."

"Yeah, but imagine if she did."

"..Okay, fair point. That would be pretty surprising."

The rest of your friends add in their suggestions one by one, with Coco providing the last word. At least a few get some snorts and chuckles. Finally, she announces all of them.

"Okay, let's see… this morning I was surprised to find the following in my cereal bowl: Cadance's used panties, a condom, an anthropomorphic ghost pepper with vagina dentata - what the fuck, Blossom?" She stares over briefly at the now giggling filly before continuing on. "Celestia's hoof fungi, an ingrown toenail, and… a horseshoe covered in horseradish sauce. Clever alliteration Coco, but I'm going to have to go with Blossom's suggestion, because that's just fucking weird to think about."

The next hour or so is filled with more weirdness, with Coco getting the hang of things after a few rounds and eventually tying with Blossom, with Daring close behind. Alex is in dead last, but not seeming to mind. With not much time before you eventually have to leave, you're down to one last question, with you as the Czar.

How shall you prompt your friends?


File: 1567233835409.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


>Filly and babby leave their aunt's house because of her no-cuddle policy
>Die and get isekai'd back into the regular world as shotas


"Was the royal wedding changeling attack an inside job?"


File: 1567260217747.jpg (4.54 MB, 5312x2988, 20190830_154308.jpg)

Hi fillies, daily reminder that spoiling the show is big bad reeeeeeee

>>240796 glad to see more art from you lone, I enjoy when draw stuff

I've been tryna do things other than drawing recently but making a dumb game is stressful so do you guys have any draw suggestions


Filly carrying a peetzer on her back and wearing a peetzer cap


>"Does Celestia eat fillies to retain her immortality?"


Did they at least bring back Weird Al to voice him?


In the recent season 9 episode he sounded like Weird Al. Not sure about the epilogue though.


It just really sucks for the Ponkfags. I don't believe they deserved this.They almost made it out the other end of the ride unscathed, and then there just had to be a time-skip epilogue that cucked them hard. Weird Al clothes lined them at light speed.


"Does Celestia really eat five cakes a day?"


I'm gonna give it to you straight, it's mommy issues. There is no cure. Honestly I don't quite know, some people have said that abuse makes them feel some sort of safety? I know I feel it when I read such things, but I can't exactly explain it.
>You lie in bed, staring at the ceiling.
>You were given a generous helping of hay, but your stomach rejected it and you threw it up.
>Twilight took pity on you and ordered a pizza, saying that it would 'just be until you adapt to your new body.'
>There are quite a few books stacked next to your bed, surprisingly printed in English.
>These horses also speak english.
>But the odds of two languages developing the exact same way warp-points apart are…
>It's a non-zero chance, you'll give it that.
>Their bodies appear to be able to harness some sort of energy from the planet's core too, at least the unicorns.
>You've never seen anything like this before in all of your missions, and it honestly terrifies you.
>You'll have to have some of the lab boys dissect one after you force Purple to turn you back.
>See if you can't make some energy weapons that virtually never run out of shots or something.
>You yawn loudly.
>You would've left for your ship already, but you don't know the location relative to your current one.
>You're also not entirely sure if the DNA entry samples you set are still a match.
>Your eyelids droop.
>It's a very comfortable bed, too.
>You'll come up with something tomorrow.
>Putting your head down on the pillow, you soon fall into a deep sleep…
>"Pancakes or waffles?"
>What a strange dream…
>You groggily open your eyes to see Lavendercunt standing before you.
>Well, no need to turn down a good meal.
"Mmm… waffles."
>She laughs.
>"Not bad taste."
"Just a question, why can we understand each other? Shouldn't that be nearly impossible?"
>"You must've absorbed some of our magic when you landed here."
"That doesn't make any fucking sense, what the hell is this magic you keep going on about?"
>You're sitting in a high-chair at this point, your anger and confusion woke you up rather quickly.
"And can't I sit in a normal chair?"
>Twilight shrugs.
>You're lifted up with levitation energy and set down in a normal oak wood chair.
>It immediately becomes clear why you were put in the high chair.
"I… think this is too short a chair for me."
>"I'm sorry, what was that?"
"I think this is too short a chair for me."
>"Practice! Say it like a filly, you need to be prepared for school in an hour."
>"The best way to reform you is to teach you about the wonderful society we have here. I can think of nowhere better than the Equestrian Scholastic System."
"Twilight, I'm an astronaut. I have a masters in mechanical engineering. I've been through more school than most people could even stand."
>"Then zone out during the stuff you already know. Tell me, who won the hundred year wars of Griffonstone?"
"The Griffons?"
>She frowns.
>"Yes, actually. Maybe that was too easy, who founded Equestria?"
>You look her up and down.
>She said she was a princess, but she doesn't look nearly old enough to be a ruler.
>Based on the weight she threw around her title with, it's a pretty big deal.
>…But not the biggest deal.
"The queen?"
>She ruffles your hair.
>"Nice try, I'll pack some of that leftover pizza for your lunch, alright?"
>You groan.
>"Oh, you don't like pizza? I can make you a hay sandwich~"
"Fuck off, Purple."
>"Hmm… that's another thing we need to work on. I don't care what you say around here, but around other fillies you need to be courteous. Let's say… 25 if you mess up and it gets back to me, and a secret reward if you manage to go the whole day without letting any profanities slip?"
"Your basic bitch psychology won't work on me…"
>"Well, that's just a shame. It looks like I'll have to go ahead and give you 30."
>You let out an exasperated sound somewhere in-between a growl and a low moan.
"Put me back in the high chair, give me the waffles, and shut up."
>"That's a good job."
>You internally sigh in relief as you see her put the paddle away."
>You've become a bit too acquainted with it for your liking.
>The waffles are pretty good, not that you'd tell Purple that.
>The time flies by as you're taught how to brush your teeth as a horse, and how saddlebags work.
>You pay attention if for no other sake but convenience.
>Before you know it, Purple is walking you up to the school.
>The topic of magic unfortunately slips to the wayside, you'll have to ask her more about that later.
>She gives you a hug upon arrival, which you begrudgingly return because it would make you look like an asshole in front of the other kids if you didn't.
>Some grey filly sees you and whispers 'momma's girl' in your ear as you walk up to the school building.
>Well, maybe you weren't entirely right. Whatever.
>You talk with the teacher, a horse you find the name of is Cheerilee.
>Might have a first name, but she introduces herself as Ms. Cheerilee.
>She tells you which seat isn't occupied, and you sit in it.
>You look in your bags for something to pass the time and find some printer paper and two ballpoint pens; one blue and one red.
>Excellent, you will call this piece: Bleeding Sky.
>You start going about making the best possible work of art you can.
>It's hard, but after about twenty laborious minutes with hooves you are able to gaze upon your masterpiece.
>It looks like ass.
>You crumple it up and settle for examining your filly bits instead.
>Yep, that's a horse cooter alright.
>You're pretty sure the only reason the grief for the loss of your comrade hasn't set in yet is because you have a chance of getting him back.
>Don't you?
>You snap back into reality with the sound of Cheerilee clearing her throat and notice that about 2/3 of the chairs have been filled.
>No kids are sitting next to you, just in front of and behind you.
>"Good morning class! I expect you all had an excellent weekend?"


If you're wondering why there are three of them, google drive formats things in a way I don't like and I didn't notice that until I had made two posts.
>A few good childish 'wooh's and 'yeah's.
>"Fantastic. Well now, let's let that be our word of the day."
>She begins to write on the board.
>"F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C, fantastic. Something of great quality, or something that doesn't seem to fit the way we see our world. Twist, can you give me an example of something fantastic?"
>"Mith Cheerilee."
>The retort is so sappy that it makes you physically recoil, but the teacher seems to eat it up.
>"Why thank you twist, anypony else?"
>You raise a leg.
>"Oh yes, that's right. Everypony welcome the newest edition to our class family, Anonymous."
>The other fillies and colts give you a sort of hoof-clap, at least for the most part.
>The horse in front of you, an orange winged filly with a purple mane gives you a cold stare.
>You lower your hoof.
>You were just going to say something autistic about this whole scenario being fantastical in how fucking out of sync it seemed to be with every other planet you'd visited.
>Come to think of it, Cheery probably just saved your image.
>Not that that matters, of course.
>Just a few weeks and you'll have an entire fleet of ships to hostage negotiate you out of here before razing this planet.
>You just need to give this your best effort until then.
>Lessons continue on every uninteresting topic imaginable.
>You wish there was at least a science course, that's what you really want to know about this place.
>Soon enough, it's time for lunch.
>And recess or something, the two seem to be combined.
>You find yourself a nice corner out of sight of the rest of the students and pull out your foil-wrapped pizza slice.
>You'll investigate how pizza developed similarly to your home world later, it's time to chow down.
>A cold hoof rests on your neck.
"Hm? Yeah?"
>You turn around.
>A yellowish pony with a red mane stands behind you.
>Soon after, that orange filly who sits in front of you and a white coated unicorn come up.
"Hey. You all want to sit with me? Plenty of space here, heh…"
>The yellow one speaks:
>"Ah don't want to see your face around here no more."
>The white one pipes up next:
>"My sister told me about you. You came to Equestria to kill us all, didn't you?"
>You look around nervously, there's nobody else in sight from back here.
>You get up and try to bolt, but the avian is faster and pins you down.
>You open your mouth to scream, but the dish towel that your lunch was packed in is shoved in your mouth.
>The remaining filly finally speaks:
>"So it's true."
>A hoof connects with your eye, hard.
>You're rolled over and pinned on your back in the dirt.
>A powerful kick directly to your stomach knocks the wind out of you.
>You pant through your dish towel, before you feel it lifted from your mouth.
>A kick to the jaw makes you bite your tongue.
>The towel is draped over your muzzle.
>You feel a warm liquid hitting the towel.
>You can't breathe.
>You struggle, but all of your limbs are held down.
>You're going to die here.
>Maybe you deserve to die, you've done a lot of horrible things.
>Just as you've resigned yourself to your fate, the cloth is lifted and you're allowed to gasp for air for a few seconds before your breathing passages are plunged into that piss rag again.
>You scream, but soon discover that the sound of the other fillies playing is much too loud for anybody to heed your cries for mercy.
>Eventually, Ms. Cheerilee calls that lunch has ended.
>The orange filly lifts the cloth before emptying the rest of her bladder all over your tail and nether regions.
>The white filly then carefully uses a cosmetics brush to put makeup over all of your sores.
>You just lie there in shock, the piss-mud you're lying in caking to your fur.
>Cheerilee finds you about a half hour later, just staring up at the sky.
>When asked what happened, you just tell her that you want to go home.
>Twilight shows up a bit later, somehow transporting you back to her house immediately.
>A warm bath is started.
>"What happened?"
"Please, give me a few minutes."
>"Ah, I see. So you want a few minutes to think of a good excuse? Because to me it just looks like you did all of this for attention."
>The bath fills up in silence.
>Twilight scrubs you down very aggressively with shampoo, and soon the makeup starts to come off.
>"Dear Celestia, so you didn't do it after all…"
>She tenderly lifts you up and takes you over to her bed, setting you down.
>"Tell me what happened."
>You stare at her silently.
>She just sighs and wraps herself around her.
>It feels kind of nice being this close to her, sort of remind you of when you used to snuggle with your mom.
>You can hear her heart gently beating, the sounds of air flowing in and out of her windpipe.
>You're soon reminded of another thing that you can hear very clearly when you're right next to someone.
>The choked sort of sharp breathing of the lungs, the whimpering vibrations of the vocal cords…
>Why does she care about you like this? You would've ended her entire species without a second thought.
>Why doesn't she stop god dammit? She's going to make you…
>You let out a choked sob of your own.
>This is the worst…
>You nestle yourself into the soft hair on her chest.
>Who knew horses could feel this nice?
>The two of you say nothing, just lying there crying like two little fucking pussies until your head starts to hurt.
"T-twilight, can I get some water? I'm starting to get a headache."
>"Sure thing."
>She's gone for only a few seconds, one of the multitudes of perks that fast-travel probably grants her.
>You admittedly need a bit of help drinking the water, but eventually you've gotten enough in your system that your throbbing headache tones down to a dull roar.
>"Are you ready to tell me what happened."


File: 1567280740180.jpg (2.88 MB, 5312x2988, 20190831_192638.jpg)


F Crusaders if Twiggles finds out


Based pic, based trips

>Filly opens a peetzer shop with a few other fellow fillies

>Twilight does not want anything to do with it for some reason
>And being a princess, her wishes also steer all the costumers away
>Not only that, but the ones that do ponder are quick to be flash banged by her teleportation, before receiving one of Twilight's "small" speech
>After lots of moons without a client and surviving on government funds thanks to purple the door bell rings
>No pony else but peetzer horse comes in
>Unsurprisingly, with Twilight in tow
>Nopony was inside, everyone following Twilight's wishes
>But not Cadance, who not only wished to try it, but also brought a wave of pony watchers outside
>After sitting herself down she had to call Twilight, who didnt seem to want to risk it
>It didnt take long for their pizza to come out, a green filly taking it to the pair
>With a giggle, she thanked the filly and got herself a slice
>After eating a single bite she asks to see the chef
>The filly waiter couldnt hide her surprised face as she stumbled and backtrotted to the kitchen
>No one came out for a while, murmurs coming from behind the door
>But finally anither green filly came out with her head held high
>Giggling once more, she told Anon she wanted to see the real chef
>Lowering her head the filly turned around and headed back, her tail between her legs
>A bit later, another filly in a different green shade comes out, head high just like the filly before
>Raising an eyebrow, Cadance looked at Twilight, sitting opposite to her
>All Twilight did was hide her face in shame
>Calmly turning around, she decided to ask the filly about the chef
>The filly scrunched her nose and puffed her chest fluff in answer
>With a sigh, Cadance got up from her seat, eliting a round of gasps from outside
>Afterall, she only ate one bite…
>But she didnt turn to leave, she headed to the kitchen
>To her surprise, 4 fillies were chatting amoungst themselves, who stopped immediately to stare back at her
>"Huh" - was all she was able to say, not finding any grown mare inside
>Returning to the table, she dismissed the filly and went back to eating
>2, 4, 7 slices were gone, before she eyed the one in Twilight's plate
>Twilight, wide eyed and not knowing how to react, pushed it over for her

>Nothing was the same since that day, the store bursting in activity afterwards

>All because that when the princess left, she claimed to want to come back whenever she was visiting
>Though Twilight still didnt want to give it a chance
>So perhaps an invite to the royal sisters could change her mind this time around….
>After the schedule clears up that is, damn heartbutt


File: 1567282913318.jpg (69.64 KB, 510x507, 1556775475759.jpg)

Cadance: "They grow up so fast"
Right before filly trips on her own legs

Cute horse thou, would give a good tip for those trips
But what peetzer is it?


File: 1567284367801-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 585.54 KB, 2350x2816, 2039306.jpeg)




That sure explains the Cadance reaction in the pic
Absolutely evil


File: 1567287534960.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 4000x1146, ImmaBoopIt.png)

Fillies not having full bodies ruined my immersion, fixed.


File: 1567288579304.jpg (125.32 KB, 1428x322, Screenshot_20190831-225529.jpg)


Keep going


Damn you Weird Al! I thought you were the last pure Jew in this world! Damn yoouuuuuuu!


>Despite lingering rumors that Yankovic is Jewish, mainly due to his Eastern European surname, his face, and song "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi," he is actually a devout Christian who belongs to the Churches of Christ.


Coulda sworn he was born of two Jews and became Christian over his life. But then again, >>>>>Conservapedia


Yeah, to be fair though I don't go for the whole once a Jew always a Jew thing, if somebody realizes how shit jewery is and wants out I say they should be considered Christian.


Being a Christian Jew isn't the same as reading Martin Luther and adamantly opposing international Jewry though.


That may be true, but I also just really want to like Weird Al…


Is that Filipino diaperfag still hanging around? I might have a few requests


Well I wanted to like Ben Shapiro. Then he said he didn't give a fuck about the browning of America, but demanded Israel remain Jewish.


File: 1567307933433.png (201.17 KB, 1034x835, 1530988577663.png)

Thank you, I'm going to update this one as often as I can. Honestly Chilly is a mess since it has some poor foundation work… I'll finish it like I've promised, but doing something different for a little while sounds really nice.
Well, you'll just have to stay tuned I guess…


File: 1567308829665.png (116.56 KB, 432x539, 1500779.png)

LonePone is a good horsey and I want to give her lots of love and attention


I want to lightly abuse and psychologically manipulate LonePone so she never leaves me side even if I'm not giving her enough love and attention


At this point any celebrity who doesn't throw Twitter fits or insert black trannies into his music videos might as well be /ourguy/. Don't mess with my view of Weird Al.


File: 1567312240052.png (69.03 KB, 452x508, 1532139081802.png)

What if that's her fetish, anon?


All the better. Maybe even a little role reversal or mutual kinkery. I'm up for sub x sub shit, and if I were in a relationship as lewd as that, I'd be more than happy to sculpt myself into the ultimate trap for cutesy purposes.Then again….she'd probably think humans couldn't be cute anymore, after becoming the filly and all. Curse you, 3DPD human anatomy…


>be momfu
>you love anon, she is your little filly
>you want her to be happy
>she asks you to put her back into diapers and treat her like "the babby"
>what do?


Well, do it faget!


O-okay, that sounds ni-
Woah woah who said I was into traps? I want names!


File: 1567315466295.png (Spoiler Image, 27.97 KB, 123x128, OuO.png)

Well, most of us are faggots, and considering how identity confusion coincides with most write- and draw-fillies, it's a safe assumption to make that they either tried to be or want to be with a trap.


File: 1567320336435-0.png (160.69 KB, 800x600, 1566024489936.png)

File: 1567320336435-1.png (211.03 KB, 1080x1116, 1560101207216.png)

File: 1567320336435-2.png (33.96 KB, 135x200, f_fancy_pants_kopie_by_hei….png)

File: 1567320336435-3.jpg (240.27 KB, 1659x672, 1539375788543.jpg)

For characterization purposes I'm not a faggot*, nor confused about my identity. I'm a-okay taking a what if question to it's logical extremes.
>it's a safe assumption to make that they either tried to be or want to be with a trap.
I have not attempted to, nor wish to, but if it's necessary for the Greater Good(tm) I'm sure I could pull it off.
In a relationship that would be up to compatibility first, and formost. Interests align, physicaly, and mentally pleasing, ect. ect.
Propagating the white race in a healthy family environment. Even if it's technically unconventional. I highly doubt that I'll meet someone that such, an option would be viable.
I'll keep sticking to magic, shitposting, and continue developing virgin wizard powers.


I'm mostly teasing. And projecting a little. Obviously. But yeah, frankly that's where I am really. Like, I'm holding out hope and crossing my fingers for a 3D waifu who wants to secure the existence of our people, but in California, good luck with that shit. I lost my virginity, but still no viable partners yet.

Till then, I just want a place to nut, and/or someone who's up for some kinky shit.


File: 1567321803489.png (249.29 KB, 1607x1581, TwiggySnugs.png)

I'm a different blend of faggotry, man.


Oh, you don't like the traps as much as the bara husbandos, huh? Cutie.


"Come on dude, ______ is one thing, but you can't just ______ and expect it to be alright!"
let's introduce the element of playing two cards at once.


I wonder why purple was shooing away other guests… Could it be because the fillies were using toppings forbidden to horseland?


Y-you don't mean gummy bears do you?


I just wanna cuddle Twilight, man…


File: 1567372781134-0.webm (2.82 MB, 1364x768, cuckpony.webm)


File: 1567373104511-0.mp4 (2.29 MB, 1920x1080, OBS_2019-09-01_22-23-58.mp4)

File: 1567373104511-1.png (48.21 KB, 592x472, unknown.png)

File: 1567373104511-2.png (12.96 KB, 272x196, IWFFTPIMM.png)

File: 1567373104511-3.png (7.96 KB, 141x171, KindGayB0ss.png)

File: 1567373104511-4.png (7.07 KB, 205x227, BeingWatched2.png)


File: 1567373203635-0.png (7.04 KB, 277x253, BeingWatched.png)

File: 1567373203635-1.png (33.23 KB, 328x243, Sleepfilly.png)

File: 1567373203635-2.png (34.54 KB, 332x240, GodDammitNumbers.png)

Bunch of shit my autism would scream at me if it went unposted.


File: 1567373823907.png (585.11 KB, 2000x1500, 1562501933-82fda.png)

So far This!
Purple is done with that unruly cunt filly.


File: 1567373957709.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, confusedfilly.png)

what did he mean by this?


File: 1567374115875.png (1.35 MB, 2000x1800, 1969134.png)

Purple is good momma.


The filly watching those two while crying.


cuckoldry a shit and cuckfags should off themselves


I couldn't agree more, but I'm just making sure that all the filly content I can find makes it here


File: 1567379603637.png (373.52 KB, 1051x785, Swastika.PNG)

Hey fillies! Did I do it right?


File: 1567382572965-0.png (6.84 KB, 131x111, unknown.png)


File: 1567383432289-0.png (133.62 KB, 800x860, image.png)

Came across a suicide filly I haven't seen before.


damm, someone beat me too it. I should post sooner
"My World of Warcraft guild's raid on *blank* got canceled because half of the members *blank*." Think about your situation, and the current state of things on Earth.(have filly look at one of her hooves, so that her friends know what she means by this next bit, if you're so inclined) "No points for giving the obvious answer."


Can you tell what's on my mind?


250k+ words of greentext disagree with you.


File: 1567386189525.jpg (117.87 KB, 945x761, 260059.jpg)

Where is the rest you fraud hack
I demand more

Or else


File: 1567387878304.png (236.42 KB, 879x1068, 2088655.png)


Dum horse
Just make doodles that people can hang on their fridge
No need for filly soup


whoops, (you)'d the wrong post


Wow. Seems like Sperg Town has come a long way.


Did you join the autism pile today? It was extra comfy.


Don't ask why.
>the killer has mommy issues too
>Your momfu is killed when you are playing in the backyard
>You come in to find her body
>It turns out that there were multiple ponies involved, but Copper Top never figured that out
>Systematically murder everypony involved and you're finally holding the killer at knifepoint, about to relish her death
>Ponyville police department break down the doors and arrest you
>Sentenced to life in prison
>Killer goes free


File: 1567405701457.jpg (93.52 KB, 960x540, why would you post that.jpg)


>The meth is strong tonight.


The answer, like many things, lies on the arctic side of the public facilities.


File: 1567408135866.png (757.88 KB, 1875x1942, fillybuttwithcolor.png)

i got $10 to color this, woowoo


>that tiny smile
Filly, don't act like you don't know that pose is lewd! Stop that!


As my friend, a doctor struggling to make a living once told me, patients is a virtue.
>"Whenever you're ready, it isn't a race."
>You nod and take a few minutes to compose yourself.
>Twilight also takes out a brush and begins to straighten your hair, which you'll admit feels kind of nice.
"There were three of them. An orange one with wings, a yellow one with red hair, and a white unicorn. They held me down and…"
>You shakily draw in a breath.
"They started beating me."
>You dig at the bed.
"They held me down, and one of them started… urinating on me. They put a cloth over my mouth and started peeing on that, I felt sure I was going to drown. The lifted it up every once in a while to make sure I didn't die."
>The brush comes out of your hair, and you hear a snapping sound.
>A slightly different feeling brush enters your mane.
"When everyone was called in-"
>You don't want to ruin this tender moment, so you give in.
"W-when everypony was called in, the orange one peed all over my legs and the white one put makeup all over me to hide the forming bruises."
>"I saw the one on your eye… where else did they hit you?"
"The jaw and the stomach. I bit my tongue when they did it."
>You open up your mouth.
>"Celestia, that's quite the…"
>She trails off.
>"Now Anon, are you absolutely sure about the descriptions you gave for these foals? Completely and positively?"
>You lower your head.
"Do you take me for a liar?"
>"I… no. It's just, well… I never suspected the fillies you gave the description of would do such terrible things."
>Twilight gave you the options of setting this right right now, or just hugging it out for a while longer.
>The second option only really existed because you asked for it, but she didn't turn you down.
>The minutes ticked by on the clock on the wall.
>You had begun to stare at it, a bit intrigued.
"Twilight, are you… on that clock?"
>You can feel her get a bit warmer, looking up reveals that her face is flushed.
>"W-well, yes. But I'm only part of it, my friends and I each represent two hours of the day. I'm six and seven AM because the maker had a good sense of humor."
"Bit of an interesting thing to commission, but it looks nice."
>"I didn't commission it, it was a gift. After my friends and I defeated Tirek, I actually got a lot of gifts. The library I lived in was destroyed in the fight, and once everypony had their magic returned the boxes just started piling up."
"I guess you must be pretty beloved around here."
>She chuckles at that.
>"Not at first, oh no. The entire nation was pretty outraged when I became an alicorn, which is fair considering how relatively short a period of time it had been since Cadance had ascended…"
"-and you saving all of their asses helped them see through that?"
>"I guess you could say that- don't say ass around the foals by the way- yeah."
>It's quiet for a few minutes as you just take in the ambiance of Twilight's body.
>"Anyways, I didn't want to keep the clock. I had so many pieces of memorabilia here already, and I was only one-sixth of it after all, but my friends loosely convinced me with a short speech about how I understand how important time is more than anypony…"
>"…Which doesn't make a lot of sense considering how tardy all of them can be at times, they probably need it more than I do. Still, I thought it was a nice analogy."
>She chuckles warmly.
>"I'm a sucker for analogies. Well, speaking of time your classmates will be getting out in just a few minutes. Do you want me to come with you to confront them?"
"I-I… no. I don't think I do."
>The tousles your hair.
>"Alright, there should be something for you to eat in the fridge. If you can't reach it, go get Spike."
>She scribbles out a set of directions on where to find Spike.
>"I'll be back in an hour and five minutes."
>And with that, she poofs out of existence.
>You feel a lot better now, but there's still one nagging question on your mind:
>Who the hell is this Spike?
>Be Twilight Sparkle.
>You knock on the door of Rarity's Boutique and wait patiently.
>Of course you could've just teleported inside, but you do like ponies to maintain the illusion of their privacy.
>After a few minutes, a filly that resembles Rarity opens the door.
>She looks up at you and then gives you an awkward smile before closing it in your face.
>You hear the lock click.
>Well, time to do this the hard way.
>You reposition yourself a few thousand thou forward, entering Rarity's Boutique with no trouble at all.
>You pick up Sweetie Belle and cast a bubble of silence around her.
>You place the filly on your back.
>No need to even restrain her, not that you would've.
>She already knows that whatever is about to happen is unavoidable.
>You find Rarity crocheting on her bed, earmuffs on.
>Well, that explains it at least.
>You pop the bubble of silence and lift up your friend's earmuffs.
"Stay here, I need to gather the others."
>Applebloom goes with you willingly, while Scootaloo kicks and screams.
>Eventually, you have all three fillies and their 'big sisters' present.
>"Now Twi, what in tarnation is all of this about? We're right in the middle of a big harvest right now, you know neither Applebloom nor I can afford to be wasting our time with this nonsense."
>Rainbow just stands there silently, for the first time in ages.
>Rarity has gone back to crocheting.
"Earlier today, Derpy slammed into my door while I was washing dishes and told me to come to the school immediately."
>The three fillies give each other nervous looks.


