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File: 1523416237038.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 172.89 KB, 1280x1276, 745083__questionable_arti….jpeg)

d36fc No.139352[Last 50 Posts]

Pic related is mine.

So as the title suggests, how do you live with yourself when you have such degenerate thoughts? Is this (((their))) fault that this question even exists, similarly to the race-mixing question, or is it more the fault of the kinkster who indulges this stuff?

Can you be ideologically pure whilst having kinks that are morally grey or worse? How? I know I'm not the only degenerate who is socially right-leaning, but whenever I look around in communities that discuss my topics of interest, there's constant friction between the general users and myself. I'm not going out of my way to talk shit or show people my power level; I just occasionally make one edgy joke before I get banned or people start a shitstorm with me. When I say "edgy" I'm talking "Allahu akbar joke when playing Counter-Strike with people." It's REALLY tame shit.

How kiked is fetish culture?

2657a No.139353

Same as you, and abuse.

be9a5 No.139354

This thread would be better off without IDs, just saying.

d36fc No.139358

I mean it's not like anyone here's going to be connected to another thread entirely by ID, right? Doesn't matter, it's still anony - er, pseudonymous.

bcdbe No.139359

Getting fetishes on the internet is the perfect example of a slippery slope where the only route you will ever go is down.
When i started, it was really tame: big tits, big butts, anal, etc.
Then i started with porn flash games: i got nurses, messy blowjobs, furry, axilial
Then when i went furry i went south: massive cocks, horsecocks, bestiality, some gay and futa here and there, gangbang/rape, HTH girls (tanya is best zebra), maledom
And when i hit pony, one day i woke up with whitekitten pony guro, stupidly large cocks and tits, impossible large pregnancy, milking (both boobs and cock), full package futa, bustybois, lamia (the artist, not the monster), nazy uniforms, aryanne getting striped, aryanne getting aryanned, solo futa (freckles drew a cute raricock), sundown, dragk, sometimes ralek, saurian's gay spike, futa 3D, dendendo hentai, MnF games, minecraft porn.
And maybe more i am forgetting

The only "good" thing i can speak about me is i never revealed my content with no one. At best the occasional question of "what are you into?".
I'm a full fledge degenerate on the road to wizardly, and the only thing i can say is: i won't judge you. You have a friend with me

d36fc No.139360

File: 1523417564042.png (119.86 KB, 750x500, 1517237786017.png)

>milking tits
>Aryanne getting Aryanne'd
That's not that bad. I mean really, who doesn't love that whitene-

>lamia (artist)

Okay, I question your taste in artists but I me-
>Aryanne getting stripe'd

d36fc No.139362

Memes aside, I've been with some fucked up people and fapped to some real fucked up shit, so I can't judge much either in comparison. Minecraft though…why?

I'm fortunate enough to have had a sexual relationship for a few months now, so I'm not wizard material, but lately she's been kinda quiet. She's kind of a lolbert, agrees on the race question but doesn't care about the JQ, doesn't have any idea how to deal with these issues, etc.. Part of the reason that we're just sort of friends with benefits and diet/workout partners.

110c3 No.139364

Same as OP but hetero. I personally don't think the kink shit and degeneracy is that bad so long as you keep it online and to yourself. People have always had there kinks and they always will. When you start throwing pride parades it becomes a problem.

c2d06 No.139366

For me its Fanfiction, it's the most degenerate thing I do. I hate myself for it honestly.

bcdbe No.139368

I was watching pornhub and i stumble is that "so cute :3, kawaii hentai cute minecraft porn"
Curiosity got me, and i ended up jacking off to a square with added squares.
I guess the socks got me too. She really looked cute

d36fc No.139369

At the same time, It sucks like hell that there's nowhere you can really go online where you can both be a moral person and a degenerate. I mean outside basic sharing of your porn, it's not like I can really make any friends in these discord and steam groups, because the instant I get even remotely interested in becoming friends with them it turns out they believe that the existence of white people is inherently evil, or that me not wanting to roleplay as/with a nigress for the sole purpose of raceplay is racist, or that me not cucking to foreign interests is too anti-globalist. I've had DOZENS of people I considered friends just outright tell me unironically to kill myself or publish private stuff to a server of leftist doxxers because I make the quietest of dogwhistles in their presence.

110c3 No.139370

Don't build relationships around your fetish. That is when you know you have a problem.

d36fc No.139371

Eh…I guess. In the end, a lot of the time, it' the concepts and facsimiles that get us hentai connoisseurs off. I like stockings and kneesocks myeslf I own striped socks right now

d36fc No.139372

It's not that, it's just that I get bored of chatting about one solitary thing with people and also not having anyone to indulge in those things with. My ABDL kinks are inherently sub/dom-based, and without a dom, I'm just a needy roleplayer. It gets lonely, man. And just roleplaying feels so artificial and hollow compared to actually finding that mommy to take care of my needs.

69db2 No.139374

"Transgender" shit, which I think is what OP is getting at, minus the diaper.
Basically shit where the male acts like a female and the female acts like a male.
Absolutely no gay. Traps are "okay" as long as they're actually having sex with a girl.
Basically any kind of consensual porn.
The more both parties actually agree/want it the better. Doesn't exclude things like lolicon or incest, though any thoughts about doing that kind of thing in real life and off to the gallows with you.
The fact that I'm OCD + Bipolar plays a huge part in it. OCD gives unwanted sexual thoughts, Bipolar gives hyper-sexuality.
I don't really feel too bad about the fetishes themselves, but do feel bad when I'm in a serious situation and sexual thoughts start popping up.

9c024 No.139376

File: 1523421156782.png (432.11 KB, 948x816, PinkiePieFiledUnderDisgust….png)

I'd rather live without internet entirely rather than fall into fetishism.

Fantasizing about ponies is as far as I'll go.

d36fc No.139377

Not trans really, though traps are nice. I just like general sissy and AB stuff, generally.

5c240 No.139392

I like Vore. I've been a voraphile at least since I was 12, and for three years until I was 15 I had no sexual attraction to anything but vore. Even as early as I can remember, at five years old or younger I had a fascination with vore. I was raised in a more conservative family and I avoided live action porn with women (and still do), so that may have helped solidify that I was going to focus on vore. I was unsure if I was the only person with that attraction on earth until I met another person in high school who shared with me that he had that attraction (even though for years I had been reading online stories that it should have been obvious to me were voraphilic porn). I managed to banish acting on the attraction for about four whole tears when I was in high school and college, in part because I had a girlfriend I was able to express sexuality upon. A few years ago, after I figured I was done with human women I gave up repressing it.

I also am attracted to ponies of course, including the male ones, and I like male on male pony porn to a degree (much less than the females though). I am sexually attracted to IRL horses, and I sometimes go to 8chan's /zoo/ to find porn of men with mares.

6c2e8 No.139393

File: 1523424149979.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 16.81 KB, 250x250, 1697193__safe_windy whist….jpeg)

I can't stop reading futa fics about Celestia's secret dick being used on virgin sacrifices. Degenerate pics just dont go as far as my own imagination does i guess.

ab1c8 No.139394

File: 1523424423280.jpg (10.52 KB, 320x320, 1484454808043.jpg)

I'm going to need some context on that

4da5d No.139395

File: 1523424596321.png (245.61 KB, 500x729, image.png)

Fetishism is psychological and almost unavoidable. It's a damning thing that is shameful whilst piercing the heart. The inescapable carnal desire can kill a man from the inside.

