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File: 1545360396631.png (512.48 KB, 1024x492, movie.png)

f0e0e No.193633[View All]

After a long hiatus, Friday Movie Night returns! This week will be a marathon showing of the My Little Pony movie, and next week will return to the previous format of posting a weekly straw-poll to choose.
Weekly movies will start at 6pm PST
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ac5c8 No.219708

File: 1556558760306.png (168.76 KB, 600x600, TheTimeMachinePinkiePie.png)

I nominate:
The Time Machine (1960) to complete the trilogy of great 50's sci-fi films

Scanners because it's a top-notch thriller

Seventh Fairy (七仙女) because foreign films are a nice twist and it's an innocent and cheerful fantasy reminiscent of MLP. I hope you don't mind subtitles.

6f6d1 No.220165

File: 1556821193361.jpg (22.25 KB, 500x384, 68045 - artist whitediamon….jpg)

So I completely dropped the ball on the voting for movie night, so we'll just figure out in the moment what to watch. Sorry for that

ecac7 No.220167

File: 1556823967814.jpg (472.15 KB, 1280x1058, 1506642070699.jpg)

It is okay, I bet it will be a great stream as always.

42cf0 No.220169

File: 1556824501402.png (162.39 KB, 1920x1080, 580408-my-little-pony-twil….png)

No problem Mr.

9f58e No.220199

I need to think of some new movies to suggest. Several of the movies that I've suggested have won the vote though, so I'm holding off because I want to watch things that I normally never would have watched.

8db34 No.220200

Wait did I miss the stream again? Fuck…

ecac7 No.220201

It has not started yet so you are on time.
>not 100% sure when it starts because clocks don't use freedomtime over here

8db34 No.220202

oh thank god. I was a bit busy doing some….stuff after work. Usually I have afternoon/night shifts but this past couple weeks it's been more unpredictable. Finally got time for stream fun!

8db34 No.220215

oh I'm being 'tarded again aren't I. Last stream was six days ago, not seven.

…and my work ends at 6, so I'll miss most of it. Great.

ba58f No.220222

Uhm,.. the stream won't be for another 17+ hours,…

42cf0 No.220225

File: 1556869143393.webm (18.02 MB, 854x480, We Got This Together.webm)

You got this. Yup.

49e94 No.220233

I miss movie night ;.;

ba58f No.220234

Hmmmmm. You're 5 hours ahead of EST and 8 ahead of PST,… thats a difficult threshold to accommodate. Let me do some brainstorming

f1789 No.220314

The simplest solution would be for someone in the UK or some other timezone closer to Europe to host a movie night stream. Then anons who are available could tune in. You're not the first anon who has expressed dismay at the disparity of timezones due to the ocean between us.

I'd tune in to the EU stream if I were ever to find myself available, although given the time zone difference I probably wouldn't be able to show up the European movie night until the second or third feature.

404f0 No.220320

File: 1556927414806-0.png (186.11 KB, 812x819, upgrade____by_trail_grazer….png)

File: 1556927414806-1.png (163.22 KB, 890x1024, fillyhnnng.png)

You guys,….
Its worth looking into though. I haven't heard any comments about Eurostreams in like a year, but if there's a demand (even just one or two) its worth looking into.

In the meantime, and because I really haven't had a whole lot of time to come up with something better in the interim, I'm gonna start with Upgrade. That isn't "The" first feature, its just what I'm gonna start playing in about ten minutes, and we can hash it out then.

404f0 No.220403

File: 1556958376341.png (148.45 KB, 500x375, 1506736293781.png)

Thanks to everyone who attended this week's stream. It was entirely unplanned (the schedule that is), the movies were literally decided on the spot (except the ones that were sequels), but it was delightful and nostalgic (lots of old favorites). Sorry if I sperged too much about Metaphysics,… I do that.
New strawpoll for the enduring and pursuant requests for next week. https://www.strawpoll.me/17932858

4448b No.220538

I recommend Jerry Lewis, cracking up 1983. It begins with a jew trying to hang himself and 9-11ing the building.

42cf0 No.220584

File: 1557118909308.jpeg (100.65 KB, 1191x670, _sfm___gift__the_chaotic_….jpeg)

It was one of the best streams. Each movie was good.


It was Christianity if I remember well.

18433 No.221111

File: 1557436351433.jpg (128.37 KB, 900x846, timemachine.jpg)

By vote, the three movies for tomorrow night's movie night will be:
The Time Machine
Swiss Family Robinson
Metaphysics is universally applicable. A person who is Christian can utilize the concepts just as much as a Pagan.

a1165 No.221250

File: 1557532248910.jpg (45.24 KB, 800x633, time.jpg)

The Time Machine starts in about 10 minutes

27ea7 No.221257

The word “Metaphysics” is just a blanket term referring that branch of philosophical inquiry that asks questions about the nature of existence. It is not a point of view, it is a category under which many ideas and points of view fall. It’s kind of like ethics. There are many ethical doctrines that are not Christian and they are many that are Christian. Likewise, there are many metaphysical view points that are not Christian, and many that are. For instance, Thomistic metaphysics is one of the more well known Christian metaphysics, and there are others as well.

a1165 No.221260

In the Aristotelian sense, you're correct. However, in certain contexts (namely this one) logic is less applicable.

