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File: 1520480240161.png (116.09 KB, 500x750, 194921653.png)

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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.

>What's to be expected?

Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just write, because the guys handling the doc are ded. For artist, animators, and any other, store them in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.

>I don't like this thread because of reasons.

You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Previous thread: >>123247
Whew, my browser was killing me.


that was fast!


The answer is no.


File: 1520480405689.jpg (146.86 KB, 1280x720, 1518388625225.jpg)

Glue, or semen?


>Whew, my browser was killing me.
Stop shitposting on a potato and upgrade to a toaster. Your browsing speed will improve exponentially.


Why not both?


I think it's even hotter to think that filly is playing with the nail jelly of other pones…
Is that too odd of a fetish?


What if I just have a waffle iron?

I like the way you think.


So, should I repost the Futa Filly writefaggotry I made in the last thread, considering I posted it after the thread hit the bump limit?


I'm sure enough people saw it, most of us stick around after the thread hits the limit, or at least I know I do. If you want to continue it, just link to the last post.


File: 1520481005301.png (740.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1520129007077.png)

This was posted in PTFG a little while back. Not sure if it's new content, but I feel it's only appropriate to steal from them regardless.


o shit filly gon dead?


What exactly are you trying to imply?


to me it seemed implied that the mom is taking her son to be euthanized at the vet because he transitioned to a filly


>What if I just have a waffle iron?
Oh shit, you're one of those guys? The only compatible system I can think of would be a printer. You can do some amazing stuff on those. https://youtu.be/XLHx3vO7KJM


File: 1520481710937.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


I wish for you to pee in my mouth.


why did you both write the same thing?


I guess that makes sense, I just saw it as one of those helicopter parents that doesn't want their child to be wrongly influenced by some other kiddo.


File: 1520481824441.png (4.83 KB, 386x386, 1519956425247.png)

Oh you…


How did I know that you were going to post Printer Doom?


File: 1520481917401.png (238.63 KB, 594x612, 1142480__safe_oc_simple ba….png)

I want to torment the filly.


File: 1520481969664.png (319.42 KB, 1068x594, 1519968839447.png)

>Not posting on a modded TI-84
What are you, some kind of brainlet?


>a fucking leaf


File: 1520482018090.png (Spoiler Image, 14.82 KB, 468x509, 1089675432.png)

I want to be tormented as your filly, Leafy.


File: 1520482047171.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 3000x1000, 1671255__explicit_grimdark….png)


File: 1520482138068.jpg (138.25 KB, 1700x1200, Blossomforth-Drunk.jpg)

Does anyone else except for that one Anon hate my recaps?


Hey, hey… glad you're back, buddy.


File: 1520482170556.png (83.73 KB, 280x291, 1515966768385.png)

no u

I don't have a problem with them.


Yes, it is me, not the same Anon as before. Your recaps are bad, and you should feel bad.


File: 1520482238895.png (168.35 KB, 1392x866, 1057257323.png)

I'll have you know…


I don't mind them. It's not like we have limited posts.


File: 1520482399933.png (Spoiler Image, 67.59 KB, 700x700, 1516155847347.png)


My opinion of your recaps are exactly the same as my opinion of you: alright.


File: 1520482410194.png (128.18 KB, 541x500, AnonfillySpilledDrink.png)

I love your recaps, they're almost as good as ancaps.

Also, that picture makes me think of Anonfilly tricking Blossomforth into thinking ponies either don't have alcohol or can't get drunk, thereby getting her rather tipsy.

I find it amusing when ponies get drunk in fanfics,
what can I say?


File: 1520482698217.png (18.11 KB, 719x806, 1507913582452.png)

>go to Equestria as the little pony
>tfw no filly to pee in your mouth
>there is only one option


File: 1520482737381.png (28.65 KB, 550x450, 925439__safe_twilight spar….png)

Purple has taught that Filly well.


Im neutral about them really, but it sure is sice for a overall view of what has happened

Would sugarcubes make filly drunk like other horses or would it be just like eating dem cubes as human?


how do you know that it isn't just filly glaring at purple for knocking over her choccy milk?



File: 1520482855085.gif (639.79 KB, 640x633, 1519186153912.gif)


That s actually Anonfilly's chocolate milk, which he found after <somepony> tipped it over
I mean none of you guys would descend to such levels of evil would you?
Lone15 please dont answer


but why would all the writefags hate each other?


File: 1520483013113.png (286.23 KB, 1200x722, 19658712.png)



File: 1520483038349.gif (1.13 MB, 412x337, 1395028__safe_twilight spa….gif)

Thank goodness. I don't think we'd last the day.


Just put it in a cup and drink. It's the same fucking thing.


File: 1520483123657.png (80.19 KB, 999x1103, 1456203061729.png)

I have no strong feelings one way or the other.


>"'`Wrong reply`'"
The mad filly!


I can understand why they wouldn't like (you), but not anyone else.


Now I want a filly version of this video:


Your words hurt, Anon.


I think its a more of a meme, being so extreme and all, i like his stuff tbh


sorry m8, I was joking. I still like your stuff, even if you're the reason that Twilight is no longer my favorite of the mane six.


File: 1520483652516.png (2.06 MB, 5000x3545, 1439244064126.png)

Excuse (You), but it most certainly is not.


If you want filly to pee in your mouth, and you are the only filly, there is only so much you can do. Stop being a bitch and drink your own lemonade.




fuck off, shill


File: 1520483959898.png (1.29 MB, 1600x1200, 1896712532.png)




File: 1520484136754.png (116.12 KB, 645x667, autismfilly.png)

Sorry, sometimes I can't tell if people are kidding or not…


don't be, we're all autists here.


That's cause you're a mentally ill, maladjusted, sociopathic freak.


Get raped by a Paki you pathetic little shit. I'll drink bleach before I visit your slow faggoty general.


File: 1520484399822.png (154.99 KB, 500x750, playing with glue.png)

Transparent test.


A successful test.


It actually wasn't. Filly was trying to make herself invisible so that no one would see her playing with lewd stuff.


File: 1520484537650.png (197.11 KB, 900x699, 1540545__safe_artist-colon….png)

>no old mare anon
why tho


Eh, more on the line of a psychopath, maybe? I like to think I don't act on impulse as much as I plan things out, but I'll let you be the judge.


>old mare anon
You ever read that green where Anon is a gynecologist? That's why.


I need to get everyone's opinion: is Anonmare X Anonfilly pure?


Filly's first gynecology appointment when?


That's extra degenerate.

That would work with Filly's first estrus.


File: 1520484861768.png (297.83 KB, 1330x1500, ColtAndFilly.png)

The purest love is between Anonfilly and Anoncolt.


File: 1520484886612.png (234.39 KB, 2024x1379, 1500015531962.png)

holy shit, fuckin #roasted


"The test results are back, Anon."
"I'm afraid… you have cancer."
>"She is cancer."


File: 1520484929534.jpg (407.05 KB, 1000x723, things.jpg)

She almost make the cum invisible.


I don't have that pic, but somebody needs to post it.


thas fuckin gay.


is a 40-year old dating a 20-year old pure?


File: 1520485005831.png (564.81 KB, 1500x1692, 1506880905438_preview.png)

The leaf knows what's good.


Well, I dunno. You tell me.


File: 1520485037667.png (206.8 KB, 1200x802, interspecies intercourse g….png)


divide by two, multiply by 360 because it's not straight, and divide by the hypotenuse of one of Twilight's vaguely triangular sex toys…


Fillyvag + Coltcock = Not Gay


This helps.


>it's exactly as okay to be a mare with a human girl as it is to be a human guy with a stallion
why does this kinda make sense?

the correct answer is no. Remember, half your age plus seven is the minimum acceptable age!


oh shit, I've never seen this one. when was this?


The Discord already ripped it apart, I'm too lazy to find screenshots of it though.


this was from back on /mlp/ during the time CountryRoads was still around
I miss him…


It's dated for February 4, 2018


I really like that new style ya working on


File: 1520485539852.png (488.85 KB, 1500x1962, anonfilly giving anoncolt ….png)

Anonfilly and Anoncolt is the best


Well it's not the right date. It's from back on /mlp/. Probably a response to someone asking for lewd after seeing the first picture of them together. I know it's old though. I was there, man.


File: 1520485866265-0.png (41.74 KB, 434x319, 1506138258595.png)

File: 1520485866265-1.png (191.93 KB, 744x810, 1516916563250.png)

18+ years thrown out the window to take horsedick, fucking shameful
you already know the purest love
that's why they won the cup


I went digging through the archives and I found where it was first posted http://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/31049944/#31051757
It wasn't a response to anything, but somebody later in the thread posted a pic of what it was evidently based on http://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/31049944/#31052591


File: 1520486089933-0.png (Spoiler Image, 155.93 KB, 800x800, 4cc roster drama word clou….png)

File: 1520486089933-1.png (Spoiler Image, 37.54 KB, 745x218, winter hexed.png)

File: 1520486089933-2.png (Spoiler Image, 7.8 KB, 544x85, 4cc Winter 2018.png)

>spoiler text
you know that isn't the reason


Though results werent solid it was far from a disaster tbh


The success of /mlp/ this winter was mostly luck. The team was a complete mess for many of their matches.


>purest love
come on, anon
we all know that the actual purest love is http://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/31339606/#31369050


File: 1520486484880-0.webm (2.84 MB, 1280x720, 1520211411756.webm)

twi best mom


File: 1520486573078.png (211.24 KB, 830x1043, wtb.png)

but that was an old thing


Did you forget the first match?


File: 1520486690860.jpg (265.34 KB, 1280x720, cursed candyass.jpg)

>The success of /mlp/ this winter was mostly luck.




Do you blame her? She just wanted to help /mlp/ with a goal i doubt that she knows what went wrong
It was also quite hilarious

Is that a llamma filly?


File: 1520486866914.png (990.55 KB, 2367x1909, 1509139307605.png)

>tfw no herd to love and be with
>tfw still all alone




>"Well, we already had two stars and they didn't have one yet! I just wanted to make everyone happy!"
Fucking Candy.


Well, this cup did make for some very funny memes at the very least


File: 1520488009201.png (82.08 KB, 559x600, draweveryday.png)

>Is that a llamma filly?
I guess?


i want to pet the bird filly


>google docs file export is disabled


Alright, fagolas. I'm first for writing again, so I'm setting the standard for the thread. I hope it's not too shit, and I also noticed a pretty big mistake in the pastebin; I forgot an entire block of text that I didn't catch until today. I hope this isn't too shit, and that you all enjoy it. Since it's a new thread too, here's the pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/J4G5FWzM

>holy shit

>first you meet Twilight, then Celestia, then Luna, and now Chrysalis?
>you didn't think it was possible, but now you're even more floored
>does everyone want to meet you?
>being an alien really does have its perks
>only problem is, this is probably going to drag you into some conflict that you honestly have no place in
>but you're already here and you're not getting back out without Chrysalis's help, so you should probably hear her out
"Alright, where is she?"
>"She's in her personal chamber now, but I can lead you to her."
>now completely unsealed from your cocoon, you step out and dust yourself off
"Thanks, it was starting to get stuffy in there. So, quick question, you all aren't going to kill me, or something?"
>Sapphire looks simultaneously amused and offended
>you didn't even know that was an expression
>"Is that what the other ponies have told you about us? We may not have what they have, but we aren't bloodthirsty savages without any higher thinking. We still have thoughts and emotions, regardless of what they say. But to answer your question, no. We aren't going to kill you or something."
"Okay, so I suppose we should get going. If Chrysalis wants to see me, I don't think we should keep her waiting for too long."
>Sapphire gives a curt nod and beckons for you to follow her through a nearby tunnel
>as you two navigate this labyrinth of a hive, you can't help but notice two very distinct things
>the first thing you notice is the architecture
>the architecture looks almost gothic in design, with large ornately carved rooms suspended by large pillars and hallways with high, arched ceilings
>it's impressive how much attention to detail was put into this hive, it puts human architecture to shame
>it almost puts Canterlot to shame, too
>and this is all completely underground!
>as you two move further through the massive complex, you notice the second major thing
>the apparent lack of other changelings
>for such an expansive layout, there's not that many other changelings occupying the space
>in fact, the most you've seen in a single room is about 6
>most of the rooms are completely empty, though
>it's kind of sad to see such an impressive work of art not being used to its full extent
>some of the changelings you see wave to Sapphire and she usually waves back, but far more take notice of you and whisper to whoever's near or just simply watch when it's only them in the room
>however, those events are few and far between
>so, you decide to try to make some small-talk with Sapphire instead
"So, is Sapphire actually your name, or is that just the name you used when under your disguise?"
>she thinks to herself for a second
>probably debating whether or not she should give you an answer
>"It's not my real name. That would be Spinneret."
>oh, bug themes
"That's not a bad name, does that mean Emerald's name isn't actually Emerald too?"
>Spinneret responds almost instantly to this
>"No, Emerald is actually named Emerald. The Shine part was just part of the disguise, though."
>these names and disguises are starting to get confusing
>well, isn't that their job?
>guess that means they're doing it well
"Now that I think about it, where is Emerald?"
>"If she's where I left her, then she's in the upper levels helping with the newest batch of hatchlings. She doesn't usually stay in one place for long though so she could be anywhere by now."
>okay, so your friend, the changeling, is still around here somewhere
>"Did she know about you bringing me with you?"
>"No, she's too young to know about the sensitivity of information. If I had told her, she probably would have told you and caused some problems by doing so. Secrecy and all."
>she's being surprisingly open about things for a spy
"Should you be telling me all this? It seems almost counterintuitive to your job in Ponyville."



>Spinneret raises her eyebrows(?) for a second before responding

>"Under normal circumstances, yes. However, Mother has stated this enough to me before Emerald and I left: these are not normal circumstances anymore. She wants every one of her children and me to make this as hospitable an environment for you as possible."
>huh, is she going to try some mind games on you?
>you should be able to resist it, now that you have an idea of what to expect
>your thoughts are interrupted by a voice from behind you both
>"Hey, Anonymous! Sis didn't tell me she brought you with us, what's going on?"
>you and Spinneret both stop in your tracks and turn around
>you both are greeted by the sight of a changeling filly with the brightest green eyes you've ever seen
>she gets the biggest grin you've ever seen a changeling have as she bounds over to you both
>"It's Emerald! I bet you didn't recognize me without the disguise, didn't you?"
"Honestly, I didn't. I also don't exactly know why I'm here, but I heard Spinneret say that it's because your mother wants to meet me."
>Emerald goes wide-eyed before joining you two on your walk to Chrysalis
>"I knew Mom would like you! I think you're going to like her, too. And I guess now that you're here, wanna know a secret?"
>it's almost funny how nonchalantly Emerald's handling this
>it's almost like she's just a regular filly in a changeling suit
"Sure, go ahead."
>she looks down at the floor before responding
>"I actually wasn't lying about anything I said back in Ponyville except that I was told to make friends. Mom told me to look for you, and to try to become your friend. I hope that doesn't change anything, because I still think you're my friend."
>brutal honesty?
>Spinneret wasn't kidding about the sensitive information part
>well, at least you know you can trust her
"You're still the same filly that became my friend out in that schoolyard, just with a different look. I think it's going to be fine. Twilight might not let you come over any more, though."
>you two both laugh at this, and Spinneret probably rolled her eyes
>you can just barely see her smirk at that remark, judging by what you can see of her face
>"Alright you two, we're almost to Mother's private chamber. Emerald, you stay outside with me. Anonymous, you go inside. Mother's waiting for you."
>eventually you three get to a door at the end of a long hallway guarded by two beefy looking guards
>the one on the left speaks to Spinneret
>"Is this Anonymous?"
>that thing's got a girly voice for such a huge body and stance
>wait, are all of them mares?
>is this like ants and bees, or something?
>it wouldn't be the weirdest thing you've heard of
>"Yes, I assume Mother is waiting?"
>"Yes, she has specified that this is to be a private conversation."
>"As I guessed. Don't worry, I've also informed Emerald about this, we will respect the privacy of our guest and our queen."
>Spinneret moves aside and pulls Emerald with her, beckoning you forward
>as she does this, the two guards move aside
>you step up to the door, and that's when you hesitate
"Am… Am I just supposed to open it?"
>you look back at the others, waiting for an answer
>one of the guards is facehoofing, the other sighs, Emerald's stifling a laugh, and Spinneret just looks disappointed
>"It's a door. Yes, you open it!"
>well, now you just look stupid
"Oh, r-right… Guess I'll j-just…"
>damnit, the stutter's back
>and you were doing so well!
>you open the door to the interior chamber of Chrysalis