However, provided with self-control, it becomes bearable. Almost even "noble". Yes, you will walk with guilt. Yes, it is degenerate. But, keeping it in does not make you a degenerate. On the opposite end, fetish "culture"- the celebration of dysfunction- is completely ignoble.
Time for my shameful kink.Lolis.

d36fc No.139396

I feel that. There's not much art of my absolute dream scenarios in terms of ABDL. Probably because very few artists actually bother to do long-term stuff and most just do scenes. Sucks for RPing too, considering that most people just want flings and five-minute roleplays. It's infuriating. I want comfort, security, and feminine love in my partner, both in RP and out. None of that shows up in the RPs I seek out, because everyone just wants a shallow scenario executed shallowly. So I'm just stuck reading the same three or four fics for a month at a time like a PiE-fag starved for quality content.

d36fc No.139397

I dunno about making a whole culture out of my kinks, but at the same time I can't think of any other way to meet a partner that would be able to fulfil my desires, especially with the way most dominant women are dominatrixes and most submissive men seeking doms out don't have any patriarchal authority or spine or honor.

It feels like the fact I'm a submissive in bed ruins what could otherwise have been a much easier dating market for me, especially since it means I have to occasionally reveal my kinks if I want to make sure that my waifu won't leave the instant she sees diapers in my drawers.

4da5d No.139399

I have no advice myself. I'd be cautious of who you meet in these subcultures.

6c2e8 No.139400

Im talking about stuff like this anon. As a side note if it doesn't fit into my headcanon i can't jack off to it. Tia being a futa is only possible bacause the alicorns represent each tribe and both sexes in my mind.


4e6e4 No.139401

I don't know if my fetishes are shock material.
I prefer to be doing the bad, degrading stuff to others.
>inb4 edgelord
Meme's aside I'm actually a very bland, neat person IRL and I don't try to be edgy.

ab1c8 No.139402

I'm legitimately impressed with how much apparent effort was put into that and with how many people actually looked at it. I might have to actually read it at some point to see if it's worth the look or not.

4e6e4 No.139403

Forgot watersports and abuse.

ab1c8 No.139404

this without the necro. I live with it by not letting anyone know.

d36fc No.139405

I've enjoyed some stuff of those types, other than necro. And if you mean underage by more than 3 years (i.e. early or pre-teen) then I'm not into that and personally think inter-generational relationships are immoral.

4e6e4 No.139408

I should clarify that the fetish for very young partners applies to 2D. Shit, I just realized that I have two or more kinks I forgot to list. Add incest and futa to the list.

4da5d No.139409

File: 1523426326144.png (134.01 KB, 708x946, 1520819763032.png)

>the female acts like a male
Reverse traps are a godsend. Complete opposite of a trap, but with the same allure. They're the end-all to all trap baiting. A heterosexual solution.

b84a4 No.139410

And by the looks of it we all need to work our way off degeneracy.
Maybe an /mlpol/ no-fap?

ab1c8 No.139414

but how do we do that effectively while maintaining the porn shields?

b84a4 No.139416

File: 1523427678279.png (50.74 KB, 502x600, 1493369366411-2.png)

Maybe just do a week of no-fap, or say going a week with only faping to your waifu?
Donno just throwing out some suggestions.

d36fc No.139418

You know…that actually doesn't sound bad. I'll need lots of cutesy human x pony and filly-Anon stuff to get by each day though. Want me to make the thread and see if we can't wean ourselves off of all except our obvious pastime of horsefuckery?

I like >>139416 's idea, perhaps we can attepmt to find a middle-ground of sorts between typical /mlp/ stuff and ideological/moral purity? I could easily delete my FA and DA accounts right now, just have to do a SFW filter on derpi. Most of my porn is textual and based on the relationships and characters more than the mere images or events.

Hmmm. Very complex potential topic for people like us.

4e6e4 No.139423

File: 1523429015669.png (759.47 KB, 701x1001, 3f7436bee16df7a1b769eb490b….png)


d36fc No.139424

Frankly Celestia pussy/dick doesn't matter to me as much as the companionship that she would provide, as a mare as big as an IRL pony with human mind, facial expressions, and characteristics.

4e6e4 No.139425

That little speech made me feel a feel.

4e6e4 No.139426

my bad. meant for

d36fc No.139427

Maybe I've just watched too much Mumkey Jones, but I always feel like the weird one when I say that kinda stuff. That sex isn't as important to me as relationships. that losing my virginity felt the same for me as it felt for Bojack Horseman to get a Golden Globe.

6c2e8 No.139428

File: 1523429904655.png (440.5 KB, 960x580, 1441469__safe_edit_edited ….png)

She probably feels like the only adult in a world of children.

d36fc No.139429

That honestly made me laugh way harder than it should have thanks for making me wake up my nigger stepdad

I imagine Celestia feels like a daycare worker for a bunch of idiots, having to legislate away all the ponies' life problems like a socialist reverse-dictator who's held at gunpoint to do everything that the public feels they deserve. Constantly having to explain the bare basics of relationships to a social species, from the fillies in the CMC to the adults.

4e6e4 No.139430

I'm not getting any of the references, but I feel you. I can think perverted thoughts and lust for an orgy, but after I rub one out I go back to feeling like I'm missing something like you're hinting at.

6c2e8 No.139431

File: 1523430366032.png (159.64 KB, 1800x1800, 1579077__safe_artist-colon….png)

Go to settings and turn images off. That way if its out of sight its out of mind.

4da5d No.139432

>going a week with only faping to your waifu
This is the default for me. Fapping to other things beside my waifu makes me feel guilty.

d36fc No.139433

God damn that's some dedication. Props for that level of monogamy. I might do the same for either Aryanne or Octavia.

6c2e8 No.139434

Indeed its like being the 1000 year old redpill in a world of blue pills you love too much to let destroy civilization with their inpulses.

d36fc No.139437

Now that you put it that way…I think Aryanne has a competitor for "waifu material" for me. Loving your home too much to give up trying to explain to the masses how basic friendship works, no matter how much you have to repeat yourself. She's far too patient. I'd love to offer comfort to such an overworked immortal soul. It'd make two cursed undeads.

78b11 No.139438

Lolicon here, i just remind myself that they aint real, just 2d lines and colors

a0486 No.139440

File: 1523432159236-0.png (Spoiler Image, 201.84 KB, 540x671, Orc 2.png)

File: 1523432159236-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.15 KB, 553x800, Goblin 1.jpg)

I like green, is it a problem?

d36fc No.139441

Oh fuuuuck man. I've fapped to those two specifically, I forgot the artist but that person's got some GOOD SHIT.

