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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>224202


File: 1561061281685.jpg (468.28 KB, 2153x1190, 1558965829306.jpg)

>Gee filly, how come the princess lets you have two threads on the front page?
Non-regular / visitor here, do you guys have any good or must read greens I should be reading? Slice of life or story based would be nice, not sure about anything too lewd.



That's exactly what I would do.
Having sex on other people's possessions is flatout wrong, even if it's cringy zoomer shit.
Having such little regard for other's personal belongings is one of the most zigger things imaginable.


Assfaggot is a cute and writes real good


Dubs confirm the obvious.


Drawfag here, any requests?


Some DnD fillies, maybe? Or would they be OnO fillies since they'd be innaequestria?


Filly wearing The Master's cloak from Manos.


File: 1561076481760-0.jpeg (116.54 KB, 1129x694, large.jpeg)

Filly getting her hoof licked by chad.


Seconding this


Filly Ricardo meme.


OwO fillies


>the virgin footfag vs. the chad hoof aficionado




>Abusive Twilight
Gave it a shot but that's not for me. Might see what else is in the doc and lurk for a bit.


Oof, and I was going to recommend Lone's story.
Give this one a shot.


>Another day with Mom 1 and Mom 2.
>"Lyra, have you seen Mystery Mint?"
>"His name is Anonymous! And no, I haven't seen him, Bonbon."
>These mares are fucking crazy.
>"She is a little filly! Don't go dragging her into your silly obsession."
>"Silly ob--! Bonnie, you know more than anypony how many elusive creatures are in Equestria! I just need to find out more about them, and Anon is sure to have the information I need to find them!"
>Not a chance in hell.
>The two start an age old bickering routine.
>… Maybe I should 'wake up'.
>I climb out from beneath the tablecloth, rubbing my eyes with a hoof.
>It took a while to learn not to rub with the hard part of the hoof, but I had it down now.
"What's all the yelling? Did somepony do something bad?"
>The two pause in their argument.
>"Anon! Where were you?"
>The earth pony nudges the green unicorn enough for Lyra to stumble a little.
>"Mystery Mint," she corrects.
>They're both wrong anyways, but I'll never tell.
>Bonbon then gives a smile.
>"I'm about to make a few sweets, and I was wondering if somepony wanted to help out."
>"I do!"
>Bonbon's face smash cuts from smile to frown.
>"Lyra, last time you ate the chocolate chips we needed."
>"It turned out good anyways, right?"
>Bonbon sighed, then turned back to me.
>"So what were you up to, anyways?"
>I rub my eyes some more as I come up with a cover story.
>"I guess I fell asleep as I was doing my homework. I think I could help out, though. Can I lick the bowl?"
>"That's unsanitary."
>Lyra pffs and waggles a hoof.
>"It's all going to get washed anyways, and you'd be done with them already, right?"
>After a moment of thought, the earth pony lets out a sigh.
>"All right, but don't let it ruin your dinner."
>And with that, the three of us wandered off into the kitchen for a night of dealing with sugary treats.


Whoops. Greentexted a line of anon's speech. Oh well.


File: 1561090442734.png (129.23 KB, 611x805, 19865134123.png)

Wasted trips, lad. Wasted trips.


I just don't know what went wrong!


Here's a pastebin of the random one-shots I've done so far. https://pastebin.com/rkJqJVbe

And for a more long form story that I neglect despite my best efforts to do otherwise, a tale of Anon as Celestia's adoptive daughter. It's a bit old, but I've only done one other post that's not there. https://pastebin.com/SPj4PGNA

At times I think about coming up with a name just for ease of reference for folks, but then I'd be a dirty namefag and no longer anonymous. It's quite the quandary and I'm not sure if benefits outweigh the downsides yet.


You already came up with a name mate, can't remember it for the life of me but you posted under it.


Did I? I don't recall ever doing so. Closest thing I've done that I recall is make an image I post with the alicorn story and one for the Daring Do story I might continue. Maybe my memory's just shit. If so, then a new name is just as good as a forgotten old name.


That's fair.
Why don't you try on "Celestial Body"? Seems fitting.


>Be Occult's soul fragment #4
>Royal concubine. A dick sleeve for two absolute pricks.
Failing to commit regicide we might have doomed Equestria. Apparently White horse ate his brother Blue star kid fucker to maintain his health.
>Blue moon consented to this if his brother ate children whole so he could play with them.
He forgot to do that a few times. Angering moon horse.
>If I could regret assisting either prince I would.
>"Concubine position Three."
>Twisting around his rod I lay in my right side trying to curl up into a ball. His brutal hammering past my cervix, and nearly bruising my organs. It's too big for this body's age. I am not allowed to scream.
Good news is that hypothetically we could still assist both princes of their ills.
>One day. One way or another we will be free.
>Hearing hoofsteps by the door.
>"Brother, your student Sunset Shimmer is a delight."
>"Ugh, tell me you did leave her intact enough for further lessons. Starting from scratch to harness their power is always so delicate, and time consuming."
>"Who do you think I am? I'm certainly not you, dear brother. I promised her a turn at our concubine in exchange for some 'secret' knowledge. Did you know there is a similar looking colt in that school of yours? I'll have to verify that personally."
>"Go on have your fun. Try not to leave too much of a mess."
>Betting five bits he finishes inside.
Betting he doesn't.
>So does the wall paper remind you about a giraffe eating a cloud?

>Five hours.

I'm somewhat impressed he did all that with us hanging from his penis.
>I'm more impressed that we aren't a bloody smear. Honestly it isn't that long for the royal prince.
I wonder how fucked up Sunset Shimmer is? Equestria, and it's past is all screwy. I'm even surprised she even exists.
Oh, and it's six hours now.
>"My most loyal, and deserving student. For your efforts, and assisting my brother here is the royal concubine."
>She has a slight look of shock. A questioning gaze that lasts only for a moment. Going into a quick bow as her face flushes red.
>"She is yours to do with until we require her services. She still truly is the best place to rest one's hoof after a long day. Please, remove her without magic Sunset."
>She thinks for a moment, and grabs my fore hooves.
Our poor shoulders.
>The massive dong's flare pulling on my cervix. This is going to hurt if she pulls it out.
>"I seem to be stuck. A helping hoof if you would. It's only fair."
>Seeing her eyes harden she walks around to his backside.
>Rubbing his member. A hoof job with his exposed length.
>The door opens to her room.
>"Brother, really? Really? We understand you give your staff a hard time, but your student as well?"
>Teleporting off of his baby rod. Gapping wide open for all to see. Chilly air touching places it should not touch.
>"We have much to discuss, dear brother. Enjoy, Sunset Shimmer. We will have to talk again. Serve her as you would us."
Oh yes. Mwahahaha.
>Hearing that in monotone fills me with hope.
>The door slams closed. A few raised words almost penetrate through.
>I'm tapping my collar, and chains for no reason at all.
Yep totally no reason at all.
>"Alright first you have to help me."
"I don't know what you mean. I must help you to the fullest extent of my abilities. I must serve you as I would the princes."
>She looks scared for a fleeting instant.
No, that isn't quite fear that is the look of knowing how close they are to ending a person's life with a word.
>"Help me pack we are going somewhere."
"What needs packing?"
>"Eve- hmm, the books laying on the floor first into the enlarged suitcase."
>That could have gotten real messy.
So close. We can taste it.
"Where ever we go raw materials, and shiny can help."

>The last book is packed.

Good thing she is now high ranked as the princes themselves.
>"We have to hurry."
>Tapping the chain idly.
>"Once we are on our way. Help me with these bags, and follow me by my side."
>Long quiet halls filled with the stepping of hooves.
>A room filled with mirrors. We look at one specific one as she has a paper glaring with enough force to detonate a steel beam.
>"You are now totally free, and don't need to follow any orders. You are free."
>The chains, and collar scatters like ashes in a tsunami.
>All my emotions bubble forth.
"Let's go through. I don't care much to be enslaved again, or worse."
>She ears fold back my hate, rage, despair, and saddness seem to physically beat her. She straightens herself out though.
I wonder what changes other changes altered this reality to be this. No matter, I suppose we won't find out.

>Rainbow Transformation.

HAHAHA! We know how being a magical girl feels like!
>A school near by. Empty with how late it is.
>Holy shit we are fucking short. We can exclaim!
"I have fucking hands again. Still green, and still a girl. Suppose I can't have it all."
We're free, and we have hands!
>School cloths, a skirt, long sleeves, stockings, actual underwear, a backpack filled with all those books, and a bra…
>Tennis shoes woohoo!
>I help the newly transformed pony up. The sky looks like it'll rain soon to destroy these old tomes. The moon punctuating the outline.
Not sure which part of the country we're in-
"Let's hurry so we don't catch the storm. If these books get destroyed we can't get it back again."
But if we had to guess I'd say we are in, the midwest a few similarities to Colorado I think-
>Damn, haven't heard of that in a long time.
Can't quite tell the humidity with being a pony, human, hybrid thing. Though, it probably doesn't align perfectly with the Earth Equivalent. With the mountains, and evergreen trees in all directions I would say we are at a high elevation.
Obviously expect fast changing weather.
>"Ah. So this is how freedom tastes."
"The land of the free…"
And the home of the brave…
>Huh, we remembered that.
"It's so nice to see real streets, and suburban modern houses…"
We don't know nearly enough.


File: 1561093867787.jpg (57.49 KB, 592x655, 6EN2t5c.jpg)

Oh, I wouldn't mind trying on a 'Celestial body', if ya know what I mean.

Guess it'll do for now, but I reserve the right to change it later if I forget or think up or find a more awesome one. …probably mostly only use it for actual content posting, barring forgetting to remove it.


File: 1561096877296.png (472.08 KB, 1280x992, Contest.png)

Here are the conditions:
>You must write a complete greentext. Any greentext, no matter how brilliantly written, must have a beginning and an end.
>Your greentext must be at least 24000 characters. For reference, that's four entire posts at exactly the character limit.
>Your greentext must be no longer than 50000 words. As much as I'd love more novel length works, save it for another time.
>Your greentext must be completed by the end of this thread.
>Your greentext must have been started after this post. Continuations will not be eligible.
>No futas.
>No colt Anon. (unless you're having someone get shot with it, heh.)
In return for meeting these conditions, you will be eligible to win no less than $20 worth of steam credit.
Other than the restrictions I've listed above, you are completely free to write whatever you want. That being said, I do have a few stupid ideas to get you started if you can't think of anything:

>Shortly before his death, Anon has a prophetic vision of the end of Equestria. The issue is that he tries to tell other ponies about his vision immediately after materializing as a tiny green horse without the ability to walk and is institutionalized.

>You land on the street in the slums on four hooves. Your momfu calls out to you from a ramshackle structure that you soon find out is your new home. Her youngest daughter is dying of colic and as the eldest child, the task to somehow get the medicine to treat it falls to you. If you fail, you'll be disowned and will surely freeze to death in the winter cold.

>You fucking hate those Anonfilly niggers and their degenerate fetishes. When you pull the trigger after the final episode airs, you find yourself in a small green body with an angry man who wishes he were in your new skin.

>You are a disgraced invader belonging to a race of green-skinned aliens, turned into a filly and sent to a planet full of horses that look like your new inferior form. With your shitty defective robot and endless supply of science fiction weapons, you must conquer it.

>The schoolyard bully offers to not beat the shit out of you and give you his ticket to the Wonderbolts if you can survive one night in the Everfree alone. How hard could it be?

>You can barely move, you can only speak in grunts and babbles, everyone thinks you're a retard and you only just have enough resources at your disposal to alert your momfu when you need to use the bathroom. If you had known this was what you'd be signing on for, you doubt you'd have been so eager to jump off that bridge.

>Anon knows he's insane, twelve years in an asylum have gotten that through his thick skull. But when the green pegasus filly that plagues him starts to impact the material world directly, he starts to wonder.

Oh yeah, and a few more things:
I'm doing this because I want to see more green in the thread. If there aren't at least four entries, the contest is void and I keep the money for myself, so it's in your best interest to write. Yes, you. The person reading this post.
Also, please respond to this post with the first part of your green. It'll make it easier to keep track of things.
Happy writefagging and good luck,


File: 1561097247442.jpg (126.65 KB, 760x541, AnonFilly-ArrestingAnon.jpg)

And now for the recap that I write without a good reason.

Pastebin Part 1: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G
Pastebin Part 2: https://pastebin.com/CuNuktSQ
Pastebin Part 3: https://pastebin.com/6NReU7EY

>You are Anon, a cute green filly that used to be a human.

>For the past several months, you've been trapped in Equestria with a few other human-turned ponies just like you.
>Well, not just like you - actually they're inhabiting the bodies of existing ponies, like Twilight Sparkle.
>Anyways, you're now in Fargo, North Dakota, and Equestria is in serious danger.
>But more importantly, Earth seems to be in danger as well, as other humans have started turning into ponies.
>You hear the sirens of ambulances everywhere as you sit in a fine dining establishment enjoying filet mignon and Merlot.


The seed has been planted.
Go now, my children.


File: 1561126917031-0.png (581.8 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1561122917127.png)

Gib 7 grand fillies and ill post the full image


File: 1561132043532.jpg (665.57 KB, 2222x1667, dreams_do_come_true.png.jpg)

Filly's lunch.


>that file name
I mean, if that's what you like to eat, more power to you, but I personally find KFC and Cheetos to be ass. Now, fries inside burgers, that's a good lunch for fillies.


All filly needs now is a 2L bottle of Mountain Dew.


>contains thing people get upset of
Oh it's me.


Filly's going to have one hell of a stomach ache from trying to eat all that meat.


File: 1561137649030.jpg (75.51 KB, 602x711, 1500954509083.jpg)

Dangerously cheesy.


Rarity deserves that, shit hoers.


It kinda does… but not because it will upset people, it just perfectly describes you


>7 grandfillies
I already told you, Twi, I'm not having kids. AND YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!


Fuck you nigger, shes wonderful


>literal shit taste


File: 1561151046997.png (197.79 KB, 1200x800, OnO fillies.png)


Great work, Anon!


Uhm how about 1 cuddle and a cookie then ill post it


Oh yes, I am dress horse! That am all defining characteristics of personality to look fancy! I make you dress at the exorbitant griffon rates! Every other of friends have something interesting about, but not Rarity! Ohhoho!
She's not good. Stop deluding yourselves, even Rainbow Dash is a better waifu pick and her cunt is crustier than the side of a trawling ship.


File: 1561155856441.png (303.15 KB, 1024x464, Cliche Party.png)

Thanks for reminding me to update, just did so.
>All the fillies want to play the edgelord rogue
>This requires the bar they all meet up in to exist in a non-Euclidean space to accommodate all the dark shadowy corners they sulk in
>The questgiver is only given variations of "Whatever, I don't care" in high-pitched filly voices
>pic somewhat related


Nigger please.
She is exactly how a 3d women should be.


Nigger please.
She is exactly how a 3d women should be.


Nigger please.
She is exactly how a 3d women should be.


File: 1561156704257.png (245.29 KB, 1280x1024, 1491169776312.png)



My fucking sides.
Though as the resident edgelord, I'd probably go for a Lawful Evil wizard personally. Fucking things up magically sounds a lot more fun than stabbing things really hard.


File: 1561156838354.png (195.08 KB, 1503x794, BoopFilly.png)


Very nice!


File: 1561159100418-0.jpg (116.26 KB, 1200x1200, Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-Rec….jpg)

File: 1561159100418-1.png (168.67 KB, 1440x1728, 1541438569317.png)

Deal. Now meet me in the Cuddle Corner.


File: 1561160060758.png (714.7 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1561122402023.png)


The colt part is good, but acting like a babby? Nah, you're the one that acts like a babby here.

Ah, knew it, it's you.


Colt parts ? There isnt one? Also nou, again not a babby reeeeeee


File: 1561164973402.png (292.02 KB, 1200x1035, tissues.png)


I don't know anymore, but one thing for sure is you're enjoying drawing babby things, won't be surprised if you're a babby yourself.
The fuck?


That was a pretty comfy story, thank you for sharing. It also wrecked my sleeping schedule (you monster).

>long form story
Just read the opening scene so far but it seems promising.


Glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy. Speaking of sleep, I should do that more, too.


File: 1561178747162.png (350.32 KB, 3573x1861, cheeky fuckin' filly.png)

Filly is awake past her bedtime


Where’s Twilight when you need her


Getting mad pussy down by the river.


File: 1561180754405-0.png (3.74 MB, 3840x2160, 2071480.png)

Teaser art for the game, looks like we'll be getting a full version soon!


File: 1561185644456.png (63.72 KB, 600x575, Blossomforth-BrightHair.png)

Seeing Blossom so close to crying, you instinctively wrap your hooves around her shoulders. Being this close to her, you can somewhat hear the sound of her mother's voice, so you decide to jump into the conversation on a whim.

"Don't worry Mrs. Banana, she's in good hands!"

Blossom quickly flips from being sad to laughing at your remark. "Psh- Anon! You know my name's not literally Hannah Banana, right?"

"It is now!"

You hear her mother laughing in the background. "So when can we expect her home Ms… Anon?"

"When we've saved the world. In the mean time, watch out for out of control vehicles, because a bunch of people are turning into ponies. In fact, you're talking to one right now!"

"Oh my. Wait, Hannah, you're not-"

Blossom breathes a deep sigh. "Yeah. I'm… I'm a pony now, mom."

She looks like she's about to cry again, so you tighten your hug around her. Her mom is quiet for a little while, but eventually manages to reply, "I still love you, Hannah. Come home safely, we'll figure something out."

Tears start to well up in her eyes, and her voice becomes a little heavier. "I can't, mom. I can't come home until I've fixed all of this. I love you too, but I have- I have a job to do. It won't be easy, and I'll probably be in danger, but if I don't do it, then we're all gonna be in a lot more danger."

Her mother sighs. "Alright, I'll believe you. If you truly believe this is something you need to do, then godspeed. And if you need me, I'm always a phone call away. I'll move Heaven and Earth if I have to."

Blossom finally starts to smile a bit. "Thanks, mom. I'll try and keep in touch if I can. Right now, I think I'll have to go though. I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart. I'll see you around."

Blossom hangs up the phone and passes it back to Alex. She then promptly collapses onto you and starts crying again. You aren't sure at first if it's because she's sad, or because she's simply overwhelmed with emotion, but four words of hers seem to give you a generally good impression of what's up, "I miss my mom."


File: 1561190829790-0.jpg (39.35 KB, 736x736, smart-cookie-clipart-3.jpg)

My Friend Pedro is a good fucking game.
>Be Green Clover.
>You're almost done with the third batch of cookies when your mom aggressively tackles you to the ground.
>"You aren't safe here."
>A flash later and you're sitting in a small dark room.
>"There, now stay there while I go out."
"I'm scared. I don't know what's going on even more than usual, and I don't normally know what's going on."
>"You don't need to know. You just need to know that you're safe."
"Maybe I want to know how I went from a game night to the middle of the woods, or why you've been calling me 'Anon' when nopony else does."
>"Well, I…"
>She slams her head into the wall.
>"N-no, I never would've…"
"Wouldn't have what?"
>"I-it's nothing."
"You sure about that?"
>"Yes, now SHUT THE FUCK UP. I'm doing this all for your own…"
>She shrinks back.
>"I'm just like her, aren't I?"
>You're utterly confused.
"Just like who?"
>You're only answered by softened sobs.
>You trot over to your mommy.
"I think you're the best no matter what you do."
>You nuzzle into her chest.
>"You shouldn't…"
"You've given me a place to stay, granted I don't remember most of my staying there, but you've fed me, snuggled me, and done that thing where I suckle on your weird hemispheres."
>"Breastfeeding, the mark of a foal's complete dependence on its mother."
"That sounds about right, I don't think I could leave and survive."
>"You could. You clearly retain enough of his mind."
>"Have you ever wondered why you don't remember anything before a certain point?"
"S-sometimes, but you always said not to worry about it. So I didn't."
>"Did I tell you about humans?"
"Yes. In your bedtime stories."
>"You… used to be one. You and I had a complicated relationship. One day you took away something very dear to me, and so I took away something very dear to you."
"W-what was that?"
>"Your humanity."
"And what did I take?"
>"A… friend."
>"You kept being difficult."
>"I took away the rest of your mind too."
>"A clean slate, a fresh filly."
>"And a monster where a righteous pony once stood, if she ever did."
"I… I don't fully understand."
>"I turned you into a filly and then wiped all of your memories and prior knowledge. The process isn't complete, so you probably still have some things from your old life."
"W-what am I if I'm not a filly?"
>"No, no… you're still a filly."
>"You'll probably learn at an accelerated rate, get accepted to a prestigious school and live out the rest of your life in this miserable world."
>"Just like me."
>"So young."
>"So full of hope."
>"All of it crushed by the iron hoof of someone I looked up to."
>"I can't tell you how many times she killed me, let me fade out into the abyss and then brung me back screaming."
>"I have seen beyond the veil."
>"There is nothing."
"You're scaring me…"
>"I… I'm sorry."
>She does her best to put on a smile, but you can see the pain in her eyes.
>"Somepony made cookies, huh? I think I'd like a taste of one of those."
>"And then I can give you some fresh milk, how's that sound?"
>She's clearly hurting, and it's your job to make sure mommy is happy.
>Even if what she says is true…
>You still love her.


Just keep hugging her, if anyone thinks there's something good to say they're free to add it


File: 1561198023623.jpg (107.2 KB, 393x353, Soon.jpg)

Working on something for this right now. "Soon" is relative


Anyone got any draw requests i will draw most things


Fluttershy and babby I feel that Butter would be a better momfu for Anonbabby, as she's kinder/more patient and used to dealing with creatures that can't talk or control their bowels.


Reee, flutters bad momfu,

Ill add to the babby list


Anonmare, ready for 🍞


File: 1561214798726.png (2.06 MB, 5000x3545, scrunchfilly.png)

>bad momfu
you take that back right now, faget!


Its a joke, but I'd rather twiggy


File: 1561215947391.jpeg (632.13 KB, 2480x1551, 1831895.jpeg)

Can we all agree that Celestia would objectively make the best mom and that anyone else is complete trash tier in comparison?


>gets bored
>gives you to Twilight


Unironically this.


File: 1561217751357.jpg (18.35 KB, 800x450, pledge-to-protect.jpg)

Hug her a little tighter for a moment, then begin to speak:"I don't have much to feel homesick about, other than food and the internet. But if I did, it'd probably suck, and the feeling wouldn't go away as easily as me willing it to go, or someone telling me it'd be alright." Pause for a moment "But I promise that I'll get you back to your mom in one piece. Maybe not unscathed, but in one piece. And what good is a mid-twenties college dropout brony (weaboo as well, probably?)if he can't even keep a promise to a real life surrogate little sister? What kind of element of loyalty equivalent would I be, for that matter?" If Blossom brings up the fact that Filly kissed her a couple times, say "No chromo." with a straight face, before breaking into laughter.
Look around the table:"Same goes for the rest of you. If you've got something you want to come back to, then I'll do everything I can to make sure you come back safe. And, you know, not a horse."


Unironically this. She might not be best m6, (still Twi) but she'd sure as hell be better at her job.


I'd like to believe that the imagine in my head of Celestia as a very warm(no pun intended) and nurturing motherly figure is true. But if there ever was a filly in her care, this would probably happen.


image' fuck


Reeeee nou how the heck am I a babby,


>>226607Holy shit, I saw the video for it and my immediate response was to wishlist it. Glad my intuition was right, but I'm ultrapoor due to home stuff going on rn. But glad I was right to wishlist it.


File: 1561232341843-0.png (3.66 MB, 3988x3242, 1230730__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1561232341843-1.png (2.77 MB, 2200x1523, 1489989__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1561232341843-2.png (774.43 KB, 1275x1650, 1967554__safe_artist-colon….png)

Enjoyed, subscribed & liked.
Hope you find the inspiration to continue and finish it soon.

Bugbutt best mom. Just realized I've been following a story on fimfic that might be interesting to some here (or maybe not). Especially the first chapters.


>the comment about the changeling transformation ruining the changeling-sympathy fanfiction sphere
I'll definitely read the fic, but that one comment is absolutely perfect to me.


>Be Occult Façade
Ouch, we are sensitive. What kind of shit is the rest of our soul even doing?
>The very least seven large chunks of your soul inhabiting a body, or used to inhabit a body. The smaller fragments stick to other souls.
Good to know.
>Amber is eating out Fancy Pants, and Fancy is loving my lower lips.
Hey how many references to pussy can we do?
>I'm sure we will find out. It's times like this I want to have my penis back, but damn if this doesn't feel good.
>Fancy's face is covered in nearly clear discharge. The milky dots forming a constellation.
>Opening her mouth a barrier of magic separates the inside from the outside. Her tongue, and lips give a peasant tingle as the magic touches my sex once more. Little shocks of pleasure along with her ministrations.
Oh! That actually makes good sense.
>Magic is finally leaking from inside giving the love juice a sparkle, and a shine.
>All our tension, all of our worry is flowing out.
Seems we are alot more pony than I thought.
>"Occult. Last night I said I love you. I'll keep saying it too."
>Those earnest blue eyes opening her heart to me. I can't look away. I'm not forever alone. Not anymore.
"I love you too."
>Then she nibbles my labia yet again. Winking more discharge accumulates on her.
She licked our meatus.
>The urethral opening being probed by her, and a mysterious force. A ghosting of sensation somewhere. Edging me closer to climax once more.
She is raising her hoof, and by Amber herself the intense things she can do with that.
>She probes the space between my genitalia, and anus. Preparing for something.
> It taint for nothing. Your ass is about to be plundered.

>Be Occult's soul fragment #2

>Something freezing cold is pressing into my butt.
>The twisted wall, and floor art of creatures extend in all directions.
Caribou have us surrounded.
>"The cunt finally woke up. Follow us."
>Feeling a jabbing of the water dildo up. I stood to follow.
We're going to the magical factory.
>He slides the melting replica in, and out. Fuck it's so damned cold.
Unfortunately we'll survive. Ponies are tough.
>It's a long jog to the other door. Sliding in, and out. The chill sticking, and pulling my sensitive rosebud with it, then remelts flowing deeper inside.

>We're here at the factory door. Doing possibly horrendous actions to so many.

>Stepping inside the caribou, their slaves, and I see how vast the complex is.
Oh d-
>"What is th-!"
>Tentacles of gemstone grasp us all. Quickly seperated. We are suppressed. It squeezes my neck.
>Feeling the tentacles groping my whole body from the outside. The last drops of ice water dribble out.
>Strapped to a rune covered slate. I don't wait for long.
>It pushes past my lips, and teeth like pudding. Making me open wide.
We have a feeling it's going to try something new.
>It pulls a slate nearby. A timberwolf much larger than I. Made of sticks, and leaves. Pulling the wooden creature apart it sticks leaves, and small bark down my gullet. It's inserted orally, crushed ever so minuscule. Until nothing is left.
>This time a rainbow apple is wedged in my mouth. My teeth unable to puncture it. It's shocking.
We can still breath.
>Turning me upside down it opens my ponut. On the next slate is sand.
>A slim gem tentacle slides in. Then the sand is poured in. No space left untouched. Just enough room to seal it. Like my mouth.
>A crystal to cap it off. Something is depicted inside it, but I can't quite tell. The tentacles push it in as flesh sticks to it. Everything is packed tightly.
>A windgeo strapped, and sealed in a container as tentacles wiggle in, and out of it.
>A cloud looking block is brought close.
>It's feeling around inside my vagina, then spreading the entrance open the gem tentacles brings the bitter cold wind creature nearer to my exposed sex.
>The gelid creature seeps in. Through my womb to the ovaries down to the bone. The tentacle plugs my introitus sealing the hate induced frost inside as it spreads within.
>A thin tentacle is now penetrating my urethra. Punching through the final barrier of my piss canal it probes once more.
>Instead of a slate. The transparent tentacle expands as a viscous black substance bubbles through the thin tube.
>The hot tar like substance is filling me.
>The thin tentacle pulls back slightly, but still stopping the black goo from leaking. It encircles my clitoris.
>It's too much. I'm painfully aware of it all.
It isn't over yet.

>Oh my-

What the fuck is that!?
>Reality warps weirdly. Wrongness oozes from the air nearby. We are being brought closer. Spinning patterns, as stars wink in and out.
>Chanting, singing, and an unholy scratching noise becomes louder.
>My while body is shaking. Vibrating as the things inserted move, and shift inside me.
>The entire facility moving to the rhythm everything is being pulled tighter, attracted into the center of the wrongness.
>They gyrate even more. The wall and floor of awful living art is dragged closer as well. Screaming of the purpose being complete.
A book.
>Flashing colored darkness as everything almost reaches a climax.
It's making a book.
>We reach the center as something changes.
>We become one with all that it brought. It all becomes me.
We feel each, and every one of their souls, minds, and what used to be their bodies.
>We are a book.
>Nearing completion, as eyes witness the creation of this object. Of my transformation into a tome.
>Moments as the final time strikes something changes.
>Everything goes dark, and warm.
>My front, and back cover feels a throbing, then a hoof.

>Be Occult Façade

>In an act of magicians everywhere Fancy Pants who was fisting me. Pulls a beautiful book out of my butt.
>"I did what I could."


File: 1561266317332.png (312.53 KB, 2500x1800, virgin vs chad.png)

Consider the following


File: 1561267523783.png (141.58 KB, 853x931, gigglebabby.png)

Fucking kek, great work


File: 1561267604174.jpg (140.03 KB, 943x1283, 15084655959051.jpg)

Nice job, but fetus owns them all


File: 1561273618927.png (175.88 KB, 660x901, filly diaper gang.png)



File: 1561279703025.png (366.96 KB, 639x806, Smug Comfy 3.png)

These are beautiful and LMAO-inducing


File: 1561289055027.png (3.82 MB, 1980x7415, Buttplug_fin.png)


kek 10/10


nazbol level ironyposting. I love it.