>you're not sure what you expected, but it's not too far off

>the space is a bit smaller than the rest of the hive's rooms, and much less ornate
>almost like it wasn't a priority to have this room decorated, and it was just enough to have it to begin with
>there's also some furniture that looks like it was brought from outside the hive
>a couch, a chair, a table, and a small bookshelf overflowing with old-looking books
>the room you're in has a couple doorways to other rooms, too
>one leads to a bathroom and another to an apparent magical projection of the sky outside
>upon closer inspection, there's also a bed in that room
>the third room is the one you see Chrysalis waiting in
>she's standing alone, gazing at some pictures she has mounted on the wall
>as you move to the doorway, you see what's in the pictures
>it looks like a younger Chrysalis sitting with an older changeling queen
>probably her mom
>you don't want to interrupt her, but she has business with you
"You wanted to see me, your highness?"
>she turns around to face you, with a welcoming expression on her face
>"Good evening, Anonymous, my name is Chrysalis. I hope your trip here wasn't too off-putting, Spinneret told me about what measures she took to get you here. I would hate to start off on the wrong hoof with you, seeing as how I went to all this effort just to meet you."
>she's being more polite than you expected, could this actually be genuine?
>then again, changelings are born manipulators
>this could just be her natural choice of action to get somepony to do what she wants
"I suppose it wasn't too bad; I would've appreciated a bit of warning, though. So, what do you need?"
>"First off, I'd like you to take a seat."
>Chrysalis points over to the furniture, and you both take a seat
>trying to be polite, you take the chair and leave her the couch
>after you both are seated, she continues
>"Second, I'd like for you to tell me a bit about yourself."
>you shouldn't tell her the actual truth, you have no way of knowing what she'd do with this knowledge
"I'm a filly from Manehattan who's good enough at her studies to win a chance to study under Princess Twilight Sparkle."
>Chrysalis shakes her head at hearing this before responding
>"I have a suspicion that's not the truth. I apologize if I'm being blunt here, but I'd like to hear who you really are."
>she caught you
>you're not sure you have any other explanation that doesn't sound like complete shit
>you're probably going to have to tell her the truth
"Alright, you caught me. I'm not from here. At all. I'm from an entirely different universe, and I'm not actually a pony. Twilight changed me into this so I could blend in and not cause a panic. I'm actually a 22-year-old human male from a planet called Earth."
>Chrysalis's eyes slowly widen as you give her this explanation
>after you finish, she stands back up and bows in front of you
>"Then I welcome you to the Badlands."
>after she straightens back up and sits back down, she continues
>"That must explain the visit to Canterlot, Celestia was giving you a formal welcome to Equestria. I apologize heavily for any discomfort you've felt on the way here, I didn't know you were this important."
>she was completely in the dark about you being an alien, but she knew about your visit to Canterlot
"Can I ask a question?"
>As many as you like."
"How much did you know about me before today?"
>"I knew that you showed up out of nowhere and that you were in contact with two of the most powerful ponies on this planet, everything else was unknown."
>probably more spies told her this
"Okay, so then why did you want to see me?"
>Chrysalis sighs and looks up for a second
>"I had a gut feeling that you were more important than you looked, and I was right. I wanted to see you because…"
>she pauses, choosing her next words carefully
>she stares you right in the eyes with a somber and slightly desperate expression as she finishes her sentence
>"… Because I need your help."


File: 1520490383061.png (95.73 KB, 1000x638, 1246116.png)

This one?


Why do I feel that anonfilly is going to become a war profiteer?


I'm not really sure, care to elaborate?


A person who sells weapons of war to both sides of a conflict… I think


Ah. I'm not saying anything about my plans, but I will say that I'm planning another alternate scenario soon.


File: 1520493221677.png (423.85 KB, 1204x1737, AnonFilly-CuteChestFluff.png)

And now, a recap, back by absolutely no net demand, a recap!

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G

>You are Anon, a cute green filly with psychic powers.

>About 10 days ago, you were a human, living on Earth.
>When you went to sleep, you woke up in Canterlot Castle, in a body you didn't recognize, in a timeline that doesn't make sense.
>It's a full decade before Nightmare Moon is supposed to return, but you've already had to deal with a changeling infiltration while staying with Twilight and family, and now you're all living in Ponyville as part of an Equestrian witness protection program.
>To make things crazier, you're not the only filly who used to be a human.
>Thus far, Twilight, Lyra, and a new filly you just met named Blossomforth (or Hannah as she'd prefer to be called) all have stories similar to yours - human one day, pony the next.
>Fortunately, they all make good friends, and the level of craziness in your life seems to be on the downturn lately.
>You are right now finishing up breakfast with Blossomforth, about to head outside to become a guinea pig for one of Twilight's spells.


Kind of difficult to make that sort of argument while Princess Cadance is sitting right across from her with a hangover, and her head face-planted into a sticky pile of pancakes.


I do love these.


>"a recap" is repeated: once at the beginning of the sentence, once at the end
I'm not sure whether this is a mistake or it's meant to be a joke


File: 1520497175651.png (1.01 MB, 1887x3000, Twilight-TongueOut.png)

You're quick to excuse yourself from the table. While Blossom may still be interested in pestering the adorable pink princess sitting across from her at the table, you recognize a bad hangover when you see it. Cadance's face is literally buried in her pancakes, with some of the apple-pear jam starting to get into her hair. At this point, you're almost starting to feel sorry for her. Almost. Still not enough to drag your new friend away from her chance to meet a REAL pretty pink pony princess.

Twilight, however, has a bit more sympathy, and proceeds to drag Blossom away from the table as soon as she finishes up the last bite of her pancakes. She at least permits her to ask more questions as soon as the day's work is up.

The three of you head outside, and Blossom quickly sets about grabbing as many clouds for you as possible. Within half an hour, she manages to disassemble a large rain cloud and converts it into a series of platforms leading up to a single giant cloud. Once the preparations are in place, Twilight begins casting.

To your displeasure, she first casts the spell on herself, and takes a step onto the cloud. Once she sees that it's safe, she casts the spell a second time, and you feel as though you're a little bit lighter. She motions for you to join her, and so you step up and place your hooves onto the cloud.

You're not sure what would be the best way to describe the sensation. In a way, standing on a cloud is kind of like standing barefoot in sand. Or perhaps it's like snow, but not nearly as cold. It's certainly solid enough that you don't think you're going to sink through it, but you can nonetheless feel the soft wisps of cloud matter pooling over your hooves. Definitely a feeling you'd like to try some more. Unfortunately, it's not so solid that you'd be able to fly it around so easily like a skateboard. Perhaps you will have to find some other way to imitate Goku while in Equestria.

Twilight flashes you a wide grin.

>"Hey, race you to the top!"



It was a mistake, now it's a joke.


Channel your inner Pinkie Pie and hop, skip and jump to the top. 1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]


i hope that those 10 of my dudes will enjoy this gay shit as much as i did writing it

>You wake up from a particularly lewd dream.

>You don't actually remember the specifics, but you do remember Luna's face.
>Good thing you won't be meeting her any time soon, but if anything, it was her fault for checking.
>Also, you figure that lewd dreams would be normal around here, not like the ponies around here are THAT pure.
>…Or are they?
>Not like you'd know, you spend all your time with the most impure one.
>Speak of the filly, you notice her poofy black mane stir a little.
>-She also drooled on your chest.
>You gently reach your hands lower, a palm finding her back, and pet along her coat.
>Another goes for her ears, tenderly rubbing them as she smirks.
>She sleeps peacefully, but it doesn't take long until her eyelashes flutter up.
>The second her gaze finds yours, her face brightens some more.
>"Well hey, I was just dreaming about this."
>She scoots up closer to you, resting the side of her head under your neck.
>You hear her take a long, deep inhale.
>Your petting remains slow, but now that she's awake you move it towards a more tender rubbing.
>You know she loves them rubbins.
>"Mmm… Though, there was once difference in it."
>Slowly picking her head up, she closes the gap to be face to face with you.
>You brush the few locks of mane out of her eyes, letting the bright green orbs greet you in all their stunning beauty.
>Without a warning, she presses her mouth against yours.
>Almost immediately, she pushes it a step further, feeling something wet and warm against your lips.
>Alright, well today is already off to a good start.
>Holding her back and head, you reciprocate her advances, tangling your tongue with hers and smacking your lips occasionally.
>You both breathe from your mouths, sharing each other's air.
>It's intoxicating, every time.
>Before you part, you make sure to really mix your saliva together, leaving that line that you always see and read about in shit.
>You know it's one of the things she likes.
>She smiles, red in the cheeks and flashing you a pair of bedroom eyes before going back for another quick peck.
>"So, do you remember what today is?"
>You take a moment to pretend you're thinking.
"Hump day?"
>She frowns, then pauses.
>"Huh, well that IS true too."
>Her frown turns into a small, hurt pout.
>"But do you really not remember?"
>Another pause.
"…Can't say I do. All that I know is that it's a Wednesday…"
>Her ears fall.
"-And the day that I met a certain beautiful little filly, some three years ago."
>Her ears pick up again with a grin.
>Seeing that smile will never get old to you.
>"God, you're such a cheesy faggot."
>You ruffle her mane, getting a good look at her cute face as her tongue sticks out in a smirk.
>She purrs, her expression becoming sultry.
>"Sooo, are we gonna start this morning off right? Celebrate hump day a little?~"
"I couldn't think of anything better."
>With a squee, she stands on your chest and slowly spins around.
>Her tail flags up, and you're left with a perfect view of her already glistening horsepussy.
>You take a moment to just admire her, seeing her clit poke out as a strand of her fluids drip down.
>Grabbing two handfuls of her flank, you knead them tenderly, then bring her down on your face with zero resistance.
>It's the little things like that, that just make it better.
>You're as comfortable with her as she is for you.
>Nothing but trust, respect, and some of that particular feeling that just bubbles up a little more every day.
>Her hind legs splay over your sides, and you feel her front half lay down on your stomach.
>You take a second to just enjoy her scent.
>Minty cookies, you'll never get it.
>But it'll never get old to you.
>She clearly doesn't wait as long, and soon you feel something warm and wet around the top of your member.
>No pulling down of clothes needed.
>Hasn't been for a whole years since today, actually.
>Not only does it make her, "feel a bit more normal being naked all the time," but you usually take them off in the morning anyways.
>Her idea, of course.
>Bringing her rump closer, you almost immediately catch her clit with your tongue.
>She moans a little onto you, and you feel her left hind leg twitch.
>Always thought that was cute.
>She steps up her own game and takes more of your length, swirling her tongue around and bobbing slowly.
>You push through and keep on her, running along her walls but keeping the focus on that clit of hers.
>Tastes just like those girlscout cookies, man.
>You hold one hand on her rump, and slink the other to tease those tiny little teats of hers.
>The shudders under your touch and moans a little louder.
>Going for the trifecta, you pull your hand from her flanks and just below her dock.
>You blindy circle around her ponut with your index finger, before gently sliding it in.
>Yeah, you know she's a fan of this stuff too.
>The cute little faggot.


>With the three trio of lewdness, she succumbs to your power in no time.
>Her moan comes out a little higher pitched, and you keep on going as her flavored juices gush out onto your face.
>You should seriously try bottling this stuff some time.
>You mean you've already eaten pancakes with it.
>As the shudders with pleasure, she continues forward on her quest, picking up the pace and diversifying her tactics.
>Moving between just licking all over, pressing her tongue against your length, and really sucking after you're hilted.
>Christ, makes you wonder what she could do with a grapefruit.
>You feel her starting to shake a little more, but not before you get that all familiar feeling building up in you.
>Her moaning gets more frequent, and you can't help but join this time around.
>Her snout presses against you every time, sending vibrations down to your legs with her voice.
>The pressure builds up quickly, but she doesn't stop.
>Just as you blow past the point of no return, you catch onto her clit with your lips as she does the same.
>You hilt your finger inside, and rub her teats with your palm.
>You unload right into her mouth as she keeps the rhythm up, wincing a bit as her onslaught just continues.
>She takes spurt after spurt no problem, and doesn't stop until you're just completely flaccid.
>While you're licking your face after her climax, she spins back around to face you, then swallows.
>Already activated Jr. for round two.
>She moves in for another passionate kiss, sitting down just above your second mate.
>Breaking the kiss halfway, she pants.
>"N-no homo."
>You can't help but grin.
>That was a line you felt you had crossed a long time ago.
>But you're both degenerate anyways, so it's okay.
"Never homo."
>Your hands now free, they brush over her curves, up and down.
>You knead with two handfuls, and some content hums leave her muzzle.
>Just as she breaks away, you hold her back and her rump, then spin around, leaving her pinned under you.
>She leans in for another kiss, and her hind legs quickly wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to her.
>Can never doubt that Earth pony strength of hers, damn.
>Your tip just barely touches near, poking into her folds, and she pulls you in with her forehooves.
>You can't help but gasp as your whole length is taken in, squeezing into that tight little spot of hers.
>She does this right alongside you, and you're left in a perfect fit.
>You look right into those sparkly emerald eyes on her.
"You're beautiful."
>She scrunches with a small grin on her face.
>"Sh-shut up, faggot."
>She does just that by leaning in again, messily mixing each other's saliva while you pull out.
>Squeezing her thighs over you, you start at your usual slow pace, just enjoying every bit in her embrace.
>Every push of yours is met with a wet, slick noise.
>Like mixing spaghetti around in a bowl.
>It sounds like that.
>That tight little fillypuss of hers just hugs onto you so snugly.
>Though with how quickly she gets excited, it's never been a problem.
>Every inch of those velvety walls clamp down just right, parting only for you.
>Every hilt gets you a cute gasp out of her, and a little sway of her hips.
>When she finally parts from the kiss, she hugs your neck with her forelegs and looks into your eyes.
>…Christ, everything about her is just so perfect to you.
>Her clit rubs your underside frequently, which just gets more adorable noises out of her.
>You gently hilt inside her each time, a soft clap accomanying every thrust.
>Her moans quickly turn into a light panting, as her tail moves to wrap around one of your legs.
>"Mmm, cum in me, y-you filthy jew."
"Oy vey!"
>That gets a breathy giggle out of her, and she leans closer to you again.
>There's less wrestling, and she just explores the space of your mouth with her tongue, voice cracking in a moan of your name every so often.
>"Oh Anon, I, I l-lo-oooaaah!"
>You thrust deeper into her, making sure to stay hilted for just a little longer.
>Her whole body shudders, and that leg of hers goes crazy.
>Another wave of her juices come gushing out, coating your pelvis and a bit of the bed below you.
>She moves her hips a little and grinds into you, prompting you to do the same to her.
>Her eyes roll up and her tongue lolls out in a perfect ahegao face you wish you could capture.
>Her big, fluffy hips move around with yours, just giving you that extra bit of unf.
>Once recovered, her legs hug you a little tighter, almost in time for the end to grow near.
>She shares your breaths and pants a little softer.
>Moving her hips she mirrors your movements, moaning in your ear while you hug her close to you.
>"Ahh, hmmmph, oh Anon, just unload in me."
>Her muzzle makes its way closer to you.
>"Make me your mare."


This, and last one there has to make lunch/dinner for everyone else.
1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


>Oh be still, my throbbing cock.
>Her words push you a little closer.
>"Come on, let it all out into me, paint my walls white…"
>Jesus christ, her lewd talk does more to you every time.
>You quickly near your end, slapping against her thighs a little more feverishly.
>Your family jewels slap against her ponut, and every thrust just makes her embrace tighter.
>Soon enough you can barely move, and find yourself nearer to just grind into her.
>She shudders into another orgasm, and you take the break to thrust a little deeper into her.
>"Oh, mpph, y-yess-aaahhh!"
>You silence her with your last kiss, spreading her juices between the both of you and the bed.
>She moans into your mouth as you reach the end.
>You let loose, your member throbbing inside of her as more and more of your cum is emptied through her cervix.
>She grinds along with you, riding out the last bits of your orgasm together.
>Staying in each other's embrace, you don't break the lusty kiss until you're completely done once again.
>Another gaze is shared between you both.
>"H-happy hump day, faggot."
"Y-you too."
>She giggles, then hugs you closer to her, not making a singe effort to move away from you.
>Flipping her back around on top of you, you pull the blanket over and hug her tightly, moving to be a bit more snug inside her.
>Today's already looking to be a great day.

fug, and i still went over
alright, well whether you want it or not, i'm gon write a little more of this shit tomorrow


File: 1520502840355.png (734.73 KB, 1600x1200, Non-consensual Lewd(Sketch….png)

>Having lewd with ponies of your choosing
>Not getting secondhand sex from Twilight
>tfw you were kinda raped


File: 1520524181455.png (211.66 KB, 846x1024, 1517449568522-0.png)

>i'm gon write a little more of this shit tomorrow
Please do.


Is there a fetish for cropped porn focusing on aroused faces?



I'm absolutely sure there is, but in this case that's the whole picture. Unless SmallRodentPenises is holding out on us. A lot of this stuff was tailored specifically to be posted on /mlp/. You got a problem with it?

>he doesn't want to please filly's little body and make her cum


I have no idea, but a lot of Youtube avatars have that for some reason.


What pone would give the best bareback rides for yall?

Personally i think Derpy would give a pretty fun filled ride


Ride the filly.



Honestly, I just want to impregnate Twilight Sparkle.


File: 1520533174639.png (343.66 KB, 3573x1861, 1510526706585.png)

>bareback rides
I don't want to think about that, tbh. I don't wanna be that guy and I feel like it totally cheapens it. And I sure as hell don't want to reduce that to something meaningless and mundane.


Glue made from the corpses of all the anon fillies that an heroed instead of trying to make it in equestria.


File: 1520534474421.png (496.06 KB, 1000x1000, DerpyCrashingCar.png)

I would agree, as long as she doesn't fly into a tree, the ground, or a clothesline.

