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File: 1545360396631.png (512.48 KB, 1024x492, movie.png)

f0e0e No.193633

After a long hiatus, Friday Movie Night returns! This week will be a marathon showing of the My Little Pony movie, and next week will return to the previous format of posting a weekly straw-poll to choose.
Weekly movies will start at 6pm PST

dde8b No.193662

Is this on that stupid rabbit site again?

f0e0e No.193736

Not if I can figure out Stream.me this afternoon

85084 No.193737

I think OBS could be useful for Stream.me

f0e0e No.193745

Yeah, I've got it DL'd, installed, and working, I'm just not sure yet how to operate the browser window while the stream is going.

85084 No.193746

Sadly I have no personal experience with OBS, so not sure what to say. I've only seen other people use it for streaming.

61e76 No.193748

i would suggest doing a test stream before the actual stream.

f0e0e No.193749

Yeah, I'm working on that right now. I can broadcast the source page, but I can't browse/click anything yet

8fd85 No.193750

8fd85 No.193751

Oh, movie night is back? Sounds cool

f0e0e No.193823

File: 1545437642936.jpg (51.56 KB, 1280x720, awkward.jpg)

Apologies to those disaffected, but due to personal system constraints rabbit will be the method for tonight. I have a bitchin PC in the works, and may the person who is setting it up be granted favor and grace and Football. Until then however, Stream.me can only run at about 3fps with all the operating files and issues. Sorry, its a work in progress, but it will be addressed soon.

f0e0e No.193854

File: 1545442245099.jpg (50.5 KB, 630x399, waiting-skeleton.jpg)

Okay, as stated I should the hardware to run a Stream.me on the reg without issues soon, but for now I have to use rabbit. Sorry to those who can't/won't use it (I know its buggy AF and has other issues but for the time being its the best I can do. Send donations to YourMom_fug@Mlpol.me).

But there will still be an MLP movie stream tonight in about 1/2 hour, and if you've ever been around for one of my streams,… well don't spoil it for the rest but join anytime in the next 5 hours and there will be a Pony movie.


5d5e5 No.194434

File: 1545765830572.jpg (20.08 KB, 440x270, jackfrost.jpg)

Merry Christmas!
Today at 6pm EST, we're gonna do a stream of the movie Jack Frost (the classic stop-motion one, not the horror flick,… though we may watch that one too afterward)
Get yourself some cocoa (perhaps with booze) and join us for some good old-fashioned, not-yet-targeted-by-SJWs holiday fun!

5d5e5 No.194519

5d5e5 No.194848

File: 1545926851116-0.jpg (17.03 KB, 626x341, Frailty.JPG)

File: 1545926851116-1.jpg (91.89 KB, 1920x1080, Frailty1.jpg)

The movie that has been selected for tomorrow night's stream because I was a knob and forgot to setup a straw-poll over Christmas, and because it was specifically requested is Frailty (2001 - Mathew MacHardToSpell).
Show scheduled to start at the usual time.

ba58f No.195119

Room is open, movie is ready to start. Sorry for the delay, was roasting cheesy-weenies over a campfire.
Come on in!

6f6d1 No.195954

So for Friday's Movie stream, I need a list of movies to be included in a Straw Poll. Please post requests (now, or at any time) for inclusion.

61e76 No.195955


231fa No.195956

Isle of Dogs

3f2e7 No.195957

Okay, what the actual fuck, I literally got done with watching that movie not 10 minutes ago.

42cf0 No.195959

File: 1546483970693.jpg (139.52 KB, 632x540, 1422622847855.jpg)

Digits agree.

15f75 No.195962

The Ninth Configuration

85e4b No.195972


231fa No.195974

It's a good movie.

3c4b5 No.196017


6f6d1 No.196049

Current list:
Isle of Dogs
The Ninth Configuration

1c5bb No.196067

That shits fucked my man.
The Dark Crystal.

6f6d1 No.196079

Equilibrium is in the lead with 3 votes. I'm not gonna do another poll, but that counts as one for DC (good choice btw).
But my streams always involve at least one second feature

18433 No.196323

File: 1546644642256.jpg (36.45 KB, 992x558, equilibrium.jpg)

As of now, Equilibrium is the clear winner, while Eraserhead, Whiplash, and Dark Crystal are all tied for second feature. Second feature is then to be determined by occupants during the stream. Room will open about 20 minutes before 6(PST)-9(EST). Hope you can make it!
>pic related is one of the weirder images that came up searching Equilibrium Movie MLP, particularly cuz its tagged "Gallery for Jet Li"

18433 No.196355

File: 1546652574790.png (10.88 KB, 290x395, cbp.png)

Patrick Bateman Christian Bale stars in Equilibrium, starting in about 20 minutes.
>pic related is the best I could come up with for ponified

42cf0 No.196357

File: 1546653112706.png (105.95 KB, 900x720, bfac33253481d8148acd0190ef….png)

>pic related is the best I could come up with for ponified

5d5e5 No.196384

Equilibrium was decent. Coreography was a little cheesy, and there was a questionable plot point toward the end, but it was a good dystopian.
Eraserhead. sigh
You should be ashamed of yourself. You're the reason I'm going to vet suggestions in the future.
We're going to wash out our eyes with the MLP movie, starting 3 minutes ago.

