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File: 1523462901835.jpg (146.63 KB, 1920x1080, Watch MLP.jpg)

5ad13 No.139511

Everyone the mlp stream is back again! We are starting from S1 E1 to the newest season. We will be watching 4-5 episodes a week every wed at 3pm PST first stream starts TODAY!

150de No.139565

cool, I only used to catch it intermittently due to work but I was wondering what happened to it.

788b7 No.139580

O shit nigga finally, an mlpol stream I can actually attend! See you in an hour

5ad13 No.139589

Stream starts in 10 minutes at 3pm PST come join in the rabbit


5ad13 No.141850

File: 1524087889069.gif (203.64 KB, 560x526, 949a6d1b31c284666149355dbe….gif)

MLP steam starts in 16 minutes at 3pm PST


8927a No.141852

It's better be 5-6 eps this time.

5ad13 No.143497

The rabbit is OPEN come join for the MLP stream


5ad13 No.144880

File: 1525297586551.png (515.87 KB, 5000x5000, 7vAKASk.png)

MLP stream starts in 14 minutes at 3pm PST!


b6380 No.144909

What's PST time in GMT?

679d4 No.144930

PST is GMT -8

679d4 No.144931

File: 1525311475393.png (2.56 MB, 4000x2120, Standard_World_Time_Zones.png)

Forgot my pic

f674d No.144939

You ever stop and wonder at the autism required to come up with those messes that we're supposed to call "time zones"?

679d4 No.144953

I think that it's mostly just territory observing the timezone of its local capitol regardless of if the territory sits outside of the geographical timezone.

That's how it looks at a glance. The lines are straight in international waters, but then start hugging the borders of assorted territories as it snakes its way across land.

27341 No.144954

>tfw you use glorious UTC and just adjust to whatever shitty timezone people give you

f674d No.144955

It just looks like a complete and total mess to me. Arbitrarily divided up, many times not even following territorial borders. Just look at the US and how many states are split between two different time zones despite there being no reason to do so, or how there are places in Siberia where you can completely skip over one.

>tfw no face

679d4 No.144959

A lot of it is probably tradition and human stubbornness where the lines may have initially made more sense when initially adopted, but then the territory's lines may have been redrawn due to war or legislative reasons. The locals may have simply kept the same time zone that they were accustomed to using because they couldn't be arsed to change anything and nobody gave a fuck about maps.

f674d No.144963

File: 1525320471398.png (135.62 KB, 1162x1024, 1518819415670.png)

>nobody gave a fuck about maps
As someone who thoroughly enjoys history and geography, this statement depresses me.

679d4 No.144964

I agree, but you need to put yourself in the shoes of a lazy bureaucrat. Why go through the effort of changing things when you could just not?

f674d No.144967

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

5ad13 No.146245

File: 1525902325836.gif (507.22 KB, 420x404, 2CB.gif)

Hello everyone stream starts in 15 minutes come join the rabbit!


32201 No.146250

Is this still happening today? The room is still locked.

5ad13 No.146251

You just have to ask to join once you do I will let you in. It's private to stop randos from rabbit it self from joining

0a73a No.146259

I hate registrations

5ad13 No.147561

File: 1526506762488.gif (10.04 KB, 204x136, 8140003bf2291ef3618b639.gif)

MLP stream starts in 23 minutes at 3pm PST come join in the rabbit This stream will be ending with THE GALA!


5ad13 No.148698

File: 1527111148286.jpg (89.51 KB, 1245x707, Discord time.JPG)

MLP stream starts in 29 minutes at 3pmm PST come join the rabbit! SEASON 2 OPENER


e329a No.148706

File: 1527112795628.gif (34.05 KB, 250x223, 1459204919605.gif)

that epic gamer brony moment when you shit your diaper

0a73a No.148707

I hate registration.

b97e6 No.148709

We need a more open medium.

5ad13 No.148710

Find one that works as well as rabbit and is as easy to get content for and we will move to it. Right now Rabbit is the best we have Cytube requires the direct files so it limits us on what we can stream, watch together limits you to a small amount of people and a single person doesn't have control so it is chaos. Right now Rabbit is flawed but sadly the best thing we have.

8e8a0 No.148725

You said that 2 weeks ago

5ad13 No.150565

File: 1527717975346.gif (32.85 KB, 600x683, 110536_-_clopplauding_arti….gif)

Sorry for late the stream is starting at 3:30pm PST come join the stream


5ad13 No.151842

File: 1528321318186.jpg (30.32 KB, 736x713, 7acfcb21ec9ffe2824f6b70256….jpg)

Stream starts in 19 minutes at 3pm PST


5ad13 No.153377

MLP stream starts in 28 minutes at 3:30pm PST (Lost track of time sorry guys)


93ee0 No.153394

I hate registration.

5ad13 No.154550

mlp stream starts in 34 minutes at 3pm PST come join the rabbit


5ad13 No.155814

MLP stream is starting join now


5ad13 No.158741

MLP stream starts in 13 minutes at 3:10pm PST


3e41a No.161198

Haven't looked for a while, what happened to weekly bumping? Last post in the thread's from the 11th.

I'll probably tune in today when I get done with my life stuff.

5ad13 No.161269

Heyo I am the stream runner sorry about the gap last week I had an eye infection and my left eye was swollen and inflamed so I canceled the stream so I could rest. The stream is returning at it's normal time here at 3pm PST so in about an hour and a half.

5ad13 No.161286

MLP stream starts in 23minutes come join the rabbit


5ad13 No.162934

File: 1533159976405.gif (81.83 KB, 681x493, 1402615169619.gif)

MLP stream starts in 15 minutes come join the rabbit


5ad13 No.164626

MLP stream starts in 5 minutes


5ad13 No.166171

MLP stream starts in 12 minutes


3e41a No.166181

Mother of fuck, I keep missing these. Missed the anime night by like a half hour.

5ad13 No.167184

mlp stream starts in 26 minutes at 3pm pst come join the rabbit


5ad13 No.168619

mlp stream starts in 30 minutes at 3pm PST


5ad13 No.169685

mlp stream starts in 17 minutes at 3pm PST


72f83 No.172560

MLP stream is canceled for this week. IRL circumstances have come up and I need to work on IRL situations right now.

d9c88 No.179250

MLP stream returns today come join the rabbit


f30a4 No.179389

What if we made a board where we streamed MLP S1 every week and pretended this was a new show we'd never seen before, and were slowly starting to love? Then, at some arbitrary community-chosen point, the show "Suddenly ends" and we all pretend that season finale of choice was also the show's finale.
Fanfic that would have been allowed early-on but now breaks (((Hasbro's))) canon can be posted there, too.

38bdd No.179393

personally i love the idea as i have never seen past s1.

2126f No.179395

File: 1539888144371.png (18.34 KB, 150x145, milothinksurgay.png)

d9c88 No.180903

MLP stream starts in 7 minutes at 3pm PST


6ada5 No.180921


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