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File: 1555629101731.png (864.2 KB, 1280x720, 1528248220538.png)

e5afe No.218127

I've found that our attempts to raid and fish on other sites, barring the occasional happening, tend to fall flat due to how spontaneous they are, both in timing and in targets.
Therefore, I'd like to table the motion of making a schedule for any interested anons to embark on our fun little expeditions, and I believe I have the perfect schedule for us to abide by.
Jewish holidays.

From today, we can work with the following dates all throughout 2019:

April 19 - April 26: Passover
May 2: Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom HaShoah)
May 8: Israeli Memorial Day
May 9: Israeli Independence Day
May 19: Second Passover
May 22: Lag BaOmer (commemorating the revolt against the Romans; symbolizes Jewish fighting spirit)
June 2: Jerusalem Day
June 8: Festival of Shavuot (celebrating God giving the Israelites the Torah)
August 10: Sabbath of vision
August 11: Tish'a B'Av (commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples)
August 16: Jewish Valentine's Day
August 17: Sabbath of comfort
September 21: Leli Selichot (prayers of forgiveness for the High Holidays)
September 29: Jewish New Year (5780th new year)
October 4: Sabbath of Return
October 8: Day of Atonement (holiest day of the year)
October 13 - October 20: Feast of Tabernacles
October 20: Eight day of Assembly
November 5: Celebrating Aliyah (immigrating to the state of Israel)
December 22 - December 30: Hanukkah

Targets needed to fill the calendar out. Will update the schedule as we agree upon them.
Bonus points for symbolism on each holiday!

e3271 No.218129

Where should we raid/fish? I was thinking we could fish on alternative news sites to get some new members.

e3271 No.218130

30c97 No.218131

Now we need an advertisement line to get people to come here.

ec4d6 No.218135

Idea for a slogan:
>"Hate, penetrate, and bring about the ethnostate"

93ee8 No.218138

File: 1555636336408.jpg (178.84 KB, 1060x1060, SHOOTER-art_2_530x@2x.jpg)

I like that. It's only missing a nice Sam Hyde edit.

eac7f No.218139

I like the slogan idea, but maybe we should explain a bit of what mlpol is all about? Newfags might initially be turned off from the whole pony aspect here and we need to make sure they know why it's necessary and why horse pussy is our greatest ally.

ec4d6 No.218140

We could show a little self awareness by saying something like "by our autism combined, we shall declare victory" with Aryanne heiling. Or something about the majesty of the mare, or the fact that horsepussy scares shills?

a2c61 No.218141

>It's very very nice here on /mlpol/ (the entire site) as in it's high quality all the time. No shills (not including the random bot that keeps making a thread. Even then people here went for a solution.) The administration team here is top notch.
>It's alot slower than 4chan. It's been a ride getting used to it, but it's worth it. Despite wanting it to be faster if it ment tarnishing the heart and soul of the community and this place. I would pick slower any day.
>This is an awesome place. The people here are great. The website runs very nice. Plus there is pony.
The middle bit of my post.

>Friendship really is magic. (Nazi army marching with /mlpol/ logo)

Rippoff slogans for fun.
>Land of the free, home of the pony. (/mlpol/)

>Something strange goin' on in the posts. Who're you gonna call. Horse pussy. Shills in the thread. Who're gonna call. Horse pussy.

>Shills fear the horse pussy.
>The few, The proud, The ponies.
>Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's /mlpol/
>Like a good neighbor, /mlpol/ is there.
>All the pony that's fit to print.
>There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's horse pussy.
>Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. (Mare cock jpeg)
>A pony is forever.
>I'm lovin' it. (It's pony pussy time!)
>Mareica runs on /mlpol/.
>Betcha can't just eat one. (Horse pussy)
>Designed for driving pleasure. (BDSM Pony or just pony) or Designed for riding pleasure.
>Think different. -/mlpol/
>Just do it. -/mlpol/
>Memes so good, anons ask for it by name. -/mlpol/

a2def No.218143

Hey there anon. I (ID#74b76) completely agree with that post. You're a good dude.

Also, I like the following a lot:
>Shills fear the horse pussy.
>Friendship really is magic.
>Like a good neighbor, /mlpol/ is there.

The sexual ones like >Designed for riding pleasure. are catchy, but at the same time it doesn't showcase the community bond or political side of the board too much. That's what I think differentiates /mlpol/ from other -chan sites.