"When I get there, I find the threat we neutralized yesterday lying in a puddle of what I would soon find out was Scootaloo's urine."
>The three mares are starting to pay attention now.
"Because she was filthy, I immediately ran her a warm bath and began to scrub her down. She had said nothing at this point, and I assumed nothing needed to be said. Just a filly faking shock to get out of school."
>You slam your hoof into the ground, shattering a tile of the floor with earth magic.
>"I begin to notice something very peculiar is happening. The color is coming out of parts of her coat, makeup used to conceal forming bruises."
>You stare Rarity dead in the eyes.
>"A tone of makeup that only you could have known, little Sweetie Belle wasn't there yesterday."
>You pull Dash's face close you yours.
>"And tell me, where did a grade school filly learn about waterboarding?"
>You simply look Applejack up and down, waiting for her element to come into play.
>She sighs, exasperated.
>"Alright, alright. So I taught AB how to knock the breath out of a pony for self defense; what does this ave' to do with us?"
"Anon also happened to give me a full description of all three of them."
>Wincing all around the table.
>You sigh and set down your raised hoof.
"Girls… I'd just like to know why. What in Tartarus were you thinking subjecting a poor little fill-"
>Applejack is the first to speak up.
>"Poor little filly? That… thing wanted to blow us all to smithereens!"
>Nods of agreement all around.
>Dash speaks up.
>"I've got a Wonderbolts show in under two weeks, I can't afford to be dead at a time like this!"
>"Darling… aren't you overreacting a bit? They are right, our lives could've ended if you hadn't stepped in. Thank you for that, by the way."
>You shrug off her gratitude.
"When Starlight started going on adventures with us, did any of you try to torment her?"
>Your friends shake their heads.
"When Discord showed up the size of a mouse in your spindles, or your apple baskets, or your… tampon boxes, did you try to crush him?"
>Shaking heads once again.
"Then tell me, what is so radically different about this alien creature that you would go out of your way to torment it after its dangerous qualities have been completely nullified?"
>Applejack simply puts her face in her hoof.
"Oh, and what's so-"
>"Twilight, it was, an' still is, a legitimate threat to our lives. The only thing we can really hope to do is kill it, but I know you'll he havin' none of that."
>"So, well, we took things into our own hooves."
>"Darling, it seemed completely without remorse. I'm not even sure The CMC got through to it at all."
"For Celestia's sake, she started crying when I did something as simple as give her a hug after that. If I hadn't been there, she might've-"
>Rainbow Dash cuts you off.
>"Yadda yadda, it might've hung itself. Can we please wrap this up? I have practice in under an hour, and you're killing daylight."
>You smile coldly.
"Yes, I'm almost done here Rainbow."
>With a small amount of effort, you pin her to the floor with a powerful sealing ward.
"In fact, I should be done just in time for you to fly there."
>Rainbow flaps her wings, panicking.
>You catch one mid-stroke, sticking it to your hoof like glue with the kind of earth magic only an alicorn could have.
>You open your mouth wide.
"My, my. What a mess, Rainbow. You haven't preened these wings in ages, how do you even manage to fly in them?"
>Applejack pipes up.
>"T-twilight, stop. This is taking it too far."
>Your years of apprenticeship under Celestia come back to you.
>Warm memories of lying on her back, playing with her wings.
>She would caution you:
>"Careful, Twilight. Those are flight feathers, I need those to get around."
>Now, you begin to rip them out of Rainbow's wings with reckless abandon.
>You make sure not to cause any permanent Damage, but it will be your guarantee that Rainbow won't be getting to practice tonight, or probably even up to her house for a few weeks.
>You pluck the final feather from her second wing and pass it gently to Scootaloo.
>You turn your attention toward the other two fillies.
"All three of you are good foals, I know that. Your sisters were good foals too, I'm sure, and now they're good mares."
"Sometimes, however, a pony loses sight of what exactly it means to be good. She gives in to authority-"
>Applebloom's head falls.
"-or a need for admiration-"
>Scootaloo looks away from you, face flushed and tears rolling down her cheeks.
"-or perhaps even a favor."
>You poke at Sweetie's newly pierced ears, causing her to wince.
"Keep that in mind in the future. Equestria depends on you, and powerful ponies without righteousness aren't known as heroes."
>You disappear in a flash, returning to your room in the castle.
>One hour, four minutes and fifty nine seconds.
>A whole second early.


Oh, she definitely knows that pose is lewd
Just look at the blush on her face!


That tears it! I'm getting the spray bottle!




File: 1567441845667-0.png (116.75 KB, 1041x579, 1567435184836.png)



Ah, the red filly is perfectly camouflaged amongst the cushions, I see.


File: 1567444269057.png (164.23 KB, 757x1024, thinking_filly.png)

Why does the blue filly still stand out from the blue cushions though?


Because she's not blue, she's TEAL


File: 1567447092840-0.png (8.87 KB, 236x247, 2019-09-02_13-53-17.png)


File: 1567451251814.webm (2.92 MB, 640x480, Custom pathfinding - Auto….webm)

Finally starting to see the end of the tunnel with my pathfinding.
Automatic crouching for NPCs (blue filly), using pre-calculated "ceiling height" to determine if there is enough space to walk normally or not.
… which made me realize that crouching for quadrupeds don't actually change much.
Like 0.3m difference for a full-sized mare.
Which mean fillies will probably be able to walk in "expected crouching area" normally once I add the tweaks to have size difference between characters, and that some big mares won't be able to at all. Gonna be a nightmare to make the AI not to cheesable …


Have you considered the Sweetie Belle scoot?


Looks awesome.
Being able to walk upright in "crouching areas" could be an positive side effect when you are trying to run away from Purple.


You are the second person to immediately suggest that.
But I don't think there is an SFM animation of it anyway (well, I found some super shitty ones but …)


Ahh, so you'd have to make it from scratch. Understandable. Best of luck.


>big mare


Stop reminding me what I can't play you cunt, reee…


File: 1567465168999.png (Spoiler Image, 143.03 KB, 730x1095, rainbow_dash_awesome_poste….png)



Probably one of the stranger things I've written.
>You shirk away from Twilight
"No! I'm not doing it!"
>"Anon, we can do this the easy way or the hard way; but that package is getting to Canterlot by tomorrow."
>Obviously, you bolt.
>Even more obviously, you don't get far.
>Twilight grabs you roughly.
>You hear the snapping of a sterile glove.
>Your eyes tear up as the small uncomfortable little bag is pushed all the way through your vagina, shattering your hymen in the process.
>You fall to the ground and whimper.
>"Come on Anon, you just need to do this one thing for me and then you can be a filly for the rest of your life here."
>Your resolve strengthens and you stand up on wobbly legs.
>Twilight hands you a train ticket.
>"You must travel alone."
>Picking it up with your teeth, you begin the dusk lit journey across Ponyville.
>Nopony is outside.
>You tap on the station box, passing the stallion working there your ticket.
>He nods and points to the stopped train, not even giving you a second thought.
>You board, finding out from the conductor that the ticket you've been booked for is a rather plush sleeper car.
>You open up your saddlebags to find a small plush snake.
>Climbing into the bed, you start to feel the pain from earlier coming back to you.
>You hug the snake tighter, thinking of anything but the job ahead of you.
>Ice cream, playing with fillies in the park, its all almost yours.
>You just need to do this one thing.
>You drift off peacefully.
>A pounding on your door wakes you.
>"Random inspection! Open up."
>You panic, opening the door as fast as you can.
>The imposing stallion looks you up and down, then just walks off.
>Seems your disguise is pretty bulletproof.
>You soon arrive in Canterlot, exiting the train with a bit too high of a jump down to the platform than your new body appreciates.
>The directions Twilight gave you are pulled out, and you begin to follow them uneasily.
>They take you away from the clean, pristine side of Canterlot, all the way to the literal underbelly; a series of difficult to navigate ramshackle houses clinging to the massive support beams that keep the city rooted firmly into the mountain.
>Tail tucked between your legs, you knock on the door of the instructed building.
>A zebra with an eyepatch opens up, looking you up and down before grabbing you roughly.
>Something long and cold is inserted into your vagina, making you tear up once again as your still-healing organ is irritated.
>The bag comes out, covered in blood.
>The filthy table you lie on is wet with tears
>The zebra pulls out a knife.
>"Sorry kid, dead fillies tell no tales."
>With a burst of energy you never thought you were capable of, you leap from the table.
>You struggle to get the doorknob open, feeling the knife cut deep into your hind leg.
>You can feel the blood running down in droves, you've surely had an artery punctured.
>Somehow, miraculously, you manage to make it back up to the surface of Canterlot; falling down with a splat in front of a well-dressed couple
>You hear panicked screaming just before you pass out.
>You look up to see Twilight, beaming in pride.
>"I've been wanting to get those fuckers jailed ever since I got stuck with that contract making coke for them. Good job, Nonny."
>You're a bit woozy, which she seems to notice as she picks up a glass of water and slowly spoon-feeds it to you.
>"Alright girls, you can come in."
>The CMC push against themselves at the door, tumbling to the floor in a heap.
>However, they all quickly get their bearings and begin to fawn over how cute you are. Petting your mane, rubbing your ears, pretty much every nice-feeling thing that doesn't involve your nether regions or your back legs.
>You smile.
>Was that the worst experience of your life?
>Yeah, probably.
>Was it worth it?


File: 1567468359501-0.png (103.2 KB, 1204x311, unknown.png)

>How can fifty of the same loli be so based


File: 1567470854927.png (1007.24 KB, 1280x626, large (5).png)


File: 1567484889818.png (369.75 KB, 2388x1668, GradualLoss.png)

I'll have some time to work on it tomorrow, unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to put out an update tonight.
I now have edit access for the document, so if anybody wants to see a green there just say something. I have an email, though in most cases it would be more convenient just to reply to something I've posted in the thread.


Is that your own artwork, Lone?


Heh, I wish. Edit of something existing, just liked the concept and did some paint bucketing.


No, he ruined a piece of art via his obsession with a single OC.


Hey man, same concept different coat of paint.


>"Can't believe you actually did that, you should just have told her to fuck off"
>"Man you're such a weak willed faggot, you wouldn't survive a minute with Aryanne"
>"You should act like a man, just like me, show that purple bitch who s the boss!"

A few hours before
>"What you mean "do you want to cuddle?" What do you take me for?"
>The orange filly stayed still where she was, face morphing into a soul crushing sad frown
>Aryanne cringed behind her office table, as the filly who came to visit her daily started to cry
>"Germaneigh wasn't build with hugs and affection, stop that you, you…"
>After enough tears had built up, the filly used them to their full power in her weeping
>"Fine! Meet me after work is done, but I'm still not making any treaties with Equestria by adopting your little ass off that purple bastard, you hear me?"


File: 1567534577694.jpg (155.75 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_3600.JPG)

You know it's gonna be a good day when we get Brazilanon green


That's more of a prompt than a green, and then again I just liked the other Anon's green and wanted to expand with a bit of orangefilly, it isn't even that great. The other Anon is the one worthy of (You)'s


>"Anooooon, are you going out?"
"Yeah, what's up?"
>"Take your sister with you."
>oh, fuck that shit
"She's not my fucking sister, you know."
>"Yeah, well, take her out anyway will you? I'm about to try some dangerous experiments, and she might get hurt if she sticks around."
"I'm sorry, where's the problem here?"
>a solid aura slaps you on the back of the head
>"How can you be like that?! She's disabled!"
"Fine, fuck, I'll get her."
>reluctantly, you trudge up the stairs to Tripfag's room
>Tripfag is engaged in slamming her helmet against the wall repetitively when you intrude
>it smells like she's been shitting on the floor all day
<"Hi Non."
"Hey, Tripfag. Twilight wants me to take you out. I'll put your leash on you and then we can go."


File: 1567554023777-0.webm (11.13 MB, 600x435, 2135777.webm)

Every day, thousands of red fillies sit cold and alone out on the side of the information superhighway. Adopt today, change a life.



Probably not. I've got an idea for a story where filly ropes orange and red fillies into helping her tard-wrangle Tripfag and whacky shenanigans ensue, but due to irl shit I'm probably not gonna have time to write it for another month. Just thought I'd share the prompt.


Please Anon, I need this in my life. Promise me you won't forget about it, please.


All right you fuckin faget I'll see what I can do.


File: 1567555125409.png (146.1 KB, 550x700, 1529023086241.png)



File: 1567558680645.png (49.24 KB, 823x491, JUST'd.png)


Red fillies welcome.


At the edge
Of the crater
Like the prophets once said


I'm on wifi and the housemate doesn't want me to have an ethernet bridge behind his stupid TV. I hate this house. I just wanna play vidya with people and shitpost over voice chat again


Is there a paste-bin or something for this somewhere.


Seconding this question.


Bit shorter than normal, should be able to put out a full-length update tomorrow.
>Be Anon.
>You found the refrigerator a while back, but getting it open has proven to be a challenge.
>The freezer was easy enough to just grab with your teeth, which was good because you really do need an ice pack for your eye.
>However, you refuse to accept that you need help doing something so incredibly simple as opening a door.
>You look around until you find some sort or ornate stick.
>Sort of reminds you of the Lance of Longinus, huh.
>It's just sitting in a room with a messy, unmade bed.
>The bed stirs, and suddenly there's a slightly irritated pink unicorn staring at you.
>"Who dares violate the Staff of Sameness?"
"I don't…"
>She bursts out laughing all of a sudden.
>"I'm just screwing with you, I gave all that up a while back. So, you're that villain Princess Twilight told me about."
>She sticks out a hoof.
>"Starlight Glimmer, fellow reformed villain."
>You nervously shake it.
>Huh, how'd that happen?
>It was like you actually grappled it.
"Hang on, can we try that shake again?"
>She looks a bit confused, but obliges.
>Of course, now that you're thinking about it, your hoof doesn't have the same pull as before.
>You sigh dejectedly.
>You thought you were harnessing the magic here for a few seconds.
>"What's wrong?"
"It's nothing… you said you were a ‘reformed villain', right? What's that?"
>"Well, every once in a while something or somepony threatens the security of Equestria. I didn't realize it, but I was one such entity."
"What was it you did?"
>"I wanted to bring about true equality, an Equestria without any sort of discrimination. Twilight and I eventually just talked it out, and I saw the error of my ways."
"She… got you to change your entire world view in just a couple of hours?"
>"Oh, no. I still hold the same values, I've just learned how to use my ideas in a way more beneficial to our society. Volunteering at orphanages, all that. Community service is a heck of a lot less destructive than taking away the identities of an entire nation."
>You nod.
>"So… how about you? What's your story with Twilight, I haven't heard the details."
"I was going to set off a series to preliminary thermonuclear detonations to eradicate all life on your planet so it could more easily be mined out. The long-range telescopic spectrometry of your sun revealed that there was a high likelihood of precious ores inside of it, and by an extension most of the planets that formed around it would also have a good chance of being rich in those ores. That's really all I was told, I don't have the security clearance to know what the ores were or what they were going to use them for."
>"Oh, huh. Well, welcome to the family."
"You're… not going to scream at me or hit me or something?"
>"No, why would I do that? I have enough guilt on my hooves for all of the trouble I've caused in the past, and you seem like a nice enough pony."
"Well, obviously I wasn't always a horse."
>Her horn lights up and you feel something warm scratching behind your ears.
>You can't help but smile.
>"I never would've guessed, you seem pretty good at it."
"Thanks, er… would you mind helping me get something out of the fridge?"
>"It would be my pleasure."
>The two of you walk out into the kitchen, Starlight making short work of the task you had been agonizing over for a good while.
>"Ooh, looks like we have options. Burrito, or reheated cheese pizza?"
>You think it over for a minute.
>There's a good likelihood that the burrito will have hay in it.
"I think I'll go with the cheese pizza. Er… how do you reheat that exactly?"
>"Oh, just turn on the oven for a couple of minutes and- fuck that shit, I use thermal magic. Wanna watch?"
>You sit down at the wood table, a plate of cold pizza set before you.
>Starlight's horn begins to glow a brilliant red, a similarly colored aura surrounding the plate.
>You watch in awe as the cheese begins to melt slightly, then steam, then-
"Holy fucking shit Starlight, the table is on fire!"
>Immediately breaking the squinted-eyed concentration of Starlight, the two of you promptly begin to panic.
"Don't you know any spells for putting out fires?!"
>"What do I look like to you, a fucking filly scout?"
"I don't even know what that is! Get a dish towel!"
>Starlight fumbles through drawers, turning up nothing.
>"Shit, I think wash day was yesterday!"
>Suddenly, the entire table, your charcoal lump of a pizza slice, and a good chunk of you and Starlight becomes coated in a thick foam.
>A rather pissed looking lanky dragon stands in the doorway.
>There's something dripping from the handle of the fire extinguisher that you're pretty sure isn't fire retardant foam, but you don't comment on it.
>The fucking edgelord just storms off without a word, leaving the two of you to clean up the mess.
>Twenty minutes later, and you're both munching on cold slices of pizza.
>Twilight appears right in front of you.
>"Whew, gotta be careful with that one. I see you… two have met."
"Yeah, I think I woke her up from a nap though."
>She waves you off.
>"Don't worry about it, she does that every afternoon.
>You can hear a quiet "For a reason." grumbled under the table.
>Twilight poofs a plain pocketwatch into existence.
>"I just expected you to get a cheese stick. Isn't it a bit early for dinner?"
>"You're not my mom, Twilight."
>"No, just hers. Anon?"
"I dunno, she suggested dinner and it sounded good. Is that a crime?"
>You inconspicuously readjust your plate to hide the small scorch mark on the no doubt priceless piece of furniture.
>Purple shoots a glare at Pink.
>"I wanted to eat dinner with my daughter, but I guess that's out the window now."
>You sit there, feeling slightly uncomfortable as you gnaw your way through a pizza crust.
>Starlight winces.
>"Hey, I'm sure she's still hungry. You could go for another slice, right kid?"
"Y-yeah, I'm famished."


>Twilight seems to calm down a bit after that bit of information comes out, flopping down at the table and making herself a salad from her chair with random shit from the fridge.
>She just sort of stares at Starlight for a while, and eventually she gets the message that when Twilight said she wanted dinner with her da- you, she meant alone.
>She poofs out of existence, probably at least a bit happy to be getting an excuse to sleep.
"So… what did you say to those kids?"
>You wait for her to continue, but you can hear the want in her silence.
"So… what did you say to those foals?"
>"It turns out they weren't the problem, it was their sisters that were to blame. Well, in one case surrogate sister… but that's extraneous. I sent a good message to them."
"I didn't see you as the type who would walk around with a hammer collecting loan payments."
>She rewards you with a good-natured chuckle.
>"The more you know. Actually, I just pulled the flight feathers out of the pegasus that was present. She had it coming to her, don't worry."
"Whew… so, you don't think I'll have any more trouble with those ki- foals?"
>"Well, I wouldn't doubt it if someone still had it in for you. Word gets around quickly in a small town like this, unfortunately. I'd stay within Cheerilee's sight at all times if I were you."
>You eat in silence for a while, finishing up on your third slice of pizza.
>Just as you're about to leave the table, Twilight calls you.
>"You don't have to go to the party tonight, I'm sure Pinkie can reschedule it."
"I'd be fine with a few people."


File: 1567563442665.png (748.68 KB, 1280x720, CommingSoon.png)

Come on fillers, it just started. It's not like I type everything in unlisted pastebin docs or something because drive and notepad fuck up my formatting…
I'll keep this one updated.


That is amazing greentext fuel, there.


Oh no! What a predicament!
You are now the filly, and abusefag wet dream Twilight stands before you, ready to do whatever cruel shit she wants to you.
Your only means of protection are:
>The item to your very left in front of you
>The last pony you jerked off to.
How fucked are you?!!1


>the item to your left
Why do people do this, it's always normal shit on your desk, it's the worst fucking thing to be asking for varied responses.

Sunhorse, and my fucking wall, I guess. Shit I don't know, guess I should assume a pose suitable for a garden statue.


Considering that's also my answer, I'd say you've got good taste.

>The item to your very left in front of you
That would be one of those WindMachine fans I've got in an open window. I dunno, I guess I can use that as a bludgeon.


A 3-quart pan of boiling hot stew, and Scootaloo. I suppose I could throw the stew on her, keep the pan, and have Scoots get me outta there. Pan is for if weapon is needed. If not, then impromptu drum.


>a Twilight plush
She attac but also she protec.


File: 1567570202722.gif (4.15 MB, 344x495, 412829__explicit_artist-co….gif)

>pic related
Lyra will save me?


File: 1567570607659.jpg (17.46 KB, 233x205, twikek.jpg)


File: 1567571220481-0.jpg (2.53 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190903_195928.jpg)

File: 1567571220481-1.jpg (2.53 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190903_195934.jpg)

She's concerned about the state of her ears, mane, and tail.


You sure she's not more concerned about the forced trepanning going on?


File: 1567571462100.png (86.28 KB, 1024x1024, fillythink.png)

I hope this isn't the beginning of filly dabbling in voodoo, cuz it looks like voodoo


File: 1567577289949-0.jpg (2.39 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190903_224631.jpg)

File: 1567577289949-1.jpg (2.29 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190903_224713.jpg)

File: 1567577289949-2.jpg (2.74 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190903_225928.jpg)

File: 1567577289949-3.jpg (2.41 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190903_225947.jpg)

File: 1567577289949-4.jpg (3.78 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190903_230229.jpg)

She's finished and may have been accepted by the others.


Time to mass produce those homemade fillies.


RD and a toilet brush, i'll fuckin have her


File: 1567581208092.png (288.26 KB, 1365x1570, AnonFilly-Hnnngg.png)


"Alright, I think I got one," you say after a few minutes of hard thought. "Come on dude, blank is one thing, but you can just blank and expect it to be alright! This one requires you to give two answers, one for each blank."

Blossom giggles. "Oh yeah, I forgot you could do that. I should've done one."

The rest of your friends become quiet as they try to think up a good way to end the day with a bang. Well, hopefully not literally, seeing as you're going to be boarding a plane soon. There's a few giggles, but eventually Twilight is the first to offer her suggestion.

"Her booze is one thing, but you can't just steal your mom's dildo and expect it to be alright."

Her joke makes you crack almost instantly, as you remember looking through Velvet's pack at one point and finding both a dildo and a flask of brandy… which you subsequently took a swig from.

Alex's is a little less interesting… "A strip club is one thing, but you can't just take your girlfriend on a first date to Arby's and expect it to be alright."

Daring offers, "With a condom's one thing, but you can't just fuck a lion bareback and expect it to be alright." Somehow you knew it was going to be sexual. Blossom is equally immature, adding, "Kissing's one thing, but you can't just dare a girl to fuck you in front of your friends and expect it to be alright." Dammit Blossom, you didn't want to think about truth or dare.

Lyra almost sounded like hers wans't going to be sexual. Almost. "A clarinet is one thing, but you can't fit an entire tuba up your plot and expect it to be alright." Ouch.

Finally, you have Coco. So far she hasn't shown herself to have a dirty mind. Really, all that shit you read on the Internet about Coco being an anal slut before coming to Equestria? Probably not true with this one. Probably. She's a classy old gal to say the last. Or so you thought. "C'mon doc, living patients are one thing, but you can't just give a prostate exam to a female cadaver and expect it to be alright!"

All of your friends are horrible perverts. All of them.

A man in an airport uniform informs you that your ride to your private jet is now available. You'll have to come up with a winner for this round soon.


It's possible to do both, shocking as it may seem.


This thread isn't about that though, it's been about the filly ever since its inception on /mlp/. If you want to discuss that sort of thing, make a thread and then link to it here. I'd post in it.


File: 1567620582907.png (Spoiler Image, 463.62 KB, 1500x1230, 2046328.png)

>"Need anything from the fridge Anon?"
>"You want to be hydrated before we go for a second round"


"Ha, you wish. I didn't even moan. Forget the water give me some pepperoni, faget"
>Then filly jumps up and dabs.