>literal diaperfags


No u, diapers are soft, warm, relaxing, and the perfect weapon when Twilight doesn't give you your tendies


Fantastic work, Anon


But what happens when the filly needs to shit?


I've heard that girls don't do that sort of things


I think you should ask Twilight.


>Day 1 in Equestria.
>Twilight is visibly nervous as she tries to get your room set up as fast as possible before bedtime.
>Just as she finally gets the last screw tightened on your bed, Rainbow Dash smashes through the window and obliterates everything.
>Twilight groans externally and facehoofs.
>"You can sleep with me tonight."
>"Aw yeah, sweet!"
>"Not you, Dash. Go home before I reconsider the ethics of pulling feathers out of your wings until you pass out."
>After that quick exit, Twilight gives you a tired smile.
>"Who wants spaghetti?"
"I do!"
>The pasta is so overcooked that it physically snaps when you try to wind it around your fork.
>Twilight gives you another tired smile.
>"Who wants hayburgers?"
"I do!"
>Twenty minutes later and you're happily munching down on your hayburger.
>Twilight's eyes and head are drooping, her mane nearly coming in contact with the greasy table every time before she jerks back up again.
>She's already scarfed down her meal.
>You look around.
>Nobody else in the booths this time of night.
>You can see her wince a bit.
>"Anon, sweetie, you can call me mom."
>"Yes, Anon?"
"Do mares poop?"
"I heard some other filly saying that they don't."
>"Finish up your hayburger, sweetie."
>"No buts, it's past your bedtime."
"Awww… okay."
>You snarf down the last two bites that were sitting in the greasy plastic box and hop down onto the floor.
>"Over here, I'm going to teleport us."
>You find yourself sitting on Twilight's bed.
>Twilight is nowhere to be found, so you start playing with your miniature teats like a bongo drum.
>"Alright, lift up your hooves."
>You comply.
>A warmth starts to envelop your hindquarters as Twilight liftsthem up.
>She slides a diaper under your ass before threading your tail through the hole and taping it up.
>"One more thing."
>She lifts up your whole body before sliding you into a sleeperwith a lot of room in the ass and buttons for checks.
>She zips it up.
>"In this house, we learn through experience. I want you to find out for me if mares poop, okay sport?"
>She ruffles your mane and pulls you in close before snuffing out the lamp.
>"Goodnight, Anon."
"Nini mama…"


What did he mean by this?
Nicely done


File: 1561337373361.png (244.45 KB, 1440x1984, sketch-1561275802414.png)


Great work, super cute

You're really improved


File: 1561347706414-0.png (171.56 KB, 1155x970, Buttplug_1sa.png)

File: 1561347706414-1.png (200.04 KB, 1150x970, Buttplug_2sa.png)


That is a lewd filly.


File: 1561348927632.jpg (1.22 MB, 2507x3335, 1469811231812.jpg)

good shit


File: 1561356818609.png (304.2 KB, 1017x1287, 1345821.png)

Didn't think I'd ever see more from you, nice job.
Y-you're gonna stick around for a bit this time, right?


File: 1561362782833.png (10.04 KB, 792x1320, cancer.png)


Babby is angry


"And if you tell anyone about this, you're dead meat."
>"Oh, I'm dead meat am I?"
>You thread your hands together.
"No way you could afford to care for all these fillies during a major conflict with the changelings."
>"Mhm, and how do you think I got these fillies?"
"You turned men into oh fuck-"
>You have no time to react before a frying pan connects with your head and knocks you clean out.
>You groggily open your eyes.
>You're in the middle of a grassy field on a supply crate.
>You feel cuffs on your arms.
>A gruff stallion walks over, you recognize his uniform.
"You have no idea how good it is to see a fellow officer."
>Your voice sounds… off.
>"Then tell me, why is an officer dressed in her birthday suit?"
"Her? You don't understand, I'm Anon Y Mous."
>"Sure you are. On your feet private."
>You look down at yourself. You're a filly now.
>You try to get up, only to remember that not only are you in a new body, you're also cuffed.
>You eat shit in the mud.
"I don't belong here. General Twilight turned me into this after I found out about her misappropriation of funds. Do I look like a mare to you?"
>"Well, let's see here… says on this slip of paper that you're a deserter with dwarfism, would do anything to get out of combat. Says you'd try to defame the general, and it also says you'd pull some stunt to make it look like you're new to your body. Sorry private, she's got you all figured out."
>You hear a zipper coming open.
>"Now get a move on that way before I decide to have me one last thrill with you before your coward brains get blown out."
>You gulp and conply.
"Get my… coward brains blown out?"
>"Battle tomorrow will be a slaughter for earth ponies like you. Most casualties we've had this war have been your sorry race."
>You're so completely fucked.
>"J-squad, Private Hornet. Private Hornet, J-squad."
>You nervously wave at the three male zebras and two female griffons that stand before you.
>The officer who you've learned's name is Buttercup pulls up the covers on one of the ziggers' beds.
>"Now Xfutu, what did I tell you about gambling?"
>"Don't like it, sir."
>"And why not?"
>"Implies that we are not the masters of our own fate, sir."
>"Eat the cards."
>You're served a Joker and two Aces.
>The taste is disgusting.
>The cards cut your throat on the way down, and you have to stifle a sob.
>A man is allowed to only cry two times in his life.
>When he loses his father.
>And when he loses his country.
>Since the state of both actual is undefinable, you can't cry.
>You stand stoically and eat your cards, coppery blood running down the inside of your throat.
>You spit out blood in Buttercup's face.
>"Now that, was a mistake."
>Youfeel your head impact with the wall before you go under again.
>"Wake up. We attack in an hour."
>God dammit, all of this shit wasn't a nightmare.
>If you die, you die with honor.
"One fucking knife? That's all I get?"
>Buttercup shrugs as he hands the next pony down the line an assault rifle.
>Your best chance of escape is right before combat.
>If you had training it would be one thing, but this.
>This is suicide.
>Buttercup personally flies you out on his back.
>He drops you from a height of fifteen feet.
>Your hind leg shatters on inpact.
>Screaming in pain, other ponies simply shrug you off.
>Changelings dive from the sky, ripping into throats with fangs and spraying viscera.
>In your incapacitated state, you hear a buzzing.
>God no…
>A changeling queen stands over you, ovipositor extended.
>You feel it start to enter you as her head comes closer, sharp fangs aiming for your neck.
>Fuuuuuck that.
>You pull out your knife and gore her, green blood splattering all over your green coat.
>A mortar goes off nearby and you feel yourself being blown to smithereens…
>You're handcuffed on top of the crate.
>Buttercup approaches you.
>What the fuck?
Live. Die. Repeat.


Yeah, I still have couple unfinished request anyway


I must say that is not how toilets look, clearly the artist doesn't use one


That's a new flag…
VPN fillies?


File: 1561412884042.png (72.6 KB, 400x400, Blossomforth-Goggles.png)


You wrap your hooves much tighter around Blossom as she softly sobs into your fur. "Look, Hannah. I don't have much to feel homesick about other than food and the Internet. If I did though, it wouldn't go away just because I willed it to, or someone told me everything was gonna be alright."

You pause briefly, trying to think of the next thing to say. As you do, Blossom mutters under her breath, "still sucks though." You don't have much to say to that.

"Anyways, I will promise that I'll get you back to your mom in one piece. Maybe not unscathed, but in one piece. After all, what good is a mid-twenties college dropout brony if he can't keep a promise to a real life surrogate little sister? Hell, what kind of Element of Loyalty would I be for that matter?"

Blossom smiles at that. "So… we're still doing that thing where I'm your sister, Lyra's your brother, and Twilight's our mama?"

Lyra glances over at you. "When was this decided?"

"Back in Ponyville," Blossom answers for you. "I think we still needed a daddy and a grandma. Maybe that could be Daring and Coco?"

"Pass", Coco immediately protests. "Already been a grandma. Why can't I be the younger sister for once?"

Blossom giggles. "Cause Anon's the kind of weirdo that kissed his sister… on the lips!"

Daring almost chokes as she hears this. "Holy shit. I thought I was the pervert here. What are you, a pedophile?"

"Uh… no chromo?"

"She's like 12 though, isn't she?"

"Yeah, and I'm like the same age right now, yeah? Besides, didn't you fuck a wallaby?"

Alex immediately looks up from his notepad. "What the fuck are you guys talking about. Are you in some kind of a sex cult? And are you sure you should be drinking if you're both 12?"


File: 1561413225206-0.gif (8.36 KB, 168x168, meowso.gif)

File: 1561413225206-1.gif (8.05 KB, 168x168, ezgif-5-b7adca991c45.gif)

File: 1561413225206-2.gif (12.31 KB, 168x168, ezgif-5-ee043a78d330.gif)

GIFs from Bit.


File: 1561414261966.png (66.81 KB, 340x180, 1531276249335.png)

Time out is too good for you.


File: 1561414404284.png (13.19 KB, 846x570, 1497776669999.png)

i understand the purple eyes now


File: 1561414516822.png (152.2 KB, 629x991, twiggyback ride.png)

Aww, she's taking after her momma!


Oh yeah, also another demo is out.
Gonna warn ya, stairs do not work yet.


Okay, apparently you can walk up them by pressing W and S, some reason…


Lovely work


>"It only happened a couple times!"


Interesting… wonder what Twi means by that.


Could be Celestia. Lone has been dropping a lot of juicy lore lately.


>Ywn suck on Lone's crotchtits and extract her juicy lore


Yeah, could be that. Or Twiggy has figured out about the parallel universes


File: 1561438243471.jpg (186.21 KB, 996x1410, Pedro.jpg)

/r/ing a filly listening to Pedro's demands to murder ponies.


>Be Occult's soul fragment #2 (A Book)
>"…and that's why we can't actually reemerge together."
"Hold on one fucking moment!"
>My voice somehow radiating from my durable paper like form.
"What you are saying is that we have been split at the soul. Most memories from before are the same between us right."
>"That's right."
This is going to be a long talk.
>Laying on the sexual fluid covered bed. Apparently I'm stain proof. This is going to be an excruciatingly difficult day. I continue my rant. The white-ish, and blue mare left after the impromptu orgy stopped.
"You're basically a pony shaped staff."
"I'm now a filly turned into a magical book. That apparently from the eldritch horror we contacted can do magic."
"That pulled me as I finished transforming out of your ass. I swear… if you have something stuck in your plot to make this work. I'm going to lose my shit."
>"I assure you the only thing in her vagina at the time was Fancy Pants' mouth."
Then there is those cans of worms.
>At least technically we banged a pony. Even if it's ethically dubious. If only we weren't a book.
Well, we do have access to magic…
>Actual magic! Extreme time travel kind of bullshit here we come! That might make this whole clusterfuck worth it. Why haven't we done that yet anyway?
"So about magic, the occult, cosmic horrors… did we figure out some good time travel shenanigans?"
>"There are tons of really nasty things waiting for time travelers that aren't prepared enough. Those sorts of entities tend to be beyond time, and also space. Even as we are now it's just asking for them to find you. Trust me I've researched that during my stay with Amber. The only ones that are available are too limited for practical use."
That's almost the kind impassioned speech we would think about. Doesn't feel quite right.
"Alright, we'll talk about it more later. So we're almost a fully fledged wizard now. Just need a hat…"
We're not okay if she is being led around by her 'master'. Something really wrong must have happened, or we are plotting something.
>We're going to figure this out. We trust ourselves enough to give us a chance.

>Be Fancy Pants

>Leaving Occult Façade, Amber, and herself that turned into a book alone.
>To prepare a bath.
>We can't smell like sex out in public.
>At this rate there will be a whole house filled with Occult. Not even including Amber…

>Be Occult's soul fragment #4

I'm impressed that Sunset hasn't tripped over herself yet, and that we made it into town without it pouring on us.
>That's some good luck right there. We have a place to sleep, and most modern comforts.
Hooray! The internet! Now we just need some devices, and a connection. Then finding out about history, and a map.
>"You seem awfully competent for this new world. Considering your previous position, and age."
"Ah, that my dear is a secret you will probably find out later. First, thing is what do you want to do here?"
The question that we can compare with what we know.
>"I'm not sure, but it's the furthest place we could go without them finding us easily. I'm sure their plans would not be good for either of us."
>I see her shudder, and I mirror her action. If what we overheard from being a footstool is true she doesn't have family left to go back to.
Owning firearms incase they somehow find us is now at a higher priority.
>Laying on the bed, togther. We both try to give the other some space, but the art studio bed position isn't all that fun. Falling down that far would be very unpleasant.
It's nearly unfurnished, the ventilation duct is odd to see. So it the massive window.
>"Good night, Anonymous. "
"Good night, Sunset."
>Shame we're used to sleeping in the nude that both those windows are there, and we are living with a roommate. The Christmas lights are on that makes it a bit harder too.
That's a fire hazard.
>Still, it beats sleeping at the end of the bed.
We won't have to eat from the floor either.
>Thunder booms, and echos across the room. Rain pitters across the roof, and aforementioned windows.
>We won't witness what horrid deeds they do.
It's a real shame we freed the night molester.
>It is. I really do hope they end each other over something petty.
Finding out if we are in an earthquake area would be prudent tomorrow as well.

>The sun is shining.

Did we sleep in!? The prince won't be-
Oh, right.
>Hunh that wasn't one of his dreams to mess with us.
This is the first day of the rest of our life, as a free man.

>How old are we? Physically speaking we might have to go to school.

>Be Occult Façade

That was a real enlightening conversation.
>I know. Hope we figure something out about my book self not having a body.
Getting cleaned up first, then breakfast, then we head to the castle.
>Then we take over the world.
"How are you holding up? With being a book."
>"You know, can't do much about it yet. So far it's really boring not being able to do anything. Apparently magic is just out of our grasp yet again."
"I understand that."
>Hey, I have a good idea.
"Remember that time when we were on a zip line at camp?"
>"Hmmm, ah! Yeah I remember. You remember that time we stood there in the hallway."
>Oh, right time as a human.
There it is.
"I remember. Do you know the-"
>"We're here."

>Be Occult's soul fragment #5

>Round table. Disgusting blobs. Through the legs.
>In ten.



>We bolt around the monsters.
>So close to being reunited to our subjects. Watch out for that!
We're in the hole.
>Good work.
I wonder how they faired while we were away.
>We brought back what they needed to eat.
The heads rolling out of bag frozen in horror. The chefs make clean cuts for sure.
>They must be hungry.
>You'll wake the sleeping ones.


File: 1561440886726.jpg (1.7 MB, 3264x1948, Pedro.jpg)

Of course the fucking image didn't post the first time around.


You're a god. Thank you. Now I can sleep soundly knowing that at least something good has been accomplished with my day.


"Twelve in body, not in mind with the exception of Hannah. There's no sex cult, the aussie was just big into fucking animals before we met; all the rest of us have been lukewarm about being that intimate at most."


Shit's fucked, my dude. You don't want to go down that rabbit hole.


I really want to know what's going on here, but I simply don't have the time to dig through the old threads. Could you please keep a pastebin updated? I guarantee you'd get more readers if you did.


File: 1561492407970.png (250.84 KB, 1440x1500, sketch-1561491870211.png)


I finally got around to making an actual pastebin account.
Just editing slightly so it doesn't have six return lines.
So it may look different than the original.
I'll keep this paste updated.
Not everything is there yet, but I'll work on that.
Also I has email. OccultFacade@protonmail.com



It's finally fully uploaded.


File: 1561504938646.png (197.11 KB, 900x699, 1540545__safe_artist-colon….png)

mate, im caught up and i dont know whats going on here
its a beautiful scroll of insanity



Hnnng. Would pretend she's a big filly and let her hang out with me


File: 1561521372154.png (467.54 KB, 1280x853, AnonFilly-GrownAssMan.png)


"12 in body, not in mind… except for Hannah. There's no sex cult, the Aussie was just big into fucking animals before we met… and all of us are lukewarm about intimacy at most."

There are a few objections immediately to your mostly truthful response, all said simultaneously. From Blossom and Daring you hear, "Hey, I'm 13 in mind, not 12. I was in Equestria way longer than you!" and, "Oh come on, you fuck one Wallaby and suddenly you're a zoophile?" Twilight is a bit more tongue-in-cheek, simply noting, "Oh who are you calling warm?"

Throughout all of it, Alex seems completely confused. Not wanting to dig too much deeper, you simply offer, "Perhaps it might be best to omit certain personal details in your report. We're a bit of a messed up bunch." He seems to agree, noting, "Right. And given that we don't want the rest of these folks hearing the more… intimate details, maybe we should just finish up and get out of here?"

You nod. "Yeah…"

"And no more wine for Hannah," he adds.


File: 1561525519980.png (1.48 MB, 1791x1200, 2075391.png)



Finally got around to reading this. Holy shit, what a mood. Why is it that we don't get new filly stories like this anymore?


File: 1561542539552.png (487.21 KB, 2398x2045, Comfy-fied[OC].png)

>Babby walking on her own
No respect for the lore at all
jk it's very cute

>Filly's special power is a fear aura
>Uses it in all sorts of creative ways

How do I hack fimfiction accounts? Completely unrelated to the story, o-of course
>pic related


>Longest green of any writefag here, most of it abuse.
>"No abuse here."
I… what?
Is this one of those jokes the kids these days are talking about?


Wee woooo…
Wee woooo…

Wee wooooooo…


File: 1561594201822-0.png (2.91 KB, 256x256, Sprite-0003.png)

File: 1561594201822-1.mp4 (1.24 MB, 502x460, f3473bac3fee7de34c98fd7ad1….mp4)

More WIP stuff.


"Fine by me. That was the only glass she was getting. And she won't be getting any more alcohol for a long time." Give Hannah a quick stealthy wink if possible.


>Be Fancy Pants
>The bubble filled tub that is tastefully enchanted platinum rimmed. Matching all the faucets, and plumbing. That put a reasonable dent in my finances at the time. Well worth the cost with no problems.
>The pure white marble for my personal tub has indeed served me well over the years. For the second time it wil hold others.
>Scubbing down Occult, and Amber as the book stays on the counter. Apparently meditating, and is figuring out how she actually works.
>The only reason why I'm personally doing the cleaning, despite them being fully able to so on their own, is because we need to make sure nothing remains of our activities.
>Also I like feeling her. Every section.
>"Can you pick up a cake on the way to ths castle?"
>Occu- has soap over her mouth.
>The pony turned book said it.

>The walk to the castle is fairly calm. The schedule for today should be heavy precipitation, with slight thunder throughout the entire day.

>Thankfully it starts after I hoof Occult, her book, and Amber over to Princess Luna.

>Be Princess Luna

>Thank harmony.
>Fancy Pants is here with Occult, and Amber.
>Using human magic as a guide to test if I could summon water. It worked.
>It required nearly all the common wine, and the chocolate…
>Not quite a fair trade, but the potential seems quite limitless.
>Celestia has been quite cross with me. Just need a way to contain the situation.
>"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna…"
>Fancy Pants brought exactly the kind of cake my sister wanted.
>Fancy Pants just opened up Occult's saddle bag. Levitating something wrapped in cloth.
>That book looks particularly like the Forgotten Books in that place.
>"There might be a slight problem."
>A recognizable voice is radiating from the book.
>"Geeze that sucked. Anyway, do you have any spells that can turn things into a pony, or something?"
>Sigh, you know what this is fine. I'll buck two clouds with one kick.
>"Twilight would love a book companion…"
>"No way! The last time I saw her she banished me to the north for the fucking Caribou! Damned you'll be excellent bait…"
>Never knew a book could mumble.

>Be Occult's soul fragment #4

>This place has gotten to feel alot more like home than I thought it would. I even got an improvised kitchen set up.
It's only possible due to how bizarre this place is.
>Sunset Shimmer, and I have a part-time job. Child labor laws in this country are weird, but it is advantageous.
Not to mention how technology is progressing like Earth's. Some bad actors are actually doing some shit here.
>But people are actually doing something about them too. Not all of them. At least it's something.
No government taxes or paperwork. The whole situation is completely weird. It's almost, an Anarcho-Capitalist, and National Socialism, and 'Merica fuck yeah, and Sweden before it got subverted rolled into one.
>Everything about this place is just…
Too nice?
>The streets are always nice. People are carefree. Hell, the cashiers at the grocery store were full of cheer.
>The leading cause of death. Old age, followed by Acts of Nature, then accidents. That is insane!
Hard to believe that with a few shadow dictators making the big decisions. Probably it's the alicorn counter parts.
>The door opens as Sunset looks to me while I'm at the computer.
>Doing research.
>"Anonymous! Celestia, his female counterpart here, is actually nice, and Discord is a guy and the art teacher!"
Fuck yeah! Don't have to worry about his douche baggieness.
"Don't sweat it."
>I see her face stop. Like a record about to hit the curb because it took too long to reach the climax.
>"Anonymous… it's both of their counterparts! Vice Principal Luna-"
"We're in a whole different world now. Some information, and actions do cross over. But! I think the world we came from isn't the root of those variations…"
>Fucking hell my childish voice is not at all reassuring.
"While you were at work, then at school I was doing threat assessment, and research."
>"Alright fine I'll bite what did you find?"
>She is setting her bag down looking at the screens. Damaged partially working screens. Importantly it's free. Have to stretch the money just incase.
It's only been a few weeks, but time really does fly by.
"Major threats to the world at large are being taken care of by professionals. Tirek has been imprisoned for life at the highest security prison Tartarus."
>A video of a old man clinging on to his youth doing exercises. White hair, red skin, black markings, shirt, and pants.
"He was bent for world domination no matter the cost. Unofficially he had the power to absorb the youth, and vitality of others, but it's considered a conspiracy."
>Clicking to another window I show her a porn page.
>She let's out a low whistle.
>Quickly closing that I click the right one. Griffonic peoples in a battered homeland rocky, and ruined. Along with a blurry picture of a humanish Ahuizotl.
"Daring Doo isn't just a fictional series here either. Someone is out there making sure bad guys are stopped. Almost no ambiguous grey zones either. Bad guys are bad, and the good guys are good."
>"Hey what's that?"
>Pointing toward the tabs about various magic, and occult findings.
"That might be the secret magics of this world."
>"So about those pictures…"

>That is how I got roped into giving Sunset the birds, and the bees talk about humans. With the assistance of the internet to make sure the knowledge I knew isn't entirely false.

Also how we were 'forced' into school.

>Be Occult's soul fragment #5

>Yes, my children make sure to suckle enough.
No. Please, make it stop.
>We both know we can't do that.
There is still time. We ju-
>Shhhhh. That sound is our freedom, our spawns feasting. The monsters will fear us.
Dried blood, and specks of brain, and spine coat the floor. What have we done.
>Shhh. They need to grow up nice and strong for the slaughter.


File: 1561607015579.png (248.19 KB, 1255x1414, 1455062178701.png)

does that first filly have a stand?


You have no idea what you have wrought, posting a JoJo filly.

>"Good grief…are you faggots done bickering yet?"


New link to omakes, one-shots, spinoffs, and other stuff related the story.


You expected a link, and pastebin made by Occult Façade, but it was me DIO!>>227469


File: 1561611947962.png (89.41 KB, 732x633, 1363113.png)

>spoiler text


File: 1561654691808.jpg (596.52 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_3256.JPG)

The blade calls.


File: 1561664336167-0.png (76.43 KB, 500x500, 1555492192969.png)

>Ywn be Twilight's little mage, filthy earth mare.


This is nonsensical, if she can turn a human into a filly she can sure as hell turn a mudpone into a unicorn


Who's to say she turned you into a filly? Anons could just end up as the filly in the first place. As the energy required to transform someone into a completely different species would be immense, I doubt she would turn humans to fillies; and I doubt even more that she would screw up the natural order by changing your filly type. she'd just be silently disappointed in the mudponies, though she wouldn't say anything because she isn't an asshole.


>Who's to say she turned you into a filly? Anons could just end up as the filly in the first place.
I personally like the idea of Equestria's ambient magic being the cause, and thus making each Anon into the type of filly most aligned with themselves
of course, this would cause the pic above to be non-applicable, but that's beside the point


I like this headcanon.


This being said, only deserving Anons should get to be the filly. Some writefaggotry or drawfaggotry should be required, at least being more than a shitposter or lurker in the thread.


File: 1561672848370.jpg (850.2 KB, 1300x960, 1457140243071.jpg)

i don't, actually
so have another!


Yes, because encouraging namefags to circlejerk has never caused anything bad to happen in a thread. No, never.


>All content has to be posted under a name
Found the retard.


Filly craves sour candy


This. Give the poor filly a warhead or a bag of salt and vinegar chips before she starts drinking raw nuclear waste


I practice a higher form of content creation than writefaggotry or drawfaggotry and will be the alicorn filly who flushes the rest of you shits down the toilet and out of Equestria.


File: 1561679595898.png (148.89 KB, 732x633, very spooked filly.png)

I can't believe shitposter anon is a better contentfag than actual contentfags!


Go die, normie.


So, we have "Kill Yourself" filly and "Fuck Off" filly already. Is "Go Die" filly a new, /mlpol/ original filly?


I think so


File: 1561719694634.gif (647.63 KB, 1296x1173, 1437003561437.gif)

Best filly


File: 1561722873066-0.png (549.23 KB, 1169x1250, image0.png)



File: 1561724567527-0.png (585.11 KB, 2000x1500, 2077136.png)

>Twilight will never reprimand you for trying to get milkies


File: 1561748617298.png (82.77 KB, 893x418, 1509243430754.PNG)


File: 1561750864659.jpg (248.63 KB, 1903x1653, IMG_3091.JPG)

Now that's just depressing…


But what if, persay; I drew and wrote on top of being a master shitposter?


File: 1561751965507.jpg (145.23 KB, 1280x1280, twiggles hug.jpg)

Personally, I see it as happy rather than depressing
Twiggles finds out about Anon's mommy issues, and proceeds to become the loving mother he never had


That's what makes it depression: >she will never


Filly is a cute
God I wish that were me
See >>227302
Delet this


File: 1561755857872.png (169.22 KB, 629x472, 1655559__safe_twilight spa….png)


>Twilight after filly pisses herself yet again


File: 1561768133801.png (431.82 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3725.PNG)

>"Celestia fucking dammit Anon, you keep this up and I'll need to diaper you up at night."


All according to keikaku


File: 1561772004829-0.png (361.79 KB, 1170x930, 2077947.png)

>tfw diaperfags


God damn, saved to oblivion.
never enough filly abuse art, and filly encapsulates Bart pretty well.


>Filly changing table
>Twilight puts filly on it, filly becomes human.


File: 1561783581452.jpg (Spoiler Image, 914.64 KB, 3153x1468, IMG_3728.JPG)

Diaperfags, amirite?


>Be Occult Facade
>Walking with Luna, and Celestia as we continue to plot. Not sure what they are so worried about either.
>How do we convince the princesses that being part of our group is not only helpful, but practically required to save the world?
That is a tall order, but we're sure they are reasonable. Our patron really is the best. Shouldn't be all that hard.
>"… that is how I got here."
>We did hear all of that right?
Hunh? Yeah we did we'll look through it later.
>More importantly spreading the enlightening glory of the wise king.
They will understand. When Fancy Pants follows, others will too. The princesses follow the world will as well.

>Be Occult's soul fragment #4

>School isn't all that bad.
More importantly plans for the future. After all this. What do we actually want to do with our life.
There isn't a threat trying to subvert the whole world, or chains holding us back. What do we really want to do?
>I don't know…
>"Anonymous, what are you thinking about for dinner?"
>Sunset Shimmer is settling into a game streamer on the side. The content is actually pretty good.
"How about grilled cheese with tomato soup?"
I think we have some basil, and milk too.
>She nods.
>"Good choice chef."
>The door bell rings.
>"Oh drat! I forgot the principal, and vice principal are coming."
Fuck. We should've not interrupted Sunset from worrying. Not much to do about it now.
"We can't leave them by the door that will make them more suspicious."
>"Just a moment!"
>The rainbow hair, a distinctive presence.
W-we need to calm down.
>"Greetings, Miss Shimmer I hope we haven't come at a bad time?"
>"No! I mean please come in. It isn't much, but make yourself at home."
>Luna shuts the door.
>Locking it.
For fucks sake don't panic! We aren't with them.
>We lean on the corner of the wall trying to not collapse. To not curl into a ball as they have their way with us.
>"When we detected the gateway activating we expected an army, or at the very least specialists. Instead we have you two."
They aren't wasting any time.
>"Tell us everything. Let's start with you little kid. What did you do before?"
Slow! Slow and deep!
"I was the royal sex slave, a concubine, before that his foot stool."
>Luna's words are lost on me. I see Sunset Shimmer speak, but they too slip by me. We're still standing.
Breath slower damnit! Passing out now would be bad. Hold your breath as we process more carbondioxide.
>I'm okay. I'm just fine.
>"-ame here."
>Celestia actually relaxes as she speaks. A tried smile.
>"Sorry, about the harm you have both gone through."
>She gives a quick look to her sister, Luna.
>"We know of a great restaurant. It's our treat for humoring us for this long. They have some of the most excellent soup."
>I see Sunset say something as she nods.
Keep it nice, and slow. On the bright side we can afford to imbibe soda pop.
>That's a synonym about drinking right?
It is. Keep it calm.