Green's cute tbh, I don't think that's a problem. Only thing cuter than green characters is freckles.

a0486 No.139443

Scas' Blog and InCase

d2609 No.139445

File: 1523434688714-0.jpg (3.48 MB, 4800x4400, Cum_Incest_Shining_Sparkle….jpg)

File: 1523434688714-1.png (1.23 MB, 1280x1338, tumblr_ovdz4dhJ0y1vh45mmo1….png)

File: 1523434688714-2.png (230.45 KB, 1147x1274, rq8cCIN.png)

File: 1523434688714-3.png (313.83 KB, 1280x768, 812370.png)

File: 1523434688714-4.png (4.62 MB, 2779x2659, 1505207.png)

Intimacy is my fetish. Even when I was a child newly introduced to sexuality and not an affection-starved man-child, my first real fetish emerged out of a sense of supreme intimacy.

Incest was my first fetish (though I had played around a bit with pee, but this was as a child, and before I was truly aware of sexuality). Brother and sister, to start with. I was young (12), and my introduction to sex was through a friend who was a furry. Anyway, I ended up finding this one story that was about furry kids that were about my age, brother and sister, sharing a relationship with each other. I was at first scared that I found it attractive. But that soon wore off, and I embraced the idea. Who is closer than family? Who means more than kin? Incest is still a fetish of mine.

After I came across incest, and indeed contributing to my love of it as that love evolved, came pregnancy, I think. There was something truly amazing about it. Still is. Two people come together and make new life out of just their mutual love. That's some shit. That's fucking magical, really.

I also found myself more accepting of homosexual relationships on the basis of intimacy. These things-- furry, incest, pregnancy-- dominated my life until pony came about when I was 16-17. Then things shifted a bit. I wanted the ponies. I began to focus my desires and fetishes on them, and eventually shifted away from furries altogether. This ultimately lead me to a fetish for bestiality.

Again, this was based on intimacy. Sex, sexual desire, and sexual pleasure are some of the basest instincts of any living creature. Can not a horse want, just as much as a human, to have the physical intimacy of sex? To experience the pleasure of lovemaking, and the ecstasy of cumming at the behest of another individual? Isn't there something magical about consensual sex with an animal? Can't we, despite the lack of a common language, despite the lack of intellectual capacity to form a common language, communicate wholly, completely, and perfectly with another species through the act of sex? Through what we would call "love"?

As I grew older, I also began to reflect on the nature of sex, reproduction, and age of consent. Should we not, ideally, breed as soon as possible? Is it not our purpose in life? Is denying ourselves this purpose not self-destructive? Do we not starve ourselves and pervert our beings by refusing to act as we were born too? Surely there is a balance to be struck between the animal and the human, but what good can come from legislating nihilism and punishing purpose and commitment?

This desire for physical intimacy also extends to things like group sex, orgies, polyamory. Though this is much more fetishistic at this point. I don't know if I could really see myself doing such a thing. Is not love far too jealous for such an undertaking? Could I actually deal with my lover sharing that intimacy with another individual? Would that not serve to destroy the intimacy between us?

How do I live with myself? I am no threat to anyone or anything. I am not desirable, it would seem. I lust for a sense of intimacy that is entirely theoretical. I've never made love. Not to a family member, not to a member of the same sex, not to an animal, not to a minor. Not sure I ever will, honestly. But I'll never truly give up hope, else I'd surrender my life. I just want love. That's how I live with myself. I mean no harm, no evil, no malice. I just want love. And even if my desires are inherently evil, they will not ever come to be. For these fetishes, I am guilty only in thought.

My greatest desire, which all these others play into, is for loving, consensual relations between individuals that build a better, more meaningful, more fulfilling world.

It's just a fetish. Something that can never be achieved, but that keeps me going. That gives me something to hope for. A reason, pure in intent-- perverse as it may be in practice-- to keep living.

d36fc No.139448

Honestly, I think intimacy should be a big part of any fetish. Otherwise it's just a basic turn-on with no implications. I mean you could get off on having melting ice rubbed against your dick, but that doesn't mean you can have a really fulfilling sex life from it that does more than giving you your climax.

I can't really get with orgies or incest - incest and genetic mutation always scares me, at least in the most common form which is lower IQ and birth defects. Seriously, when a nation's into incest you get Saudi Arabia and other nations with a near-50% rate of incest and a drastically lower average IQ. I just, can't do that kinda thing. That being said, if you're cose to a relative, as long as you're not transmitting diseases or impregnating one another, I'm fine with looking the other way.

Breeding at an early age isn't a bad thing, so long as the female isn't in an overly early stage of development. Preteen girls are not yet ready to have kids, and shouldn't be pressured to no matter how close to heart a culture may hold the 14 words.

Pregnancy is fucking top-tier magic and anyone who considers that abnormal or fetishistic can go fuck themselves and abort their next kid until their bloodline's been severed.

Sex with an animal is fortunately much less consequential than sex with an underage partner, since you can't have fertile offspring with them and the risk of mutation is therefore zero. And I hear that many ranchers and pony-owners use pleasuring their mares as a bonding experience not only as owners but as friends, and you know what? As long as you're being safe, I condone that like I do incestuous relationships. Just don't have a generation of welfare-check or deformed crack babies, don't break consent, and don't force preteens into sexual encounters, and I'll gladly leave you to your devices.

0e50f No.139455

Same without the poner
I don't blame the Jews or anything. Earliest I can remember being interested in such stuff was before puberty even. Doesn't bother me. Plenty of people out there are into it too.

And as to how it affects my political views, I'm no concerned about my own purity, I accept I'm already an outlier of what someone with right wing political views "should" be like. I mean anyone here is by default, with all the ponies and everything. If anything what this board is all about is making unlikely friends through common interest in politics, and that's fine by me

f736e No.139459

this really. Except I share it with my wife who also grew up on the net…..

c747b No.139462

I'm pretty vanilla but I have still a lot of time to become more degenerate.
At this point I'm attracted mostly to ponies, I never was too interested in girls or guys, I can find human females attractive but it isn't automatic thought, I actually need to put some effort into it. When I'm with friends and they start checking out some girls it always takes me a while to catch up with them.

For my pony fetishes it would be:
>all that romantic bullshit, cuddling, hoof holding etc.

bcdbe No.139466

You are my hero man.
Keep her close, and when you have a kid as degenerate as both of you, guide him so he doesn't lost contact between reality and a pc screen

5c000 No.139468

Vore tbh. I don't live with myself

69db2 No.139477

Even better imo is if the woman can hold her own (in a fight, life, etc) but still likes being treated like a lady once in awhile by the one she loves.

69db2 No.139480

>incest and genetic mutation always scares me
Not to advocate incest, but it actually isn't that bad first generation.
It's common in animals and royalty (who are also animals, let's be honest) to use incest to keep good genes/family lines alive.
The problem is it's a slippery slope and it's only fine if it's extremely controlled.
At least this is what I've read about it, I actually read a lot about anything that crosses my mind.
Doesn't matter if I agree with it or not.
Another problem with incest is that it's often unhealthy.
The couple either burns their bridges, or both parties don't agree to it.
Given how the fetish is portrayed, I can see why it's so taboo.
Flowers in the Attic is one, which is supposed to be cringy as all fuck.
I've never read the book myself, but I've seen the movie and read reviews of the book. It's extremely rape-ish and unrealistic.

16ac4 No.139487

There is nothing degenerate about reverse traps.

78b11 No.139488

Nigga you still haven't killed that nigga? Nigga, please!