File: 1567637753054.png (304.2 KB, 1017x1287, 1345821.png)

"I'd like to drink some of your milk"


So what? Is Twi a trap or a futa? Ehat is milk refering to in this case?


Twi's neither in that image, she's a dickgirl. Futas have both bits, and traps are just dudes who look girly.
The only pony traps are cringeworthy OCs.


f-fuck you I like whoop


File: 1567647939350.png (186.75 KB, 1421x2008, ur a faget.png)

traps are gay, anon
if you're into femboy stallions you're a total homosexual


File: 1567648036920.jpeg (250.21 KB, 1024x1024, hangover filly.jpeg)

I know…


Hey, I know you. You're not wrong, but if you're who I think you are you're into shit that's quite a bit gayer than just traps.


If you're talking about Ash, you've got the roles reversed. If that is what you mean, then I'm flattered you remember my fetishes. Wiww yew wowwpway wif me uwu??? …I'm sorry for that.


Ash, huh? Been a while. I didn't know you were still posting here. How are things?


Well, I left Stater on the 19th and haven't found anywhere that actually interviewed me yet. Car repairs right before my registration was due, had to shell out over $2000 on that and put myself back into debt. But just today I got a chance to wiggle into passing my application to my dad's bar as a busser, and apparently with tips the golf club pays their bussers nearly $2400 a month. Might get it, might not. But at least they responded to the application, for once.

Otherwise, still a degenerate, still a fatfuck, just bought a pack of you-know-whats for maximum therapcomfort, and still in debt. Nothing changes. Day in, day out, this is water, this is water, THIS IS WATER.

Send more Jameson and/or a tomahawk missile.


File: 1567649971666.png (88 KB, 512x348, filly dab.png)

What if I'm who I think you are?


Well, I hope things get better for you soon… have you considered trying to learn a trade? They pay pretty damn well these days.
Then you're a fucking faggot.


I keep applying for places that have training for trades but even those require schooling and/or experience. I even went to a construction person who had a listing on the Reader, and they spent literally half an hour complaining about FDR and Hispanic workers before dismissing me completely, telling me to go elsewhere for construction work. At least she gave me one lead after all that though: AGC, a construction union that apparently gives you what you need to work pretty quick. So, we'll see about that whenever I get my response from the golf club. But yeah…frankly, paying my bills is hard enough without sinking the last of my educational IRA into a trade school and my rent simultaneously.


Oof… you graduated high school, right? I can't recall now. I hope you can find something that pays well soon


Anything below an associate's degree is dismissed by any employer in this state, man.


File: 1567650833111.jpg (123.46 KB, 592x655, 1506409106613.jpg)

Hey now, don't be so glum.
Being a total homofag doesn't mean you aren't still a fellow fillyfriend, it just means you'll be teased about it when you get your ass plowed by a femboy stallion twink.


File: 1567651972909.png (139.66 KB, 640x640, ree!.png)


File: 1567657057154-0.png (644.84 KB, 797x598, image0.png)

Tomorrow might be tomorrow, sorry. Tired. Here's a request I did a few days ago to tide you over.


File: 1567657145396.gif (913.66 KB, 680x446, FILLYPILE.gif)

Make another half a dozen to achieve the FILLYPILE


File: 1567657390838.png (13.99 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon2.png)

>Eventually, I pointed at a colt at random.
>The pony points at himself, and I nod in acknowledgement.
>Fumbling through his stuff, he pulls out a card.
>"Was the royal wedding changeling attack an inside job?"
>He then smiles.
>Nice enough kid.
>It'd be fun to mess with him.
>Too bad I've gotta play my part.
>That being a little filly.
>Damn it.
"Well, I'm not from Canterlot, so I wasn't here. But from the pictures I saw, they were all over the place! Inside, outside, in the sky, chasing ponies out of their homes… So I guess some of them were inside?"
>I tilt my head curiously, then look over toward the teacher with a slightly confused expression.
>He looks somewhat amused, but nods and guestures to continue.
>The hooves waggle in the air again.
>A point at a filly with pigtails in her mane and a gap in her front teeth wide enough to drive a semi through is given.
>"Doeth Thelethtia eat fillieth to retain her immortality?"
>Oh the places this could be taken.
>Gotta behave, though.
>Think of the booze, Anon.
"Well… I've been staying in the castle, and I'm still here, right? …and I haven't seen any fillies come in and mysteriously not leave."
>I give an encouraging smile.
>At least, I hope it's encouraging.
>The filly looks a bit uncertain, but nods.
>Again with the hooves and the picking.
>A real butterball of a pony leans over their desk.
>I'm surprised it doesn't creak from the weight.
>"Does Celestia really eat FIVE cakes a day?"
>I can almost see the food-lust pouring off of the pony.
>…but maybe I can mess with this question a bit.
"That's kinda tough. How big does something have to be to be counted as a cake? Does a cupcake count as one whole cake? Does something like one of those tiered wedding cakes count as one cake or multiple cakes? If I made a cake the size of a bed, would that count as just one cake?"
>I give a shrug.
"I know she does like cake. I've seen her eat some. …but I'm not around her all day, since she's got stuff to do and she's had tutors and stuff come to try and teach me things."
>I frown for a moment.
"It's kinda been hard, and I think I accidentally swallowed a marble one time."
>No I didn't, but it's a fun little thing they might enjoy.
>I give a smile and look around to see if any of my other new classmates had questions.

Probably do one more round of questions, then continue on with the part. Hope the impromptu pony characterization for the questions is fun!


File: 1567658806713.jpg (2.62 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190903_184808.jpg)


Instructions are out there, get sewing.


t. Mad Scientist circa 1800s colorized.


"My daddy says that Celestia is a tyrant and a fraud and the sun and moon move on their own. That's why the moon continued to rise and set even when Luna was gone for 1000 years. He also says Nightmare Moon did nothing wrong and we'd all be better off under her rule."



>filly is used as a mouthpiece by her father and can't even ask an actual question

Does Princess Luna really haunt our dreams? I heard she was just a fat video game nerd.


She's the angryyyyyy-


File: 1567678739865.jpg (2.28 MB, 5312x2988, 20190904_133050.jpg)

Incase anyone wanted more of this comic

Any draw requests?


Of course we want more, Scotchfilly. You = a cute.

How about Twiggles spanking filly with a wooden spoon and filly getting a little bit too into it


File: 1567680542811.png (82.47 KB, 732x600, angry anonfilly.png)

>chained filly
Release that filly at once!


I want filly to boop (you)


But its part of a wider story!


File: 1567682969975.jpg (235.63 KB, 1200x900, D23WhP0XgAEvJ9S.jpg)

Filly is meant to be free.


Question is from an earth pony.
>"C-can I feel your wings?"


File: 1567684094484.jpg (4.59 MB, 5312x2988, 20190905_124245.jpg)


Question from a pegasus right after
"Ohh, can I feel your horn? Can I?"


"Does Celestia poop, or does she work so hard that she doesn't produce waste?"


File: 1567702912902.png (90.57 KB, 1440x1564, sketch-1567702589526.png)

Mafia babby needs you to pay up, she needs her "protection" money


File: 1567709300042.png (84.58 KB, 450x450, 1445923108873.png)

As a middle child, I feel the pain.


File: 1567711418336-0.png (183.64 KB, 441x600, medium_49.png)

>Fluttermom will never blow raspberries into your fuzzy tummy and tickle you until you're absolutely exhausted from all the giggling and limb flailing


File: 1567713212338.png (158.3 KB, 354x321, fillycostanza.png)


File: 1567718623793.png (Spoiler Image, 620.25 KB, 1920x1080, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….png)

You guys have no clue how much I needed some costanza batting memes today. I don't think I should have spent the past….jesus christ, over 10 hours playing Katana Zero. I feel wrong after pic related.


File: 1567721730576.png (200.83 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1567720628768.png)

Wooden spoon hard so have paddle instead


>knife cutting her tail too
Poor filly, she'll never get to grow her mane and tail out like a big pony, will she? Twi a cunt ;~;


File: 1567723351599.png (252.86 KB, 826x1150, 1481299532029.png)

I want a Fluttermom


File: 1567723432498.jpg (131.28 KB, 1136x851, forty keks.jpg)

Nice work, Scotch!
>pic related


Same…why can't Fluttermom be here to pick strawberries and churn homemade ice cream for dessert?


OMG Fluttershy would never do this I'm literally crying and shaking right now.
>ywn play in Babby League baseball


File: 1567731658504.jpg (820.27 KB, 2274x2336, I Wish.jpg)

They were doing free signage.


Fucking christ, I really did intend to write tonight. Power borked on me.


File: 1567740963502.jpeg (263.38 KB, 1600x914, my-little-pony-celestia-p….jpeg)

Be Celestia with you.


File: 1567744797626-0.png (134.14 KB, 894x1041, fluff.png)

File: 1567744797626-1.png (177.86 KB, 1418x1056, fluff_text.png)


File: 1567745199022.jpg (Spoiler Image, 239.67 KB, 1024x682, 1be3e69d81b3318d4af1f571c5….jpg)

That filly needs a brush.


File: 1567745642150.png (137.08 KB, 894x1041, fluff.png)

fluffy filly don't need no brushies…
also, forgot an ear


File: 1567746317891.png (94.17 KB, 348x491, blushing filly.png)

I want some br-!
Uh, I mean-
I wouldn't be opposed to getting some brushies…


File: 1567747077616.png (305.71 KB, 1080x1436, 1542125091128.png)

Its been a while, choose your fate fillies

Cant claim anyone as its the first post and that's kinda ghei, but lets find my fillyfilly
1d100[ 1d100 = 89 ]


File: 1567747841290.png (148.63 KB, 648x482, cute filly in the mirror.png)

Let's see what kind of filly I am!
1d100[ 1d100 = 73 ]


File: 1567747915839.png (2.16 MB, 3772x2821, ur a wizard, filly.png)

Neat, I've always loved magic!


File: 1567748383479.png (613.64 KB, 1600x900, 2135054.png)

How would filly abuse the bodyswap potion?


You're all mine.
1d100[ 1d100 = 40 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 35 ]


Thank you, power is back on but I still lost a bit of time. Hopefully it's long enough.
"I'd be fine with a few people."
>You sit back down, it's still pretty difficult to reach your food but you're dignified enough not to ask for the fucking high chair.
"But… maybe tomorrow."
>You sell it with a genuine yawn, something about all of this has taken it all out of you.
>You catch a smile on Twilight's lips.
>"Alright, but I won't be able to snuggle you tonight if you go to bed before me~"
>It's tempting, but…
>If you're tired now, you'll probably be exhausted then.
"No, thanks."
>Her ears fall.
>"Oh, okay. I'll get to work on the dishes."
>You nod before realizing that she's facing away from you and that you're a fucking autist.
>You only get lost a few times on the way back to your room.
>Where you're staying.
>With some difficulty, you manage to finally get enough of a running start to jump up enough to barely just catch the covers on top and pull yourself up to the sheets.
>Pulling aside the comforter, you climb underneath.
>Luckily the room isn't one with windows, so you simply turn the knob on the oil lamp next to you until it peters out into nothing.
>Wait a second…
>Oh god, fuck no.
>Her words echo very clearly in your mind:
>'This is important. If I come in at night and find your mouth smelling like a barn, there will be consequences. It's not only imperative to making friends that you have excellent hygiene, but we ponies develop tooth decay rather quickly.'
>You groan as you clambor out of the comfortable bed, roll onto the uncomfortable floor, and go through the uncomfortable experience of using bubble gum flavored kids toothpaste to brush your teeth on top of a seemingly very precarious three-legged stool.
>Rinse and repeat until your teeth literally sparkle.
>That's fucking weird, man.
>Well, time to sleep.
>You repeat the same process from a few minutes ago, except this time it takes noticeably longer with how tired you are.
>Be Twilight Sparkle.
>Checking in on Starlight.
>You don't know what's wrong with her, she's been sleeping most of the day for a few weeks now.
>You keep her up late for the occasional time-specific magic use that requires more than a single pony to preform, but it shouldn't be enough to impact her like this.
>In any case, she's awake right now.
>Even has a tidbit of information to share with you, how kind.
>"Anon really does seem like a sweet filly. You're lucky to have her. Listen… I have something a bit worrying to tell you. I need to to promise me that you won't immediately go into a tizzy about this, alright?"
>Her phrasing alone makes you nervous.
>This is not something good.
"Out with it."
>"You didn't-"
"It doesn't matter, I need to know."
>She rolls her eyes and then nods.
>"What exactly do you know about Anon?"
"I know that she used to be some sort of ape-monster, and that she was coming here to do something that was likely detrimental to our way of life, if not the survival of ponykind."
>"She confirmed the latter for us, unfortunately. I'll spare you the details, but if you hadn't stopped her it would've been the end of pony-"
"Don't spare me the details, I'm not squeamish. I'm a mare of science, these things could be important."
>She nods.
>"She wanted to detonate some sort of explosive devices to turn Equestria into a ready-made mining outpost. She mentioned the weapons being 'thermonuclear.'"
>You go about as pale as you can get.
"Impossible, such weapons of destruction were debunked."
>"Maybe they aren't possible with our background magic, but they're feasible with theirs?"
"Perhaps. This is all quite disturbing, but is that all?"
>"I was afraid you'd ask about that. Anon mentioned not having security clearance high enough to even know what the ore would be mined for, so we're not dealing with just one lunatic with some bombs strapped to his tin-can. There's probably an entire organization of monkeys ready to wipe us all off the map after they get back their astronaut; and maybe even willing to do so if she's still here."
>A cold chill runs down your spine.
"I need to get a letter to Celestia immediately, anything else to report?"
>She nods gravely.
>"They could already be on their way. Why do you think Anon would be so relaxed if she didn't expect some sort of help soon?"
"Right. Thank you, my student."
>It doesn't sound quite right coming out of your mouth, but Glimmer doesn't laugh so you assume you pulled it off decently well.
>You go off to find Spike.
>Be Anon.
>You bolt upright in a cold sweat.
>Whew, it was only a dream.
>Those niggers really did look lifelike, you were convinced.
>You sit there in the dark for a few minutes before you accept the fact that you're not going to fall back asleep here.
>With some difficulty, you hoist the comfiest pillow on your bed onto your back and somehow find your way back to Twilight's room even though she never told you where it was.
>You decide to go for the word with the best chance of success.
>The blankets stir, and a purple and pink mess of hair rises from the depths of the bed.
>"Gruah… Anon?"
"I had a bad dream, can I sleep with you?"
>She wakes up a bit at that.
>"Oh, of course."
>She lifts you up and tucks you in next to her.
>Soon after, you drift off for real…


File: 1567753401305.jpg (504.03 KB, 1000x1160, 1454287259804.jpg)

1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 72 ]
and ur MINE, filly
i decree that i will be a bird filly, and i will fug you


File: 1567753478973.jpeg (427.66 KB, 2103x1872, 1279083__oc_explicit_cum_….jpeg)

eh close enough


How come Griffons control the majority of the banks despite only being 2% of the population.


"What flavor was the marble?"


Dice rollRolled 22, 64 = 86

Dibs on the dildohead.


Dice rollRolled 89, 47 = 136

And i linked the wrong post gj me. Anyway how does one air Uber ride within 1km for 10 a minutes make-out session sound? (tax not included)


>nobody's claimed you, yet
Let's fix that.
1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 48 ]


Horn Filly Cuddle Time, Go!


File: 1567787733200.png (37.19 KB, 1074x902, blush.png)

>I get several minutes of cuddles from two other hornhead fillies


1d100[ 1d100 = 33 ]
Damn, it's been forever since I've rolled anything… sort of makes me almost miss the period when everyone was rolling for Reuben and Lone's greens…
Anyways, I'm not gay so I'll bottom.


Lucky trips confirm, horn filly cuddle pile is a go.


File: 1567805657824.jpg (102.52 KB, 854x737, 546218.jpg)

Show me chicken wings RNG.
1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


Guess you shouldn't have mentioned Scootaloo, anon


File: 1567806068891.png (243.29 KB, 680x729, Arise.png)

I'm not apologising.


1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ] I wanna be someones filly

Willing 2 draw 4 snuggs


File: 1567808649951.png (101.16 KB, 263x294, 1561237192343.png)

>Tfw no fillies are claiming anyone else
No snuggles here only hoof holding with (You) pinned underneath me
1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]


File: 1567808839798.png (159.48 KB, 1503x794, boop.png)

>4 / 4
That still counts as dubs right, i can still do that, right?
Booping is fine i suppose…


Am I going to have to add you two to my filly cuddle harem?


That's pretty goddamn impressive


>willing 2 draw 4 snugs
>response rolls 2 4s



We all know Nyx is the worst sister for filly to have, but which filly is the best? Feel free to use OCs, canon/age down older mares as you see fit.


Another Anonfilly.



Don't make me get out my own VPN, filly, or consequences will never be the same


File: 1567830204551-0.png (73.86 KB, 1500x1500, 1451506720175.png)

File: 1567830204551-1.png (464.17 KB, 1280x720, 1450565528377.png)

File: 1567830204551-2.jpg (148.17 KB, 500x525, 1453778578042.jpg)

File: 1567830204551-3.png (1.29 MB, 1208x1725, 1454161195499.png)

File: 1567830204551-4.png (318.97 KB, 1200x722, 1469007525629.png)

what kinda fuckin question is that?
there's only one right answer


Wait, who is this cute little fangirl


Little League, have you been living under a rock? There was a thread about her on /mlp/ for a while, she's gotten a lot of art with filly, and some people even featured her in greens here (and fairly recently might I add)


I think what you mean to say is
lurk moar newfag


File: 1567830807943-0.png (717.91 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1562531089713.png)

>not knowing little league
newfag detected
sadly my fuckin folder for her is lost in the void now, but here's an edit from scotch
she was made in /mlp/ way back when, and is a fan girl of anon obviously
story of why and how (daughteru/cocksock) depends on the writer, but she's been anon's #1 fan for a long time


You're on the superior board here mate.

But I admit that I haven't been paying much attention to happenings by and large lately. Hell, I haven't read nearly any green in, like…five months.

>not paying attention to /mlp/ in 2019 makes you newfag to /mlpol/
Heck off. I'm too lonely to read comfy and wholesome anonfilly stories lately


She's years old, Anon.


File: 1567831110860-0.jpg (102.81 KB, 820x640, 1505664039080.jpg)

>>not paying attention to /mlp/ in 2019
>in 2019
yeah try like 2014, newfaggot.


i propose a compromise, read some really fucked up shit along with your comfy
also this one


Joke's on you, assfaggot's green is what I consider wholesome.

I need help.


Yeah, you do. Read the other one, then tell me what you learned.


File: 1567831416878.mp4 (649.18 KB, 694x344, ed10f1557ee2c42038e7cb94e4….mp4)

Anonfilly is merely a husk of her former self, a shadow.


File: 1567831476112.png (105.54 KB, 559x633, fuckin' people.png)

Yeeaaah, what else is new. Grumble grumble.


If that's not a glitch and in any way related to this, that would be pretty awesome.
>deepest anonpone lore


File: 1567832057146.png (166.53 KB, 755x895, 1860139.png)

You need to lighten up, filly!


File: 1567839739754.jpeg (522.95 KB, 724x1024, large (0).jpeg)

I am having problems sleeping
How can fully anon help me?


File: 1567839941399.jpg (33.54 KB, 378x663, BigGulchGulpFilly.jpg)

>Go to the linked docs in the OP of this thread
>Start reading filly green
You'll be asleep in no time.


File: 1567840542375.png (83.6 KB, 582x549, 772952.png)

But they distract me

And what would anon filly say, he would probably call me a loser for reading

No thank you


As a big nerd filly who reads a lot of words, I can tell you that I wouldn't do that if I were the filly.


File: 1567842500046.png (78.49 KB, 486x395, 1304556-1.png)

Become the filly and come here instead
Hugging is way better for falling asleep than some dumb string of words

Just no kicking at night and no turning the light if you go to the bathroom


File: 1567842770931.png (169.92 KB, 720x1280, 1544824930918.png)

Just promise me I'll get hugs back


There has been a disturbing lack of content tonight, so I've come to break the dry spell before it can take hold any more! Now, where we left off…
>Anon's been hired by Celestia to take care of Chrysalis's 'problem'
>Needless to say, nobody should've been expecting that
One more thing before I drop fresh green; I wrote a little blurb a long while ago and posted it without finding a place to put it in the paste, so I decided to modify it a bit so it would fit in and drop it in this update so it wouldn't just stay floating at the bottom of my .txt file. 20 points and a (you) to whoever figures out which part it is!



>Celestia leans back in her chair, still smiling, while your mind is forced to make a hard left up a 90-degree incline

>Hold up
>Did she really just…
>You couldn't even get yourself a GF back home, how are you supposed to do it for someone else here?
>You aren't even an adult, much less a full agent of the equestrian government, so how would you even be able to go about this?
>"Don't worry, you'll still be paid for your work despite your apparent age being far below that of legal employment."
>You wrangle your train of thought for long enough to get it in some semblance of an order before responding
"While I appreciate that and the honor of being able to handle something like this for you, I desperately need to inform you that I'm one of the worst people OR ponies you could've chosen for this job."
>Celestia's smile falls back into a thin line as one of her eyebrows raises and the other falls
>"I beg to differ. You, of all ponies, were able to convince Chrysalis, my sister, and my apprentice all to follow your idea of peace. If anyone or anything is qualified to handle this, it's you."
"You have a point there, but everyone I convinced already knew who I was and was only really willing to follow my ideas after they were able to verify that it would even work to begin with. I won't have that same kind of sway with the average pony who's still highly suspicious of changelings as a species, and most likely downright fearful of Chrysalis herself."
>Celestia takes a moment to consider everything you've said before making another statement of her own
>"You won't have to worry about not having any sway with the public, because your choices will carry the weight of my seal with them. As far as they're concerned, it will be me running this program through Twilight; nothing new."
>As she finishes her statement, she opens up a drawer and levitates out a rubber stamp before placing it on her desk in front of you
>"I will be entrusting this with you until this is all taken care of, and I will pay you 200 bits for every candidate who accepts the job and a further 500 for every one of them that passes all of Chrysalis's criteria for this matter. Any further questions?"
>Many, but she'll probably just deflect them too
>You look to Twilight for any help with this, but she just shrugs and teleports the stamp away somewhere
>Seeing no other options, you sigh and accept your fate
"… What's the timeframe I have to work in?"
>"Whatever Chrysalis says you have. Anything else?"
"Am I going to have to get pretty much every detail of what needs to happen from her?"
>"Probably. Any more?"
"No, that's it."
>"Fantastic! Now, if you both will excuse me, I have a large stack of papers to read."
>With that sentence, Celestia opens the door and puts what looks to be over 1000 sheets of paper on her desk from a drawer nearby
>Twilight and you both make your exit as she begins to flip through it, and Twilight makes sure to close the door behind you both quietly
>As soon as the door's closed, you don't hesitate to voice some complaints to Twilight
"You know, you could've helped me out there."
>She shrinks back a bit at your statement before defending herself
>"And do what, go against my boss slash mentor and the one mare who has never been wrong about anything, as far as I can tell? Also, you might want to ease back on the tone."
>Yeah, you may have started a bit harsh
"Sorry, this just doesn't seem like something I'm supposed to be doing. I mean, I wasn't even paying attention during the real negotiations, between you and me. How am I supposed to figure out how to get an at least decent stallion to put aside his preconceptions to go to town on Chrysalis?"
>"I know you don't want to hear this, but she wouldn't have chosen you for this job if she didn't think you could do it. I did pick up on some possible pettiness from her during the conversation, also between you and me, but for the most part it was all genuine. Also, we're not just going to gloss over you, the supposed arbitrator, not paying attention during the negotiations; what in tartarus were you thinking?"
>You weren't, but you aren't going to outright tell her that
"From what I knew of Chrysalis at the time and from Celestia's reputation, I figured that neither party would end up with a raw deal. Thus, I didn't bother stopping myself when the overwhelming politics bored me to the point of daydreaming."
>Twilight gives you a stern glare before replying
>"It may have worked out this time, but I'm going to make sure that you pay attention during your new job. Now come on, you have some questions to ask your 'client.'"
>Twilight starts walking off down the hall without another word, leaving you to catch up with her



