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File: 1526405984542.jpg (55.54 KB, 800x450, 1526073873917.jpg)

aa285 No.147337[Last 50 Posts]



>Latest interviews with Assad


>Live MAPS


>Fan maps


>Yarmouk camp Apr22
>N Homs Apr 18
>Idlib Apr8
>DeZ-Bukamal Apr2
>Yemen Apr2
>Afrin Apr1

Devs May 15

>Yarmouk; SAA facing heavy IS resistance on 30th st axis, IS was able to push govt troops back with heavy SAA losses

>In the NE sector of Hajar al-Aswad intense clashes continue, and heavy SAA casualties have been incurred there as well
>N Aleppo CS; RuAF performs multiple airstrikes on jihadist positions in retaliation for mortar attack on civs
>N Homs; Izz Deen, Salim, Hamarat, Qunitrat, Hamees, Hamemah now under govt control after evac of 27,000
>Reports; US is allegedly building a new base near Badiyeh al-Sha’afa, sources state will have “advanced military tools and systems"
>Idlib; Turkish security shoot and kill 8 Sy refugees, 4 of them children, in Kherbet Eljoz, as they crossed Turkish border
>N Aleppo; SAA has been given orders for large-scale mobilization of troops as rebel groups continue breaking ceasefire
>7 ISIS militants who escaped from a JTS prison have been captured, 28 remain free
>Death toll in Gaza rises to 60
>Afghanistan; Taliban on verge of capturing Farah, have warned civs to stay inside as clashes continue

8c063 No.147339

File: 1526406067985.png (124.25 KB, 600x569, 9d0.png)

>that title tho
Doc, I…

aa285 No.147340


aa285 No.147341

got a dope OC in the way to make up for it

8c063 No.147342

Good. Love me some maya-mayas.

0e8ae No.147343

>dat title
has the final count of the Iraqi election done yet, Wic bro? Also I asked earlier but nobody answered. Is Sadr close to Saudis?

8c063 No.147344

Can't find any info. They've postponed the final announcement. I think it was ment to be today? Anyways, Abadi congratulates Sadr being front runner, se might be he conceded.
>Is Sadr close to Saudis?
Well, he's shiite and now in alliance with unironical islamic gommunists ;D
Dunno how it will be between them and Teheran. 100% sure that Great Satan is butthurted af. He seems to cooperate with Saudis on a certain level, but dunno what is his endgame.
Personally, I would prefer someone like Ali Sistani over Al Sadr.

8c063 No.147346

~somewhat cont.
Sistani-like figure would guarantee to sustain shia influence spread from Lebanon through Syria and Iraq to Iran. Al Sadr tho dreams that Iraq can rival Iran over regional dominance.
>inb4 shia Saddam
He met with Salman (may Allah inflict every type of cancer upon him!)
Good thing is he has no love for America, to whom we all wish death, of course. Let alone remind yourself all the whereabouts of Mahdi's Army that Sadr was leading. But I fear that Iraq might end up with shia version of Saddam with a a mix of erdo-meme.
Fun fact,
Polish army fought against his Mahdi's Army in Karbala for control of City Hall. We won, no KIA. ;^)

aa285 No.147347

File: 1526407995350.jpg (122.72 KB, 800x450, xywHjWSIhlObYrr-800x450-no….jpg)

he looks like h3h3
funny thing h3h3 is a jew
maghreboi was right all along

8c063 No.147348

File: 1526408368456.jpg (31.96 KB, 500x500, 1513441579815.jpg)

But, of course…

8c063 No.147349

0e8ae No.147350

I see. So he wants to counter Irani influence in his country with his Saudi connections and vice versa and wants his country to be strong. Truth be told I dont see anything wrong with that.
>Ali Sistani
who is this fellow?

8c063 No.147351

File: 1526408918407.jpg (614.92 KB, 1000x1327, Ali_Sistani.jpg)

One of the most high-ranking shia clerics. Thanks to his non-sectarian fatwa PMU was created. He is Ayatollah, refferd as marja.

0e8ae No.147353

I see. Also what is your assessment on the current situation?

0e8ae No.147354

>current situation
*in Yemen

8c063 No.147355

If khat chewers won't come up with some genius plan, they're fucked. All the ports taken by the coallition will make smuggling anything there virtually impossible.

b7fda No.147356

File: 1526410514139.png (394.78 KB, 580x390, norks.PNG)


8c063 No.147357

>acting like some kind of pompous young lady
Supreme Leader, please…!

aa285 No.147358

>reeee why aren't you shining americans boots at every turn and bend over to all of their demands
>t. poland

0e8ae No.147359

and what about the encirclment of Houthis by GCC forces any news about that?
based kimchi

0e8ae No.147360

fisrt part for>>147355

8c063 No.147361

If Supreme Leader has any Great Plan he should not let his emotions take over! To defeat Great Satan one must be calm!
>hurr durr
Nothing so far.

0e8ae No.147362

Thanks for the answers mate.

8c063 No.147363

File: 1526411293245.jpg (99.07 KB, 715x603, 7689780890.jpg)

Anytime, Engie.

8c063 No.147364

aa285 No.147367

got the translation from al irani
Slamming of the mercenary(coward) enemy in "Farah" is ongoing.
ANA on suicide watch

0e8ae No.147368

Thanks for sharing. Though I must ask, do you see this war happening?

d55ce No.147369

Nice, thanks mate.

d55ce No.147371

File: 1526415715655.jpg (150.88 KB, 1148x445, DdPaPEFWkAAYuec.jpg)

From today
>Taliban announce capturing another military base in Uruzgan.

b7fda No.147373

8c063 No.147374

A lot depends on Syria, hoenstly. If every inch meme will come true, noone will try to change the balance of current affairs. Altough i would welcome some "distractions" especially for Is*ael so they won't pay that much attention. Tough to come up with one, but I think fate might eventually surprise us in a positive way, this one time.

8c063 No.147376

File: 1526416769652.jpg (86.04 KB, 534x401, 45432785834857.jpg)

Fukken saved/10
Your best OC so far.

d55ce No.147377

File: 1526416769753-0.jpg (110.32 KB, 685x1200, DdGjwtBW0AAuXBy.jpg)

File: 1526416769753-1.jpg (128.48 KB, 700x1200, DdGj0-vWkAQvmdw.jpg)

aa285 No.147378

File: 1526417115589.png (334.61 KB, 2518x1024, vc.png)

save this one
i corrected the typo

7936e No.147379

>But will the Israelis lower down their rhetoric if the Iranians are forced by Russians to decrease their involvement in Syria?

287fb No.147383

kek Awesome

cf64c No.147391

>Syrian choppers drop thousands of leaflets demanding rebels surrender in Daraa
BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:55 A.M.) – Syrian choppers dropped thousands of leaflets over the provincial capital of Dara’a and its countryside on Tuesday, demanding the rebel forces surrender to the government.

The leaflets specifically called on the rebels to lay down their weapons and seek reconciliation with the government.

The government warned the rebels that they are already winning and that taking their arms with them won’t change anything on the battlefield.

In addition to addressing the rebel forces, the leaflets also called on the residents in Daraa to join the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in their war on terror.

With the battle of southern Damascus nearly finished, the Syrian military is starting to move their forces to the Dara’a Governorate, where they are planning to launch a big assault in the near future.

cf64c No.147392

>The next area to be cleaned from the militias is #Daraa with its Countryside.

