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File: 1545360396631.png (512.48 KB, 1024x492, movie.png)

f0e0e No.193633[View All]

After a long hiatus, Friday Movie Night returns! This week will be a marathon showing of the My Little Pony movie, and next week will return to the previous format of posting a weekly straw-poll to choose.
Weekly movies will start at 6pm PST
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df17b No.238780

File: 1566110347571.png (412.36 KB, 1919x1768, 388699.png)

Now playing Dune.

a763d No.238792

File: 1566116386702.png (3.57 MB, 2000x2000, 2082516.png)

b0c2d No.239668

File: 1566602179723.jpg (97.22 KB, 957x834, twifilm.jpg)

Going to do the movie stream this evening, and plan to start in about an hour.
I have not made any plans as things went astray when the rabbit stepped out of the hole and died.
So if you have suggestions for movies please feel free to suggest as usual.

Will try to stream at Kast this week too, hopefully it will work smoother this time.

ff8cd No.239679

Addio Africa – An Italian documentary about the decolonization of Africa. Subs are superior to dubs. Nonfiction but a good redpill.
Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) – Classic adventure sci-fi based on the Jules Verne novel
Grand Slam (1967) – An intense heist to steal $10 million in diamonds from a Brazil bank
Dirty Harry – The iconic cop movie starring Clint Eastwood

ff8cd No.239682

Oh, and Mad Max the original! I've never seen it.

b0c2d No.239684

All good choices I presume. Any one of those you would put above the others? I tend to lean towards the three latter as I assume Adios Africa is a bit more heavy digestible than the others. And feel like light entertainment should be on the menu.

Mad Max is also good, do you mean number 1 in the series before the "world ends" or number 2 after the world has "ended"?

ff8cd No.239685

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a long film and takes a while to build up, so watch it if you want a /comfier/ experience rather than action-packed.

Grand Slam is suspenseful and has good characterization; heavy action is only at the end.

I've never seen Dirty Harry nor Mad Max. I always thought that Mad Max transitions to the world ending with something like Lisa: the Painful.

b0c2d No.239686

I say we go for Dirty Harry or Mad Max since you haven't seen them.

b0c2d No.239687

Or both as it also is called.

ff8cd No.239689

File: 1566606070757.jpeg (811.18 KB, 1000x707, PonyMadMaxFuryRoad.jpeg)

Let's do a double-feature of Mad Max then!

b0c2d No.239690

Agreed, and if you like and the night still is young we can go for the Mad Max triology.

b0c2d No.239695

I think you need Chrome, or Chromium (or similar), or you can use the app. I've never tried via website so I am not 100% sure.

b0c2d No.239696

You might need to make an account and ask to join the group "GroupName"

b0c2d No.239698

If you have problem with link try this one instead (should make it easier for me to accept requests)

b0c2d No.239701

Looks like things are working better now. Requests should be accepted

a763d No.239722

File: 1566614408216.jpg (195.31 KB, 1920x1080, 343100-sepik.jpg)

I can connect to everywhere but Kast is giving me:
504 Gateway Time-out

a763d No.239723

File: 1566614741130.png (343.59 KB, 1366x675, Screenshot_20190823_224302.png)

I'm trying to get in, but it looks like it's going to be hard.

a763d No.239725

File: 1566615403485.jpg (35.8 KB, 852x852, c582r1-852-852v2_uhq.jpg)

I'm in, but noponer is here.

39179 No.239846

We were only two and it was quiet on all fronts, so we decided we should try again today to see if more people would join.
Going to stream a bit later (hour or two, or whatever fits best) continuing with the Mad Max series and streaming "Max Max 2: The Road Warrior".

39179 No.239847

Also wondering if we should give Kast a new try or try out Bitwave?

a763d No.239856

File: 1566687219484.png (91.21 KB, 1323x583, Screenshot_.png)

Bitwave looks more appealing.

39179 No.239859

Then we will try that out and see how it feels.
I think I will start stream in an hour, unless there is other desired times.

39179 No.239881

File: 1566689707246.jpg (284.83 KB, 785x1184, the-road-warrior-1981-adva….jpg)

Stream starts in roughly 30 minutes.
Will post link when the time gets closer.
First movie out will be Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior from 1981

0805d No.239882

File: 1566689955019.png (485.59 KB, 1118x1274, 1442790017.droll3_mad_max-….png)

39179 No.239884

Thanks. I tried to find mlp themed, but remake had taken over, but I see now I didn't try hard enough.

39179 No.239886

Join me for movie night, start movie in about ten minutes.