I'm hoping you mean the platonic kind of bareback ride, because no one cucks Dr. Whooves and continues to exist in the timeline.


But you are the filly, filly riding other fillies is just not right
But i would have one of you as my trusty steed


Yea, kinda like Spike rides Twilight all the time


I don’t want to be the filly. I just think the filly is a cute and does cute things.


That's alright, because it's totally true.


File: 1520548661134.gif (198.25 KB, 560x526, fillytailwag.gif)

but the filly is (you)


Wait, let me check… Nope. Fug.


>I don’t want to be the filly.
>i dont want to be myself and do cute things
what a faggot


>Be Anonfilly.
>Not the same from before but a yellow unicorn one.
>You were standing on a bed with another filly in front of you. Behind her, you could see teal being defeated by the light green filly.
>The filly in front of you was the red pegasus filly.
>You were right now in a standoff.
>A feather slowly floated down between you and as it landed on the bed you both began to run towards the other.
>As you passed each other you struck once with your pillow at your opponent and she did the same.
>Now you were once again standing a bit away from each other but this time you were facing away from each other,
>Time past until suddenly the red filly's nose scrunched up seemingly by itself.
>When the filly noticed it, she turned around to face you and let out a screeching sound.

"Reeee! You didn't boop me. You didn't even touch me."

"But your nose scrunched up? I did boop you. Just because you aren't trained in the arts of the samurai. You simply need to lurk moar."

"No, needed do used your magic to scrunch my nose."

"Yes, which is resulted in me booping you."

"But that isn't booping. U have to use a hoof in other to do it correctly."

"Nobody said anything about that at the beginning of the match."

"Well, nobody said anything about it since it was assumed to be obvious since the definition of booping is to push back a nose by either a hand or a hoof."

"Since when? it sounds like u r just coming up with these rules on a fly to me."

"If u didn't know what a boop was, then you should have asked before we even started this pillow fight. U newfag!"

"U r just jelly because u didn't get any magic. Stop being such a sore loser. Faggot."



>Yeah, so you and this other filly had resorted to solving your problem by irl shitposting.

>As you were screeching you hadn't noticed the light green filly from before sneaking up on you.
>Quickly she jumped on to your bed and before you managed to respond she double booped you two with her front hooves.
>You both glared at her, while she looked around in the room and as she counted the fillies laying still on different spots. After you got booped you were supposed to lie still in the spot you were booped since you were now seriously ded.
>After she had counted to twelve fillies, a smile grew on her face and she struck a pose.
>You were thirteen fillies in the game with you included, which meant that the light green filly standing before you was the last one standing. She had won.

"There can only be one," she said.

>You heard a knocking on the door and all of you fillies froze.

"Is everything okay in there? You are making an awful lot of noise." It was Twilight'svoice that came through the door.

>You looked around at the chaotic state of the room. bed sheets, pillows and even mattress were scattered over the floor. bed frames had been moved around from their original place and feathers that should have been inside pillows were littered here and there.

>The anon that had turned into a zebra filly said what all of you were thinking.

Yeah, completely unoriginal and just a bunch of memes.


>Imitating Goku
>Not the guy he stole it from
Go read Journey to the West faget


Kek. It's "on the fly" as in as things happen. I really like "on a fly" though.


>Twilight's Home for Extraordinary Fillies

They're all actually imaginary. Twilight is hallucinating after her fourth time trying to carry an Anonfetus ended in another miscarriage


Well that's kind of depressing.


kek, good shit anon


I keep thinking about a possible green where anonfilly's special talent is posting on here to ask for help or advice


>filly's talent is being so clueless that she has to ask a canadian nazi-horsefucking forum for help
I like it


So what happened to the voices inside anon's head?


I hope you believe me but I have been thinking about the same thing. Hahahah, what are the odds?


Then the imaginary fillies become self aware and have a mental break-down when they hear that their existence was just a hallucination that Twilight was experiencing


File: 1520558027218.png (3.99 MB, 2800x7000, 1520557573.png)

I loved it, anon. Looking forward to more.



I would cum fucking buckets if filly asked me to finish inside her like that. Being wanted is my fetish.


Do it, faggot. I'd love that shit.


Anon's DID was overridden by an even more powerful illness… Forgetful Writefag Syndrome.


>Every Saturday morning, Twilight makes thirteen plates of pancakes for thirteen empty chairs


>You smile as you flip the last pancake off of a searing platter of magical energy and onto the plate of the last waiting filly.
>They love it when you do this, always squealing and making other cute noises.
>You don't know what you'd do without them.
>They're your life-blood, your very purpose for being.
>Well, except for the fourteenth one.
>Satisfied with the state of the rest of your fillies, you produce a bowl of cereal you prepared before any of the others came down.
>Undoing the multiple sets of chains and locks, you walk into the room with soft-treading hooves.
>Good, she's still sleeping.
>You levitate the bowl over beside her sleeping form on the mattress, being careful not to wake her.
>As you turn to leave, you hear her stirring.
>"You know you can't keep this up forever."


More pls


Keep what up for ever?
The hallucinations?


>"What are you talking about? I'll raise all of you. I have the funds and will to do so."
>"You know perfectly well what I mean. It's time to let go, live your life. When's the last time you've talked to any of your friends?"
"Raising you all is my top priority."
>"Still using the lingo, I see. Tell you what, come back when you want to accept it. I'll be here… just as I always am."
>You don't know what's wrong with that filly, she's always been an odd bird.
"Sweetie, is there something you want to talk about?"
>"As a matter of fact, there is. Shut the door, if you will. I'd rather not chance anybody finding out about your little 'problems,' Purple."
>You begrudgingly close the door.
"Look, I know you're a smart filly, but you need to go to school."
>"You and I both know that isn't the right starter, but I'll humor you. Ask me any question."
>You grin as you teleport in Advanced Physics Volume I, with a hastily scribbled afterthought below, 'of our universe.'
>You flip it open to a random page, glance at the equation, and hand it over the the filly.
>"I need values for these variables, faggot."
>Looks like she knows more than you thought.
"Alright, I'll humor you."
>"Finally. This won't be pleasant, but it's for your own good."
>She lets out a laugh, mimicking that of one of the other fillies. Then another, mimicking you, and a third one, mimicking a donkey.
>"If I were real, would I be able to do that?"
>Her impersonations are impressive, but this one has always been a problem filly.
"Go on."
>She'll fail eventually.
>"I'll start with the insecurities you know of. You always triple check your work because you're terrified of failure. You can't sleep without a stuffed animal because you're starved for physical comfort. You've been studying combat spells for years now, ever since number six…"
"Stop! You don't know anything about me!"
>She gives you that same sweet smile they all give you, no intention of malice visible.
>"When you were ten, you skinned your knee because another pony tripped you. After that, he began to torment you constantly, always slightly out of sight of your brother's watchful eyes. You began to spend more time inside studying to avoid him. This would later prove to be pivitol to your development, as the studying allowed your entry into Celestia's program. Hmm… they never did find him, did they?"
>Your blood runs cold.
>No way this could be real.
>You feel your horn spark and fizzle out as you try to cast a dream cutter, indicative of a lack of a dream to sever.
>You hit the filly on her cheek, hard.
>She doesn't flinch as she grows larger and bulkier, taking on the form of a stallion.
>"The means never justify the ends when you have the power of a god."
>She shrinks back down, becoming a filly again.
>"It's time to leave it all behind, Twilight. Foget about all of us. Forget about the stunted scream when you pushed him. I really shouldn't have brought it up, but I'm not perfect. After all, I'm you."
>Tears fall from her eyes as she opens the balcony door and jumps, turning to mist when she hits the path below.
>You swallow, feeling a few tears of your own slide down your cheeks.
>So many failures, all beyond your control.
>As you open wide the doors to the castle, you watch the fillies scatter far and wide into the countryside.
>Even though you've always known they're not real, it gives you a strange feeling of satisfaction.
>"Ohhhhh Twilight! You're out! I was going to get some grub, do ya want to join me?"
>You force a smile onto your face and wipe away the tears.
"I'd love that, Pinkie."


Hope it's not complete shit, it's my first time doing something like this.


Another murdered thread, courtesy of Lonnie.


Hmm. Purple seems just the tiniest bit clinically insane.


hey fags, guess what?
repeating integers!


File: 1520573203885.png (416.34 KB, 768x1024, 1094568.png)

Thanks, Super Satan.


Woah, I'm going to divert all of my attention to this instead of the content that is currently being ignored!



Strange concept. I liked it.


Anon makes a deal with the devil to become the filly.


Alright you faggots, last time we saw Anonymous, he was called before Chrysalis herself to hear her out, and he learned that she needs his help. In this update, we see what exactly has happened and how it came to be that way, as well as what will be done to fix it. Here you go!

>she needs your help?

>what can you even do?
>you're just some nobody at home and nothing more than a semi-competent alien here
>maybe you'd be able to do something if you were yourself again, but as you are now?
>you're pretty much dead weight
>you don't even have your phone, so you can't even try to bluff your way out of this with shitty memes and saved screencaps from games!
"Why do you think I'd be able to help you? I can't do much as I am now, and Twilight's the only pony who I know can change me back."
>Chrysalis begins thinking again, occasionally glancing at you
>after a while she gets up and moves over to you
>is she going to start inspecting you too?
>sure enough, she begins looking at you from as many angles as she can while pacing around the chair you're in
>eventually, she reaches a conclusion and moves back to the couch
>"The spell she used was definitely potent, it seems to have been more than a simple disguise. In fact, if I'm correct, you've been completely transformed. The spell is simple enough to reverse, but I'm not able to in my current state. However, you're not as useless as you think right now. Twilight allowed you to keep your mind, and the mind is often the most powerful part of a creature."
>is she saying you're smart?
>if she is, it's certainly making you feel smart
"I will admit that I know a considerable amount that Twilight doesn't, but I'm not sure how much of it is applicable here and I know that there are certain things that shouldn't leave Earth. I'll tell you what you want to know as long as it doesn't fall in the second category."
>"Then I will respect your wishes. All I will ask about what you won't tell me is just why you won't tell me."
>she wants to know why?
>that's a simple enough explanation, and Chrysalis seems to be sane enough to respect your advice
"The reason why I'm not going to tell you about certain things is because their mere existence on Earth has made the planet much more dangerous on a global scale, whether because it's caused a forced dependence on a certain limited material that the global economy might not be able to go without when it's finally used up or because it directly threatens life on a mass scale and can render environments unlivable for years."
>this vague warning seems to have taken hold in her mind easily, since she's now wearing a similar expression to the one that Twilight had when you first told her about nukes
>"I understand. I would hate for the same misfortune to come here that has already claimed your world."
>good, you have physical confirmation
>now you two can get down to business!
"Now that we got that out of the way, would you mind telling me exactly what you need help with? It would probably make both of our lives easier."
>Chrysalis sighs and bows her head as she mentally prepares herself to give you all of her worries about the future
>"I'm not sure if you noticed on the way in, but there weren't many changelings present. In fact, I am running dangerously low on useable seed and I fear every day that this next batch will be the last. The only hope I have is being able to coordinate a proper raid on Equestria, and I don't want to risk any more of my children. Not after what happened before…"
>she turns away and sheds a tear before trying to visibly calm herself down
>what happened before?
>is she talking about that time when Glimmer "redeemed" all those other changelings, turning them into brainwashed pussies?
>as you continue to ponder this, Chrysalis confirms it for you
>"That… That MONSTER and that ungrateful traitor, they took them all! Lured them in with false promises, and took away everything that made them who they were! Now they're nothing… Nothing but mindless slaves to that twisted view of the world…"
>a few more tears leak out, and she once again turns away to try to calm herself down
>wow, this must be really hard on her
>you can't help but feel awkward in this situation, though
>it's not exactly something that you have any experience in dealing with
>after all, you never had kids, much less lost them to communism
>but you feel like you have to do something here
>your mother would always give you a hug when you got sad as a kid, maybe that would help?
>and besides, if Twilight heard this from any other pony, she'd probably do something to try to comfort them
>so you get up off the chair and walk over to Chrysalis, who doesn't notice through her sadness
>when you get there, you reach up around her and give her a hug



>you initially feel her exoskeleton twitch under you in what you think is surprise, but she soon accepts your gesture

>after a few more seconds, she even tentatively wraps a hoof around you and rests her head on your small shoulder
>mind tricks be damned, you're not letting somepony feel that messed up without trying to help!
"I'm not going to pretend to know what you're going through, but it's obvious that you mean what you say. I hope I can help you in any way necessary to make sure that this doesn't happen again."
>"Thank you. It's nice to know that somepony cares."
>Chrysalis breaks off after a second more and wipes her eyes while you return to your chair
>"Back to business?"
"Back to business. So, what do you need to pull off that raid?"
>"I need a way to make sure that if casualties are unavoidable, they aren't changelings."
"Alright. I have some ideas of things that might help, but I don't have the tools or raw materials to make any of them, so I'm not sure how useful any of these ideas will be."
>"You may not have the means, but I do. The badlands are incredibly rich in ores, and I'm sure enough spies can be sent in to gather whatever we can't pull out of the ground."
>good, you have something to work with!
>now, let's see if your time spent with your /k/ommando buddies has actually taught you anything
"Then I'm going to need access to a forge, a drill, a mortar and pestle, and all the iron, carbon, sulfur, and saltpeter you can get."

>be Twilight

>it's been three hours since Anon was supposed to be home
>you were okay for the first 30 minutes, but you've been getting more and more worried with each passing second
>what could be taking him so long?
>it's been too long for him to have lost track of time
>should you go over to their house to check?
>that's probably the best idea
>you don't wait another second and leave the room you were pacing in
"Spike, I'm going out. Tell me if Anon came back when I get back, okay?"
>you yell this in what you think is his general direction
>from across the castle, you hear a faint reply
>"She isn't back?"
>after that, you hear Spike running towards you
>a few seconds later, Spike is standing in front of you, completely out of breath
"I'm afraid so. I'm going out to check on her and make sure nothing bad's happened."
>"Okay… I'll watch the door…"
>you both walk down to the front door, and you leave while Spike stays behind
>you walk outside, the evening air cold against you
>you try to remember the route that Emerald took the day before yesterday, and eventually it comes back to you
>you set off back towards the place where you hope Anonymous is still at, walking at a decent pace
>on your way, you can't help but imagine a number of scenarios that may have happened
>he could've been fillynapped on the way home
>he could've suffered another injury during some game and could be at the hospital
>he could've wandered off and gotten lost
>or he may have just lost all sense of time as you thought
>he didn't bring his phone with him and that's what he's been using to check the time
>it's entirely possible, but the pit in your stomach is telling you otherwise
>you keep a straight face and hold yourself together until you get to the house
>you walk up to the front door and knock
>you wait, but there's no response
>you look at one of the nearby windows
>there are no lights on
>nopony's home
>this isn't an ideal situation
>the only other place this could mean is the hospital then
>you teleport over to the hospital and go check in at the front desk
>"Good evening, Princess. What do you need?"
"I'm here to see if there have been any green fillies that have passed through going by the name 'Anonymous'."
>the nurse checks the record of incoming patients and eventually comes to an answer that sends you into full panic mode
>"No, I'm afraid there haven't been any fillies going by that name, green or otherwise."
>you thank the nurse for her help and leave, clinging desperately to your neutral expression
>after you're outside the hospital, you immediately teleport back to the castle
>as soon as you're there, you instantly lose whatever composure you were pretending to have
>in full view of Spike, too
>he rushes over to you, grabbing you by the shoulders
>"What's wrong? Did something happen to her? What's going on?"
>you push your hurricane of thoughts away for just long enough to form a small coherent answer
"She's gone."


>The next thing you know, you've woken up again.
>Though you remember a bit more this time, you were at a Walmart with your lovely filly here, looking at stuff for kids, for some reason.
>As the rest of the memory quickly fades, you find that it's all you can remember.
>Just as your eyes open, you catch sight of her, just watching you with this dreamy look on her face.
>You swear those hearts in her eyes get just a little more prominent every day.
>"Sorry, couldn't resist…"
>You pet her mane and rub her ears gently, smiling as she leans into your hand.
"That's okay, nobody can."
>"-PFFFT, keep dreaming faggot."
>You pretend to do just that, looking off in thought with a smile.
>"'Ey, you dream anymore and I'll go full yandere on your ass, don't test me mate."
"Jokes on you, that's my fetish."
>She pauses for a moment.
>"No you, faggot."
>Heh, still the superior shitposter.
>Hugging her closer to you, your hands move to knead her flanks.
>Of course her face starts to heat up, and you glance at the clock beside your bed.
>Still early, surprisingly.
"Alright then… you ready for the next part of today?"
>From biting her lip, she looks down at you.
>"Wait, so we're not just going to do each other all day?"
>While that does sound like a great idea, that's what later is for.
>You want to surprise her today.
"Next hump day for sure. Or hell, even tomorrow."
>"Ooor the rest of the week?"
"That too."
>The one perk of not having a consistent job schedule.
>She picks herself up a little, moving her hips around in a small grind.
>"Sooo, what did you have in mind?"
>Your thoughts quickly fade away with every rotation.
>Unf, those hips man.
"Well now I can't really think straight."
>She bites her lip again, hind legs hugging your sides as she gently picks herself up, bobbing those flanks on top of you.
"Sooo, you're a faggot."
>Your hand moves to her hips, and now with your go ahead, she does her thing.
>Filly's got a higher libido than you, you swear.
>She plants her hooves on your chest, then rides you at a steady pace.
>Already ready for action before you even started, you just enjoy the feeling.
>And to help things go a little smoother, you pick your legs up, her rump now smacking against your thighs.
>Now much closer to you, you can share each other's breath.
>Just the small bit of warmth coming from it, the sound of her panting, christ it's the perfect mix to be called adorasexy.
>That noisy, wet sound fills your ears with every movement of her hips.
>The few shitty memes you've seen back on Earth come to mind.
>'that's what good pussy sounds like'
>You knead her flanks and bring yourself deeper into her every time she connects.
>Soft moans escape her lips, and even though this is slower than it was earlier, it's just as great.
>Shit, it always is.
>"Mmm, yeah…"



>Oh the little minx, she knows just how to tickle your pickle with her words.

