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File: 1567000568703-0.png (437.97 KB, 1057x1536, 1566847100526.png)

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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>236417
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File: 1569100674409.png (1.32 MB, 2200x1500, area 51 filly.png)

They've got fillies in Area 51.
too bad I didn't finish this yesterday


Celestia has to show up to put order there.


>Filly transmogrifier

Anyway, very cute.


>two fillies happily looking over towards the portal Twiggles is walking through
>filly pulling two others into the flying saucer with a tractor beam
top cute
>filly with a Naruto headband doing the Naruto run in the background
top kek


Yeaah, does things were pretty great I agree, however, what I like the most is the gaurd turned filly's look.




>Art gets posted to thread


File: 1569108539681.jpg (82.23 KB, 1418x1448, 5xH7rxq.jpg)

A-are they butthurt?


Kek. Poor filly.
>The naruto run
But wait, what is Twilight doing? Did she just walk through the teleporter and is confused, or…


File: 1569115413908.png (324.85 KB, 1023x678, 1132207.png)

I am sleepy little fillies
What would twilight tell you to do


She would definitely tell me to spend my day eating candy and teaching the CMC moves from the Kama Sutra. Because…books!


File: 1569116591217.png (182.65 KB, 515x472, 1568571375237-1.png)

This thread activates my parental instincts and now I want to mommy an anonfilly
Frick you thread
On a scale from 9 to 10 how weird do you think this is
Let's not make this weird
You get the stuff that a regular ass adults gets
Like alcohol and not diddling little kids

Cuddles and Affection but only if none of us never mentions it and take it to the grave


>I want to mommy anonfilly
>anonfilly can't sexually experiment with her friends
pick one


File: 1569116963468.gif (111.65 KB, 434x434, 1568263237413.gif)

I choose mom a filly and not getting in a Celestia list
That would make you a /tv/ cunny user in universe if that happened
No attracting the partyvan you perv


>"Go to bed or I'll turn you to stone."


Romeo and Juliet laws not exist in beanerland?


File: 1569119260656.png (1.19 MB, 1283x855, AnonFilly-TwinCuddles.png)


I wasn't without power. I was mad at them because they weren't sending me my fucking bill. Apparently, when my roommate decided to "start service", rather than simply adding him to the existing account, they just stopped sending bills my way.

The 11 days were just me being a lazy fuck.




File: 1569122061955.gif (647.63 KB, 1296x1173, anonfilly shitposting.gif)

Those fillies look like in pain.


They kinda do, yeah


File: 1569128171843.png (698.37 KB, 930x859, Jon.png)

>Life is good
>Jon feeds you lots of lasagna and gives you pets for being a good filly
>Odie is tolerable, you've ridden him around a few times
>One day, Jon comes home with this horse
What do?


Take his pipe.


>Hell fades away
>You hit the glass as hard as you can, shards of it getting stuck in the hazmat suit pony
>You find out that it's a mare based on her scream
>You grin as they prepare you, even though it seems like the medical team are taking out anger on you
>Back to 'Kindergarten'
>You try to make friends with a lonely filly this time, but your actions get her bullied mercilessly
>Lie about your age, enlist
>You try to get your only friend away from the soldier that hits her, but she just ends up getting liquified by a shell
>Even though you know you'll have more chances, you cry all the way back to the medbay
>One of your back legs is fucked, given the pony equivalent of a purple heart
>Tell the presenter that if this is to make you go home, he can keep the damned thing
>He still gives it to you, use your leverage…
>More awards, more ranks
>You're higher up than you've ever gotten, but you know your place
>It's harder with your wooden peg of a leg, but you're still the best
>Practice makes perfect
>Your friend's spatters all across your chest and the singes of fire send you bolting upright in a cold sweat most nights
>You spend your down-time reflecting
>If you succeed now, your friend will be dead permanently…
>Shakily, you get to your hooves and walk out onto the flight deck
>Jump over the edge
>The feeling of death never gets easier, but falling is too fast to hurt
>Falling to hell, the singing of skin quickly replaced by cold fluid
>Before you go further, you need to save your friend
>The hazmat pony slaps your face hard, you're not sure if that's for your suicide or the fact that you got shrapnel in her


File: 1569147561701.png (28.82 KB, 279x244, filly_face.png)


You could probably edit all kinds of memes into those eyes


File: 1569148161650.png (61.03 KB, 399x474, bat.png)


File: 1569148251309.png (262.52 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1569147075125.png)



>bat filly
And what the fruit is?


There was a movie like that.
Can't remember the name.


>he doesn't know about the mango


Edge of tomorrow?


>"Okay, I see we aren't going to get anywhere arguing about this," she says finally, leaving the conversation to silence.
>But that's good.
>You really hate arguing with your friends.
>Better awkward silence than that.
>W-well, hate is such a strong word.
>You just really, really dislike arguing with yoyr friends.
>Twilight is such a smart pony that you can't help but wonder how she got tricked into believing Big Pharma's lies.
>Twilight lookes pensive for a moment before speaking again.
>"Could I at least see Anon? It's been a few weeks since I last saw her and I'm worried."
>You shake your head.
"Oh, no. The poor dear came down with something and has been resting. She's been awfully upset about not getting injected with those icky poisons. But Momma knows best."
>Twilight looks concerned.
"She's fine. Anon wanted me to stay out of her room and after all of this I decided it was best to give her space. Plus, Tree Hugger recommended me some nice herbal oils that should help her work through it. I hope she isn't still mad. She hasn't said a word to me in about a week now."


File: 1569175164795-0.png (460.57 KB, 1085x1243, 57fb3d70c5d507d2a8747e489e….png)


Brexit can't happen fast enough.


File: 1569178525844.png (38.96 KB, 389x500, 1518326209851.png)

Delet this


File: 1569179435476-0.gif (14.29 KB, 288x288, 2150439.gif)

She comes from the reeeeeeeeeee village


File: 1569180120433.png (569.8 KB, 975x1146, delet.png)

>no hooves


>no hooves
delet this


As a macrofag a approve the deletion of this >no hooves shit


File: 1569182274116.jpg (144.17 KB, 438x1079, BY THE EMPEROR.jpg)

by god, cleanse my eyes with the blood of this nohooves furfag


More Filly Astray when ?


It's being worked on, you can see progress here. He's been doing a lot of work on sprites that aren't filly recently, so not much filly content to post from there.


Yeah, fuck you Jon, that tobacco's mine.

Wait, ach, this stuff tastes terrible, I take it back.


File: 1569206234609-0.gif (29.66 KB, 512x192, WeDidItFillies.gif)

Oh yeah, another version if ya prefer


File: 1569207064449.png (1.05 MB, 1921x1080, ReiConsidersStabbingYou.png)

How dare you. Flutters isn't a fucking antivaxxer.


File: 1569209257917.png (137.66 KB, 1000x638, ZQr63Fr.png)

>fucking antivaxxer
Of course she is. She knows about the kikes' poisons.


…Why does that first speech bubble have Nyx colors?


File: 1569216421842.png (448.78 KB, 1294x909, TwiNursing.png)

If you're gonna mommy the filly, you need to go all the way >pic related


I feel like this is less a political issue and more one of not having your filly fucking die.


Because she's talking to Nyx, and Nyx is cancer.

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