78b11 No.139489

I can get behind some of the shit in there post more shiny x twiggles mate

cbf9f No.139493

bb9f8 No.139496

I dated one of these once, it's like hell.
Girl seemed normal at first but afther 1 year living with her I realized she was really mentally unstable.
Do not trust reverse traps, they are even worse than normal traps, mentally.

8d782 No.139506

Mine is piss because the first pussy I ever saw was the first one I ever wanted to fuck. I saw it when I walked in on my babysitter standing in the bathtub, bottomless and shoeless and sockless, pissing into my bathtub. She also used to "Train me to hold my bladder longer" by making me drink a lot and hold my piss in for hours, she'd hold me on the bathroom floor and watch me squirm. After a while, she started doing it, too. When we were "both at our limits"(When I was at my limit and she felt like joining in, which she only did if I "Earned it" by holding on for long enough), we'd get in the bathtub and pee together. It was the hottest shit. I miss it, but I know I could never tell any wife I had about something like this. So I won't. It's something for my private weekly fap sessions.

Your kink is Sissyfication because being a modern man is suffering. Suffering with no reward. Being a woman is easier. You know it, and wish you could regress and become a little boy or little girl, mothered by a beautiful motherly woman who'd take care of all your needs and urges. It's shameful, and you don't want to live in a world where men are discouraged from being men by the jews, and stupider easier-to-fool women are discouraged from wanting men worth a damn by the jews, but here you are. The only solution to the jew problem is jew removal. But until then…

We aren't what we fap to. As long as we can still enjoy regular porn and our own imaginations, we haven't degenerated into full-on porn-addicted desensitized soyboy cucks yet.

8d782 No.139508

An official /MLPOL/ no-fap or "Fap to our waifus only" would be good for us. I'm on day 6/90 of nofap.

ccc05 No.139522

We have a 1 year old. We're working hard to raise him right. You work hard too mate. We'll all make it one day!

bb9f8 No.139525

No fap will only give you blue balls.
To actually stop masturbation, you have to either stop being exposed to erotism or just control that part of your brain that finds things erotic in the first place, so that you control whenever or not you want to be excited by something.
I don't really have a tutorial on this but you need to be able to see two people having sex, or horsepussy or whatever else whitout feeling excited, then, you will have no need to fap anymore.

ccc05 No.139528

made properly a tomboy is perfect
made incorrectly…. see >>139496

0a8f7 No.139532

Most I am not very ashamed of I will list in them based upon shame value.

least shameful: lactation, impregnation, goth, green skins (orcs, goblins, etc. Must be Male human on female green skin), monster girls in general (mostly centaur and dullahan), blind girls, I really fucking love pubic hair, and I have strange attraction to blondes with green eyes and always have

not very shameful: loli, incest, and furry (im impartial mostly to fur it just all depends on the art)

shameful: bestiality

bb9f8 No.139546

File: 1523471063539.jpg (1.86 MB, 1580x2238, 11111111111111.jpg)

I regret nothing.
I just gave up on porn by now, i like breasts tho

bcdbe No.139555

I crossed this like you did one day at /mlp/.
I lost the original tho. It would be good to have it and cross whatever we aren't into.
Plus, it helps because i wouldn't have to remember all the fetishes i earned through the years

8d782 No.139585

Thank you for blocking out the worst ones. Where did you find this?

bb9f8 No.139587

File: 1523483148558.jpg (1.19 MB, 1580x2238, 900.jpg)

Ah i have it right here
I, i was just crossing the ones i didn't actually used to watch

7f475 No.139594

File: 1523485368684-0.jpg (601.6 KB, 964x1280, 1339249715.stilettopink_ki….jpg)

File: 1523485368684-1.jpg (696.46 KB, 964x1280, 1339326170.stilettopink_ki….jpg)

File: 1523485368684-2.jpg (597.57 KB, 964x1280, 1339421505.stilettopink_ki….jpg)

Stuff like this makes me diamonds.

c78dc No.139596

i jack it to pics of irl horses 5 times per day

8d782 No.139642

Sure, I believe you. That's a reasonable thing for a human to do.
By the way, the fuck is "Sacred Geometry"? A pyramid assfucking the golden rectangle?

8d782 No.139643

Sure, I believe you. That's a reasonable thing for a human to do.
By the way, the fuck is "Sacred Geometry"? A pyramid assfucking the golden rectangle?
Reminds me of that weird Pokemon transformation shit that Deviantart "Pokeumans" group was into.

ab1c8 No.139644

I assume it's gibberish or a meme, the ones near the bottom usually are.

9657a No.139646

MLP on the same level as burn victims, amputees, casatration, live burial and breast ironing?

82273 No.139649

To the average normalfag mlp is around the same level as furry, if not worse. Pony is better then the likes of castration but not a whole lot.

80b5f No.139653

I dunno, man. That's a hell of a claim.

82273 No.139660

Do you have a counter claim?

d2609 No.139668

File: 1523499095410-0.png (537.99 KB, 1328x1214, Cum_Incest_Shining_Sparkle….png)

File: 1523499095410-1.png (121.2 KB, 1280x853, Cum_Incest_Shining_Sparkle….png)

File: 1523499095410-2.png (388.34 KB, 1280x720, Cum_Incest_Shining_Sparkle….png)

File: 1523499095410-3.png (337.74 KB, 868x693, 474950__twilight sparkle_e….png)

File: 1523499095410-4.png (109.29 KB, 859x900, 407772__twilight sparkle_e….png)

Sure, I got one: mutilation is nowhere near the same level as cartoon poners fucking.

Unless you take pony to include everything from pics of consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation to necrophiliac foal rape and torture. But in that case you'd have to lump castration in with regular porn to stay consistent, and I don't think anyone would actually try to make that case.


d36fc No.139706

Not to mention that thing had blindness, knife play, subdermal implants, vore, torture, rape, donkey punching, and *SNUFF* higher on the list than plushophilia and MLP stuff.

Pretty biased tbh. I'm not even into plushes but seriously?

8c14e No.139710

File: 1523506341359.jpg (463.2 KB, 960x1280, IMG_0860.jpg)

japanese bukakke porn.
i can't help myself….
white cock of justice,
loves to paint faces
all part of my plan
: )

94eec No.139713

Incest is a degenerate tool used by jewISH parasites to subvert the philia of a culture.

880d9 No.139721

File: 1523508139474.jpg (3.81 MB, 5312x2988, 20180409_051848.jpg)

Are you fucking crazy? Why would you dox yourself?

ab1c8 No.139723

it's probably because he isn't even a real anon. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few mental defects, either.

d36fc No.139727

629cc No.139729

Vore, rather addicted to it for a while, cause I was fed up with sex barely turning me on. To be frank my main turn on for years was eating girls out and that is basically "vore lite". Got deeper and deeper into it till I mastered it, now i'm bored of it and want a IRL girl or something new to enjoy. I never asked for these dumb fetishes but they stop me from dating normie girls.

629cc No.139730

Oh and to add iciing on the cake, i've been attracted to humanized animal chars and vore and other creepy fetishes since before I knew what sex was. No psychiatrist believes me when I tell them this but it's fucking true. I repressed it from 2002-2011 then smoking weed looking for porn on paws.ru and shit I found hot bat characters in vore and jerked off to it. Was fun but thinking back I got exactly what I wanted… the "tulpa" of sorts that'd do that. Now I dont want it at all and want the real person.