>You run your hands all over those wonderful flanks of hers, squeezing that Cutie Mark and just getting a feel for her amazing rump.
>Gotta love those Earth pony genes, man.
>Your hips buck forward on their own, so you start a small rhythm of your own, pushing as deep as you can inside of her.
>Every inch is just so amazingly tight, it makes you sure that some kind of cosmic force really did bring you together.
>One Anon and Anonfilly in this whole Equestria, both super degenerate, craving the same things and seeing them the same way.
>And if that isn't enough, the fact that your length is EXACTLY enough to touch her cervix, I mean, that's gotta say something.
>Your hands move away from her flanks, and you just rub up and down her body.
>The smirk on her face grows as you give her as much of your attention.
>But soon you find it's not enough, so you put just a little pressure down on her.
>And in an instant, she moves without a second thought, resting her body on you and hugging your neck with her forehooves.
>Now face to face with her, you're left in control, sliding in and out of her wonderfully snug filly bits.
>Every time you hilt inside, you catch her flanks lazily moving with your body, her hind legs picking up from their spots ever so slightly.
>"Ohhh, mmm…"
>Her little moans are so cute.
>You go in for a kiss, holding her rump with one hand, and the back of her head with another.
>This one is less wild, just as gentle and passionate as the loving itself.
>Your tongue meets hers, and they both tango together.
>She holds hers against yours, tastebud to tastebud, only moving to claim every inch she can.
>You swirl around her tongue, brushing against it where you can.
>A needy, throaty moan comes out of her.
>And if that wasn't enough, the fact that a bit of fluids leaked out of her should tell you that she's enjoying it.
>As you kiss, you put a little more focus into your pelvic movements, lining them up to go as deep as possible.
>"Ahn, mmph!"
>With just three perfect thrusts, you can tell she's closer.
>Her tongue moves a little sloppier, and that leg's a twitchin'.
>You thrust a little harder, slapping against her rump and feeling a slight jiggle from it.
>"Unf, harder!"
>You do as the filly says, and she takes to staring into your eyes while she pants.
>She drools a little bit on you.
>"F-fuck yeaaah, ohhh…"
>Her words speed things up, and already you feel the end nearing again.
>Other hand free, you move them back to her hips and smash right into her.
>"Mmm, fuck me!"
>Good god.
>The slick noises coming from your thrusts is drowned out by her moans and panting.
>Every smack gets a tiny squeak out of her.
>"F-fill me up, fag. Ahh, I want you deep inside me…"
>That quickly pushes you over the edge, so you pick up the pace and smack right into that delightful little horsepussy of hers.
>"Ah y-yes! Do it faggot, make me your mare!"
>The feeling sneaks up on you, and you slam right into her for the last time, sending another round of cum right into her waiting womb.
>You both grind the orgasm out in bliss, before falling into a pile of steamy, content cuddling.

i actually didnt plan to write another lewd scene, much less one that breaks 6000 characters again
kinda just happened, moar shit tomorrow too, this'll be quite a long one shot, looks like


File: 1520579736046.gif (2.14 MB, 500x500, Twilight-ManyReactions.gif)


"Hmm… alright, but loser has to make dinner!"


On a count of three, you each take off. Twilight, as it seems, is a little out of shape. She's been spending way too much time studying and doing magic assignments for Princess Celestia to really get much muscle to her legs. Meanwhile, you've been playing lots of hoofball in the evenings, and this disparity in physical strength becomes blatantly obvious when you find yourself halfway up the cloud stairs, while Twilight is only a third of the way up.

As a way of being sporting, you slow down a little bit, and take the time to joyfully skip up the clouds. This puts you at about Twilight's pace, but it's at least pretty fun. In a way, it makes you understand why Pinkie Pie does things the way she does. You also start to wonder when you'll get a chance to meet her. Surely, she'll show up in Ponyville sooner or later.

When you have about a fifth of the way left up the clouds, Twilight finds her second wind and starts galloping at top speed, closing in on you. For a brief moment, you see a vision of her reaching the top before you, so you immediately turn about face and bolt as fast as your legs will carry you. You end up winning by just about a neck length. Though you're not sure where the hell Twilight got all of that energy from, you're pretty sure she just pulled the same crap she did in the Running of the Leaves episode, hiding her power level until the end of the race. Either that or she cheated and casted a haste spell while you weren't looking. Either way, doesn't matter, she's making dinner tonight.

The two of you make your way onto a very large cloud that looks to be the size of a house. Blossom is napping off in the corner. You probably have about half an hour before you will either need to leave, or Twilight will need to re-cast the spell.

What do?


So were there 13 miscarriages or does she feel guilty for killing someone?


File: 1520580026703.png (20.38 KB, 1800x1800, AnonFilly-ThinkEmoji.png)


I have forgotten nothing. I put voices in Anon's head whenever you all suggest something nuts, like raping ponies or demanding certain countries be obliterated with nuclear weapons. Moreover, if I apply things like this constantly, filly will get used to them. I want to lull filly into a false sense of security, and then have voices come out of nowhere and tell her to start murdering ponies and turning them into cupcakes. Or perhaps another prophetic dream after weeks with nothing.

Never reveal your hand, and only play your trump card in an opportune moment.


Fauvra owns the original and he made so I can't adjust those settings.
So I made a copy.

Whoever OPs the next thread, please use this one.


also, fuck your impatience, I do things when I feel like it.


File: 1520584185364.png (411.37 KB, 1380x1424, 1485554018458.png)

Fuck me? No, fuck you.


I prefer to receive without consent, please.

So you'd be *doing me* a favor.


Settle down next to Blossomforth to catch your breath and ask Twilight what she plans to make.
1d100[ 1d100 = 13 ]


File: 1520586043567.png (3.92 MB, 2537x1857, 1509220543943.png)

>ywn transform all nighter into your happy filly waifu
why live


File: 1520586744701-0.png (86.7 KB, 1200x1000, 1460778553915 - Copy.png)

Long delay, sorry.
I got a flight today, So it'll be a bit until next time.

>The reddish-orange feline-avian hybrid led you over to an abnormally small sleeper car in the train, to which conditions were questionably livable.

>"Sorry, little pony, it's all we have for now as we're not set up for guests right now."
>Turing your head to her, she patted your thick mane as she stared at you with sympathy.
>"You can sleep in Spear's bed, for now, he still needs to pay me back for an… earlier incident."
>You gave no audible response and merely nodded, with the adrenaline draining from your system, tiredness was trying to claim you.
>Leading you in the army forest green bed, you threw yourself onto your side and collapsed, tossing Miss Hornet ride beside you as you ignored her.
>The Need for sleep was…so bad that it felt wrong.
>The last thing that came to your vision was the griffon bringing the matching blanket over you, tucking you in as you finally passed out from the first ordeal.
>Despite your trial, your body, did not grace you with any dreams. The only darkness which seemed to tease you about your near death.
>Clikety-Clack Clickety-Clack Clickety-clack.
>However, as time seemed to slip by in a mere flash, you felt the massage of the bumps in the tracks soothe you.
>Kinda contradictory to before, they terrified you, in fact, you should not want to be on one whatsoever after getting knocked off by your mom.
>But yet here you are, yet again.
>what was up with her anyway? She didn't act like herself; it even felt like she didn't recognize you at all.
>While you pondered, the sunshine which comforted you before, was now annoyingly beaming down on your backside. Making that section of your comfortable cooling body and bed, irritatingly warm.
>Despite your body's protests, you pry your eyes open to see slightly, snow-soaked Miss Hornet, staring at you with the button-eyes.
>You smile.
"Together to the end, right?"
>Her stitched smile agreed.
>She'd never leave you.
>She needed to guide you.
>Creeeeeak, slam!
>You jump slightly as you turn to the griffon from before, who now wore bags over her eyes.
>She carried a plastic grey tray over to a table next to the bed across before laying it down.
>"To the end of what, little pony?"
>You remain silent.
>The griffon looked at you half-expectantly awaiting your response, before giving in and pouring a tear pot of steaming liquid into a brown cup.
>"Still with the caught tongue?"
>She doesn't look at you as she takes a sip.
>The golden liquid from the cup almost seems like heaven in your eyes.
>She looks at you again, half-interested once again.
>"Spear, says you are lost. Are you not?"
>What was it that kept your tongue from moving.
>You shouldn't distrust her, but fear of you, unknown in nature, couldn't help but stop you.
>A few seconds later, your stomach agreed with the sight of the golden liquid by grumbling loudly.
>"Would you like some tea? Your belly is screaming for it, no?"
>She sighs tiredly.
>"Listen, little pony. Let me tell you a saying from back in my home country, so you understand, yes…"
>She grabs another cup and fills it.
>"It goes 'hunger is not your aunt, and it will not bring you a pie.' it is a silly saying, is it not?"
>Tilting your head, you look at her quizzically.
>She sighs, with her tired look making her seem as if frustrated.
>She's got persistence, you'll give her that.
>Most ponies would have given up on you.
>Hell, you gave up on yourself in a fashion that was… unsuccessful.


File: 1520586907829-0.png (149.44 KB, 586x943, 1507123908425.png)

>"What it means is, you need to help yourself to fix problem, okay? and you cannot be saying no to help when you need it."
>She rolled the table to you as she forcibly placed the cup in front of you on it.
>"Now, would you like some tea?"
>You stare at it momentarily, before breaking eye contact and guiltily staring at your bed.
"Y-yes, please."
>She picks it up and hands it over to you, slowly you grab it while avoiding eye contact.
>Sitting up, you looked deep into the cup as it reflected back a golden filly, ragged and unkempt.
>Make the first step.
"Where are we going?"
>"Griffonstone, to pick up cargo."
>Glacing at the window, you saw the passing of a forest.
>Probally far off away from the Crystal Empire.
"And then?"
>"and then what?"
"Where are we going after that?"
>There was a short pause.
>"You're going to the protective services…" She emphasized.
>It instantly depressed you that she was dropping you off as soon as she got the chance.
>Though you suppose you had to understand.
>You were a burden.
>Like how you've for most of your life.
>"Me and Spear, we'll probably head to Baltimare, as most of our customers need goods there."
>"…Sorry, but the freight business is no place, for a bitty pony like you. Especially since we don't know where you live."
"Okay…I understand-"
>"If you tell us where you live, we may drop you off there."
>You looked up at her with a glint of hope in your eyes.
>Although you still had doubts, there's no way they go out of their way to help you.
>For the longest time though, you opened your mouth to speak. Spending more time than necessary to tell Sickle.
>She waiting expectantly, the tired look supposedly replaced with curiosity.
>What was her endgame?
"My mom said…she was going to the Crystal Empire for work. I-… wanted to go with her, but she didn't want me going, but…"
>"You begged."
>You nodded.
>Leaving it at that, you decided not to tell her that your mother was the one who pushed you off the train in the first place.
>She looked out at the door to the engine room.
>"V'ell, we're way past that, so It'll have to be done on the way back."
>She got up, as she headed back.
>But one question plagued your mind.
"Why are you helping me?"
>The griffon froze and turned her head toward you.
>"Because it's…the right thing to do." She stated unconvincingly as she dodged her intent.
>Much more hastily, she made her way out, intending to avoid further questioning.
>Maybe ask her further later.
>You weren't in a position to push the subject.


File: 1520587365799.png (137.61 KB, 800x800, 1474682041690.png)

>I prefer to receive without consent
You reminded me of what I will never have.


File: 1520587533282.jpeg (118.34 KB, 1000x1000, 2477C4D2-7B40-4057-9C40-8….jpeg)

Never thought I’d hit that status


File: 1520589571686.png (460.96 KB, 1829x2193, Dense Motherfucker.png)

Will you other writefags shut up for two hours so I can get a post in? I don't want to get buried.


what was that? you need people to post more green?

>be anon

>also filly
>chillin like a villain with your other filly friends, playin tic tac toe, talking about random shit
>then this other faggot shows up
>"guys look, i made some green!"
>you pause and look at the nigga
>she just has this big smile on her face, holding these pieces of paper up like it's an award
>her ears fall a little, but her smile stays
>"you know, so you guys can r-read it! just like old times!"
>there's some more silence
>"there's only one copy of it."
>"n-no, i-i actually made a few! i wrote down the same things in these, i-if you guys wanted to read it and stuff…"
>she grabs a few stapled pieces of paper and holds them on her chest
>"well, i mean, we're kind of living IN a green, anyways…"
>"yeah, the hell could you possibly write that we can't just do right now?"
>she pauses
>"w-well… y-you…"
>"and we're kinda doing our own thing."
>she looks at the ground in front of you, as if just noticing the stuff you were doing
>"o-oh, i…"
>maybe because you felt pity for the poor writefag, you're the only one that hasnt avoided eye contact yet
>so she looks at you
>christ you swear you can see tears starting to form
"i… i guess i could look at it?"
>her smile comes back, but her ears don't pick up all the way
>biting a stack of papers lightly, she leans towards you with it
>"heer yoo guh!"
>you take it and place it on the ground to read
>dont even go through the first line, and you notice that she's still looking at you
>you awkwardly notice her gaze
"i, uh…"
>"o-oh, well i was hoping you could tell me what i did wrong and stuff, and, a-and if you liked it, and yeah… just, pretend im not here, okay?"
>slowly moving back to the paper, you just cant take your focus away from those green hooves at the corner of your eyes
>but you try to push through
>look at the very top
>'a filly green'
>'by: assfaggot'
>wait, what?
>you look up at the beaming green filly, smaller than you, poofy mane, big sparkling eyes
>…not what you expected.
>looking just below that
>oh my god
>this handwriting is absolute fucking garbage
>well, mouth writing
>-actually, not even with your mouth could you be this shit!
>must've used her ponut or something instead, this is completely ineligible
>its like looking at cuneiform
>you subtly brush across the edge of the paper with your hoof
>holy fuck that's quite a few pages
>you cant fucking understand this trash
>you've never even read anything by this writefag in the first place!
>glancing slightly to your left, you still see that same smile
>and on the other side, those fags are still kinda silent, fiddling around and barely glancing at you or the filly
>trying not to be a dick, you pretend to read the thing, gliding over the terrible scratches and marks that this filly calls writing
>it takes a quite a while before you reach the end, and you realize that you just wasted a good part of your life pretending to read shit for some faggot filly's feelings
>"s-sooo… how was it?"
>your mouth moves before your brain does
"never fucking write again please"
jk ily bby


File: 1520592999427.jpg (26.82 KB, 335x294, 1473186831829.jpg)