8c11b No.218144

>Pony pussy turns doomers into bloomers
>Ponies turn your black pills white
>When pony rears are near commie queers start to fear

a2def No.218145

File: 1555639937966-0.png (1.14 MB, 1921x1080, 1407837__safe_twilight spa….png)

File: 1555639937966-1.png (141.58 KB, 853x931, gigglefilly.png)

>When pony rears are near commie queers start to fear

a2c61 No.218147

Thats true (those were for fun to completely rebrand used slogans from companies)

Here's the list.
Japanese The jews fear the samurai.
The marines.
State farm.
The New York Times.
Master Card.
De Beers.
Dunkin' Doughnuts.
Meow mix.

Memes are the fastest way to get an idea into someone' head. I think it's EmpLemon that said that.
The main features is a communal bond (including the staff), communal bond (like seriously this is some top tier stuff right here), the boards are top notch, and it's shill free.

8c11b No.218149

File: 1555641661670.jpg (259.27 KB, 1280x1440, MLPOL before and after.jpg)

Fresh propoganda for recruitment

86280 No.218150

I don't know guys.

I think you are doing an excellent work with this thread and so on. However, like really recently I jumped over to /a/ to lurk there since I am veteran weeb and because I was curious about it. I haven't really lurked there before. Man, what a disappointment that was.

Every single thread I visited was the same thing. There were no discussion being had. People just popped in to tell others off and say their opinion without actually explaining with examples or reasons for why they thought as they did. Nobody seemed intrested in making anything constructive. I left without having really gain anything.

Their board is way faster than ours but it also has less quality than ours. Because of this, I came to appricaite this board more.

I am not saying that we are intellectually superiror or that posts can't be allowed to be dumb sometimes but I do say that just stating your opinion and leaving doesn't add anything to the conversation nor is it constructive.

I'm just worried that our board will be less /mlpol/ the more newfags we get and the faster this board gets.

Due to the slowness people actually think thoroughly about their post before posting and it feels like you actaully make a difference. This is because you feels as you reach someone on a more slower thread than on a thread that is gone by few days if you are unlucky or whenever teyget removed.

The other reason I like this board is that the few people here don't need explainations for the few things we all have in common. While I am okay to explain things to newfags and so on. I can even enjoy it depending on how they are. It can become tiresome and alientating for oldfags, if we get a constant stream of, "Prove to me that Jews are evil - Protip: You can't," types of threads.

Again, I'm not against this. This might just improve the site. I am just worried that's all and would like your thoughts on this.

eac7f No.218152

Uploaded this to derpi, maybe some people will get the memo.

8c11b No.218153

I don't think that it's too much of an issue, these activities are probably not going to get so many anons to come here that it completely changes the board. O could be wrong though, but I don't think so.
Derpibooru is already aware of us, and there's talk there about censoring us from the site. The mods already use any excuse they have to keep us shut up. Not much we can do there, really.

d5808 No.218154

Put the Hub logo in the corner of the bottom image.

8c11b No.218156

File: 1555644567673.jpg (768.57 KB, 1140x1280, MLPOL before and after 2.jpg)

eac7f No.218160

38c62 No.218166

I finally made an account just to help in the voting war.

eac7f No.218179

Holy shit, it's a damn shitstorm over there. I'd call that a mission success.

971ed No.218196

"This image has been deleted
Reason: Rule #3"

a2def No.218198

New one apparently got uploaded:

And the first comment is from-
Wait a second. I think there's a little crossover between the different spheres I frequent…I'm a bad person.

596cc No.218212

"Take the Horse-pill to banish shills, and Black-pill blues."
"and Black-pill blues." can be a supplementary line.

c85c3 No.218227

Rule #3 is about relevance to poners. Does a Hub logo really make the difference?

e5afe No.218283

I'll go ahead and give a short summary on these links for anyone interested. Links I don't summarize are either dead, or need no explanation.


Appears to be a somewhat active forum about current events and other random subjects, with a paranormal emphasis among the users. Didn't look far enough to fully learn their leanings. Don't look like they'd take kindly to poners. Probably only worth a raid.


An amusing "AGREE TO OUR TERMS" message keeps you from visiting the forum at first. Beyond that, it's another fairly active forum about current events with the same focus as the last site, though the owners sure do love pinning threads here. Seems made up of 'conservatives' otherwise. Don't look like they'd take kindly to poners. Probably only worth a raid.