8c063 No.147393

File: 1526424329938.jpg (175.38 KB, 933x700, 546546567567.jpg)

But it's logical. It's the last remaning part of Syria that is not under influence of Great Satan or Turkey.
Also, unrelated:

aa285 No.147395

date of release announced or is it going to be postponed ad aeternam?

8c063 No.147396

File: 1526425760583.png (141.56 KB, 490x618, 1526419485614.png)

aa285 No.147397

end me

8c063 No.147398

File: 1526426296350.jpg (288.89 KB, 1098x735, 5465786879.jpg)

No Doctor. You don't have my permission to die.

aa285 No.147399

at least we got metro exodus in the mean time

8c063 No.147400

4e2ad No.147403

That isn't it at all.
The NK and SK will never reunify.
The recent changes entirely hinge on the NKorean ''ability'' to produce nuclear ballistic technologies.
This is a normal return to the status quo. NKorea will return to doing whatever it wants to get by and to receive whatever aid and care it usually enjoys from the global political lightshow.

084df No.147417

File deleted

aa285 No.147452

cf64c No.147456

File: 1526457597692.png (47.51 KB, 564x342, Afghan update 1.png)

cf64c No.147458

>At least 19 #Afghan security forces have been killed, four injured and a number of others are missing as #Taliban stormed security posts in four districts of #Ghazni last night. The clashs in #Andar and Giro districts are still going on.

5dab7 No.147477

OPCW report about chemicals in Idlib 2018-02-05 released.

aa285 No.147478

most like will be ignored
or if amerimutts are that cancerous they'll pin in on assad somehow
>muh assad can't get enough of gasing civilians, now that he emptied south damascus he need to gas random cities in Idlib to keep his addiction satisfied

36fad No.147479

File: 1526474926934.png (45.75 KB, 525x326, Afghan update 2.png)

From other sources
>Taliban Abandon Their Takeover of Farah City After Killing 30
Taliban insurgents abandoned their effort to take over the capital of the western Afghan province of Farah, leaving the city early Wednesday without apparent opposition, local residents said.
Even with 25 members of the security forces and five civilians killed, officials immediately hailed the insurgents’ departure as a victory. They said that hundreds of insurgents had been killed in the one-day assault on Farah city and that the government’s response proved it could beat back any Taliban initiative to take and hold territory.
But for many Afghans, especially residents in battered Farah, the assault showed mostly that the insurgents could attack at will even against a well-entrenched government position backed up by both Afghan and American air power.

more in link

36fad No.147480

File: 1526477954018.jpg (26.79 KB, 437x466, 00Hm6ofHPJM.jpg)

>Taliban captured Jaghatu district in Ghazni province & contested Andar & Giro districts. Another district named Daraboom in Badghis have also fallen to Taliban control.

b7fda No.147481


Devs May 16
>E Ghouta; Hundreds of civs return to their homes after govt infrastructure repairs continue
>S Damas; 2 civs killed, 19 injured after IS launched rocket attack on Victoria Bridge district
>SAA begins moving troops from Latakia to Aleppo for upcoming offensive
>SyAF/RuAF increase airstrikes and surface missile attacks in Yarmouk Camp, Hajar Al-Aswad, and Al-Tadamon
>Intense clashes still ongoing on 30th St axis against IS, no SAA gains have been made through this sector
>W Raqqa; Residents of al-Jarniyeh protest SDF's “forced recruitment and brutal measures”
>W Raqqa cont; A number of Kurdish officials and military commanders were reportedly killed in Raqqa, one kurd killed in Hasaka
>Daraa; Sy choppers drop thousands of leaflets calling for rebels to surrender and residents to join SAA
>E DeZ; SDF fully captures Al-Baghouz, Hajin is stated to be the next target
>Haley blames Hamas for Gaza violence, walks out of UNSC meeting when Palestinian envoy was speaking
>Gaza death toll now 62, 7 were children including an 8 month old

4e526 No.147482

R&U videos,
>Updates from the anti-ISIS operation in South Damascus | May 14th 2018 | Syria

>Celebration in the liberated districts of South Damascus | May 12th 2018 | Syria


>Reports from Northern Hama | May 12th - 14th 2018 | Syria


>Battles for Syria | May 15th 2018 | Images from the anti-ISIS operation in South Damascus


4e526 No.147483

b7fda No.147484

Still rangebanned on 4chinz Pingu? I saw a Pakistani post once yesterday or the day before but wasn't sure if it was you.

c5611 No.147485

>#Syria: today #Turkey set up the 12th & last observation point in Greater #Idlib, ending process that began 7 months ago. Main aim is to prevent any ground offensive.

c97c2 No.147486

aye, im still banned mate.

aa285 No.147490

redpill me about pakistani pashto
don't they have separatist tendencies like the balochi?
how do they see their counterparts in afghanistan?
how do they get along with the average pakistani?

b7fda No.147494

Faryab Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed 22 and wounded 18 elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban), as well as destroyed a vehicle in Khaja Sahib Posh and Shirin Tagab districts, according to the Afghan Ministry of Defense.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan launched a large-scale attack against the Afghan National Security Forces in Ghazari area of Juma Bazar district, overrunning three checkpoints. One element of the Afghan National Security Forces was killed and three wounded in the attack.

b7fda No.147495

File: 1526482417217.png (1.53 MB, 1014x721, kunduz.PNG)

b7fda No.147496

File: 1526482528938.png (2.26 MB, 1195x850, Nangarhar.PNG)

Baghlan Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed six and wounded six elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the province.

Nangarhar Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed two and arrested three elements of the Islamic State in Deh Bala (Haska Meyna) and Chaprahar districts.

b7fda No.147497

Badghis Province:

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan attacked an Afghan National Army’s checkpoint in Ghormach district, killing one and wounding one soldier in the process. Separately, an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s sniper killed an element of the Afghan National Army in the same area.

Herat Province:

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan killed one and wounded three elements of the Afghan National Army, as well as destroyed an armored vehicle in Dasht Maizan area of Pashtun Zarghun district.

Ghor Province:

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan launched two attacks on an Afghan National Army’s checkpoint in Shah Taigh area of Firozkooh (Chaghcharan) district. Eight elements of the Afghan National Army were wounded and an element of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan killed in the encounters.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ambushed a group of Afghan National Army’s elements in Kandaha area of Charsada district. Two elements of the Afghan National Army were killed and two arrested in the ambush, while the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan seized two motorcycles and four assault rifles from the encounter.

b7fda No.147498

File: 1526482628240.png (2.2 MB, 1231x859, Farah.PNG)

Ghazni Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed 13 and wounded 11 elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as well as seized several weapons depots and ammunition caches in Ab Band, Andar, and Waghaz districts.

Paktika Province:

Afghan National Security Forces destroyed an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s training center in Lalam village of Gomal district. Afghan Ministry of Defense stated that 11 elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan were killed and 15 wounded, as well as two vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, ten RPG launchers, and 50 assault rifles destroyed, as a result of targeting the training center.

Farah Province:

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan launched several attacks against the Afghan National Security Forces in the city of Farah, capturing a building of the ‘National Directorate of Security’ in the 1st Police District and several checkpoints in the area, as clashes between the two still continue. Afghan Ministry of Defense stated that the city of Farah is under the control of the Afghan National Security Forces.

b7fda No.147499

Urozgan Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed four elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as well as destroyed a base, a fighting position, and several weapons depots and ammunition caches in Chora district. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan killed nine and wounded seven elements of the Afghan National Army in Chora district.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan overran a strategic Afghan National Army’s military center in Gograk area of Tarinkot district. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Al-Emarah News stated that 15 elements of the Afghan National Army were killed and an armored personnel carrier destroyed in the encounter. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan seized an armored personnel carrier from the military center.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan overran four Afghan National Army’s checkpoints in Khas Urozgan district.