>When too many writefags is a problem


File: 1520595136505.png (95.01 KB, 1000x1414, 1202704__explicit_artist-c….png)

continuing/finishing my story from
>This place is just too strange.
>There’s plenty of humans around us doing us injections, examinations, blood samples, analysis, cut a bunch of our mane, tail, fur…
>I keep hearing Anon screaming “not the probe” I don’t know what he’s talking about.
>Since they did test us all they realized and were disappointed that we cannot control scalar fields of energy.
>that doc looks like a nerd, but he’s got nice glasses, I can’t see anything right
“When you talk about scalar fields of energy… Do you mean, magic, right?”
>Doctor: “If you call this magic, maybe. You don’t have any levitation or any knowledge about portals, faster than light travel, or anything about our civilization, don’t you?”
“No, we’re tourists. Just tourists. Sorry to disappoint you.”
>Doctor: “riight…” he said, frowning at us. “You might protect the anthropomorphic pink creature who attacked one armored division a couple of days ago.”
“Are you going to stop inserting things inside of me and my friend?”
>Doctor: “This is just to know you better, mind you. Your friend, what is he? Male, or female?”
>hear some voice.
>Diamond: “Anon? Silverspoon? You hear me?”
>Diamond: “If you do please respond, think back just with yes!”
>Doctor: “yeah okay I’m going to go with some gender-neutral”
“I mean, he’s a colt, a …male! Oh no wait no, please don’t send the transgenders of social justice! I don’t want trouble! Also when am I going out of this room?”
>the human looks at me, don’t seems to understand anymore what I’m talking about.
>think “Diamond, where are you?”
>Diamond: “South, are you in Springfield? You’re on the north.”
< “I’m going to answer that.”
“Doc, are we on the north?”
>Doctor: “Yes, how do you know this?”
< “We’re on some hospital surrounded by humans, Anon is in the next room, but there’s windows. We’re being examined all the time and they are looking for you. How are you doing this?”
>Diamond: “magic. Or rather one crystal we all three have on us, resonating at a given frequency, using it like a radio.”
>Diamond: “Yes I can hear you, it’s very far from where I am. I’ll need a fast car but I no longer have any bit, I might have to steal one. Urgh. Keep thinking. I’m going to try getting a hint about your location. If you can, try focusing on a clock or something and count the seconds.
< “alright..”
>the humans are examining some x-ray images on the screen
>They have spotted the crystals Twilight implemented on our chest
>looks like they are analyzing us a lot, now one of them is talking about a biopsy.
>I can also hear another one doing another biopsy on Anon’s internal organs, and collecting samples.
>we’ll have to get out of here and fast.
>notice an electronic clock on the wall with blinking time separators.
>Diamond: “ I get that… 4000… 3400 … 3850 3861 3866 kilometers. With more or less twenty kilometers of precision, That’s all good! I think I’m going to reach for Anon’s car since they took my car away. It should still be parked in the wood since last night, I kept walking and I should be reaching it in about one hour, in the meantime you have to find an exit, it’s even a miracle I can use telepathy; this thing is awesome! But I can’t listen in other’s brain or control them. Anon’s telling me you’re probably, very probably in Alaska, I’ll contact you later, I need to save my energy! Also I almost cried last night, you were dying and talked to me… holding me… It was horrible I wanted to heal you but…”
<“ I’m fine, they extracted the fragmented bullet I caught last night. Discord’s spells are shit, that’s a good thing, for Anon, it’s another thing. We’re going to get out of here, okay? I love you!”
>Diamond: “Love you too Spoonie!”
>okay, I must get out of here. Let’s get creative.
>look at Anon
>he stares back at me
>he gets the plan, too.
>some more humans are entering.
>observe their method, timing, technique
>grab the wires and everything over me with my teeth and cut them.
>rush into them.
>they didn’t see it coming
>grab something pointy
>spot the weakest, nerdy midget beta human from the group; like this one with glasses. It’s a girl, was confused because they all wear some surgeon white mask and outfit.
>she’s falling on the floor
>I’m pointing a knife just over her neck
“STAHP! You move she diesh. Chtep back.”
>a doc: “don’t panic”
>doc: “you’re not gonna kill anyone; right, Silver Spoon?”
>put that pointy knife into her neck
>she’s screaming “It’s hurting meeee! Please! Do it!”
> “I’m afraid professor, we can’t let the specimen out!”
>some guy goes “I got a daugther waiting for me too.”
>another one: “This is an order!”
>he’s putting his badge on the scanner.
>the door opens, as I’m carrying him.
>he’s throwing it at me, slowly moving back
>I’m now in a corridor, kicking that girl on the face, pass the badge around my neck.
>Anon’s already fighting with two guys. One he just bucked, and is managing to unstrap himself from the examination table.
>I notice a big red button covered with a plastic cache on a control panel next to the room I was inside, Anon’s and other empty rooms have the same device, clearly saying ‘neurotoxin canister deployment’.
>there’s a key
>some guy and others are bumping their fists at the window
>I turn the key they left in the panel to ‘armed’
>they all scream “NO, NO!”


File: 1520595801250.png (170.01 KB, 2500x3200, 1595949__safe_artist-colon….PNG)

The agent is panicking and scream “Wills! Let him go or half of the team is dead!”
>he complies to my orders.
>the aforementioned Wills unlocks Anon, taking away his IV off and other things all over him.
“Are you alright?”
>still keep my hoof over the big red switch
>Anon’s giving me a hug “Can’t get any better! Let’s get out of here.”
>look at the woman covering her bleeding nose “I was a bit harsh, you’ve done a good job, thanks, please don’t commit suicide!”
>use the badge to unlock yet another plastic door; we’re passing through some kind of compressed air decontamination shower
>we’re now in some kind of large laboratory with computers, where a lot of humans are working with protection glasses and working with samples.
>going for a stealth approach is flawed. Cameras, armed guards…
“Anon, you still have balls, be creative.”
>Anon: “creative like what?”
“you know how to talk to humans, right?”
>Anon: “that might sound like a stupid plan but …let’s go with bluff.”
>we’re entering the big room
>some scientist is rushing at us “wow, wowow what’s going on here”
>Anon: “Silence, human!”
>armed guards are surrounding us, in a grey camo suit, and a black guy shouts “Freeze!”
>the boss comes in: “Holy shit. …Don’t open fire! We need them alive!”
>Anon’s looking at them. “What are you to even dare giving us any order?”
>he’s looking at them with a menacing stare. I’m going with a neutral smile. But keep thinking “oh shit”
>Anon: “Your mere weapons are now a joke to us, don’t make them look like an insult. My assistant here just neutralized eight of your species a few minutes ago in the blink of an eye”
>humans goes “Oh my God” “What is the security protocol”
“The neurotoxin gas achieved them, thinking it would have an effect on us.”
>we just came in wounded and bleeding, if they are falling for this…
>Anon: “I will however show some mercy, and will require one servant, whom I will spare his, or her life.”
>everyone is looking at eachother.
“Anon. this specimen looks interesting.”
>Anon: “A black human? From the years we studied their history they make good servants. But they are turning rogue”
>black soldier: “hey!”
“He looks slightly stronger than the others.”
>Anon: “maybe not that smart, I sense a lot of fear, and the fact these are still pointing a primitive weapon at us says they will be a weight, we should pick the smartest.”
“Sadly we already are the smartest beings on this planet.”
>We’re advancing to the soldiers.
>Anon acts like embarrassed: “You four, I want you to kneel before us, and we will spare your lives.”
>one of them is going “fuck that, we’re dead, man.”
>another one: “shit, let’s do what the alien says. Motherfucking…”
>another soldier keeps pointing his gun at us. “No. I’m afraid, I have signed to defend this country. I’m not receiving any other orders.”
> “Shit Wolinksy, you’re gonna get us killed, you knew what happened? They’re supernatural shit”
“Your name is Wolinsky?”
>Anon makes his disappointed face, but Wolinsky keeps his gun pointed at him. He’s sweating, shaking, but Anon shows no fear despite his brain could be blown out any second.
>Anon finally smiles: “You passed the test, congratulations Wolinsky. All of you others should be ashamed. There’s finally one good reason to protect this world. This is courage, and loyalty. Some humans have it. You just saved your friends and everyone else here is a survivor.”
>Wolinsky’s like ‘wow, I did the right thing!’
>Anon: “I’ll choose this black one. What are you others waiting? Get back up! And you, get out of our path.”
>some other guys in uniforms are standing off.
“Door, please.”
>The black dude uses his badge, looks kind of pissed.
>we’re walking down in the complex, no windows anywhere, only artificial lights.
>soldier: “Where do you want to go exactly?”
“Outside. You know the way, right?”
>he looks pissed. “very funny. We’re going to freeze out there.”
>Anon: “You might, we don’t care much but this might be some discomfort for us… Your organism and metabolism doesn’t look adapted for this region, why are you even here?
>soldier: “I got no choice, I joined the army, I’m from New York.”
>we’re meeting other soldiers showing some resistance as the black soldier explained them we would blow off the whole base. They stop barring the path.
“Those clothings are fancy. I want them.”
>Anon: “We don’t need these ridiculous…”
“I said, I want one. Servant, order this human to surrender his fancy vest, or I’ll atomize this base.”
>Anon: “ah, well… and another one for me. Hmm, this one with the red one. It looks nice.”
>soldier’s pointing his gun at them: “do it. Now!”
>the other humans about to go outside quickly throw their wooly accessories on our direction, and we’re putting them on as we enter in one of the elevators heading to the surface.
>what kind of magic DiamondTiara used to communicate with us? Or at least, me? Not radio for sure.
>Anon: “Out there you won’t need this heavy weapon. It will slow us down. We will be protecting you. You will have the honor to serve us as a guide.”
>soldier: “I… Okay that just makes sense.”
>Anon: “What’s the closest city from here?”
>soldier: “Fairbanks, 15 miles west sir.”
>door opens, we’re now inside a hall. It’s already very cold
>we’re open a couple of doors and now, we realize that was just a preview. I know the true definition of “cold”.


File: 1520596897128.png (45.51 KB, 374x362, aaaaaaa.PNG)


>we’re looking around, come out from some small house, all around us there’s all terrain vehicles, a few constructions like a huge ball; and a large antenna pointing at the sky

>we continue and walk along, both looking at the sky.
>there’s something magical, like waves of magic, just like I heard of when we’re in the north.
>Anon’s looking at these too. “Wow.”
>soldier:“yeah those are caused by radiations and subatomic particles from our sun hitting the layers of the high atmosphere in the magnetic…”
>Anon’s laughing “Ahaha, ow, my sides still hurts.”
>he’s embarrassed, trying to act chill again
>Anon:“oh man…Human! There’s a lot of hidden poetry in this, don’t you get anything? We know what auroras are, we know what snow and rainbows are; just don’t ruin it. ”
>soldier: “okay, okay”
>we’re getting into a military car in order to exit the base, and pass the gate.
>minutes later…
>Anon:“It’s fine, I’ll drive from this point. You’re free.”
>Anon:“get out of this Hummvee. Go back to the base, and claim anything, that like, we did used any kind of power, don’t get ridiculized and save whatever honor you got left.”
>he’s doing it “okay…”
“I’ll be honest with you, you’ll never find us again. You’re a terrible soldier. You’re fucking retarded, you’re scared of two harmless little ponies who got wounded. Also everything was designed to give us some kind of advantage, with people like you no wonder we’re no longer a superpower, hey!”
>I’m sitting in the front passenger seat
“And I’m just here to laugh at you.”
>anon slams the door
>soldier: “motherf-” he’s pulling out his 9mm and start firing at our car, as Anon’s goes out of here, laughing his arse off. “Oh my ribs, it hurts but it’s so good! I can’t believe we made it!”
>we’re leaving that man in the middle of the road behind us and we’re finally out.

>far, far from there, DiamondTiara finally reaches the woods, following the road the other direction, and reaches Anon’s Audi Quattro.

>it’s raining outside.
>she’s shaking, and hopefully the keys are still inside.
>she’s using her magic to unlock it. Simple spell, remember a short sequence and reproduce it.
>she’s searching for anything to eat or drink, clears a bottle of water.
>car starts, everything’s fine, and she’s heading north, crossing by a line of FBI and black vans heading to the old manor.
>she’s hiding behind the wheel and wait for them before leaving.
>she continues for a few kilometres
>rain has stopped
>she’s stopping near a motel
>stands on the roof of the car.
>Diamond:“come on.. come on, Anon? It worked earlier!”
< “Anon is driving, and won’t answer, how are you doing?”
>Diamond:“I got his car and some of your stuff are still inside of it. We need to think of a rendez-vous point.”
< “That’s the smart thing to do, but again, where should we go?”
>Anon:“At the bowling.”
>Diamond:“I’m still trying to figure out how to summon a portal, I just have no idea how I can do this.”
>Anon: “There’s a laptop in the car with the backup of SilverSpoon’s data tape in raw text format on it, it might be of any help.”
>Diamond: “Okay, guess I’ll spend my night on it. I have to go, there’s someone coming with a rifle.”
>Anon: “what?”
>some guy goes out of the motel with a rifle and start firing at her.
>she’s quickly summoning a shield to deflect it before he’s reloading it
>gets in the car and gets out of here.
>Diamond:“What’s wrong with these people. Oh it might be because they don’t like unicorns or anything magic. It’s like if I landed in Industria.”

>Anon: “maybe she should stop getting in trouble all the time.”

“she’s attracting problems like a magnet, I hate to say it but who else could get us out of here, Discord?”
>Behind us, they mobilized helicopters, and everything they got to catch us again
>Anon: “Here we go again.”
>he turns off the front lights
>Anon: “whatever they do at this point we escaped, don't worry, I manage.”
“I know, Anon!”

>Meanwhile, on a desert area not far from here…

>Discord stands with a map of the world with his luggages, on top of a hill, dressed with a cylinder hat and classy suit.
>he’s looking at a very basic map of the world with a cross that says “portal to Equestria” and only “Vera Cruz” “Châlon” and “Nambikwara” as locations.
>there’s no portal.
>Discord: “well, this is quite annoying. I’m usually not angered, but that would.”


Filly seems awfully eager to defect. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


>tfw I want to be caught up on all the green, but there's too much green to catch up on


File: 1520614837730.png (509.32 KB, 1200x1600, AnonfillyAngryMob.png)

It's good to have plenty of greentexts to read after a long day!

Rearrange everything in the house creatively to completely befuddle Blossom. It'll be a fun prank.
1d100[ 1d100 = 81 ]

I like this! Hopefully Anonfilly (who's really just acting a filly now and not Anon) will make new friends besides a distant griffon. Have a safe flight!

Interesting way the story is going. As fun as it is to have a character pull off a Voigt, this really stretched my suspension of disbelief. Mainly because modern communication with high command would quickly lock down the base or even destroy it before an alien threat escaped.

Post more Silver Spoon art pl0x.


Keep it up, dude


Have you made a pastebin for this yet?


I’ve been keeping up, but based on the other responses some Anons haven’t been…


File: 1520618378476.png (157.59 KB, 815x982, AnonFilly-Perturbed.png)


You want to go back to the house? Because you're on a giant cloud right now. I said it was the size of a house, not that it is a house.



Sounds to me like the perfect time for Anon's Head Voices to make a return.


Rolling to try some shit on Twiggles when nobody else is around. 1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]


Oops, disregard my previous roll then. Too tired to use proper reading comprehension. Give Blossom a very…unconventional mane and tail style while she's asleep.
1d100[ 1d100 = 48 ]
Rolling for stealth: 1d20[ 1d20 = 16 ]


Rearrange the cloud into a house. This is your new secret base. No one will ever suspect an earth filly to be up in the clouds. 1d100[ 1d100 = 57 ]


File: 1520628416315.png (99.45 KB, 457x536, Fisher-Price Babby.png)

Babbies are cute!


>"must've used her ponut or something instead"
>ywn become the little filly with a ponut big enough, tight enough, and juicy enough to hold a pencil and write with


File: 1520632709453.png (223.73 KB, 738x763, 1461445529404.png)

i need to see this, artfags pls


>Be Twilight
>You stood afore the Cutie Map, trying to figure out what could be happening
>That goddamn mark in the south was acting up again
>Before, it would flare up for a few seconds, then disappear
>You and the other Elements of Harmony just figured it was a temporary friendship problem that resolved itself
>Two times in the same place? Coincidence.
>Since last night, that number had jumped to eight
>Only your mark hovered over the map, so it was obvious what had to be done

>You knocked on the door to Anon's room, hoping that she was actually in there like she was supposed to

>"Fuck off we're full."
>You could almost hear the regret in Anon's voice
"I'll be back young lady" you said, loud enough to penetrate the door


>You teleported to the bathroom, hoof already outstretched from muscle memory
>Swinging open a mirror, you reach within the cabinet and grab a bar of soap adorned with bite marks
>You teleported back into Anon's room, peering over the setting
>She was gone, or so it seemed
>Had she tried to escape? It had only been a few seconds, and you didn't hear running
>Turning around, you looked over her desk, and then her lumpy bed
>She never cleaned her room, but even this was excessive
>Moving silently, you reach her sheets with a hoof, and rip them off violently
>Anon was huddled under the sheets, eyes still shut closed
>When she looked up at you, there was a combination of fear, despair, and acceptance in her eyes

>You sit Anon into your lap with magic, looking down at her cute little face

>"I-it was an accident mom."
"Sure thing Nonny. Sure thing."
>You firmly grasp the bar of soap and shove it into her mouth
>"Mmmf! Mmmf!" she cried out reflexively, her head jerking back and forth in your hooves in miniscule movements
"You don't cuss Nonny. Cussing is for naughty fillies. Are you a naughty filly?"
>"Mnn Mnne!" she cried out
"Bad fillies get punished. You've been punished a lot, haven't you?"
>Tears were welling up in her eyes
>From the soap, of course
>She loved her mommy, she was just having a hard time expressing it
"But you don't WANT to be a bad filly, do you?" you asked, hugging her tighter against your body
>"Mnn mmnn…" she tried to answer through the bar of soap
"You want to be mama's good little filly, don't you?"
>She didn't say anything this time
>You rock her in your lap for a minute, watching her eyes dim as her mouth acclimates to the taste of soap
>You use your magic to pull out the bar of soap
>You gently set Anon back onto the floor, who shakily stays on her hooves
"Now get packed. You're going to Grandma's."


File: 1520636651298.png (255.26 KB, 1137x1453, Milkshake 3.png)

>must've used her ponut
My asshole is far too loose to do that, just look at my name.


>Only your mark hovered over the map, so it was obvious what had to be done

Exciting! I wonder what is there.

It would be funny if the map hovered above Twiligt's castle. Subtly dissing her friendship or parenting skills with Anonfilly.


File: 1520644301522.png (618.83 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20170913_135315.png)

good thing little pone ponuts cant loosen as easily


>69th Image


>ywn fuck the filly's ponut
why live


Ded thred.