Seems to be just a shitposting board without any real focus. Probably not worth the effort.


Reddit clone that revolves around current events. Users appear to be right leaning, but I didn't look very far into it. Probably not worth the effort.


Another fairly active forum in the same vein as the ones mentioned previously. In fact, these are getting so common that I'll just refer to them as 'conservative forums' going forward. Don't seem to be compatible with poners either way, so probably only worth a raid.

I'm just going to stop here and shortlist every conservative forum in this list:
I didn't investigate into these forums very far at all, so mileage may vary.


A definite change of pace: this is a small political forum that appears to have a plurality of left and right leaning users. While I haven't investigated very far, they don't seem compatible with poners either way. May be worth a fishing trip.


Redirects to Call of Duty forums. Funny shit. I imagine the mods there must've been confused when the bot began spamming the threads. Might be an amusing target to raid.


Exactly what the name says. Slow and established community, so probably not worth the effort.


A MGTOW site at first glance, but fast and like 4/b/ in content upon further inspection. Definitely not worth the effort.


Not worth the effort.


Another 4/b/ style forum. Definitely not worth the effort.


A left leaning political forum. Definitely incompatible with poners, looks slow enough to be a juicy raid target.


Some conservative Wordpress blog. Blogs don't interest me, so I stopped reading pretty quickly.


Looks like an AnCap news site. Didn't investigate very far. Not sure how one would even raid or fish there, so not sure what it was doing on the bot list.


Seems like a Breitbart wannabe conservative news site. Not worth the effort.


Immediately assaulted with mid-2000's eye cancer, followed by the discovery of this site being an aggregator for more 'conservative' news. Plenty of Israel in there, though I didn't learn the site's stance before I stopped reading. Not worth the effort.


Some no-name conservative news writer. Has a YouTube channel with 500k+ subscribers, however. Appears to be the usual MAGApede type, complete with 'drain the swamp' platitudes and a healthy amount of Q worship videos. The site itself is pretty dead, so I'd say probably not worth the effort.


Seems like another 'alternative news' site. Didn't look very far into it.


Another no-name conservative blog. Seems to run a podcast with a call-in line. Didn't investigate very far.


I don't even know what this is, and the site layout and old Facebook-tier images made me decide it wasn't worth finding out.


Appears to be a Mastadon instance geared towards AnCaps. Forbids porn and 'racism'. Probably incompatible with poners, and doesn't look worth the effort either way.


A news aggregator.

6ccfa No.218305

This looks like a breathtaking effort posts. Op deserves a promotion.

e3271 No.218706

We still need a catchy slogan to get people to come here.

93ee8 No.218769

File: 1555904946255.png (61.52 KB, 1125x1500, GhostNewAvatarLarge.png)

>Another no-name conservative blog. Seems to run a podcast with a call-in line

You know this reminds me of a certain podcast with infamous call-ins…

e5afe No.218872

File: 1555978735324-0.png (35.83 KB, 460x282, JonJafari.png)

File: 1555978735324-1.jpeg (115.47 KB, 889x663, 58c6816a44fca.jpeg)

File: 1555978735324-2.png (720.92 KB, 900x1632, 762545__suggestive_artist-….png)

File: 1555978735324-3.png (556.85 KB, 1324x4280, 1506784100909-0.png)

File: 1555978735324-4.jpeg (86.82 KB, 761x1024, 1610317__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

I've thought of a couple of different venues for fishing to take place in:
1) If there are any other /pol/ boards out there being shilled to hell and back, we could always spread the magic of poners there. My folder's still full of images from the original /mlpol/ that we can use for this kind of undertaking.
2) It's my understanding that one of the absolute best places to fish for newcomers is, funnily enough, Youtube comments. Perhaps we should take to the comments of popular Youtube creators, political and poner alike, to draw in some new blood?

In terms of images, an old trick used to pull people in is to take any one of pic related - images with small text - and doctor in a link to the site to be plugged. Would also be a great place to plug in one of the catchy slogans.

Tried making a two-in-one trick image out of this piece, but the gamma was all wrong. May experiment more later.
Not in the right state of mind to think of something catchy. Try me again later.
Given that certain podcast's reaction to the friendly neighbourhood horselovers, it may be worth a shot to preach about the magic of friendship on this other nobody's podcast. Any takers?

e3271 No.219043

>Not in the right state of mind to think of something catchy. Try me again later.

How about now?