572db No.139744

File: 1523512570365-0.png (87.58 KB, 500x554, 449113__twilight sparkle_s….png)

File: 1523512570365-1.jpg (87.01 KB, 1000x800, 512849__explicit_straight_….jpg)

File: 1523512570365-2.png (1.24 MB, 2763x2172, 1568907.png)

File: 1523512570365-3.png (1.1 MB, 4000x4000, 1610341.png)

File: 1523512570365-4.png (1.05 MB, 3100x2384, Dad_Incest_Mom_Sparkle_Twi….png)

Y-you too…

69db2 No.139756

Shit that takes me back.
Watching old Disney shows introduced me to furry porn.
Honestly I'm thankful for it because I don't even like "real porn" which is mostly degenerate as fuck anyway.

94eec No.139762

You are a disgusting shekel-loving slave. You are a degenerate whom is worse than the blackest of niggers, you are unworthy of gassing.

d36fc No.139766

Other than gay/race-mixing, I don't care much about people's taste in 3DPD porn.

69db2 No.139767

Shit just doesn't turn me on, there's no intimacy.
It's always just the same cock hungry sluts or perverted guys. I want it to seem like these people or characters love each other, godsdamn.
You know if you think about it, we've all got incest in our family tree somewhere. I'm not talking distant cousins or anything.
Somewhere along the line, one of your ancestors probably banged his sister.

03306 No.139768

File: 1523518499653.jpg (44.54 KB, 441x420, 33351.jpg)

Pick a fetish, any fetish, chances are I've blown my load to it at least once. I've been ashamed of most of them for years, fought depression for having them and I've tried numerous times to get rid of the more disgusting ones, but every god damned time one or more come roaring back. It's an ongoing struggle and I find that the best way to live with myself is to keep trying to get rid of them, and to never act on them outside of fantasy.

Fetishes are a terrifying thing to behold, porn is a terrifying thing, the slippery slope is absolutely real because every time you jerk it to something, you're conditioning yourself to respond to it over time while simultaneously building up a resistance to it so you have to seek out more extreme shit.

d36fc No.139771

That's why I like textual stuff so much more. You're in their heads, you feel what they feel, you know why they do what they do.

You just can't get it with real life porn these days.

629cc No.139772

I'm very rarely attracted to humans, mostly because humans lack the diversity in colors with the exception of europeans. I find the color brown really unappaling and the majority of humans are brown. Thats why people often mock me "what you dont like your own kind" I ONLY like europeans and usually women with blonde hair or red hair or blue or green eyes. What annoys me is I've ALWAYS been this way and never grew out of it.

fab12 No.139774

File: 1523519360644.jpg (70.89 KB, 600x600, Blank _13fb00dd6e1aa00d2d5….jpg)

God damnit, this is pretty much me. Not exactly, but very close. I've gone too deep, and have fucking multiple pony waifus. I've jacked off to them digesting, torturing, raping, and executing each other. I know they're not real, but whenever I do that it hurts on the inside, man. The characters would never do that to each other, but Christ. It gets my dick hard and my heart broken. Help.

d36fc No.139776

I knew someone who was into extreme slob I'm talking scat, sweat, excessive body hair, health issues, the whole package and he said the exact same thing when he said he fapped to a fat slob version of Hollyhock from Bojack Horseman.

572db No.139780

File: 1523523599402-0.png (1.75 MB, 1600x1813, 1501766727914.png)

File: 1523523599402-1.png (289.84 KB, 760x728, AJ_Apple_Cum_Incest_Mac_6.png)

File: 1523523599402-2.png (734.18 KB, 1250x945, Incest_Mom_Sparkle_Twi_1.png)

File: 1523523599402-3.png (412.87 KB, 1046x890, Incest_shining_Sparkle_Twi….png)

File: 1523523599402-4.png (2.25 MB, 5079x2644, AB_AJ_Apple_Foal_Group_Inc….png)


69db2 No.139781

File: 1523524386267-0.png (282.98 KB, 1000x1000, 01.png)

File: 1523524386267-1.png (251.79 KB, 1000x1000, 02.png)

File: 1523524386267-2.png (217.31 KB, 1000x1000, 03.png)

I'm usually a visual kind of person, but even shitty fanfics are better than porn.
I usually just go find a doujin whenever the urge arises. Plenty of fetish material in those, too.
Sounds personal, have some bad incest experiences there, anon?

b6480 No.139841

File: 1523559698373.gif (14.16 KB, 964x597, GoldenRatio.gif)

It's an abstract level of "porn"
Ever got an erection from how good the golden ratio was being applied at a certain picture?

b6480 No.139843

File: 1523559829316-0.jpg (75.49 KB, 600x857, ren07.jpg)

File: 1523559829316-1.jpg (57.98 KB, 600x857, ren08.jpg)

b6480 No.139847

Maybe he's trolling
in any ways I do hope kiwis never find him

f5472 No.139889


72bc9 No.139896

File: 1523573863120-0.png (798.33 KB, 1200x1000, 1503593__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1523573863120-1.gif (449.86 KB, 600x300, qK68wnD.gif)

File: 1523573863120-2.png (880.51 KB, 1849x2834, luftkrieg_lewd-.png)

File: 1523573863120-3.jpg (1014.79 KB, 2295x2832, jne4IZm.jpg)

File: 1523573863120-4.png (452.09 KB, 1400x973, 63_Aryanne_fucking_Kyrie_w….png)

I guess I can throw my head into this thread, I really like incest but mostly within the fetish I really, really like a lot of twincest. And one with that I also like a lot of selfcest. I like similar looking characters having sex with each other especially when it comes to Aryanne, I really love seeing a lot of Aryanne X Kyrie stuff. I know a lot of people on here will bash me for that, but I don't really mine, I want to be civil about that's all. I also like futa on femmale lot too and I do like foalcon. but other than that I feel like my other kinks are just vanilla kinks, nothing hardcore at all.

f1fe0 No.139901

Calm down, Johnny Joestar.

post examples to prove you aren't bullshitting me

f1fe0 No.139902

You wish you loved yourself as much as these ponies love themselves.

The solution is to exercise and create more art, so you can be proud of yourself and what you do with your time.

72bc9 No.139911

Ay thanks man, I really do need to get off my ass and practice drawing.

a0fc9 No.139920

Tentacles and creampies.

Insult me as you please.

f1fe0 No.139926

Tentacles were literally "I'm too shy and sensitive for cocks" before any other type of sex or fetish was invented. See: The origin of tentacle porn, Japanese writers who wanted to draw porn even though drawing a cock entering any orfice was illegal.

Creampies isn't a fetish, you just want to blow your load in a woman. You're insecure about how much load you could blow in such a scenario, so filling her like a turkey or donut gets you off.

f1fe0 No.139928

You heard me. Your fetishes aren't indicative of anything other than a deep-seated desire to fuck a woman and fill her with seed.

You'd be normal, if you weren't trying to pass these off as "Controversial fetishes" in this thread like you think this is fucking r/roastme.

You're a fucking normalfag.

7cac4 No.139929

File: 1523580096751.png (412.15 KB, 2772x3375, 1511047__safe_artist-colon….png)

>What is your most shameful kink
>How kiked is fetish culture
My mom circumcising me.