Giving you all a heads-up now, I won't be updating today or tomorrow since I have family in town that I rarely get to see. Sorry if you were waiting patiently for today's already, but I promise you all that the Sunday update will be on-schedule.


File: 1520656929775.png (98.59 KB, 448x754, 1363112.png)

It's cool, have fun with the family


How much of your family know you like filly?



>Telling your family about filly before it becomes absolutely neccessary


what would they think if they saw your computer up with a filly thread up?


I don't really want to think about that


but if it did, how would you do damage control?


I honestly don't know. I'd probably try to draw as much attention away from my computer as possible by way of angrily yelling for whoever opened the door to get out, but if that doesn't work, I've got nothing.


Not trips


File: 1520657597959.jpeg (67.57 KB, 1000x1008, 1489442091756.jpeg)


File: 1520657625312.png (82.9 KB, 1000x800, 1453337579078.png)



sorry m8, I stole your trips in a different thread.


File: 1520657666294.png (396.12 KB, 1193x896, 1552507.png)


but how would attempt to calm them down if they find out you spend most of your time talking and making stories about pedophilia, bestiality, and a show for little girls?


I don't think I could. At that point it would be time to leave and never return.


Do they know about the horses at all?
Made that fucking mistake with my family…


they know that I was a fan of the show a while ago, not that since then I've started unironically masturbating to them.


That's good. My dad is kind of a dick about it in general, wish I hadn't ever let him find out.


that sucks, m8. My dad didn't care, he just gave me the usual shit about "it's a show for girls" etc. The funny thing is, I actually got my grandfather to like it.



File: 1520658463851.png (5.85 MB, 2400x2119, 1511118483772.png)

Kek. I honestly can't believe I stuck with my love of the show long enough to find you guys, nobody in my town is into it and all of my friends who found out were dicks about it. I guess I really needed something to cling too after my life started going to shit, but I won't get into that. You all came here for the fillies, so here's a filly.


File: 1520658841136.jpg (278.01 KB, 1500x844, 1515376490286.jpg)

I'll be honest with you, since I'm in the mood to be telling my life story now. I ended up losing interest in the show after the cmc got their cutie marks, and the only reason that I knew about this place was because I had started browsing /pol/ shortly before April 1st, so I'm glad that we both made it this far even if it's only because of this conversation.


Yeah… the filly is all that really does it for me anymore. The show is alright, but it's writefags like you that really keep the concepts interesting.


then I'm glad that I can be of service, Anon.


File: 1520660204540.jpeg (234.3 KB, 1000x1008, 1411399.jpeg)

>off by one



Enjoy the time with your family!

Keep that dark secret hidden.

Sorry to hear that. The temptation to show your passion can be intense, but, like your power level, it must be locked away in your heart. The anonymity of the internet's a great pressure valve, at least.


Good shit you drew there.

But why is filly freaking out at the sky?


I didn't draw it… just some stuff I had saved.


I need to stop
shit like that.


that's old, and my guess is that she's yelling for the loss of her dick, and that's a tenga egg beside her


Looks to me like she's yelling
>"Cuddle me, faggot"


I like to imagine that filly is just asking for upsies. I want to hold her tight just like she wants.


File: 1520665505341.png (167.93 KB, 1000x1000, upsies.png)


>Blue eyes
That filly's a changeling!


I'll try my best to get one filly-related bit out a day, whether it be an original concept, a portion of the main green, or an update for the one I started last thread. Yes, I do plan on continuing it.
>After a small internal debate, you decide to grab her saddlebags and bring them over to her.
>Looking at her exposed legs, you grin.
>Picking up a loose feather from the ground, you begin to rub it on the sensitive underside of her hooves.
>Still isn't legible over the sound of the snow.
>You should really help her, she might run out of Oxygen at some point.
>Locking your forelegs around her back legs, you give a firm pull, managing to loosen up the snow enough for her to climb out on her own.
>"That wasn't very nice!"
>She glances at the saddlebags in your mouth.
>"Hey! Give me those!"
"Youghr naht being very polight."
>"Fine… please?"
>You pass them over to her.
"Hey, I have a bit of time before I have to be anywhere. Want to do anything?"
>"Do I know you? No, seriously. I'm horrible with faces."
>You could use this.
"Of course you do. You babysat for me as a foal?"
>Shit, no way she'd buy that.
>She was horrible with children.
>"Oh yeah! Emerald… I want to say Hornet?"
>Holy shit.
"Close enough, I'm Green Clover."
>"Ah! That was it!"
"So.. what do you have in the bags?"
>"About fifteen milligrams of None of Your Business!"
>She bursts out laughing, and you join her with your own forced giggles.
"Neat, can I take a look?"
>"I don't see why not."
>She opens the first bag, revealing a few dozen rolls of gauze bandages.
>"During the off-season for Wonderbolt events and in-between slee- working my job as a weather pony, I run supplies across town. Helps to pay the bills for the plumbing in my house…"
>She shudders.
>"Point is, I need the training, they need the deliveries. Well, I'd best be getting these off to the hospital, see ya."
"You never showed me the other pouch, come on!"
>Her neck snaps into perfect form as her grin disappears instantly.
>"I should really be going."
>She starts to hurry off.
>Input action.
Disregard the deleted post, I fucked up the format.


And I still managed to forget the name…


I kinda feel like drawing filly doing things with changelings now.
Should it be filly being the little changeling, or filly hanging out with changelings/Chrysalis?


Keep pestering and bargaining until you get a peek.
1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


Filly literally hanging out by being suspended from the ceiling with an annoyed frown on her face, surrounded by laughing changelings.


How about the filly asking the changelings to lewd her, but even they won't lewd a filly.


File: 1520667457483.png (626.94 KB, 1987x1530, AnonFilly-WingHugFromTwi.png)


For the first time in over a week, you voices in your head. One of them is rather new. It tells you to rearrange all of the furniture in the house. The other, a familiar voice, suggests to you to take advantage of Twilight, who is now exhausted and alone.

You're pretty sure these voices aren't part of your psychic powers. No, you're just crazy. Unfortunately for the voices, what you aren't is stupid. The house is way to far away to mess with, and Twilight is the only reason you're not dropping to your death right now. If ever there were a time to take advantage of her, it would be in the bedroom, not on top of a cloud. Silly voice.

But an idea does strike you from all of the lunacy. You sneak over to Blossom and waive a hoof in front of her face to check if she's asleep. To your delight, she's pretty tired and doesn't respond.

You promptly give her hair a "rainblow dry" using the surrounding cloud matter, prompting uncontrollable giggles from Twilight. This manages to wake up a very confused Blossom.

>"Is there something wrong with my face?"


Oh, sweet little filly. I do love her. Precious thing is too good for us. Dear little pony.


"Nope, still as cute as always." 1d100[ 1d100 = 63 ]


File: 1520675961749.png (125.55 KB, 778x891, AnonfillyHoldingBreath.png)

"Yes, it's supposed to be like this" and have her contort to make a funny face. If you had lipstick or makeup you would "decorate."
1d100[ 1d100 = 75 ]

>new voice

I've been here since the start, reeee!


>Be Anonfilly
>Just got the best news you'd heard in weeks
♪You were going to Grandma's, you were going to Grandma's♪
>Life at grandma's was awesome
>You got to fill up on junk food and watch movie reels all day
>And of course ice cream
>Lots and lots of ice cream
>Enough to make Purple put you on a diet for a month
>It was funny how nopo- nobody ever called their grandparent's place "Granddad's" or even mentioned him
>Night Light was a professor, so he was always busy grading papers and spreading Marxist propaganda, but still
>Not like it mattered, Velvet was the distributor of food and cheek-pinching
>Finally, things were looking up

>"I'm sorry Twilight, we just can't watch Anon this weekend."

>Velvet stood in the doorway of her home, clearly having been interrupted in the middle of some task, but antsy rather than rude
>"Why not?" rang Purple's voice in a notably higher pitch, an octave higher due to mild panic
>"Well, you see, your father and I are going on a… vacation, and it's really not a place for little fillies."
"I'm a big filly! I'm mature for my age!" you insisted.
>C'mon, one weekend with Grandma was all you were asking for
>"No, really Anon, this is a… personal affair. For married ponies."
>Velvet turned back to Twilight. "Why don't you ask your brother? I'm sure Cadance won't mind, and Flurry's got a real thing for Anon."

>Twilight had to drag you away from Velvet, purple magic pulling your hind hooves

"I can just stay in the hotel room and watch movies! I've done it before!" were your last pleas before a familiar purple sphere engulfed you for but a moment


>Writefags writing woulnt be readable
>Drawfags would hardly be able to draw circles, let alone fillies
>Musicfags wouldnt know how to operate their instrument with hooves
Im not sure how to feel about becoming a filly anymore…

This got me thinking, how does one "pinch" a cheek using hooves?


>>Musicfags wouldnt know how to operate their instrument with hooves
One word: percussion.


There are 3 kind of instruments though: Melodic, Harmonic and Rhythmic
Melodic fillies wont be able to play anything that isnt slow af
Harmonic fillies are throughoutly fucked because hooves
Rhythmic(percussion) could do the beats on time, but good luck doing(or rather trying to do) any fancy stuff

On the bright side there s a whole new pony life to relearn how to do all that with hooves for everyone


File: 1520708746714.png (148.63 KB, 648x482, 1508638498195.png)

>>Drawfags would hardly be able to draw circles, let alone fillies
i would just become a photographer instead, so i could take pics of what i wanted to see, including the lewd ones


>On the bright side there s a whole new pony life to relearn how to do all that with hooves for everyone
That doesn't sound so bad. Can gather all the fillies and have "hoof training" sessions together.


>inb4 it turns into a circle-boop


I-I would be up for boop training with you all, no homo


Metaphorically? It's a term I've seen used non-literally to describe that kind of attention.


maybe with grandma would pinch with er magic?


I wish for filly to love me.


File: 1520719670564.png (484.38 KB, 1200x849, 1512767556770.png)

>Wake up
>See this
What do?


"Go the fuck back to bed you faggot. You were a grown man for God's sake."


This to


Die of a heart attack.


say, "of course you can sleep next to me, you cuddly little faggot!"


File: 1520721233702.jpg (161.45 KB, 700x343, 1453699420158.jpg)

Can't say no to that face.


Sleep with her next to me. Hold her tight. Love her.


File: 1520721896841.jpeg (97.15 KB, 640x960, 1521486__artist needed_sa….jpeg)


Images didn't post reeeeee


"You can get in the bed, but I can't guarantee there will be much sleeping." And then spend the rest of the night reading comic books with a flashlight under the covers.


Top comf


dude. bruh. where'd you get a foamy plush. and sure.


File: 1520724778035.png (61.3 KB, 500x375, Blossomforth-Lick.png)


"Oh, nothing's wrong. Your face looks exactly like it's supposed to. In fact, do you think you could make a silly looking face? You're too cute right now."

Blossom takes a moment to think, and turns around for just a second. When she turns back around, you could swear you are face to face with a zombie with a bad hair day. It really doesn't help that she's just the shade of off-white to look like she's had all of the blood drained from her body. Were it not for her freckles it might almost be enough to scare you.

>"Thiiiiisss enouuuuugh?"

Twilight giggles.

>"Oh wow, we need you around for a Nightmare Night."

Blossom shakes her face about, returning both her expression and her hairstyle to normal.

>"I also do birthday parties and cute-ceañeras."

There's an awkward pause for half a minute before Twilight decides to speak up.

>"We never did celebrate you getting your cutie mark last week, did we?"


>You bolt up awake.
>It's that same dream again, about the falling…
>Looking down at your crotch, you realize you've pissed yourself again.
>You sigh, dragging the small dog-bed over to the laundry basket.
>This body sometimes…
>Feeling the obligatory tears begin to run down your face, you grab your stuffed animal to silence the sobs.
>Walking down the hallway to Anon's room, you slowly and quietly open the door.
>Doesn't matter, he's a light sleeper.
>"What the hell is it?"
"C-can I sleep with you? Just for tonight?"
>"No fucking way."
>You turn around and begin to walk out the door, trying to keep in the tears.
>"You need a bath, first."
>Before you can protest, he's scooped you up like a cat, right under the forlegs.
>You squirm a bit in protest, but he's much stronger than you are, so you just let your back-legs dangle as he carries you into the bathroom.
>He sets you down on the toilet as he starts to fill up the bathtub.
>"Finish up, faggot. I don't want to negate the purpose of a bath if you piss in it."
>You blush a bit as you force out the last of the urine in your bladder.
>The bath is taking a long time to fill because of the low water-pressure, so you try to strike up conversation.
"So… what's it like?"
>"What is what like?"
"Being a human, here of all places."
>He dips his hand into the bath, checking the heat.
>"Not that much different. You lucked out, though. The job market has really been on the decline lately. You're lucky I can even afford Macaroni, you picky bastard."
>You laugh a bit along with him.
"Hey! It's not my fault that you decided to work at bootleg McDonalds!"
>The tub is about halfway full, and he picks you up with a small 'eep!', dropping you in.
>You reach for a bar of soap, but he gets there first.
>"No way you're going to get yourself clean liek that."
"I've managed in the past!"
>"No, you haven't. You've smelled like a wild animal ever since you arrived here."
>You scrunch your nose a bit, but submit to the scrubbing.
>He actually ends up using more of the shampoo than anything, which might explain your less than hygenic nature…
>He even does your mane for you, taking a coffee cup and pouring it over your head to wash out the soap, and rubbing his fingers through it to spread it evenly.
>After working through your tail and torso as well, he scoops you up in a towel, vigorously drying you off.
>He sets you down in front of the mirror, letting you admire his 'handiwork.'
>Your mane is a complete mess now, but at least you're clean.
>He pushes the plush back into your mouth, which you accept even though you're not crying anymore.
>He scoops you up again, bringing you back into his bedroom.
>He sets you down on the bed while he climbs in.
>You get under the covers with a bit of difficulty.
>As you close your eyes, you hear him snuggle up to you, wrapping his arms around you and playing with your mane.
>"No homo?"
>You grin.
"No homo."


>makes the green before me
time to delet it and myself, brb


File: 1520725481937-0.png (599.16 KB, 1080x641, 1513227951189.png)

Please don't delete it, the more content the better.


No post it. It will probably be great.


Hehhe, but we didn't object to you deleting yourself though. So, please proceed. ;)


File: 1520726206056-0.png (273.09 KB, 774x1024, 1512953956878.png)

No need to object :^)


Cute green, I liked it.

I say go for it, if you haven't deleted it already.


I'm sure i could wedge sticks into my hooves and play anything from Japanese War Drums to Whiplash


The trombone would be managable, but you'd have to really grease up the slide well or develop a way to cradle it well enough with hooves to change positions quikly enough. Ponk managed, but then again, she is Ponk.




Ponies sings quite a lot. Maybe the music fags can sing in equestria.

>Be anonfilly

>You are in the middle of ponyville surrounded by a crowd.
>Pinkie was the one who gathered the crowd.
>She found out that you were intrested in music before you came to equestria.
>So she gathered the crowd to encourage you to start again.
>She had done this after she learn this by singing a made up song about how you should bring out you inner singer.
>And the ponies in the town had simply join in as they usually did when pinkie started.
>Right now their song had turned into a chant, "Anon sing! Anon sing! Anon! Sing! Sing! Sing!"
>Gathering your courage you began to sing your favorite song.



Why is there no art of edgy filly?
Inb4 someone says something about Lone15


So, instead of a grip on the slide, perhaps a belt you can put your hoof through and then tighten to fit.


>Wake up to creaking in the middle of the night.
>See your bedroom door slowly open.
>Quickly trying to blink yourself awake, you reach under the bed for your shotgun.
>But before you're able to grab it, you see the monster.
>Big green eyes peer up at you, wet with tears as she holds a Foamy plushie in her mouth.
>"A-Anon? Can I sleep next to you?"
>You pause.
"Dude'r like three years older 'n me."
>Her ears flatten further against her head.
>Jesus Christ.
>Twenty seven year old or not, all you can see is that heart attack inducing pout.
>Powerful stuff right there.
>You sigh.
"Fine whatever, close the door when you come inside."
>You watch as she slowly walks into the room, gently pushing the door closed with a hind leg.
>You lay back down after watching her at the foot of the bed, wiggling her rump and preparing to jump like a cat.
>She just barely makes it, her hind legs dangling off, and before you can move to help her, she rolls her way on top.
>Cautiously, she makes her way over to you, then slips under the covers.
"So, what happened then?"
>She turns her head to face you, now holding the plushie close to her fluffy chest.
>"I-I just… I had a really, really bad dream…"
>Her eyes fall to the bed, and her eyes begin to water.
>But before the first tear falls, her focus moves back to you.
>"…C-can you hold me, please?"
>While you're ready for a sarcastic quip, the look in her eyes stops you.
>Normally she's not like this, not so slumpy, or soft spoken.
>Shit, and the last time she actually said please to you was when you bought yourself what was supposedly her favorite whiskey a year ago.
>Whatever she saw must've really, REALLY shook her.
>With another small sigh, you extend your arms, and she wastes no time wriggling into your embrace.
>You can't help but hug a little tighter, the sensation of having something so warm and soft in your arms so alien to you.
>Her fluffiness essentially makes the blanket obsolete, this soothing, gentle heat of hers just so pleasant and inviting.
>Her coat is soft and clean-feeling.
>She buries herself further into your arms, her poofy, apple cinnamon scented mane brushing against your face.
>You can't help but press your face into it, curling up to cuddle every inch of her.
>Her hind legs hug around one of yours, and her tail wraps around the other.
>Rubbing her back gently and taking a deep inhale of her mane, you can hear her doing the same, though softer.
>Time seems to pass at a pleasantly slow pace, your mind staying awake with thoughts, despite how tired you are.
>"D-do… do you think we could do this tomorrow, too?"
>You can't help but smile.
"I was thinking the same thing."
>She relaxes in your arms and you shut your eyes, mind now slowing as the warmth, softness and scent of this filly floods it.
>And little did you know…
>She fell asleep in your arms with the same smile on her face.

oh cool! ill get my rope!