>Be Luna

>Celestia tasked you with keeping an eye on Chrysalis, Mother knows why
>There are more guards than there are princesses for a reason!
>She did give you a pair of guards to help, but they're busy watching Chrysalis's guards
>Very intently, too
>Wait, that's a staring contest
>There are definitely better ways for you to be occupying your time, though
>You could be helping with the clean up, you could be catching up on work, you could be taking a nap, you could be down at the kitchen grabbing some food…
>Anything other than watching Chrysalis
>It's not like she's being a pest, though
>Quite the opposite, actually
>She's just sitting across the room from you, avoiding eye contact and trying not to look awkward
>It must be pretty nerve-wracking for her to not have a disguise up right now, no wonder
>Then again, you're probably doing the exact same things as she is, given how much else there is to do here
>You'd try to be a better hostess for her, but you've never had this job
>Tia was always the more patient of you both
>More social too, but that needs no explanation
>It's not like you wouldn't try to, though
>You just have no idea how to start with this 'hosting' business
>Tartarus, you two haven't even…
>Wait, that seems like a good place to start
"You know, I don't think we've ever really talked to each other before."
>Your words end up bringing the attention of the entire room to you before both sets of guards realize you're not talking to them
>"I'm not surprised, I haven't actually heard many words from ponies that weren't 'You won't get away with this, monster!'"
>She changes her voice mockingly from Cadance's to Twilight's to Celestia's during the last part
>If she's trying to mess with you, it isn't working
"At all, I mean. I was asleep during the invasion of Canterlot and one of your lackeys put me in a cocoon before bringing me back to your old hive for the other thing; even this morning was more us comparing notes before the event than a real interaction."
>"Oh. I suppose that's mildly interesting, what's your point?"
"Well, we've never been formally introduced."
>You get up from your seated position and walk over to Chrysalis and stretch out your right hoof, much to her surprise
>All four guards in the room are now watching you both intently
"I am Luna, princess of Equestria and mover of the moon."
>Chrysalis tentatively accepts the hoofshake, giving a greeting in return
>"And I am Chrysalis, queen of the Badlands and mother of the changelings."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Chrysalis!"
>After a moment of hesitation, she replies
>"You too."
>After this interaction, you two go back to the previous routine except now you're both on the same side of the room
>Things do seem slightly less tense between you both, though
>The guards go back to comparing their gear and the changeling military to the equestrian one as you once again try to break the silence
>Now what?
>What would Tia do in this situation?
>Throwing her in the dungeon isn't going to help in the slightest here
>Well then, what would she do for any other guest?
>You just tried the route of conversation and your mind blanked, what would trying again do?
"Would you like to go do something more interesting?"
>"Would Celestia approve of you letting me out of this room?"
"Probably not, but she didn't say anything about not going with you. Besides, anything's better than waiting in silence for something to happen, and you look just as bored as I am."
>"Alright, I'm sold. Did you have something in mind or were you hoping for suggestions?"
"Either or."
>"Then why not show me what you do around here for fun?"
"Good choice!"
You both beckon your respective guards back to your side before you lead the way out of the room and into the castle



>Be Anonymous

>Twilight's been leading you around for a while without much in the way of conversation
>However, the way in which she's leading you is interesting enough without knowing what she's doing
>Every once in a while, she pauses and ignites her horn before taking a turn and sometimes even doubling back to go down a different path
>This goes on for a surprising amount of time while Twilight's frustration grows more and more visible
>Eventually, she just growls and makes one quick statement before gripping you in her magic
>"Hold on."
>Before you can completely register what happened, the purple clears from your eyes and you both are standing in front of a pony-changeling joint patrol headed by Luna and Chrysalis
>Needless to say, almost everyone is surprised by your sudden materialization here, you somewhat included
>"Alright, now that we're here, Chrysalis, Anon and I would like to talk to you."
>Everyone relaxes a bit once they realize it's just you and Twilight, but only Luna and Chrysalis seem completely at ease
>You're not surprised, you'd probably piss yourself if someone teleported right in front of you as you were walking
>"What's the occasion?"
>"Preferably in private."
>Before you can say anything, Luna directs you all into a room and instructs her guards to keep watch outside
>They protest a bit, but the protesting stops when Chrysalis's guards join them
>"Am I welcome to stay, or would it make things easier if I were to step out as well?"
>Luna looks to Twilight, who looks to you
>Soon enough, all three mares in the room are all looking at you
>So, you turn your attention to Chrysalis and ask a question
"This is going to involve some ah… sensitive topics, so the final call is up to you. You want them here for it?"
>"Define sensitive."
"You know, how Celestia's supposed to hold up her side of the negotiations?"
>"Well, I'd imagine at the very least having the one in charge of it being present. You can stay too, if you'd like."
>Chrysalis gives you a wink from an angle only you can see (not that, you pervert) before turning to Twilight expectantly
>Twilight stares back for a second before catching on to what's being implied
>"Oh! I'm not in charge of this one, that would be Anon."
>Luna pauses at the door when she hears this before turning around
>"I guess Tia really trusts you after all this."
>"That, or she wanted some payback for you getting her stuck in this situation."
"Well, whatever it was, I'm in charge, and no amount of my providing evidence to why I shouldn't be could convince Celestia to reconsider."
>"All that aside, my previous answer still stands. I'd prefer a measure of privacy for this matter, if you would please."
>Luna, still near the door, holds it for Twilight who has a last word of encouragement for you before leaving
>"Remember what you need to know and remember that Celestia chose you for a reason. I'll be waiting right out here if you need anything else."
"Now that you mention it, a paper and pencil would be pretty helpful."
>Twilight nods, the door clicks shut, and your request appears on the floor before you in a flash of purple
>You both relocate to a nearby table and you get set up before starting
"Alright, Chrissy, so the first thing I need to know is what kind of schedule to work in. When do you want the chosen subject in front of you?"
>Chrysalis thinks for a moment, eyes passing over the entire room before settling back on you
>"Let's say two weeks."
>You scribble down the answer and make a few bullets and a new tab below it
"Okay, now what would you like out of the chosen subject?"
>She takes her time thinking again before coming to another conclusion
>"At the very least, someone in good health with a stable mental state and a strong body. I'd also prefer someone with a lot of love to give and a proper appreciation of the moment, but it's not mandatory."
"Right, right."
>You write down the last bullet before writing another tab
"Do you care how many subjects who pass are sent to you, or is there a specific number or limit you want?"
>"I doubt you'll find even one, but should you somehow find more than that then by all means, send them all. I can handle it."
>Another few words are jotted down before you finish up with your last question
"And finally, is there anything I should know that wasn't covered by my questions?"
>"Just in case this endeavor goes as I imagine it will, plan B is still an option."



>Oh, yeah

>Plan B is still a thing
>You wipe a bead of sweat forming just under your mane away before folding up the paper
"Then I think that about covers it. I'll get to work on all this as soon as I get back to Ponyville, and I'll get back to you with any significant applicants so you can have final approval over who you choose."
>"And I'll be waiting. I know you won't disappoint me, no matter what happens. I suppose we should let the others back in too, now that we're done."
>You nod and walk over to the door, giving it a few knocks to alert those outside
>Once the party's back together, Twilight drags you back to the room you both were staying in to discuss the plans for your assignment
>"Now, what do we need to find, how does it need to happen, and how long do we have to do it?"
"Well, I have it- Wait, didn't you say I was doing this myself?"
>"You're doing all the planning and decision-making yourself, I'm just going to be your mouthpiece through all this."
"That would be pretty helpful… So, what exactly would you be doing?"
>"Whatever requires interacting with other ponies; writing memos, conducting the tests, informing those selected of the circumstances, that sort of thing."
"Okay, cool. So, as I was saying, I wrote down all the info Chrysalis gave me on that paper you gave me, feel free to take a look at it."
>Twilight levitates your folded paper over to herself and unfolds it, focus passing between each bullet point as she informs herself of the parameters
>She refolds the paper once she's done with it, nodding in contemplation of ideas that you can only hope to imagine
>"So, what's the game plan?"
"Not entirely sure. Any ideas?"
>"That's not my job in all this. I'm sure you at least have [i]something, right? Every idea starts off bad, so don't worry."
>You think to yourself and throw ideas around inside your head as Twilight waits expectantly
"… I guess we should start with finding applicants, so we should probably find some way to get word about that out to the entire country. Does Celestia have some kind of public broadcasting system?"
>Twilight stares blankly at you before putting together what the word 'broadcasting' probably means
>"Technically she does, but it would only work for unicorns."
"It's better than nothing. Why does it only work for unicorns, though?"
>Twilight thinks for a moment about how best to explain this to you
>"It's… Do you have a concept of telepathy, where you come from?"
"So she pretty much just transmits a thought through magic to anything able to read it?"
>"More or less."
"That'll work, all we need is to make sure word gets spread around, and letting the listeners know to spread the word to those not as magically inclined should probably handle that."
>"Alright, that's how we get the word out. Now, the next part of the plan: we need to establish the trials and make appropriate baselines for them. Any ideas about that?"
>You take a moment to consider the criteria in place
>Sound mind
>Strong body
>Willing to properly appreciate the moment
>You're starting to get ideas and you're starting to like how things are working out in your mind
>It may not be a perfect idea, it may not even work for all you know
>However, it'll get everything done that it needs to and more, hopefully
"Okay, so hear me out on this. We start it off with having Celestia not say what exactly this all is for but just give the statement that able-bodied and smart stallions are needed for an important task and that they should report to you."
>Twilight raises a quizzical eyebrow, but doesn't interrupt
"Then, we have them run through tests of both strength and endurance to test their physical viability with benchmarks set probably by Rainbow Dash and Applejack or somepony like them."
>The quizzical stare turns to a thoughtful one
"Then, we have those who passed the first round go through a test made by you to determine how mentally viable they are."
>Twilight begins to nod silently as your idea comes together
"Finally, you reveal to those left after that what this was all for and give them the option to walk out if they want to. Those who remain after all that are all the ponies we'll send to Chrissy."
>"You had me until we're supposed to let them walk out after doing all that."



>Looks like your idea wasn't as bad-

>Hold up
"Wait, why?"
>"If we give them an option to walk after all that, we'll have wasted both our time and theirs when they leave."
"What makes you so sure they'll leave?"
>"Because Chrysalis threatened this country with her plots not once, but twice and nearly succeeded both times. All this on top of the fact that she's still not redeemed in the eyes of the public or has been redeemed physically? That's just asking for ponies to want to stay as far from her as possible. We either tell them up front, don't tell them until it's too late for them to back out, or do what you're thinking and come up with nothing."
>She has a point
>So do pencils, and yet they still have erasers in case of mistakes!
>Suit yourself, I'm just the narrator
>You still don't want to waver from your idea to make sure Chrissy gets a pony who'll do right by her, so you think up a way to disregard everything Twilight just said
"I thought you weren't the one who was supposed to have ideas in this."
>Twilight huffs a bit before responding
>"Fine, I'll hold my tongue and just say 'yes ma'am' to everything."
>You're also going to disregard the sarcasm laced into there
"'Yes sir' would be preferred if you really insist on the extra formality. Now, I believe we have a public service announcement to write."



And that's it, sorry about the wait and the failure to adhere to my new schedule so far. On the bright side, I'm definitely putting out text faster than I was able to right before my content drought! Anyway, feel free to give feedback as you like or just straight up call me a piece of shit if you're so inclined. Have a nice night/day!


Ah shit, fucked the formatting on this post. Just remember, anonymous has no meme arrows for his dialogue if it trips you up.


My vote goes to Coco
Dang, would've thought you'd get at least one you by now. Don't worry, I still pay attention!


Can't believe I missed two instances of formatting, just fuck my shit up I guess.



Decent amount of questions to work with! Probably gonna shuffle the order around for story purposes.

I can see why audience interaction can be so compelling. … Tempted to add another round after the part, but I said one more round. I might not like what I said now, but ya gotta abide by the limits you set for yourself.

Stupid past self, ruining my fun.


File: 1567883884897-0.png (210.7 KB, 651x598, 1855451.png)

>Tfw your question didn't get a response


… how the hell did I miss that one? :I I've been copying the question responses down as I've gotten them, so you're in there.
Sorry about not quoting that one as well.


File: 1567913278948-0.png (265.31 KB, 1366x651, Screenshot_2019-09-07_22-1….png)

File: 1567913278948-1.png (168.3 KB, 1366x651, Screenshot_2019-09-07_21-3….png)

comfy autists play baby game


All these years and I never did figure out what this even is. Considering how I've taken to playing VRChat, I'd probably actually like that.


Looks /comfy/.



Eh, don't worry. I've been slacking a bit anyways. I need to get back to uploading regularly so I can eventually conclude this thing. Or I can just "rocks fall; everyone dies" and start writing something else instead of letting this carry on forever.


Newf*g here. How come the fandom consensus is that Anon always transforms into Anonfilly, never Anongarçon?


Because there's a thread for Anoncolt and it's back on /mlp/


Because Anon is a filly, not a frog.


"Fille" means "girl" and "garçon" means "boy". Therefore, should the male version of Anonfilly be Anongarçon?


File: 1567923351350.png (228.88 KB, 1280x905, 1305991.png)

Anoncolt is the genderswap of Anonfilly
Refer to pic related if you have any further questions


I want Harvey back…


Go deepthroat a baguette.


I'm available.

And no, filly doesn't equal "fille".
If you really want a French version for some weird-ass reason it would be
Anonpoulain (male)
Anonpouliche (femelle)


You don't have to TPK, just speed up the progression. It's what I'm trying to do in my story, after all.


File: 1567951548340.jpeg (50.08 KB, 738x415, image.jpeg)

Well hope filly anons like to be mom'd by the physical version of Dan cuz I am no twilight


Gonna cast my vote for Coco too.
Sorry for taking so much time to get around to giving you a (You)
As someone who's been following this since…Jesus, probably late February this year, I would greatly prefer to see a conclusion to this, and don't really care if it takes a little while longer to get there. And as someone who's been participating in almost every post since I started following it, and past the removal of rolls, I'd be pretty miffed if it abruptly ended like that. However, you don't actually owe me anything in reality, and the time you set aside for writing/general creative stuff is yours to do with as you please.


Yeah, I think he can tell. The only thing you ever respond to in this thread is his cyoa.


That's a bit gay, but as long as you let me eat tendies and take me to shoot funs we're good.


File: 1567972121591.jpg (10.96 KB, 182x268, MV5BNTI4NTA2NjYzOV5BMl5Ban….jpg)

>That's a bit gay


Only most of the time. Unless you just assume that the Leaf posts responding to other things are always other people.


I don't assume that, but recently the only leaf posts I've seen in this thread have been responses to Reuben's meme simulator.


In the French version of MLP, do they say "poulain" and "pouliche" or do they say something else?


Same answer I gave on /mlp/ : dunno, I don't like watching the show in French.
Find me an episode where they say "filly" a lot and I will check.
S1E1 to E6 only says it 3 times, french version replace it with :
PK-Giggle song : "boutchou" (argo/contraction, more or less "piece of cute". Used for very young kids)
AJ-Manehattan story : "petit poney" (literally "little pony")
AJ-Trixie Intro : they changed the phrase completely

Also fuck whoever decided that Manehattan should be pronounced "Manné-attan". Don't fuck up the name just because you couldn't find a wordplay that work locally ffs.


File: 1568036971497.jpg (79.76 KB, 868x1181, IMG_4176.JPG)

Are you ready for the snowball fight? Y/N


>snowballing contest between fillies
That's … that's pretty high on the gay scale.


File: 1568045146604.jpg (232.34 KB, 1408x1059, lL5qeIA.jpg)

New anonfilly party, join us


No you perv, a snowball fight.
Rolling up balls of actual snow and pelting other fillies with them, maybe antagonizing Purple afterwards until she makes you and your friends hot chocolate


File: 1568048022821-0.png (408.71 KB, 780x518, SpyFillyMoviePoster.png)

>The fat stallion sits down across from you in the booth, his weight managing to shift your position slightly from across the entire table.
>You look at the waitress, not even pausing to consider your drink choice.
"One Choccy milk, bottled not powdered."
>She nods quickly, going to fill the stallion's order.
>He grins manacingly, showing a mouth that's a patchwork of gold teeth and ones that are rotted down to the nub.
>Your pursuit of the infamous new street drug 'sugar' had led you to this den, and now it seemed like you had somepony who could lead you to the supplier.
>"I have all I need to drink at this table."
>The waitress laughs uneasily, but does nothing to deter the mass of lard that just implied he was going to rape the shit out of you.
>The both of you stay silent until she comes back with your chocolate milk.
"I'm looking to buy, who do I go to?"
>He scoffs.
>"A little filly like you, dealing sugar? Don't make me laugh."
"It's for my grandmother, she has chronic wither pain."
>You let the light from above reflect the brown of your milk into your eyes as you use your extensive training to conjure up some crocodile tears.
>He shrugs, at the very least believing your act now.
>"And once you know who my supplier is, I can do anything I want to you?"
>Not like he'd take anything but a yes, but you need to play up the defenseless filly act.
"Y-yes. Any game you wanna play, mister."
>He grins, licking his chapped chops and slides you a note.
>You flip it over, descretely scratching your mane with a hoof to activate the tiny microfilm camera behind your ear.
>Bother, you already cleared the address on the note.
>Guess you'll have to do it the hard way.
>You finish your milk, sliding out of the booth and onto the ground.
"Ready now, mister?"
>You can see his exposed cock, already rock-hard.
>What a fucking perv, who would want to fuck a filly?
>You follow him back to his abode, a luxurious penthouse sweet with a mountain view.
>Genuinely gawking at the beauty, you only notice the warning flags when a hoof wraps around your neck.
>You turn around to see the absolute whale of a horse resting his planet-sized planks in front of you.
>Now that he's reclined, his member is almost completely obscured by his folds.
>Ugh, you always hate this part…
>Checking one last time to make sure that the female condom is in place, you close your eyes and sit on his cock.
>The discomfort is familiar to you at this point, but you still want to finish this as quickly as possible.
>Flipping a switch, the outer layer of the cuntfag bursts; letting loose a torrent of fast-acting adhesives.
>Confused, he looks at you as you quickly pull out.
>You casually hold up a remote.
"Unless CBT is your fetish, I suggest you tell me who your actual supplier is quickly."
>His aroused look quickly switches to anger, then fear.
>"Please, I-I don't know who-"
>You press the first button, bursting the lining between two more bags and mixing two polymers together that begin to react exothermically.
>You tone out his screams.
"This thing has a butt-load of other options, but if you don't tell me I could have five ponies much more experienced with interrogation here within just a few minutes."
>"P-please, I beg of you-"
>You groan and tap the button with the lightning bolt on it, loosing somewhere between 1200 and 1600 volts into his phallus.
>Impressively, he's still managed to stay hard as plaster during the whole process.
>You groan, clearly you're getting nowhere with this.
>Might as well make sure he won't rape any other foals, you radio for backup and then take out your field knife.


>Anonfilly. The Movie.
I believe we have an incoming winner.


Is ash still here?


I get the sense Twilight wouldn't approve of Filly: Impossible.


Nope, I'm definitely not still here.



File: 1568071693907-0.png (32.46 KB, 542x316, 2140445.png)

File: 1568071693907-1.png (12.51 KB, 212x183, 2140447.png)

Found a couple of new Plunger fillies on derpi


File: 1568073250310.png (45.79 KB, 389x213, 2140450.png)

Found another one, this time a babby


You should write moar, your stuffs great


>A bunch of fillies stand in front of a box fort looking nervous and scared.
>One of their own are still in there.
>They barely got out ungay.
>But the ones still in there…
>Poor bastards.
>Not even Twilight will go in there.
>Not that she is scared but becuase she's too busy with a bottle of scotch.
>Stupid bitch.
>However, another filly rolls up on scene on a big wheel as the others start cordoning off the fort with duct tape.
>Her mirroredd aviators take in the distressed look of all the other fillies before she hops off and pulls up a small brief case that she was sitting on.
>You amble over to her as she strolls up with the handle of her case in her mouth.
"It was horrible…" you manage out through you waning adrenaline rush.
>She turns her gaze to you but you can't make out what she might be thinking through her shades.
>You stop as one of her eyebrows become visible over a lense.
>She motions for you to get on with it.
"Somebody was telling another about how much she enjoyed the others company and how they were such good friends. I was just minding my own bussiness but I overheard that and turned to look at who said that. Then… they hugged."
>Your eyes glaze over as you remember.
"Everyone was having such a good time. No one realized what had happened until it was too late."
>You start to shake…
"Then someone screamed. Everyone stopped what they were doing. One of the writefages snapped a pencil. An artfag spilled thrir juicebox on the thing she was doodling but no one cared. We all realized it at the same time. They were holding hooves."
>Your lips stretch into a snarl.
"The asshole forgot to say no homo!"
>Your little hoof stomps of its own accord in solidarity with your fury.
"I barely got out of there! Almost caught the gay but I was the only one who made out of my group."
>Finally, the filly with the glasses makes a move and spits her brief case to the dirt.
>Its slick black leather finish gleams a bit in the sunlight.
>She looks to you again.
>"Lemme guess: Diaperfag?"
"N-no. Not a pee filly either. The diaper fags are in there with the gay."
>You point at the cardboard fort.
"Having their lower body impeaded by padding did them in. Couldn't run as fast as the rest of us. Poor bastards never stood a chance."
>She starts unlatching her breifcase.
"I'm a comfy filly myself. Filly ain't for sexual, you know?"
>You try to say this with a smile but right now your heart just wasn't in it.
>Not with what just happened.
>There's no telling what kind of mega gay could be going on just beyond those hallowed walls.
"What do you got there anyways? How are you gonna get through all the fuc- Whooooa!"
>Sunglasses filly pulls a pair of striped white and green thigh-high socks from the briefcase and starts slipping them onto her hind hooves.
>"Anti-gay socks. The best in the buisiness."
>You take involintary step backwards.
>The amount of straight you feel radiating from sunglasses filly is more than a little intimidating.
>You almost want to call her Chad but you fight down the urge.
>You don't even get a chance to say anything to her.
>While you were fighting to master yourself she just stood up on all fours and trotted right in to the fort.
>All you could do is stand there with the rest of the onlookers with your mouth agape and try not to look at her ass.
>She didn't even put on all of her socks, leaving two behind in the case.
>If she can break through the gay with only two socks on…
>Your eyes widen.
>Just who is this filly?


Respectfully disagree.

Too busy waiting for a job to fall into my lap. Very demanding and time consuming.


Sorry, to tell you but you are too late.

>You among other anons arrived in this world and were turned into babyfillies.

>You were all adopted by Twilight.
>She tries to spend her time equally between you all.
>However, you haave just hached a plan to get more attention.
>You are going to be the first filly who takes a dump on the toilet, meaning you will be the first out of diapers.
>You can just imagine Twilight praising you for you deed.
>So you walk towards the toilet but when you reach the door, you the toilet flush.
Wait a minute, you think. Twilight is suppose to be downstairs.
>Then the door opens and out struts svenfilly.
>You can almost see the vapor of the stench coming off from her behind and from her hooves.
>She sees you and then with one of her smelly hooves she boops you.
"Sorry sis but a mare gotta do what a mare gotta do," she says winks at you.


These are cute. There sure are many talented drawfags in the filly community.


File: 1568082668037-0.png (2.71 KB, 319x40, 1561990455196-3.png)



Stop spamming anonfilly in derpibooru


Use filters.


t. triggered nyxfag


How long until Nyxfag kills himself?


File: 1568084916510-0.jpg (68.06 KB, 750x868, image0.jpg)


what a qt


File: 1568086549448-0.png (358.17 KB, 1024x583, 3426.png)

doesn't bother me. Most of Anonfilly stuff is lower quality, anonfilly is quantity over quality unlike nyx. There's no heart or substance. Sad, really.


Why would you need quality when you can have M E M E S


File: 1568093773439.png (70.86 KB, 233x205, all the keks.png)



File: 1568095055571-0.jpg (26.29 KB, 294x294, 1381483673757.jpg)

>niggerfaggot special snowflake tumblr shit tier OC bitch
Pick only one you no-flag asshat.


The life of an Anonfilly is hell. Only the strongest survive until nap time.


File: 1568097307577.jpg (2.04 MB, 3508x3508, 5416545564163.jpg)

Yes, such quality.


File: 1568097939642.png (205.01 KB, 894x1007, AnonFilly-Surprise.png)


"Okay, the Prostate exam thing wins. Goddammit Coco, you have a filthy mind."

She does her best to imitate a curtsy in her pony form. "Thank you, I'll be here all week!"

You pray for no more dirty puns as you and your friends are lead by the airport employee to a vehicle on the tarmac. As you make your way towards your jet, you look around to see how much damage was dealt by the crashed plane, though it appears to be out of your field of view.

Within a minute or so, however, the thought slips out of your mind as you are loaded onto a rather small, but cozy-looking plane. Not including the passenger's cabin, there are 8 seats. 7 of which would suffice for you and your friends, though the 8th is occupied by a man in a blue plaid button down shirt and blue jeans. He has silver hair and glasses, and appears to be in his 50s or so. He offers his hand to shake your hoof. Not having much reason to distrust him, you accept, and he introduces himself as Darrel.

"So who do you work with, Darrel, CNN?"

He shakes his head. "Nope. White house. Hope y'all don't mind a detour, but you're not gonna be meeting with the media tonight."

You immediately turn your gaze to Alex, who shrugs, about as confused as you are. Darrel continues before you can form any ideas as to what's going on.

"The president would like to speak with you tonight, as early as possible."


Check Twitter.


>inb4 fillies all have to go back
>inb4 Trump figures out a way to pull it off through sheer force of will


Have you tried local malls? I got a job just from checking the listings on shops in one


What in the actual fuck is that?


At least finish that story you started for ass; I really want to see how it ends.


Lol, I diddn't even read it yesterday. I just saw that it was a spy anonfilly green, especially one with a refrence to James Bond and posted that I had already posted a story about that premise.

Filly is a spy. That's were the similarities between our stories ends though.

Well, this story reminds me of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBXd12-6hq4

>What a fucking perv, who would want to fuck a filly?





File: 1568132510771.png (1.38 MB, 2016x2219, 2129337__safe_artist-colon….png)



File: 1568134046453.png (9.49 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Use oekaki to draw the best filly you can! Pic related


File: 1568148012441.png (15.55 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


That is pretty solid dude. Almost thought you cheated by downloading a pic into it or something. So it is really good. I should know.
Well, you tried at least. Nice (((nose))) she has.


File: 1568152319899.png (10.07 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1568157394436.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.65 KB, 589x543, Filly.jpg)

Y-you too


File: 1568157783689.png (11.16 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

>Legs not in portrait
Yeah, bet you thought you could fool me with that one but I know a mare when I see one. Here is a real filly.