40c97 No.239887

File: 1566691271539.gif (227 KB, 1106x1060, f80.gif)

>I didn't try hard enough
Not quite about how hard, but the search engine.
Yandex can give a lot of search results that would never pop up in western engines.
On my way.

a763d No.239959

File: 1566715088925-0.jpg (213.19 KB, 1110x1600, 3a41dbc.jpg)

File: 1566715088925-1.jpg (69.01 KB, 1280x720, bad.jpg)

It was a good stream, the host performed superb and Bitwave looked well suited.
After Mad Max the next feature was an Australian movie called Bad Boy Bubby, a bit disturbing and meant for social commentary.

a6819 No.240021

File: 1566737042930.jpg (19.52 KB, 600x336, 438.jpg)

I'm glad the stream is back.
Can we watch Inception (2010)?

a763d No.240803

File: 1567215274611.jpg (75.13 KB, 900x506, My Little Pony - Watching ….jpg)

I am a bit confused, Movie Night is going to be Fridays or Saturdays?

ea7db No.240804

The current schedule for Movie night is IDFK
By that I mean, there are a couple anons who are exploring a variety of options as they are able, and there is no set structure. There are rumblings of a possible stream tonight, but that's not confirmed as of yet

13d7c No.240812

>on loonix
no Kast deb file
thought there was a web option

ea7db No.240907

Movie night is being setup,… possible ETA in an hour, updates to be posted as available

95f5c No.240909

Schindlers list, obviously.

ea7db No.240910

In the mood for fiction eh?

4f96e No.240919

Going to start movie night in 25-ish minutes, and I've heard rumors that Inception is desired as first movie.

4f96e No.240921

File: 1567295356969.jpg (123.29 KB, 448x663, t25d4b0_inception___mlp_by….jpg)

Movie night starting soon going to stream on Bitwave again as it seemed to work nicely last time.

4f96e No.240927

Some problems with stream but hopefully it works now. Do reload if stopped on buffering.

9fa41 No.240928

Alas, does this have to be just while Metokur is streaming?

c2774 No.241056

File: 1567377238435-0.jpg (2.11 MB, 3040x4133, 1050077.jpg)

File: 1567377238435-1.jpg (196.02 KB, 900x1277, pony in the shell.jpg)

Ghost in the Shell (2017) might be a good one.
And still better if it is the second movie being featured.

3c168 No.247063

So which of these streaming services was least shit? I've got some time off at the end of October, and I'd like to host a Halloween movie night. I'm trying to get a feel about what kind of prepwork that I'll need to prepare, and I don't want to re-invent the wheel.

0bc04 No.247066

On the user end the best success has been from Bitwave.
On an operator end, it requires OBS to stream, and the operator will nead a stream-key which should be pretty easy to get. The downside is that it doesn't allow the user to change the video quality, which may impede users with throttled internet connections.

6e673 No.247119

So how does that work? I need to upload the videos to bitwave in advance of the stream? I don't presently have any videos.

How safe is bitwave from glow in the darks that want to van me?

f0e0e No.247120

>van me
For running a movie stream?

c7a36 No.247122

Will we be watching video tutorials on how to overthrow a modern government?

615fa No.247157

Well I guess it would be the hollywood jews rather than the cianiggers. Don't they like to make examples of people that they catch with ludicrous fines? I thought that there was a distinction between watching a stream and distributing the content. In the rabbit room streams, we all were viewing the content provided by various websites that were hosting the content.

I guess they mostly go after torrents that distribute the content in bulk though, rather than trolling streams. I am a paranoid man who likes to think thrice before acting.

a763d No.247159

File: 1571094665263.jpg (93.41 KB, 1280x720, relax.jpg)

Right on point.
After 8cuck went out of action, there are plenty of idle individuals looking for dirt in places before untouched. It's time to rest for a while.

b276a No.247160

I think if you stream using VPN you should be safe and hidden so hollywood can't find you (hiding behind one proxy should be adequate for that purpose).

c7a36 No.247171

*laughs in foreign residency*
*laughs in VPN*

19322 No.249502

File: 1572829408824-0.jpg (140.48 KB, 1920x1080, 8260694821025a82a_0.jpg)

File: 1572829408824-1.jpg (212.82 KB, 1920x1080, Verloren-in-Klessin-8-.jpg)

File: 1572829408824-2.jpg (105.42 KB, 960x643, KLESSINdvdpic.jpg)

>Lost in Klessin Film (English subtitles) by Peter Filmproduktion Deutschland.

Now it is posted for everyponer enjoyment.
88 /)
>Verloren in Klessin ("Lost in Klessin") - (English subtitles)

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