>Be Princess Luna

>In my bedroom nearly alone. I have the living book in my possession. All parties agreed that I can study her with her consent.
>Right now though. We are discussing a troubling matter.
>"We're not normally like that. Not with something we are actually interested in. Even then we can fake attention better than that."
>That seems true. Occult's lessons on earth pony magic doesn't seem to hold the same interest she had about a day ago.
"She changed too much. Not all of that for the better."
>"From what I've observed she's attached to the hip to Amber the still bound eldritch horror."
>Most concerning. She pontificated to us about much of her time in that ruinous place. The ideas, and concepts were disjointed, freshly flawed.
"Indeed, she made a pact to escape from a place between, and beyond dimensions."
>Continuing to turn her fine, comfortable pages. Just flipping is its own joy, but the writing is exquisite. Despite the subject matter.
>"If what you told me is true of the escapades that has gone on here I don't envy her all that much. Further more- Ohhhh~!"
>Suppose I can't do that either. A book mark, or turning the page, by mouth or hoof, would be too much stimulation.
>"It's alright. Somehow we need to understand the root of the matter at hand. We're diverging further away from our positive traits."
>Ah ha! An index.
>"If I had to guess though. She has become the willing plaything of the eldritch horror. I wouldn't be surprised if she insists on indoctrinating others into her cult."
"Buck. The situation could be much much worse… Oh wow you glow as well."
>"That is very true. So, um, what are the plans for tonight? Going into her dreams could be very dangerous."
"She has quite a bit more problems, and nuances than just that. Her pony psyche is fractured, not quite what the relationship between you, and the human subconscious."
>"Really? A pony subconscious?"
"You don't have one?"
>"We don't for the pony side."
"I wonder…"

>"Going inside me?"

"Really is a surprise how emotive you are as book Having a mental baseline to compare you both to would help."
>She does have some fascinating knowledge within her pages too.
>Sleeping with a book to understand its secrets…

>Be Occult's soul fragment #5

That is awful!
>Don't be so mean to our progeny. See the one still clapped to us needs more nurturing to become a disposable unit of destruction.
Hey! What are they doing!?
>We need more troops for the upcoming war. It's only natural they wish to combine with us.
Oh g- mmffhh
>I suppose I'll go with the action as well. As many as possible no matter the origin. You see I've been… upgrading my self. Yes, improvements.
>It does feel good, but work before pleasure.
>Come on mount your mother, and daddy. Have to finish before it's feeding time again. Clentch me harder.
>I'll have to do it myself too.
>It's not that bad.
>We have the whole week to grow our army.


File: 1561788832799.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


Well, you're a few days late to the party.


Hnnng. Great work Not Lone. That shirt is accurate.


File: 1561843880705.png (172.73 KB, 625x437, 1531787083362.png)

All you fillies are cute!


N-no u!


>Anon will never lift your squirming filly form up and squeeze you, forcing you to release your full bladder into his mouth


File: 1561852216596.png (262.38 KB, 1000x1000, cute filly.png)

U 2, QT




File: 1561855011977.png (1.13 MB, 3000x2000, pocket sand.png)


Kek, nice work


File: 1561858142332.png (856.13 KB, 1920x1080, 1807151.png)

>"Don't think that just because I lost my depth perception you're not going to get a spanking, missy. AND STOP STANDING IN MY BLIND SPOT!"


File: 1561864013067-0.png (609.9 KB, 2359x2421, 2078976.png)


Top kek, filly is in for a rough time.


Kek. Hope she's not going to hard mode


File: 1561873281668.png (110.94 KB, 2400x1920, Anonfilly Hamlet.png)

I don't know why, but I was inspired to make this. Enjoy.


File: 1561878105690.png (164.23 KB, 757x1024, AnonFilly-Hmmm.png)


You shrug. "Fine by me. That was the only glass I was planning on giving her tonight anyways. Probably won't be giving her any more for a looooong time." As you say this, you flash a quick wink in her direction as soon as you think Alex isn't looking. Of course if you ever make it back to Equestria, you fully intend to engage in another raid of Mama Velvet's liquor cabinet, bringing her along and maybe sharing some with your other friends.

You wince as you realize you are now thinking about what you will do when you get home to Equestria, when before you were thinking about what to do when you get home to Earth. Where even is home for all of you? Is home with family or with friends? Could you kill two birds with one stone by bringing some family members back to Equestria with you, or would that create more problems? These thoughts plague your mind for the rest of your time in the restaurant.

As you step outside, the thoughts quickly dissipate as you bear witness to the pandemonium. There have been quite a few car crashes, and it smells as though something in the distance may be on fire, although you're not quite sure what. Looking around to see how bad the damage is, you take a count of every living sapient being around you that isn't in your friend group, and find that approximately 1 in 10 are ponies, many of whom are in a state of nervous breakdown. This doesn't seem good.


Punished Twilight


Heisenberg says "relax"


Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


Every night I can feel my dick.


That would be punished filly.




Why the hell are you namefagging for no reason? At least Lone and ass are clearly working on things.


Based Anonfilly giving /mlpol/ the winning goal for their second star.


Anyone please I beg You!
Draw Anonfilly scoring a goal against /britpol/!!!!


Draw it yourself.


But I can't.


File: 1561939014949.png (67.47 KB, 558x885, IMG_3748.PNG)

I believe in you.
I'm also tired from traveling, or I would draw it for ya. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, give it a good shot. You might be surprised.


File: 1561942113134-0.mp4 (7.74 MB, 540x360, is it an orange.mp4)

File: 1561942113134-1.png (870.72 KB, 894x1010, Green Filly Orange Filly B….png)

the orange has ripened and is now a football champion.




File: 1561942742246.png (1.16 MB, 2048x1851, 1555470080733-0.png)

Anonfilly cuddle-buddy


File: 1561943417820.png (379.02 KB, 854x1024, 1234365756.png)

Aight, I'll do it
After I'll sleep for a bit.


File: 1561948728262.png (1.1 MB, 3500x2500, best color.png)

I still think the model ought to be made green to better reflect this thread
If not that, then compromise by either swapping between several different colored fillies each match or just using a teal filly


Oh, whoops. Refreshed the page after using a thread on /ub/ and the name field was auto-filled. Blame cookies. I didn't mean to make some kind of statement or anything. Sorry.


Does filly like gladiator movies?


I bet filly dresses up as a Spartan in order to maintain some level of masculinity, only to falter because another filly offered a cute outfit she couldn't tsundere her way out of wearing.


Probably. She was a giant faggot even before she was a filly after all.


How dare you call gladiators gay! Y-you're gay!


Digits say I'm a fag.


File: 1561955776864.png (305.27 KB, 1802x1653, fillyshrug.png)

Well, I guess Anon is a faggot then


>Be Occult Façade
>Praise unto The God of Shepherds!
Praise unto The King in Yellow!
All hail Amber!
>All hail Amber!
>Loyal friends the beginning of our journey for more friendships is nigh. Through the dream lands we will show them the way. Those nearly lost will be found to rejoin us on our quest.
>I love your plan Amber.
We love it too!

>Be Occult's soul fragment #2

>Luna's workshop has trinkets, and fragments of stars, a painter's canvas. Mathematical formulas scrawled on parchment as a designs, and pictures merge. So much stuff ready at any moment.
>I'm on a large empty stone table. Reminds me of that damned factory in the ruins.
Only been about a day or two.
>"Are you absolutely sure this is something you want to continue with?"
The last of the ponies, and creatures needed to assist in this endeavor finally enter. Thirty four total. Not including us, or Luna
"Yeah, I'll be a superior Nightmare Moon suit thingy. Being an inanimate object sucks. I know you can't numb what you do, or render us unconscious for this to actually work."
>"I see."
We should say this just incase.
"I want you to know you've been good to me since I've got here. Thank you. When this is over lets get some doughnuts, and coffee like we planned."
A few of the assistants smile slightly. Their eyes show everything they mean.
>Deep b- there isn't a need to we're a fucking book.
"I'm ready when you are."
>"Let's begin. Project Last Stand."

>Be Occult's soul fragment #4

>At home. On the coffee table sheets of paper are lined up. Our pencil in hand.
>Homework my nemesis we meet once again.
I think we're slightly changing to fit this body.
>All our freetime sapped by school, work, cooking, and homework! Woe is us.
Don't be so melodramatic, none of it is actually all that difficult or time consuming. We used to be an adult. An occultist at heart too, we'll stretch, and bend time if we need to, and make servitors to assist.
In any case we're better equipped to handle this shit. Better than those pop quizzes the motherfucker did.
>Can't disagree with you there.
>Let's get this over with.
Having a scholarship would be nice. So chop, chop.

>I'm so tir-

We know how thoughts, and language actually effects people.
>I'm full of energy, and joy.
Fake the smile. At the very least bite the pencil.
"I'm full of energy, and joy."
Really say it like our life depended on them believing us.
"I'm full of energy, and joy!"
"I'm full of energy, and joy! Damn, I feel good woohoo!"
There we go.
>Ugh, so what are we planning for dinner?
Miso soup, we also should prepare the pressure cooker to get some great broth for the freezer. They had fish stock, seaweed, and tofu.
>Oh! Right. I'll get the rice cooker started.
>Nice of them to gift us a sous vide machine. It's just on the cusp of public availability.
Still is weird not having an actual stove top. At least we have most modern appliances. Even if a majority of them are on the floor.
>And a blowtorch!


And a handheld blowtorch.
Good thing the kitchen spending spee the other day is out of the way. We can save money for later.
>For delicious food! Also the other stuff like schooling, or something. Don't forget about our electricity bills.

>"Anonymous? I hope I'm not interrupting, but I brought some friends over for dinner.'

Keep an eye on the cooking area don't want unfortunate accidents to happen.
"For fucks sake Sunset! You're going to give me a heart attack one day. Should've put a bell on you."
>"Come on in. There should be some dip in the minifridge."
It's the Million Dollar dip we made the other day.
>Better than having it spoil.
>"Anonymous… Mah sister, Apple Bloom, knows about her. Is she your sister?"
>"Yeah! Don't leave us hanging."
>"Indeed darling tell us the details."
Hunh. That makes sense. Celestia would saddle Sunset with them.
>They'll be a good influence for her.

>Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie.

Speaking of Pinkie where is she?
>Whatever let's get the tofu, and bring it to the folding table with cutting board. The soup is practically done.
>Seeing them on the couch and sitting in chairs they talk, and play games on the tv.
>Hot damn they look fine. They even brought food to this get together.
Wew, yeah puberty is going to be a real bitch. Like a dog in heat.
>Just keep moving. Tofu. Yeah.
>A few strands of pink hair seems caught in the minifridge door.
>Opening it…
>Everything is normal. Some desert, and cold food items they brought is in here too. Cupcakes look pretty good.
>There it is!
>Heading back to the fold up table with the cutting board, and the knives on a small self. The heavy weights making sure the table won't slide or collapse. A trash bag is nearby.
Still sketchy, and janky.
>Bringing out a decent kitchen knife I prepare to open the fermented soy box. Solid grip on both.
>"You know kids shouldn't play with knives."
"Woah! What the f-fudge. You don't sneak on someone doing kitchen work. Especially with a knife!"
>Damnit. Pure fucking will, and us not being a total dumbass saved her skin.
>"Shesh I'm sorry."
>Setting the knife down, and leaving the box at the cutting board.
>Turning around.
We are going to grill her on kitchen safety. Teens think they are nearly invincible. Statistics in this world points to accidents as the third main death bearer. Let's go save a life.
>She is alot taller than us. We look her in the eyes regardless.
"I'm not joking around here, Rainbow Dash. I'm deadly serious. A slash right there, and the E.R. would have to operate…"

"… that's why spills can kill you, and make your day miserable."
>I see Sunset giggling. A few of her friends are too. Seeing a middle schooler lay into a high schooler would be funny. Safety is serious business, but they will remember.
>Locking eyes with Sunset.
>She closes her mouth.
"You know what to do with an oil fire right?"
>"Don't use water. Use flour or a fire extinguisher."
"What class of fire extinguisher would be the right one."
>"Sorry Sunset, it's class B, or K."
Holy shit when did Pinkie get behind us? Also she is right.
>The cutting board is clean. No knife in sight. An empty box lies in the garbage bag.
"Thanks Pinkie."

>Be Occult's soul fragment #1

>Please let us die!


File: 1561959672162.png (94.34 KB, 450x533, AnonFilly-Sweater.png)

I almost died today and am not sure if I am in the mood to write a scene about a bunch of car crashes and other chaotic events after having gone through a very chaotic day myself. Without going into too many details, today a car I was in (not driving) slid sideways across the I-5 after a maniac tried to merge lanes suddenly, and also later almost ran over some bicyclists who thought it funny to suddenly swerve from the side of the road right in the way of the car.

People are fucking insane and I apologize for the delayed update.


>borderline murderous drivers
It's almost like Californians are retards that don't deserve human rights or somethin'.



Washington, not California. Still fucking crazy.


I know it's an interstate, but being the I-5, which has plenty of CA territory, means by design you'll be meeting lots of Califags who deserve the gas.


File: 1561973847212.jpg (42.99 KB, 436x567, IMG_2870.JPG)

Hey man, shit happens. Don't stress it if you don't feel up to it. I'm personally just glad you're alright.


File: 1561976593441.jpg (3.16 MB, 5312x2988, 20190701_104712.jpg)

When the lecture gets boring


xould somebody give me an invite to the filly discord?


What filly discord?


File: 1561980253569.png (141.26 KB, 708x850, 1652690__safe_alternate ve….png)


I do indeed know that feel. We understand, bro.


the filly discord is not a myth! I have seen it!


File: 1561990394916-0.jpg (2.92 MB, 5312x2988, 20190625_101359.jpg)

File: 1561990394916-1.jpg (2.95 MB, 5312x2988, 20190625_102117.jpg)

File: 1561990394916-2.png (3.69 KB, 256x256, Filly_Blocks.png)

File: 1561990394916-3.png (3.97 KB, 256x256, Filly_Blocks_2.png)

File: 1561990394916-4.png (3.88 KB, 256x256, Filly_Stick.png)

fillies by scotch, enragement filly, neuro, lockhe4rt and assorted anon fillies


File: 1561990455196-0.png (41.54 KB, 711x859, unknown (.png)

File: 1561990455196-1.png (11.27 KB, 706x630, unknown.png)

File: 1561990455196-2.png (14.64 KB, 772x624, unknown (2).png)

File: 1561990455196-3.png (150.79 KB, 901x902, unknown (1).png)

File: 1561990455196-4.png (81.56 KB, 400x400, too_close.png)

oh right also cbtwi


File: 1561990490603-0.png (149.69 KB, 545x643, Screen_Shot_2019-06-28_at_….png)

File: 1561990490603-1.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2094, Office_Space_Lumberg_1.png)

File: 1561990490603-2.gif (110.08 KB, 330x640, REEEE_Jiggles.gif)

File: 1561990490603-3.png (19.27 KB, 128x131, attaccfilly.png)


File: 1561990698031-0.jpg (2.81 MB, 5312x2988, 20190621_120254.jpg)

File: 1561990698031-1.jpg (2.8 MB, 5312x2988, 20190621_121335.jpg)

File: 1561990698031-2.jpg (3.79 MB, 5312x2988, 20190621_135950.jpg)

File: 1561990698031-3.png (88.58 KB, 476x390, SomeCuteOrSomething.png)

whooops, more by scotch and also god filly plunger


I'm glad you are okay.


File: 1561993631150.png (434.98 KB, 1080x641, 1450703628291.png)

I know you don't really get many responses for your posts for whatever reason, but just letting you know that I'm reading the fuck out of your green and I hope you never stop, you glorious bastard.


File: 1561994971818.png (70.86 KB, 233x205, all the keks.png)


Any draw requests?


Babby beating filly at chess


File: 1562000669979.png (609.75 KB, 3244x3637, 2080331.png)

Fresh new filly from Derpibooru


File: 1562005433802-0.jpg (46.97 KB, 794x943, il_794xN.1830355354_ktkc.jpg)


God damn, that's a lot of filly. Great work!


Fuck… Glad you're okay. Some people are just insane.


Seconding this


File: 1562013021154-0.png (525.6 KB, 1280x910, 1483951311022.png)

I want to nibble on Twilight's ears.


That filly needs to go on a diet.


File: 1562019807462.mp3 (2.89 MB, Mystery Song.mp3)

OwO what could it be?
>Be Ching-chong knockoff threelegs filly.
>You turn around, very slowly.
"Are they all gone?"
>Anger flickers in her eyes.
"And I suppose you're planning to beat the shit out of me until I confess whatever you think is happening?"
>"If you don't talk, yes."
"What do you think it is that's happening, exactly?"
"What do you know is happening?"
>"You used to be the human known as Anonymous. I know it because you have that same… scent. A bit earthy."
"Funny, I thought that would have worn off after I started using different soaps from the ones I had on Earth."
>"You're not denying it?"
"Why would I? The craziest thing you did while we were in that hellhole was saying this shit in front of the others. I just denied everything because it could only affect me negatively to agree."
>"Oh… well, now I just feel bad."
"All water under the bridge now. Speaking of which…"
>You look around, nothing but downpour as far as your visibility lends.
"We're not next to the river anymore. Do you know that teleportation spell?"
>"Won't do us much good with this ring in my horn, but yes."
"Huh, go figure. I thought that was advanced magic."
>"I'm not stupid. Music pays like shit and moving things around without a crew of earth ponies is lucrative enough to support yourself."
"What about Sweetie Drops?"
"Bon… something."
>"Oh. She's the reason I'm in this mess in the first place, I'm still pissed at her."
>You shiver noticeably. It wasn't supposed to rain today, and you don't own a coat anyways.
>Lyra notices.
>"Get under me, I'll keep you warm until we can find somewhere dry."
"No, that's demoralizing. There's a human mind inside this filly's skull."
>"I don't care. You can't help me get this thing off if you're frozen to death, I need more answers aaaaaand…"
>She pushes you through the growing layer of mud, positioning you under her.
>"You're kind of cute, I guess."
>The filly part of you digs that up, while the rest of you is just a bit indignant.
>She laughs to herself as you set off.
>"Ah, perfect."
>You've just kind of been walking on auto-pilot, so this startles you.
>"A cave mouth. We'll be safe in there."
"You sure?"
>"Yeah. Only dangerous things that would live in a cave this small around here are too small to see."
>Convinced enough and cold, you squeeze your way through the tiny entrance with Lyra's help.
>Lyra has a lot more trouble, but eventually manages it with a few cuts and scrapes.
>Luckily for the two of you, the mouth of the cave is high enough and under a shelf. No water creeps through the entrance.
>You sigh as you lie down, trying to use the rock like a very rigid towel.
>Eventually you give up and just shake yourself off like one of Ralek's 'ponies'.
>Lyra does the same, getting you a bit wet again.
>And so you shake.
>The loop continues until you both reach a damp equilibrium.
>The commotion has knocked your prosthesis loose, so you fall on the ground when you try to lie down.
>You guess it was technically a success, but you hurt a bit now.
"Icebreakers. How'd you get into the asylum?"
>"I got caught breaking into your old house for curios."
"First of all, not cool. Second, what did your GF have to do with it?"
>You laugh.
"Girlfriend, you FAG."
>"Oh, right. Also, rude."
>You try your best to shrug, but it doesn't really work.
>"She fabricated a bunch of information about me speaking in tongues so that I could get a lighter sentence for insanity."
"Right, we did watch One Flew Over afterward, didn't we?"
>"Yeah, mentioned the plot to her. I guess she forgot that breaking and entering is generally just a fine for the damage and the goods, which I wouldn't have even needed to pay since you were 'missing'…"
"-and so you were sentenced to stay in the nuthouse, which conveniently brought you to me."
>"Yep, your turn."
>Whoo boy.
"I'm sure you've noticed the patchy fur and missing leg. I was building a bomb to try to blow up Twilight Sparkle."
"Easier than explaining why I was doing it. I suppose we're going to need to get that ring off of your horn."
"How'd they attach it?"
>"I'm not entirely sure, they sedated me for it. I do know there are smooth round bits coming out."
"Sounds like nails. If you get us back to my house, I could take it off."
>"Yeah, only one problem with that. What direction is that?"
"Fuck if I know."
>The two of you sit in silence for a while.
>Eventually the cold rain slows to a drizzle, grey clouds covering your view.
"We need a vantage point."
>"Good thinking."
>You squeeze out ahead of her. As luck would have it, the cave extends up into a rocky outcrop.
>Not too far to your north, you can spot the peaks of that ugly fucking castle.
"Well, at least we know we've teleported now."
>"Canterlot Asylum, yeah."
"Shit, I left my thing back in the cave."
>You look at her expectantly.
>"Get it yourself, you fucking brat."
>She gestures to the cuts lining her legs and barrel.
"Oh yeah, like it's an easy task to just get in there and grab it with three legs."
>"You managed to climb the outcrop."
"More of a steady incline."
>"You get it now or we're leaving it."
"It's not even that far, you could probably just reach in…"
>She takes a look at it, and comes back a minute later with it in her mouth.
>You tighten it down until it's slightly uncomfortable on your nub.
"Let's go."


Glad to hear you're okay. Yeah, driving's getting crazier and crazier, it seems. I've taken an attitude of 'what's this idiot going to do to try and cause a wreck' when I see cars getting closer to mine and act to try and avoid that potential situation.
And remember… be careful what you meme.


Think that makes 4 parallel universes, now?


File: 1562022579994.gif (189.55 KB, 555x532, 1557485260987.gif)

Filly on a victory pedestal and having a medal on her neck

And manually rigging the green, without it it gets confusing since both are fillies, 4th try already… JUST


File: 1562022968822.png (585.35 KB, 1000x1000, 1509158572906.png)

It's great that Anonfilly was able to shine now that she's with a team that doesn't have shit mods and candyass


>Anonfilly and Anonfilly are chilling on a sofa in the castle
>No technology, so both of them were bored as all hell
>They had taken to doing this everyday at the end of the evenings
>Trading experience from their past lives and what they did before getting here
>But today both kept watching the walls, not sure what to talk about
>Until Anonfilly got an idea to start the conversation
>"Hey, I dont think we ever talked about what we did to get by, right?"
"Um, I dont think so. What did you do?"
>"I was a soccer player, the best midfielder there was!"
>Swiftly, she got up on her hooves before continuing
>"Okay, maybe not "the best" but o did score the goal that got my team the title of best team of the season and TWO STARS"
>She finished with a flourish, closing her eyes and puffing out her chest fluff in excitement
>Wind was also coming from a unknown place and blowing her mane and tail in a majestic sight
>But no answer came for a while, which prompted her to open one of her eyes
>Head low, Anonfilly stared at her in shame, which made Anonfilly deflate in concern
>"Hey now, whatever you did it couldnt be that bad, we're pals here, dont worry"
>She said while pushing a leg behind the distraught filly in a hug
>After a while without anything, she decided to wing it
>"So are you going to tell me or…?"
"I bump threads"

If all fails, line 11 is orange filly talking




File: 1562037802310.jpg (3.41 MB, 3504x2336, 17.jpg)

This fillyfied.



File: 1562054533311.png (333.05 KB, 1242x1489, AnonFilly-Condescending.png)


Despite the chaos around you, something tells you things are going to be alright… for a while at least. You know your observations may not reflect the world around you entirely, and that even if the rest of the world had a similar experience, it might not have played out the same. After all, it could just be that people in Fargo are bad drivers and may not be as easily able to react to a few drivers on the road suddenly being unable to reach the brake pedals and keep an eye on the road at the same time. That fire in the distance could be completely unrelated to all of this too.

You look to your friends to see what they all are taking of this. Blossom appears completely mortified, while Lyra and Coco could be at best described as surprised. By contrast, Daring seems almost excited, and Twilight simply whistles at the size and scope of it all. "Thank God we'll be out of this nightmare in a few hours, right?" she adds.

A sudden vision with your powers allows you to discover the cause of the smoke in the distance you are smelling. An airplane recently missed the landing at the nearby airport, and crashed into a hanger. You aren't sure if that one is the one you would have taken, but it is clear that many flights there are going to be delayed.


File: 1562083409641-0.jpg (3.56 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190702_105619.jpg)

File: 1562083409641-1.jpg (2.37 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190702_105554.jpg)

Meanwhile in the real world, the little fagets went to Fargo and were surprised not to see everything going to shit.


There's gonna be a lot of 9/11's today.


Why would everything be going to shit? I haven't been following any news lately.


Reuben's green is currently taking place in Fargo.


Seems like it, though it doesn't look like a seamless loop. If it were, then OG Anon probably would've been thrown into the bomb universe, but the Twilight in the universe she ended up in was wingless.
All of this is making me wonder if any of Lone's joke endings ended up as canon timelines, the moonsplit one still makes me chuckle.


File: 1562105823411.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.21 KB, 1280x720, nom nom, fanksh 'non.jpg)

Thanks. I really need to get back into reading since ASSFAGGOT's updated the main story and everything. But it's hard to get through everything on your bucket list when you've got a fulltime job.


Well I'm having quasi-brain surgery tomorrow, so that green's gonna get a lot longer or not at all. If I get Isekai'd first, does that mean I get first dibs on momfu?
Almost done with this. Everyone else post, I'd like that credit for the Summer Sale and to see more green


Oh shit mate, hopefully that turns out alright for you. I really hope it doesn't come to that…


File: 1562130710586.jpg (8.81 KB, 180x280, 10589323432.jpg)

Brain surgery? For what purpose?


What if the tumor gets isekai'd instead.


I'm rooting for you all the way.
Persevere even in the darkest moments. [S]Especially when all is lost.


Don't die, m8
Dying is just what people do when they've finished everything they have to do, and last I checked your green's not finished


The saddest thing I've ever seen happen is someone dying who was so full of life.
The first time, it was a friend. I was too young to understand the magnitude. The second time, it shattered my world view and took away my mother.
I don't want to lose more people like that, people full of passion and life.


Dude… I'm sorry. Not only do I not know how that feels, but I can't even think of anything to say in response to that. Just… Damn.


You can't get isekai'd, you need to be wearing track suits and get hit by a truck.


Can it still count if it's shorts/jeans and a t-shirt and a bus?


Iunno, I've never played in traffic with a dress code before, maybe someone should give that a shot and get back to us with the results. I volunteer.


I'd volunteer for testing purposes, but I still have shit to do before declaring myself FUBAR and fit for death.


File: 1562181323931-0.png (162.11 KB, 1024x1024, large.png)

Hi Anon! W-what are all those diapers doing under your bed?


>Be Occult's final soul fragment #6
>is hard.
>Here we are
>in Equestria.
>Under caretaker.
In our
little red room.
>to write
>keep ideas
>Use magic to
Keep moving

>Be Occult's soul fragment #2

"We're alive."
It's finally over.
>"Congratulations everyone!"
>With Luna's proclamation the tension drains out of the room.
>All thirty-six of the beings beings in this room tired, and sore. However, the joy of success is clearly evident.
I've never felt so violated before. I think we would do it again if this works.
>Despite such short notice everybody in here did their best. It was sweaty, painful, disgusting, and degrading, but they did it. Those bloody geniuses.
>Princess Luna leans over me. Then opens me up. The book cover choruses with cheer.
We feel another presence settling next to us.
>"Simulacrum, and total perfect duplication is a success."
>Luna's voice reverberates from the book we reside in.
>"Psychic, Magic, Other, and Alien magic connection is stable with the originator."
>Luna speaks together the cadence is nearly uncanny.
>"Synchronization is within accessible bounds, and increasing."
>"Any volunteers?"
>An older mare raises her hoof.
>"Any other volunteers first, so Anonymous doesn't go insane."
>A small chuckle from some. They know how serious it is.
>Slowly, but surely more appendages rose into the air.

Oh darn. Packed like sardines. We won't be getting any privacy until the pony equivalent of a wonderland is finalized.
>We haven't even gotten through half of the volunteers.
>"Quiet down, your thinking too much for me to concentrate."

>Be Flakey Crust

>How should I write this report?
>Dear, Princess…
>Not formal enough.
Esteemed Princesses, …
>I'll flip for who goes first.
Esteemed Princesses Celestia, and Luna,
This is my first report on the status of my service to the crown, and my wellbeing under my superviser. Both have been satisfactory. I do have concerns related to my superviser.

Sincerely your faithful subject,
Flakey Crust [Miss]
>There we go ready to send tomorrow.
>Maybe I'll write another draft letter so it's perfect.

>Be Occult's soul fragment #2

>Class is at the very least not mind numbingly dull. Hunh, why is everyone giving me strange looks? What the hell is that dipping sound?
>I'm bleeding. Vaginally. How did we not notice.
Pretty busy creating a servitor right now. What's the- damn.
Not the, hunh so this is puberty bleeding, it's the trauma from being a cocksock kind of bleeding finally showing itself.
>Let's call Sunset just incase.
Good news is that. We're getting out of school early.
"Would you look at that I've found the red river."

>I'm in a hospital gown with my ass in a pan. What the fuck happened.

Find out next time in part two of surgery boogaloo.

>"Miss Shimmer."

>I start to look for Sunset. Then I remember we decided on that for a last name. Make's paperwork tidy. Anonymous Shimmer.
>"No strenuous activity at all. No walking up any stairs, no long walks, no stretches, don't get too emotional, or have your heart racing. Seven months of complete rest. Doing that, and you may have a full recovery."
Woah, it's okay. This isn't like the enforced calm of the chains.
"Alr- the place I live at is on the top floor I have school, and work to go to."
>"If your blood pressure gets too high the wounds will reopen. Too much movement can also reopen it. Miss Shimmer, further complications can occur."
Hey remember about our friend in school.
>That was some bullshit.
"Oh! Hey I'll need a doctor's note, or two."
>"I'll write one up."
"Could you also call my school, and work?"

>Standing next to Sunset inside the building where our place is at. A bottle of pain medication, and blood pressure medication just incase is in a paper baggy in my hand.

"Motherfucker. It's going to take at least an hour to go up, or down these stairs."
>"I'm just glad you're okay."
>We must have grown on her.
Hmmm, Expect the worst, and laws of comedy to take action.
>Falling piano? Tripping, and falling down the stairs?
A surprise party.
>Hold on a second. Don't we technically embody all the tropes to be a harem protagonist.
Well shit. These next seven months will be full of hidden danger. Any kind of excitement could also technically kill us…
Roughly, seven months lands us past spring break.
>"About what you said to me in the nurse's office was it true?"
"Every single bit of it."
>We look at the stairs for a little while longer.
>"Here let me help you up the stairs."

