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File: 1555102831144.png (192.59 KB, 834x1024, My_Little_Pony_Friendship_….png)

e9277 No.216485

The all new episode "Uprooted" broadcast on Saturday 11:30am Eastern (UTC -4), come watch it live!

Episode synopsis
The Young Six respond to a magical summons from the Tree of Harmony, only to learn it has been destroyed, and it is up to them to figure out how best to memorialize it.

Live streams
http://cytu.be/r/mlpol_party_room (recommended)


Enjoy and discuss!

9eec4 No.216486

File: 1555103256311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.43 KB, 200x198, 8882188_t.jpg)

Too bad life's gonna keep me from watching this one live. Though after reading that synopsis, that may not be such a bad thing.

47802 No.216487

File: 1555104889585.jpg (611.03 KB, 1000x1142, 1519158583270-0.jpg)

I don't want it to end.

a7b95 No.216503

>the literal symbol of living Tradition in Equestria is dead and the Diversity Six are being sent in to dance on its grave
They're not even trying to be subtle about it anymore.

8d59b No.216522

First I read that as Mane Six, I thought "Oh, a nice little episode where that dumb playset gets destroyed, memorialized, and rebuilt into something better"
And then I noticed that it said Young Six
Those bastards…
I feel like they're insulting us for caring about things they didn't create and can't respect. Is there anything tackier?
Fuck it, I'm calling GT. Nothing in this show is Truly Fanon if it was made by a hack.

e8586 No.216569

Huh…I wonder if the newer writers see Previously established characters like step/adopted children, and end up neglecting them like those children may be in some cases.

596d0 No.216709

File: 1555198113257.gif (880.39 KB, 800x440, 55C1BF98-6061-48B8-8DFA-DF….gif)

I can’t tell if they’re actively trying to push an agenda or if they really think tearing down the original writers’ vision - the one that people first fell in love with - is a fun idea. Either way, it actually makes me mad.

8d59b No.216861

The only thing that soothes my rage is knowing there are people on this planet that share it.
I'm not crazy. The Holocaust really didn't happen, the Jews really are evil, and FIM really has declined in quality.

38440 No.216878

File: 1555254497108.png (194.3 KB, 505x568, IMG_1532.PNG)

>shit characters
>shit episode
>shit song
>shit tree/clubhouse

I don't think I've ever watched an episode of this show and came away absolutely hating it before. There have been episodes that made me angry, as well as episodes that I haven't liked, but every episode has had at one or two redeeming qualities, up until now.

As someone who's been here since early season 2 it's extremely frustrating to see the staff treat the last season of the show like this. The fact that the "young six" is taking such a leading role already in the shows last season is like a spit in the face. Not only are these characters extremely new and thus underdeveloped, they're overall uninteresting and bland. I'd have been happy with the "young six" becoming a plot device to show the friendship school for their perspective, but the fact that their characters are undeservingly taking a bigger role in the show is unforgivable.

It seems like the original purpose of the "young six" was to serve as plot device to show of the school, (or the shows writers have really gone down hill) given how one dimensional their characters are. But to give these characters a bigger role (or any role at all to be honest) when we already have SO MANY characters in the show that haven't been explored to their full potential is a complete joke. I want to see Trixe get more character development or possibly a backstory, I want to see more of Starlight and Sunbursts relationship, I want to see more of the two sisters, I want to see some interesting episodes about some of the shows background characters, (preferably Lyra, my Waifu) I don't want to see 6 uninteresting, underdeveloped foals turn the tree of harmony into some kind of clubhouse.

The "young six's" lack of respect of defence towards the tree of harmony is a pretty good metaphor for what they themselves are to the show. They're superficial and selfish interest in the very symbol of harmony that's been with us since the shows finial premier is likely no different than how the writers of this espisode view the show.

0/10 (unironically my least favourite episode in the WHOLE show)

They should have extended the premiere to 4 episodes instead of 2, essentially making it a straight to TV movie. The only major problem I had with the premiere was the short run time, any other problems I had with the premiere could have been easily fixed if it was any longer. The fact that they chose to make this abomination instead of extending the premiere is unimaginably disgusting to me.

I'd have liked to have seen Sombra given more motivation for abandoning Grogar. His abandonment made him look extremely irrational and short sighted. If we had 4 episodes to use then we could have seen A LOT more interaction between the main villains of this season, and thus they could have been more fleshed out than they were. It would have also been nice to have been completely disoriented during some of the faster points in the season finally. (E.G. Sombras takeover of the Crystal Empire) But above all everything could have been a lot more fleshed out and complex than it was. For what little run time the episode had it was brilliant, but knowing that I could have been longer if not for episodes like this is particularly annoying, to say the least.

I had high hopes for this season. Please Hasbro, don't let me down, you know what happened last time. https://youtube.com/watch?v=1-ygbmjqE3o

8d59b No.216910

Did you hate the episode where the mane six ponies go to a fan convention, fans argue, and the song about how nobody is best pony because everyone has flaws accomplishes nothing even though that's what this episode draft was before faggy new writers kept the old writer's name on the script, added an old lady who says she hates Twilight's wings, made Twilight run to fucking Glimmer for advice, and made the episode's moral into "lol fuk da fans wee make it 4 da little girls whu luv it"?

47a88 No.216916

File: 1555261617506.jpg (94.8 KB, 900x554, HaveADrink.jpg)

The thing to look out for is how it's being received. If there's significant backlash then we may lose the show (inevitable anyway) but at least we'll still have a community with good taste. The real soul-crushing thing is to be part of a mere 10% who are treated as "over-reactors" by the rest. Can we ever hope for abuse art of the Young Six to receive positive votes on DB?

38440 No.216923

File: 1555264233219.png (210.64 KB, 920x690, IMG_3771.PNG)

I wouldn't really say I "hate" that episode, I found it mundane and a little annoying, but I can't say that I hated it in the same way I do this episode. 2/10, with the song and 1/10 without.

The main reason that I hate this episode so much is because it took six undeveloped, cookie cutter characters and gave them a major role in the last season. I can only predict that they'll become more important as time goes on. (The fact that they're being called the "young six" fucking terrifies me. If they replace the main six by the end of the season I don't know what I'll do.)

Unfortunately places like this are the only parts of the fandom left that care enough about the show, and have some decent standards.

Watch this video by D.R. Wolf or just about any other YouTube review on this episode. Really shows you how far we have fallen when so many people are either too stupid, or just don't care enough to look at the show through a critical eye. https://youtube.com/watch?v=P28zsiPa3C8

8d59b No.216953

>The real soul-crushing thing is to be part of a mere 10% who are treated as "over-reactors" by the rest of the "whites" in your race
Fucking christ, this experience is suffering.

0a274 No.217533

Today watched the episode after the Notre Dame fire. If they build a mosque in its place MLP would've predicted the future pretty damn poetically

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