Zabul Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed seven and wounded three elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Daychopan district.

b7fda No.147500

File: 1526482841006.png (2.07 MB, 1077x911, Helmland.PNG)

Helmand Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed three elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and destroyed several weapons depots and ammunition caches in Jerashk district.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan engaged Afghan National Security Forces’s offensive in Mateki area of Nad Ali district. According to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Al-Emarah News, 21 elements of the Afghan National Police and Afghan Local Police were killed and wounded, as well as an armored personnel carrier destroyed in the encounter.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan overran an Afghan National Army’s checkpoint in Qari Post area of Nad Ali district, reportedly killing four soldiers and destroying a vehicle in the process. One element of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was killed and another wounded in the encounter. Similarly, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan overran three Afghan National Security Forces’ checkpoints in Tangano Gudar area of Nawa-I-Barakzayi district.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s improvised explosive device destroyed an Afghan National Army’s armored vehicle in Speni Posti area of Jerashk district. Similarly, two Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s improvised explosive devices destroyed two Afghan National Army’s armored personnel carriers in Mobile Khada area of Sangin district.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s snipers killed seven elements of the Afghan National Army in Nad Ali and Lashkar Gah districts.

b7fda No.147501

Kandahar Province:

Afghan National Security Forces killed 15 and wounded 15 elements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Maywand and Khakrez districts. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan overran an Afghan National Army’s post in Shah Ghondan Nika area of Khakrez district, killing five soldiers in the process.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan stormed an Afghan National Army’s checkpoint in Salsun area of Maruf district. Three Afghan National Army’s elements, including a commander named Salim were killed and four wounded in the encounter.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s improvised explosive device destroyed an Afghan National Army’s armored personnel carrier in Aslam Pump area of Zhari district.

b7fda No.147502

Most of these maps are fairly old but probably haven't changed much since they were made.

b7fda No.147503

File: 1526483037955.png (1.21 MB, 1027x579, IS-k 2.PNG)

#IslamicState’s Khorasan Province (#ISKP) Releases Pictures Showing Clashes With #Taliban In Wadi Mazar Area In Nurgal District District Of #Kunar. #TerrorMonitor

b7fda No.147504

File: 1526483049082.png (1.16 MB, 1029x581, IS-K 3.PNG)

b7fda No.147505

File: 1526483256733-0.png (1.06 MB, 1278x723, he mad.PNG)

File: 1526483256733-1.png (1.01 MB, 1280x723, he sad.PNG)

File: 1526483256733-2.png (1.26 MB, 1279x721, he disappointed.PNG)

File: 1526483256733-3.png (2.48 MB, 1278x720, IS-K 4.PNG)

#IslamicState’s Khorasan Province (#ISKP) Captures 4 #Taliban Fighters, Seized Weapons In Clashes In Wadi Mazar Area In Nurgal District District Of #Kunar. #TerrorMonitor

aa285 No.147506

you just gotta love how taliban produces half assed videos with rusty ass nokia phones in the age of smartphones with integrated cameras, yet everywhere ISIS pops up they suddenly have 1080p very high HD cameras with a dedicated video montage department and a photgraphy department to take set up pictures to capture the instant in the most cinematographic way
really fucking makes you think

b7fda No.147507

File: 1526483407266.png (529.65 KB, 1018x468, flip IS.PNG)

#IslamicState Claims Killing 33 Filipino Soldiers In Clashes In #Sulu. #TerrorMonitor

b7fda No.147508

Taliban videos are getting a bit better, mostly Gopro though. I think a few reasons for the differences are that ISIS is the "cool jihadists" with the younger generation, many of which who have been exposed to more modern technology or even come from western countries where they gained the experience and can do some pretty good video editing. Of course it can be assumed that many ISIS videos now are probably edited in western countries as it is, since their media HQ in Mayadin was destroyed by the SAA last year. Plus the availability to get more modern tech into Afghanistan is probably fairly limited, and the Taliban most likely don't care as much as IS at producing slick videos, as their results speak for themselves.
Lastly, I haven't seen any such slick IS videos released by IS-K, normally they just upload pictures. The best IS videos were from Iraq, with Syria being second. The IS Sinai faction produce pretty low quality videos, usually Gopro battle footage, so they probably face many of the limitations that IS-K in Afghanistan have in regards to video equipment.

b7fda No.147510

>Four Swordsmen Attack Police in Indonesia Amid a Siege of Violence


>With 3 days of constant Indonesia attacks, i am struggling to properly identify who and how many terrorists were involved. Should be over 25 know.


>Today's Sumatra attack is the 4th event claimed by IS East Asia across Indonesia in just two weeks.

>1. Depok riot
>2. Surabaja I (Christian target)
>3. Surabaja II (police target)
>3. Sumatra (police target)

>And ISEA itself has been heavily financed by Islamic State's Central Command via multiple envoys from the Middle East, tasked with organising, planning and sending cash for Indonesian, Malay or Filipino based ISEA jihadists. This is not "inspired".


>Of course, Indonesia follows the same pattern (in the press) that says, JAD (or Maute) has an alliance with IS and supports IS activities. BS after BS.

When you create an unified group like JAD or ISP it automatically fits into the IS East Asia structure.

>Seems like another Islamic State's attack in Indonesia in just 3 days = Officer killed, 4 militants shot dead after attack on police HQ in Indonesia's Pekanbaru


aa285 No.147512

> I think a few reasons for the differences are that ISIS is the "cool jihadists" with the younger generation
for sure i'm not denying that ISIS is more aware of their image and how they should pay attention to details
the point is, wherever they go there is this high tech recording material (in a place which is isolated from the world and thus bringing so much material in this place would be a lot of redflags for anyone working in customs and they have people that know how to use the material and how to take cinematic pictures where all the militants are local defectors and not western diaspora and i highly doubt that these taliban defectors discovered a hidden artistic side overnight)
>it can be assumed that many ISIS videos now are probably edited in western countries
editing is one thing, knowing how to use high tech electronic, how to use angles and shading to take pictures implies that there is someone on the spot who knows this much. which makes me very suspicious of the authenticity of all this
>Plus the availability to get more modern tech into Afghanistan is probably fairly limited,
yet ISIS can get it through customs (such equimpent, not only cameras but sound recorders and camera stabilizers, is heavy and cumbersome so good luck smuggling it in your ass even if you're a veteran of anal jihad), hell they could even get inuits pulling out hd camera out of thin air and know how to use them to record quality videos

b7fda No.147513

IS in SE Asia getting more active as of late

aa285 No.147514

IS is even going in indonesia now?
though they were contained in Philippine since the only group they could influence in SEA was the already present muslim separatists
guess maghreboy was right again, we're not done seeing ISIS making significant progresses in the future

b7fda No.147517

>IS is even going in indonesia now?
Lots of activity in the last several weeks. Last week a lot of IS militants were locked up in a prison in Jakarta and rioted and took it over, besides that they have had several attacks in the rest of the country recently. Apparently a lot of militants are returning from Syria and Iraq and are bringing jihad home. As far as I have heard the Indonesian intelligence and police forces have done a decent job at tracking them up until a few months ago.