33785 No.219055

File: 1556136715519.png (1001.04 KB, 902x957, 1524739__explicit_artist-c….png)


>diet redpills for the sensitive stomach:

"people of jewish belief are 600% overrepresented in leadership position, even the high iq can't explain it"

"most women want to have childreen, but are always adviced to pospone this for a career. this is mentaly stressing"

"most men like to be protectors"

"ethnicly black people commit 50% of crimes, mostly on each other, while only being 13% of the population. even after more than 50 of no segregation. what keeps them at this level?"

"the people you call white are of xyz descent and have a long history of xyz traditions"

"i think, if both parties consent, there is no problem with a traditional lifestyle"

>fishing lines:

- isn't it funny how the utopian society in a kids show is lead by an absolute leader, has a strong spirit of the nation, praises individual struggle and promotes interpersonal solidarity?

- nazis really had no chill. friendship is magic

- even a kids show knows equality does not mean everybody should have the same results. it is about opportunity and self improvement.


- we banished shills and plebbitors with pastel horses and corny logos.

- a future for our race. friendship is magic.

- to protect the future of our memes.

- fourteen words and the celestial sun

- mlpol: were ancaps, natsocs and pony fans can somehow cooperate. not convinced?

- the death to the kikes on a white hoers.

- you think the bullshit will follow? not if our combined horsepussies and swastikas have a say in it. is thus a faggy joke? not in the slightest, coward.

4c168 No.219145

>the high Jewish iq
Comparing the average IQ of a Jewish ethnostate to the average IQ of a nigger-infested diverse country is the only way the IQs of Jews can seem high.

ef0cf No.219147

i know. they only send best. and fucktons of money.

it is ment as a teaspoon of truth for a normie. it is close enough to the narative to be digestible, while still provoking thought.

ef0cf No.219149

* send their best and hide the incestuous lot

6792f No.220771

Don't want to post this on normie/pol/, not sure if appropiate here. Delet/move in case.

As you all may know or suspect, hedonistic presstitutes search the web for their names.
So, why don't you, Anon, make threads in their name, on half/normie/infinity… and ask a handful of the generic npc-questions, a presstitute might ask?
Now, Anons will do what Anons do itt. And hopefully/maybe hedonistic journo will stumble over his thread and takes the time to read through all the bluepills, wellmeaning compliments and hearthy wishes for their future health.
The whole thing doesn't need high effort, besides maybe a clear name/pseudo, the house of the publisher and can boil on low flame over an infinite amount of time.
Goal: I don't fucking know. Maybe I will use my imagination to make one up at a later point.
>mobilefagging, sry no pic.
End of transmission.

14995 No.220793

bb4c3 No.220803

You… want us to impersonate prostitutes, and then…
What if instead, we impersonate prostitutes, seduce normie NPCs and obtain cucked White Knights, then redpill them all over time?

3405e No.220830

>search the web for their names
Pretty sure 8chan and 4chan are blocked from coming up in google results. Great idea though.

3405e No.220836

Just checked, 8chan is definitely blocked, 4chan might not be.

b5758 No.220898

File: 1557338603359.png (318.32 KB, 900x880, Galaxy Swirl pony.png)

Have you all consider that even if /mlpol/ is comfy to us, it is not suitable for refugees used to a board with more activity?
It is my view that /mlpol/ lacks new threads where fags may engage, therefore this particularity cause a constant leakage of users.

bb4c3 No.220935

What do you suggest, a "High-Traffic" board where all the low-quality posts for the sake of being seen saying something goes?

ad3f9 No.220936

This. Mlpol was never designed nor intended to have mass appeal. Literally, it was designed to troll both /pol/ and /mlp/
It appeals most specifically to oldfags who have actual shit to do and can't lurk the board 22 hours a day, and who were there before GR15. Additionally, its a relief to those who have become painfully aware and observant about reddit, shills, bots, detractors, disinfo, glow-in-the-darks, etc.
Tl;dr Of course its not a fast board, 4ch activity is artificially inflated with undesirable activity. Not all activity is good, and there are plenty of anons who realize this. This is our target audience.
That hoers is going to fall backward with that stance.

e5afe No.220939

File: 1557358611861.png (14.89 KB, 481x383, b8a.png)

Jesus Mary and Joseph, what the actual fuck is this image.
I mean, I've seen my fair share of checkerboard JPEGs in my day, but I've never in my life encountered a semi transparent checkerboard PNG. How did you even manage to bring this abomination into being?