>When you forget that the joke you weregoing to make was to draw a filly with really short legs and just draws a wierd breakdancing filly instead. I will draw another one


File: 1568158278468.png (Spoiler Image, 4.88 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Am really good at legs


>Filly ODs on wing relaxants. Becomes paralyzed flesh light.


File: 1568159056793.png (17.13 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Well, that is also pretty great.
>Write what it says to prove you are not a bot text
What does it say?

This might be my flatest joke ever. You are really good at drawing anyway so do continue.


I started and killed a lot of stories dude. Gonna have to be specific to jog my memory.

Also no. I'm drinking a Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash bottle and there's nothing you can do to change my mind.


The one you were writing that was a homage to assfaggot's green?


>Filly uses stilts to prove to Twi that she is a grown up


Oh the one that ended up actually being similar to what ass had planned, where filly and twi have a falling out?

Still not happening. In fact I'm just gonna bail out of the thread now.


Oh, i forgot the "k"
It says "Thans"


File: 1568160908793.png (297.83 KB, 1330x1500, 1559993.png)

anons I need you

if any of you has the other art saved from the anon who made pic related please post it

thanks fillies


File: 1568161899936.png (183.17 KB, 1183x646, Oekaki.png)

…and that's why Twilight Sparkle doesn't let Twilight Velvet watch Anon all by herself anymore.


File: 1568161962712-0.png (488.85 KB, 1500x1962, anonfilly giving anoncolt ….png)

File: 1568161962712-1.png (490.04 KB, 1200x1354, anoncolt and anonfilly in ….png)

There's way more than just a couple of pics by CountryRoads, and I think most (if not all) are in the dropbox.
He drew several great fillies, and a few wonderful pics of filly with colt.



Dude, nice. Creative situation and cool perspective.
>Filly's face


File: 1568173771815.png (724.48 KB, 2500x2500, Skydiving with Grandma.png)


Babby a cute
>implying I would ever want to take them off


This is far better than any oekaki I've seen, excellent.
Now time for someone to try to outdo you…


File: 1568219354061-0.png (84.94 KB, 628x776, 1567928850402.png)

File: 1568219354061-1.png (267.96 KB, 644x964, 1567601456850.png)

A few unposted fillies from


File: 1568221999188.png (6.59 KB, 421x249, Oekaki.png)

Hire me Hasbro.


Very elegant. Your drawing will probably end up as front for this thread's next edition.
However, I can tell that this is a drawing due to two elements were you fucked up. Filly is lacking a neck and two legs, which makes me think, "How does she breath and walk with that?"
So I will dock you points for that 9/11.


This is the best drawing I have done in Oekaki, >>241170
Filly's mom being naughty but I honestly can't tell you which requires the most skill to do.


Also, I think this one is in the race even if filly is standing in a standrad pose.


File: 1568233192791.png (Spoiler Image, 16 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1568233562050-0.jpg (53.29 KB, 504x360, 1568177165184-0.jpg)

I don't make the drawings, I only ensure they make it to the correct thread.


Well we'd best not keep him waiting, must be important.


Dont do that, you dont need to write if you dont want to, I was just saying i really like your stuff


Did filly just pee on Twilight? That's kinda hot


Glad it was enjoyed!


Art's a patience game, if ya ask me. Even with inferior tools, one can still make kick ass stuff. Just takes more time. The classical masters didn't have fancy layers or undo to work with. I got pretty decent with MS Paint, so I'm used to it. Not relying on the default colors is the way to go, but that's not fast.

…now back to writing the other bit of those question responses in the story


Reminder to self: Thingaling filly green.




File: 1568270138610.jpg (243 KB, 800x829, 1453771201943.jpg)

Happy birthday, faggot, I'd have posted the one with the plane, but that was for a few years ago.


Thanks m8, can always count on aus to make some of the best posts and the worst too


File: 1568288542922.jpg (236.24 KB, 1866x1687, IMG_2992.JPG)

Happy birthday, hope you get lots of headpats and snugs


>happy 18 degrees birthday
What did he mean by this?


File: 1568292234756-0.gif (573.48 KB, 512x501, filly_burn_in_hell_2.gif)

>You fell into a burnin' ring of fire.
>You went down, down, down; but the flames went higher.
>And it burns, burns, burns; the ring of fire.
>The ring of fire.
>The ring of fire.


File: 1568301354084.jpg (9 KB, 251x201, iweui.jpg)

>satan is a filly anon
surprising yet fitting


PTFG had one of those last year.


Yeah, but it was poorly-written and the fucker never finished it.


It would appear so


File: 1568309636418.gif (806.67 KB, 750x644, 341540.gif)

>no green updates





Sorry, been busy. And yes, I know what I am. Kind of a piece of shit tbh, but if you've been following me you'll know that I'm a bit crap at keeping promises for update schedules.
Should have one out for you tonight or tomorrow night, I'll have to see if anybody wants me to do something tonight.


*something else


File: 1568327710644.png (121.56 KB, 1450x825, 1549485118039.png)

I am dead
And also a faggot
Mostly a faggot
But still dead


File: 1568328814971.gif (139.81 KB, 495x495, 1194319.gif)

Don't pinkimake me pie the shit out of you losers till you smile


File: 1568337233539-0.jpg (2.53 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190912_154101.jpg)

Journey to the promised gains.


File: 1568337574267-0.png (18.42 KB, 896x732, unknown.png)

File: 1568337574267-1.png (80.49 KB, 939x769, unknown.png)

File: 1568337574267-2.png (90.66 KB, 924x759, unknown.png)

File: 1568337574267-3.png (41.65 KB, 851x569, unknown.png)

File: 1568337574267-4.png (24.85 KB, 688x443, unknown.png)

RU ready to embark on the jerny of a lifetiem?




What's this? Fillies are going one two seperate jourenys at the same time.


>servers full on release day


>Another day, another plate of waffles.
>You scarf them down, Twilight briefly mentions that your party is tonight.
>Is it mentioning or reminding? All of this shit just feels so surreal.
>You grab your brown paper bag with another wrapped slice of cheese pizza in it.
>Heh, get you under the covers and you'd be a wrapped slice of-
>Well, there's no need to be excessively profane.
>But it's also one of the few jokes you can come up with about your situation that is able to give you a sensible chuckle.
>"-right Anonymous?"
>"You finished your homework, right Anonymous?"
"I didn't quite have the chance to grab it if I had any."
>Twilight sighs, part of you knows that she just wants to mom it up and sit on the couch with you.
>Teach you all the wonders of this world, make you not want to destroy it anymore.
>Your organization did put you through quite a bit of desensitization training.
>You remember that time they took you down to the ruins of Earth, the first time you had seen the planet from where your entire legacy originated.
>Everyone was enjoying it, throwing back drinks and watching the sun that used to sustain this planet setting over the ruined cityscapes.
>You wanted to stay for weeks, there was just something so beautiful about the destruction.
>You had seen images of the nuclear strikes that you would inevitably command already, a destruction so engineered that it left barely anything behind that wasn't under the surface.
>You grappled up the still-standing monolith of a skyscraper, making sure to keep your reverter on-hand unless you slipped.
>All of the damage here was just… subtle.
>If you hadn't learned about the downfall of the colony, you never could've said what exactly happened here.
>In any case, the beauty of it all was shattered the next morning.
>It turns out that they had only dragged you a few hundred light seconds to make you shoot some creatures called 'squirrels'.
>If you couldn't do it, you were out of the program.
>You didn't even hesitate when you got one in your sights.
>No matter how nice they looked, those furry rodents were all that were standing between you and a very cushy well-paying job.
>But then again, none of the squirrels had human-level intelligence and sapience.
>It's best not to think too hard about that, you'll inadvertently end up killing them in under a month anyways.
>"Have a great day at school, honey."
>Twilight brushes up against one of your bruises tenderly before pulling you into a hug.
>Don't think, don't think, don't think…
>Emotions never got anyone anywhere in science.
>Not anyone important, that is.
>You take a seat at your desk.
>The cunt trio soon enter separately.
>They all give you the same look.
>You can't tell what it is, but there's no anger in it.
>"Good morning class!"
>You join in the chorus of voices:
>"Good morning Ms. Cheerilee."
>"My students are tired this morning, eh?"
>A brown colt raises a leg, hoof drooping.
>"Yes, Button?"
>"I stayed up all night playing the new Megamare."
>You can see a flash of annoyance on Cheerilee's face before she masks it with a winning smile.
>"That's great Button, why don't you talk about that at lunch?"
>"It's really really cool. You play as a mare construct, like a golem but metal. You have to go through stages and defeat-"
>"Button. At lunch."
>"Now class, what do we say about butts?"
>You stay silent and open your mouth to mouth along:
>"Butts are for toilets and check-ups, not Ms. Cheerilee's class."
>"That's right."
>The scraping of chalk against a board causes you to slam your hooves over your ears like the fucking autist you are.
>"Persona. Per-soh-nah. Can anypony tell me what that means?"
>Nobody seems to know the answer.
>You wait around for Cheerilee to just write it on the board, but she just stands there waiting for someone to take a crack at it.
>Well, you'll give it a shot.
>"Yes, Anon?"
"A persona is the you that you show everyone else, not like the you that you keep inside."
>Nailed that brainlet comprehensible terminology too, a plus.
>The teacher nods.
>"That's very good Anonymous, in fact…"
>She walks over to you, peeling back something from a thin sheet with an attracting hoof.
>It gets stuck on your desk.
>A gold star.
>Many of your classmates look on with envy.
>You know it's worthless, but they don't.
>So you beam proudly.
>Let the hate flow through you…
>The rest of the day until lunch continues to be as mind-numbing dull as you would expect.
>You step outside for lunch, making sure to stay within Cheerilee's line of sight this time just in case.
>Your fears are confirmed when all three of the same fillies from yesterday approach you.
>You look over at Cheerilee pleadingly, but she's busy talking to some parent.
>The orange one is the first to speak up.
>You occupy yourself in appearing very interested in your pizza.
>"No hard feelings, right?"
>You give her the thousand yard stare.
>The yellowish one speaks up.
>"Ah, don't mind her. Scootaloo is just ah little bit… behind."
>"Am not!"
>The white one speaks up.
>"So… you want to be in our club?"
>You start to exhale rapidly out of your nose, working your way up into a chuckle, until finally you have a laugh going that would do the likes of Light and Jonah Jameson proud.
>The orange one seems to take personal offense to this.
>"What's so funny about-"
"Twilight put you up to this, didn't she?"
>She falls silent.
"I figured as much. Do you know what the most important moment of your interaction with anyone is?"
>All three of them shake their heads.
"The first. Fucking. Impression. If you piss on someone, there's a good likelihood that they aren't going to want to talk to you for a long time."
>"But friendship is magic…"
"Yeah, so is alchemy. Tell me, have you ever seen lead turned to gold before your very eyes?"
>The white one shakes her head.


"Exactly, now leave me alone so I can eat my fucking lunch in-"
>Leaves rustle next to you.
>"What did she ever do to you?"
"You don't want to know the half of it."
>A brown hoof impacts the ground in front of you.
>"I-I challenge you to a duel!"
>You look up at the colt.
>To his credit, he is taller than you.
>Could probably kick your ass in a 1v1 irl, but based on the slight pudge of dat ass…
"What game?"
>He gives you a genuine looking face full of shock.
>"H-how did you know I was going to name a video game?"
"I have my ways."
>You lean back, grinning.
"So, is it a yes or a no? You're just going to let your little girlfriend take my abuse?"
>He scratches his chin.
>"What's a girl?"
>You facepalm.
>"Oh, then no! You have no respect for fillies! You're on like a pawn!"
>He turns his head towards the white one, but she either doesn't get his chess 'joke' or she sees it as the lame unfunny shit it is.
"Never mind the fact that I am a filly… are lesbians extra prevalent here?"
>"Here? Lesbian?"
"Never mind. Right after school, wherever you all play video games. I'll kick your ass, and if you can somehow beat me then I guess I'll put aside all of the horrible shit these ponies did to me and be their friends."
>He gives an exaggerated laugh.
>"And if Button were to somehow lose? Oh yeah, it's at my house."
"Did you just refer to yourself in third person and then drop the act after only one sentence? If you're going to do a stupid gimmick, at least commit. As hard as it may be to believe, my demands are self-explanatory. I want to be left alone by you assholes."
>The four of them walk off in two different directions as you bite into the slightly-burnt crust.
>Be Sweetie Belle.
>Button is really really annoying, but…
>Rarity did say there would be consequences if you couldn't get her out of hot water with Twilight.
>You practice breathing through your mouth to avoid the inevitable smell of unwashed ass that emanates from Button before walking over to him.
>As per usual, he stutters quite a bit.
>"H-hey S-sweetie Belle! H-how are you d-doing tod-"
"Button, what would it take for you to win that game today?"
>"A kiss."
>That was surprisingly fast.
>Well, Rarity would've done the same to get what she wanted.
"Deal, and if you lose you have to do my chores for a month."
>You can see a bead of sweat run down his face.
>Be Button Mash.
>Maybe you should throw the match, when else do you get a chance to sniff a fine mare's dirty laundry?
>Be Anonymous.



>hidden flag
Brazilanon, get back to writing we all know it's you


>Button is a disgusting mess
>Sweetie is a whore
This is getting better and better.


File: 1568370537019.png (492.33 KB, 2600x2300, 1529101__explicit_artist-c….png)



10/10 would go on filly journeys again


Filly looks less aroused and more sad…


yes, she has those kind of tired mother-like eyes


>mother-like eyes
Dear lord, what have you done?!


>Filly has mommy issues
>Grows up under Twilight's care, clingy and requires a lot of attention that Twilight can't give her due to her duties.
>A needy filly becomes a jaded and depressed mare.
>Then, one day a little filly appears while she's making instant noodles.
Will Anonmare be able to be a good enough mom for Anonfilly?


>Will Anonmare be able to be a good enough mom for Anonfilly?
i hope so


File: 1568423769113-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 3010x1893, image0.jpg)

Somehow I just discovered possibly the most badass music video, have a filly to go along with it.
(Image spoilered because you should really watch the video for yourself first.)


File: 1568425846663.png (205.93 KB, 864x673, rehzhaehgv.png)

>Will Anonmare be able to be a good enough mom for Anonfilly?
Absolutely, and still better than that purple cunt.


File: 1568426145266.png (253.33 KB, 1000x1000, zs53EPT.png)


File: 1568426240406.png (123.76 KB, 456x600, cryingfilly.png)


File: 1568426730948.jpeg (905.11 KB, 2832x2560, 1757912.jpeg)

Easy filly, there is a piece of pie for everyfilly.


File: 1568428610058.png (653.42 KB, 1348x1973, FillyCase.png)

So thinking logically, if filly is normal size that's a really small briefcase….

Would have had this posted sooner but my lazy ass took a while to get some proper colour on there.


File: 1568429027784.jpeg (50.83 KB, 644x476, image.jpeg)

>you become anon filly
>you get mommied by Dan


>you get to mommy a filly

>Is Dan as a filly



File: 1568432160209.png (158.52 KB, 1179x1223, boxfilly.png)

Mission failed, I'll get that cookie jar next time…


File: 1568458621603.png (734.95 KB, 1920x1076, 1687301.png)


File: 1568466407340.png (772.15 KB, 6000x6612, MSWYiVH.png)


Ya see i could tell because you're the only writefag i could think of that would need to hide their flag to avoid detection


>login servers full
>estimated wait time: Infinity
A truly classic experience.


File: 1568473829577-0.png (24.44 KB, 989x951, 2143626.png)


File: 1568476175279-0.png (5.33 MB, 1205x6406, 2143092.png)

More of this comic


Is it worth reading outside of the parts with filly ?


No, it's pretty much normie-tier garbage aside from that.


boxfilly a cute!


File: 1568504956117.png (115.32 KB, 778x891, 1002132.png)

Not cute. Not. Cute! REEEEEEE


File: 1568506044609.png (913.54 KB, 687x1024, filly_heart_eyes.png)


File: 1568508744049.png (3.65 KB, 273x387, fillywithagun.png)



File: 1568510250148.gif (167.69 KB, 535x600, heeha.gif)


File: 1568520933264.png (197.72 KB, 994x1180, fAZYRlq.png)

Try again filly.



>be me
>sleepy as h*ck
>get comfy cozy in bed while hugging my filly plush
>tfw she isnt real
>drift off to sleep
>wake up
>realize im not in my apartment anymore im in my parents house
>But wait why is every thing so big and im tiny
>looking down realize im the friggin filly
>Dont even question it just bask in the glow of my new found adorableness
>As im cheering ny little horsie ears perk up as hoof steps come tapping down a near ny hall way
>I find myself tackled to the ground by two more green fillies
>Spike is looking down at us and rolls his eyes
>"You fillies realize we gotta get readyfor the christmas party right?"
>Fillies look to me as if im supposed to know what to do
>Excuse myself and call one of my human friends with a cell phone that is suspiciously convenient
"Dude you gotta help me, i forgot about some christmas party and now im expected to plan it or something?"
>"Dude chill you already did that remember? Just head on over to my place. You feeling okay?
"Um yea sure im fine. Be there soon broski."
>Hang up and trot back into the room only to find the two fillies are now four and one is giving me some very weird looks
>My face heats up and i bite my lip my withers tingling
>"you two can cuddle latter are yall ready to go?"
>spike is having none of these filly shenanigans and alreadu has his coat and some car keys
>Both the green filly with the cute mane and I turn to defend ourselves only to be drown out by giggles from all the others
>With shame we follow the others in slipping into festive coats, hats and snow boots and pile into spikes gold cart
>part of my brain is telling me somthing is way off but i ignore it as i focuse more on the cute filly trying to hold my hoof
>Opening my eyes only to find myself in my broskis house talking to his dad while the fillies and my bro take seats around the living room
"Thanks for letting us stay here for the night"
>"It was no trouble at all you kids have fun"
>Smiling i turn to see everyone is playing smash brothers
>I get that weird nagging feeling in my brain that somthing is wrong again but once more that cute filly distracts me
>She is sprawled out on a pull out couch bed with her normally long fluffy mane pulled into a pony tail
>As i look she giggles and rubs the bed
>Eagerly i clamber up into bed next to her as we snuggle against one another
>Hear the other fillies yawn as all the lights shut off and the room changes
> all the furniture is in a circle and all the fillies are sleeping
>Now i really know somthing is up
>reluctantly slipping from the sleeping fillies hooves i try to walk around the room
>Once more every thing spins and now we are all sitting on a couch
>Frank Sinatra is singing a christmas song and we are all singing along
>Some are also enjoying cups of hot chocolate
>Spike was enjoying a plate of peppermint bark
>i try to speak again but a filly covers my mouth and whispers in my ear
>"You can still win this"
>I look over at her and her eyes are sparkling
>Blinking, i find myself sitting infront of her spread legs
>She's stroking her mare pussy eagerly and moaning just to tease me
>wake up from dream
>Get sad and post weird dream on /mlpol/
Sorry if story is jankey the dream got weird when ever I became too self aware


That is one kino dream, anon


I lost.



>Frank Sinatra is singing a christmas song and we are all singing along
Cute and hilarious


Thanks for sharing, anon. Funny and cute little dream.
If you wanted to interpret any kind of meaning from the dream, I'd advise you to think of what the things in the dream meant specifically to you as you experienced them.


File: 1568569470357-0.png (232.81 KB, 1155x1014, 1860206.png)

>Tfw been here along for the filly ride almost two years now
>Tfw still no filly-themed dreams I can remember
>Tfw still no filly plush to snuggle when I go to bed
>Tfw I can't even be cute like pic related when I'm sad


kek and cute


File: 1568584623879.jpeg (184.74 KB, 2000x1150, 1977062.jpeg)


File: 1568589396018.png (208.74 KB, 2215x1480, 1542238217138.png)


D'aww, how cute!


File: 1568591439343.png (65.65 KB, 833x625, m7O9B32.png)


File: 1568591569340.png (14.65 KB, 666x1002, 1644268.png)


Please stop clogging up the thread with this pointless gay 'ur cute' posting.


ur a cute filly


File: 1568596786172.png (200.43 KB, 1167x1400, 1746599.png)

Waiting for the green is taking too long, poner.


Have an old silly thing Im not sure was posted

>A filly finally found out the reason behind the missing filly case

>Twilight caught her sending pics of herself to some pony
>Not even caring that she was a ">grown man", Twilight dealt with it as if she was just a filly
>None of the other residing fillies have seen her in a while, so this came as a relief
>After all the filly is probably still alive
>Twilight wouldnt kill her own fillies right?
>Celestia, who has been babysitting all these fillies during Twi's abscence, decided to butt in
>I mean, with a butt that big how could she not?
>Asking what was wrong, she finds out that a filly was taken away by Twilight
>The filly also tells her about why she was in trouble and how she can take care of herself without the need of Twilight
"Hmm, do tell, how old are you?"
>F1: "21, im a full grown man for fuck sake"
"I dont believe you, send pics"
>Another filly joins, knowing the other filly would get in trouble for this
>F2: "You do realise that s how that other filly-"
"So you want to take her place? Fine, send me your pics"
>F2: "W-wha-?"
>F1: "Dont tempt me woman"
>F3: "Gay"
"You! Send pics" - She said, getting in the filly's face
>F3: "Fuck off"
>F2: "I-Im calling Twilight"
>F4: "Hey guys, what s going on in this-"
>Celestia glomped the filly, enveloping her in a full body hug
"Send me pics of yourself, filly"
>F1: "Hey, anyone knows where s the camera at?"
>F4: "Pics of myself? Cant you just like…magic them for yourself right now?"
"Im bored, send me your pics"
>F3: "Fuck off, REEEEEE"
>F1: "Uhh Twilight put a jammer on the camera, sorry"
"Bleh, boring" - Celestia said before flashing the 4th filly's face
>F4: "Hey, what gives?"
"Umm, you re a cute manehatten filly, call me when you re a thousand years older"
>And with a last wink, she flew away
>F3: "Ha, Gay"


File: 1568604696822.png (Spoiler Image, 610.24 KB, 2846x2931, 2db.png)

Thanks poner.


Oh yeah, I seem to remember this one. Good job anyways.


File: 1568639435029.png (163.78 KB, 504x590, 1348702.png)

As long as you post and exist in these threads, I can think of you as a cute sad loser filly Anon

Don't worry


I-I don't wanna be a loser filly…


File: 1568675431984.jpeg (145.24 KB, 1030x1121, 1809496.jpeg)

You did it to yourself you loosery doo


File: 1568675744851.gif (198.43 KB, 711x668, 1496392932363.gif)


Can I still get snugs?


File: 1568677071361.png (449.39 KB, 1812x2091, 1706385.png)

But of curse

the anonfillies activate my parental sensitivities


File: 1568681132425.jpg (716.62 KB, 2500x1750, 2b0.jpg)

It's good.
OC filly is rising.


File: 1568681930181.jpg (40.34 KB, 640x480, 1484858148296.jpg)



I almost missed the fillies inside the car.


File: 1568694988753.png (13.98 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon3.png)

>A prissy filly with drill hair mane spoke up without even bothering to wait for being picked.
>"MY daddy says that Celestia is a tyrant and a fraud and the sun and moon move on their own. That's why the moon continued to rise and set even when Luna was gone for 1000 years. He also says Nightmare Moon did nothing wrong and we'd all be better off under her rule."
>There's a moment of silence, only broken by a heavy sigh from the teacher's direction.
"… Right. There's so much about that to talk about, it's hard to tell where to begin."
>I plopped down into a sitting position.
"If Celestia WERE a tyrant, she must be the most inept tyrants that's ever existed. Somepony saying that sort of stuff, in the city of her seat of power, and NOT mysteriously disappearing? That's like.. basic level stuff."
>I let out an exasperated snort that sounded a bit too equine for my taste.
"Next, regarding all the Nightmare Moon and Luna stuff, was he… asleep or something for ANY of the times recently where some unspeakable power interfered with the sun and moon? Discord? The Storm King? That time that the princesses were missing and both the sun and moon were in the sky with that weird night on one side and day on the other thing?"
>I waggled a hoof dismissively.
"… I'd fuss some more, and it sounds like your daddy has some more that could be said on his opinions, but c'mon now."
>I pointed at a pony that'd had his hoof raised.
>They blinked for a moment before realizing they'd been picked.
>"What flaaavor was the marble?"
>He had a somewhat gormless expression on his face.
>At least it was an easy question.
"Glass. Fortunately, marbles aren't pointy."
>and on to the next one.
>"Does Princess Luna really haunt our dreams? I heard she was just a fat video game nerd."
"Welllll… I dunno if 'haunt' is really the right word. She does have the ability to go into other ponies' dreams. She's talked with me in one of mine."
>I'll just leave out the troublesome subject of said conversation.
"I think I heard she helps ponies having nightmares? I haven't really talked about her work. …and I guess if I were gone a long time and were shown something as interesting as video games, I'd probably get curious about them too. …but I don't think she's done much with them. Maybe she's done enough stuff that they're just not as interesting? I dunno. Maybe I could try showing her some stuff sometime."
>The filly nods a little and the filly beside her shoots her hoof up.
>Might as well.
>I barely even started pointing at her before hooves are planted firmly on the desk.
>"How come Griffons control the majority of the banks despite only being 2% of the population."
>Oy vey, de goyim know!
>Talon rubbing intensifies.
"Well… I dunno. Maybe they're more prone to financial cutie m--wait. They don't get cutie marks, right?"
>Damn right they don't.
"…maybe they're good with money? I dunno. Do they really control banks?"
>The teacher clears his throat.
>"Let's move on to another question."
>Aw. That's no fun.
>The teacher then points at an earth pony that was currently fumbling his hooves together.
>"C-can I feel your wings?"
>My cheeks felt a bit warmer.
>Before I could answer, an overly excitable pegasus pops right out of her seat and chirps up.
>"Ohh, can I feel your horn? Can I? Can I?"
>More and more ponies began just shouting out their questions, drowning each other out as I could swear I could feel spaghetti trying to spill from beneath my wings.
>The teacher began banging a hoof on his desk to try and restore order.
>"All right! All right! Settle down, everypony!"
>The chatter began to die down, but one somewhat clueless pony didn't quite quiet down in time.
>"Does Celestia poop, or does she work so hard that she doesn't produce waste?"
>The unfortunate pony becomes the center of attention for the entire class, a few snickers coming from the back.
>The teacher gives him a frown before commenting.
>"I'm sure your parents read that book to you when you were little. 'Everypony Poops'. If not, maybe you can check it out from the library."
>An outright laugh from the class at that.
>Poor thing, getting dissed by a teacher like that.
>Said teacher then turned toward me.
>"Well, I guess if there aren't any questions about our newest student, we should get on with class. If anypony still has questions, please wait until lunch or recess, where if she feels like answering them, she might do so then. Emerald, you may take a seat right over there."
"Y… you too…"
>I mumbled it beneath my breath, still feeling a touch out of sorts from the questions.
>The earth pony and the pegasus were still looking right at me.
>I shuffled to the indicated seat as I hoped my face wasn't making me look like a bad Christmas ornament.
>It seemed like things were going to be weird here as well.
>One of the ponies sitting next to me tried scooting their desk a little closer.
>Fucking ponies, man.