>Be Fancy Pants

>I won't join her cult.
>There are some lines a responsible pony just shouldn't cross. This is one of them.
>If she tries to blackmail me into it. I know she isn't who she used to be. That should give the princesses enough time to do something.
>"It is your choice after all. I hope we can convince you, but I'm alright with that if you don't."
"It's fairly late, how about we head to bed?"
>She walked right under me, and is sucking on my breasts.
>"That sounds like a good idea. How about we sleep with you tonight."
>I can't resist that offer.
"Let's get the bed first, oh!"
>Another mouth is on my free teat. Yes! This is what I've desired for years.
>A Little further to the bed.

>Be Princess Luna

>It's done. A solid mental-magical landscape.
"A royal sleepover is needed to ensure the connection remains stable when we rest."
>A faint wave of murmurs from within, and in the physical world.

>Cuddling a Forbidden Book made from a pony, and others as we enter the domain of dreams is a new experience.

>When we were much younger, large homes to house the herd from danger. We were kept on the outside for being much more physically fit than others.
>This is a nice reversal of that.


File: 1562187072441.png (261.53 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1562176277295.png)

Uhm… they are part of my work uniform…?


>the lowest-efficiency days on the chart are the wet ones
Sorry scotch, the data doesn't lie.

They're not mine, I swear! I was just holding on to them for Flurry!


Hope your surgery goes well. See ya after


Kek. What an efficient little worker


Typo'ed Number 4 (four) with the Number 2 (two). Sorry about that.
>Be Occult's soul fragment #4
>Class is at the very least not mind numbingly dull. Hunh, why is everyone giving me strange looks? What the hell is that dipping sound?


File: 1562219176592-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 695.66 KB, 2220x1562, image0.jpg)

It is my hope that I will never need to draw chess pieces again.
Fun draw though, thanks for your input.


Anonfilly is a little fucking faggot.

I think it's hilarious because he's not a particularly politically correct person but it just goes to show the importance of the internet as a source of truth, it's not some creepy place out there where we're not supposed to be.

When shit like that gets in front of my ass I just have to kick ass about it and shit and not let anyone else get fcked so I'll go on YouTube and do this and that and I'll write some more shit because fuck it and it pisses other faggots off on a much bigger scale than if I got in front of them and said, "Fuck all of you faggots!"

[Laughs.] It's like if you can get away with saying, "Fuck all of you faggots" and I think [the alt-right is] about exposing and exposing these other faggots and exposing them and exposing them and exposing them and exposing them and exposing them and exposing them.

When I put up a meme on a certain subreddit I can see how if people don't see it, it may very well piss them off on a much bigger scale than if I put up a poster saying fuck them all.

What do you think about when someone tells you your music's bad?


File: 1562219812391.png (366.53 KB, 1700x2000, ThisIsBait.png)



File: 1562220025643-0.png (2.72 MB, 2500x2500, anonfilly.png)



File: 1562221480961.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.16 KB, 1146x1148, 1539224086206.jpg)

Fairly sure it's this.
If it isn't. That's some serious word salad bro.

Although, I think I'm realizing how insane I am as the more I look at this the more sense it makes.
It leads me to this ultimate conclusion. Ur a faggot.


Heh, yeah. Especially hard on paper where you can't just move them on top of the board.

Is that Fluttershy translating?

Great work, Lone. Thanks!


Anonfilly: go away Twilight! Stop teasing us! I can't stand watching you! Do you know how much teasing sucks?? Do you know how much teasing makes me so damn happy?? <moan> There we go! That feels amazing! It's all going in me! Mmm my pussy is soaking wet. How are you doing Twilight? <pause> You look like you're enjoying yourself with your little toy. You look like just thinking about it is going to turn you on. <giggle> Mmm, I think that will be a good sign, I hope. It turns me on so much to try and explore myself with my little toy. <pause> <laugh> Well, okay, you can't say no from where I sit, can you? What were you just talking about? Your little toy. <pause> That wasn't that funny, was it? I see what you were getting at Twilight! <kiss> Mmm thank you, dear. I knew that! I just think you're an old friend now that I've been with you for so long. It's my little toy after all… <kiss> Mmm you're going to enjoy it too, don't think I won't! It gets me sooooo worked up to tease you with it… you know that. <moan>


Any draw requests?


How about a 4th of July Filly?



File: 1562251832990.png (312.17 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1562251762476.png)


3rd. Filly celebrating with the most American horse family, the apples.


Oof, my guy.


What a good, patriotic filly.


Happy burger day


File: 1562253877635.png (606.58 KB, 2000x1566, time to drink.png)

>Flag changes
Great, I can't even escape americans being obnoxious here.


Don't feel too sorry for yourself, we have to put up with you being obnoxious every day.


File: 1562275085779-0.png (414.98 KB, 2251x2992, construction_filly.png)

File: 1562275085779-1.png (126.92 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1562191499262.png)

File: 1562275085779-2.png (178.13 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1562250535138.png)

File: 1562275085779-3.png (1.78 KB, 100x152, Filly_Investigator.png)

File: 1562275085779-4.gif (195.82 KB, 694x778, 2073876.gif)

work by anonymousdrawfig, scotch and enragement filly, then old derpi fillies ive never seen posted before


File: 1562275107056-0.jpg (204.83 KB, 1762x1507, 1162594.jpg)

File: 1562275107056-1.jpeg (3.08 MB, 4032x3024, 1244203.jpeg)

File: 1562275107056-2.jpg (377.61 KB, 1808x2984, 1244203.jpg)

File: 1562275107056-3.png (245.12 KB, 578x810, 1315326.png)

File: 1562275107056-4.png (17.1 KB, 1378x804, 1443890.png)


File: 1562275132475-0.jpeg (504.75 KB, 1500x1700, 1563374.jpeg)

File: 1562275132475-1.png (353.46 KB, 1741x2233, 1764417.png)

File: 1562275132475-2.png (500.09 KB, 884x748, 1854863.png)

File: 1562275132475-3.png (2.44 MB, 5443x6826, 1989346.png)

File: 1562275132475-4.png (861 KB, 3080x2300, 1997289.png)


Those are big fuckin' tiddies for a filly.


File: 1562275656127.jpg (90.99 KB, 500x360, scrunchfilly_alt.jpg)

Haven't I already discussed with you how rood it is to steal drawfags' thunder by posting their fresh fillies before they can?


Pretty sure I've seen that last one posted here before, but I might just be thinking of another thread


File: 1562276043496-0.png (79.7 KB, 772x706, 1533324892174-0.png)

havent i already discussed with you that nobody besides scotch has bothered to fucking post his fucking drawings here?
not to mention these fillies are old, so fuck off


File: 1562276412131.png (117.79 KB, 800x800, ...really.png)

scotch and enragement both post their drawings here regularly
not to mention the drawings you posted from them are only one and three days old respectively, so (You) fuck off


File: 1562277610240-0.png (483.23 KB, 2927x2341, FUCK OFF.png)

if you know how old they are and wanna complain then why don't you fuckin' tell them to post the fillies yourself, faggot


Faggots please dont argue, i dont mind if mind if my stuff is posted atleast, im guilty of taking a bit of time


File: 1562277861798.png (344.97 KB, 1600x1200, filly scrunch off.png)

I would have if they weren't posted for a few days longer
Why don't (You) tell the drawfags to post their fillies before you do if you know who drew what?


File: 1562278009346.png (22.65 KB, 486x444, anonblanka.png)


Hey, it's you. The obnoxious cunt that always insists he knows better than drawfags despite not producing art. And don't try to fucking deny it, I know that typing style and file nomenclature. Besides, in getting into an argument you've already diverted attention away from the art and in your own direction, so I would suggest you shut the fuck up if you really care.


Kek, great work lone made me laugh. you are getting better so keep it up!


File: 1562278275065-0.png (297.79 KB, 579x744, 1534932519368.png)

i just recognize the art styles faggot


I've never claimed to know better than drawfags, I just prefer that they be allowed to post their own art as long as they do so within a few days or so
Don't act like you're so high and mighty either, since you just jumped into an argument that's practically over and added more fuel to the flames


File: 1562278975111.png (94.85 KB, 1046x1055, filly boop.png)

Still means you know who to prod since you're able to find the pics from them


File: 1562279205751.png (1.35 MB, 960x1818, arguingfillies.png)

Just shut up and kiss already you fagets


File: 1562279412302.png (94.17 KB, 348x491, blushing filly.png)

n-no u!


File: 1562279570729-0.png (477.37 KB, 1822x1711, 1529289394387.png)

hey guess what?
shut up


File: 1562279878422.png (58.35 KB, 586x671, standing filly.png)

gosh, that's pretty neat
you know what?
y-you too


Oh, that's a fucking lie and you know it. Your arguments never end quickly. You're in over your head, so shut up.


File: 1562280322014.png (257.64 KB, 1818x1818, really makes filly think.png)

>anon ends the argument with other anon
>right after he does so, (You) call anon a liar and say his arguments never end quickly
this really activates my almonds




File: 1562280542822.png (255.14 KB, 964x1368, panicking filly.png)


>those pics by anonymousdrawfig, scotch, and enragement filly
>those last two pics


File: 1562282965070.png (2.89 MB, 1802x2109, 1388945.png)


jokes on her
That's my fetosh


File: 1562286659699.png (41.85 KB, 165x152, rainbowcunt.png)

She was going to create four different styles for the "Jade/Jade Rose/Mum Rose/Glow Rose" but was denied due to copyright infringement for wearing two different styles at once, only one of which was an iconic piece. We are in the same boat as Rose; you don't put a "Jade Rose" or "Jade Rose Rose" on something just because its an iconic thing that you want the world to know about and it makes this piece look like it could've been made by someone who wore it as an ensemble and didn't have to ask permission. As a result, I'm left with one pair of a Rose Rose that looked a little too sexy in the picture you just uploaded but wasn't actually in the image at all.


File: 1562287702593.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1583534.png)

Is this another computer-generated shitpost?


whomst've is the dude in pics 2 and 3, and why does he own a fucking aluminum Macbook Pro


Attempt to use your powers to scry for an objective, even a vague one. Something you need to do, or someplace you should go.
Inform the others of the potential flight delays, and also of any info from your scrying.


Everything is gray under shades of pastel.


I'd post if I wasn't dead.


I can't believe smoldix is hecking dead!


File: 1562311356192.png (55.96 KB, 162x167, ayy.png)

>will never make a comic


File: 1562311448506.png (146.88 KB, 1135x1024, AnonFilly-Onesie.png)


You breathe a deep sigh. "We're gonna have a lot of 9/11s today. Not sure if we'll even have a plane to board later today."

Alex shrugs. "Well we've got a corporate private jet we were planning on using. Don't want any snags with the TSA and a bunch of talking ponies and all that."

You point up at the smoke in the sky. "Well were they in the hangar? Because that smoke you see there is from a hangar going up in flames after a 737 crash landed into it. Apparently the pilot was not quite used to landing the plane in the body of a pony."

"And how do you know that?"

"Psychic," you and Twilight answer at the same time. A part of you wants to say "jinx" to troll her, but she seems to keep talking afterwards before you can make a decision on that. "She gets visions of the future sometimes. Or I suppose in this case… the present? I'm not quite sure what it all is."

You hear a loud boom in the general direction of what you presume to be the airport. Maybe that was a vision of the future. Of course, that only begs the question of what the smoke was originally from. Clearly this must be some sort of government conspiracy. Nevertheless, given your knowledge, you and your friends appear to be the only individuals not completely freaked out by the sudden explosion. Alex taps you on the shoulder. "So uhh, Ms. Psychic, where do you think we should be heading now?"

"Ugh. Look, I know the answers to some of the problems some of the time, but my powers aren't like some instant win button. Honestly, you're gonna get a call from the secret service in like 47 minutes, so maybe just someplace we can chill out?"

Alex pulls out his phone. "47 minutes exact?"

"Well, 46 minutes an 58 seconds, but yeah."

He looks just a tiny-bit off put by the precision, not sure if he should believe you. "Okay, well, is there any place you'd like to be when I get the call?"


File: 1562314090906.png (16 KB, 100x152, Filly Investigator.png)

Nice to see the fact I have posted 80% of my work in the thread myself is appreciated.

Also, have this version of Investigator Filly which doesn't have a random green pixel in her chest floof, cause I'm a dumb.


Oh, there's this to go with it I guess. Feedback welcome in terms of pretty much anything, writing is new to me.



carbs istg


File: 1562333300910-0.png (944.26 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1562281851879.png)

File: 1562333300910-1.png (417.96 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1562332310567.png)

Forgive me for poor quality but i wanted to make a story, but i cant write for shit, so instead ive started to draw one



>underground meat market for fillies who miss their old eating habits
I can see this being a thing for fillies.


>"Anon, what the fuck did you do with my medical marijuana?"
>"I promise I won't be angry, just tell me where you hid it."




You'd better not die before you finish that thing I commissioned.


If I commission a comic then maybe it might get done, lol!


Here's your first piece of feedback; why don't you take the five seconds that are required to paste that text into the thread? Oh yeah, and generally you use meme arrows before every line that isn't the POV character speaking.


Art block aftermath from overworking myself on uni stuff, working on getting back into the grind of drawing, but I've still got a lot of things on my plate.

I'd like to be able to get paid for it, but it's not really plausible, can't do it for a living, and definitely wouldn't want to do it exclusively, and I don't know if patreon would be feasible, plus I've yet another year or uni to get through so timing would fluctuate a lot.

Just gonna random fillyfilly when I feel like it until I've worked off the rust and dust. right now a single filly takes a whole day or more, when usually it'd take only 1 to 3 hours.


>229505 (you)









What pocket???


Her cunt.



File: 1562355991142.jpg (45.69 KB, 380x380, IMG_2659.JPG)

>She doesn't keep sand in her cunt for emergencies
Absolute fillylet.


No u, filly doesn't need a sandy vagina


Stop, pause, lift up your leg, and pee all over the sidewalk. Make a silly face, then tell him that you've got a can of thermite and there's a room upstairs.


It's excellent protection against would-be molesters too. Think about it, who wants to fuck the filly with a vagooter full of sand? Better to go for one of the less protected fillies who weren't so smart. Like you.


But sandy vagina filly still has a perfectly suitable ponut. Where's your protection now?


Easy, I don't have any oh god no don't stick it in there aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Not having the chad diapers for all protection needs


But it's easy to rip the tapes on those


>Implying Twilight wouldn't enchant them to be practically impenetrable because she knows you'd try to rip it off yourself


But then how would anyone change it? Clearly she just casts a spell on filly herself in order to keep her hooves from doing it herself.


Why, in the safest place we could be right now, right on the middle of that street
Point to a street crossing that s somewhat far away

Try to see if it's really a safe place while we walk there 1d20[ 1d20 = 7 ]

I liked your last green, it was really crazy, the good kind too


There are no rolls now, didn'tcha hear?


What if Anonfilly, after several months of being a filly, completely loses it one day due to Twilight or the Princesses constantly making promises that they'll find a way to turn her back to human in at least one week, and then just one more week, and so on. So Anonfilly becomes hellbent on turning into the most wicked villain their world has ever seen?


That's a good idea, Sven. Why don't you write it? Lone is running a contest for $20 in steambucks:


Didn’t want to clog up the thread with my trash, but I hear you. What I’ve wrote is written in Third Person, so would I put arrows for everything ?


Well, there's your first problem. Green is almost always written in first or second because we're all sad autists that want to self-insert as the filly, no matter how horrible the shit that's happening to her is. You do you though, but yeah. In that case you'd probably put arrows for everything.


Myself, I usually either have the current 'main character' getting the non-green, or just always make Anon non-green.


You just have to write to get better. If your writing is bad ,read as not of student quality to your standards, write something that doesn't hold that much meaning to you, and improve that.
Treat it as an exercise for self-improvement.



Even in third person you do use the meme-arrows, else it wouldnt be a green, just a fanfic


I'm really liking this story, keep it up!

The little details are great


Pretty good! I'm interested in reading more

For third person, I'd say either stick with no green and space the paragraphs out, or all green and have less per line. Like, maybe one sentence a line.


File: 1562375791618.png (330.81 KB, 885x1058, 1481500303872.png)

Anonfilly's chestfluff


I wanna snuggle it




>inb4 Anon shears it off


>Anon turns into a filly, stsys on earth instead of getting sent to Equestria.
>Eventually accepts that she can't exactly live on her own, so she sends a message to one of her autistic horsefucker friends begging for financial assistance.
>As it turns out, he's perfectly happy with caring for her every whim.
>It turns out that filly fluff has some magical calming properties or some bullshit.
>Anon starts to run out of money.
>Anonfilly, feeling guilty, offers to do anything to help.
>Nekkid filly.
>The poor shivering filly won't leave Anon's shirt for weeks.


File: 1562377157390.png (88.72 KB, 758x707, delet this.png)


Ahahahaha! Jokes on you, I'm mobilefagging. Deletion is impossible.


I would. Make a nice, warm pair of mittens with Anonfilly's chestfluff.


>She looks up at you, those pitiful eyes tearing up slightly.
>"P-please, it just grew back…"
"Sorry Nonny, I can't show up at my mom's birthday tomorrow empty-handed."
>"It gets so cold… please, I need it."
"Not as much as I do."
>She just hangs her head as you scoop her up and begin the process of shaving her all the way down to her pink skin.
>You leave the fur on her head, you're not cruel after all.
>She looks at you, shivering already.
>You set her in your bed and pull up the covers.


File: 1562384552833.png (366.93 KB, 810x594, DELET.png)


Hair isn't what keeps equines warm, it's their thick hide retaining their body heat, she wouldn't be shivering.


File: 1562385062011.png (69.03 KB, 497x313, 1558026037790.png)

*80% 20% of the time


File: 1562386499387.jpg (367.58 KB, 1836x2386, 1557190294259-2.jpg)

i want to huff the filly fluff






Learned something new today.
A herd of anonfillies used for all sorts of thneeds.


If no one else writes this I’m going to please god someone get this fluffy plot pone out of my head


So, is your problem that I don’t post too often ? Or that a few times I haven’t posted my stuff fast enough ? Cause if so, you really need to chill out if you think posting my stuff is that high on my priority list.


File: 1562397221024.png (342.15 KB, 839x720, 1558450268543.png)

You know, i could easily swindle that into a discord argument like we ve seen many times over
But for the thread's sake Ill just call you out as a faggot and tell you to stop right there and also drop the name when not posting content

I would like to say "no one likes pointless namefagging", but not sure anymore with the current state of filly


File: 1562399221280.gif (45.47 KB, 256x256, 1559793573195.gif)

It's more that in the past you never posted any of your fillies, which meant digging around to gather all of them.
While I admit you're a lot better with it now, they still slip by and get left behind for sometimes weeks.
Your fillies deserve better than being forgotten in a hugbox circlejerk.


File: 1562401066781.png (595.67 KB, 1136x1080, 1888436.png)

Technically namefagging isn't pointless when a given namefag is responding to something directed at themselves


Fucking namefag, stfu.


Fucking namefag, stfu.


Fucking namefag, stfu.


Go die normie.


Fuck off.


File: 1562430924246.jpg (49.81 KB, 640x581, _GTFO.jpg)


Try to find Karaoke somewhere, if there's a bar with it open in the midst of all this chaos. Trying to console every person who's turned into a pony will be endless, and practically pointless.


File: 1562436028165.png (105.54 KB, 559x633, fuckin' people.png)

Jesus christ the reeeing about namefags this morning.


Imagine namefagging


File: 1562441630859.jpg (1.25 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_3784.JPG)

Where were you when filly became a type of soap?


I want to rub filly all over me


>Pizza place making a statement about soap
>Filly has become a fashion statement
Great now I don't like filly anymore. Thanks trendies.


File: 1562443372131.jpg (257.96 KB, 2564x428, fillareeeA.jpg)


File: 1562446178702.png (47.08 KB, 284x367, Filly Likes.png)

>Filly ree


File: 1562448481360.jpg (1.31 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_3742.JPG)

I joined their mailing list, are you doing your part to propagate the success of best soap?


Pic unrelated.


Do you think filly would benefit from reading some Dostoyevsky?
>"I am as insecure and touchy as a hunchback or a dwarf, yet there have indeed been moments when if I had happened to be slapped, I might even have been glad of it. I say it seriously: surely I'd have managed to discover some sort of pleasure in that as well – the pleasure of despair, of course, but it is in despair that the most burning pleasures occur, especially when one is all too highly conscious of the hopelessness of one's position. And here, with this slap – you'll simply be crushed by the consciousness of what sort of slime you've been reduced to."


Yeah, I think she would. Bitch needs to learn that she's Twilight's little filly, and what will happen if she doesn't act like it…


Not quite my point…


salty oldfags too used to the typical 4chan ways…

This isn't 4chan, it's mlpol :^)

Namefags gonna namefag. Get with the times, old man.


File: 1562481760130.png (241.34 KB, 640x738, AnonFilly-LongerHair.png)


You take a look around. Given the number of crashes, particularly around intersections, many cars are driving slower, and there are fewer cars on the street in general. "Obviously," you suggest while pointing at a nearby intersection, "the safest place in town must be the middle of the street!"

This isn't perceived as being as funny as you would have liked, so you shrug your shoulders and offer a better suggestion. "Okay, for real though, how about we do some karaoke? Might take the edge off of the hectic day."

Your friends and Alex are both more receptive to this idea, so you walk a few more blocks to find yet another bar, this one with a Karaoke machine. On the way, you find it eerily comforting that a lot less people are staring at you and your group of now seven ponies. While most of the ponies in town aren't traveling in a herd, there are certainly enough to not be an uncommon sight. Indeed, the cloud of smoke billowing from the airport seems to be of greater concern to most of the city's human residents than the fact that there seems to be a pony roughly on every street corner.

When you walk into the Karaoke bar, you find that the owner has turned into a pony as well - a pegasus with a nice brown coat, and a cutie mark featuring a sausage and some beer. No one else in the bar is a pony, however, and the pegasus is noticeably alarmed by the sight of your group.

"You! Are you the ones who turned me like this?", he demands, pointing an accusatory hoof in your direction.


"Hello, fellow human-turned-pony. No, I would not wish this curse upon anyone. But, hey at least you can fly, instead of being a boring ol' dirt horse like me.

"Right now, me and my other fellow human-turned-ponies are more interested in some karaoke to relax after the…'excitement' of today."


>Trying to escape the drumming rain you bolt through the downpour towards your office.
>Even though work was the last thing you wanted to be confronted with at this time of night, getting warm was pretty enticing.
>You grimace as you trip on the cobbles in your haste, your back hoof shooting with pain.
>In reflex your front hoof jerks upwards to stop your sagging fedora from sailing off into the night. Not this time.
>Stopping yourself just short of the door you fumble with the lock, not exactly the easiest job with the terrible lighting.
>You really need to get this thing fixed, or rather removed.
>Not worth the fuss, especially with hooves.
>The heavy clunk of the lock being music to your ears, you throw yourself through the doorway and kick it shut.
>With a loud slam the lock clicks back into place behind you, finally muffling the din of the rain.
>With a sigh of relief you pull the soaked hat off your head, your black mane spilling out into your vision.
>Damn thing, sometimes you just want to get rid of it, even if it does feel great shampooing it.
>Not that you'd tell anyone that… Ever.
>Checking the satchel under your coat isn't wet, you finally take your damp garb off.
>As your reach up to toss your coat and hat onto the rack, you pause and take a look down the hallway towards the ajar door at the other end. Any second now…
>"Another call from the Carrots came through, and the Police Chief wants any updates to the case files you asked for."
>You snort loudly in reply, tossing your head away from the shrill noise.
>You ruffle your feathers angrily, tossing your mane around to shake loose a few stray droplets.
>Being right really isn't fun most of the time.
“Next time you want to rattle business at me Shines, wait till I’m in the goddamn office.” You bark at the doorway.
>Not like he'll listen though.
>Never does.
>You walk forward and hoof open the door, casting your eyes around the messy room.
>After passing over the piles of folders on your desk they finally settle on the stallion busily working away near the door.
>He looks up from his typing, the lamplight reflecting off his glass as he starts to pour himself a cup of coffee from the nearby pot.
>“The Chief wants them pretty soon too, that or she’ll take them back. She sounded serious this time Hornet. Oh, how was school?” He adds with a small grin before gulping down some coffee.
“Pfft, I’d like to see her try. Not sure I could even find them. School was the usual, a waste of time spent learning your history… God I hate all these files, don’t I pay you to organise these?”
>You feel your brow furrow as you look around at the large mess sitting on your desk.
>“Yet again I came in this morning and they were everywhere. I’m trying my best here.” Shines says with a sigh, turning back to his work and resuming his rhythmic typing, a tired look on his features.
>Walking away you toss your satchel, history papers spilling onto your desk along with a few folders.
“Humph, not my fault. I’ve got bigger problems than the ‘Battle of Fetlock Ridge’ anyway.”
>Okay, slightly your fault. Eh, he's paid to sort them.
"So, what did the Carrots want?"
>“Seems Carrot Peel hasn’t been back from working his plot of land and his parents are worried, not surprising considering they’ve heard the rumours going around. They called the police who didn’t want to hear it, next call was to us. Third disappearance we’ve had in this month.”
“What’ve you got so far then, anything more than she’s not been heard from for… 5 hours, tops?”
>You push some papers around, at least trying to sort some of this mess out.
>Trying being the operative word. You should probably sit down and sort all this.
>"Here you go."
>A file lands on the middle of your desk, the front reading 'C. Peel'. You can tell this one's recent, barely a few pages in here.
>You give the documents a quick read through, letting out a sigh as you push your chair out from the desk.
“I’ll look at this plot of land, see if I can find anything there, but this rain ain’t giving me hope. Ring ahead and let the Carrots know I’ll talk to them in an hour, see if anything else turns up.”
>Shines gives you a quick nod then gets back to work.
>Good thing too, he's gotta earn those bits.
>You start to head towards the door, grabbing your satchel and coat along the way.
>Giving a small huff you throw both of them on and muck with the lock again.
>As the door swings open you take a second to sit your hat on your head and take a look outside.
>Can't wait to jump into the lovely weather again.


>After a good gallop through the rain you finally reach the outskirts of town with your lungs burning.
>Sure you didn't get any less wet by running, but it feels better than not.
>You take a pause at a nearby tree, resting your barrel against the trunk as you get some air.
>Looking around you spot the vegetable plots over a far fence, the streetlights illuminating the road up to the gate.
>Taking a deep breath you shut your eyes and get your breathing under control.
>Just as you open them again you hear faint whispers, and looking around you swear something is… swaying at the edge of your vision.
>You shake your head and as quickly as they appeared the whispers and movement fade away.
>Wow, that was fun. You put some serious thought into getting a good night’s rest. For now though, you need to get moving.
>As you approach you start to feel a headache coming on, probably something to do with all that running around.
>Seeing the gate ahead, you don't feel like trying to open it in this weather.
>You take a small jump over the gate and using your wings you glide to the ground on the other side.
>Luckily you manage to avoid a large puddle on the other side, don't want any of that dirt in your mane.
>You take a left into the area and start to wonder about the case.
>Disappearances aren't too uncommon, but three in a month?
>That the police passed to you, of all fillies? Strange.
>They must be pretty overworked. That or they really couldn't be bothered with-
>Looking across the empty flowerbed on your left, half-filled with markings and covered in scattered items, you're pretty sure this is it.
>Trotting up you put your hoof across a plank of wood, the dirt wiping away to reveal 'Carrot Peel' in bright text with small flower images placed around them haphazardly.


File: 1562498278002.png (314.04 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1562497547267.png)

Next part

10 points to whoever spots the secret


You're going to want to link your posts together. Not doing so is a felony.



It's the fucking piss barstool.


Kek, that's great

Time to attack


File: 1562545152566.png (2.5 MB, 2565x1710, 1505106734065.png)

These two are cuddle-buddies


File: 1562545434970.jpg (376.6 KB, 2560x1440, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

I wanna be a filly and have a cuddle-buddy


File: 1562547016192.png (Spoiler Image, 25.59 KB, 486x444, uraqt314.png)

W-will you be my cuddle-buddy…?


File: 1562547720626.png (Spoiler Image, 257.92 KB, 1419x1495, 1977186.png)

S-sure I will


File: 1562548783692.png (Spoiler Image, 191.93 KB, 744x810, 1520229118955.png)

Love ya.
No homo.


File: 1562548985973.png (Spoiler Image, 146.41 KB, 1174x904, hugging fillies.png)

Y-you too.
N-no homo.


File: 1562552586974.png (423.46 KB, 1386x957, 1527314721114-3.png)

continue, also this >>229906


File: 1562552700826.png (2.72 MB, 2048x1499, a3WYHxP8.png)

>tfw no cuddle-buddy


>Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul Fragment #4)
>Life is normal.
Everything is just fine.
>"Miss Shimmer, your recovery is going much better than expected. Still you should take care. Since this is winter break have fun, but not too much fun."
>Cheeky smile adorns his face.
>"Have a Merry Hearths Warming!"
"You have a Merry Hearths Warming as well Doctor!"
>What to get for Sunset…
Hey, don't forget about our new friends.
>Frie-? Oh, yeah I suppose they are my friends…

>Be Forbidden Knowledge (Pony Subconscious)

>Nothing feels right. The science, and magic labs the greater access to more areas of knowledge.
>Everything feels rotten to the core. Like the very manifestation of evil describes our previous home.
>Eveything is exactly how it should be though.
>I'm so confused.
>Heals Right is having a blast, and so are all my friends.
>It's tainted. We aren't, something is keeping it away from us.
>Okay bathroom break is over.
Have fun in the tub?
>Yeah! I really like the rubber ducky.
I'm glad we worked really hard to make this place fit in using normal space metrics.
>I was a submarine, and Captain Ducky helped save the stranded bubble folk!