That would work, but I'm pretty sure you might be able to use your fetlock to wrap around it. If not, a belt would suffice.


File: 1520729333864.jpg (933.95 KB, 1179x1000, 1454655805501.jpg)

here edgy filly
also i want art of lone15 and all nighter having edgy filly sex


You don't disappoint.


N-no u…


Good stuff, thanks for finishing this


Anonfilly is always just a cute little faget.


I disagree. Anonfilly has always been a little faggot that is cute.


What about a little cute who is also a faggot?


>ywn take filly a bath and cuddle her dry
why live


nah, i think it should be a little cute who is a faggot and also cute


A little faggot who is a cute and also is a faggot?


guess that might work


Good enough for me.


What, us? All we did was tell Not!Velvet that her plans are doomed. 1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]


File: 1520733315384.png (159.64 KB, 1800x1800, 1579077.png)

I'm bored, and filly needs to be loved. What do?


Love filly, silly willy.


Draw porn, or write something lewd.


File: 1520733820477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.65 KB, 1280x842, ErfaKht.jpg)

But, Anon… I do love her


Then go! Give her your love, man! Don't let your filly go UNLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED!

Do I get my melodrama autism medal, now?


Wait…I didn't agree to this.



That reminds me, is that one drawfag still working on the pic with the writefags in it?


I hope so, I think that would be a pretty cool thing to see.


Idk, but it'd be neat to see.


>tfw no Ponka Po to throw your party
Throw the biggest party Ponyville has ever seen. If she's not already on her way, this will surely get her attention. 1d100[ 1d100 = 80 ]


>"I can just stay in the hotel room and watch movies! I've done it before!"

Well, Twilight is obviously going to ask about that. Nice cliffhanger.

>"Well, you see, your father and I are going on a… vacation, and it's really not a place for little fillies."

>"No, really Anon, this is a… personal affair. For married ponies."

I have said this before: I like your story. However, sometimes i feel as if most adult characters are the very cynical projections of Anonfilly's mind. What I mean is there are few characters that don't have the worst of motives in this story. Maybe this is made for laughs and it is also possible that I am to quick to decide that this is the case but that is who I feel about this story sometimes. Anyway, I hope it is just my perverted mind that is seeing patterns that only exist in fiction. I hope that Twilight Velvet and Night Light are not going to somekind of swingers party for married ponies. Because that won't be funny it would only be depressing.

>She fell asleep in your arms with the same smile on her face.

Once I had a girlfriend and she fell asleep in my arms. That was her cutest moment.But she had nohooves. I want a filly to fall asleep in my arms.


oh right, i kinda forgot about that.


pick the filly up and hug her. run your hands through her mane, pet her ears and tell her how you feel about her


I will not write that though so I would totally read it if you did.


File: 1520738987446.png (284.56 KB, 480x360, UrACuteFagetTrumpExecutive….png)

This, but have a lifesize sculpture of a filly made of cotton candy.
1d100[ 1d100 = 82 ]

>surely get her attention

And the changelings too, but we can worry about that later

I love how you manage to give a relatively comprehensive backstory in just a short greentext.

So cute! You win the prize for tactile description.

>had a girlfriend

Lucky you.


File: 1520743933194.png (35.52 KB, 700x729, 1451601899280.png)

>Lucky you.
>no hooves
gross, hooves or nothing


Here's a snippet for now…Let your imagination run wild, I guess.

>You learned a little bit about Griffonstone in Geography in school you never had time to learn much about it.

>Not many ponies go there.
>And as Spear and Sickle talked to some even more ragged looking griffons, you could clearly tell wh,.
>If you had learned about what a great depression looks like, the situation in Griffonstone wouldn't compare.
>Makeshift housing, angry folks, and even a homeless griffon here and there.
>Though you suppose it couldn't be all bad.
>There were some young griffons by what looked like a rusted park, playing saag with a set of ball and jacks
>Maybe while they took care of business, you could try to make new friends.
>Yeah, that's it.
>Take the initiative.
>Walking over you puff out your chest in an attempt at being brave, when all it did was puff the fluff of your chest hair.
>The first two seemed similar, almost as if they were twins.
>They were made up of two grey and thinly built guys with a lighter shaded underbelly.
>They almost could be compared to pigeons actually.
>The last one of the group had a dark feathered head a neck with a silver body.
>As you approached the bunch bravily, you could clearly tell she was female.
>"Hah! I knew you wouldn't be able to pick up six." Said one of the twins in a shrill voice
>"Auhgggg, I don't get how two pipsqueaks like you are able to get more than me."
>Just as you were nearly there, you confident chest deflated by this point. One of them teasingly stuck a tongue at her.
>"Small things still have great potential. So that means these small things won, and you know what that means."
>The female griffon rolled her eyes in annoyance.
>They still haven't noticed you yet.
>"Oh come on. You won't actually hit m-"
>The left brother reeled back and threw a punch into her shoulder.
>"There's one for the road."
>The right one followed suit, throwing a similar taunt.
>" and one for the way back."
>They weren't kidding, they through a hell of a punch as she stumbled back.
>Only to be stopped by tripping over you, leading for you to fall back with her.
>Defesively, you shut your eyes and scrunched your nose tight.
>Recovering, you opened your eyes to see the female griffon on top of you in a very compromising position, causing you to blush profusely.
>Meanwhile the griffon on top of you shook off the damage to see where she landed.
>When her eyes fell on your blushing face, it too followed suit.
>"Hah, I knew you liked icky girl ponies Tracer."
>This was very awkward.


File: 1520750096582.jpg (198.61 KB, 571x1400, griffons_beware_by_doublew….jpg)

Nice, I like this! There should be more imagery relating to the housing and the rusted park. Is it a land of greys and browns?

Also, I hope you're going by a headcanon at least partly based on Mente Materia. That has the best depiction of Griffon culture in my opinion.


File: 1520751743238.png (118.19 KB, 432x539, 1490199797630.png)

i want to make my filly purr under my touch, then pant and moan


File: 1520752551404.png (1.18 MB, 3190x4085, 1675080__explicit_artist-c….png)

yay finally not gay


The hell you on about filly being gay?


the other version of this image had a benis


File: 1520752831328.png (186.44 KB, 469x198, 1464660023434.png)

Don't you want some pony to love?
Don't you need some pony to love?
Wouldn't you love some pony to love?
>tfw no filly to love


You better find somepony to love, anon


Futa isn't gay, tho.


but anon, there's still another penis!


File: 1520753670866.png (658.67 KB, 1280x960, 1510182772075.png)

filly is the only thing that gets me up these days.


Futa filly is still a filly, though. Perfectly straight.


File: 1520753748927.png (142.86 KB, 1280x793, this.png)


there are no fillies with willies, only colts with teats!


A filly with a dick ruins the fucking point, this.




You have much to learn, young fillies.


no, you just have a closet to get out of.it shouldn't be this hard for you, we already call each other "faggot" unironically.


Literally the definition of being gay is being attracted to the same gender as you. Gender, not genitalia.


And if it has male genitals it's a man


>anon becoming a filly is gay
>anon becoming a colt instead of a filly is gay
>anonfilly being futa is gay
Which one is it, faggots?


File: 1520754116230.png (310.02 KB, 1280x938, 1493547315961.png)

No update tonight, I'm feeling abnormally tired, and it would likely just turn out low-quality anyways due to lack of motivation. Glad you all enjoyed my one-shot, though.


and there's pretty much no difference between gender and sex, and sex is determined by the genitals. x=y and y=z, therefore x=z.




all of them
anything involving filly in any capacity is doomed to be at least a little bit gay no matter how you twist it


Anon is a natural filly…. right?


Not if it's a biological female.

If sex is determined by genitalia, then that would make those male-to-female trannies women. And I think we can all agree that they're not.


Then why would it have male genitals


that's because they technically still are women, just mutilated to "look like a man".


Any number of reasons. It is Equestria, after all. They have potions, magic, magic plants that like to play pranks on ponies that get too close…


File: 1520754530460.png (1.31 MB, 3190x4085, 1673369.png)

>futa filly's face when all you faggots are arguing about semantics and what is or isn't gay


Fuckin' checked.

Futa isn't gay.


That's gay, you're gay. Futa is a bajillion times more homosexual than being turned into a filly and loved by some fat neckbeard from a canadian cuckolding forum. And not in a good way.


but arguing semantics is fun!



Sex is not determined by genetalia, chromosomes, or feelings.

If you produce sperm, you are male.
If you produce eggs, you are female.
If you produce neither, you are neither male nor female.

Having a penis generally makes you male, unless that penis injects eggs (an ovipositor), in which case, it makes you female. There is a species of seahorse in which the females insert eggs into the male, who gives birth. Pregnancy, as it seems, also doesn't determine sex.

Having an XX chromosome generally makes you female, but about 1 in 100,000 people are born with a condition called De La Chappelle's Syndrome, which causes them to be born with two X chromosomes and a dick+balls. They are male, not female.

Experiencing gender dysphoria doesn't change your biological sex. It might determine gender, depending on how you define gender, but it doesn't change whether you are male or female. Similarly, removing your penis doesn't make you female, it just makes you cease to be male.


Personal attacks, huh? I like it.

So, if you're infertile, you're neither male nor female?


futa filly isn't a natural futa; no such thing even exists
she just snuck into Twilight's "private collection" of spellbooks and convinced unicorn filly cast a spell from one of them to give her a dick as a reward



Considering that the definition of male is someone who produces sperm, and the definition of female is someone who produces eggs… yes.


It's not the scientific nature of futa filly that makes it infuriating to me, the stories are about Anon having to deal with the fact that he's a filly, hence the thread name. Slapping a dick on the filly may not be gay, but it also doesn't make a good story. Of all of the futa filly stories I've read due to obligation, I have enjoyed none of them. Call me a faggot, but I think negating one of the main concepts of the thread is kind of a bad idea.


You realize exactly how ridiculous that sounds, right? That a man ceases to biologically be a man simply because his testes dried up, or that a woman ceases to be a woman simply because she's hit menopause?

Where did you even hear about this definition?


File: 1520755268322.png (241.54 KB, 1343x1435, futa filly's dreamworks fa….png)

>futa filly's face when y'all continue arguing semantics



I mean, different dictionaries interpret it differently. Like this is how Merriam-Webster puts the definition of male:

>"an individual of the sex that is typically capable of producing small, usually motile gametes (such as sperm or spermatozoa) which fertilize the eggs of a female"

For Oxford, it's this:

>"Of or denoting the sex that produces gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring.

In theory, you could stretch the fuck out of this definition to exclude the infertile. But nonetheless, the definition of sex comes not from chromosomes (since not all species use X and Y chromosomes), and not from parts (since the parts used vary between species), but exclusively from egg vs sperm production, since those are the only constants in species that reproduce sexually.


But what would the ability to produce both mean?



I dunno. Maybe you'd be both male and female?


Is there a pic like this where Anonfilly stands on her hind legs, uses one of her front legs to lean against the mirror while using the other front leg to touch herself?
Who wouldn't masturbate at least once while staring at a mirror if they got turned into a filly? Bo honest now.


I'm honestly just disappointed that that is the definition we chose out of all options.

I'll concede the gender argument to you.

Futa filly still isn't gay, though.


nope, but there should be a pic of filly using a cucumber or something in front of a mirror, then getting off to herself



"Gay" is hard to define these days. Male and female are very strictly defined, however, because biology is full of oddballs.

Just suck the filly dick. Who cares if it's gay or not?


File: 1520756841635.jpg (135.5 KB, 547x720, 1502217153060-1.jpg)

Futa is just silly, though. It's absurd. It really is just a fetish. It has no connection whatsoever to reality or love. It has no place in this thread about Anon being turned into a little green filly.

Also, it is gay.

Pretty much this. It's gay, bro. Stop with the mental gymnastics. Ur a faget. It's ok though, because if you wouldn't love the little colt too then you're a pretty mediocre horsfucker anyway.


File: 1520757234461-0.png (1.34 MB, 3715x4000, 1497018.png)

File: 1520757234461-1.png (1.36 MB, 3715x4000, 1497019.png)

There actually is a pic of filly masturbating in front of a mirror (and an alt version with the artist's first attempt at fluids); it was made a very long time ago (don't remember exactly which thread it was made in though)


File: 1520757381884.png (207.96 KB, 893x817, 1505878457221.png)

that's not masturbating nigga, that's just examining the goods.


The green it's based on has filly masturbating, and it's the only pic we've got that even remotely fits the description anyway


nigga, what green is there that has filly doing herself with a horsecock in front of a mirror, and where the fuck is it?


IIRC it was in either the same thread as the pic or the thread before, but I don't remember the exact thread the pic was in


Ironically, I just started reading it after I found it on pastebin. Here: https://pastebin.com/mSsnG7rt


At least this might be it?


Yeah, that's the one if I'm not mistaken
I wonder if Killiangel will ever come back and continue his green…


>13th line
i call bullshit
or smoldix just doesnt know how to read, on top of never being in any threads


It's fucking dead. Some CYOA thing by a ded namefag called like killiangel, I think. I miss that thing. ;_;


File: 1520758794126.jpg (481 KB, 1500x1500, Blossomforth-Puzzled.jpg)


"Shit, you're right. It's too bad Pinkie Pie isn't here. The party could also double as a 'Welcome to Ponyville' party or something."

Blossom snorts out a light chuckle.

>"Maybe if you throw a big enough one, you could summon her from whatever crappy rock village she's from."

You stare at her and start using your serious deadpan voice.

"We will need to throw the biggest party ever. There will be cake, ice cream, and a lifesize filly sculpture made out of cotton candy."

To her credit, Blossom seems just as serious as you, and stomps her hooves into the ground to show her dedication to the task.

>"The Pinkie Pie summoning ritual will require balloons, streamers, party games, and a clown. We will also require a minimum of 10 fillies who cannot be from the house. Who will you invite? Have you made enough friends in town or will we need to pool our resources?"


File: 1520758818673.png (70.57 KB, 479x582, attempt filly.png)

>continuing to say that it's gay while seconding >>127243, which literally says "Who cares if it's gay or not?"
You care about it being gay exactly as much as >>127241 cares about it not being gay

all three of you are correct about what you have under spoilers though


File: 1520758958535.png (876.54 KB, 858x862, PinkiePie-UncannyValleyAli….png)

Will you summon the eldritch party demon from the depths of Tartarus? (y/n)


Yea. Cause it's gay. In fact, it's worse than gay. It's "I'm not gay, I just suck dicks" tier. Futa is super gay. In fact, gay doesn't even do it justice. Futa is… futa. It's super fucking hella futa.


Sounds fucking rad. Let's do this shit.
>inb4 Twilight buzzkill
1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]


Holy shit, that prompt was forced as hell in-universe. Please never do anything like this again.


Holy shit, that prompt was forced as hell in-universe. Please never do anything like that again.


>Futa is… futa. It's super fucking hella futa.
Well, I don't think it's possible to disagree with that…
The point is: it isn't gay, it doesn't matter whether or not it's gay, and if you wouldn't love the little colt too, you're a pretty mediocre horsefucker anyway


Didn't mean to send it twice, sorry.


Since the stars aligned and a time skip occurred, we will need to recalled what we did during the time skip to see if we have enough friends, but even if we do, we should still pool our resources, we should never go bare minimum with summoning rituals, especially when summoning someone as important and powerful as pinkie pie. 1d100[ 1d100 = 80 ]



It wasn't so much intended as a prompt, so much as it was Blossom pulling off a fake seriousness.


File: 1520759790802.png (304.35 KB, 1044x1024, AnonfillyDrawingPepe.png)

You degenerates have been arguing over unnatural things and concepts enough to turn this thread into a Gender Studies class. If you find a transgender/intersex preadolescent horse sexually gratifying then you need to go to the gas chambers, sorry.

Anon's made maybe four, at most five, friends outside the home. We'll need Blossom's help, and Twilight too if she's not too busy.
1d100[ 1d100 = 12 ]
Also, it's misandrist to specify fillies and not mention colts


You really didn't make that clear enough tbh, especially since this is what you went with to end the post with.


File: 1520759885426.png (41.42 KB, 349x579, 1494037828888.png)

Futa and traps are super gay. That is all.


Thank you based mod.


True dat.
If you have a dick and you love dicks no matter whose body that dick is on, then you're a homo.
If you look like a chick yet still have a dick, then you are a male.