Well done, friendo.


File: 1568697778927.png (660.67 KB, 3860x2177, IMG_20190805_013002.png)


File: 1568698273441.png (41.15 KB, 459x492, fillysmile.png)

>tfw the babby learned to count all the way to 5
D'awww, I'm so proud of her!


This is the most patient anonfilly I've ever seen. That bootleg booze had better be worth it.
Nice job!


>Be Anonymous.
>You honestly quite like the physical bell in the school house, it gives the completion of a day of work a nice reward.
>Twilight is waiting outside for you, you walk up to her and whisper what you're doing in her ear.
>At first she seems a bit annoyed that you want to play video games instead of spending time with her, but after you remind her that it's an exercise in friendship and agree to her demands of letting her bathe with you in the tub and cuddle afterwards…
>You aren't gay, you just want these fuckers off of your case.
>And Twilight is kinda comfy desu…
>Anyways, she allows it on the condition that she can pick you up and drop you off.
>Seems she knows Button's mom.
>You wonder what she's like…
>Knock knock.
>A cream colored mare opens the door.
>Twilight greets her warmly before leaving you to your own devices.
>It would seem you're the first one there, so you make some small talk with Button's mom.
>You chance a look at her ass and notice that her tattoo is a bottle with a heart next to it.
>You haven't quite figured out what those do, you just know that yours is a question mark.
>Well, not a bad thing to ask…
>"Just call me Cream, all my friends do."
>That statement makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, but whatever.
"…Cream, what do the marks on our butts mean?"
>"Huh, I figured they would've taught you that in school by now. That's a cutie mark, it dictates the thing that you're best at, and if you're lucky the thing you'll do for the rest of your life!"
>You catch a twinge of sadness in those eyes, but it quickly fades away.
>You're guessing that not everyone gets a talent that matches up with their childhood fantasies.
>Not to mention, what the hell does hers mean she's good at?
"That's neat, when do ponies usually get them?"
>"Oh, pretty early. They show up when you discover what your special talent is, so it usually doesn't take that long."
"That's neat, what does yours symbolize?"
>"Motherly care."
>You slowly process just how incredibly fucked up that implication is, but decide not to comment on it.
>She seems nice, you don't want to dig up past trauma.
>"Do you want a juice box while you wait?"
"Well, normally I'd say we should burn the juice; but yeah that sounds nice."
>You realize what a bad idea that statement was right after it leaves your lips, but thankfully Cream pays it no mind.
>"Apple or grape? I'd offer you fruit punch, but that's my baby's favorite and we're out."
"Apple, please."
>The box is set in front of you, and you just sort of stare it while you try to figure out the best way to insert the straw.
>"Oh, you need some help with that?"
"Thanks… if it's not too much trouble yeah, I'm really used to having fingers."
>She laughs.
>"You foals and your pretend games."
>"Mooooom, I'm home!"
>Once again, you see a flash of something pass through her eyes.
>But this time, you think it's…
>Annoyance? A bit of something… violent?
>The three stooges lurk behind him, seemingly waiting to be invited in like vampires.
>After being ushered in, you're quickly pulled away from Cream by a grubby hoof into a room that nearly makes you vomit on just the smell alone.
>How could someone who likely doesn't even know that his dick is for anything other than peeing produce this pungent of an odor?
>You quickly excuse yourself to 'use the restroom' and plead Cream to let you borrow a clothespin.
>She nods in understanding.
>By the time you've returned, the game is already set up.
>The selection screen reminds you of Smash, except for the fact that you don't recognize any of the faces on it.
>You see Button has already selected a blue metallic mare, seemingly the video game character he was attempting to talk Cheerilee's ears off about earlier.
>Yep, Megaman…
>You still have no idea how.
>You ponder your selection.
>If there's a Megaman clone, surely there's a Wolf and/or a Falco…
>Not that you have any hope of finding them in a character roster that seems to consist of only ponies.
>So you take the alpha route and slide all the way over to the bottom right, selecting random.
>You look over at the others, your practiced cocky grin hopefully hiding the fact that you have no idea what you're doing.
>The stocks are set to three, and the time limit to infinity.
>You try to select a stage, but Button whines about it being his game so you just roll your eyes and go with the one he chooses.
>Dropping in, you try to get the hang of your character.
>You don't know this moveset, nor were you ever particularly excellent at Smash; but you could always come in the top two in a party and your friend who went to actual tournaments had trained you well for the bullshit that most of these characters could throw at an unprepared player.
>Button attempts to spam projectiles, but you just go over with the center platform and grab his gundam ass.
>Now to throw the fucker off-stage…
>He recovers easily, but you're ahead and he knows it.
>As you expected, the disadvantage makes him rush you.
>As Ramírez said to MacLeod, don't lose your head.
>You mean, he's not playing Fox, but still.
>You manage to take a stock with a down-smash near stage edge, and then another two a few minutes later with a well-timed projectile and another grab when he tries to shield.
>As your character- a purple pegasus- shows up on the victory screen, you look over at the spectators.
>The orange one watches in awe, while the other two simply seem to be peeved.
>Looking over at Button reveals a priceless expression of pure shock.
"Ey miasma, you can't win em' all."
>He storms out, throwing down the controller.
"Hey, best two out of three, huh?"
>Sweetie goes out after him, surprisingly.
>Guess she must just want to get laid that badly.
>Be Sweetie Belle.


"What was that?"
"You're supposed to be the best, and I've got stakes riding on this."
>"I don't like pres-"
"Nobody does, but think of my soft lips against yours, my forelegs wrapping around your withers…"
>You ignore his extending member and try not to gag as you go on with your erotic fanfiction.
>Well, fan-fiction would imply that Button is likeable…
>You leave the drooling colt to his own devices while you grab the juice box from the kitchen that Anon was drinking when you came in and grind up a pill into it.
>You don't know what the fuck it does, just that Rarity told you it was non-lethal and that you also on almost no circumstances want to take more than one.
>So you grind up another.
>Stirring the juice, you carefully pour a drop onto your tongue.
>Doesn't taste that off from juice.
>Be Anonymous.
>The orange one is trying to find out all the ins and outs of how you kicked Button's ass, but you're maintaining your silence aside from giving her a polite gaze.
>She's at least making an effort, and you can respect that.
>You might be her friend yet…
>Well, probably not.
>"Hey Anon, I got your juice box from the kitchen."
>Huh, that was nice.
>You give her a slight smile and take a nice big sip.
>You really had forgotten how much you loved apple juice.
>Button comes in soon after, leaning back on a filthy beanbag chair.
>You can see his wiener sticking out, but you don't make fun of it because you're not five.
>You consider your situation for a second.
"Button has a boner!"
>All eyes go to the colt's crotch as he desperately tries to hide it.
>"D-do not!"
"Do so!"
>Good, distract him for this round…
>The game takes a little bit to start up due to Orange having a few too many penis jokes on reserve, but eventually you go back over to the purple pegasus you played last round.
>Huh, the screen is a bit fuzzy.
>Might just be the quality of these old televisions, or whatever they are.
>You shrug it off.
>Your first stock is taken without issue, but the second is a bit more difficult.
>The screen starts to smudge behind your character, and it isn't just the graphics.
>The entirety of the glass begins to relocate slightly, creating minute differences in viewability.
>It's annoying, but you press on and take his second stock with a wing-attack.
>The floor begins to melt a bit, you can feel your ass sinking into it.
>Even so, you manage to fight your way through the odd feelings and get Button down to half.
>You hear the character death sound and notice that you're down a stock.
>What kind of witchcraft is this?
>Another stock goes down soon after.
>How the hell is he so good all of a sudden?
>Oh god.
>You look to your juice box and glare at Sweetie, who gives you an expression of confusion.
>The problem is, in this state you can't even judge if it's genuine or not.
>In the few seconds you take to look away, you're already dead.
>Looking up at the clock, you see that a full minute has passed.
>What the fuck is going on here?
>Orange's voice comes through your ears, distorted.
>"Oooooone toooo onnnne!"
>You can't even see the characters, and you're freaking the fuck out.
>You try to ask for a time-out, but all that comes out of your mouth is a weird gargling.
>Orange collapses into a puddle of non-Newtonian fluid and slowly slides out the door.
>You can't even recognize an image on the screen anymore.
>You black out.
>Be Twilight Sparkle.
>You're taking care of the important royal duty of cutting the ribbon for a new business in Canterlot when Celestia calmly nudges you with a scroll.
>You open it up and immediately pop back outside of Cream Heart's house.
>Anon is lying on the ground, head in a bucket with vomit all over the floor.
>She's convulsing slightly.
"Sweet Celestia, what happened here?"
>"I don't know, Scootaloo just rushed in here and told me something was wrong with her. When I came in, she was just walking in circles looking at her tail. Button was still playing his video game and the other two were watching intently."
"Well, tell Scootaloo that I really appreciate what she did. You… mind if I borrow this bucket?"
>"Of course not, I know the feeling of sick foals all too well."
>You laugh nervously.
>Maybe Anon wasn't ready to play with the other foals just-
>You're talking about a fully mature hairless ape, stop patronizing it.
>In any case, you hoist your filly up onto your back and position the bucket below you.
>A bit of vomit drips on you, but you needed a shower anyways.
>Spike, who you didn't see, rips out a page of a magazine and burns it.
"Spike, what did I tell you about burning suggestive images of Celestia?"
>He shrugs.
>"Really don't care."
>Anon is mumbling something about the 'fucking globalist scum'
>You'll have to ask her about that later.


File: 1568806838665-0.png (85.26 KB, 746x558, MeFilly.png)

>"Up on my lap, Nonny."




File: 1568821378069-0.png (126.16 KB, 1096x875, 2145391.png)

She has met her match.


What a cute.


>You know you're in for it now.
>Purple is making those really breathy noises, the type she only makes when you've fucked up big time.
"I'll scrub the wall down!"
>"Yeah, of course I'll have you do that after this. Anon, do you know what this is?"
>A small syringe is lifted up in front of you.
>The stuff inside looks like more of a paste than a liquid.
>"This amplifies nervous reception. Do you know what that means?"
"Not exactly…"
>But you don't like where it's going.
>She jabs it into your flank.
>You quickly begin to feel a lot of things.
>The magic that holds you up, once just a slight pressure, now feels like a weak electric current.
>It doesn't hurt, but it's uncomfortable.
>Twilight gently taps your nose.
>It feels as if you've been hit there with a tire iron, your poor snoot exploding in pain.
>You reach to grab it, but the impact of your own hooves only hurts you more.
>Twilight gives you that Dr. Mengele grin she reserves for unlucky test subjects.
>A large paddle appears out of thin air.
>Oh lord please no.


That is probably the most fucked up thing I've read Twilight doing outside assfaggot's green.


Have you read Allnighter's or Lone's?




Ur neat


>She has a point
>So do pencils, and yet they still have erasers in case of mistakes!
>Suit yourself, I'm just the narrator
That wall-break smells of an author's blurb. I could be wrong, but that's my guess.
Nice job, Twilight has had this nice sort of snippy tone about her these past few updates. You've really been improving upon your characters in general as of late.
It happens, kek.


All right nigger I'm back. This is gonna be a fairly short story. Two or three days at most.

"Anon, are you going out?"
>oh, fuck, she wants something
>just pretend you didn't hear her
>just go right on outside now
"Yeah, what's up?"
>why would you do that?
"Can you take your sister with you?"
>what the hell does she…
>oh, fuck that shit
>you dart outside as fast as you can
>only to wrapped in a purple aura
>and teleported back inside of Twilight's castle
"You know what I mean, Anon."
"Twilight, Orange is back in town today. Me and the gang are gonna get into some wild shit. We can't have… her… dragging us down."
>Twilight's eyes narrow
"What do you mean by 'wild shit?'"
"Uh, like, uh, n-nothing, uh, crazy, you know. J-just um…"
"Anon, am I gonna have to bail you three out of prison again?"
"What? No, of course not."
"Or rescue you from an angry lynch mob?"
"Definitely not. That was a one time thing, I promise."
"Or drive out a hydra you decided to bring into town?"
"Snekface did nothing wr- I mean, uh, nope. No way."
"Then I don't see why you can't take your sister with you."
"First of all, because she is not, never has been, and never will be my fucking sister. Second of all, because nobody likes her!"
>Twilight sighs
"Look, Anon, I'm about to try some fairly dangerous experiments. If she stays here, she might get hurt."
"Not seeing the problem here."
>a solid aura smacks you in the back of the head
"How can you be like that? She's disabled!"
>you can feel your eyebrows knit tight
>and the skin on your snoot begins to scrunch
>your gaze narrows
>and so does hers
"How many Good Filly Points is it worth to you?"
>a single bead of sweat rolls down Twilight's face
"A hundred."
"No way. We're talking about something that could seriously strain my friendship here."
>Twilight's face cracks, almost audibly, when you drop the F-word
"And you know how hard long-distance friendships can be to begin with."
>Twilight can't maintain her stern gaze anymore
>you're in control here
>you grin
"I want twelve-hundred."
>you are, of course, shooting for a thousand
>Twilight scowls
"A thousand."
>flawless victory
>Twilight sighs
"All right, go get her now. And try to have fun with your friends."
>oh, right
>flawless victory, except that you have to spend the day tard-wrangling
>reluctantly, you head upstairs to Tripfag's room
>upon entering her room, the stench tells you that she spent all night shitting on the floor
>for all the world, this filly looks almost identical to you
>except that she's got an exclamation mark on her ass, instead of a question mark
>and her green coat is a bit more saturated than yours
>also, she's retarded
>currently, she's busily engaged in bashing her helmet against the wall
>Tripfag pauses for a moment to acknowledge your entrance
"Hi Non."
>and she's right back to the bashing
"Hey, Tripfag. Twilight wants me to take you out."
>Tripfag ceases her wall-abuse and blinks at you
"Come on, bud. I'll get your leash on you and then we can go."
"Kay Non."


>here's what most people don't get about Tripfag
>she's evil
>yes, she's a tard
>but she knows it
>uses it
>when she knocks down Diamond Tiara with tard strength
>when she pisses on your bed covers
>when she eats Spike's rare comic collection
>I'm a tard, she says
>you can't do shit to me, she says
>it's not in her words
>it's in her smile
>in her eyes
>even now, walking down the street
>who knows what foul deeds are cooking in the depths of her inscrutable mind
>now if only you could find some way to ditch her before you reach the KKKlubhouse
"Wh-uh, yeah? What's up?"
"Sleepy. Want nap."
"Geez, Tripfag, where the fuck do you want to take a nap at? I can't take you home right now."
"Want nap!"
"All right, calm the fuck down I'll figure something out."
>you scan your surroundings desperately
>hoping to stave off the inevitable tard-rage somehow
>maybe you could leave her on that bench?
>no, that's retarded
>hang on
>and then you see it
>salvation is in easy reach
>you're standing right in front of Sleepytime Tea's Daycare Center
"Hey, nap time's this way. Come on."
>you tug on Tripfag's leash and lead her up to the door of the daycare center
>okay, blink a few times
>where's that vacant little filly smile?
>there it is, on your face now
>in this moment, you are adorable
>and you knock on the door
>the elderly proprietor wastes no time in answering
>"My, little Anonymous, and Tripfag! What are you girls doing here?"
"Hi Miss Sleepytime. My mommy asked me to drop off my sister here."
>"Did she now? Aren't you just growing up so fast?"
>you puff your chest out in childish pride
"M-hm! My mommy says I'm a big filly now. She even said I could go by myself to play with my friends after this!"
>"Oh, dear! Well I don't want to hold you up then!"
>Sleepytime takes Tripfag's leash and guides her inside
>"I'll take good care of your sister, dearie. Have fun with your friends!"
"Thanks, Miss Sleepytime, I will!"
>when she shuts the door, the tiresome filly mask falls off
"Heh, heh, heh."
>as you trot along, you think about what a great day this is shaping up to be
>yeah, the daycare will cost you some bits
>but you absolutely killed your last lemonade stand gig
>for a thousand GFP
>and a tard-free day with the lasses
>it's well-worth the money


>the Kool Kids' Klub, informally known as the KKK, has three members
>yourself, Anonymous
>an orange filly named Anonymous
>and a red filly, also named Anonymous
>for simplicity's sake, you all just refer to each other by your respective colors
>ponies sometimes assume you're a bit like Apple Bloom's crew, the Cutie Mark Whatevers
>this, however, is a mistake
>there are no lamers allowed in the Kool Kids' Klub
>Apple Bloom and co?
>definitely lamers
>all the foals in this fucking town are lamers
>Diamond Tiara and her fuckbuddy, Silver What's-Her-Fuck, they used to be honorary Kool Kids
>but those two have since fallen in with the lamers
>maybe it's better to start from the beginning
>four years ago, four fillies woke up on Twilight Sparkle's front porch
>you, Red, Orange, and Tripfag
>all four of you had been, up til that moment, grown-ass men living on Earth, the homeworld of all mankind
>Twilight decided to take you all in until you could find proper adoptive families
>Red was adopted first, by, surprisingly, a pig named Jim
>Jim is very well-to-do for a pig, being the owner of a successful chain of yoga studios
>apparently he's borderline neglectful, but that suits Red just fine
>there's always plenty of food in his house, which is right here in Ponyville, so Red was pretty happy to get some breathing room
>Twilight means well, but she's definitely a bit overbearing
>Orange went next, just a few months ago
>a foreign diplomat from the Black Forest named Aryanne showed up and heard about the fillies who were up for adoption
>Tripfag was out of the question, no Black Forester would ever keep a tard around
>from there, she made you and Orange compete in a physical obstacle course, a written exam, and a survey about your opinions on race
>Orange ended up beating you out in the survey
>you and Red were happy for her, of course
>but she ended up moving to the Black Forest, and you haven't seen her since
>but today, Aryanne apparently has some business in Ponyville again
>she's bringing Orange
>you can't suppress a grin as you approach the KKKlubhouse, hidden on the edge of the Everfree Forest
>because today…
>the KKK will ride again!


File: 1568845445785.mp4 (2.52 MB, 1360x768, fillywheels.mp4)

Much appreciated, thank you for your continuation of this masterpiece.


>>"No way. We're talking about something that could seriously strain my friendship here."
>>Twilight's face cracks, almost audibly, when you drop the F-word
>"And you know how hard long-distance friendships can be to begin with."
Damn, that filly doesn't hold back her punches.


File: 1568848599212.png (311.22 KB, 1221x1051, Fillyxfillyscissoring.png)

New drawing


That's pretty damn impressive


I am intrigued


Orange Filly Bad.


>Aryanne is a colourist horse
>Only white or very light colours are worthy to her
>Anonfilly loves to visit her whenever he geta a chance
>But being the kid of a dark purple pony and having a strong, bright green/orange coat doesnt really help Aryanne's opinion of her
>Not being heatless, Aryanne tolerates the filly, not wanting to downright crush her spirits and anger the crown
>The crown as in Celestia, all other princess can go to tartarus
>Yet, this goddamn filly keeps visiting her almost daily, testing her patience…
What do you guys think would be the thing that'd break the horse's back and finally make her blow?


Anonfilly brings a juice box and then cries when Aryanne burns it.


Nigger please! As if Aryanne, a member of the Schutzstaffel, would disregard the Princess of the Moon and Dreams.
You are fake news


Coat colours do not represent races for ponies, Anon. Aryanne is for ponies, period. They would hand out leaflets together explaining why Griffons are greedy belligerents who need to be booted out of Equestria


>White race supporter
>Bowing to a "unworthy" dark blue horse put in charge
>Who was literally black as well while NMM
For that Id imagine Aryanne saying something like
"That princess has no place in our perfect white future and should have stayed in the moon where she belongs, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"
Which is much more effective than what i thought at first, trying to colourpill Luftkrieg while she watched us play.

Yes i know how races are portrayed in the fandom and Aryanne's canon, but bringing an very old fanon concept from like Boast Busters for discussion, about some ponies being Colourists, with rarara's reaction and opinion of green which could be expanded as well, as its also filly's colour


Kawaii AF
Yes you are
>tfw you double-or-nothing'd using your Switch
God I love this pic
>ywn have a summer romance with an Anoncolt
Loving that tardfilly


File: 1568869340557.png (381.33 KB, 1634x1689, nELux1W.png)

>Yes you are
No U.


dear fucking lord, stop clogging the thread with this shit you can't even use the excuse of no green now since we just got some


>low amount of posts
>complaints about inactivity
>high amount of posts
>complaints about clogging
we sure as hell can't please everyone, so why should we cater to (You) in particular?


File: 1568875229960.png (121.01 KB, 886x1024, uyucuyckuyvj.png)

Let us have some friendship poners.
Fun allowed.


File: 1568881201916.png (126.36 KB, 681x512, The Great Debate.png)

Tiny filly and giant babby get in arguments a lot.




>the KKKlubhouse is a fucking mess
>crushed cans and tattered wrappers strewn about the floor
>undone homework spilling out of a saddlebag
>oh, geez, what's this sticky shit you just stepped in?
>in the middle of it all, Red is sprawled haphazardly on the floor, snoring loudly
>you give her a good kick with your front hoof
"Red, what the fuck?"
>Red groans, and her eyes flutter open
>she takes a moment to scratch her thigh before rolling over and sitting up
>Red rubs her eye with a matted hoof before offering you a weak greeting
"H… hey, Green."
>you eyeball the mayhem on the floor
"How fucking long have you been here?"
"A…bout a… week…ish?"
"Goodness fuck, dude. Why?"
"Uh, that's kind of a funny story. By which I mean the kind of funny that isn't actually funny at all."
"Oh, geez, what is it? Did you get kicked out or something?"
"No. I mean, yes. I mean, well, not by Jim. You see, uh, Jim took off like a month ago. And, you know, that's not so unusual for him. Knowing him he's probably just in a cocaine coma in the Fillyppines again or something like that."
"What the fuck."
"The point is, I figured he'd be back at some point. And, you know, it's not such a big deal for me if he wants to go off looking for exotic drugs for a while. I was a grown-ass man once upon a time, I don't need a damn Twilight Sparkle to wipe my ass every day."
"Well, the bills stopped getting paid. The bank foreclosed the house and kicked me out. The fucking kikes…"
"Goodness fuck! Is that why I haven't seen you outside of school this whole week?"
"Yep. No offense dude, but you do still live with the purple bitch. The last thing I need is Twilight-shitting-Sparkles forcing me to move back in with her."
"Better than being homeless!"
"That's highly debatable. Anyway, I don't wanna talk about this anymore. Orange is coming, and today might be the last day we get the whole Triple-K Mafia together.
>for some reason, Red averts her eyes from yours
"Let's just focus on that, okay?"
>you poke at some of the trash and sigh
"All right. For now, anyway. Let's get this fucking place cleaned up though."


>by the time Orange shows up in the KKKlubhouse, the place is clean enough
>you even got Red to rinse off in a creek
>Orange slips her saddlebag off of her ass and crouches
"How the fuck are my niggers doing?!"
>she leaps at you
"No, wait, my anus isn't-"
>too late
>the orange filly has already tackled you to the ground and begun to noogie you
"Ah! No! Red, help me!"
"Help me flip her over! Tickle that fucking belly!"
>Red decides to go with Orange's request, rather than yours
"Ah! No! Ah! Ah! Why?!"
>after a few minutes of wild thrashing, you manage to break free from your tormentors
>as soon as you succeed in suppressing your convulsive laughter, you scowl at Orange
"Round two, bitch!"
>Orange doesn't stop laughing, even as you pin her to the ground
"Red, hold her back legs down! She's not getting away from us again!"
"Oh, come on, where's your fucking loyalty?"
"Might is right!"
>Red happily flops down on Orange's flailing back legs
>try as she might, Orange eventually has to concede that she can't escape
"All right, shit, you win, I'm sorry!"
>you let Orange get up and catch her breath
>hugs and laughs are briefly exchanged
"It's good to see you again, Orange."
>Orange puts on a look of mock-bewilderment
"Oh, did you think we were done?"
"Done with what?"
>Orange grins
"Green, what do you think?"
>Orange's meaning is not lost on you
>and you eye Red predatorially
"Oh, I'd say the beatdowns are only, say… two-thirds of the way over."
"Oh shi-"
>you and Orange waste no time in pinning down Red and subjecting her snoot to merciless booping
>a few minutes later, when you're all satisfied that everyone's gotten their daily dose, the greetings begin in earnest
"All right. Plans. Lay em on me."
"Snekface is still down in the bog and still responds to commands. We could ride him through town again."
>Red tosses a few small explosives in the floor
"Firecrackers in mailboxes."
>Orange shakes her head
"What is this, fuckin' amateur hour? And I spent all this time planning shit out…"
>Orange pulls a stack of papers from her saddlebag and lays them out on the floor
"Check out this shit."
>you and Red pour over the extensive plans
"Damn that's pretty detailed. Maps, blueprints, contingency plans…"
"Diplomatic immunity?!"
"Hey, my legal guardian's a big foreign diplomat, you know."
"This is fantastic shit. I'm in."
"Oh yeah. Definitely."
>you grin
"I just wish this town had more than one candy store."