>@SaladinAlDronniMay 14

>Throughout 2 days at least 7 bombs have been used, 12 terrorists + kids involved, Sidoarjo not yet fully explained… IS East Asia went absolutely rampage.

>If IS plan had succeeded in fully, we would have seen dozens if not hundreds more casualties. This operation was so awfuly huge in size, i don't remember anything like this for some time. Dozens of terrorists involved.


>The risk of returnees from Syria/Iraq conflicts have been coming and discussed for a long time, but this case is just extreme in many cases. Children, women, returnees, all compilled together, disruption of IS creed .

Massive operational failure by Indonesian Security Forces.

>And this !!! is just breaking. Not only a whole family - they were returnees from IS Central in Syria/Iraq.


>Wave of IS/JI attacks has not yet appeared to Indonesia amid the country's really succesful counter-terrorism operations and smart special forces. The only IS major attack worthy noting was 2016 Jakarta bombing + the prison from this week. Something changed.



aa285 No.147520

Assad is partly to blame for not having a policy of total extermination with the jihadi groups which have well known porosity with ISIS

b7fda No.147526

That would be an unpopular position on 4/sg/, the cult of personality would take over.
A few weeks ago under a memeflag I responded to a German who had commented on the "Syrian War Tl;dr" meme by saying there was something left out. I responded to him that in addition to what he said was left out was the fact that Assad allowed ISIS to initially flourish in the hopes that they would go after the rebels, and that he tried to take a play out of Hafez's playbook by allowing jihadists to infiltrate opposition groups, but was unable to play the game like Hafez was capable of. Of course ISIS did fuck up rebels, but as we know the situation grew out of Assad's control. The German responded with Wikileaks shit that everyone has seen and stated that the FSA and ISIS were cooperating, at that point several posters jumped on him (you may have been one of them actually, not sure) asking if he had stopped following the war in 2014, etc. I was actually surprised they didn't jump on me for making the initial statement. It is common knowledge that Assad also released several AQ militants from Sednaya Prison and they quickly linked up with the rebel groups, but 4/sg/ likes to avoid that fact. Assad was trying to use old strategy that worked for Hafez before, so I can't say I blame him 100%, but the times were different than in the 80's. Most likely Assad did these things on the advice of his father's former military leaders who had done this before, they just underestimated the Gulf States and western governments throwing money and weapons at the opposition groups.
Here's the post that kicked it off…

c3d82 No.147527

Rastan done&done oficially, bout damn time.
Don't mind ID change, took fe wdays off to reset myself.

aa285 No.147530

>you may have been one of them actually,
yeas indeed
>It is common knowledge that Assad also released several AQ militants from Sednaya Prison
yeah a point that irritates me when i hear, muh rebelz wuz jihadi all along forgetting that first the protests in the beginning didn't have these radical elements and second assad had a hand in the loss of credibility of the protests due to the infiltration of islamists

are you the jihadi memeflag we see from time to time or was it a one time instance?
for example were you behind http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/171817387#p171827848

b0916 No.147540

The number of separtist in the Paki Pashtoons (or Pathans as they are called here) is quite small. Bear in mind a overwhelming majority of them voted to join with Pakistan during the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. There were some such as Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai or Bacha Khan who never wanted to join Pakistan but wanted an autonomous state under India but that never happened. Their children still reside in Pakistan and have their own political parties(Pakhtunkhawa Awami mili party is led by the son of Samad and the Awami National Party is led by the grandson of Bacha). Pakistan has had plenty of Pathans in position of importance e.g. Pakistans first military ruler Field Marshal Ayub Khan, 2nd military ruler General Yahya Khan, our chief nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer just to name a few. Even today they call themselves Paki rather than afghanis or a separate nations despite the emergence of TTP, the war in waziristan and constant shilling of Afghans and western countries that show our Pashtuns(just like Baluchis and sometimes Sindhis) as some mistreated minority despite the fact there are 30 million Pasthuns in Pakistan and of Paki nationality(2nd largest group after Punjabis and there are more Pashtuns in Pakistan than Afghanistan). Ofcourse there are problems, that is bound to happen in a country made up of different ethnicity and united on Islam and nationalism but for all intents and purposes they are Pakis and not someone else.
>how do they see their counterparts in afghanistan?
Some Pashtuns tribes are large enough that they are situated on both sides of the border and maintain family ties but the Pathans maintain that they are Pakis not afghanis and some will even turn violent if you call them Afghani.
>how do they get along with the average pakistani?
Normally nigga. They are part of our country so they get fucked just like everyone else.

Apologies for the late answer, had to do somethings. This discussion will eventually leads to the recent movement called the Pashtun Tahfuz Movement. If you are interested I can with you about that too.

aa285 No.147541

>If you are interested I can with you about that too.
please go ahead

456a9 No.147565

Nope that wasn't me. I don't memeflag often, I usually use the fascist flag when I do, but lately I have used the jihadist flag a few times. Besides, I wouldn't try to make an argument on whether Assad is or isn't a kike puppet, I respect Maghrebois' and other pro opposition opinions on that, but honestly I believe both sides are being played by the kikes in their own way.

456a9 No.147566

>are you the jihadi memeflag we see from time to time
To clarify, it's possible you've seen me a few times posting with it, but if I had to guess I'd say I've only used it 3 or 4 times in the last few months, some of those times were when you were in Afghanistan

aa285 No.147567

ok thanks

>The United States has resumed strategic airdrops into southern Afghanistan, reflecting the deteriorating security conditions in the country.


how much you're willing to bet that there will be some mistakenly airdrop weapon shipments into taliban or IS-K hands at some point.

32ad3 No.147568

File: 1526511727082-0.png (1.47 MB, 2510x2202, Technicolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1526511727082-1.gif (977.42 KB, 2510x2202, Apr 24 - May 16.gif)

File: 1526511727082-2.png (149.67 KB, 2124x1854, Technicolor Syria Road Map….png)

I'm letting you guys know that yes, I'm still alive and not in any danger of dying anytime soon, I missed you guys, and I'm dropping off Shitmaps reflecting BIG changes in Syria.

But I'm not back for real, still got problems to take care of.

>tfw M5 highway from Damascus to Hama is finally clear

aa285 No.147569

while you're here enjoy my latest OC >>147378

32ad3 No.147570

File: 1526512167538-0.gif (185.27 KB, 375x375, 1437071711262.gif)

Jej, I like it.
One thing though.

aa285 No.147571

it's not the only typo tho
hope it cheered you up m8

c3d82 No.147573

Hey Ebin, nice too see ya m8.I hope you will make it bruh!

287fb No.147576

File: 1526514230419.jpg (95.11 KB, 540x356, 1464987889950.jpg)

Happy you could stop by Ebin. All best of wishes for you.