82273 No.139936

File: 1523580727063.png (250.71 KB, 746x682, Oy Vey Dashie.png)


7cac4 No.139949

File: 1523582727096.png (1.85 MB, 2129x2086, 1571011 sfw edit.png)

It's a really gross, shameful kink.

>and how do you live with yourself while having it
I'm making this into a confession. Back when I was an amphetamine addict and would masturbate for 72 hours straight while tweaking out of my mind, this was one of the main fantasies.

I'm now eight months clean and thank God, no longer in that disgusting behavior or mind-state. I feel sick thinking about it.

d780b No.140052

File: 1523620501624.png (626.32 KB, 566x564, BuVWp4pIIAAh6m2.png)

Sorry it took a while to find something worthy
I recall some pictures, but well, I can't find shit, captain.
It just triggers my autism really hard when someone accidentally gets the golden ratio just right.

87b6a No.140057

File: 1523622676045.jpg (295.94 KB, 1314x2443, __teresa_musuko_ga_kawaiku….jpg)


I qualify as Creep with a splash of Degenerate.

55247 No.140257

Also watersports and foalcon

I don't worry much about it, and I accept that it's something I enjoy.

Intimacy and affection are important to me as well.

3c96f No.140334

Ascended here, don’t worry you’ll get here eventually.
Golden ratio really is sexy.

f1fe0 No.140336

You want to partake in another's bodily fluids, something you consider the most intimate act of all because it's usually such a private thing.

55247 No.140346

Yeah, that's pretty close.

0d1b4 No.140354

Being real here, isn't foalcon just socially acceptable pedophilia? If not, what makes it different?

46e34 No.140360

The same as with 2D women. It's a hyper-idealised fictional fantasy. The motivations are there, but there's a disconnect.

0d1b4 No.140365

What's the motivations then. Help me understand.

2f1fc No.140367

File: 1523654873896-0.png (466.42 KB, 600x730, e6c2b344b885db538b5721d7bc….png)

File: 1523654873896-1.jpg (70.3 KB, 800x539, 59f6a19b01004e72a8ccb83777….jpg)

File: 1523654873896-2.png (647.74 KB, 1520x1392, 3e2c8d1db1af6ef4f0f3b6ce09….png)

There is nothing wrong with showing love to your mother…
Or sister.
You're the degenerate for not loving your family.

82e77 No.140373

I guess? Depends how you wanna look at it. Depends on where you are coming from on the issue and how you think of the foals. Is pedo below 18 or some other criteria? How young are the foals? Their age is pretty ambiguous.

TL;DR, yes

82273 No.140386

Yes, though some have their excuses. Anonfilly tries to skirt the line for example.

f50db No.140421

Easy there, Feud.
You are forgetting what little we have left from society.

572db No.140681

File: 1523677651594-0.jpg (502.28 KB, 800x926, AJ_Apple_Incest_Mac_9.jpg)

File: 1523677651594-1.png (164.42 KB, 1488x1282, 329125__twilight sparkle_s….png)

File: 1523677651594-2.png (1.14 MB, 1221x1024, large.png)

File: 1523677651594-3.png (454.44 KB, 681x829, Incest_shining_Sparkle_Twi….png)

File: 1523677651594-4.jpg (124.25 KB, 1191x670, Derpy_Dinky_foal_1.jpg)


ed05b No.140706

File: 1523683349828.jpg (29.86 KB, 940x555, discus-thrower.jpg)

>not getting a f-list
>not visiting the rooms that participate in X fetish
>not seeing the depths of depravity and animalistic hunger you'd fall into if you'd indulge it
>not bathing in the filth until you've had enough of it for several lifetimes
There is nothing positive about fetishes. Nothing to excuse them. They are primal urges manifested as weakness. Rid yourself of them, or become their slave.

90034 No.141099

File: 1523846694533.png (451.26 KB, 761x893, 65456765456.png)

first thing I fapped to was some generic Russian "rape" porn. Ever since then rape has been the primary thing I masturbate to. I grew up really innocent and straight edge but what turned me was some fat nigger teacher raped a girl I liked at my technical school. That was always my biggest fear and it actually happened. Yes I went to the police, but all that happened was he got fired.

that must be really great. I don't think I could ever allow myself to get close to anyone ever again though.

d36fc No.141103

Jesus man. That really fucking sucks. You should have taken matters into your own hands, but of course if you did that you'd probably get life in jail even if you just knocked one of his teeth out.

3acd8 No.141111

>Socially Acceptable
I wouldn't go that far.
Check em'.
No but seriously, get help. I can't even bear looking at that stuff for a minute.
>slippery slope
What you fap you will become.
Jesus. That's gross.

90034 No.141113

Nobody actually knew who did it until he was fired. The school was keeping it on the down low to avoid bad press. The whole thing really warped me. It was way heavier than I was ready to deal with and I haven't been able to really talk about it with anyone. It's been almost 10 years.

d36fc No.141114

Ten years…oof.

b84a4 No.141136

File: 1523859887014.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.72 KB, 569x723, 1523803748010.jpg)

That sucks lad.

d36fc No.141143



e1088 No.141144

File: 1523862213228.jpg (75.25 KB, 440x660, 1463551003174.jpg)

Fuck, this is the reason I hope there is an afterlife and some proper judgement at the end. That nigger don't deserve anything good.

d36fc No.141150

This. It's one of the roughest blackpills for the non-religious: these kinds of people can only be given one death penalty, or a few decades in prison. It is unjustice embodied.

781f6 No.141154

Take me away Maud

69db2 No.141182

Too busy resisting the urge to throw up whenever I think about it happening to me to care about other people dying, anon.

d36fc No.141213

Still, it shouldn't have happened and the person who perpetrated it deserves to have his head on a spear.

36b52 No.141258

File: 1523915119067.png (108.11 KB, 1400x1500, 1433486__safe_artist-colon….png)

The only correct option is to excise the fetish from your system. Fetishes are degenerate, 100%. Fetishes operate just like drugs, as well. Look to the furry community to see this in action, how they fall deeper and deeper into harder and more depraved things because that "gateway" fetish doesn't do it enough anymore. Make a conscientious effort to remove fetishes from your life. You know pedowood? That's the bottom of the rabbit hole.

You belong in an oven.

>It sucks like hell that there's nowhere you can really go online where you can both be a moral person and a degenerate.
It's almost like those are mutually exclusive ideals.

Never thought I'd see the day where /mlpol/ revealed pedos among our ranks. This thread has done nothing but disappointed me. /mlpol/ of all places, I'd have expected a reasonable level of anti-degeneracy, yet it's like I walked into a furry chat. I'm 100% expecting some angry response already, asking me to "prove myself" to be "pure" as if I haven't had that song and dance before, haven't dealt with that cancer. As if one needs to be perfect to say anything against degeneracy. Textbook purity spiral fallacy. Improve yourselves, degenerates. A man who copulates with a real world horse would be less degenerate than you. Consider the ramifications of that.

