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By clicking New Reply, I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal.
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File: 1564620061970-0.jpeg (78.1 KB, 370x547, 43635f58aab5026190e8b5939….jpeg)

File: 1564620061970-1.png (80.44 KB, 790x616, glowniggertest.png)

8e45e No.233588

Spooks are not allowed to discuss Israeli nukes. If you suspect someone ask them about their opinion on Israeli nukes.

WPN-136 yep it exists



4b887 No.233648

Israel's nukes are aimed at European capitals.

5c2d5 No.233649

Don't Act like the Kikes Don't Have the Nukes that they Stole From us, Aimed at the White Parts of America as well.

fa9ba No.233665

Odds are they won't even hit their targets: that overpriced Iron Doom will suddenly decide to actually do something for once and shoot them as they come out of the silos.

fa9ba No.233666

Fuck, I'm retarded.

5c2d5 No.233667

Hmmmm, that seems highly unlikely.

acd78 No.233674

File: 1564645159807-0.jpeg (137.5 KB, 900x1040, 682BF0B8-D1AD-4B31-9724-C….jpeg)

Arent they hidden in a mountain in Golan Heights?

4c75a No.233750

File: 1564685042364.gif (387.98 KB, 425x260, b954deb7f295fe940461b4a715….gif)

Randomly capitalized words are always a disappointment.
>Don't Act Kikes Don't Have Nukes Stole From Aimed White Parts America
As words instead of letters, the first half makes sense, but then it immediately crashes into nonsensicality.

317b5 No.234870

96cb8 No.234979

File: 1565061889750.jpg (134.74 KB, 1000x750, 1538522174269.jpg)

Bump. Influx of pic related.
I think Israeli nukes should be recovered by good people that ought to have them.

e8b7b No.234991

File: 1565063029355.jpg (187.15 KB, 500x495, 1557354031091.jpg)


Run them over with your car

e617e No.235008

File: 1565065738678.png (833.47 KB, 1366x768, 1564938512026.png)

Reposted from >>234252

>WNP-136 : Israel Nuclear Weapons Gag Order


204fd No.235012

>>233588 (geheilt)
Consequences will never be the same.

df842 No.235031

Idk if this test is legit, but I'll ask this of anyone I suspect of being a glownigger, just because it's a good topic to bring up anyway.
Those dirty glowniggers really are agents of ZOG, and ZOG alone. They're shameless bastards. Abolish the goddamn CIA.

df842 No.235033

Israel is a rogue terrorist state, and the fact that it's allowed to have nukes is appalling.

811c8 No.235040

File: 1565077452081.jpeg (202.57 KB, 1280x720, 50E27D5F-5EBF-4221-9C90-2….jpeg)

>We went into Iraq ironically for the same thing they are doing.

df842 No.235092

It shows you how much control (((they))) have over our politics.
Israel brutally shoahs Arab Palestinians on a daily basis, but they're tolerated/forgiven because they're fucking kikes. Imagine if a Western country treated brown people that way: it'd be an international crisis.

1ac0f No.235098

File: 1565098708477-0.png (2.67 MB, 2500x2000, 59_OAT_Update_June_2019_CI….png)

File: 1565098708477-1.png (231.35 KB, 900x1000, 12_OAT_09_2018_MLPOL_Anony….png)

Sticky please. Current Event Context sensitive subject.

fbfd2 No.235101

isreal's nukes should be detonated where they are

df842 No.235106

It's depressing that the government is proven to actually use my tax dollars to pay glowniggers to monitor and shitpost all over the image boards that I enjoy.
Abolish the CIA.
And confiscate Israel's nukes.

e4dd8 No.235148

Just look at the Texas guy.
This is a good way to spread awareness on Israel's nukes.

520ca No.235272

File: 1565136689726.png (212.86 KB, 758x427, uyviyguiycudytu.png)

6aaaa No.235279

I don't think we can assume this is a perfect defense since the intelligence communities of other nations may not have similar laws restraining them.

96cb8 No.235287

Checked. (6aaaa)

88452 No.235306

This test does not work for any agency. If this rule existed, it would do literally nothing except make feds easier to detect. Feds don't make rules for the benefit of the investigated. You're just going to sound like an asshole making unreasonable demands of random people while actual feds say "oh yeah its so terrible". This is literally just "if you ask an undercover cop if he's a cop, he has to answer truthfully", except for people who should know better.
>inb4 muh demoralization shill
Motherfuckers, if you could catch feds with one question out of many that they are inexplicably not allowed to answer, they wouldn't bother infiltrating anywhere. They lie when they say everything else they say while infiltrating, why not lie about their opinions on this?
As for the Israeli nukes, just so you dumbasses know I'm legit, I'm willing to bet that those kikes went with the bargain option and they only have the range to target neighboring nations of Israel, since they're basically only there as deterrent anyways.

3966f No.235312

File: 1565147667713.jpg (96.25 KB, 750x499, 3c1389a0ed2671cb9d58b8fc88….jpg)

Nukes aren't shit compared to bio weapons. Which is what Israel spends its money on for the big weapons. Bio weapons are outright more devastating then any nuke. They are also a lot sneakier and we know how much jews like to backstab people then point the finger at someone else. Syria and the White helmets comes to mind. The whole muh Russia bullshit when (((they))) were the ones colluding with Russia to set up a war between the USA. The holohoax about Germans gassing the jews.

As far as where some of their nukes are:


0c679 No.235315

>If this rule existed
Read the whole thread and lurk moar, faggot.

680ac No.235406

File: 1565168226537.png (802.18 KB, 989x918, 6d9.png)

So what, you never did anything for the lulz?
There's no harm in asking for opinions on israel's nukes.
They are aimed at every capital in the world

ef778 No.235409

The yids have nukes. They were caught testing them around Australia and South Pole area. Also Jews have an obsession with pyramids. Isreal nukes are SUGGESTED as being underground on a yid site with pyramids. Yids take right side up, and upside down pyramids triangles to be like the star of David but with retarded mysticism in isolation and not. Pyramids, black pyramids, white pyramids, shadow pyramids, reflection pyramids. Yid stuff. Jews being Jews. Also that they have nukes is disposable in importance, they do, but they should nuke themselves back to hell because the Fucking yids are ruining the west so everyone will worship Lucifer. The fucking synagogue of Satan. Don't let the yids deceive you. They are fucked up and lie like crazy about thier "shoah". The holocaust is a lie.

8e45e No.235570

File: 1565198819788.jpg (14.74 KB, 474x266, uv.jpg)

Please upvote adding this test to using this website.


56c94 No.235572


8e45e No.235779

File: 1565223125906.png (305.19 KB, 900x506, smile-pink.png)

/bait successful.
Thank you for meeting my expectations, anon :)

12a65 No.244486

Trump shoulda read this thread. Treason is afoot, and as per fucking usual, its CIA.

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