106eb No.147580

We missed you Ebin

b7fda No.147669

Devs and new SOUTHFRONT May 17


>Yarmouk; IS goes on offensive on all fronts in Hajar, Yarmouk, and Tadamon, intense clashes ongoing

>AMAQ claims 80+ SAA and allies killed in last 24 hours in S Damascus
>In Hajar sAA claims liberation of several blocks on Deer Yassin St, in Yarmouk heavy clashes continue around Japanese Hospital
>Iraqi unnamed source claims IS' head of Syrian propaganda killed in Iraqi airstrike, no proofs
>Turkish FM; An SAA attack in Idlib could result in "catastrophe", claims Sy delaying a key constitutional component of Astana
>Turkey sets up final observation post in Idlib
>E Syria; IS fully surrounded by SAA/SDF on opposite sides, intel suggests most militants have left Hajin and moved south
>200 US military vehicles carrying military supplies crossed N Sy on way to SDF territory in E Sy
>Zakharova; US holding thousands of terrorists in Syria in attempt to let them off, given 3 meals a day, medical treatment, exercise
>N Hama; JAI attempts surprise attack on SAA, rebels allegedly pushed back with losses
>Yemen; Houthis ambush KSA militiamen on western coast, destroy several vehicles, kill 10

b7fda No.147677

#IslamicState Claims An Army Colonel & 4 Policemen In #Quetta. #TerrorMonitor

b7fda No.147682

>The chad Algerian vs the virgin Masri brainlet

aa285 No.147685

speaking of which, the more i learn about the government, the more i realize how based they are
they knew very well how dangerous the ISIS splinter cells were and they took care of them while they still were a few AQ defecting LARPers in less than a year
can't say the same about IS-Sinai

b7fda No.147686

the Saudi just posted a few truthful statements

aa285 No.147687

which are???
literally can't see anything to be truthful
>inb4 he had to step down
yes goy just let the people counting on you fall to ZOG

b7fda No.147688

Just the statement about the start of the protests, then he went full kike

b7fda No.147690

and he's not 100% wrong on KSA support for ISIS, as Maghrebois has said the political salafiya and the jihadi salafiya are at odds, and have different aims as IS is opposed to the KSA government. Granted, I am sure some KSA officials in government donate arms and money to IS, but overall (and especially with the most recent KSA govt policies especially MbS' """"reforms""") they are pissing off the jihadi salafiya

aa285 No.147692

>and he's not 100% wrong on KSA support for ISIS, as Maghrebois has said the political salafiya and the jihadi salafiya are at odds, and have different aims as IS is opposed to the KSA government
> am sure some KSA officials in government donate arms and money to IS
>implying the government or civil servant are the sole sponsor of foreign terrorists
you do realize that the land is full of princes loaded with money that are sponsoring their own groups too?
are you also aware that the government is paying salafi preachers that are at odds with the government to keep it shut? there is a lot of salafi preachers that left KSA to sage Jihad because of the governments bulshit and even more would be at the Saudi's throats with their followers the day the gibs run out. Bin laden is the prime example of the incorruptible type

aa285 No.147693

wage jihad*

b7fda No.147696

b7fda No.147698

>implying the government or civil servant are the sole sponsor of foreign terrorists
>you do realize that the land is full of princes loaded with money that are sponsoring their own groups too?
The Saudi was talking about the KSA govt specifically, I am on the same page with you on what you mentioned.
>are you also aware that the government is paying salafi preachers that are at odds with the government to keep it shut?there is a lot of salafi preachers that left KSA to sage Jihad because of the governments bulshit
Yes I am aware of this too, the Saudi was rather short sighted on his statement but as I said he wasn't 100% wrong.

aa285 No.147699

>The Saudi was talking about the KSA govt specifically, I am on the same page with you on what you mentioned.
here's the nuance i have, if the government does nothing about these sponsors, then it's also part of the sponsors which makes his "muh government didn't know anything about that, we wuz innocent in this process" void

b7fda No.147700

a final one from Maghrebi that is in line with what I was referring to


b7fda No.147701

Agreed, but lets be honest, the KSA is only one bad famine or other disaster from implosion, hence MbS' reforms to attempt to hold it all together and gin up some more Western support and gibs

b7fda No.147702

*forgot to finish the thought

I don't think the KSA govt has much control, or even wants to risk clamping down on these people too much as they fear repercussions in the future, so yes they are complicit, but also cucked

aa285 No.147703

>I don't think the KSA govt has much control,
>can prevent the ijtihadi salafi from making fatwas agains the royal family wether it be in a friday preach, through the internet or in secret jihadi reunions conspiring to take down the royal family
>can't prevent people from sending money to terrorists abroad
they know very well what they're doing, and i wouldn't be surprised if USA had a hand in preventing the government from preventing that
after all they were the one sponsoring islamism in arab countries to counter the pro USSR pan arabism
>clamping down on these people too much as they fear repercussions in the future
people in secret political prisons are as dangerous as a vegetable, the comparison isn't random :^)

b7fda No.147707

fair points, but funneling cash in a country flooded with oil money and attempting open revolt are 2 different things, and the wealthy KSA salafists are not as willing to make themselves uncomfortable as they remain so while spreading havoc to places like Syria and Iraq. Of course I agree with you, the KSA govt is probably not really trying to clamp down on money funneling, as long as jihad isn't hitting home then they still stand to benefit.

Maybe MbS' purges a few months ago are attempts at clearing these elements as he sees the way to win against Iran is to cozy up with Israel instead. Don't get me wrong I am not implying MbS has a redemption arc starting or anything, but instead his close relationship with Israel and the US are better options than allowing jihadist funding to run rampant. I don't think KSA funding to these groups will stop, but I think MbS wants to put some distance between his govt and the funding by certain leaders in his govt and wealthy citizens who got caught up in the purges.

aa285 No.147708

meh, id on't believe one second in the "muh reforms" if anything the worst thing that MBS could do is changing the structural status quo in saudi internal politics as his already illegitimate seat is even more so threatened as he shows his incompetency at finishing the yemen war and getting parts of KSA territory under assault+ the occasional tochka
unless he's retarded to the point of sawing the branch he's siting on, for me this is all a front to give his reign a good sight to westerners as he's trying to appeal to them in his regional cold war against the "non-modernizing" Iran

b7fda No.147709

>for me this is all a front to give his reign a good sight to westerners as he's trying to appeal to them in his regional cold war against the "non-modernizing" Iran
Yes, that was my point. In getting close to the Jews and closer to us he probably thinks it will be good optics, his reforms are clearly a front to become more appealing to those who would back him.
The funny thing is if the implosion I mentioned earlier were to occur, his "reforms" will be one of the key factors in driving the anger at him from the salafiya.

aa285 No.147710

>his "reforms" will be one of the key factors in driving the anger at him from the salafiya.
honestly, not even a factor of shit hitting the fan, sure it'll make the revolt more violent but has no effect on the breaking point in itself as the population is kept in check only through consumerism+welfare
if KSA can't afford the luxury to its citizen thats when the "morphine" will fade away and all bets will be off
and i may even add that the reforms in itself aren't going to change much to the hate as the mere fact of being a monarchy is enough to enrage the most moderate salafi as he sees it as taghut

aa285 No.147771

File: 1526632625913-0.jpg (622.33 KB, 1920x1080, 1526617173627.jpg)

File: 1526632625913-1.jpg (75.33 KB, 483x694, 1526619102282.jpg)

some OC for Sparky

b7fda No.147783

Devs May 18 and new SOUTHFRONT


>Hama; Several blasts inside airbase, some reports suggest possible Israeli strike