Foals are horse children. What do you think? It's the same shit with "loli" and whatever the male equivalent, all given the excuses of "oh it's drawings so it's not real". There are obvious biological differences considering the equine species and when they're the equivalent of the human 18 years old, but at the end of the day the situation is no different.

b300e No.141277

File: 1523918180870.jpeg (5.98 KB, 300x168, descarga.jpeg)

Well, we all have different backgrounds, of course some of us will be a little south of sanity.
Whoever wants to fix himself, let him do it, whoever who bathes on his fetish, make sure he doesn't promotes such fetish and as long as no one is hurt, is there really a problem?
I mean, If Anon understands why he should be ashamed, he will not teach it to their child.

4cc0f No.141278

File: 1523918326602.jpg (134.46 KB, 826x786, 1505105890843.jpg)

>expecting minimal degeneracy on /mlpol/
A-Anon, I…

6e549 No.141280

Luigi here is right, why do you revel in your kinks instead of try to overcome them? It can be done.

16ac4 No.141286

>Never thought I'd see the day where /mlpol/ revealed pedos among our ranks.
We do have anonfilly refugees among us now.

3484d No.141513

File: 1523949272243.png (129.06 KB, 707x682, 1488228702089.png)


87b6a No.141534

File: 1523966948814.png (1.35 MB, 1000x1407, __g41_girls_frontline_draw….png)


I agree with you on the priciple that the glorification of sexual degeneracy is wrong, Anon. Perhaps MLPOL is just a bad platform for this argument since we have build our foundation on horse erotica.

However, this is, mostly, not pornography with real humans. People naturally have abnormal preferences regardless if they are publicly vocal about it or not. The act of sitting in fron of a computer and stimulating your genitals is always the same. People might as well read ikea catalogues and jack off to pictures of furniture. Internet just makes pornography more readyly accessable.

As long as this only involves one person and fictional characters I genuinely do not think that anyone is getting really hurt except maybe some moral standards.

0755c No.141536

>I wish I were a tree
Fluttershy confirmed for ascended degenerate.

e1088 No.141542

File: 1523969796469.gif (2.41 MB, 992x950, 1498883541537-0.gif)

lol, it is often the quiet ones that have the most perverted fantasies

63414 No.141550

The fuck is gunging and "Henshin emergency"?

87b6a No.141553

File: 1523972516212.jpg (369.61 KB, 1080x1527, __tirpitz_azur_lane_drawn_….jpg)


i dont think most of the fetishes on the lower half of the chart actually exist, and if they do they are probably exaggerated.

0db53 No.141557

File: 1523973554248.jpg (199.62 KB, 703x1024, 8c6bae0b90e5cadf7482afde3e….jpg)

Henshin its quite a dark manga
>Pic related is page 2 believe

e8362 No.141559

I like horse pussy.

e8362 No.141564

I also like 2d anime bitches.

d36fc No.141688

>calling >139448 a pedo
>Breeding at an early age isn't a bad thing, so long as the female isn't in an overly early stage of development."
>"Preteen girls are not yet ready to have kids, and shouldn't be pressured to no matter how close to heart a culture may hold the 14 words."

Mate. I dunno how to say this, but you might be a little bit far-gone

d36fc No.141691

Followup after rereading and seeing the replies
>"I'm 100% expecting some angry response already, asking me to "prove myself" to be "pure" as if I haven't had that song and dance before, haven't dealt with that cancer. As if one needs to be perfect to say anything against degeneracy. Textbook purity spiral fallacy."
>Nobody responding says anything even remotely close to that; everyone's either live-and-let-live, keep-it-in-the-closet types like >>141277 , agreeing with your general point, or just stating the fact that /mlpol/, a board with one-half people who fantasize about fucking 2D horses, isn't exactly the most pure place on the channernet

I think that most of what you say of others may be projection. You seem extremely insecure about yourself to be this super-sensitive about taboos.

5e5b0 No.141693

File: 1524007113152.jpg (59.99 KB, 1920x1080, Luna is not pleased.jpg)

Stop your damn moralizing. No one can stop you from fetishizing whatever anyways, so stop don't force society and every member in it to be accepting of it. We get enough of this crusading from the gays and the the trannies, I don't need it on my wholesome pony board

d36fc No.141703

>Make a thread focused entirely on the admission of kinks and potential moral improvement
>Someone comes in to moralize and demand everyone to not only not be out in public with their fetishes but excise all kinks regardless of whether they stay in their fetish circles
>reply to the OP to stop moralizing

eee18 No.141720

I have some general thoughts on this which I will now proceed to ramble about in a wall of text. Don't mind me.

I think degenerate behavior and sexual fetishes are something that has always existed and always will exist, and it's a futile effort to think it can be eradicated or bred out of the population somehow. However that's not to say that everything should just be tolerated because it's going to exist regardless. Social policy needs to take both the human ideal and human nature as it exists into account. I look at it like this: everybody eats, and everybody shits. There's an appropriate time and place to do both. Most societies excluding India handle this by having an exclusive room where shitting is to take place. It is small, private, and usually located somewhere discreet where people don't notice it, although everyone knows its there.

It should be the same with abnormal sexual behavior. Obviously there are some practices like pedophila and rape that society can't really be expected to put up with at all, but I think the majority of perversions can be safely confined to dark areas out of the public view and society would still be fine. This is how most societies have existed throughout history. The main thing that irritates me about the left is not so much that they are okay with practices like homosexuality and gender bending, it's that they think these practices need to be celebrated and embraced by everyone so that the practitioners don't feel "discriminated" against. Gays and trannies don't need to be exterminated, but they should stay in the closet; they should understand and accept that their lifestyles are deviant practices that cannot and should not be normalized, and in return they should be permitted to discreetly practice them without persecution as long as they don't overstep their bounds. If you want to fuck a horse and you own the horse, and you do it some place where nobody is forced to acknowledge that it's happening, then have fun I guess.

Eat in the dining room, shit in the bathroom I guess is my view.unless you're in India

c30bf No.141788

Just throwing myself in.

Yeah, I get off to sound. I like the small sounds, the hard sounds. I love sound all the way from just brushing against my ear to doing a hard and fast sound of anything really. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be sexual for me. Just getting a virtual haircut is enough to get my rocks off.

I can’t stand female voices though, unless she is heavenly I can’t do it. It has to be male voices, male grunts, male sighs, male everything. Even just the small breaths they make if they are doing an action and it accidentally slips out, I love it.

One of my favorite ASMR videos is where you’re captured and interrogated for information with all these tools and such being used to trigger your ASMR. Masterbating to that but stopping before cumming when he stops and switches to something else, all the while talking and demanding from me the information…

Cum denial is really hot to be honest. But yeah, sound. I love sound.

69db2 No.141789

I meant the whole "They can't die multiple times"
Once they're dead, that's good enough for me.
No need for eternal torment or the like.

d36fc No.141791

Still, twice or three times would be nice…

744d0 No.141872

You're literally on the board of misfit politicals. What did you expect? You're also in a private setting, this thread, where people were specifically asked to admit to the fetishes they hold.

>muh pedos

Dunno, Mario. No one talking about raping little kids but you. If they're old enough to breed, what's the harm? They can't consent? So someone else makes their descisions for them. If their steward decides they should marry off and have kids, then what's the problem? Isn't that the way things should be? Or is there something inherently wrong with sex? It seems that's not the case, since no one bats an eye at two 15-year-olds having sex (even though they are both too stupid to make that descision on their own?).