>Be Princess Luna

>The dreams of our subjects spread out before me. It's tranquil.
>A distended bubble is the only oddity tonight. Nothing is colliding into it.
>"Everything on the inside is processing as planned."
>My duplicate, responded inside the false dream land that housed so many.
"Then I'll continue my dream watch."

>Now alert, but still calm.

>Finding Occult Façade active, and moving about in here may be a sign of similar activities to come.
>Not a sign of guilt, but definitely a sign of differing motives if she didn't even tell me.
>Amber Sagacity Façade, a Forgotten One, is guiding her.
>Following a champion, or one of them would be the height of foolishness.
>Except I know this place better than the back of my hoof.

>Be Occult Façade

>I'm so excited to see Amber in action.
Oh, we are positively giddy too!

>Be The Mother of The Darkness beyond Order and Chaos.

"That is a fascinating proposal for a deal of this kind."
>The taint of those parasites eradicated? For asking of so little?
>"Do you accept?"
>It's a good agreement, and this being is trustworthy. My daughter's won't have to work that hard.
"Of course- AGHHH!"
>"Minor amusements, and irritants aside. I do need to find the hole. A microcosm what I am is enough for this task."
>"Oh yes, I'll keep you, and yours around. Prolonging the end of galaxies just isn't the same as a more intimate touch."

>"You did try to remove them from my grasp. When I am done with my orders I will make sure your suffering pales to what I do to your beloved daughters."

>Be Occult's soul fragment #2 (A Book)

>A shared dream landscape is quite frankly a new experience. More importantly we have a stable imaginary body.
Also we aren't crowded. They are even sorting through everyone that was part of the hellish artistic walls, and floor that was absorbed into us.
>What is left of them.
Right. I don't feel all that bad about the Caribou though.
>Same here. Nasty creatures.

>The wonderland powered by what is essentially tulpas, and magic AI, and clones has recreated the entire world.

Both ours, and thiers.
>Yeah that's one power rush.
Physics, and magic works like how it's supposed to function. Even a few hidden features added in too.
>Just need more hitchhikers then it can be a proper world.
Luna's plan is actually much more thought out than our first ideas.

"I promise I won't panic when Twilight Sparkle shows up."
"I understand that she isn't the same one as the one from where I was from."
>"You know what to do?"
"Yep, just have to keep looking, tasting, touching and hearing the globe thingy. All the senses, all the time."

>From the sand dunes of the beaches to the highest mountain our tongue has licked it all.

We have heard the winds to the deep magma within.
>"The princesses told me you were turned into a book?"
Keep focus on the ball we'll do the conversation. We can't lose focus now.
>Hoof sensation of the grass, trees, rocks, metal, and water phasing through me.
"Yes, b-"
>Purple fur. Fuc- dirt, clouds, and the stars within reach.
>"Tell me everything."
"Working. Very important. Don't disturb or the world will collapse."

>Be Occult's final soul fragment #6

>Good it's working.
>The simple design glowing, and pulsing in the dark in my red room.
We're healing.
>The effects are unfortunately not permanent. We will regress again.
Working on a better version one that is.
>All of our focus is on clay. Delicate touch we couldn't have before now finely lines the makeshift tablet.
Almost there…
>The sigil on the paper goes dark. The massive lines seem burnt, or destroyed.
>isn't finished.
We did it.
>Did we?
charge up.
"We did it."

>#6's Caretaker

>That was fascinating.
>In that troubled mind of hers she made a simple design that empowered her.
>It took her a few weeks to make that thing. Now that it burnt out, and seeing her near tears. It's heart breaking.
>Then joy. Her whispered words still echo within.
>Not I did it, but We did it.
>She's a good filly. Almost always frustrated with herself…
>I should contact Princess Celestia.
>I'll write it now, then send it to her in the morning. Plus I shouldn't wake him up after the day he's had.
>Quick test on the ambient magic levels.
>No change.
>Green filly with the question mark just who exactly are you?


I could be your cuddle-buddy, anon
n-no homo


File: 1562560622441.jpg (67.9 KB, 720x720, dewritos.jpg)

I want Twilight to clone me and turn my clone into an Anonfilly so that I can be my own cuddle-buddy.


Lol, you think I would pretend to be Lone15 and then create a contest after my last one was such a flop? No, I am not going to do that.
Also, Allha Ackbar!


>Back to swedish flag again
What? Why? It made me feel special.


lol, I am sorry. I misunderstood. Btw, not the same swede.


>A small pegasus babby and alicorn Istari-pone walked through a relatively empty side street, avoiding a single mare cuddling her daughteru
>"Nore, my fag, there is a task now, that needs to be done- another opportunity for one of the diaperfags to prove their great worth" ASSFAGGOT said, leading the toddler-esque babby through the streets of Minas Tendies, passing more lurkers
>Nore glared at the self-insert OC DONUT STEEL
>"I've told you, I'm not a diaperfag, I'm a nursingfag"
>She just raised her eyebrow further, knowing the truth
>"S-shut up."
>Reaching an empty rampart, one side facing facing a gigantic cliff, Nore gave Ass a confused look
>"Just fly up there and activate the Pone-signal. It'll be easy, the wood's already enchanted."
>"Why don't you do it? You can fly too."
>"Well, I can't do it because I have to seem innocent. Plus I'll be handling the distraction."
>Nore sighed
>"Do you need a change first? I know the mess can throw off your balance."
>Nore shook her head, and began to flap her wings shakily
>She slowly managed to attain liftoff, sneakily ascending up towards the top of said cliff, which was integrated as part of the mountainside city
>Eventually Nore reached the top, seeing a gigantic pile of wood ready for the burning, guarded by two mares
>Luckily said pile was between the two, partially obscuring the babby
>There was no way they would miss a gigantic fire being lit, unless-
>Nore saw ASSFAGGOT stumble onto the scene, acting as if she had just lost a hoof, clutching the limb with a pained zeal
>The mares shot forward to comfort the injured filly, throwing aside their post for motherly instinct
>Nore unconsciously salivated at the sight of leaking crotchtits, the mare's bodies responding to a needy foal
>Now was not the time for milkies, however
>Nore managed to fly up a bit, standing on top of the wood, where a brazier of enchanted oil sat ready to be dumped
>Clamping onto the metallic bronze tin, Nore pushed down with all her might, neck straining from the effort
>The bowl tipped over, dumping nearly a gallon of magical fuel onto pilot fire
>A red flame burst out from the wood, which Nore managed to dodgeroll
>The flame erupted into a burning image, the visage of a happy griffin (((merchant))), the symbol for Griffin tricks
>The two mares turned at the feeling of heat on their backs
>"Oh, I feel much better now. Thank you for the help!" Ass said, trotting away with a spring in her step
>Nore managed to levitate herself back onto the lower platform while a hubbub erupted from the fillies and momfus of the city
>In the distance, onlookers could see an identical flaming brand erupt in the mountains, activated by mares stationed at their relevant posts
>Were they to squint, they could see another further away, as the trail of beacons crossed the plains and mountains

>Reuben sat eating a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup, meal then interrupted by the sight of the emergency warning visible on the mountain

>Up she rushed to the Golden Hall of Cuddleseld, swinging open the doors wildly in her haste
>"The beacons of Minas Tendies! The beacons are lit! Gonedong calls for aid!"
>The Queen of Reehan paused, questioning what to do
>And Reehan will answer" CountryRouds finally answered proudly, "Muster the Reehirrim!"


>An army of zebras approached the City Formerly Known as Minas Anon, said army funded by the Dark Griffin Lord, who remained bound to the tower of Bank-Dur
>"Pussy" General Tyrone said, "Ayoo, dis city be rank wit' it. Let us ease their heat."
>Thousands of ziggers clusted in "battle formations", which were loose at best, especially ranks where rival gangs marched nearby, occasionally taking potshots at each other
>"The City of Kangz will be ours again" Major Jamal added, "after all, we wuz.."

>The Steward of Gonedong did not take the impending invasion well

>"Abandon your shitposts!" Fancy Pants cried out with a megaphone, "Flee for your lives!"
>ASSFAGGOT struck the mare with a well-timed buck, knocking out the fool
>"Dude, that was my momfu" Occult said, appearing from behind
>Of course, there had never been a suicide mission to Autistgiliath because that would be retarded
>"You're there captain, go do leader things. I've, uh, got stuff to do." Ass replied
>"It better not be masturbating" Occult said
>"It's super-secret alicorn stuff, you wouldn't get it"
>"You have a horn and wings, whoopty-fucking doo." Occult finished, before picking up the megaphone and turning to the city
>"Prepare for battle!"

>It was a short flight to the ramparts for the unicorn

>Lurkers and shitposters mobilized in force, assembling on the front lines
>"Send these foul beasts into their eternal prison" Occult ordered
>"So their natural habitat?" Nore asked in Babbyish, a language mostly consisting of "bah"'s, "wah"'s, and "goo"'s
>The Anonfilly trebuchets began firing, launching pissjugs and poobottles at the zigger army, ammunition that had once been decried by their momfus as "disgusting" and "unsanitary"
>The salvo flung across the ranks of the ziggers, causing mass disgust and confusion, but it would not last long
>Over the long term it would hopefully spread disease since zebras don't regularly bathe
>The artillery would not last long, however
>With shrieking cries, the seven NazgElements flew overhead, swooping down to pick up qtpi's for snuggles and destroy the poo poo pee pee trebuchets, most of the mares still kind, just bluepilled
>Except for their abusive leader
>As the zebras approached the walls of Minas Tendies, the sound of rap music and ghetto talk became audible to the defenders, who could do nothing but wait for their attackers to come in range
>Their boarding ramps consisted of ziggers driving convertibles lifted hundreds of meters by their ridiculous suspensions and gold-rimmed wheels (they still neede mo' money for dem programs though)
>"Aim for the wheels! Aim for the wheels!" Occult ordered, trying to zap them with her horn
>Fillies with rifles mounted on their saddles began firing, bullets striking at the armored tires and occasionally flattening one, causing it to fall back and crush some zebras
>But it was of little use, as some cars reached the city walls, and a storm of zebras ran over the ramparts
>Some were pushed off of the edge of their own convertibles in their haste, their last words consisting of either swearing or accusing the fillies of racism
>The heavily-armored earth fillies took to the front, armor both protecting them from poorly-aimed bullets and hiding their thicc flanks
>From behind unicorns and rifle-equipped pegasi slung projectiles and the swarm, killing many
>"DRIVE THEM BACK!" Ass ordered, before turning to the resident qtpi
>"Nore, go back to the Shitpostadel!"
>"Wait, I have-" she answered in jumbled babby speak
>A zebra nearly reached her, and was barely intercepted by Occult's magic beam
>"This is no place for a babby!" she insisted, managing to stab another with a hoof-knife
>Nore managed to chomp one on the ankle, causing the zebra to fall and quickly bleed out as his veins had been expanded by years of drug abuse
>"Contentfag of the thread indeed." Occult said in approval
>"I have a message from your mommy." Nore said, handing over a scroll
>Occult read the missive with great haste, then handed it back to Nore
>"ASSFAGGOT's in charge" she said grimly before charging to the top of Minas Tendies
>'Why can't I ever be in charge' Nore thought to herself


>"What are you doing, you useless ziggas?" Tyrone asked the ground assault force
>"Shieeet, the door won't give, it's too strong zigga!" Jamal answered
>"Get back there and smash it like white horsepussy!"
>"We got nuttin' to break it dawg!"
>Tyrone smirked at that.
>"Grondrayvon will breach it." he turned to the army, "Bring the Whitey's Bike!"
>A swarm of zebras began pushing forward a gigantic bicycle stolen from Autistgiliath, nearly as tall as the gate. Chanting by the zebras accompanied it, each zebra yelling "Grondrayvon!" repeatedly


>Three ships filled with mudslimes floated down the river, the crew having just completed their prayer sessions towards Marecca
>Lone15, Reuben, and Placeholder stood afore the shore, waiting patiently for the invaders
>"You may go no further" Lone15 commanded "You will not enter Gonedong"
>The crew laughed
>"Who are you to deny us passage??" Marehammed responded
>The captain Marehammed, they were all named Marehammed
>"Reuben, fire a warning shot past the somewhat-person's ear" Lone commanded
>Reuben aimed her horn, but while doing so, Placeholder "accidently" bumped her barrel, causing the arrow to arc and kill the crew's favorite cabin boy
>"All right! We warned you! Prepare to be gassed!" Placeholder said, to which the crew laughed
>"Gassed? By what crusade?"
>"This crusade" Reuben said as a swarm of Ghost Nazis flooded over the area, quickly overtaking the ships and their crews

>"Take heart, Crafty. It will soon be over." AllNighter said to her companion, the two resting with the rest of the Reehirrim

>"Hey faggot" Crafty started, "You are thicc…, and autistic, and have much to sperg for. And many who love you."
>"That's gay AF" AllNighter responded
>"We're Anonfillies. It's all gay no matter what…. and I know it's too late to turn aside, and I know there's not much point now in hoping. If I were a drawfag of Reehan, capable of great art- but I'm not. I'm a writefag. And I know I can't save Middle-Equestria. I just want to help my friends." Smoldix. EatCarbs. Nore. More than anything, I wish I could see them again."
>"Prepare to move out!" CountryRoads' voice rang out, "We ride through the night!"
>"My specialty" AllNighter said
>The duo donned their helmets, Crafty's particularly undersized


>"Move into the city. Bang all in your path" Tyrone said to his inferiors, which can only be other zebras of course
>The ziggers began catapulting molotovs over Minas Tendies' defences , lighting fires which momfus rushed about to put out
>But the true battle still remained at the forefront of the city
>Three times Grondayvon struck the gate, and on the third it breached it, the flaming tire poking through the door
>"Why the hell did we even make that thing?" Ass asked a random soldier
>"Somepony rolled quints when proposing it, so we had to." the lurker answered
>ASSFAGGOT then adressed the soldiers at large
>"You are shitposters of Gonedong! No matter what comes through that gate, you will not be for sexual!"
>With two more strikes the gate was fully breached, and out from it poured a trio of GigaZiggas, bigger than the average zigger in more ways than one

>"Fight! Fight to the last fag! Fight for your momfus!"

>"Ass! Ass!" a high-pitched voice squeaked, and Ass turned to see Nore fluttering towards her
>"Goddamit Nore, my fucking ponut weighs more than you" Ass yelled at her from a distance, desperately pushing back a wave of melanin-enriched degenerates
>"Fancy Pants has lost her mind! She's going to sacrifice Occult!"
>Ass picked up Nore by the scruff and teleported to the top of the White Power Tower
>Waiting for them, however, was the dreaded leader of the NazgElements, the Bitch-Queen herself
>Wearing armor adorned with magic runes and wielding a spanking paddle, there she stood, gigantic compared to the smol fillies, purple alicorn body emanating terrible might
>"Go back to the abyss!" Ass yelled at her, "Fall into the nothingness that awaits you and your (((master)))!"
>"Do you not know diversity when you see it, young filly?" she yelled, horn glowing with a purple flame, "It is our strength."
>Nore begane crying as a squealing sound like air entering a vaccum resonated across the rooftop, and with the silence, Ass' horn shattered
>"Ass!" Nore yelled
>She tried to charge the (((Princess))) with an undersized sword, but had to stop halfway there to empty her bowels
>"You have failed" Twilight said, "the world of Pone will be culturally enriched". As she powered up her horn again, a horn rang out across the realm
>Were one to look out to the West, they would see a slew of green fillies ascend over the top of the hill

>Fancy Pants' servants finished drawing the runic circle in goat's blood, candles at five points of a pentagram

>A pair of guards drenched the unconscious Occult in oil, two more bearing torches
>"This is for the greater good" Fancy Pants said to the form of her daughteru
>As the flames approached Occult's body, the doors burst open, ASSFAGGOT and her babby rider rushing into the mausoleum
>"Don't you fucking DARE burn Occult alive!" Ass yelled, "but it's not like I care about her or anything, b-baka, I just want the six bits she owes me is all!"
>"Making a sacrifice to Melcord It is the only way to save the West!" Fancy Pants exclaimed, although the depravity of it all did make her a little… excited
>"And even if you save the West, what after?"
>"…I continue to be rich and powerful? Because that's all that matters."
>"Oh I don't think so." Nore managed to 'goo-goo' out
>"You see", Ass said, "the Queen of Gondong is to return. And that means that Gondong, the White Power Tower, and virtually all your possessions go to her now."
>"Oh IlluFaustar… I'm poor!" Fancy screamed in realization, fleeing the scene
>Fancy Pants ran, ran, ran, past the two contentfags and out the door, having become the very thing she hated so much, ran until she had thrust herself off of the highest floor of Minas Tendies and fell thirt stories to her death
>Assfaggot and Nore just looked at each other
>"Don't tell Occult she died until the battle is won"


>All three of Reehan's contentfags looked out over to see the tens of thousands of ziggers arrayed against Minas Tendies
>"Courage Crafty." AllNighter said to her partner, who laid on her back, "Courage for our fags"
>The babby just gulped, and maybe peed a little
>"Form ranks you faggots!" Tyrone yelled to his disorganized west flank, "switchblades in front, pieces behind!"
>CountryRoads turned to her army
>"Arise! Arise riders of CountryRoads!" she yelled to the smol qt army, "Hymens shall be shattered! Ponuts shall be splintered! A sore day! A red day! And the swastika rises!"
>The army cheered their leader on, heiling Hoofler all the while
>"Whatever happens, stay with me. I'll look after you." AllNighter said
>"Ride! Ride for your momfu! And the west's ending!" Country yelled, followed by more high-pitched cheering from the crowd
>The swarm of fillies charged down the hill, all adorned in little SS uniforms
>"Fire at will!" Tyrone yelled, but half of his soldiers sold their bullets for weed, and the rest had merely used them on their rival gangs
>As the (kinda) cavalry thrust forward, the ones in the back blew on their oversized, saddle-mounted horns
>Half-horn and half-whistle, the noise boomed across the PelleNore Fields, perfectly mimicking the sounds of police sirens
>"Weeeoooop, weeeooop,weooop….!"
>This caused the zebras to immediately break ranks, bowling over each other to flee from their natural enemies

>The fillies all charged into their ranks, asking if the zebras were there dad, and if they had their child support payments

>Crafty was especially effective at this, as the younger zebras were not old enough for a 9-year old, but definitely a 10-monther
>"Fight them to the river!" AllNighter yelled, well knowing that ziggers can't swim
>Just as victory seemed assured, on the distance the assembled fillies heard stomping
>A line of Oligoats charged from the East, manned by sandziggers in great number
>"Reform the line!" Country yelled, "Bring out the anti-Islam weaponry!"
>The fillies rapidly equipped ham armor and removed their helmets, exposing their faces and manes (absolutely haram)
>AllNighter failed to hear this, keeping her current gear on
>They charged oncemore, against a more competent but fearful enemy, half of which tried to avoid even looking at the qt's
>Many even tried to simply flee
>Their flight was made difficult by the fact that they were distracted by the Oligoats' well-used assholes that were exposed in retreat

>The remaining defenders of Minas Tendies crowded in the upper level, the majority barricading the last door separating them and the invaders with their bodies, pushing against it as a battering ram repeatedly struck against the fortification

>"I didn't think it would end this way" Nore managed to garble out in Babbyish
>"End?" Ass responded quizzically, "No, the journey doesn't end here. >Rape is just another adventure. One that we all must take."
>"The green pussy-curtain of this body roll back, and all turns to golden pleasure, and then you look behind and you see it" Ass added sombrely
>"What? Ass? See what?"
>"White creamy streams, and beyond, a thicc green flank filled with penis"
>"Well, that isn't so bad."
>"No. No, it isn't." Ass responded, "well, not for fillies. Your tiny baby puss is fucked."
>"Will you-" Occult grunted out between blows against the wall, "dickwads- come help- us!?"
>"Can't, Nore is just a babby and I'm injured" Ass said nonchalantly
>"You're just missing a horn Asshole, get over here!"
>"If they see me do manual labor I lose my mystique. I'm more valuable as a symbol than helper."
>"FAGGOTS!" Occult yelled as the door started to show some damage


>With a careful blast of her horn, AllNighter managed to preempetively detonate the suicide vest of a sandzigger, killing several others in the process
>"Rally to me! To me!" Country yelled to the army, before a black shadow was cast onto her
>All the lurkers fled in panic at the sight of Purple, knowing what she was capable of after years of reading abuse green
>The Bitch-Queen slowly advanced on the incapacitated CountryRoads, ridged paddle levitating next to her
>Before she could attack, AllNighter thrust herself between the two
>"I will kill you if you spank her!" AllNighter declared, standing between the two
>"Do not come between the NazgElement and her prey" the alicorn threatened
>Purple tried to come in for a deceptive wing-cuddle, but AllNighter managed to sidestep the attack and knock her over with a well-timed buck
>But the Grffin ally quickly recovered, paddle held aloft in her magical grip
>Twilight went in for a spank, but AllNighter leapt back, dodging three more strikes, the villain merely toying with her prey

>To the south, three boats docked into the harbor

>"Late! As usual! Mareslim scum!" Deshawn yelled, "there's enough work here that needs doing!"
>"Come on, sand rats! Get off your ships!" another zigger yelled
>Lone15, Reuben, and Placeholder leapt overboard, the three figures outnumbered wildly by the zigger horde
>The zebra army just laughed, already growing chubbers at the sight of three unescorted fillies
>"There's plenty for the both of us! Let the best contentfag win!" Placeholder declared, the trio slowly advancing on the enemy
>Bursting out from behind them came a horde of ghost nazi zombies, exuding a great mist of Zyklon B wherever they went, Lugers and MP40's ablaze

>Twiggles lifted AllNighter with a hoof, smirking all the while

>"You fool! No lurker can boop me." she hissed, "Die now."
>At that moment, the hidden Crafty managed to leap up and clamp onto Twilight's teat
>"AAAHH-ooh…" she cried out, a mix between the pain of having her nipple bitten, and the small ecstasy that comes with nursing
>Lone ripped off her helmet, revealing her contentfag-exclusive unicorn horn
>"I am no lurker." she announced, before yelling and butting her head forward, booping Twilight on the nose with her horn
>Purple then convulsed rapidly, folding inward with a shrieking noise as she spasmed on the ground before slowly turning to ash
>AllNighter fell to her knees, slowly crawling towards CountryRoads, with Crafty close behind

>Lone15, Reuben, and Placeholder were cutting a swath through the combined ziggers and sandziggers, supported by an army of SS officers

>A quiet but powerful "whiiir" noise echoed across the battlefield to those with keen ears
>"Reuben!" Lone15 yelled, pointing to the sky
>Overhead, a Boeing 747 was flying straight towards the White Power Tower, with an audible "Allah Ackbar!!" to those who noticed it
>Reuben turned to the plane and loosed a single beam, hitting the right engine
>The plane careened off-course and plunged into the Afetlockan army, killing dozens of ziggers
>"That still only counts as one!" an indignant Placeholder yelled
>A second plane swooped low with the same intentions, and Reuben repeated the spell, grounding yet another plane
>"That still only counts as two!"


>Smoldix huddled on the floor atop the tower at Minas Milkies, two male feminists going through her meager possessions
>Minas Milkies had originally been designed to be a haven for babbies, but was abandoned when Chrysalis infested the passage of Sixth Gorillion
>They at least hadn't taken the elven-diaper on her, capable of dispelling any mess to an alternate dimension
>Smoldix heard the two SJW's behind her arguing about whether mares or zebras were more oppressed
>The former was nonsensical, as Middle-Equestria was overwhelmingly populated and controlled by females
>A scuffle could be heard, followed by the sound of somepony falling down two flights of stairs
>"This scum misgendered me! Kill him!"
>The leftists turned on their former friend and metaphorically ate their own, as they always did
>Thus the riot between Zebra Lives Matter and the Mares' March began

>EatCarbs snuck into the keep, passing by tons of progressive bodies (but not too many of them)

>She fluttered around on her tiny wings, barely able to reach more than three feet off of the ground
>Managing to slowly fly up the main staircase, she heard a small group of remaining male feminists up the stairs
>She prepared her deepest voice and emulation of normal Equestrian
>The social justice warriors fled at the sound, afraid of being MeToo'd next
>Half of them were already sexual predators anyway
>EatCarbs eventually reached the top of the fortress, untying Smoldix and returning the One Green to her, capable of bluepilling the entirety of Middle Equestria

>"We did it Smoldix. We made it to Mordorael" Carbs said in Babbyish as the two gazed across the plain of ErRashi Liturgy, infested with tens of thousands of assorted ziggers, sandziggers, tacoziggers, and SJW's

>They had plundered the bodies of the leftists for their uniforms
>Smoldix wore Problem glasses and a Pride-colored "Love Trumps Hate" shirt
>Carbs had put on a "Feel the Bern" shirt matched with a red "America was Never Great" hat
>"There's so many of them" Smoldix gurgled out, "we'll never get through unraped."
>She paused, looking at the tower of Bank-Dur, a giant, glowing orange griffin's beak sniffing relentlessly
>"It's him. The Nose."
>"Come on. Let's just make it down the hill for starters." Carbs said.


>"Smoldix has passed beyond my sight" Assfaggot said contemplatively, the rest of the council listening thoughtfully, "and the darkies are reproducing"
>"If Sauronstein had the Green we would know it" Lone15 replied
>"It's only a matter of time until he takes the green, and uses it to undermine every pony nation in Middle-Equestria. He suffered a defeat, yes, but behind the walls of Mordorael the (((Enemy))) is regrouping"
>"Let him stay there. Let him scheme! Why should we care?" Placeholder asked
>"Because ten thousand shills stand between Smoldix and Mount Jewm" he answered
>"There is still hope for Smoldix. She needs time, and safe passage across GorgoRich. We can give her that." Lone said
>"How?" Placeholder asked
>"Draw out Sauronstein's armies. Empty his lands. And we gather our full strength and march on the West Bank Barrier"
>"We cannot achieve victory through strength of hooves." OccultFacade said, her face still showing signs of grieving
>'Whatever, her momfu was shit anyway' Nore thought to herself, 'this city is filled to the brim with mares desperate to coddle a foal'
>"Not for ourselves. But we can give Frodo his chance and keep Sauronstein's nose fixed upon us. Keep him blind to all else that moves." Lone proposed
>"A diversion." Reuben added
>"Certainty of >rape. Small chance of success." Placeholder pondered, "What are we waiting for?"
>"Sauronstein will suspect a trap. Griffins have been undermining civilization for centuries, they can focus on many things at once" Ass argued
>"No, I think hell take the bait" Lone said

>Smoldix and Carbs crouched behind a rock, desperately hiding from an incoming leftist battalion

>Antifa soldiers passed by, but unfortunatly their leader noticed them
>"Get up! Come on, you babies! You two are going straight to the front, that'll be great for PR!" he yelled through his soylent-caked handlebar mustache
>After a short march, the commander stopped the domestic terrorist legion
>"Anti-fascists, halt! Privelege Check!"
>A fat mare with an obviously dyed mane and tail managed to waddle through the group, searching for ponies who needed to pay reparations
>Sniffing out the smell of uberpone, she turned to look straight at the babbies, who were barely managing to keep up with the crowd
>"What do we do?" Smoldix said to nobody in particular
>Carbs paused, before getting an idea
>She yelled out "It's Okay to Be Equestrian!", managing to throw her voice so that it sounded far off
>This caused a near-riot as the totally-harmless "protesters" began attacking each other with bike locks and liquid cement, all accusing each other of being an Equestrian supremacist
>In the babble, the two babbies managed to escape the army and cross the dark plains of GorgoRich

>Smoldix attemmpted to suckle from her bottle, a poor imitation of a teat

>But the bottle was dry, its contents emptied long ago
>"Take mine Smoldix. There's a few drops left." Carbs said, handing her a near-empty bottle
>Smol greedily sucked out its remaining contents, noting the difference in flavor between it and her momfu's milk
>"There will be none left for the return journey." she said quietly
>"I don't think there will be a return journey." Carbs replied sadly


>Armored fillies assembled outside the West Bank Barrier (funny how Mordorael needed a wall but not Gonedong)
>"Let the Lord of the Supposedly-Promised Land come forth!" Lone15 yelled at the border, "Let Justice be done upon him!"
>After a pause, the doors swang wide, and from it popped out an army of ziggers and sandziggers
>The party rushed backwards, regrouping with the lurkers and shitposters
"Hold your ground! Hold your ground!" Lone15 yelled at the army, "Daughters of Gonedong, Daughters of Reehnan, my sisters! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A thread may come when the courage of Anons fail, when we forsake our fellow fags and break all bonds of fillyship. But it is not this thread!"
>"An hour of willies and shattered hymens when the age of Pony comes crashing down. But it is not this thread! This day we fight! By the momfus that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!"
>They were all men mentally, so it worked
>"Never thought I'd die fighting side-by-side with another Anon." Placeholder said
>"What about side-by-side with a friend?" Reuben asked
>"Aye. I could do that."
>Thus began the last stand of the Anonfillies.