>Abu Mohammed al-Jolani; Rumors of HTS merging with any other groups are untrue
>Assad; "We’d like to point out a recent increase of Russian investment..Russian companies are making in various sectors of Syrian economy”
>SyAf launches 15+ strikes at IS positions in Yarmouk Camp, Hajar Al-Aswad, and Al-Tadamon this morning amid slow ground advance
>Hajar al-Aswad; SAA counter attacks after strong IS offensive yesterday, claim they are on verge of capturing district
>Houthis fire missile into KSA for 2nd straight night, target economic site in Jiza, claiming target was hit
>Sisi makes rare decision to open the Egyptian Gaza border crossing for Ramadan “to alleviate the suffering” of Palestinians
>AQIM releases statement condemning embassy move, urges Ramadan attacks, says liberating Jerusalem from Jews is greatest duty
>Arab League intends to formulate plan to counter the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital
>Ergogan to host Islamic summit to back Palestinians, condemn Israel today
>US lawmaker moves to block sale of 100 F-35 fighter jets to Turkey

aa285 No.147829

File: 1526694671436-0.png (51.98 KB, 565x352, mghbi2.png)

File: 1526694671436-1.png (80.04 KB, 520x586, mghbi1.png)

classic maghrebiposting

456a9 No.147909

His Tanf one used to be better.

aa285 No.147993

he's fasting so that may explain the low energy

e4969 No.148012

File: 1526829822157.png (4.46 MB, 3507x2481, 1523312436545.png)

It will be a bright shiny day in Syria

456a9 No.148186

File: 1526868878379.jpg (175.58 KB, 899x650, 1408912563392.jpg)

>tfw Urduni's master plan worked

3f813 No.148189

And that was?

aa285 No.148265

I always said it
Urduni is unironically a legend on 4chan, he has singlehandedly managed to do things that no one managed to achieve, even as a group

b7fda No.148266

so did you get b& too? I got it on my home wifi only.

b7fda No.148267

crashed last night's thread with no survivors

aa285 No.148268

yeah three days
but worth it, since we left a mark on 4chan's history
after 10+ years of lurking, i'm unironically honored

b7fda No.148269

check out all of the deleted posts, he led a few of us into his cringy *snap* posting


b7fda No.148270

it was pretty fun in an utterly retarded way

aa285 No.148271

Urduni is the only person that made the mods his bitch with his master class ban evading
now he's making popular meme that were dead a long time ago
this is the power of weaponized autism

3f813 No.148272

File: 1526903336163.jpg (30.65 KB, 600x375, 54000249.jpg)

aa285 No.148274

haven't seen libyanon for a huge while now
do you know what happened?

b7fda No.148275

nah, I have seen a Libyan "1 post by this ID" twice in the last 2 months, last time I talked to him he said he was very busy with uni and his brother had entered school as well and when he wasn't buried in his own studies he was busy driving his brother around to and from school and didn't have as much time for shitposting as he used to. Hopefully that is what is going on with him

aa285 No.148276

ok thanks

b7fda No.148278

this is him for sure, based on his use of "xD", he always used that


b7fda No.148279

b7fda No.148280

I think it's safe to assume he is ok, just busy as he said.

3f813 No.148281

File: 1526904808755.jpg (68.84 KB, 520x678, 4557591.jpg)

I-I hope he will be fine…

b7fda No.148282

>#Taliban Warns Civilians To Keep Away From Security, Intelligence & Government Installations In #Kabul. #TerrorMonitor

b7fda No.148283

#IslamicState Claims IED Attack On #PMU Vehicle In Jallam al-Dur Area In #Saladin. #TerrorMonitor

b7fda No.148284

>#IslamicState Claims Killing A Security Chief Of Surkh Rod District, #Nangarhar. #TerrorMonitor

aa285 No.148285

the original "some of you guys are ok don't go to X tomorrow"

b7fda No.148286

3f813 No.148287

Speaking of Afghan, what is Farah status? Taliban/gov controlled?

aa285 No.148288

taliban retreated for now

b7fda No.148289

the city didn't fall, but the outskirts gave been under siege for 5 months straight.

b7fda No.148290

*have been

b7fda No.148306

Devs May 21

>Homs; SAA raise flag over Al-Rastan and Al-Houla plains after last rebels departed yesterday

>Damascus officially under complete govt control as IS fighters depart to Badiya Al-Sham, families to Idlib
>SW Idlib; Turkish military convoy spotted on way to set up another checkpoint in countryside
>Nearly 300 Syrians returned to their homes in E Ghouta and Homs today
>IS affiliated Jaysh Khalid bin al-Walid repelled attempted rebel attack in Adwan, 10 rebels also killed when they stepped into minefield
>JKBW also claimed to have destroyed a rebel tank during rebels' failed attack
>E Homs; Russian Reconciliation Center group discovers sizeable rebel weapons cache containing large amount of NATO weapons
>Merkel; Political process in Syria is badly needed, Germany is ready to support it
>Pompeo; US to apply ‘strongest sanctions in history’ on Iran

a77e5 No.148322

File: 1526925107197-0.png (1.44 MB, 2510x2202, Technicolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1526925107197-1.gif (969.32 KB, 2510x2202, May 16 - May 21.gif)


aa285 No.148323

File: 1526925389595.png (944.24 KB, 2518x1300, 1526648044487.png)

check this one too

287fb No.148324

File: 1526925479047.gif (605.19 KB, 400x400, 1468136296105.gif)

3f813 No.148325

File: 1526925948273.jpg (954.78 KB, 2048x1972, 2154345656.jpg)

>6 years
Paint it red…

b7fda No.148335

>IS media has been suffering for two days (possibly related to US/SDF offensive?), but still interesting that IS insurgency activity has significantly grown in Mosul and its countryside. Placing IED's, basic assasinations. Low-scale. But still, worthy to note this development

aa285 No.148336

ask maghreboi if we can expect another surge (not necessarely iraq wide, maybe just mosul region) from ISIS due to dislike of muqtada's rule from sunni regions

b7fda No.148338

done and answered

aa285 No.148340


b7fda No.148346

np, I told him preemptively you said thanks

aa285 No.148347

thanks for that too

aa285 No.148350

think i found where some of the ISIS guys were bussed to

b7fda No.148468

Devs May 22

>Pompeo; Iran "perpetuated" Syrian war, causing refugee crisis which provoked terrorism in Europe by supporting "murderous Assad regime"

>More SAA reinforcements continue heading south, Tigers to spearhead operation
>Following rebel drone attack RF launched airstrikes over Idlib city, Idlib Central Prison, Al-Mastouma, Ariha, and Sheikh ‘Ali
>Idlib cont; After initial airstrikes RF launched several cruise missiles at same locations
>Several buses carrying ISIS family members from Yarmouk arrived in Idlib this morning
>N Syria; HTS suffers more losses through targeted assassinations, in HTS HQ in Tal Bajer masked gunmen killed 2, wounded 3
>HTS cont; Following previous attack a grenade was thrown at an HTS checkpoint in Al-Dana, injuring a few
>Netanyahu; Iran ‘seeking nuclear weapons and conquest" labels them an ‘aggressive force’
>Kandahar; A minibus full of explosives discovered near a market was unable to be defused, death toll so far is 16
>Israel boasts it is 1st state to use US-made F-35 in combat & ‘attacks on different fronts’
>100+ Turkish military officers sentenced to life in prison for 2016 coup attempt

b7fda No.148469

I remember when there was at least some quality on 4/sg/, after Isaam died that was the start of the current downfall, once Abukamal wrapped up the spiral began, current stage is almost hitting the bottom.

3f813 No.148472

I wonder where Issam would be now, if not for the mine…

3f813 No.148473

File: 1526994764528.png (266.77 KB, 478x640, 1511069759391.png)

b7fda No.148474

Probably working on that desert pocket

7ad38 No.148476

someone got rangebanned (not me)
twitter account soon

b7fda No.148478

Osama de la Maghrebois?