>your codename: Green Hornet
>Orange's codename: Orange Crush
>Red's codename: Red Death
"Shut up!"
>phase: Green Hornet
>the door jingles as you merrily trot inside
"Hi, Miss Candy Store!"
>Bon Bon frowns
>"That's not my n-"
>as her eyes meet yours, you smile sweetly and flutter your eyelashes a bit
>"Wh-what do you want, Anon?"
>this question is your cue to giggle like the innocent little filly you aren't
"Just some candy, Miss Candy Store."
>Bon Bon's eyes narrow in evident suspicion
>"Which candy?"
"Um, let me see…"
>phase: Orange Crush
>the layout of Bon Bon's candy store is fairly straightforward
>the small building consists of one large room
>a glass counter displays the readily-available candies and divides the shop into a 3/4s portion and a 1/4 portion
>the 1/4 portion is where the customers line up and order their candy
>there is no candy in the customer portion itself
>the 3/4s portion is where Bon Bon manages the store from
>in the area behind the counter, great stocks of candy are plainly visible on big shelves
>also in the area behind the counter?
>two windows
>as the party-member with the diplomatic immunity, Orange is the one who silently slips in through one of these windows, saddlebag on ass
>it takes all of your willpower to keep your eyes off of Orange entirely
>don't want to draw any attention to her, after all
>your gaze flits deliberately between Bon Bon and the candy in the counter
>your speech is loud, slow, and stupid
"Uh, I want… um… what's that?"
>"That's chocolate."
"Is it good?"
>"Anon, I know for a fact you've eaten chocolate before."
"You don't know me!"
>"I've sold it to you."
"You know what, that's a good point. Chocolate is old hat. I'd rather try something… new."
>Bon Bon groans
"Say, are those taffies made with real saltwater?"
>from the back of the store
>there's a thump
>Bon Bon scowls and wheels around immediately
>Orange stands by the open window, staring at the ceiling
>"You! What are you doing back there?!"
>Orange's eyes widen, and she taps her chest with her hoof
"Who? Me?"
>then she smiles blankly
"I got lost."
>"Uh huh."
>Bon Bon stalks to the window and sticks her head out of it
>phase: Red Death
>Bon Bon scans the outside angrily
>but apparently sees nothing
>so she pulls her head back in, closes the window, and glares at Orange
>"For future reference, the front door is over there."
"Is it?"
>Bon Bon growls, and grabs Orange by the scruff of her neck
"Whoah, stranger danger!"
>Orange is unceremoniously deposited on the customers' side of the counter next to you
>you look askance at your friend
>she smirks and holds out her hoof
>you grin and bump that fucking hoof
>"So… Anon… other Anon… what are you buying today?"
"Um… so, what exactly is the deal with these lollipop things?"
>the hard part is over now
>just gotta wait for the signal from-
>the door jingles open
"Hi, fwens!"
>Bon Bon's suspicion reaches fever pitch
>"Other other Anon… since when do you talk like that?"
>Red covers her mouth and giggles
"Tee hee hee."
"Tee hee hee."
"Tee hee hee."
"Tee hee."
>"Are you three gonna buy something or what?!"
"Uh, actually, I'm watching my weight. Bye, Miss Candy Store!"
"See ya around, Bonny."
"Wait, I want peanut brittle."
"Fuck off."


File: 1568896861499-0.jpg (4 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190918_234039.jpg)

Tell me about Nonny! Why does she wear the mask?


What's a man gotta do for a (You) round these parts?


File: 1568909381567.png (126.37 KB, 704x736, 1547864103026.png)

I think pic related, but I am not sure.


So, I just boop the filly right on the snoot?
Here, let me try it out on you…


File: 1568911657951.png (127.83 KB, 1000x1414, 1536482231021.png)

>braces for boop




Let's be honest, filly would probably still take it.


I feel like activity in the Anonfilly thread has been slowing down. Now, that's partially a good thing as it means people who came here for the filly are giving some of mlpol's other threads some love, but do you all think we could increase the amount of posting here? If the answer is yes, how?


Same as any general :
Moar greens.
(Half-decent ones if possible, but not necessary)
Then again, with 3/4 of all faggots hiding in the discord it's not really a surprise the actual thread is half dead.


>3/4 of all faggots hiding in the discord


File: 1568926059782.gif (913.96 KB, 720x306, Internet fight.gif)

Aand here we go again, roll the countdown for the discord defense force to show up to try and shut it down like last thread


Literally nobody:
Faggot: DiScOrD dEfEnSe FoRcE iNcOmInG


I am the faggot of >>243024 and I made a legit question.
Disclaimer: I have no discord account.


I mean, I have no idea what's going on.


Kek, I can hear it now:
>"You fags should be thankful for us, for uh… all of the content that we create that's related to discord discussion and makes no sense out of context."
>"We still post here, we just prefer to post somewhere where we can all see exactly who we're talking to so there's no confusion!"
>"I-it's just a place for fillyfags to hang out with one another, it doesn't take discussion away from the thread! Ignore all evidence of it taking discussion away from the thread, my word is law because my momfu is Celestia and my uncle Blueblood works at Valve!!1"


File: 1568926439953.png (568.35 KB, 2196x2648, facehoof.png)

Ugh, this again…


File: 1568926607173.webm (168.85 KB, 640x360, _why am i toxic.webm)

You're all faggots. Making a mountain out of a molehill instead of simply moving on or making your own content, or better yet, using the whole site and letting good threads and bad threads rise and fall without intervention and meta bitching.

If filly dies, it'll be a good thing.


Ironically the time this thread is most active is when somebody mentions the fact that it's inactive.


File: 1568926674601.png (183.97 KB, 1800x1800, really makes you filly.png)


File: 1568926725505.png (137.61 KB, 800x800, Really purple.png)

Tl;dr most of fags moved there, not frequenting the thread
There's been discussion about it from time to time, but never goes anywhere in the end

And I made that shitpost in the same spirit of this fag >>243032 you know, after the ending of the last thread and the history behind this "discussion", if it can even be named that


File: 1568926785517.png (506.31 KB, 1185x1024, 5SLe4kQ.png)

>If filly dies, it'll be a good thing
This sounds sabotage and bad blood to me.


How exactly is saying you're ready to move on from a dead general sabotage? I didn't realize that /mlpol/ believed words were violence. Faggot. And yeah, I got bad blood. You're being faggots and have been faggots consistently every time someone mentions their favorite shitty IM service.


Can we all just agree that Discord is a shit?


File: 1568927000144.png (630.64 KB, 1125x1000, sEHhgAn.png)


I'll agree with it, but that doesn't change you're all also a shit.


File: 1568927099736.png (547.06 KB, 3016x4000, 2142188.png)

Indeed, I hate that fag, giving the princess the idea to lock a filly in stone, she dindu nuffin
Justice for Golly!


At this point I'm just fed up with the whole argument.
Fags who go to the dicksword will never convince fags who abhor it to change their opinion, and fags who abhor it will never convince those who go there to change their opinion either.
By now it's just sickening, and all it's ever done is pushed fags who don't have a stake in it out of the thread.

At the end of the day, all that actually matters is that we're here, and that we're together, but this shit actively gets in the way of that.


File: 1568927326129.jpg (48.08 KB, 700x450, FreeHat05.jpg)


File: 1568927620283.gif (143.15 KB, 900x821, imagediscord.gif)

>all that actually matters is that we're here


>You are Twilight
>You are tired
>But only this once, you think you have the upper hand
>You dont know why, you dont know when, but you think you have something to get back at Anon for everything she has got you into
>You barge into her room, your room that you let her stay for free, without knocking
>Perhaps you should get her to pay rent, so she appreciates you more
>Since, as expected, she's just lazing about in here
>Perhaps getting a part-time job to pay for it would help her into Equestrian life too
>This is not why you came here though
>So with a shake of your head, you stride forwards
>You already got her attention, even without doing anything
> Every time, as soon you come in the room she stares back at you like a deer in the headlights
>A deer in magiclights?
>Whatever, silly human terms that dont translate well…
>"Stop looking at me like that Twilight, its weird."
>Right, you had stopped in front of her, staring blankly at her cute little eyes
>You wonder if you unconsciously did the ominous slow deep breaths like you used to do to scare her in old times
>"What the fuck do you want purple?"
>You cant help but grin
>Lowering yourself to her ear you whisper a single word to her into it
>You can feel her shaking besides your head already
>Your work done, you turn around just in time to save your ears from her assault
>The REEing is loud and continuous
>You dont know where she stores all this air, but damn is it rewarding to be on the other side for once
>And you know she may as well stay like this until dinner
>Perhaps you should start pranking with Dash
>You bet Anon wouldnt mind it for a bit of fun~


>now that Red's got her legal peanut brittle, the door jingles again as the KKK steps outside
"What the fuck happened?"
"Lost my grip on the damn bag as I was lowering it out the window."
"I caught it though, so nothing should be damaged."
"Fucking based. Where'd you hide that shit, nigger?"
"This way, come on."
>Red leads you to a nearby bench
>she crawls underneath and emerges with Orange's now-bulging saddlebag
>Orange puts her saddlebag on and then gestures at the candy shop
"We're being watched. Let's move out a little ways."
>sure enough, the Eye of Bon Bon is shining malevolently through the shop window
"Yeah, let's do this at the KKKlubhouse."
>the three of you make your way across town, generally shoving and talking shit to each other
>when lamers see the three of you, they tend to assume you fucking hate each other
>but lamers are retards
>what the lamers in this town don't understand is this:
>if you're not comfortable enough around someone to call them a faggot, are you really even friends?
>the physical closeness of constant ass-beatings is the wellspring from which flows the emotional closeness of a lasting and satisfying relationship
>that's why you tackle Orange and rip the saddlebag off her ass as soon as you're inside the KKKlubhouse
"Aw, you bitch."
"What's in that bag? Better not be stolen shit!"
>Orange stifles a chuckle
"You're fucking retarded."
>Orange reaches for her saddlebag
>so you toss it to Red
>Red promptly sits down and opens up the bag
"Hot damn that's a good haul."
>from one pouch she pulls out a jar of chocolate bark and a jar of jaw-breakers
>from the other pouch, lollipops - the good ones, big and spherical and opaque - and fudge
"I would've diversified our assets a bit more, but I was worried she'd hear the individual candies clacking together, so I just grabbed whole jars instead. Gimme some of that fudge."
"Oh, you like packing fudge, huh?"
>Red pops open the fudge jar and tosses a piece at Orange
>Orange catches it in her mouth, and doesn't answer you til she's swallowed it
"Green, are you always thinking of gay buttsex?"
"Only with your mom lel."
>Red pops a lollipop out of her mouth
"You guys aren't making any sense. We don't even have dicks anymore."
"Yeah, but if Green still had hers she'd be a big faggot."
>you reach for some chocolate bark
"You're one to talk, you big… fag…got. Yeah, uh, what now."
>a single nibble of Bon Bon's chocolate bark sends you sprawling on the floor
"Fucking hell that's good shit."
>a pair of full mouths mutter their agreement
"It's good shit."
"Good shit."
>more candy disappears in contented silence
>but out of the silence…
>someone knocks on the door
"What the fuck I thought noone knew about this place!"
>knocking becomes pounding
"Oh man oh shit it's the Guard we're fucked!"
"We are not fucked! Just… hide the shit!"
>one mad scramble later, and you open the door
"Hi Nons."


>never one to need an invitation, Tripfag trots into the KKKlubhouse
>picks out a corner
>and falls asleep on the spot
"Huh. I wonder if I should be concerned."
"Uh, yeah. How the fuck did Tripfag get here on her own?"
"That's a good question. If I had to guess, I'd say it all started this morning, when Twilight told me to take Tripfag out."
"And, what, you agreed to this?!"
"There were a thousand Good Filly Points on the line; don't act like you wouldn't have!"
"Okay, calm down. Obviously you didn't actually end up bringing Tripfag here, so what happened?"
"Well, I dropped her off at the daycare. I had some bits set aside and I figured-"
"And she let you do this?!"
"Well, she said she wanted a nap."
>Red eyes the peacefully sleeping tard with trepidation
"I don't like this, Green. There's a scheme here."
>it happens
>now, in all of Equestria, there are only three Kool Kids
>and one tard who's tangentially connected to them
>all four of these are present in the KKKlubhouse already
>which means that whoever is outside must be…
>a lamer
>Red's wide eyes tell you that she understands this as well as you do
"It's happening."
>Orange nudges you
"Answer it."
"Why do I have to answer it? I got it the last time."
"Because I'm the guest, and Red's about to piss herself."
"A-am not!"
"So answer it."
"All right I might have let out a tiny dribble already. Like really tiny though I don't think it even dripped to the floor."
"Fucking damnit."
>you push the door open
>"Why, little Anon! All three of you!"
"H-hey, uh, I mean, er, hi Miss Sleepytime. What brings you here?"
>"Oh me, oh my. Your sister got out of the yard somehow. I followed her here. You girls haven't seen the silly dear, have you? I'd hate for her to have run off into the forest."
"Well, what do you know, she's right over there, safe and sound."
>"Bless my soul! There she is, sleeping like a little angel! How ever did she get it into her head to run off like that?"
"She's special."
>something beneath Sleepytime Tea's "friendly old lady mask" twitches
>"She certainly is. Would you girls like me to take her off your hooves so you can keep playing?"
"Yes, please."
>"Well, I'll just pick her up then…"
>the old unicorn's horn envelops the sleeping tard in a gentle glow and carries her out of the KKKlubhouse
>"Now you three be careful, playing so close to the Everfree Forest."
"We will, we pr-"
>Tripfag's eye cracks open with an evil gleam
>too late
>Tripfag unleashes her Raptard Roar and thrashes wildly
>Sleepytime Tea's gentle aura breaks almost immediately under the pressure of Tripfag's tard strength
>Tripfag hits the ground running
>bashes Sleepytime with her helmet
>and gallops into the forest


>Sleepytime Tea is insensate on the ground
"Uh, is she gonna be okay?"
"Who gives a fuck? If Tripfag gets eaten by timberwolves or whatever Twilight's gonna hang my fucking ass over her fireplace!"
"Yeah, but this bitch might be in need of immediate medical attention."
"Eh, she'll probably be okay."
>Orange pokes at the unconscious old lady
>who proceeds to cough up a small amount of blood
"I mean, she might be okay. Maybe."
>you sigh
"Look, you two keep hanging out. I'll go after Tripfag."
"Whoah, what the fuck?!"
"Shit, this might be the last time you're in town. You two, at least, shouldn't have to spend it tard-wrangling. Tripfag is my problem, so I'll get take care of her."
>Red and Orange exchange a sideways glance
"Look, Green. That's not exactly what's going on here. The truth is-"
"-That the KKK always rides together!"
>and now your friends are glaring at each other
"What the fuck was that?"
"What the fuck was what?"
"The way you just interrupted Red."
"She was probably just about to say something gay. Right, you big fag?"
>Red's scowl cracks as she eyeballs the ground
>you shake your head
"Look, I don't have time for you guys' homoerotic tension. I've got a tard to rescue."
>you run into the forest right about where you saw Tripfag disappear
"Well, we're coming too, faget!"
>Red and Orange break through the underbrush behind you
>you're so fucking glad they can't see you smiling right now
"Also, we totally just left Sleepytime Tea back there."
"We sure did."
"Does that make us bad people?"
>about 32 minutes later, the enthusiasm has somewhat died down
"Well this was a fucking terrible idea."
"Oh, you're just Mister Fucking Positivity, huh?"
"You ever get the feeling that we say 'fucking' too much?"
"Fuck off."
>by this point, you're pretty much lost in the woods
>no, not pretty much lost in the woods
>definitely lost in the woods
"All right, sure, maybe it would have been wiser to take an actual trail."
"Yeah. Maybe."
"But think about it like this. Tripfag didn't take a trail, so we went in following her tracks."
"And now we haven't seen a hoofprint in like a half an hour."
"Damn, has it been that long?"
>you find yourself looking at the ground and sighing
>and then you see it
"Oh, but what's this?"
>you're pointing at a small hoofprint within a patch of soft peat
>the others come to investigate
"That's… that's three sets of hoofprints. That's us."
"What?! That can't be… well… shit."
"We're going in circles, you absolute dipshit!"
"Bitch, please. I'm the green one for a reason. I can at least get us out of the woods."
>you take your hoof to your mouth and paint a wide trail of saliva over it with your tongue
"Ew, don't lick that."
>admittedly, you do feel some dirt in your mouth now
>but you hold your wet hoof in the air
>and the wind is coming from…
"That way."
"And what the fuck is that based on?"
"Well the wind's coming from there. You think we're more likely to feel a breeze coming through a less trees, or more trees?"
"I don't think there's any guarantee it actually works that way."
"Fuck me, when did you get so damn reasonable? Let's just go this way til someone has a better idea."
>after a while of going that way, you become aware that you're finally breaking through the underbrush into open space
"A-ha! We're…"
>the open space is surrounded on all sides by more woods
"… in a clearing."
>you try to walk on
>you really do
>but after about ten steps into the clearing, you just run out of fucks to give
>and you flop down on your side
>Red flops down next to you
"Giving up?"
"Well, this seems like a good spot to wait for help anyway. If we stay put, someone will come looking for us."
"You think so?"
"Oh yeah. Two wards of a princess, two wards of a foreign diplomat; someone's bound to give a shit eventually."
>two wards of a princess?
>oh, yeah, Tripfag is out here somewhere
>you and her make two
>hey now…
>wait a second…
"What do you mean, two wards of a foreign diplomat?"
>Red bolts upright
"Oh, sweet mother of fuck…"
>Orange has all but stuffed her hoof into her mouth
>you roll over and sit up
"Guys, what the fuck is going on?"
>Red keeps glancing between you, the sky, and the ground
"All right. First of all, I'm really sorry about getting all pissy with you back there in the trees."
"Wh… what are you saying? We get pissed off at each other on, like, an hourly basis. Why are you apologizing for that?"
"L-look… um… the truth is that, ah, after I got kicked out of Jim's house, I kind of… uh…"
"She got a hold of me."
>you scratch your head
"Is that all? Like, yeah, Red, I wish you'd said something to me before today, but… it's not worth getting all gay about."
"G-Green, the reason why Aryanne and I came down to Ponyville today…"
>man, your throat really hurts for some reason
>and your vision is all blurry too
"Oh, fuck, I can't do this."
"C-c-come on guys, just… spit it out. This is… really awkward."
>Red almost looks you in the eye
>but ultimately can't do it
"Aryanne's been in town hall doing paperwork all day. To adopt me. I was gonna move to the Black Forest today."


File: 1568928970875.png (615.72 KB, 1650x1396, FuckedUpNow.png)


Oof… that one hits right in the feels.



lmao and marepilled. Single fathers can't raise an anonfilly.
>They find tardfilly cornered by a pack of timberwolves
>uses her tard strength to crush some skulls


Wil snd noods for (You)s
>Anon tosses her cookies all over you on the way home.
>She seems to be in pretty rough shape…
>Looking back you can see that only one of her pupils is dilated.
>She's gripping you hard.
>"Shadows burned to the pavement."
>"Fields razed and made barren."
>You shiver.
>You thought the fresh air would do her some good, but now you just send the two of you home.
>Spike was there out of his own volition anyways, he'll get home eventually.
>You gently lower Anon into the bathtub, her vomit-saturated fur making a slight squish.
>The smell is horrible, but you have one last thing to do first.
>Cringing, you take a large test tube and run it through your coat; getting out as much of the vomit as you can.
>You hum a little ditty to yourself the whole time.
>Not because you're relaxed enough to do it normally, but because you're feeling queasier and queasier by the second and contaminating your glassware with your own vomit is not something you want to do.
>Anon has blown chunks all over the inside of the tub, but luckily just the inside.
>First things first, you need to give yourself, her, and the inside of the tub a good rinse.
>Not in that order, the reverse of it in fact.
>Anon looks at the ceramic base of the bathtub as you turn on the tap, a bewildered expression appearing on her face.
>She looks at you like you're some sort of wizard.
>Which, to be fair, you are.
>But washing away vomit is not the extent of your powers.
>Toggling the shower trim, you take the hoof nozzle down and begin to spray the various parts of her body that really soaked in the puke.
>So most of it.
>It's a good enough job for a preliminary rinse, and you soon climb in after her.
>Making sure to position Anon upstream from you, you wash the excessive amount of upchuck out of your hair and mane.
>Now for the part that you really like.
>On one of your adventures a while back, you charted the coordinates for a practically pristine hot spring.
>Disappearing momentarily, you go there yourself to test the temperature and make sure it's suitable.
>A bit warm, but not to a degree that would cause discomfort.
>You come back, and seconds later the bathtub is filled with warm steaming water.
>You get behind Anon and begin to shampoo her little mane and barrel.
>You hear moaning, and you're about to be ready to hold back her mane over the toilet until you see the grin on her face.
>You smile and continue cleaning your filly, discretely shampooing and scrubbing yourself down at the same time so you finish about the same time as she does.
>The water smells a bit of Sulfur, but as long as neither one of you drinks it you won't have any issues.
>No reason risking it, Anon is clearly all kinds of out of sorts and you don't want her vomiting more.
>Speaking of which…
>In a flash, you're holding back her mane as she vomits into the toilet you manage to position her over just in time.
>Just a few more things to get in order.
>First things first, you clean out her nostrils with a wet tissue.
>Stomach acid doesn't feel all that great in sensitive places.
>Next up is carefully brushing her teeth for her.
>You can't have the enamel breaking down.
>And finally…
>A snoring filly is wrapped around your foreleg under the covers.
>Now for the hardest part…
>With surgical precision, you pull out your leg and replace it with Smarty Pants.
>Holding your breath, you wait her out for a good ten seconds to make sure she doesn't stir back awake.
>You place a gift from your brother to you, a bowl, next to her head and tilt her onto her side.
>You're not desperate, you could've used any multitude of plain bowls.
>Honestly, you just hate the sight of the gaudy thing.
>You teleport into Fluttershy's cottage, eliciting a scream from her.
"Sorry, I need to run some tests and I'm in a bit of a hurry. Could you come with me for a minute and watch… The Shift?"
>She looks at the ground uncomfortably.
"I'll pay you."
>She just nods and stands next to you compliantly.
"As you can see she's asleep, just make sure she's comfortable."
>Fluttershy puts a hoof on your shoulder.
>"You don't have to pay me to watch your foal."
>You smile and wrap her up in a hug.
"I know, but you could probably use the money, right?"
>She digs at crystal.
>"I-I guess…"
>You nod and walk out.
>First things first, strain the fluid through.
>Though that watch glass will probably smell gross now, you're glad you had the foresight to put it over your test tube.
>Beads of water are suspended at the bottom of the curvature.
>You put on a respirator.
>It really isn't neccesary, but you don't want to smell any more yak.
>Not that yaks smell that bad…
>Okay, they do.
>Taking off the watch glass, you pour the vile mixture into a blender.
>It's possible that whatever had caused this mess had been partially absorbed by the meals she ate earlier.
>Turning it on, you watch as the hunks of semi-digested food matter become smaller and smaller before they are indistinguishable from the rest of it.
>You then slowly and painfully filter all of it until you're left with a slightly discolored liquid and a lot of sludge.
>Well, you can narrow down the hallucinogen to five different known enchanted drugs with the one eye being dilated.
>Well, might as well go for the one that's easiest to test first…
>You really really hope you have to go the harder route though.
>You retrieve a weak solution of Calcium Sulfate.
>You unscrew the eyedropper and squeeze, drawing a good amount of liquid in.
>Well, here goes nothing.
>You squeeze again.