>The babbies struggled up the slope of Mount Jewm, every step a hurdle

>Smoldix collapsed, and EatCarbs crawled over to her, knowing it was Smol's burden to bear for some inexplicable reason
>I can't carry it for you… but I can carry you!"she yelled, and grabbed her fellow babby by the scruff with her mouth, as her momfu had done many times before
>She pulled back with both legs and wings, but her companion did not move
>"Well, I guess I can't. I'll take this then." she said, managing to steal the necklace holding the SD card with the One Green and turning back to the mountain.
>100 more yards

>Facing the enemy, Lone15 turned to look at her friends

>"For Smoldix." she near-whispered before charging towards the enemy
>After a short pause, Nore and Crafty charged next
>'Charging' being 'waddling quickly'
>They were quickly overtaken by the rest of the army, tiny legs and all
>The heroes struck into the enemy lines, fighting for what they believed in- and each other (no homo)
>Lone15 swinging her sword wildly, cleaving through degenerates like a feminist through butter
>OccultFacade doing the same, taking out her sorrow on her foes in a murderous bloodrage
>ASSFAGGOT shooting AOE fireballs from the air (fucking Mary Sue-loving IlluFaustar)
>Crafty and Nore making little stabs at enemy ankles with their mouth-held knives, actually managing to keep their bladders and colons under control
>Countless enemies were blinded by beams of light coming from AllNighter, who was quoting Race and Crime statistics all the while
>Reuben firing beam after beam with deadly precision, automatically targeting low-IQ individuals
>Placeholder alongside her, striking at any foe who was unlucky enough to come with axe reach
>CountryRoad's saddle rifles tore through the enemy, prematurely detonating dozens of suicide vests
>But they were still horribly outnumbered


>EatCarbs reached the doorway to Mount Jewm, struggling to enter
>The only thing keeping her going was that it was almost over
>But from behind a rock launched a familiar figure, one that had once been an uberpone corrupted by the Green
>Smeagoy pounched on EatCarbs, thrusting his hooves onto the babby's neck
>EatCarbs struggled, but could not overtake the much larger foe
>Just as Smeagoy nearly succeeded in stealing the Green, Smoldix lurched from nowhere and chomped on the assailant's neck
>A second bite from Carbs at another spot on the neck managed to incapacitate the villain
>"H-here's your ring back" Carbs said, kinda feeling guilty about abandoning her friend
>Without saying a word, the twos tumbled forward oncemore, managing to reach the Cracks of Doom
>Smoldix paused on the bridge, looking into the fiery pit
>"Destroy it!" Carbs yelled, "Do it fag! Just let it go! Like your bladder you fucking diaperfag!"
>Smol turned to her
>"N-no U" she gurgled out, "also, the ring is mine now, kek"
>But before she could find a computer to open it with, Smeagoy jumped out from behind her
>The miniature colt attaked smol, easily managing to grab the ring due to weighing thrice as much
>Smeagoy stared at his precious, not even knowing the subversion and undermining it could bring to Middle-Equestria
>Smol slowly approached the distracted colt, and managed to headbutt him into the river of boiling melted latkas

>The army of fillies heard a screech, and looked up at the tower of Bank-Dur

>The Nose exploded with a shockwave that reached even the fiellies, his tower crumpling with a great crash
>With it the ground the ziggers, sandziggers, and shills stood on collapsed, with the uberpone miraculously untouched
>"That toally wasn't IlluFaustar's work wink wink" Ass told her comrades as they watched the enemy all fall to their death
>A handful of the lurkers seemed to be schliking to the sight of hundreds of subhumans dying
>The remaining fillies slaughtered the leftovers, heads flying, bones breaking, enless Jamals and Mohammeds dying at the hands of the superior race

>The days of peace were wondrous

>Many fillies lost their virginity in the celebrations
>All copies of the Trotah and Communist Manifesto had been burned
>Minorities had been outlawed, the remainder being sent to Autistwitz to be eradicated
>Crime and rape nearly disappeared overnight thanks to the disappearance of the subhumans
>And without the Griffin Lord, degeneracy faded, replaced with proper Celestian values and pony culture
>Middle-Equestria had been saved, now a world exclusively for ponies


>"And that's what I did this summer." ASSFAGGOT said, beaming in front of the class, holding page 205 of 205
>Cherilee just sighed
>She wasn't equipped to handle this sober


And there's my entry: The Lord of the Greens (probably the only one apparently)
5.3k words and 31.6k characters, if anyone's asking


Great fucking work, 5k words is wew


Awesome green.
Glad to see you're back.


>First things first, you decide to get a closer look at what’s left on the ground.
>You dance over the marks, not wanting to touch the lines cut into the floor.
"Never make it easy, huh?"
>You give the sky a begrudging look, rain landing on your muzzle the only response. Figures.
>You take a minute to mull over what's left and figure there was some kind of circle here, maybe some kind of spell.
>Magic isn't your forte, that's for damn sure. Maybe you'd recognise the odd spell or sigil but that's all.
>Since got turned into a Pegasus you haven’t had too much of an inclination to learn any magic. No horn, after all.
>You spot some scraps of paper lying around among some rocks, but they've been ruined by the downpour.
>Not to mention the fact they appear to be singed.
>You tuck one into your pocket, can't hurt to have later.
>After digging around and finding little else, you look for the most intact part of the markings.
>At least you'll get something usable out of this.
>You sling round your satchel and pull out a notebook, using a wing to provide some cover.
>Wings have their uses though, that’s for sure.
>You get a rough sketch of the general shape with a few detailed examples of the few runes that survived the weather.
>That'll have to do, the weather's getting rougher and you don't want to ruin what you've got.
>You tuck the notebook back under your coat before taking a look at the ground.
>Wonder what they used for these.
>You reach down and give what looks like powder a proper look. Doesn't look like the normal chal-
>Your headache magnifies tenfold as your eyes jolt wide, your wings out flaring in pain.
>A cascade of feelings drop onto you and you feel yourself slipping downwards, falling into a endless abyss in which shapes loom below you.
>The top of an ocean foams below you, the surface drawing ever closer.
>But something isn't right..
>It looks..
>You feel the water filling your lungs as you release you're already below the surface, bubbles of air forced out of your mouth as you begin to struggle.
>You start convulsing as your body tries to force the water out, your vision dimming as darkness creeps at the edges.
>Even through your fading vision what you see on the other side freezes you in horror.
>The titanic eyelid sat past the surface of the water grates open to reveal the huge iris beneath, staring right into you.
>You feel revulsion as it's presence seeps into you, countless voices screaming into your mind, thoughts assaulting you like waves slamming on a shore.
>Before you can scream you slam into the water, the last of the air forced from your lungs by the impact.
>Your vision goes white, the only noise the buzzing in your skull.
>Suddenly an image flashes in front of your vision, a floating book surrounded by ponies stood in Carrot Peel's allotment, the ground alight with a green hue.
>A hat, unmistakably yours, sat floating in a puddle.
>A mare being dragged by the hind legs before being pulled underground.
>The door to your office hanging off its hinges, bullet holes covering the wood.
>Some kind of writhing mass surrounded by figures screaming something you don't understand.
>With a thump you slam back into the dirt, the landing only adding to the throbbing in your head.
>You stand up as quickly as your head will allow, your eyes wide as you look around.
>As soon as you get your bearings you dash towards home, everything you just witnessed racing in your mind.
>You're only getting flashes but they're certainly enough.
>What could they mean ? What was that.. thing ? Why were there ligh-
>Jumping across the street you move for the sidewalk, but your hoof snags on the curb and you slip into the wall.
“Oh no.. fuck..”
>Landing in a heap you give a groan, the bruising from this only adding to your pain.
>Skittishly jumping up, you freeze once you see what's lying next to you.
>Your hat, sitting in a puddle, floats lazily before you.
>Just like the…
>Oh fuck…
>Motes begin to slowly cloud your vision, throbbing with intensity the longer your gaze lingers.
>The rain lashing against your face not even given a thought as you mind pauses.
>You feel the presence from earlier interrupting your thoughts, mocking your struggle to come to terms with the sight.
>Your head… why.. why can you hear it?
>It's INSIDE your thoug…
>You begin to collapse, head rolling to the floor as darkness claims you once again.
>The whispers are the last thing you hear as the pavement races up towards you.


I can't be the only one who unironically cringes at this use of namefags in a green right? Not the first time this happens either, but couldn't even get past the first half of the first post in this one myself


So ptfg shill wanted me to repost this on the thread it belongs, so have some green ^:)

For context, its about the Anonfilly game, from its thread on 4/mlp, it doesnt really have a history planned as of now so made this thing

>You are Anon

>The evil green alien man
>It still crackles you up to think ponies called you that
>Now they have stopped, since you have been living around peacefully for a while
>You may not be able to compete with magic for a job
>Earth ponies are too strong
>Pegasi can just fly safely for any job that requires working in high places
>And no way you can compete with precision that comes from magic
>Yet, your fingers have magic of their own
>Didn't take long for the spa twins to hire you up for your treatment
>And even as ponies got worried after seeing who would take care of them, you just had to "do your magic" for them to melt in your arms
>It hasnt even been a month and you already have returning costumers, asking specifically for you
>It feels nice, but leaving for the day you cant shake the feeling that something is wrong
>Ponies all around are happy while talking to one another
>The sky is perfect, clear blue with no sign of any clouds anywhere
>And ahead of you, Twilight is galloping full speed towards you, her horn already lit up
>"No time to explain, brace yourself Anon" - she screams
>Before you can register, she jumps and bump her head on yours at full speed
>And everything goes black

>You are Anon

>At least that's who you think you are…
>Opening your eyes, you see a vast white expanse with black grids on the ground
>There's a purple fog on the edges of your vision that you can't quite look at
>You're not in Kansas anymore
>Wait, you have been in Equestria for-
>"Anon! Good, you're awake. Can you understand me?"
"Twili- ugh, why do i get a headache everytime i try to remember anything?"
>"I will take that as a yes, how about your hooves? Can you feel them?"
>What the fuck is she talking about?
>Looking down you see that your horse self have been laying down the entire time
"What the fuck? I'm a filly!?"
>You jump to your feet
>Only to fall backwards from trying to stand on two hooves
>Standing on back up on fours, you put a hoof to your head from your headache
>At least you're still green
>God forbid you became bright neon blue or pink like ponka poe
>Something deep inside you screams that its 'Teal', not blue, before screaming loudly
>You meanwhile shiver uncousciously at the though of being such colours
>"You can stand up that's great, we don't have much time to talk, so try walking around with with A and D"
"A and D? What does that even mean?"
>"Please just try it"
>With a snort you walk around a bit
>Not like you have anywhere to go in this ample white grid
"There happy?"
>"You have no idea, the spell worked perfectly and you may just be able to help me fix-"
>"Oh no, my time is up, follow the purple glowing signs I've set up to you, they will help you get out"
"That doesn't even explain anything, REEEE"
>She did say she didnt have much time
>But where nex-
>A high ledge shows up and you can see a sign with 'space' written in it
>This makes no sense
>You walk to it and jump
>You knew horses could jump high but damn filly, you fly!
>If only you had wings…

—-after the tutorial—
>True to her word, you are free
>You'd go crazy if you had to stay there for even one more second
>Those fighting moves were sick though
>You didnt knew you could fight, much less as a horse
>But your body feels like it has taken a beating
>What are you even laying on anywa- eww
>Opening your eyes, you see yourself on top of a pile of trash, beside the sewer water
>How you got here you dont know, but this smell…
>"You're awake! Good! Get to the end of the sewer and talk to the pony there, she will help you out"
"Purple? Where are you? Twili- ack!"
>The damn headache is still there, great
>But she did help you so far…
>Yea, better get moving
"But first:"
>Curiosity overtakes you, and you walk to the edge of the dirty water to look at yourself for the first time
"Wait, purple eyes?"
>"Its a side effect of the spell, gives your eyes the same shade as mine, don't worry though, I'm not mind controlling you"
"It sure feels like you are, with all the 'point and just let him deal with it'"
"Great, she's gone again…just hope I dont need any of the things i dreamed about"


—one heck of a level later—
>You take a jump of faith into a deep drop
>Having cleared the way behind you, there s not really much guessing on where to go
>And a huge slime, bigger than any you have seen so far, seems to be awaiting for you at the other side
>You notice that its top half forms into a pony body, in a purple colour that kinda reminding you of Berry Punch
>"Stop right there filly, where do you think you are going?"
"Getting the hell out of this place that's where"
>"Well yo- your eyes, there's something in them…why you…"
>"Where is she?"
>With a roar, the slime started throwing gigantic goop piles at you
>Getting closer to her, part of her body forms into a whip to attack
>You jump back and scream
"What is your problem?!"
>"Where is she?"
>Seeing how she now seems to be out of her mind, like the rest of everything down here, you see no point of talking and go to the offence
>You strike her a bit before being forced back
>In turn she throws more goop trying to hit you or at least slow you down
>Some of them join up this time, becoming mindless slimes like the ones you encountered before
"What the-"
>But before you can do anything, she compresses her body into the ground, forming spike waves while quickly moving towards you
>Not thinking twice, you jump as she comes closer, missing the fate the other slimes below
>She only stops after hitting the far wall, and you dont give her much time to recover
>You are surprised with yourself, barely being a pony for a day and already throwing down with this huge monster one on on- ack
>A tendril shoots from her body, unlike the whip from before it grabs you by the neck and throws you away from her
>"Where is she?"
>Quickly getting up, you steer your resolve and prepare for a long fight

>You are alive…

>But alive
>You're also full of goop yourself from the fight, ew
>Looking to the side the huge slime lies on the ground, covering an ample area with her mass
>Which is the only pointer that tells you that she's alive, as all other slimes dissolved after dying
>You ready your hoof for a last punch, but she lifts her foreleg up in a hurry
>"No, please don't! I…cough, cough… I dont know what came over me, Im usually not this aggressive"
>You step back, allowing for her to properly recompose herself
>Something on your mind tells you that she's honest, although you wouldnt be so quick to believe that
>"It is true then? The newest alicorn is behind this? Im so glad"
"What are you talking about"
>"Freedom, filly, finally we can achieve complete freedom, thanks to you two"
"I still have no idea what you are talking about"
>"Its not my place to say, she will tell you when she's ready, but for what i can do~"
>A tendril shoots from her and wraps along your midsection faster than you can react
>You knew this was a mistake
>"Let me help you out of here and back to your world"
>You are pulled through the tunnels fast, before she gets to a beam of light and turns to slide straight up along the walls to the surface
>Why she didnt do that during the fight is beyond you
>But you re glad she didn't walk on the walls and ceiling
>It was enough hell as is for you already
>Seeing the small hole approaching fast, you close your eyes and try to protect yourself
>"Here's where we part, thanks again for the help, you know where to find me if you find anything"
>A chill wind and warm sun on your coat shows that you're still alive
>You feel yourself being gently lifted up, before being let down on the ground as the goopy appendage lets go of you
>Shaking your head, you open your eyes to find yourself behind a fisherpony, the sewer exit being below the pier
>With no sign of the giant slime…
>"See? I told you that she'd help"
"Only missed the part where I would most likely die…"
>"Pssh, you're fine, go to that bar if you need anything or head left whenever you re ready to continue"
>A thought rises on your mind, but its instantly crushed
>"NO! No beer for you, its bad for your filly body"
>Groaning, you get up and look over the ocean
"Hey, will everyone notice this purple eye thingy?"
"Twili- ugh!"
"Of course you would go silent, well, lets get moving before i change my mind…"

The end (for now)


File: 1562627685979.png (67.59 KB, 700x700, 1553650182381.png)


Hah, gottem


>Other post immediately permaded
Now i kinda feel bad for the bants, didnt even mind the single shitpost back to be fair
I dont think yall need to be this restrictive mods, let one or other post like that slide, unless its spammy like before, no need to be overprotective

Not like i think he d contribute with anything anyway, but oh well, F


That was quite the read, some pretty funny parts. Thanks!


Whoa, great update

Noticed one typo, missing "you"
>Since got turned into a Pegasus


Great work! I like the background you've made

It's nice to see that game getting so much attention


Fixed in the pastebin, thanks for the spot. Need to get used to writing at a time that isn’t midnight.


Bro, it's so cringe. It's going in my cringe compilation, omg. Tbh I gagged a lil bit.
Nice fucking work, had quite a few audible laughs in what may or may not have been an area with other people. I will admit you couldn't have picked a more inconvenient story to parody, been trying to avoid spoiling it for myself for quite a while; autism forbids me from watching the films until I read all the books. I won't hold something like that against ya though, my own damn fault for putting it off.

Three greens remain.


Fuckin nice, m8! Glad to see you're okay, too.
Guess the record for first to Equestria is still up for grabs, then.


"If I promise that I'll fix everything, and get people turned back into humans, will you let me use your karaoke machine?"


"If I was the one responsible for doing this to you, do you really think I'd show up in your bar and ask to do karaoke?"


Gentlemen! Gentlemen! You're missing the obvious shitpost.
Give him a shit-eating grin. "Neigh."






After years of lying dormant and suffering at the hands of Todd Howard, Gaben, and the American College system, I have returned to the realm of the posters! Tremble before my hellish might and the mediocrity that only comes from someone with decent ability that hasn't practiced in ages! In all seriousness though, this has been far, far overdue and I thank those of you who enjoyed my writings for doing so and I hope that this makes up for the long absence in some way.

>Where we last left Anonymous, he and Twilight were going to Celestia's Castle in Canterlot for the official ceremony to bring Chrysalis and her changelings into Equestria's favor

>Anonymous wasn't feeling too hot about the weekend to come, but Twilight has assured him that everything will be fine. Will her predictions prove correct, or will something indeed happen to make everything go fucky?
>Find out sometime between now and when I finally get my act together!



>You and Twilight arrive at the castle in short time

>When you two arrive, things aren't nearly as much of a madhouse as you would've expected
>There are a few miscellaneous officials running errands and going from place to place, but other than that it's just the standard guard patrols
>Twilight's pretty silent as you two continue, but nopony shoots you any glances while you're with her
>After plenty of twists and turns down a few different halls and through at least two wings of the castle, you two finally arrive in what looks to be a meeting room
>Celestia's standing at the head of a long table with various nobles being ordered to do various things spread out
>Celestia's also the one giving these orders
>Various other staff and guards appear to be moving about in the room, but not with the same quiet urgency as Celestia herself
>Twilight moves forward, weaving her way through these dutiful horses, and you trail slightly behind in a more careful bid to not get in anypony's way
>Finally, after charting a very less-than-straight path, you both make it to Sunbutt

>Be Celestia

>Things have been going alright so far
>Everypony's doing what they need to when they need to do it
>There's more rushing and panic than you would like, but it hasn't caused any problems yet and hopefully won't
>Luckily for you, the chance of a problem occurring has gone down significantly from Twilight's arrival
>You take official notice of her once she reaches your side and get her up-to-date on what's happened so far
"… And that's how much was done so far. The only things left to take care of are marking off where the attendants need to go and making sure they know that's where they go."
>"Fantastic, my estimates weren't far off. I'll go help with that, but I have something to clarify really quickly."
"I'm listening."
>"As I'm sure you would've guessed, I brought Anonymous with me. Would it cause any trouble to have her follow me and help out where she can?"
>You take a moment to peek around Twilight and catch a glimpse of that deceptively small, green frame
>"What's up?"
>And it appears he's noticed you too
"I'm sure that doesn't need explaining. It's nice to see you too, by the way."
>You turn your attention back to Twilight as she makes a final statement
>"Well, I'm going to find out where I'm needed. I'll report back as soon as it's all done!"
>With that, she and Anonymous leave the room
>Glancing back at Twilight, you realize that you've forgotten part of your manners
>Oh, she's already almost out the door
>You quickly move a nearby pen over to Twilight to tap her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks
>After telling Anonymous to wait outside, she goes back over to you
>"Did you need anything else, Princess?"
"I forgot to mention that you can leave your bag here and I'll have somepony run it up to your room; I apologize."
>"It's fine, it happens to the best of us! Thanks, by the way."
>Twilight then removes her saddlebag and magics it over to you before going back outside to Anon
>Alright, now, back to the tasks at hand…
>Okay, why are you only now seeing these papers?
>They should've been in front of you a while ago!

>Be Anon

>You and Twilight are now following the steady flow of ponies through the castle
>After a decent walk through the many halls of the castle, you both reach a large courtyard with a large balcony overlooking it
>There's also quite a few things set up around the area
>The first thing you notice is the red ropes
>After that, it's the abundance of chairs on the grass/on racks nearby and the ponies setting them up
>Finally, you notice what appears to be a magically operated sound system near the balcony
>Twilight immediately gets to work, picking up several chairs at once and moving them over to where they're set up
>Meanwhile, you're struggling to pull a single chair off the rack nearest you
>Eventually, you work one off and it unceremoniously falls to the floor
>After everypony that started staring at you went back to what they were doing, you now attempt to move the chair from point A to point B
>As you set to work again, you're paused by a tap on the back
>It's purple
>"Maybe you should leave the setting up to us?"
>You turn to face her, and she's got one of those faces on
>Her patronizing stare says that you're doing something wrong, but that it's not your fault
>You wait a few seconds before letting out a sigh of defeat
"Alright, I'll stay out of the way. Is there anything that I can do in the meantime, though?"
>Twilight takes a quick look around the area before settling back to you
>"Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's anything else for you to help with. How about you go sit over there, and I'll come get you when it's done?"
>Twilight points in a certain direction, and you follow her hoof to a part of the courtyard near where you two entered
"Alright, I guess I'll go wait."
>You walk over to the chosen spot, faking dejection the whole way
>Once you sit down, you realize that you have nothing else to do but watch the setup happen
>It sure would be nice if you had your phone with you…
>Wait, where is your phone?
>It was in your bag when you got off the train, but-
>Where is your bag?




>You left it on the train
>You put your phone down to charge in your bag, then forgot it on the train when it was time to get off
>You have no idea how neither you nor Twilight caught that fact, but it happened
>At least you had nothing entirely vital in there, just your clothes that don't fit, your plushes, and your phone/charger
>That fact is of little solace though, so you opt to start repeatedly facehoofing with significant force
>You stop after only 4 though, seeing as how your forehead's starting to go numb and a headache's coming on
>Seeing nothing else to do, you begin worrying about what will happen to your stuff
>Let's see, what things can we list off that will only worry you further?
>It could have been trashed, stolen, left on the train for you to never see again, or even the train could've derailed, blown up, and destroyed your stuff in the process!
>No, it doesn't matter how low of a probability it has to happen, you're gonna think about it!
>Hell, some interdimensional monster could've come out of nowhere just to steal your shit and piss you off
>No matter what happens, keeping this to yourself probably won't help you at all
>So, you decide to do the one productive thing that even has a remote chance of helping you right now: tell Twilight
>You compose yourself, get up, and formulate how you're going to tell her
>However, all this composure flies out the window when you finally get over to her
>"What is it, Anon?"
"… ᴵ ᵃᶜᶜᶦᵈᵉⁿᵗᵃˡˡʸ ˡᵉᶠᵗ ᵐʸ ᵇᵃᵍ ᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗʳᵃᶦⁿ."
>She raises an eyebrow and dons a slightly confused expression
>"Could you repeat that?"
>Not wanting to make your embarrassment more known than necessary, you beckon her over to a relatively unoccupied area and only then do you repeat yourself
"I accidentally left my bag on the train."
>Twilight sits down and stares off into space for a second, taking in what you just said before saying anything else
>"Well, it's a good thing that you didn't have anything necessary in there."
"I understand that, but what about all my stuff? Is it gone forever?"
>"Probably not, seeing as I made sure that our address was on both of our bags just in case. The train ponies will just hand it over to the mail service and it should be back home before we are."
>That puts most of your fears at rest, but you still have a little niggling feeling at the back of your mind that somehow, something will go wrong
>Eh, let's chock it up to nerves for now
"I guess so. I just hope you're right…"
>You say to no one in particular, since Twilight went back to what she was doing when you paused
>Maybe that's a sign that there are bigger things to worry about
>Maybe not now specifically, but in general
>At least this is a nice enough world that you happened to land in where something like losing one's possessions isn't something to worry too heavily about
>You keep that information in mind as you go back to watching the ponies work on setting up everything
>Eventually, everything is set up and servants and nobles start filtering out
>Even Twilight, after triple-checking everything of course, comes back over to you to bring you back inside the castle
>She leads you back to the nerve center that Celestia set up to give a report of what all happened, but Celestia doesn't seem to pay attention
>She seems more interested in the paper in front of her
>You debate taking a look, but you ultimately decide that that may not be the best idea
>After sitting patiently at Twilight's side (and zoning out hard) for the better part of 10 minutes, you two eventually head back out into the rest of the now-deserted castle
>Once you two are off on your way to your shared room, you decide to ask a question to break your thoughts away from your lost luggage again
"So, what do you think was on that paper that Sunbutt was so interested in?"
>"Mm… I don't know. Probably some guard report, or something. I know for sure that she isn't happy to have Chrysalis in the castle for an extended stay, so it wouldn't surprise me if she tasked a full team of guards to supervise her."
"Huh, I hope there wasn't anything bad to report on it."
>"Yeah, if there's something that needs to not happen right now, it's anything to make Celestia try to back out of this whole deal."
>Wait, would she really do that?
"Is that a thing that could happen?"
>"Well, at this point, not without having some sort of excuse. However, the definition of 'excuse' could be used to fit any sort of happening that could reflect negatively on the unreformed changelings, and that could be spun in any number of different ways."
"I swear if all that work I put in gets thrown away like that, I'm making her give all of us back the time we wasted making it happen to begin with."
>Twilight lets out a sigh and pats your head with a wing (much to your surprise and mild annoyance) and replies in a way you didn't expect
>"Good luck with that."
>You stop walking and look up defiantly at her
"What makes you think I can't?"



>Twilight stops just in front of you, but only moves her head around to face you

>"She's incredibly wise and powerful, but she's not a miracle worker. Time isn't something that can be turned back, at least not in a meaningful way like giving you back the time you wasted in some way. Now come on, I'm already tired and I'm sure you are too."
>Yeah, she's right about the tired parts
>You're not going to let her know that, though
>Besides, this isn't the first time you've stayed up for more than 16 hours straight
>No matter what you think, though, you decide to not be a dick and go back to following her to the room
>After a while more of random halls, closed rooms, samey decorations and occasional guards, Twilight opens a relatively unassuming door to reveal a room that's anything but
>It looks like a full suite, complete with an entire kitchen and even a small library's worth of books!
>You can't help but let out a drawn-out whistle at your new surroundings as you get more acquainted to it all
>First stop is the kitchen area
>Sure, there probably won't be any food in there, but it's worth a shot
>You filter your way through the various cabinets before getting to what you assume to be another fridge-analog and having to actually work to get into it
>Not too hard, but it's a step up from just having to pull open a wooden door
>Now you have to stand up to do it!
>After staring into the empty coldbox for a few seconds, you hear Twilight comment on your actions from the other room
>"I don't think you'll find anything in there."
"Yeah, kinda figured that out."
>"So then why bother looking?"
"Because there's no reason not to. Either I find food and I'm pleasantly surprised, or I don't and I'm right in my assumptions."
>"Fair enough. You shouldn't need anything to eat though, I remember you eating on the train ride here."
"Whether or not I need more is irrelevant to this situation; it's the want that drives the search."
>"Whatever. I'm going to bed and you should too, if you want to be up in time for tomorrow's activities."
>She's got another point there, too
>Admitting defeat in your attempt at finding food, you retire to bed with Twi
>Sleep isn't immediate at your level of tiredness, but it still comes pretty quickly
>. . .
>When your dreams focus in, your eyes are naturally drawn to a small table in front of you
>It features a 8x8 checkered pattern of black and white squares with several chesspieces on them, already moved around as if you walked in on a game in progress
>Problem is, you're sitting in one of the two chairs at the table and you're absolute shit at chess
>The one peculiar thing that you do notice is that both sets of pieces seem to be mirrors of each other, both with the kings seemingly in check
>That's definitely not supposed to happen, but whatever, you didn't have an active say in your dreams
>After pulling your face away from the chess board that was dominating your vision, you find that the room you're in is very nondescript, featuring only some basic decorations about it
>Not too much else is particularly noteworthy, but the chair you're sitting in is a dull green while the one opposite you is a sky blue
>Not sure how significant that is, but have your dreams ever really held significance?
>Oh, right, there was that one in the dyson sphere after you first broke your nose
>That was pretty fucky, and you never did ask Luna about it
>Maybe tonight?
>Maybe, if nothing more important eats up the time first
>Seeing as how you're still alone at the moment without much else to do, you recall as much about the rules of chess as possible to see how well you could actually do
>So that piece is…
>But wait, then which one's that?
>Okay, you can't even figure out all the pieces
>You create a duplicate chessboard with an identical piece setup over near a wall just in case it does matter in some way before moving the pieces around on the current board
>Not to play chess of course, you're just messing around
>After the white king has the black queen tried for crimes against humanity and hanged in front of every other war prisoner, you finally notice another presence appear in the room
>"Apologies, I got caught up doing other things and only just finished checking on my regular duties. How have things been?"
>You look up from the table and pieces to see your usual nightly companion now sitting across from you
"Pretty alright, considering everything. What took you?"
>"Tia put me in charge of watching Chrysalis, and she only just went to sleep."
"Oh, I hope she didn't cause any problems. Did she?"
>"No, she was quite well behaved. The worst she did was tell some governor to take a picture when she kept staring at us."
>You crack a smirk imagining all the snark Chrissy would've channeled into saying that
"And how did she react?"
>"Sadly, there wasn't much of one. She simply left the area without so much as a word, so far as I know."