>twitter account soon


ac851 No.148479

he just told me on steam, he's offline now
i'm not doc btw

aa285 No.148480

who are you?

230b1 No.148481

a "friend", i rarely post on /sg/

3f813 No.148486

File: 1527004537000.jpg (61.7 KB, 500x607, 242142112.jpg)


5e500 No.148489

he made one but doesn't want to get spammed
don't post it on the other website

b7fda No.148490

nothing from this site makes it to the other

d11b8 No.148492

from him:
ask for their @, don't give mine, some might post it on r/sgay

b7fda No.148493

>Implying we've never seen him say this before
you're probably him aren't you?

d11b8 No.148495

i don't understand
anyway won't stay here for long, just doing a favor

aa285 No.148505

this whole thing is Q tier
and clearly not in maghreboi's style

b7fda No.148506

it's actually very similar to his style, when he isn't posting under the Tunisia flag, plus he is probably a VPN fag, hence the French flag. Also notice how the ID changed on nearly every post he made, pretty interesting

aa285 No.148507

yeah but going the extra mile to shitpost with so many layers of preparation isn't his style, plus you've got to remember this is Ramadan so he's probably too low energy to bother with all this

b7fda No.148508

File: 1527016443328.png (182.74 KB, 509x167, Announce.PNG)

>IS announces a New video from Kirkuk. Interesting what will they show.

b7fda No.148509

if he is rangebanned from 4chinz it isn't that inconceivable he would take the chance to come here and shitpost for a few, it's not even that layered with prep if you look at it again, a few cryptic posts, then done. He referenced you personally, which is strange for a "French" flag as we don't have that many on /sg/

aa285 No.148510

true but if he's going to use a proxy he might as well use it to ban evade under muslim flag on 4/sg
> He referenced you personally, which is strange for a "French" flag as we don't have that many on /sg/
got referenced by a 1 post by this id hungarian flag which is even more unsettling

b1e98 No.148512

The hell is going on here?

b7fda No.148513

yeah that was weird too, I was in that thread, but if I had to put money on it that is Jewish Jew. JJ is a known proxy user, by some of us at least

b7fda No.148514

Autistic detective work

aa285 No.148515

File: 1527017519340.jpg (100.91 KB, 1280x720, 1524697653584.jpg)

>he doesn't all the things that happened the past few days

b7fda No.148516

>@ SaladinAlDronni
>Reuters looks into Islamic State Khorasan Province illegal funding of its activities. Among many other sources it's a baby powder that helps in funding Islamic State in Afghanistan: report reut.rs/2J16FIT

>"The sum did not appear very high, it said, but the U.S. military estimated the strength of Islamic State in Nangarhar at somewhere between 750 to 2,000 fighters, meaning the funds would be a significant source of revenue to the movement."

>This size of ISKP structure in Nangarhar alone is scary.They are mostly in Khogyani (Tora Bora), Haskha Meyna, Achin,Chaparhar and Bati Kot. Note, that the main base now is located in Kunar, a lot of fighters remain in Laghman, while Jowzjan/Sar-i-Pol remains the second in size.

>And the best part, it's Afghanistan alone, in Pakistan they also have huge FATA, Quetta and Peshawar cells. Pakistani based cells do also send fighters to Afghan cells en masse to replenish the ranks. Kabul has mostly been bombed by Pakistani citizens…

b7fda No.148517

>Iraqi 20th Division finds long ISIS tunnel with many branches in Hussainiya area in middle of Mosul. Tunnel contained about 10 ISIS fighters who were active cell. Tunnel destroyed by aircraft & ISIS killed. Tunnel too big to explore or clear on foot.


>@DavidMWitty1 14 hours ago

>This was announced by Iraqi Joint Forces Command so it is definitely true. Amazingly that ISIS still there 10 months after Mosul's liberation.

aa285 No.148518

Imagine all the metro systems that they could have built in iraq have they not wasted their time on autistic hide and seek

b1e98 No.148519

tracking magrehboi?
what happened?

b1e98 No.148522

>And the best part, it's Afghanistan alone, in Pakistan they also have huge FATA, Quetta and Peshawar cells. Pakistani based cells do also send fighters to Afghan cells en masse to replenish the ranks. Kabul has mostly been bombed by Pakistani citizes
dindu nuffin

3f813 No.148523

That might be fellow lawyer from back in the day. I know of at least 3 paprika niggers that post on /sg/.

b7fda No.148524

>what happened?
see the archive in >>148269
Urduni pulled a few of us, Doc, me, and Jewish Jew mainly, into *snap* posting, resulting in several bans, I got banned on my wifi connection at home, and I haven't seen Jewish Jew since either so I'm sure he got the ban too.
>tracking magrehboi?
as to that, look at the cryptic French flag posts from today, excluding Doc's of course. I haven't seen Maghrebois today so I am assuming that is what the French flag is referencing. I am also theorizing that the "French" flag is Maghrebi on a VPN

b7fda No.148525

kek, Maghrebois just showed up, his post is
>based Hiroshimoot

aa285 No.148526

i'm not that known by regulars in 4/sg

3f813 No.148527

File: 1527020163315.jpg (135.24 KB, 690x539, 1516332815542.jpg)

Wallah, if I will see one more of this "le ebin haha oger maya maya" I WILL blow something out…

3f813 No.148528

File: 1527020506382.jpg (20.91 KB, 369x363, 1514249288166.jpg)

>mfw I've found most of ISIS nasheeds on same jap video site…
Huh, interesting…

b7fda No.148529

the suspicion is raised by Doc's lack of interaction with Hungarian posters

aa285 No.148530

File: 1527020577316.png (915.74 KB, 1200x794, 1526939283762.png)

b1e98 No.148531

Must have been a really slow day if you guys started following urdunis lead.
>as to that, look at the cryptic French flag posts from today, excluding Doc's of course. I haven't seen Maghrebois today so I am assuming that is what the French flag is referencing. I am also theorizing that the "French" flag is Maghrebi on a VPN

3f813 No.148532

File: 1527020756882.gif (819.71 KB, 640x480, 1517871624553.gif)

aa285 No.148533

File: 1527020818070.jpg (76.08 KB, 684x546, 1526879964648.jpg)

b7fda No.148534

File: 1527020863633.jpg (143.1 KB, 1000x850, snap.jpg)

3f813 No.148535

File: 1527020894618.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 1520519497518.png)

We /spying general/ now?
Kind of a part&parcel posting in /sg/…
*angry ponyfag noises*

aa285 No.148536

have you checked this meme?>>148323
credits goes to edgy hans

b7fda No.148537

>Must have been a really slow day if you guys started following urdunis lead
Yes, late night hours, Jewish Jew and I were both using the muslim memeflag along with Urduni

aa285 No.148538

so it was you that extra muslim flag that i couldn't pin down?

b7fda No.148539

yep, I also was the American flag here http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/172352532/#q172358323

I switched off wifi for that one

b48bd No.148540

he's back

b7fda No.148541



in full shitposting glory

b1e98 No.148543

>Kind of a part&parcel posting in /sg/…
I get why JJ does it but et tu nigga?

b7fda No.148545

>I get why JJ does it but et tu nigga?
I only do it every now and then, this time was a one off from me, I usually don't indulge Urduni.
Every other time I've used a memeflag is to raise unpopular positions on /sg/ without the added negative of me posting as a burger, which results in hurr durr tier answers as most posters won't debate me but would rather say "HURR DURR MUTT!!!"
Doc and I actually talked about it earlier ITT

aa285 No.148548

File: 1527025045082.png (73.9 KB, 1099x630, maghreb.png)

you can tell the difference between maghreboi during fasting >>147829 and after ftour pic rel
>we are dealing with high energy levels that shouldn't be possible

b7fda No.148552

that combined with a rangeban that gave him time to edit this old one

b1e98 No.148554

Well you do it for a good reason, I did it cause I was bored and wanted to shitpost

b7fda No.148557

I only do it during late night (burger time) threads, and it is pretty rare, but it is a good way to raise points without the added stigma of posting with a US flag, although you get a few of the "hurr durr memeflag" responses it isn't as hard to actually pull someone in for a real debate

b7fda No.148558

you still rangebanned? I saw a Paki post yesterday once but when he mentioned something about his wife I figured it wasn't you

b7fda No.148562

Fresh Houthi footage, get it while it's hot and still on Jewtube


b1e98 No.148565

aye plus my internet connection is fucking up thats why I have not been posting lately.
>he mentioned something about his wife I figured it wasn't you

aa285 No.148568

any OC request btw (while i'm banned)?