27ea7 No.221261

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but I take it it means “I’ve commandeered the word for my own meaning and I don’t care.” I suspect the use here is to take the word by its literal translation as “beyond physics.” That is, to refer exclusively to those metaphysical theories that postulate the existence of a non-physical form of existence, which pretty much means everything except materialism. Metaphysical Naturalism (which is the technical name for pretty much all modern scientific Atheism), would be excluded from this (even though so far as I am concerned, Metaphysical Naturalism is still metaphysical). In this context I suspect the specific postulated non-materialist metaphysical doctrine is used as basically religion or a substitute for it, by trying to make conscious contact with the non-physical. In that case, “Mysticism” is the proper term.

a1165 No.221262

Me? I've done nothing of the sort. What I am doing has long since been done. If you wish to see it as a commandeering, so be it.
One could say that there's an element of mysticism to it, but that would be a statement made in ignorance. What appears as mystical neglects the science behind it. Is the symbol of Pi significant without the understanding of its relation of circular dynamics? So it is with Metaphysics. On observation it looks like theatre and mysticism, but there is an underlying phenomenology to it.

58601 No.221730

I nominate "Day of the Triffids" 1962
and the funniest movie ever made, "The Party" 1968


a1165 No.221732

Movie poll is up, I totally wasn't going to forget about it again I swear.

f8df5 No.222273

File: 1558127488737.jpg (27.72 KB, 333x375, th(1).jpg)

Seventh Fairy has been selected for 1st feature, with a r-way tie for 2nd and 3rd between Blackbeard's Ghost, The Party, and Runaway Train. So we'll figure that out when the time comes.
Show starts at 5p/8p EST
If the image is not the right movie, plz let me know

f8df5 No.222279

Sorry I missed Day of the Triffids btw

42cf0 No.222290

File: 1558137659969.jpg (58.65 KB, 900x900, wat.jpg)

The room is still closed.

404f0 No.222291

File: 1558137909310.png (177.81 KB, 981x815, derpy_hooves_and_portal__s….png)

You noticed?
I'm working to resolve the issue now if I can. Standby.

d226f No.222292

Its not just me that's having issues, though I am having issues. I've been having an intermittent problem with my PC, where it will connect to available networks but won't send or receive any data. I'm troubleshooting right now, but I make no promises. The issue occurred last night and it didn't resolve its self until sometime around 10p EST

42cf0 No.222296

File: 1558139052409.png (117.03 KB, 1366x692, Screenshot_20190517_202126.png)

Perhaps related to the Rabbit's problems.

d226f No.222298

Well yes there is that, but even if Rabbit wasn't sucking dicks, my PC still is.

f1789 No.222299

Are you connecting via a wired connection or a wireless connection?

d226f No.222300

I'm using a laptop to connect to Wifi. I have 2 available wifi accounts, but the laptop registers as "Connected, No Internet" even though both connections are good.

42cf0 No.222301

Reset (reboot) the router.

d226f No.222302

Negative. One router is actively functioning (I'm using it as we speak, but can't use this to run Rabbit cuz reasons), and the other is a mobile hotspot that I've been using ever since I started doing MLP and Movie night, without issue.

f1789 No.222303

That makes me suspect that the issue isn't with your laptop, but is instead with your router, your modem, or something further upstream. I'd reboot both the router and the modem if possible.

Can you attach your laptop to the router via an ethernet cable? This would rule out your laptop's wireless card as the problem.

d226f No.222305

I assure you, the issue is with my laptop. There's several devices connected and operating on the Wifi right now.
I've already tried connecting an Ethernet cable directly, and it gives the same result; Connected, No Internet.

d226f No.222309

Okay! I've got the laptop working!
According to Rabbit, only 301 more rabbitcasts to go before they can start mine.

Sorry, but its looking like Movie Night is not gonna happen. ~_~

42cf0 No.222313

File: 1558141515915.png (160.23 KB, 880x756, 139847043383.png)

>Movie Night is not gonna happen
B-But I have my tickets.

76f34 No.222314

No refunds :^)

d226f No.222315

I promise, I'm not going to stop trying things and looking for a work-around, but I'm just being real; I can't guarantee anything.

f1789 No.222316

Out of curiosity, what resolved the issue?

Also I just tried connecting to rabbit myself and it's stating 301 for me as well. I think that they're lying to us with that number.

d226f No.222317

Disconnecting the laptop battery and reconnecting it, oddly enough

f1789 No.222322

My rabbit just started running. Do they still have you stuck waiting?

0baeb No.222324

0baeb No.222325

1 more to go!
Assuming it's not a (((scam)))

d226f No.222331

Stream is a go!

42cf0 No.222333

File: 1558143774207.gif (1.74 MB, 1024x576, pony gallops.gif)

On my way.

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