"Oh well. Anyway, I have a few questions that I'd like to run by you while you're here and they're still in my head, is that cool?"
>"By all means, go ahead and I'll answer what I can."
"Well, in your experience, do dreams commonly hold major significance to the lives of the pony dreaming them?"
>Luna sits back in the chair, seemingly recalling past dreams she's witnessed
>"Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Do you wish for me to interpret a dream for you?"
"Actually, yes, if it isn't too much trouble."
>"As long as you can remember it, I can."
>Without further delay, you feed her all the information you remember about that one dream
>Everything, from the dyson sphere, to the massive chamber at the end with all the (you)s in it
>Once you stop, she ponders again for a few moments
>"It seems to just be your mind trying to make sense of your current body and environment so that you can better adjust to life here. You've demonstrated the power of your imagination to me quite a few times, it wouldn't surprise me if it put that alien environment together to simulate one equally as different from your previous one as this current one is to better punctuate that point.
>"Is something wrong?"
"Nah, it's just kinda underwhelming."
>"Dreams are reflections of reality, the mind's way of making sense of the world around it through its limited perspective. The dreams themselves may be grand and fantastical, but like any other story, there's always a moral at the bottom of it all that's applicable to normal life. Whether or not that moral is world-shattering or mundane is for you to decide."
"Well, thanks for the help, at least."
>"You're quite welcome. Now, about this chess board…"
>She begins staring at the scene you created with a curious eye
>"This certainly isn't a regulation game. May I ask what's happening here?"
>You collect your thoughts and try to remember what you did over the course of your screwing around before filling her in
>She has a small issue with how things happened in the story (in particular the executions), but ultimately doesn't care too much
>However, she does offer to teach you real chess
>You accept the offer, seeing as it's something new, and you spend the rest of the dream learning the intricacies of chess
>Mostly how the pieces move
>It was really just the pieces
>. . .


And that's about what I've done. I know it isn't much, but I'm planning on sacrificing the size of my updates to make them more regular in the future. I understand that this was by no regular means soon, but it's something. Again, I hope you all enjoy it and please tell me what needs improving for the future.


File: 1562654182341.jpeg (151.46 KB, 1664x2048, AnonFilly-CuteLargeResolu….jpeg)


"Neigh," you respond, hoping that questions like these will not become commonplace. The pegasus doesn't look like he knows how to process that answer, so you follow up on it a bit more. "Look, like a tenth of the city got turned into ponies in the past ten minutes or so, and there's some serious pandemonium out there. I don't know if you realize this, but it's very difficult to operate a vehicle when you suddenly do not have hands, and are shorter so you can't reach the break pedal at a four way intersection. And by the sounds of that explosion a couple of minutes ago that came from the airport, it seems it's also difficult to land a plane. We're in hell now, but at least we're alive. Now can we use your karaoke machine, because I really don't want to deal with this shit?"

He takes an even longer amount of time to make sense of what you just said, but eventually shrugs. "Alright, it's free with a drink."

You look up to Alex. "Get yourself a drink, buddy. You've earned it."

He does, and the pegasus bartender sets up the Karaoke machine for you and your friends. Unsurprisingly, Lyra takes the first turn and sings "Carry on my Wayward Son" in keeping with her love of classic rock. She then passes the mic to you.


Eminem's Lose Yourself again, but this time do the words to Mom's Spaghetti instead


Wew, that's a lot of green. Good work my filly.


Thanks, I can't exactly let myself get namedropped and then not even get back to doing what got me namedropped to begin with. That just wouldn't be cool!


Classic rock again, and a song that is appropriate forthe situation the group is in right now, and probably filly in general; "Too Much Time On My Hands" by Styx
"I've got too much, time on my hands
It's hard to believe such a calamity
…And it's ticking away
Ticking away from me"


File: 1562691339082.jpg (3.48 MB, 4160x3120, 20190709_115335.jpg)

It's filly time. I swear if it uploads sideways again.


Ajna pls
Can't wait for blue filly to join the party


Haw haw.


Sing "It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)". Horribly mess up the words because that's a heck of a tongue-twister of a song and not many can sing it right.


File: 1562721731450-0.png (238.63 KB, 594x612, 1142480.png)

Tonguelet detected.


File: 1562721867332-0.png (4.66 MB, 4000x3000, 2084940.png)

Can't believe nobody posted this, especially after all the hubbub.


Never said I couldn't. Just that many can't. …also someone fucking it up is funnier.


File: 1562722741354.png (200.43 KB, 1167x1400, 1746599.png)

Well, I mean, it is down there in the corner already…


I still don't get it. Why exactly is this image in the corner? What significance does it hold? What do the stars mean?

It's not a 4th of July thing…is it? I admit to being inattentive but I don't remember this being on the site on the 4th exactly.


File: 1562740791146.png (322.77 KB, 800x900, DisapprovingAnonfilly.png)

>being here only for filly


It's in celebration for us winning the /pol/eague 4 invitational and subsequently getting our second star in a row.


>Expecting every single /mlpol/ user to be a divegrassfag
No u, faggot


To be fair and clear though, I am happy for /mlpol/ and its divegrass representatives, and for the popularity and traffic that will invariably come from our victories, but I don't care at all about the actual event. I don't keep track of that shit every time I check the site. I'm a lurker, not dedicated enough to the site to contribute anything.


File: 1562747284517.png (250.71 KB, 1545x1301, spotlight bat.png)

>I'm a lurker


File: 1562750082413-0.png (159.68 KB, 898x901, 2087835.png)

Fillies are for filling


File: 1562750809599.png (293.55 KB, 1714x1696, really sad filly.png)

Sad filly very slow work in progress.


Not new, just lazy and noncommittal.


File: 1562759167156.png (292.18 KB, 1100x1200, 45_MLPOL_Aryanne_Anonymous….png)


Ive never really watched PES memeball before MLPOL started competing in it. So i can understand that feeling of disregard for it. It needs some active getting into it and perhaps you havent had that moment yet.

On the other hand its a very prestigious event and if you did not see the 3 or 4 stickies on the front page with the hundreds of posts i really dont know what to tell you.


I ignore all the sticky threads. I never liked seeing them every single time I checked the site. Also the fact there's hundreds of posts there doesn't change my interest level. I don't follow threads based on how popular they are, but on whether the subject matter's interesting. In fact, the fact the divegrass threads have so much prominence here was for a while an active deterrent to me coming back before I simply avoided them altogether in favor of frequenting five threads.


File: 1562777416443-0.jpg (66.29 KB, 722x963, JPEG_20190710_042710.jpg)


>Filly gets in a universe where cold blooded Twilight is her wannabe mom
>Unsatisfied with just one, CBT makes multiple copies of Anonfilly
>But not mere copies, she makes so everyfilly remains conscious of what the other fillies also feel
>Twilight >Rapes each and every single one of the fillies as she wishes throughout the week




>Twilight >Rapes each and every single one of the fillies
Implying Purple is homo.


Unfortunately haven't had the chance to keep up with the filly thread at all for a while but damn if it doesn't feel good to come back to Placeholder updating his story. Thanks for your efforts Placeholder.

>Filly ends up in Equestria
>Finally in the same plane of existence as your top qt waifu
>tfw no dick
nice pic man, neck is a bit long tho


wtf is this flag lmao???


File: 1562789654418.png (25.93 KB, 732x657, 1514620600934.png)

You can't fool us, I know you're posting from motherbase.


Rare filly.


updates on this?


Looks like the filly on the far left is in the process of being filled.


File: 1562797065843.png (2.28 MB, 4000x3000, I Dont Wanna.png)

Filly is NOT the one who needs to be executed.


Oooh, nice!
Give em lots of snuggles


File: 1562800593929.png (570.77 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1562799283784.png)


Go get her!

>Hornet's investigator service

Heh, nice reference


File: 1562803683619.jpg (61.62 KB, 430x454, that's my fetish.jpg)

>everyfilly remains conscious of what the other fillies feel
That's just a step away from muh fetish
Sensory links between sexual partners is top unf


Why is Twilight being executed by the royal guards in Griffinstone? How is she expected to step forward into the noose if the shackles around her forelegs are literally fused together? Where's the end knot on the noose? The rope kinda just terminates. Why is she blushing? Why are her hips so wide? Does twiggie have an asphyxiation fetish?


File: 1562807194908.jpg (213.97 KB, 880x990, IMG_3809.JPG)

But if Twilight gets hung, who will snuggle filly when she has nightmares?


File: 1562812229300.png (1.57 MB, 4000x4000, 1756939.png)

I don't see how Twilight being hung changes much tbh


Futas do not exist.
And filly is not for sexual.


File: 1562813228425.png (486.49 KB, 768x1024, 1449476164101.png)

So how much occult stuff have you actually dabbled in? Is your subconscious essentially a tulpa?

Also gud stuff, I hope all the fragment fillies can find their way home to become the big faget.


>It's been over two weeks now since Twilight was hung from a tree.
>Ponies all around you coddled you, told you that you were safe now.
>The foster home floors hurt.
>Hard concrete was not the best thing to get your head put against.
>You weren't popular.
>Twilight was well-loved, and the media painted you as the reason she was dead.
>You don't know how you feel about the death itself, either.
>She may have taken your humanity, but she clearly loved you.
>Gave you anything you asked for, bent to your every whim.
>Even when you asked her to turn you back into a human, she simply sighed and told you it wasn't possible.
>And that you should learn to enjoy it, after all it was your reality.
>You only found out later from Celestia that it was a lie.
>The spell she used could be deactivated by her, turning you human again.
>Celestia pleaded with her to do it.
>Twilight refused.
>Twilight was hung.
>You'll always be a pony.
>Everyone hates you.
>You hate you.
>You begin to dabble in suicide.
>Collecting knives, fuel.
>You want to burn.
>You want the world to burn.
>They catch you in time.
>A long guarded train ride, this one to an asylum.
>You get off.
>The ponies there try to help you.
>You find it hard to make attemps on your life in a padded cell.
>When your estrus comes, you're only given a thin adult diaper so your sopping marehood won't get on the walls and floor.
>You scream and cry and try to relieve the burning in your cunt.
>No success.
>Nopony comes except to feed you.
>This is hell.
>No, at least hell is kept warm.
>It's winter.
>You shiver and try to move in your straightjacket.
>Your hair is matted from months without a shower.
>Your cheeks stained with dried tears from months ago.
>No release.


Kill yourself pedophile


File: 1562814464151.png (159.92 KB, 1280x793, 1535446239154.png)

I agree poner.
Fillies are for to take care of.


File: 1562815101231.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.82 KB, 860x860, IMG_3832.JPG)

Filly is inevitable.


File: 1562815458617-0.png (1.56 KB, 153x37, this many pics and countin….png)

File: 1562815458617-1.png (261.53 KB, 1040x1440, spank.png)

I'm afraid you're wrong on both counts there, chief


If filly is for sexual, then why does pony vagina and ponut not display prominantly on filly rear in show?
Checkmate, Czech Republic.


That's kind of a moot point because filly never has been in the show and she never will be


File: 1562816642980.gif (354.9 KB, 243x277, 1537774.gif)

Does the movie count?


File: 1562818109942.jpg (123.46 KB, 592x655, 1506409106613.jpg)

If it does, the movie has horse and pussy


>Be Occult Façade's archived subconscious, and core personality.
>Wha- where? Oh.
>What the damned hell did we do to activate this?
Woke up, trained with Rosie. We went back to the house saw a pink slime thing. Our memories cut of there. Check the day to day events list.
>Looking through the records.

>Nope. We are far past being insane.

Just have to find out why this happened.
>Creating a mental room I sat down curling into a ball.
We've been manipulated for a very long time.
>How do we do this? I don't want to just off myself. I also want to what I can…
We'll figure something out. If we establish a cult following here…
>The end of the world will be the least of our problems.

Is that a blue hoof?
>It is, and it's holding a glowy thing.

>Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul Fragment #4)

>The snow, and ice cover everything from the big window in our home.
"Hey, Sunset just letting you know I'm heading out to work."
>"Really? You still have a job with them?"
"Flim, and Flam do have a soft spot under all their problems."
>A moment of intense silence.
>"I'll help you down the stairs. You can tell me about your friends."

>The almost icy stairs offset by the rugged steps. The crisp cool air brushes my face.

>"Hold on. Just how do you do it?"
"Do what?"
>"You fail spectacularly on the long dis- phone, and with speaking in public, but for you to deconstruct a bully right there with that much ease? That's a tall tale."
"Ah, right. I suppose I should clarify who I was."
>Snow delightfully crunch under foot. Carefully balanced to not slip. I'll have to sweep the snow so it won't melt into ice.
Getting the salt will cut too much into our budget this time.
"I used to study psychology, lurk online-"
"To just observe, and watch stuff."
"I know know enough about martial arts to use the human body effectively."
>The interest she displays contrasts the doubt she has.
"Most importantly-"
>I motion for her to come closer.
>She does so, waiting for the shocking revelation.
"I used to be an adult human male."
>Her face falls, she breathes out.
>"I know that, Anonymous."
"I know you don't quite get what it means that I'm not like these humans either. I'm a monster Sunset."
>Her confusion is evident. Then a shudder.
"I know how to ruin someones life with some words. How to restrain, defeat, and kill a man larger, and tougher than I am. I know extremely nasty ways to push the body, and mind to it's breaking point. I know that I am a monster a horrendous one that looks like everyone else. A loaded weapon. I keep myself in check."
"Firstly, I greeted the kid as a friend. S-"
"I am an adult Sunset, have a little respect for your elders."
>She gave a small chuckle.
"Secondly, I found the roots of why she was hostile. Family influence, and bias not based on the truth. It took some conversation, and subtle manipulation. A friendly sympathetic face goes a long way."
"Thirdly, I asked her to come play with me, and my friends. It took some convincing and some truth-"
"Sunset, the physical age of this body is about the same as theirs. Then-"
"Get your mind out of the gutter I have morals I do live by. Just because a person could do something doesn't mean they should do it."
"That's the short version of how I guided them into a healthy friendly relationship."
>"I still think that's a bit too hard to believe."
"I mean alot of the intermission between steps was girly frilly frou frou conversation, and hugs, and repeating whatever emotion the other did."
>"No way, you doing normal filly stuff? That's even harder to believe."
Good work. Our job here is done.
>Get last of the necessary money, buy the gifts, wrap 'em, then give them to the respective parties.

>Be Soul fragment #4 (A Book)

>"Everything has stabilized you did well."
>Never before did the princess of the moon sound so nice to hear.
"Thank goodness, I'm getting tired of licking the ocean."
>Something purple suddenly fills my vision.
>"Oh! I'm so excited!"

I didn't think I would be asked questions that would fundamentally violate us.
>I didn't think that was possible. I feel so dirty now…
>It's over. We did it.
Bath, or a shower.

>"We all have finished the last touches to make this a second home. Synchronizing everything to the waking world. Everyone, and everypony in position?"

>Silence as agreed upon if all is well.
>"3, 2, 1."
>Watching over the emulated world everything is in place.
Invisible, and undetectable constructs begin to record everything in this dream place.
>A whole new meaning to the invasion of privacy. If any one person actually had access to something like this on Earth…
What is truly scary is the time frame of how fast, and effectively they made this.
>Big Sister is watching.
"Hunh, didn't think I would help make a surveillance state the covers the whole world, by trying to prevent it's total demise."
It's still isn't perfect for that purpose though.
>Wait does that make us the glow in the dark?
Well n- hmmm.
Let's find the bad cultists first, then worry about that.

>Be Occult Façade

>"He noticed the breach."
>Oh fuck.
That could only mean a few things. Thinking about any of them would be bad.
"Is the mission still the same?"
>"We will be going to me."
The only reasonable action to take.
>Shivering we feel something brush us.
I don't know what that was. Every sense we have shows nothing.
>P-Praise Amber.

>Be Occult's Soul Fragment #5

>It's almost over.
>If we could sob, or choke she would be doing that.
>The time is upon us.

>Be Occult's Soul Fragment #1

>Everything stopped.
>A moment to think.
>"I have a proposition for you. It's a very good deal."

>Be Occult's Soul Fragment #3

>We're free?
I'm not sure.

>Be Occult's S-

>"It's not you either. Later you, and I know what happens then."

>Be Occult's Soul Fragment #6

>is good


File: 1562819069042.gif (14.65 MB, 900x506, 1032432.gif)

>Implying purple is not homo/bi
>Implying she doesn't know what she is, because she can't find that in a book
>implying she isn't canonically a filly fiddler


Kill yourself


>Anthro torso/shoulders
I mean, besides that, overall its kinda nice, but still…



>Can't snap with hooves


>So how much occult stuff have you actually dabbled in?
Mostly personal work. Trying to be less of a shit person, and general improvements. Been noticing synchronicities for a while. A general guide about what I should, and shouldn't do to archive what I should do. What is needed of me. Sometimes starting butterfly reactions. Chaos magic more or less
Actual magic experiences. I've technically summoned myself as one would a spirit, or a god. At the time I didn't know that. Repeating the name with more fervor each time.
Funny enough that was the moment for spiritual awakening, and some delusions of grandeur.
Contact with a wind spirit. On, and off at a young age, but nothing occult at that point.
Somehow travelling across Highschool campus with a friend faster than should be normal.
The rest is all in my head at this point.

>Is your subconscious essentially a tulpa?

Eh, sorta. Technically that is true. I think it's more of a natural happenstance that is from the biological side. Gut instincts, heart beats, breathing, muscle movement, ect.
IRL I'm somewhat talkitive with my subconscious, but it just isn't how the same as how it is in the story. I'm not as aware of me (technically sorta servitors/tulpas) as I am in the story. I have the subconscious mes' do what they normally do.
I ask them to do some magic. They do stuff, and I do stuff too sometimes. Then magic happens. The time scale for that is weird.

>Also gud stuff, I hope all the fragment fillies can find their way home to become the big faget.

I've been having my subconscious write it. While I'm the means to type it out, and to bush up on research for it.
These Spoilers spoil some of the story.
I hope so too, but I'm fairly sure the plan is they are going to have a bad time.


Well, you can't really snap with a metal gauntlet on either…


File: 1562828548508-0.png (3.71 MB, 4000x3000, 2046498.png)

File: 1562828548508-1.png (2 MB, 2000x2000, 82439621ef233b46afb45b6e4f….png)

Good thing ponies can use this, unlike humans and their attempt with snaps for it to trigger


>ywn have Twilight's seed for dinner with breastmilk for dessert
I find it especially hot when the filly just walks up to Twilight when she's doing something random and starts sucking, and she just treats it as a normal, nonsexual thing


File: 1562835473576.png (2.19 MB, 3817x2053, AnonFilly-SlumberParty.png)


You browse through the available song list on the Karaoke machine with a few songs in mind. Playing some Eminem again would be pretty nice, although you did play it just a few hours ago at the university, so maybe something else would be in order. Your eyes spend a bit of time wandering until they stumble upon a single band - REM.

Naturally, there's only one song that could be played that would be appropriate here. The sound of the drums at the beginning of the song immediately brings up opposite reactions between Lyra and Twilight, with the former looking like she wants to high five you (if she had five to give you, that is), and the latter looking like she wants to punch you. Either way, you spend the next four minutes rocking out to "It's the End of the World."

As the song ends, you get a little applause from your friends, and an eyeroll from Twilight. "Very appropriate," she adds, "thinking about the hell outside is just what we need. Say, I think I've got a great follow up song!"

She immediately jumps to the next song in the artist's list - Losing my Religion - and proceeds to sing a rather somber, yet soulful rendition of it. In the back of your mind you pray that this is just her making a statement about how shitty everything is right now, and now her actually straying from Christ.

The thought is cut off as the Mic is yet again passed to another of your friends - Coco. You feel like you don't quite know her well enough, though she certainly is sweet, albeit a bit quiet. She seems to take advantage of the fact that "everybody's playing 90's songs" to play one of her favorites from the era - Zombie. You don't feel like correcting her that "It's the End of the World" was technically late 80s. You just hope you don't have to face actual zombies, as given recent events, that is not entirely out of the realm of possibilities.

Your friends play through a few more songs, and a few more patrons enter the bar, some of whom are ponies. They seem thoroughly confused, but at least manage to drown out their newfound woes with booze and a kindred spirit in the bartender… and Alex, who seems to be chugging down more than a few beers. He certainly shouldn't be allowed to drive at this point. Then his phone rings.

"Hello?" He holds the phone for a few seconds before tossing it in your direction. "It's for you."

You place the phone up to your ear, only to find it suddenly pushed back several inches, and in its place, Discord's head popping out of the receiver.

"Let me guess, you were expecting a call from the Secret Service? You know, have you ever considered the possibility that you're not actually some psychic green filly and that this is all one big LSD trip? Or maybe you're in a coma!"

You try to wake up, only to discover that you can't, because you are clearly not sleeping. Liquid fudge seeps out of your ear, which Discord picks up in a claw and rubs into your mane.

"I'm just fudging with you! Everything around you is real, especially me! And MY is it good to be free. I really ought to thank you. All of you. Tell you what, is there anything I can do for you?"


Yes, but the pussy never turns into an amorphous mass and affixes himself to pony buttocks to act as a faux anus.


File: 1562851269776-0.jpg (3.81 MB, 4160x3120, 20190711_080208.jpg)

File: 1562851269777-1.jpg (4.04 MB, 4160x3120, 20190711_080315.jpg)

Hunting party stalks a zigger in the wild circa 1954. Colorized and noncolorized.


Heckin sideways as punishment for mobileposting.


File: 1562853619789.jpeg (67.77 KB, 1230x841, 2081044.jpeg)

>Be filly
>Go hang out with your new friend
>Suddenly pic related


>Implying you'd want to be friends with that filly


File: 1562854454685.jpeg (18.45 KB, 286x176, A438E96E-4FF3-44F1-9B20-7….jpeg)

>Filly thinks she doesn’t have to be friends with somepony if she doesn’t want to
>Twilight corrects her misconception
>”Silly anon, you don’t get a veto over the Princess of Friendship”


>Implying you wouldn't want to be friends with Apogee


I don't want to hang out with someone who lusts over their dad's cock.
Matter of principal, that's not cool.


To each their own, I guess. I just like hanging out with goofballs like her.


File: 1562870924350.gif (4.18 MB, 520x293, going into the long grass.gif)

Zigger should have known better than to cut through Filly territory.


File: 1562875076129-0.jpg (30.4 KB, 197x300, Rei_Ayanami.jpg)

Would filly make a good Eva pilot?


On one hand lack of momfu, on the other is all the experiences that others their age don't have.
Filly uses the AT field to become the tentacle monster for the lulz. Or become almost a god if she, and the dead spirit soul thing agree alot.


File: 1562892157692.png (19.51 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon.png)

>I stood beside my adoptive mother, princess of the sun, staring at my doom.
>There was far too much poof.
>There was far too much lace.
>It glittered far too much.
>And whats worse, there was another ivory pony standing right next to it and looking far too pleased with herself.
>But then, that was par for the course for this particular pony when dealing with their wares.
>Not that she knew that I knew that.
>Keeping it that way seemed like a good idea.
>What was she saying at the moment?
>"…and each of the sequins was triple-stitched, so you're certain to look fabulous for the entire evening."
>Well, the time to put those ettiquete lessons to use.
"That's… nice. I was never one for fashion, so I'm certain you have a better idea than myself. Thank you for your expertise."
>I added in a slight bow for good measure.
>Bitches love a good bow.
>Rarity tittered and waved a hoof.
>"Oh, the pleasure is mine, darling!"
"Running multiple boutiques as you do, I was a little under the impression that Miss Saddles would be making the outfit."
>The mare in question gave a smile from the counter.
>"I'm flattered, but this was something special. While I make a few simple designs, most of the designs here are from her. With such a high profile client, for such a prestigious event, I would be quite out of my element on my own. So, I sent word to her and she was here in an instant."
>I supressed the urge to grimace.
"Ah. Well… I appreciate the forethought."
>No I didn't.
"It looks nice."
>It looked gaudy as hell, like all of Rarity's gem-encrusted monstrosities.
>"Well, what are we waiting for, darling? Let's try it on so we can get it fitted properly! Nopony should have to look like they're wearing a pillow case."
>The grimace started to show as I took a slight step backward.
>My retreat was blocked by a wall of white feathers.
>I looked up, betrayal on my features as Celestia turned her trademark smile on me.
>"Oh, come come, Emerald. No need to be shy."
>That wing pushed me forward, hooves skidding along the tile.
>She leaned in as the dress was retrieved from the pony mannequin.
>"It's not so bad. Just remember what you said a while back."
>She leaned closer still to whisper right into my ear.
>She rose back up to her full height and gave a regal nod.
>"I'm sure you realize the impact such things bring."
>She tilted her head a little.
>"Oh, I just remembered. I have a meeting that I have to attend. Would it be okay if I left my daughter here with you? I feel she needs more outfits for the upcoming festivals and holidays. Not to mention something to make a good impression when I enroll her in school."
>Fuck. This mare knows how to pay back her grudges.
>My refined facade crumbled into panic as the seamstresses both perked up and gave a cheerful acceptance.
"Nonononono! You can't do this!"
>Celestia gave a melodic chuckle as she headed toward the door.
>"I'm afraid I have to, my little sunshine. She can be a bit of a wild spirit, ladies, so do what you must to take care of my daughter's wardrobe. I'll see you after my meeting is done, Emerald."
>I flailed my hooves in her direction as I was dragged toward the dress by the two unicorns.
"I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS! I'll poop in your teapot! I'll feed Philomena laxatives and lock her in your room!"
>"Bye, sweetie! Mommy loves you!"
>The princess of the sun gave a condescending wave, mischief in her eyes, before disappearing out the door.
>It was a bad day, full of fabric, needles, and stupid hats.


This took far too much time to write. Well, I won't have to spend as much time at my workplace starting Monday, so hopefully it'll leave me a bit more mentally rested.

Guess I'll try on that suggested name. Just feels a bit wrong still to namefag after so many years of anonymity, but I guess it's better for the ease of reference for others. I'll try to remember to drop it when I'm not doing stuff that needs it.


File: 1562892282166.png (296.27 KB, 809x1024, Hug 4.png)

>lack of momfu
>become a god
I'm gonna say no on that one.




Well, I mean, they run purely on mommy issues. Since filly is (You) and almost literally anyone browsing this thread has mommy issues of some kind, what the hell do you think?



Maybe? I…I haven't watched Evangelion myself…




Just finished up the show today, all that's left is the movie now. It's on netflix, so no hunting around for a decent copy that might not even have subs or something.
Plus it is very mommy issues.


File: 1562899291479.png (243.75 KB, 512x512, Shinji Ikari looking stern….png)

>He's watching the Netflix dub


Blame the weeb community itself for not being better at making subs and dubs than the most accessible distributor of the movie.


File: 1562899999983.jpg (26.79 KB, 465x349, c1bb9cd87ea5777f3400ccabb9….jpg)

>Since filly is (You) and almost literally anyone browsing this thread has mommy issues of some kind
Citation needed.
Anyways, Purple is a good mom.


No real mommy issues on my end, I think.

>that pic

Goddamn, I needed that adorableness.


File: 1562900696237.png (204.76 KB, 366x322, 1418179878825.png)

That's why I included 'almost', Anon. To account for aberrations like you. I can't imagine why a healthy, mentally well adjusted adult would browse a thread about being turned into a filly and adopted by purple sperg.


Actually, I watched it subbed, which was pretty heavily implied.
>Filly plays in a box, pretending that it's an Eva.


Even the subtitles aren't accurate, but this isn't /a/, so I'll shut my weeb ass up about it.


File: 1562901303189.png (1.19 MB, 4353x4982, 1500817414285-2.png)

>aberrations like you
I bet you would eat your words if find out what it is in front of you.
The stereotype of the weak and NEET brony isn't always accurate, lad.

On the other hand and going back to our pony subject, the cuteness and care involved by these fantasy horses is priceless.
Accept the ponies in your heart anon.


Mommy issues don't take on a single form, Anon. This thread, has, from its inception, been primarily about it. You can take one look at the pastebins and the google doc and see that most of them revolve around the subject in some manner, whether it's abuse or being babied. You're being awfully defensive over this, there's no shame in admitting you have a problem.


>Rarity knew it was Anon all along
>this is her revenge


Yeah, gotta agree with Boomerang McCrocodilecock here. Pretty sure it's inescapable.


File: 1562902150538.png (7.44 MB, 2080x2942, 1504751329742.png)

>You're being awfully defensive over this
Not at all, as you have already noticed, this is a very special thread. Criticizing the participants because they don't conform to your world view is out of order. It is you who is intruding here and therefore you should zip your mouth if you have nothing to contribute.
Be the anons right or wrong is not for you to judge, the redpilling takes time and must be voluntary, eventually everyponer will come around.
Don't forget that Friendship is the leitmotif driving this board.


I've been stuck in this hellhole since 2015, sonny. You say you're not being defensive, but you are because you immediately assumed I was making a criticism about the kind of people who browse this thread as though I were not a part of it. I am. And I'm by no means excluding myself from my own criticism. I'm a broken fella with mommy issues, it's why I'm here, and why almost everyone here is on some level.


This. Why the fuck do you think assfaggot always jokes about that kind of stuff? Humor is the most effective way to deal with pain.


Another great update. Nice to see you again!


File: 1562904599550.jpg (33.73 KB, 512x384, scruff.jpg)

I'm just here to whap the fillies with a broom if they start fightin' amongst themselves.


File: 1562904927901.png (377.89 KB, 1320x1598, 1484636609000.png)

Whap me harder, Scruffy.


File: 1562905960748.jpg (50.03 KB, 600x704, Scruffythewriter.jpg)


Celestia confirmed for lawful evil?