6a082 No.148571

>he can't evade a ban
he asks you to follow him

6a082 No.148573

not you personally

aa285 No.148574

why the vpn tho?

6a082 No.148575

not a vpn

b7fda No.148653

can't think of anything atm m8

b7fda No.148662

>Rare moment when ISKP informs about having repelled joint US/ANA offensive in Kunar. US ground troops or SF have been mostly used against ISKP in Nangarhar and Jowzjan (March-April 2018)


b7fda No.148674

Devs May 23

>Homs; ISIS conducts raid on SAA near T-3, started with SVBIED attack, 7 SAA troops killed

>Idlib; HTS arrested 2 people reportedly involved in recent wave of assassinations, arrest another in Kurin
>Aleppo; SAA and rebels clashed sporadically in Tadef, south of Al-Bab
>Over 13,000 militants transported from Damascus, Homs to northern Syria this month
>SDF commander accuses Russia of colluding with IS after transport of fighters from Yarmouk, ignores fact SDF did the same in Raqqa in 2017
>Hezbollah congratulates SAA on southern Damascus victory
>Syrian Deputy FM; Withdrawal of Hezbollah, IRGC out of discussion, claimed US purposely bombed oil fields to punish Damascus
>Deputy FM cont; Demanded Turkish govt halt terrorist support, withdraw troops, wants Turks to support reconciliation process
>Saudi Coalition destroyed 2 boats belonging to the Houthi Navy in the Red Sea while it was ‘targeting oil tanker’
>Israel reportedly bars entry to Jerusalem for Gaza residents during Ramadan
>Afghanistan; Taliban in control of Ghalbyan area after capturing military base and 12 checkpoints in the area

b7fda No.148675

b7fda No.148690

kek, got the Malta poster b& on 4/sg/

b7fda No.148693

File: 1527109990926.png (246.76 KB, 330x519, Ghost Wars.PNG)

Pingu, just saw some reviews on this book, figured I would post the epub, maybe you read it before. I am still reading through the Directorate S one you sent me when I get the chance.


aa285 No.148694

>Politburo chief of Sadr Movement : Movement will not accept US regional attempts, our relationship with Iran is permanent & long-lasting. We will never allow Iraq to turn into a base for attack on any neighbor.
Literally Saddam was a greater ally to US against the iranians yet they chose to overthrow him for democracy and ended up with someone worse
every fucking time
how can you have a political establishment that has a flawless record of fucking up it's geopolitical relations
just how, i really can't believe this timeline

3f813 No.148695

File: 1527110508834.jpg (369.37 KB, 600x2560, 1527110312142.jpg)

Well, yeah, fug ;D

b7fda No.148699

5e805 No.148735

died camp gets me every time.

b7fda No.148827

File: 1527163796715.jpg (116 KB, 1077x1134, F.jpg)

b7fda No.148846

Devs May 24

>RF reveals locations of their Idlib observation posts established in Astana, total of 10 RF and 7 Iranian posts

>N Hama; Five members of HTS killed during attack on SAA
>Daraa; Despite ongoing reconciliation talks rebels fire mortars at SAA positions, SAA responded with artillery at Dara’a Al-Balad District
>W Raqqa; SDF raids 6 villages after residents raise Syrian flag, detain multiple civs, seize cell phones of young residents
>Raqqa cont; Harakat al-Qiyam group assassinated 2 members of the SDF in Raqqa and 1 in village of Tell Abyad
>Assad and RF Syrian envoy convo on Astana, Assad praised RF people/leadership, described RF as partner in victories, won't stop until final terrorists' defeat
>S Damascus; SAA uncovers another large rebel weapons stache in Beit Sahm
>Syrian ambassador; Iranian forces are in Syria legally, US and Turkey are invaders
>Russian military delivers ten tonnes of food to Damascus suburb of Dahiyat al-Assad
>KSA intercepts Houthi missile in Jizan, claim debris landed in residential area causing no injuries
>Khameini; Demands for EU to maintain deal include purchase of Iranian oil, fighting sanctions, and leaving missile program alone

b7fda No.148867

>‏@SaladinAlDronni Paweł Wójcik Retweeted Afghan OSINTThe fact that ISKP remains able to hold the gains from 2017 after QH, even after TRU and USAF attacks strongly suggests massively entrenched positions and use of new/old mountain tunnels.

aa285 No.148869

i find it odd that us special forces got repelled
are they doing it on purpose so ISK can expand and thus create a crisis forcing more US involvement?

b7fda No.148870

File: 1527176011011.png (383.73 KB, 572x352, afg.PNG)

>Significant incidents in the last 7 days in #Afghanistan. - IS in the north appears to be holding positions despite the death of Qari Hekmat
-Taliban attacks across the country remain frequent, Ghazni appears to be the next target.

b7fda No.148875

well a few possibilities in this region, namely number one is this group is very well entrenched and capable at fighting everyone off, including the Taliban. You may remember when I was giving you some info on this pocket, their commander Qari Hekmat, was a defector from the Taliban and was killed in a US drone strike earlier this year. This pocket is entirely cut off from the main group of IS-K in Nangarhar. Hekmat still held off Taliban and ANA, no one could make progress on his area. Once his death was announced it was falsely assumed that this IS-K pocket would be weakened, in talking with Pingu about this I figured the Uzbeks would close ranks and this faction would be unaffected, which is exactly what happened.
As to other possibilities as to why US specops may have been pushed off if you venture into conspiracy theory you could make the assumption that we don't want to defeat this IS-K pocket because they are very good at killing Taliban, but if that were the case you would also have to wonder why we would have killed Qari Hekmat in the first place if it was believed that he was the only glue that held this IS-K faction together.
Overall my theory is that this pocket is just really strong, with veteran Uzbeks (known to be the best ISIS troops, even in Iraq and Syria) and this area probably isn't a very big priority for the US right now, so maybe this was more of a recon style mission to test their strength after the death of Hekmat.

aa285 No.148879

>we don't want to defeat this IS-K pocket because they are very good at killing Taliban
pretty sure any sane man would want the opposite
>and this area probably isn't a very big priority for the US right now, so maybe this was more of a recon style mission to test their strength after the death of Hekmat.
makes sense

3f813 No.149253

File: 1527298719638.jpg (91.62 KB, 640x1000, 1527293192466.jpg)

BUMP with maya-maya. Rather quiet day today.

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