e5afe No.220941

File: 1557360809992-0.png (395.5 KB, 1000x1000, 804560__questionable_artis….png)

File: 1557360809992-1.jpg (87.68 KB, 765x447, 1479413429194.jpg)

File: 1557360809992-2.png (353.96 KB, 1100x1750, 1492469124249.png)

File: 1557360809992-3.png (3.37 MB, 3935x4567, 1495301126386.png)

File: 1557360809992-4.jpg (68.35 KB, 540x440, 1550333117627.jpg)

I'll give it the ole college try.
"If the poners fit, the shills will quit",
And the brain of course picks that exact moment to cease providing me sick flow skills, so fuck me I guess.
On the side, I just realized the utility of the "ever fucked a horse before m8" images in cross-site fishing efforts.

65815 No.220999

I lulzy Kekkled out loud to the fourth image.
Thank you, I needed that.

3e637 No.221000

>pic 2

91cde No.221344

File: 1557600463665.png (681.11 KB, 4000x5143, AryanneWithFlag.png)

NeinChan /mlpol/ Embassy is now back up! Let's retake neinchan for the poners!


b5758 No.221384

I just paid a visit to that thread, and it came pretty clear that The Kommandant is controlled opposition.
When asked to name the jew, he played dumb saying that he didn't know what that means, then when that was explained to him, he ignore it and disappeared.
He is collecting email addresses of the faggots and who knows what other info he is exchanging with some of them.
It smell fishy at least.

e5afe No.221416

Not a Neinchan user, never heard of this 'Kommandant' guy, but decided to pop into the thread you were talking about anyways.
Names, trips, e-celebs, and hubris, oh my! Maybe it's a symptom of my not being a /pol/ user, but a fair bit of hard to follow paranoia was pretty evident there too.

5bd55 No.221430

>and it came pretty clear that The Kommandant is controlled opposition.
If that was true, he wouldn't have any problems remaining on YouTube instead of just getting banned every few weeks he tries to come back.

b5758 No.221471

File: 1557689453988.jpeg (37.81 KB, 800x600, judge.jpeg)

Many people have been banned for far less controversial topics than the Kommandant.
But the key issue about not to name the jew is very telling. It is like his intention is to redirect the fags' attention from the jews to the golems.
In the end it is more of the method of to keep the gentiles killing each other instead of to kill the abettor.

d0f3c No.221518

>I just paid a visit to that thread, and it came pretty clear that The Kommandant is controlled opposition.
I don't really understand what The Kommandant is about myself. It's a LARP of some sort, but the goals, I don't know. Unless I heard wrong, in one video, he claimed to be a hundred years old. He's not one hundred years old. Some of what he says I don't have a problem with, seems to be wanting to be inspirational. I could understand not wanting to name the jew, that's pretty much the quickest way to get shut down.

But yeah, I watched two of his videos, and I just don't get it.

I did learn that some believe there were hitler flying saucers than run on vril, which I understand to be roughly "life force." I'm having a hard time with that too.

156b2 No.221913

Its not a time sensitive issue. Archives will do fine.

79b49 No.221915

File: 1557913563108.png (392.82 KB, 2758x4068, aryannetoughstance.png)

>Some autist is writing the hall of cost but with poners.


613dd No.223988

Our name has been invoked /mlpol/. You know what to do.


d5808 No.223989

File: 1559397402869.jpg (184.51 KB, 1000x563, 9971518-16x9-2150x1210.jpg)

d5808 No.224003

File: 1559408170615.png (66.76 KB, 1480x529, band.png)

kek I'm permanently banned there now.

01e1e No.224005

Didn’t these guys come here and make a thread saying “good news, we made a board for you” just a few weeks ago?”

d5808 No.224010

I can't figure out what the hell is up with them honestly. First they're all like, come here and post ponies. Then they're all like, stop posting ponies. Then they're all like, you can post ponies, but only in this board we made for you. Now they seem to completely hate ponies again. Unfortunately for them, posting ponies is all I know, and I have a lot of proxies.

d5808 No.224012

Well I'll be damned, it's still up.


6e576 No.224014

May have banned me too, but I wouldn't know, my IP changes multiple times a day. They already got an innocent caught up in it, they are probably on the same vpn. Ha.

I think there are different mods, and they have different policies. It's not strictly against the rules unless posting porn. This mod will get exhausted soon and move on to other things I'm sure.