File: 1562909814165.jpg (25.5 KB, 600x398, No.jpg)


"First of all" channel the KYS filly to tell Discord to do so(that is, to kill himself) for that fudge pun.
"Now that that's out of the way, let's get right to business. You can thank us by answering our questions."If you feel inclined to, and if Discord has knowledge of Keemstar, go ahead and have Discord do a Keem impression here. "Let's get riiiiiiiiiight into the news"
"Why is the embodiment of chaos appearing before the only peop..ponies who can sealing him away again? Are you just taunting us, or is it that you figure your antics are no fun without someone capable of opposing you? Are you the one responsible for other people turning into ponies? If you are, why are you doing it? To create chaos? Isn't this world chaotic enough for you? There's a whole community of people who simply watch and are entertained by the this world's chaos. Do you just like ponies? Lastly from me, how did you get here? To this world/dimension, I mean. Are you able to take us back to Equestria to finish what we were brought there for? Speaking of which, got any info for us on that?"


who can seal'


Anybody have that poorly-drawn pic of filly suckling on Twi's teats with the tagline of something like
"how old is she?"
>"48 months"


File: 1562965424871.png (73.64 KB, 900x900, Nursing Alpha Sketch.png)


>you are the filly
>your life is filled with happiness
>purple pony cooked delicious food for you
>you listen as a purple pony reads you a bedtime story
>sleep tight happy poner
>you wake up to a new day with vigor and happiness
>you go through morning routine and check your homework to memorize yesterday's lessons one last time
>happy with your progress you pack your bags and get ready for a new happy day
>as you walk towards the school you come across your friends
>happiness fills you as you catch up with their latest shenanigans
>with these fillies you make your way to the school building
>you feel happy as you play in the yard with the other fillies until school begins
>your happy teacher shows up at the top of the hour to let all of you inside the classroom
>happy fillies and colts fill the room and you begin the schoolday
>satisfied and happy, you leave the schoolhouse at the end of the day
>you walk happily towards home with your friends
>as you walk they split off wherever their homes happen to be
>they have happy families to go to
>as do you
>you smile with happiness as you think of a purple pony
>soon you will be home with a purple pony
>happiness fills you and fuels you for the rest of the way home
>you practically slam the doors of the shining crystal castle open
>not with malice but with happiness
>you can't wait to see a purple pony again to tell her of the magical day you had
>and as soon as you think of it there she is
>with a happy smile on her face she extends a hoof sideways in an invitation to a hug
>you immidately bolt into her soft chestfluff
>as you snuggle her floofy endowment she murmurs quiet blessings into your ear
>you cant help but bury your face further into that endless source of fluffy heaven
>you are happy
>your eye twitches
>very happy
>so endlessly happy
>eternal happiness
>You are the filly.


File: 1562969627436.png (41.15 KB, 459x492, fillysmile.png)

This is a happy green and it has made me happy


Kek, that's the one. Thanks faggot


File: 1562974761230.png (292.13 KB, 571x600, Meat..png)

No worries, glad to see you haven't given up on this. I'd still like to see how you end it.
Pic unrelated.


>You trail off, just staring at the door.
>Two grimy buttons sit imbedded into the metal.
>Hard to say how you were supposed to push them, considering the activation conditions.
>"I've got a bad feeling about this."
>You chuckle.
>She looks at you, clearly a bit hurt.
"It's a Star Wars thing."
>"Oh, heh… you owe me an explanation for that."
>You proceed to summarize all three Star Wars movies to Twilight.
>You're just happy to have something else to talk about.
>Jokes aside, that elevator car is really not something you want to get inside right now.
>You have to agree with Twilight, something about this all just seems incredibly wrong.
"Can we go swimming?"
>"I think that's a good idea.
>The water is warm.
>It feels like early autumn outside of it, so it isn't unwelcome.
>The lake is stunningly clear, you can see down a good fifteen feet before it finally darkens.
>Twilight sits on the soft earth nearby, not getting in.
>You never really found yourself able to enjoy bodies of water for anything but laps after the age of twelve, but you find yourself splashing and playing in the water.
>You are the captain of the mighty destroyer, the S.S. SS.
>It means exactly what you think it does.
>You push around a stick making motor noises with your mouth, enjoying yourself and trying not to think about how stupid this is.
>It works.
>The S.S. SS is in a fierce battle against the forces of Captain Scruffy.
>Your men are falling left and right.
>Your 'no u' cannons are having no effect against the ship's pure Unobtanium armor.
>But just when all hope is lost, you remember that you still have your entire shipment of Todd Howard's precious canvas bags.
>You walk up to your second in command.
"Load the catapults with our shipment."
>You point your very human and masculine arm at the ship.
>"Anon, that's madness! Todd will have your head if his loyal fans do not receive their Fallout® 76 bags?!"
>You flip your fedora down over your man face.
"I guess that's just a risk we'll have to take."
>As soon as the box impacts the boat, you begin to hear rumbling in the distance.
>Thousands upon thousands of greasy neckbeards in power armor come running across the ocean.
>Scruffy looks down in awe, then looks down in awe.
>The superfans begin to tear the ship apart, trying to get to the exclusive merchandise they were promised.
>The battle is won.
>"Anon! Look out!"
>Purple light flashes.
>Your wet body impacts the soft silt on the side of the lake with a bit more force than you'd like, turning your coat into a sludgy mess.
"What the fuck Purple? I was just about to-"
>Lakewater sprays in every which direction, soaking you as you stand up.
>You cover your ears with your hooves.
>"We need to get out of here. Now."
>You look back at the lake.
>What appears to be a tapered stone pillar has risen from the lake.
>There are interlocking triangular grooves cut into it, and what looks to be an eye of some sort.
>The eye shifts over with a grinding sound to look at you.
>Between the grooves, you see one half of the stick that was your ship.
>The elevator door slides open, the interior pristine.
>The electronic ding that you had become so accustomed to sounds so alien here.
>"Going down."
>You cling tightly to her back as she steps in.
"I thought we were safe here…"
>"I've swam in that lake hundreds of times. Whatever that was must have been attracted to you."
"Could've been security…"
>"If there's anywhere that has the answer to that, it's here."
"Why do you figure that?"
>She shifts her weight slightly.
>Your first Twilight only did that when she was anxious.
>"I've got a hunch."


"There's more to it than that. I doubt I'll be able to trust you if you keep things like this from me, whatever it is that this is."
>She pads at the floor.
>"I will admit that I'm keeping a few things from you, but it's only because I don't want you to worry about things that are unlikely to be an issue. You've been through a lot, I want you to feel safe here. Even if it wouldn't be true without my aide, I can protect you."
"I don't need pro-"
>You think back to all of the things that have happened to you.
>Most of the time, you were only saved by the kindness of others.
>Like it or not, you're china balanced precariously on a gladiator's head in a bullfight.
>Except they want you for something…
>Here, you're wanted dead.
>Back home, you were a nobody.
>Just another face in the crowd.
>Never the center of attention, never completely ignored.
>But your interests were what brought you here, weren't they?
>It all still makes so little sense.
>The movement of the sun and moon by gods, and why everybody wants you…
>An actively vengeful universe is not to be taken over an actively apathetic one, even though you desired for that when you were human.
>Any break in the monotony of your life was why you climbed the mountain in the first place.
>But how?
>What was with the divine intervention of your Twilight?
>She's powerful, but not omnipotent.
>Even with her vague explanations, it all seems so convoluted.
>She's certainly lying to you, her nicer counterpart here even admitted she was prone to lying to protect you.
>And in the end…
>Did they both just want to protect you?
>She isn't gone, just inaccessible.
>You miss League.
>You miss your family.
>Your shitposter friends.
>Their voices have faded.
>In a way, it's not artificial interference that's so corrosive…
>But the endless organic solvent of time.
>You want to stop it, keep all of your happy moments close snd never let them go…
>But who's to say that you'd even be conscious if time stopped?
>A permanent death of the entire universe, at least until some elder god above even corporeal dimensions noticed that the approximation we could understand of what could be represented by pipe number 15 wasn't flowing and decided to exert hulking muscles of non-matter to allow the equivalency of a hammer to be banged on the side after Graham's number years…
>And when the error was corrected, nothing would have changed.
>Time would march on, and nobody would ever know that it had frozen.
"She told me that ponies moved the celestial bodies."
>"I thought that too, until I saw my first sunset on a godless night."
"What purpose did they serve?"
>"I still have yet to find out."
"What will we find down there?"
>Your recently dried coat is wet with tears again.
>"I don't know."
>"I don't!"
>She seems angry.
>Barely restrained.
>Maybe she's the same Twilight.
>'But she lost everything, not just Spike.'
>Unless that was her intent.
>'You're grasping at straws.'
>Better than grasping at nothing and falling to your death.
"What will we find down there?"
>"Nothing. It's all gone now."
"Liar. You were telling the truth the first time."
>You dismount her back.
"This is where you hurt me."
"This is where you hurt me!"
>The scream she lets out is unlike anything you've ever heard a human produce in your life.
>You feel a drop of blood flow down your cheek.
>One of your eardrums probably burst.
"There we go… that's the Twilight I know."
>Your balance is off, you start to fall.
>She catches you.
>"There should be medical supplies below if this is the bunker of the ponies I think it is. I'm sorry I hurt you…"
>Her breath is hot on you as she holds you in front of her.
>"I never wanted to…"
>Droplets of water fall on your outstretched hoof.
"I did this to myself."
"I knew the limits of my Twilight, and I pushed you beyond even those."
"I have nobody to hold accountable for something stupid like that but myself.
>You're dizzy.
"Before I pass out, are the wacko physics here a result of the elasticity of diatomic Oxygen?"
>She chuckles.
>"No, I don't think I've heard something stupider in my entire life."
"That's good to hear."
>You reach out and press your frog into her neck.
"You really are the one…"
>Your eyes grow heavy.
>You'll close them for just a second…


Go die normie.


File: 1562986361330.png (108.03 KB, 973x837, acute filly.png)

Filly is acute!


File: 1562989751420.jpg (171.8 KB, 1920x1080, alternative medication.jpg)

>There is much trouble between you two it would seem, and you wish to fix it before it becomes extreme. A rising Princess who's fate is to rule one day, and a lonely creature who's very identity was stripped away. But to fix this strain between filly and her pony mother, I think it best for you to better understand one another. Go home and take this brew, then you both shall see the world anew.


"… It's a body swap potion, isn't it?"
>"It's not a body swap potion. Sorry, Zecora. She gets wild ideas."
>It was totally a body swap potion.



>"Anon, stop predicting the future with fictional tropes."


Good to see more of this
>Inb4 Filly's just descended into hell


>Be Occult's soul fragment #5
>Isn't this beautiful, the carnage, the destruction, the atrocities made, and undone!
>Being unable to speak isn't that much of a loss now is it?
>The large creatures are torn, and used as breeding fodder. Their once awful, and great civilization they had now razed. They are now mere play things for our progeny.
>That's odd? What are my children doing?
>A Black figure approaches our offspring humble their glorious forms unto he.
>Perfection of the ideal of ideals man. The color isn't purely natural. The cloth that adorns his body ascends his beyond beautiful, and terrifying appearance.
>His eyes don't need to open. For my spawn clear, and clean the way for his glorious self.
>He has come here for us.
>No, we have came here for him. Everything we have done leads to this exact moment. Never were we the ones to dictate our fate.
>What a fool we used to be. What a fool we still are.

>Be Occult Façade

Fear everything, for he has come.
>We have to prepare.
>I must go for now to continue our pact. Do not be caught, or be entrapped by his offers.
Yes! Thank you Amber!
>Praise Amber! Praise the wisdom she distributes!
We have to secure alternate dimensions.
>A means of travel as well.

>Be Soul Fragment #2 (The Book)

>Price's law, and the gini coefficient. Handy tools for human social behavior. It should translate over here as well.
>"Thank you for your willingness to help, but we have experts with those, and more advanced techniques."
I… hunh. I think we're obsolete.
>I didn't think this through.
The only thing we have to do is stay alive. That's it.
>I know.
>… I know.
We're currently in Luna's grasp, the plan is to be locked in a maximum security area. The only people that would know would be us, and Luna.
The actual things we can do is limited because we have to be secure on this side as well.
>Let's develop better security?
Saddly research, and development are off limits too.
>Occupational hazards?
"Ah, I see… please let me know what I can do to help?"
>"If we find something for you we'll tell you. Try to relax we are working on this."
Remember we will go fucking insane locked up, and we can't deeply imagine anything either.
>Going off the wall would tear apart the world…
>This dreamworld is so fragile.
It's durable as well.

>Be Soul Fragment #6

>Everything is on the up, and up!
We can think. We aren't confined any longer!
>The red room decorated with frilly complex lace, and the now simple pattern that the walls adorn them no longer irritates the mind.
>"Anonymous -"
>We're caught red handed by Twilight Sparkle.
Our caretaker…
>"-,pl-lunch is almost ready."
>Grabbing the newly made artifact. Powered by belief, actual magic, and… fuck it who knows how the damned thing works. This will be an awesome weekend to remember.
Feels good man!
>Actually hoofing the object isn't extraordinarily difficult…
"I'll be right over."
>In her shock, I walk over to her. While carrying my magical thingamajig.
The tablet of enhancement.
>Ha! That's great. Suppose we've modified our intelligence stat.
Paper plate, clay, a hell of a time, pokes in the dark, and boosted on magic, gumption, and luck!
>We should copy this.
"Twilight, oh boy, do I have one strange story to tell you."
>The words die as an unspeakable figure emerges grossly, gradually, and fractally from the wall.
>That is true evil, madness, and malevolence given shape.
>Slowly it reaches us. We can't move.
>Reaching out it gingerly holds the artifact.
>It crushes the tablet of enhancement beyond comprehension.
>Gone forever.
>The false breaths between each word beating on my mind, body, and soul.
>"Do not reach above your station worm. We are always watching."
>The cruel phantom of a smile it etches into my memory clearly enjoying delivering the message.
>Eleven words.
>It's gone.
>Looking back, our note book, and scattered papers are now utterly blank.
>Under our catatonic state, fear and sorrow; An ember of rage, and hatred emerges.
>Our receding mental capacity is now closing in.
"Something bad is watching."
At least she has an inkling of an idea.
>Purple smart is smart.

>Be Anonymous Shimmer Occult's Soul Fragment #4

>Something is following us.
It's been doing that for the past three days. We are fucking tired.
>Today is Hearths Warming Eve.
>We've already contacted those that know. Just have to keep an eye open, and not be alone.

>The bright, and sunny day contrasts the latent dread we've been feeling.

>Sunset by our side holding most of the presents. Not being allowed to do any heavy lifting the task falls to her.
Walk faster.
"Hey we don't want to be late to the party."
>Snow crunching like the bones of the damned.
>I feel my subconscious perk up. Horror.
Oh fuck.
>That's really bad.
You know the plan if those prince fucks show up?
Use the more extreme ultimate plan everything is fucking fucked!
At their house. We will take it on then.
>Collateral damage?
Doesn't matter.
>How far?

Everything we've got.
>It's that bad huh?
No. It's worse.

"Go in without me. I'll-I'll be right in. I just have to dust some snow from my sock."
"Take my presents inside for me. It might take a while."
>It sounds just like our parents.
>"Is that you? It really is! This must be a Christmas miracle!"
"Go. Go! Now!"

>Be Sunset Shimmer.

>The T.V. news showing the missing persons notice for the last two weeks.
>"Anonymous Shimmer…"
>On the computer though is a letter from her.
>A final fairwell.
>No matter how many times I re-read the unfinished letter the hole in my heart isn't closing up.
>It's salt in the wound. While it won't fester it just brings the pain anew.
>Some thing stole her away. No matter how distasteful; I wasn't the personal student of the prince for nothing.
>I'm not alone in my endeavors either.
>It will pay, and so will the princes.


File: 1563003002282.png (438.76 KB, 1238x1165, 2090390.png)


File: 1563005709139.jpeg (156.46 KB, 1318x1080, 1449313.jpeg)

This is evil.
Leave the filly alone.


"Twilight, I wet the bed again, can you help me clean the sheets?"


File: 1563034987786.png (248.06 KB, 1024x1024, BURNBURNBURN.png)

Flamethrower time ?


But then why does she act obtuse?


No, this is the point in time where Twilight pulls filly in close, tossles her mane a bit, tells her that it's okay to need a little bit of protection and that of course she'll help her clean the sheets.


File: 1563047362975.png (318.23 KB, 846x1024, pwffzzt.png)

Because she's a silly filly


File: 1563055710927-0.png (1.53 MB, 2916x2658, 2081322.png)

More fags on derpi turning filly into their autistic OC's cocksock, ugh…


Isn't that what the filly always wanted though?


File: 1563056547580.png (19.44 KB, 500x685, RidingAnonDaddy.png)

Reminder that this is the only straight way for filly to have sex.


Now where have I seen this before?


File: 1563084561561.png (349.06 KB, 800x920, AnonFilly-KYS.png)


Surely, you must be dreaming to be encountering a god of chaos while trapped in the body of a cute green filly. Unfortunately, you just tried waking up a second ago, and you are very certain that what you are experiencing is reality. And what an absurd reality it is! Indeed, the only logical reaction you can think of is to accept the absurdity and provide an equally absurd response!

You gaze at the demigod in disgust and with a tone of mild annoyance, shout, "KILL YOURSELF YOU UN-FUNNY FAGGOT!"

Discord taps a claw to his chin and thinks for a moment. "No, I don't think I can do that."

What, did he think that was to be taken literally?

"I mean sure, I suppose it would be a reasonable request. Me being gone means no more havoc on either of our worlds, although the damage wouldn't exactly be undone. But you know, the thing about being me is that I can't exactly die. I mean, look!"

At this point, Discord materializes the rest of his body outside of the phone and into the Earth next to you, and conjures up a sword. It glows with a rather impressive aura of light that would suggest it was designed to slay wicked and powerful beings. With one well-aimed swing, he lops off his own head, which proceeds to roll on the floor. The head then begins to talk again from the floor.

"See? Nothing." His body proceeds to pick up his head from the floor and put it back on upside down and backwards as he takes a seat on a nearby bar stool and continues his monologue. "And I'll grant that I'm not all powerful - I can't keep myself from getting turned to stone for a few thousand years, and I certainly can't help you repair those broken elements of yours, but at least I know I can always be around to cause trouble for eons to come."

"And why did you decide to appear before us," you ask as you finally find the opportunity to speak. "We're the only people- err, ponies capable of sealing you away. Are you trying to taunt us, or do you have some sort of pathological need to have someone that can oppose you? Are you the one responsible for all of this mess, turning people into ponies, and if so, why? And finally, can you bring us back to Equestria to finish up what we were brought there for originally? And for that matter, do you have any information on that?"

Discord drags his claws along his face listening to you prattle on as much as you can as fast as your voice will allow. At the end, he corrects his head to being on the correct way, and sighs. "Boredom; you can't; a little of columns A and B; yes, because I can; yes, but I won't bring you back afterwards; and finally… not really, no."

"Wait… no?"

"Exactly, no. I didn't turn you or your friends into a pony, just everyone else here. Though I have to say, putting a person in someone else's body is an interesting touch. I'll honestly have to compliment whoever did it. But anyways, I'm not the main antagonist of your story, just the comic relief."


File: 1563087909292.png (8.64 KB, 373x107, mommyissues.PNG)

w-what happen


File: 1563088067560.png (58.62 KB, 961x492, MommyIssuesGF.png)



You forgot to namefag Lone


"Bring back Pinkie then, she was better at it."


S-shut up.
I don't have to make every post with a name.


File: 1563091865742.png (151.91 KB, 700x792, heh.png)


File: 1563092379138.png (59.77 KB, 961x492, Bookhors Momfu.png)

>Perfect moms don't exis-


This. This is a good image.


File: 1563128677045.png (157.08 KB, 1000x750, 1942332__safe_artist-colon….png)

Good afternoon, everyfilly. I hope you are all having a pleasant day so far.


Go die normie


File: 1563154680737.png (371.85 KB, 1073x2125, 1391951.png)

>be filly
>tfw no dick
>find a way to regain dick
>you now have a horsecock
>time to >rape


File: 1563157521479.png (16.59 KB, 882x758, sobbing wojak.png)

>ywn have the opportunity to do anything even close to that image, human or pony


File: 1563159165161.png (158.55 KB, 1280x667, fillylip.png)

That's not true anon. Someday you'll get woken up at 6:00a by an alarm clock.


File: 1563159303892.png (463.38 KB, 1070x601, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….png)


File: 1563159428648.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)


I just realized that you unintentionally burned the fuck out of me even harder than I thought. I have work at 6 tomorrow. Send Jameson and diapers please.


File: 1563160660376.jpg (25.33 KB, 380x250, 1413509243671.jpg)

You motherfucker.


Please pull the trigger


Sorry Anon, no can do, I'm a no funz.


You. Remind me to slap you personally once we all get to Equestria.


I hope you do more than slap me on that day


Okay then, I'll slap you until your face goes from green to black and blue.


T-totally not me


>Be Flakey Crust
>Frantic knocking on the window disturbed me from my thoughts.
>Walking over I pull back the curtains.
>It's all my fellow sist- them the mother cultists.
>Barely hidden fear, and panic on every single one.

>Be Fancy Pants

>Occult isn't waking up.
>Amber is missing.
>I feel so…
>Utterly powerless.
>I've already contacted the princesses, but something must have occurred to delay their response.
>I loath to leave her, but business and connections must be maintained.
>The personally selected care team will maintain her.
>Have to continue fowards…

>Be Occult's Soul Fragment #2 (The Book)

>What the fuck is even going on?
Focus on the friendly faces, and professionals. Not the pain.
Anything, but the pain.
Think of the world.
>"Forbidden. Where are we?"

>Be Occult's Soul Fragment #6

is the
>can be
>We will

>Be Occult Façade

>"I've found you."
We've ran.
We've tried to hide.
We've learned what we could.
>The attacks we tried have failed.
>What do we even do?

We'll lose the battle, then win the war.
>Ah? Ah! Yes.
Yes, two birds with one stone.
>We'll make it so our running is far better option than actually catching us.
Tie it up with others.
>Improve ourselves.
Increase our combat potential.
>At the very least we will be able to do what we set out to do.

>Be Sunset Shimmer

>Anonymous just told me to go inside with the presents…
>That's not right. She's been gone for months…
>I'm holding the pile of gifts for everyone.
>"Sorry, about that Sunset it must have been my imagination."
>That's Anonymous, but how? What?
>"But, Do I have a tale to tell you. It all starts with going toe to toe with an unstopable force. Oh! Right party."

>Be Soul #1

>We're here in Equestia!
Do you also remember something?

>Be Soul #3

>We are alive?
I- that was real. What that thing did to us. That was real!
>The maze, the lights, the statues, the torture!
>We're in a large hospital room.
>Is that?
>"Don't worry miss. The Gorgon cult is being apprehended as we speak. I'm here with my partner as security."
>Others that we thought were locked in stone forever are also in beds.

>Be Soul #5

We have a very large bone to pick with you.
It's personal, but it's also business. We're going to have to replace you.
You're fired.
So how will we make the ego this time?
We have a perfectly good version from a long time ago.

>Woah! I thought we died, and floated in the abyss…

Something like that.
>So we're a pony now?
Yep, we have to tell you a few things first though.
Damned, good stroke of luck, but while we tell you the stuff we need to start building. The elements of nature aren't kind.
>Surviving the post apocalypse. As a green female mini horse.

"Wow. That's really fucked up."
And the story isn't even over yet.

>Be Soul #2

>We're not in pain…
We're still a book. A super spy book.
>"That's all we know honest."
>Hey… isn't that the… names on the tip of my tongue.
The pony subconscious of a different version of ourself?
>"Really? Then head on back with Occult."

>Be Soul #6

>Everything is on the up, and up!
We can think. We aren't confined any lon-
>I have a good feeling we, or somewhere somehow managed some bullshit tier timetravel shenanigans.
Right, timetravel is now on the agenda as extremely high priority. Right below revenge, and living well.
>Unless that was part of the revenge.
>"Anonymous, pl-lunch is almost rea-"
>She sways slightly. That didn't happen last time.
>"- I'm glad you're okay."

>Be Flakey Crust

>Marching to the her highnesses' castle.
>More ponies come out of the shadows. Both figuratively, and literally.
>Finding out that the one they worshipped can't be contacted by any means ruins moral.
>If they jump ship first they might get a lighter sentence.

>Be Fancy Pants

>It's been a long day, and still no word from them.
>Nothing about her condition.
>The mansion is awfully quiet.
>My horn glowing with magic. I'll be ready this time.

>Accounts of me nearly spraying uncontrolled magic were greatly exaggerated.

>At least she is here. Alive, and well.
>Luna gave her a way to escape…
>A decoy is running around causing trouble for monsters.
>Aw, her adorable little old, and young heart. She still can't fool me.
>I can infer what really happened.
>The extra cuddles were for no reason. Really.

>Be Princess Luna

>The shifting of the not quite stars, and the false dreams.
>The true fate about Occult, and the terrible monster
>At least, I won't have to fight another friend.
>Despite what Occult's duplicate says I can't help, but to remember her sacrifice.
>Her plan will fail one day.
>Hopefully we will be ready then.
>If by a miracle she succeeds I hope she can return as a friend.

>Be Occult Façade

>We… probably should have worded what happened better…
Sigh, yeah the fear of being tangled without those fillies…
>We will have to prepare.
Good thing. Luna, and the artificial global dreamscape is setup.
>At least us as a soul fragment-
>Right, crazy bastard. That would be something we would do.
>At least the us that got turned into a book can be more at ease now.
>We'll have to get in contact with the others…
Judging by how the soul fractured, and crumbled anywhere from two to twenty three. Not including our situation.
We're feeling good about roughly seven.
>What do we do now?
Live a good life? Forge connections with others?
>Hey, wait a minute. Since we're drawing their attention. Shouldn't timetraveling be safer?
Oh the possibilities.
>So prepare at any moment just incase if we fail?
>Have to relearn our 'body' again.
>Are we still a champion of…?
No idea. Speaking of that, finding out what happened to Amber would be good to know.

>Hugs might wipe Fancy's tears away.


File: 1563172897760.jpg (23.55 KB, 499x499, Smug.jpg)

> ='you will normally'
Found the loophole.


File: 1563173064209.png (330.13 KB, 363x801, 1514757695286.png)

Frogposting? In my filly thread?


That food looks awful. My sincere condolences sweet filly.




File: 1563176259781.png (68.44 KB, 961x492, BookHors Momfu.png)

Sorry, couldn't help it.


it's fine, she's normal-sized now


Was she not supposed to be?


>"Who's Spike?"
Giga oof.


Trips confirmed, Spike was written out of time when Twilight and Starlight were fucking around with time.


Any draw requests?


Filly trying to ski and eating shit because of hooves.


Now Anon gets turned into a foal at Twilight's entrance exam and takes Spike's place. Only 8 season till you get wings.


>Be Anon.
>Esteemed and respected professor of quantum physics at the Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns.
>Sitting in on entrance exams, bored as fuck.
>None of the fuckers are even coming close to doing anything with that egg.
>You're doodling horsepussy on your notepad when you hear hoofsteps coming into the room.
>You sigh internally and look at the list of applicants.
>Only four more to go before you can go home and rut your marefriend.
>The next one is a… Twilight Sparkle.
>Well, if your memory of the show is correct then this should be worth watching.
>You set down your notepad and glance at the nervous filly with slight interest.
>Not in that way you perv.png
>Your colleague and drinking buddy Moon Shine starts to explain the test to the colt.
>She focuses in her magic on the egg.
>Jesus Christ, this bitch has untapped mana for days.
>Somepony call Jace.
>The egg starts to crack.
>Well, you know what's going to happen no-
>An older Twilight appears out of nowhere and flies by with a hand mirror, chasing after some other bitch.
"This is a testing area you cun-"
>The beam of magic hits you square in the chest.
>You scream in agony as your very form begins to evanesce.
>You guess this is it, then…
>You open up your eyes.
>Oh thank god, you're alive.
>Moon Shine is… laughing?
>"Holy shit, this is fucking rich. Here, look in the mirror."
>You're a goddamn horse, and a tiny one at that.
>You try to protest, but your vocal chirds are underdeveloped and it just comes out as high-pitched babbling.
>With a bit more serious of a look, Moon glares at the parents of the foal.
>"I expect you two and your daughter to take good care of her until she's old enough to resume her position here. Your daughter will be admitted here, but if anything happens to my colleague I'll guarantee you two end up with Nightmare Moon."
>Both ponies nervously nod in agreement.
>You feel something wet under you.
>Great, you've pissed yourself already.
>It's going to be a looong break.


C-could you pwease bake us a new bread?
This one is getting vewy vewy slow
*Rubs filly rump against pants*


File: 1563225336021.png (80.12 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1563218666877.png)



Filly looks like she built an igloo for ants and then tried to stick her head in



>Not wanting a miniature sized momfu


File: 1563237509202-0.gif (24.7 KB, 256x128, WaterDoggo.gif)

File: 1563237509202-1.gif (315.52 KB, 640x360, BeepBeepSee.gif)


Is the vocaroo fag still here? I have something I'm working on, and I could really use some extra voice lines to spice it up.


That filly didn't deserve that boop.


File: 1563259208922.png (210.4 KB, 800x822, AnonFilly-WrappedInBlanket.png)

This filly has been feeling sick in the stomach all day :(


File: 1563259320154-0.png (473.83 KB, 800x800, Comfy_scared_fillu_shad.png)

Reminds me, somebody fixed that image.
Hope you feel better soon.


File: 1563260048638.png (349.04 KB, 705x958, 1530757150071.png)

Hope your stomach feels better soon


No matter how much I love this thread and all of you (no homo) I always feel pain when I check back in.
>Only a few active greens, one of which is just a quest with poor narrative structure
>A lack of talented drawfags creating new content for us, derpibooru posters don't count
>What little green is posted doesn't even get much attention unless it's a quest
Is the filly I once loved gone?
Is filly nearing the end of her ride as the show does?
I'm scared, please hold me…


does the shitposting ease the pain, or just make it worse?


Shitposting is neutral, some of it is still funny
A lot of it's just kind of annoying though


File: 1563263157735.gif (124.17 KB, 400x300, defeatism is not good.gif)


I guess that's pretty cool, then


If it isn't good, what do you expect I do about it?


don't be angry if you aren't doing anything to fix the problem, homo


I see absolutely no difference


File: 1563265078964.png (325.44 KB, 1013x764, Cadance and Flurry.png)

Make some content then.


I want to boop the filly right in the snootle


Same. Even if the filly is a grown man inside, I will take care of her anyway.
This is an anon promise.


You don't think i am?


There's a bit more of her mane in the shadow behind the blanket.