8c1d4 No.141873

It's because hearing is the only sense the internet can directly affect besides vision. And if you close your eyes, you can almost hear that weird shit right in your ear. Women slut their videos up, throw cutesy-shit voices or low-whore voices around, they just aren't as authentic as male voices, are they?
That's the line of logic that'd led to children getting sold as sex slaves in Islamic countries. Get the fuck off my board.

4afd8 No.141875

File: 1524101011452.png (Spoiler Image, 139.64 KB, 900x900, 9088945647.png)

My worst wank was to pony porn here on the porn thread. I know on here its not degenerate, or maybe it is I don't know, up to you all but I don't look at porn very often. Pls don't kill

But if we are talking about what fetishes we have that is degenerate to have then the main fetish I have is tights/stockings/longs socks fetish but I got that way before I started going on the internet. Pretty tame fetish though compared to the other stuff around and arguably normal and not too degenerate? also I wear tights sometimes but fuck it if Spanish Conquistadors and the majority of men back in the Renaissance did then it wouldn't hurt if I did it in private without anyone knowing r-r-right??? I don't do that drag dressing shit though, that is full out degenerate

744d0 No.141877

Okay, I'll accept that. Then what is the point of age of consent? What is the logic behind it? Is it a matter of "some people suck, so we will forbid thing across the board?" Is that a good idea?

df8f8 No.141878

Homo pones and Permanent Bondage

c30bf No.141931

Exactly. Women do shit tier voices and it annoys me to no end. Very few can actually get me to stay interested. The men usually have very soothing voices or know to shut up and only do the other sounds.

I hate how so much of ASMR is women just making a stupid voice in a mic and calling it a day. If I'm gonna masterbate to someone brushing my hair, tapping on glass, a clock ticking or having ear surgery then I better not hear a fucking word out of your mouth unless it is to heighten and make the experience sweeter. Is it so wrong I want some quality to my porn?

d36fc No.142049

Not into ASMR as a kink thing but I'll admit female ASMR with excessive rambling is probably the most grating to me.

93cb9 No.142077

Are you seriously claiming the current age of consent is "You can't have steak because a baby can't chew it"?

We have that for a reason. It was 10, but kids younger than 10 were being sold as sex toys and sex slaves. So it was raised to 16, because it's harder to pass a seven year old off as a 16 year old. Then some countries raised it to 18 because it normalizes not having children until you're over 25.

ca52a No.142098


Bah. Just set the age of consent at 14 and give human trafficking the death penalty.

b8180 No.142103

>>muh pedos
Why the heck do we always jump from horses to children?
You won't eat a green orange for obvious reasons, you shouldn't a child either.

93cb9 No.142104

Pedos are sensitive about their kid-fucking fantasies, aren't they?

Sure, fillies are different from humans, but the second that becomes anthro or human, it becomes a lot more degenerate. Pedofags need to recognize this and stop BAWWWWWing about fursecution and "pedophobia".

93cb9 No.142106

That'd work, but human trafficking should have the death penalty anyway.

ddb1b No.142108

Age of consent is usually age of maturity. Sex before that can royally screw up the psyche of a kid. If it's older on younger it can also be said that the adult is coercing the child. The child is too mentally under developed to handle consent. Pedo is not only morally repugnant, but also pragmatically undesirable.
16. Anything less has adverse effects.
Weird things attract a lot of weird people. The more out there it is, the higher the likelihood of pedos being a part of it. mlp is unfortunately in the weird range.

ca52a No.142112


Thank you. Someone agrees with me on this!


I'd argue that plenty of countries have been just fine with ages of consent around 14 or 15.

ddb1b No.142114

I do not have the research, but 16 always seems to be the most common number. Also something about mental development and contract law. Any particular reason you want the age of consent to be that low?

b8180 No.142115

Age of conscent and what is morally thought as right are two completely different things.
Back in 2015 you could legally have sex with a 13 y/o around here, still everyone would call you a fucking degenerate and you would probably get killed.

0cde9 No.142164

I remember the first 2d porn that ever really got me off, it was a touhou doujin, typical "fool girl into becoming your sex slave shit". I don't think I've sunk very deep into fetishes, the worst I've done is straight furry stuff. Unfortunately, there's probably more furry fetish porn than regular stuff, so I'm bound to fall into worse stuff if I don't get control.

0cde9 No.142166

Tights are hot, but on a man they are not.

d36fc No.142168

>this nigga's never seen medieval knights and explorers who kept /fit/ and rocked their leggings

ed908 No.142177

Overcoming them is perfectly possible.
You (as in, your egos, your conscious minds) is the only one that should be in control of your souls and bodily reactions.

Getting overwhelmed by fetishes, giving in to them is following and feeding a dysfunctional part of yourselves.
It's surrendering. Giving up control.
Control is paramount.

43ec5 No.142449

Get out while you still can.

36b52 No.142694

Poor, poor you. If only you knew how bad things really are. If only you knew how things interact. Life isn't like a sandboxed VM.

>you're far-gone if you're anti-pedo
>le ebin "if you oppose X you're projecting and are actually X" meme
Time to kill yourself fam. Filthy degenerate.

>it's futile just give up nothing matters god isn't real morty
Stop making excuses and better yourself.

>hehe you oppose pedophilia so you must be a pedo
Unironically hang yourself.

fe7b6 No.142711

I like you.

d222c No.142725

File: 1524515643188.jpeg (293.01 KB, 1600x1171, 1408157__explicit_semi-da….jpeg)

Ballbusting. I've never understood the point in spanking and such, but this is about girls going straight to the sensitive bits! It is something so intense that they can't even imagine how much it hurts, and that's what makes it so hot. I especially like it when the girl doesn't even think it's a big deal and treats it like a prank to play on guys, laughing at them "overreacting" to a little thing like that.

It's my most shameful kink because it's something I could do, but I'm too scared about the risk of permanent damage to try anything beyond slapping and squeezing. I'd compare this to women who have rape fantasies - there's no denying it's a bad thing, but that doesn't make it any less hot.

As for the fetish culture, it has two main problems: First, there's so much castration art and stories that until few years ago most people didn't even KNOW there was such a thing as a non-destructive ballbusting fetish. And second, as the fetish always includes male genitals, it's even more appealing to homosexuals and futafags who inexplicably want post their stuff in the same threads as the F/M fans.

d36fc No.142738

It's not the opposition to a moral wrong we're complaining about you illiterate fuckwit. It's the fact you're calling everyone pedophiles, including people who explicitly and in no uncertain terms denounce it. You sound exactly like a closeted faggot getting mad at sodomy as a topic to save face.

12e2b No.142751

I some fucked up kinks (although I have limits), but I'm not particularly ashamed of them. I'm pretty sure that for most people here these kinks wouldn't be something special at all. Usually I don't even need to fulfill them in order to get a sexual satisfaction. sexual satisfaction that is during fapping because >no gf
Some people also think that my sexual issues are damaging to me, but I don't really give a fuck, I just accepted who I am.

Can anyone be ideologically pure? Doubt, highly. But maybe it's just me, since I'm a hypocrite, therefore I think it's safer to just avoid discussing certain issues, especially among people with liberal social views (I got a slating on a server full of faggots and liberals just because my social views are against certain things I do).

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