>A brilliant green precipitate forms.
>You stare at the beaker intently before throwing it against the wall, smashing it to pieces.
>You still remember that line of text from a late-night study session.
>"Hallucinations may be prophetic with an error margin of 3.5% in foals."
>Whatever Anonymous was, there are more of them coming for you.
>The end of Equestria, neigh, the world may very well be upon you.
>But this time, your enemy wants nothing more but to see you dead.


draw noods nao


Great as always lone, keep up the good work


>somewhere in the Everfree Forest
>there is a clearing
>a traveller, passing by this part of the woods, in this moment of time, would hear something like this:
"Look, we knew we'd have to say something eventually, but it's… well, it can be hard to tell you things you don't want to hear."
"So, what, were you just gonna send me a fucking letter about it next week, because, because you didn't fucking trust me to take it like someone who used to be a grown-ass fucking adult?!"
"It was gonna be today… probably."
"Oh, sure, so it'd be, 'By the way, we're leaving your ass all alone in Ponyville right the fuck now. Have a nice life, faggot!'"
"Well shit! You think I don't know that it's not easy to be alone?! It sucks! But, you know, fuck me, right?!"
"No, that's not… you know what, yeah! Fuck you!"
"And you! You all literally all damn fucking week to say something! What the fuck am I to you? Just the dumb fuck you copy your homework from?!"
"Green, c-calm down now."
"Would you fucking look at me while I bitch at you, you big fucking pussy?! What the fuck are you staring at?"
"What, bitch?! You getting lonely back there?"
>Orange points in the direction that Red is staring in
"Shut… up…"
>you twist your head to look at the treeline
>a strange shadow looms in the woods
>something has heard you
>the creature isn't large in and of itself
>but its eerie, cone-shaped head reaches far above the rest of its body
>the creature makes its way forward
>in another moment, the monster is fully visible in the lighted forest clearing
>and with a shock, you realize that it's-
"Hi Nons."


>Tripfag saunters into the clearing with the silliest damn hat glued to her helmet with mud
>it's a big cone made of sticks and mud and leaves
>she sits down and pulls the thing off
>when she sets it down and starts pulling it apart, you realize
>it's not just one silly damn hat
>it's a stack of silly damn hats
>when four of the mud-cones are standing on the ground, Tripfag sticks one of them back on her helmet and stands up
"Racis hats."
"What, like Klan hoods?"
>Tripfag nods
"Is that because we call ourselves the KKK?"
>Tripfag nods again
"That's so fucked up. Thanks, Tripfag."
>Orange takes a hat and sticks it on her scalp
>a glob of mud drips onto her brow, but she hardly seems to notice
>Red approaches the hats next
>she pokes at one with her hoof
>and then cautiously sets one on her head too
>the two of them look at each other
>and break out into a soft chuckle
>Orange gestures at you with her head
>Red grins
>together, they pick up the last remaining Klan hood
>walk over to you
>and set it down on your head
>the mud is cool and squishy as they tap it around your forehead to secure the hat
"U-um… uh…"
>why is your face so hot?
"Geez, I thought I was the red one."
>Tripfag nods with her usual vacant smile
>then bends down and sniffs the ground
"Less go."
>following her nose, the enigmatic tard dashes out of the clearing
>the Sun shines down from straight overhead
>the grass is soft under your hooves
>you try to recall your anger
>but something else comes out instead
"G-guys, I'm, uh, sorry for unironically blowing up on you like that. It's just… uh…"
"Hey, sorry's enough. For the record, I'm sorry too. Let's not start crying or anything now."
"C-crying? Who the fuck said I was crying?!"
"I-it's just sweat! I mean, uh, I'm… sorry too."
>a soft breeze tickles your nose
"We should probably follow Tripfag. I think she's trying to smell her way home."
"Can tards do that? Navigate by scent?"
"I dunno. Probably."


>Tripfag's tard-sense does indeed lead the four of you out of the Everfree Forest
>by the time you get there, the mud-hats she made have all fallen apart
>but frankly, the mud and leaves you're now covered in make for a good "poor lost filly" look
>you see the ponies gathered at the edge of the woods before they see you
>"I saw her go in there!"
>Sleepytime Tea, with a bandage around her head, is pointing into the woods
>Twilight is peering anxiously into the trees and trotting in place
>a white earth pony you recognize as Aryanne stands by grimly
>but no sooner does Twilight spot you than you and Tripfag are wrapped up in a purple aura
>and pulled in for a big, cringeworthy hug
"I'm so glad you two are all right!"
>you're already struggling to escape
"All right, that's enough intimacy for today. You can let me go now."
>you're pulled in even tighter
"I fucking hate my life."
>never in a thousand million years would you ever admit that snuggling into Twilight's warm, soft coat is actually kind of relaxing
>Aryanne seems to have the courtesy to be a bit less affectionate with her ward
>or maybe that's just how she is
>three pairs of eyes lock onto her
"Nein, not you. Ze orange one."
"Uh, hey, 'Anne. How's your day been?"
"Did you stand by your kameraden?"
>Orange blinks
"Uh, yeah."
>Red shuffles a bit awkwardly in place
>Aryanne notices
"Ah, you must be ze red Anonymous. I am afraid I have been through a bit of needless trouble on your behalf today."
>Red stares at the Black Forester with wide eyes
"What do you mean by this?"
>Twilight loosens her grip to look around
"That's weird. He was right behind us when we left."
"Ah, mein princess, you cannot expect a sub-equine to keep pace vith the gallop of pure Equaryans like us."
>Twilight grits her teeth
"Black Forest culture is very fascinating."
>that's when you hear it
>a squeal in the distance
>a pig in a Hawaiian shirt is stumbling toward the reunion as fast as he can
>Red gallops off to meet her irresponsible guardian halfway
"Holy shit dude, where the fuck were you?!"
>Jim snorts and grunts in response
>Red squeals
"That's fucking wild, man!"
>for some reason, Orange has become very interested in the ground
"Oh. So I am the one who ends up alone after all."
"Hm? Vhat did you say?"
"Uh, nothing, it's just…"
"Do you know, I recieved a telegram from ze Fuhrer you may be interested in."
"Ja. I am to be ze Black Forest's ambassador to Equestria, effective immediately."
"Oh, that's neat. So we'll be moving to Canterlot?"
"Nein. Ze city is too degenerate for me."
>Aryanne cracks her first smile of the day
"And zere is a princess right here in Ponyville…"
"Holy fuckmuffins!"
>you finally break free of Twilight's grasp, then twist around to look at her
>she shrugs
"I might have pulled a few strings."
>Red seemingly teleports behind Orange
"Is she back?"
"Yeah, I'm thinking she's back."
>in no time at all, you've begun chanting KKK and dogpiled the fuck out of Orange
>Tripfag is apparently happy too
"All fucking ziggers must fucking hang!"
>the Sun shines brightly over one smiling tard
>one mortified princess
>one grinning ambassador
>one grunting pig
>and three laughing fillies


Epilogue: Operation Z-Word

>Twilight has agreed to mediate a dispute between the Black Forest and Zebrica

>Aryanne, who's been in town about a month, is displeased at having to sit at the same table as a zebra ambassador
>but the stern Black Forester won't argue with orders from her homeland
>for some reason, Twilight decided to incorporate you and your friends into ceremonial roles during the proceedings
>why the fuck she thought that would be a good idea, you have no idea
>Operation Z-Word is go
>it's a bit of a long-shot, to be sure
>but Lady Luck smiles on those who take chances
>neither of the ambasaadors have arrived at the castle yet
>Orange went off to retrieve them a while ago
>Red is standing at the door
>unbeknownst to Twilight, Red is also listening in via some little magic thingy you stole from Twilight's basement last night
>hopefully that doesn't backfire horrifically
>currently, you and Twilight are making some last minute preparations to the conference room
>okay, based on the timing you discussed with Orange…
>phase: Green Hornet should start…
"You know, I'm gonna say the Z-word."
>Twilight frowns
"No. You can't say the Z-word."
>you put on your biggest, sweetest smile
"I'm gonna say it."
>Twilight's sharp glare would daunt a fainter heart than yours
"Anon, I swear-"
>and when you feel Twilight's magic hoist you up by your throat
>that's when you know you've won
>Twilight's voice lowers to a dangerous hiss
"Anon, let me make this perfectly clear to you: this is the first major diplomatic event that has ever been entrusted to me, and to me alone. This is a major milestone in my transition to the role of Equestria's sole ruler."
>and then
>in a foam-flecking roar:
>in that instant, Red and Orange fling the double doors to the conference room wide-open, revealing a Aryanne and the Zebrican


File: 1568968219016.png (1.17 MB, 1058x1791, a06.png)

You know how to make the poners tick.
Thank you poner.


The end. Pastebinned here, on the off-chance anyone ever wants to read it again: https://pastebin.com/JChqcJxW

also spicscord is for underage tranny shitskins


Thanks for the input Lone, I'll keep it all in mind as I go on! Also, if you don't mind me being a brainlet, what's an author's blurb? Finally, sorry for getting back to you a day late on this, IRL calls at times.


That was the best Anonfillies green in a long while.


Fs in the chat, green's fucking dead.


File: 1568983083366-0.png (41.44 KB, 258x253, CanadianFilly.png)

She likes it up the butt.


Amazing green, Anon! Have a (You).


No sorry.
Seems little itty bitty filly needs a grown up to take care of her.


File: 1568999797609.png (151.91 KB, 700x792, heh.png)


>Be filly
>No hands
>No dick
>No mare adopts you because you're vulgar
>Stuck in a shithole barely a step up from prison
>A neighboring kingdom attacks
>Finally, a fucking chance to get out of here.
>Lie about your age, get in
>No experience, get stuck as a soldier
>Carry your only friend miles back to the medbay to find out that she bled out on your way there
>A bullet rips through your ear, and the sound of artillery leaves you with permanent hearing loss
>Receive awards, begin to work your way up the ranks
>Offered a chance to retire, but the war isn't over yet
>You use your leverage to get yourself into the air defenses
>Not a pegasus, but you're a fast learner on the miniature airships
>Go to sleep one night and wake up to hell.
>Throw on goggles, run out and get in your mini
>Fucking up air tanks left and right, but your sights are on something else…
>The giant looming structure of the enemy airship stands against the burning sky
>You're hit, fuck it
>Time to do what you came to do
>Release your payload and get ready to turn around
>Ripped from your cockpit by one of the rotor chains
>Time to die
>Manage to land on an enemy ship
>In a split-second decision, you decide not to attempt to take it yourself and pull the pin on an incendiary grenade
>Grab the oily chain, the smell of rocket propellant burning your nostrils
>Ride the fucking missile into that airship
>For your heroic sacrifice, get sent to Hell


File: 1569028779842.jpg (3.49 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190920_180326.jpg)

If they've claimed it as theirs, does this make it a filly hole?


I can't but think lewdness will result of this
Please continue :3


>Hell starts fading away
>The familiar feel of burning flesh replaced with cold fresh air
>Opening your eyes, you're in the same tube as always
>The liquid you were held in flushing below as air gets vented in from the top
>And after a while, a pony completely covered in a white hazard suit frees you
>No point in fighting here, you let yourself fall forwards to them
>They catch you as if expecting that, but you know they werent
>You wait for their procedure to complete
>Lots of neddles everywhere
>A painful scrying spell straight to the head
>And the note of another failure
>Only to send you back to that damned "kindergarten" once more
>With no hands
>No dick
>No mare to adopt you because you're vulgar
>Stuck in a shithole barely a step up from prison
>Now, only need to wait for the attack and go over what has to be done…
>With a groan you kick the medic behind you, earning you a quicker way out to get on with it

>A neighboring kingdom attacks

>The chance to get out of here
>Go with the known motions, stuck as a soldier…
>Carry your only friend miles back to the medbay
>Tried yet another route this time…
>But once more she bled out on your way there
>One day…
>Back to the script, you slightly dodge the sniper bullet
>The bullet rips through your ear
>But its better than not spraying blood, showing him that he missed the shot and becoming a target once more
>And with the following artillery focusing on you there's no way to dodge both as well
>The sound of artillery leaves you with permanent hearing loss after it barely misses you
>But the cloud of dust it makes creates a great scape route to get out of here

>Awards, work your way up the ranks and after lots of replaying events gets offered the chance to retire

>But the war isnt over and they will come for you…
>You get yourself into the air force, relearning your motion controls with ease
>In fact, you've done this so much you're probably the best miniature airship pilot by now
>Yet, sleep is hard to come by
>The next day brings you uneasiness, knowing you still have to work out how to survive
>Wake up to hell, googles and mini plane ready to go
>Air tanks drop like flies thanks to you, but your sights are on something else…
>The giant looming structure of the enemy airship stands against the burning sky
>Here's where you got hit last time
>So you drop back and, unlike yourself, join a squadron
>Sure, you feel better working alone
>But you're also an easier target
>Time to do what you came to do
>Or not, as they keep trying to clean the skies
>Stupid fuckers keep needing you to save them
>You have no hope of winning the 10 to 1 air fight if you stay here though
>So with two wingmates you make way to the airship
>But before you could get close, a massive laser charges up in the middle of its hull
>You drop as fast you can, your wingmates swerving to the sides
>And thanks to gravity, you're pulled just out of its trajectory
>Same cant be said to your partners who dont even get a chance to scream
>Looking back in shock, you learn that you didnt get out unscathed
>Your wing tail is gone
>Cant pull up, heading straight into the ground…
>Die like a pancake
>And for your failure, get sent straight into Hell
Who would be the final boss and how long would filly take to get to her?


Where's my noods?


Cozy glow would be the final boss


File: 1569037304144.jpg (Spoiler Image, 810.04 KB, 2461x2119, Noods.jpg)

Added to the document, thank you for your continued contributions.
Blurb might not be the correct term, if you've noticed I tend to write less of a finely blended smoothie and more of a chunky one with unblended bits. You know the type. In any case, I was referring to the bit where you said '20 points and a (you) to whoever figures out which part it is'
R-right here…


Nah, Cozy is too low down the ladder in power for this kind of apocalyptic shit.
Who else but Twilight?



Those are some good noods. Thank you.



File: 1569047090577.png (252.67 KB, 2160x2160, AnonFilly-CloverPin.png)


"Yo Alex, let me see your phone, I want to check Twitter and see what's up."

Alex stares at you blankly, and then holds up his phone, pointing to it. Oh right, it's a flip phone. You can't check Twitter. You turn your attention to your new guest, Darrel.

"Don't suppose you could fill me in on what the prez is tweeting, could you?"

He shakes his head. "The President has not been tweeting in the past several hours, I can assure you at least of that much."

You vaguely remember your earlier prophecy about the President turning into a pony. If it's true, you can easily imagine that it would be difficult to tweet with. It wouldn't be wise to bring it up, however. You don't want to look like a suspect for a white house staffer… oh who are you kidding, this guy's secret service and you damn well know it.

"Alright, alright. I guess we'll just have to see when we get there."

You buckle up your seatbelt, and the rest of your friends follow suit. Blossom offers to play another game of "improv against humanity" -- as you've taken to calling it halfway through, but you decline. Somehow, today feels like it's been several months, and you can put your hoof on exactly why. The plane takes off soon enough, and you drift off into a nap that consumes you for the entire flight… So much for in-flight snacks.

You wake up lunging forward as the plane rapidly decelerates on the tarmac of the Reagan National Airport. Your lack of dreams throughout the entire flight strikes you as a little bit odd, given your tendency to have premonitions at moments like this, but you shrug it off as a blessing in disguise. After a short while of dwelling on this, you are eventually able to deplane, and are led immediately into a limousine.

"Where are we headed, exactly?" you ask the driver.

"President's guest house."

"What are we, foreign dignitaries?" Twilight adds as she takes her seat. The driver looks back at her and notes, "You look pretty foreign to me."


File: 1569047166175.png (341.96 KB, 3078x2123, AnonFilly-BoredWaiting.png)

I got really fucking mad at my electric company and decided to write an update to distract myself. 11 days… holy shit. Sorry for the delay, guys.


11 days without power? How did you survive? DID you survive?


It's fine m8, we all write differently. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine for being a brainlet! Also, if that was your guess, then no. The exchange between Anon and The Narrator wasn't the part I was referring to. However, if you'd like a hint, it's not just a few lines; it's an entire post.


File: 1569052057465.jpg (937.58 KB, 1600x900, welcome_back_to_applejack.jpg)

Welcome back.


File: 1569083309469-0.png (109.33 KB, 529x452, 2149411.png)




Funny pic, however, if a nyxfag were to boast about this it would be kinda embarrassing for it really just says more about /mlp/ than anything else. Just compare the character and Anonfilly is light-years ahead of Nyx. I mean do I really need to say more?


File: 1569090492409.png (15.22 KB, 571x530, unknown (25).png)

small filly


File: 1569090514970.png (25.54 KB, 788x800, unknown (29).png)


File: 1569090717438.png (549 B, 12x12, SMALLER.png)


File: 1569091083196.png (35.26 KB, 1078x736, unknown (30).png)


File: 1569091333208.png (24.03 KB, 334x263, filly triangle.png)


I thought you guys were myths. So there are actual anonfillies ouutside of the thread.


Yeah, they probably usually just spend their time circlejerking in the discord though.


You do realize they just came to post to the thread right?
Even if related content may be elsewhere, no way to know that


File: 1569098770197.png (216 KB, 810x672, ISHYFDDT.png)

>trying this hard to kick up a shitstorm


File: 1569099907893.png (257.87 KB, 504x600, check'em.png)

Digits confirm.


I appricate them. It is nice seeing them here. It is good that they have come to their senses;)


File: 1569100674409.png (1.32 MB, 2200x1500, area 51 filly.png)

They've got fillies in Area 51.
too bad I didn't finish this yesterday


Celestia has to show up to put order there.


>Filly transmogrifier

Anyway, very cute.


>two fillies happily looking over towards the portal Twiggles is walking through
>filly pulling two others into the flying saucer with a tractor beam
top cute
>filly with a Naruto headband doing the Naruto run in the background
top kek


Yeaah, does things were pretty great I agree, however, what I like the most is the gaurd turned filly's look.




>Art gets posted to thread


File: 1569108539681.jpg (82.23 KB, 1418x1448, 5xH7rxq.jpg)

A-are they butthurt?


Kek. Poor filly.
>The naruto run
But wait, what is Twilight doing? Did she just walk through the teleporter and is confused, or…


File: 1569115413908.png (324.85 KB, 1023x678, 1132207.png)

I am sleepy little fillies
What would twilight tell you to do


She would definitely tell me to spend my day eating candy and teaching the CMC moves from the Kama Sutra. Because…books!


File: 1569116591217.png (182.65 KB, 515x472, 1568571375237-1.png)

This thread activates my parental instincts and now I want to mommy an anonfilly
Frick you thread
On a scale from 9 to 10 how weird do you think this is
Let's not make this weird
You get the stuff that a regular ass adults gets
Like alcohol and not diddling little kids

Cuddles and Affection but only if none of us never mentions it and take it to the grave


>I want to mommy anonfilly
>anonfilly can't sexually experiment with her friends
pick one


File: 1569116963468.gif (111.65 KB, 434x434, 1568263237413.gif)

I choose mom a filly and not getting in a Celestia list
That would make you a /tv/ cunny user in universe if that happened
No attracting the partyvan you perv


>"Go to bed or I'll turn you to stone."


Romeo and Juliet laws not exist in beanerland?


File: 1569119260656.png (1.19 MB, 1283x855, AnonFilly-TwinCuddles.png)


I wasn't without power. I was mad at them because they weren't sending me my fucking bill. Apparently, when my roommate decided to "start service", rather than simply adding him to the existing account, they just stopped sending bills my way.

The 11 days were just me being a lazy fuck.




File: 1569122061955.gif (647.63 KB, 1296x1173, anonfilly shitposting.gif)

Those fillies look like in pain.


They kinda do, yeah


File: 1569128171843.png (698.37 KB, 930x859, Jon.png)

>Life is good
>Jon feeds you lots of lasagna and gives you pets for being a good filly
>Odie is tolerable, you've ridden him around a few times
>One day, Jon comes home with this horse
What do?


Take his pipe.


>Hell fades away
>You hit the glass as hard as you can, shards of it getting stuck in the hazmat suit pony
>You find out that it's a mare based on her scream
>You grin as they prepare you, even though it seems like the medical team are taking out anger on you
>Back to 'Kindergarten'
>You try to make friends with a lonely filly this time, but your actions get her bullied mercilessly
>Lie about your age, enlist
>You try to get your only friend away from the soldier that hits her, but she just ends up getting liquified by a shell
>Even though you know you'll have more chances, you cry all the way back to the medbay
>One of your back legs is fucked, given the pony equivalent of a purple heart
>Tell the presenter that if this is to make you go home, he can keep the damned thing
>He still gives it to you, use your leverage…
>More awards, more ranks
>You're higher up than you've ever gotten, but you know your place
>It's harder with your wooden peg of a leg, but you're still the best
>Practice makes perfect
>Your friend's spatters all across your chest and the singes of fire send you bolting upright in a cold sweat most nights
>You spend your down-time reflecting
>If you succeed now, your friend will be dead permanently…
>Shakily, you get to your hooves and walk out onto the flight deck
>Jump over the edge
>The feeling of death never gets easier, but falling is too fast to hurt
>Falling to hell, the singing of skin quickly replaced by cold fluid
>Before you go further, you need to save your friend
>The hazmat pony slaps your face hard, you're not sure if that's for your suicide or the fact that you got shrapnel in her


File: 1569147561701.png (28.82 KB, 279x244, filly_face.png)


You could probably edit all kinds of memes into those eyes


File: 1569148161650.png (61.03 KB, 399x474, bat.png)


File: 1569148251309.png (262.52 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1569147075125.png)



>bat filly
And what the fruit is?


There was a movie like that.
Can't remember the name.


>he doesn't know about the mango


Edge of tomorrow?


>"Okay, I see we aren't going to get anywhere arguing about this," she says finally, leaving the conversation to silence.
>But that's good.
>You really hate arguing with your friends.
>Better awkward silence than that.
>W-well, hate is such a strong word.
>You just really, really dislike arguing with yoyr friends.
>Twilight is such a smart pony that you can't help but wonder how she got tricked into believing Big Pharma's lies.
>Twilight lookes pensive for a moment before speaking again.
>"Could I at least see Anon? It's been a few weeks since I last saw her and I'm worried."
>You shake your head.
"Oh, no. The poor dear came down with something and has been resting. She's been awfully upset about not getting injected with those icky poisons. But Momma knows best."
>Twilight looks concerned.
"She's fine. Anon wanted me to stay out of her room and after all of this I decided it was best to give her space. Plus, Tree Hugger recommended me some nice herbal oils that should help her work through it. I hope she isn't still mad. She hasn't said a word to me in about a week now."


File: 1569175164795-0.png (460.57 KB, 1085x1243, 57fb3d70c5d507d2a8747e489e….png)


Brexit can't happen fast enough.


File: 1569178525844.png (38.96 KB, 389x500, 1518326209851.png)

Delet this


File: 1569179435476-0.gif (14.29 KB, 288x288, 2150439.gif)

She comes from the reeeeeeeeeee village


File: 1569180120433.png (569.8 KB, 975x1146, delet.png)

>no hooves


>no hooves
delet this


As a macrofag a approve the deletion of this >no hooves shit


File: 1569182274116.jpg (144.17 KB, 438x1079, BY THE EMPEROR.jpg)

by god, cleanse my eyes with the blood of this nohooves furfag


More Filly Astray when ?


It's being worked on, you can see progress here. He's been doing a lot of work on sprites that aren't filly recently, so not much filly content to post from there.


Yeah, fuck you Jon, that tobacco's mine.

Wait, ach, this stuff tastes terrible, I take it back.


File: 1569206234609-0.gif (29.66 KB, 512x192, WeDidItFillies.gif)

Oh yeah, another version if ya prefer


File: 1569207064449.png (1.05 MB, 1921x1080, ReiConsidersStabbingYou.png)

How dare you. Flutters isn't a fucking antivaxxer.


File: 1569209257917.png (137.66 KB, 1000x638, ZQr63Fr.png)

>fucking antivaxxer
Of course she is. She knows about the kikes' poisons.


…Why does that first speech bubble have Nyx colors?


File: 1569216421842.png (448.78 KB, 1294x909, TwiNursing.png)

If you're gonna mommy the filly, you need to go all the way >pic related


I feel like this is less a political issue and more one of not having your filly fucking die.


Because she's talking to Nyx, and Nyx is cancer.


File: 1569231363436.png (358.65 KB, 1440x2560, sketch-1569230708675.png)

Any suggestions


Is that a pijama?


Its a comfy house sweater


File: 1569238830476-0.jpg (1.52 MB, 4032x3024, image0.jpg)

Lucky niggers…



I would kill for a wearable version of that outfit. I had it in a dream once, and I must own it. Specifically made of that soft material.


File: 1569250411990.png (278.67 KB, 700x800, 1129284.png)

I don't want fillyanon to suck my cock
just to do cute stuff for him and make my cute neet loli happy


Based, that too.
Filly is breastfeeding in that pic though


Well I don't have many other places where to produce milk myself


I know of one other way to produce milk, if you know what I'm sayin'.


File: 1569252728249.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.63 KB, 637x358, IMG_4256.JPG)


>You get to be the filly
>No momfu, dadfu instead
Do you accept the conditions? Y/N (you stay human if you don't lol)
If Y, who?


File: 1569254945921.jpeg (45.25 KB, 265x354, image.jpeg)

Pick me you neets
boy I don't think I've seen a thread gotten this weird without faggy Erping or lewding


Well duh. Yes of course.
As for who, depend if their canon wife get removed or not.
Can't go wrong with Night Light, but if Velvet get taken out because of that no.
Shining would be cool too, but that mean having Flurry as a big sis, which is quite a wild card.
Can't think of any other canon stallion that would be good.

Otherwise … any non-Filly'ed Anon I guess.
As long as it's not an abusefag, take showers more than once per week and share the booze.


File: 1569255905764.png (Spoiler Image, 19.44 KB, 500x685, RidingAnonDaddy.png)

Yes, and my Anondaddy, of course!

Oh, you haven't seen "weird" yet.


File: 1569257731790.jpg (1.1 MB, 3264x2110, IMG_4260.JPG)

If you can't tell, I normally don't draw humans. Also have class so quick


Y of course
Big Mac seems the best choice, you get to live on a farm and have Applejack as a cool aunt though it's weird that Applebloom would your aunt too