42cf0 No.196390

File: 1546672254710.png (304.83 KB, 894x894, mlp_fim__heart_throb_by_su….png)

Very good stream, but not Eraserhead.
The MLP movie was the best, and my first time watching it. Beautiful movie.

c8f9d No.196396

Eraserhead is a cult classic for a reason and not many people appreciate its absurdities. If you like reading Kafka you'd enjoy it.

bcfa9 No.196399

File: 1546676506083-0.jpeg (95.98 KB, 660x814, Insane.jpeg)

File: 1546676506083-1.jpeg (65.03 KB, 588x522, CelebrateFreedom.jpeg)

File: 1546676506083-2.jpeg (26.26 KB, 644x138, EraserheadRecommendation.jpeg)

I want to thank everyone who watched Eraserhead with us today. They were thoroughly gratified.

The MLP movie's also quite nice

61e76 No.196401

Sorry you missed earaserhead this week. ill see if the host will play it again next week.

42cf0 No.196407

File: 1546681252801.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 354881.png)

>i feel like Everyone on the board needs to see Eraserhead.
Only if you hate the board.
The movie is terrible and absurd. It needs to be gassed for to be a prime example of degenerate art.

f97d5 No.197911

So I'm seeing Dark Crystal with Whiplash as the second feature. Room opens in ~1/2 hour

f97d5 No.197921

Whoops, I'm an hour ahead of schedule. My bad.

42cf0 No.198003

File: 1547276720931.png (398.79 KB, 1024x1122, 1399580422-c7574.png)

Good event tonight.

f97d5 No.198004

So tonight showed the Dark Crystal, Whiplash, and Snatch. Thanks for coming, and please post suggestions for the next movie night!

42cf0 No.198006

File: 1547277966459.png (129.25 KB, 1622x1419, 288939.png)

Best movie was Snatch, no doubts.

bfb35 No.198010

File: 1547279015172.png (835.31 KB, 1024x1024, MacreadyPonyTheThingBackOf….png)

The Thing

61e76 No.198014

They Live

dc9e0 No.198026

Dead Babies (2000)
Amadeus (1984)
The Tale of Sweeney Todd - Ben Kingsley (1997)

4fe07 No.198123

I second Amadeus

f1789 No.198314

File: 1547432973728.jpg (326.29 KB, 1348x1000, two_movies.jpg)

I'd like to suggest two movies.

*12 Strong: The declassified true story of the horse soldiers
*The Objective.

I saw 12 strong last year, enjoyed it, and recommend it.

The Objective is something that I've never seen. I keep seeing it brought up and recommended on 4chan's /tg/ when people talk about Delta Green. Delta Green is kind of a modern day conspiracy/cthulu/x-files setting. It has gotten some bad reviews though, so it might be shit. It is probably best to save it for an evening when we're willing to take a gambit on movies that might be bad.

42cf0 No.198335

File: 1547438031862.jpg (597.63 KB, 5000x6969, XOlbDOk.jpg)

>Delta Green is kind of a modern day conspiracy/cthulu/x-files setting
I want to watch it.

61e76 No.198341

We Need to watch it

f1789 No.198348

File: 1547441807150.jpg (101.4 KB, 900x1249, extraordinary_renditions.jpg)

I want to point out that The Objective isn't part of the Delta Green setting. Fa/tg/guys just seem to find it reminiscent of Delta Green.

Back to Delta Green, I do enjoy the setting a lot. It was created as a setting for a table top RPG, but there are some good novels that you can read. Don't read them when you're depressed. Not many of the stories have good ends for the characters. Here's the quick rundown on Delta Green:

>Born from the OSS in WWII to investigate why Nazi Germany was so interested in the occult and to thwart their dark schemes. It solidified into a black budget agency within the United States Government after the army encountered a Deep One incursion in Innsmouth Massachusetts. The organization was disbanded and buried after an operation in Cambodia royally fucking went wrong. Old veterans from the program revitalized Delta Green as a clandestine cell-based organization and have recruited a new generation of agents who are willing to risk everything to fight back against the monsters and keep the darkness at bay for one more day. They have no authority and no backup. Maintaining secrecy is imperative since it is not uncommon for you to break many laws and hurt innocent people while completing your mission. Furthermore the government will bring its weight down upon you if they catch wind of your operations since the Deep State and Majestic 12 have sold out humanity to the Greys in exchange for technology and power.

ba58f No.198752

Additional recommendations will be considered, and posts in support will count as votes. So far there tends to be 2-3 movies per night, so keep that in mind.

f1789 No.198812

Ninjas, just an FYI. Delta Green isn't a movie. Sorry for the confusion. When those other two guys expressed interest in those kinda stories, I just wanted to give them some more information about the setting.

Sorry about that.

42cf0 No.198814

>Delta Green isn't a movie
Oops, I just voted for it.
Then I think the movie is "The Objective".

ba58f No.198816

And here I was hoping that I could look into it over the next 2 days. Alas.
>an heroes

f1789 No.198817

I wish that it had a movie. It's got some novels that I've enjoyed, and it's a tabletop rpg.

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