Yep, posting is thin though. And it's not listed on the front page. Was going to ask for it, but no way would they do it.

I just think it's really fucking hilarious that pretty much no one posts ponies until someone bashes /mlpol/, then everyone comes out of the woodwork.

f4a60 No.224029

The U.S.S. Liberty is 52 years old on the 8th

065d6 No.224041

I think they want us to migrate to their site, and accept it when they treat us as second-class citizens who need to be shoved back into the containment board they made for us.
They seem like niggers who desperately want us to submit to them and accept a lower place than them in their heirarchy.
If they're not niggers and they're just really bad at making pony friends, never mind.

b5758 No.224043

File: 1559447819137.png (175.96 KB, 521x521, pony thinking.png)

>They seem like niggers who desperately want us to submit to them and accept a lower place than them in their heirarchy.
It is curious. I spot a parallel with the "toxic masculinity" and "oppressive whiteness" here.

b5758 No.224045

File: 1559449190379.jpg (79.85 KB, 670x380, doubt.jpg)

I mean, wouldn't the mod be infected with some kind of SJW ideology?

e5afe No.224171

They're just insufferable edgelords that demand ideological hegemony. So, 8/pol/ with…
Actually, now that I think about it, it's pretty much just 8/pol/, honeypotting apparently included. Might explain why it's so slow, seeing how it has so little that differentiates it from other alt-chans.
Ideology matters very little in this context: what I think you're identifying is a particular set of behaviours that you commonly see in "SJW ideology": a strict orthodoxy, pecking order, and demonization of any and all in the outgroup.
It's by no means specific to Ess Jay Dubyas; Natsocs there and even on /mlpol/ exhibit it with a fair degree of frequency as well.

6e576 No.224228

>I think they want us to migrate to their site
I'm not so sure they want recruits. It just so happens that whenever anyone says anything bad about "bronies", /mlpol/ appears almost instantly and spams the shit out of the thread. Early on, I'm pretty sure that /mlpol/ was a pretty large percentage on neinchan. Mostly because /mlpol/ is pretty slow too, so we also frequent other chans. It must be shocking to think you are surrounded by stormfront, and then everyone pulls out a pony pic.

>If they're not niggers and they're just really bad at making pony friends, never mind.

I keep trying to explain the power of frenship to them. Mostly they don't listen, but this new mod, he sounds like he may come around.

>They're just insufferable edgelords that demand ideological hegemony
Some of them. I think others can come to respect the pony. Actually, the mod in particular had some serious respect for >>223989, taking his meme and turning it around. Actually, me too, serious skills anon, you busted that out pretty quick.

We need to run more Ops out of here actually. There's a pretty deep userbase here, and some serious shoopskills, if we started a campaign, we could make it happen.

ab750 No.225000

>we hash IP addresses
Wow, absolutely useless. There’s only 2^32 up addresses (they sure as shit aren’t using ipv6) so the idea that they log IP addresses but hash then is absolutely absurd. It provides no benefit because you can hash 2^32 ip addresses to reverse them in literal minutes.

b5758 No.225083

File: 1560075177615.mp4 (2.18 MB, 1294x538, vokoscreen-2019-06-09_06-0….mp4)

Idea from >>225032 to name /mlpol/ at selected chats.

9dda2 No.225267

Aw, you guys deleted my game. That was some funny shit.

33bbe No.225311

Looks like any raid on nein is pretty pointless, looks like they got kicked out again.

d5808 No.225416

File: 1560380314824-0.jpeg (34.89 KB, 400x400, 1491113899767.jpeg)

File: 1560380314824-1.png (549.57 KB, 1280x1883, 1491522647163.png)

File: 1560380314824-2.jpg (509.04 KB, 905x1280, 1500452054422-4.jpg)

There is currently a yuge raid going down on 4chan /b/. No idea who organized it, but a bunch of anons have been flooding the board with random threads denouncing porn, trap threads and other faggotry. I feel like /mlpol/ should be represented.

It's an ongoing thing and there's a lot of people involved, so we probably don't need to organize ourselves too heavily. Just drop in and start posting threads, make sure there's ponies.

Probably we should avoid the horse porn this time around since that might kind of defeat the point.

8832c No.225873

nein is back up again, Aryanne makes an appearance at post number 6 kek

b4672 No.225932

Supposedly all the old mods are gone, the new one sounds chill. Haven't seen any namefags, they may have gotten a stern talking to in discord.

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