Are you conflating futa and traps as being the same thing?
Traps of course are unquestionably gay, but futa is only as gay as (or gayer than) traps when it's futa on male; male on futa and futa on futa are also gay if the futa on the receiving end just has a dick and no vagina (at which point it's debatably no longer a futa anyway). Of course, since actual futas can't exist IRL, all this is mostly a moot point for as long as the conversation is about 3DPD >nohooves.


>all this green's posted
>3 or 4 (You)s after a few hours
>someone mentions traps being gay
>30+ posts in that same time
you guys are all fags


>thread about Anon (a loveless man) being turned into filly (the object of everyone's love, desire, and affection)
>everybody is gay
makes you think



File: 1520771782113.jpg (135.17 KB, 812x650, 19241__pinkie pie_semi-das….jpg)



did you misclick or something,k i didn't see m as an option


Well that was weird. You could try chasing her but you'll never catch her. Should probably just keep heading toward the Boutique. 1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]



Can you repeat the question?


Agreed. Writefags need more responses, otherwise they give up and leave cuz they assume nobody is reading it.


>Now you sat in a well-furnished chamber in the Crystal Meth Castle, hooves not reaching the floor in this adult-sized chair while a now-lukewarm cup of tea sat untouched on the nearby table
>You had nearly given away what you had done in Afetlocka, but Twilight had surely assumed it was an Earth thing
>And now Purple was canvassing for her brother's help, featuring a long-winded explanation of course
>"-and the Cutie Map has been acting erratically in this area for weeks now, so I think this time it's really serious."
>"Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you" Shining answered awkwardly
>You knew where this was going, and you didn't like it
>"So you'll watch Anon?"
>"Well, uh, you see, Twilight, we're just not capable of watching Anon this week." Shining answered
>"Why not?" she asked in the same higher-pitched voice she used when dealing with Velvet
"Where's Flurry?" you interrupted, eager to see your 'cousin' again
>But neither pony even acknowledged your existence
>You were pretty neutral about staying here. Cadance and Shining Armor were ok, and you needed to keep redpilling Flurry
>"We just don't have the manpower to watch her." Shining answered, as if you were an SCP or some shit


From the archives of the Meet, Befriend, Love Foundation
Item #: MBL-51-LLY
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: MBL-511-LY is to be primarily housed in [REDACTED] under the care of [REDACTED]. MBL-51-LLY must wear a restrictive magical collar (Hereby referred to 51-LLY-1) magically sealed around her neck at all times. 51-LLY-1 is used to automatically implement Containment Protocol Compassion-1, releasing an incapacitating electrical shock to 51-LLY whenever thoughts regarding extradimensional awareness or acts of betrayal are detected. Non-Foundation ponies are to be told that MBL-51-LLY-1 is worn to prevent and minimize epileptic seizures, as strong electrical feedback causes spasms in MBL-51-LLY; this is supported by medical evidence published by the Foundation to ensure secrecy. As of 2/25/854, MBL-51-LLY-1 has been modified to release electricity sub-epidermally, removing any chance of electrocution to herself or others. Failure of MBL-51-LLY-1 could result in a BK-Class Foundation Reveal event, and thus must be checked weekly.
MBL-51-LLY must be regularly supervised by ponies of Class-2 mental stability or higher, excluding schooltime and designated playdates. MBL-51-LLY has frequently shown great prowess in acts of deception and manipulation, and is not to be bargained with under any circumstances. Discussions regarding politics, ethics, and personal issues are to be avoided at all costs, as MBL-51-LLY frequently used these topics to confound ponies and disbalance ponies, forcing them to re-examine their worldview and themselves, giving her ample opportunity to escape or manipulate further.
However, MBL-51-LLY has shown to also be vulnerable to both strategic and emotional manipulation, which is to be exclusively applied by Princess Twilight Sparkle upon containment failure or under reasonable cause. Additionally, MBL-51-LLY has shown mild fear of large bodies of water after Incident 51-LLY-E.
Addendum: MBL-51-LLY is not to interact with [REDACTED] or her family outside of a strictly controlled environment under any circumstances, for both her own benefit and the prevention of a CK-Class Restructure of Equestria event.
Princess Sparkle is exclusively authorized to use any means necessary to punish or control MBL-51-LLY. Any attempts to harm MBL-51-LLY not authorized by Princess Sparkle or a majority vote of the P-5 Council are to be met with deadly force.

Description: MBL-51-LLY is an extradimensional being summoned by [REDACTED] on 10/2/854, incarnated as a notably small and extremely cute green filly with a black mane and tail, aged around nine years old. MBL-51-LLY's biology is identical that of a typical filly, both internally and externally.
Her personality and mind remain intact from her prior existence; thus, MBL-51-LLY has exceptional prowess in the fields of math, language, and sciences due to experience in her false form. However, memory leakage is occuring at a logarithmic rate, having nearly stabilized as of this writing; 'core memories', such as that of loved ones or frequent locales, have degraded to a point near inaccessible.
Anon frequently uses terminology and phrases unknown to any sentient organisms found in Equestria, undoubtedly from her prior existence in Universe 34R-7H. Upon asking MBL-51-LLY about her word choice, she usually responds "Lurk moar faget", assuming Princess Twilight Sparkle and a bar of soap are not present. Otherwise, MBL-51-LLY's response is "Google it"." What 'Google' is is unknown, but a link between it and the mathematical term 'googol' is suspected.
Additionally, MBL-51-LLY is emotionally instable and will frequently alternate between desires for independence and self-sufficiency, and the need for comfort and love. This is likely due to internal conflict, wherein her adult mind fights against the natural instincts of a child; it is also possible that this stems from a lack of attention from her caretakers in her original dimension.
Anon represents a significant threat to Equestrian society should Operation Nurture return no result, but the likelihood of such an outcome is calculated to be less than one percent. Regardless, MBL-51-LLY is not to be underestimated nor ignored.

(No, not canon in the AssFaggotVerse)


File: 1520816024299.png (146.82 KB, 2560x1600, SUPER FILLY ADVENTURES-.png)

I shall take care of this.
there, more anon and fillies arts!

>we're on a road, going as fast as we can
>much slower than the previous vehicles we used so far.
"some red and blue lights are starting to appear, blinking behind us, Anon."
>Anon:"Silver, stay cover okay?"
"why are they not giving up, we should really have had killed them all."
>Anon:"Oh sure just kill everyone, they are just humans, we are ponies! it doesn't works like this, even if we wanted, you know what? we're horses!"
>There's a helicopter over us. Correction, two.
>think, Silver, Think… Come on you useless nerd brain find us a way out.
>Anon exits the road and goes on a random terrain
"Anon, looks like there's woods on a distance over there, we could hide, find a branch, block the acceleration pedal of the car and use it to distract them! and if it crashes, they might think we're dead and stop being after us!"
>Anon:"then what are we doing?"
"hide, and wait… or move, we must keep moving."
>Anon:"okay. We're going to do that."
>he's rushing in with the jeep
>I'm looking out there, find one that looks correct.
>Anon:"you know, we humans are predators. we're omnivore creatures. we're two legged meat eaters, we eat in fact anything we can. horses are herbivores, this means I turned from predator to prey, and now we have to run. always run. And it's cold out there! fuck!"
>bring in a branch
"that should make it."
>Anon aligns the steering wheel with some countryside road
>Anon:"I might have to jump from the hummer while it's running, I count on you if this goes wrong… "
"no problem!"
>he's looking at me.
>Anon:"and here we go."
>The car's wheels are screeching and leaves, with headlights on
>I can hear the helicopters arriving , flapping over us.
>Anon made it, rolling out of the car, moaning because he fell again.
>rush on to help him
>Anon:"I'm fine, I'm fine, I was on a hospital bed not even one day ago!"
>we're looking at the car disappearing, quickly hide in the bushes
>Anon:"let's pray to Colt Koch"
>they took the bait, the police and other 4x4s are chasing the jeep, continuing its path on a straight way, crossing other roads
>helico pilot: "I'm keeping a visual, the hummvee is heading right into a hill. … Shit do they know where they're going?"
>the car's leaving a trail in the snow, and hits a barrier, falls on the bottom of a cliff, even the armored structure is bending, dislocated, it's now a complete wreckage.

>meanwhile, we're taking some distance, galloping on the opposite direction with inadapted clothing supposed to keep us more or less warm.

>my flank kind of hurts again as I'm speeding.
>Anon's also kind of moving with difficulties, I know it kind of hurts him but it's either that, or we end up into test subjects for the humans, and we had some preview on how vicious they can get.
>Anon:"Come on Silver, hurry up!"
"I'm doing my best Anon!"
>Anon:"I feel like John Rambo…"
>Anon:"Daring Do, in more badass. Run stop talking."
>he's right. we better focus on running.
>We cross the road we arrived from.
>We're continuing on the forest, with only these strange celestial waves illuminating our path, contrasting with the snow.
>it's eerie, it's a full night but we can see eachother, the snow is thick enough and we don't leave a visible track behind us.
>we're now trotting, then walking, exhausted.
>Not hiding it but we're both crying out of pain, tired.
>Even if now the army's helicopters are now just dots in the sky, with projectors, it does reminds us we're not completely safe.
>Humans alone are slow but we're in their territory here and they want us. Alive, which is not a good thing.
>Hear something distorded.
>Diamond:"Anon? Silver? You can hear me?"
>Anon:"Oh you."
>Diamond:"Are you okay?"
"No, we're in the middle of nowhere escaping from the Army and helicopters, we had to abandon our car. It was too slow and too visible."
>Anon:"we're freezing in the north, snow. Diamond. don't try to go and pick us. Go find a portal and go back to Equestria, without us. Go explain Celestia everything, she will know what to do. It's too dangerous, they also want you, they want unicorn magic, and this in the hands of CIA or something and it's not good. You have to go. We're at a few clicks at the east of Fairbanks in Alaska. Keeping on this direction. "
"Anon! What? She can… "
>Diamond:"Anon, I'm not leaving you in this hostile environement don't be stupid. I'm in Oregon right now."
>Anon:"That's the only plan. We're too far and communicating makes you vulnerable"
>Diamond:"This isn't radio, I'm sending waves using our crystals, it's oscillating with what looks like, a neutrino beam activated by magic, it's safe. I think. But it works!"
>Anon:"We'll find a place to hide. We'll be waiting there. You're our last chance. Don't fuck us up."
>Diamond:"We're friends! I'm not giving up my friends! I refuse, I WOULD PREFER TO DIE."
"Anon is right. If you don't do something, we will all die."
>she's getting more and more hard to hear.
>Anon:"You're not a bad filly you know"
>Diamond:"Do I need to remind you to activate a portal to Equestria we need to be all us three. The crystals Twilight put inside of us have magi-…"
"I love you Diamond, you gotta locate it. We'll see you soon. You hear me?"
>We can't hear her anymore.
>Anon:"Let's be realist, we are stuck in here, Twilight should have given us some magic or something. That's how she trusts me. Anon why don't you want to be the little filly? Anon you disappoint me."
>we keep walking, and now it's getting darker.
>I can only see some lights in a distance
>I'm having a bad time keeping my eyes opened. Wind is intensifying, and it starts snowing, which means our tracks will disappear
>And us too we may disappear.



>I'm shaking, can't feel my hooves, it feels like lead.

>Anon:"Over there, it looks like a farm… "
"You think they would welcome two ponies like us? Maybe we're researched, we don't even have any money.. just these clothes."
>Anon:"Trust me okay?"
>I'm following him the best I can
>Minutes are passing, and I'm no longer able to trot, doing my best.
>Anon:"It's a barn! That might just make it as a shelter! Come on! We're almost there!"
"Awesome, Anon…" I whispered.
>Try to stand on my four hooves
>Anon's helping me pass over a wood fence. He's solid…
"I miss the desert, it was hot…" *cough*
>Anon's carrying me.
>Anon:"Yep but there's snakes, weirdoes, psychopaths, hippies festivals with techno and drugs…"
>He manages to open the door and picks me, brings me inside.
>Anon:"There we are! Haha! A home made for horses!"
>Feel the warmth all over me
>Anon:"We're saved! Come here, you filly."
"You're a filly too… what is this place? Smells good."
>look around, there's a very dim light.
>There's a lot of hay on the floor
>We're heading inside.
>Anon:"Oh hello! We're looking for a room me and my girlfriend, do you have one free?"
>There's horses, tall horses looking at us.
>Some are staring at us, at me, seems pissed off..
>I keep following Anon.
>Anon:"This box looks fine, come on! Oh er good evening!"
"H.. hi… we were cold… we have no money and…"
>He's staring at us, rather surprised. stays quiet and goes back to sleep.
>Anon:"These ponies here don't speak the same language as we do, you know, you are just an evolved form, they don't have magic"
>Pony:"you, be quiet and sleep you."
"Thanks for your hospitality…" I whispered.
>Anon looks confused, looking at the small colt in disbelief, then at me, shrugging.
>I'm laying in the hay.
>Anon gets over me and snuggles with me, carressing me.
>I'm getting warm again. It's getting better.
>It's still cold but we're snuggling with the other pony.
>He's kind of cuddly too.
>We've been hearing the helicopters for a few minutes then it stopped. the silence. only the wind making the wood door of the barn shaking and whistling, and other ponies sleeping around.
>it's totally the countryside but better than dying in the cold.

>i think it's the morning and the sun haven't risen yet. I guess we really are far in the north. If only we had a map… knowing all these countries, Oregon, now Alaska… Kansas…

>why do humans keeps ponies. I don't get it. Is this a trap? I heard humans consume meat. Humans might consume ponies.
>Anon's still sleeping. On the back as always..
>the pony who was standing next to us just got up.
"good morning!"
>he's looking at Anon, still sleeping with his head on the polar vest.
>the pony's looking at him. who have now the appearance of a filly, expect for a quite large clit.
>he doesn't care and gets a boner.
"Anon.. wake up!"
>gets over Anon and starts fucking him in the vagina.
>Right there. on a strange enclosure and other horses are looking at us.
>Anon:"mm.. yeah it's so good… like … what the fuck!"
"I tried to wake you up but I think this is how they say good morning around here."
>Anon:"get you cock out of my cunt you faggot!"
"i thought you were consenting at first, Anon!"
>the pony's pulling his dick out.
"will you have to fuck me too?"
>Anon:"and why do I understand what you're mumbling? What is this sorcery?"
>Pony:"dunno. love green pony. Like gray pony."
"I'm SilverSpoon what's your name?"
"You're not really smart, are ya?"
>Pony:"pony is smart and fast."
>he spoken on a confident, monotone voice.
"what are you doing here?"
>Pony:"cold outside, we stay inside"
"yes but what about humans?"
>Pony:"humans like pony. pony like humans mom"
>Anon:"It's cute but you just fucked me man, that's not cool! When are we eating?"
>Pony:"hay is here. water is here."
"okay. I think we'll stay here for a moment and continue our path later. Are you sure you're okay here? We're from Equestria."
>Pony:"I'm ok."
>Anon:"This is ridiculous. I'm gonna check if I can talk to other horses. Hi you what's your name?"
>He's coming in front of the box with a black stallion.
"Anon, this guy doesn't look like enjoying our presence here."
>Anon:"hello! Doesn't looks like it but I'm a human who's been transformed into a pony. Yep, and I just heard that colt talking while he was fucking me, I must be dreaming… You're not really talkative, …Gary. That's your name, right?"
>horse is looking down at him. He's three times taller than Anon even if he's hanging at his door.
>Horse: "What's your name?"
>Anon:"Wow. well, my name… isn't important but you can call me Anon. Like Anonymous."
>Horse:"Stop talking, Anon, like Anonymous. You're weird pony."
"We're not staying, you know, we will have to go soon or late we're travelling far."
>Horse:"It is cold outside. You should stay and eat. Spring is coming soon. Mom will take care of you."
>Anon:"mom… like, someone to take care of us?"
"Tell us more, Gary."
>Horse:"She is an old human, her family runs this stable, in return we like humans and run with them."
>Anon:"wow, ain't your life shit"
"Anon, come on!"
>Horse:"How is your life Anon?"
>Anon:"I can go outside whenever I feel like, I can drive, watch TV, work and get paid, what else, I can talk to humans.
>Horse:"Your life is shit Anon."
>Anon makes that face like he jut got served.
"Nah our lives are great usualy-we're just being in trouble these days! We'll make it right.."


Getting started on the Sunday update now, I don't know how late or short it'll be, but I'm going to gove you all at least something.


Please don't hate me for shitting on Rara.
>You would head after her, but at this point you doubt you could catch up.
>Grumbling to yourself, you start up again.
>You arrive at the Boutique a few minutes later.
>After giving the door a few firm knocks, you sit down to wait for someone to answer.
>You hear a bit of shuffling, but nobody comes to the door.
>Not willing to take another loss, you decide to check all of the doors to see if any of them are unlocked.
>Strangely enough, the back door is left ajar.
>You quietly open it, letting yourself in.
>Something isn't right here.
>Everything seems to be in a state of disarray.
>Rarity was never one of your favorites, but you know she wouldn't stand for this.
>Checking the main floor yields no clues.
>Going up the stairwell, you hear the shuffling sounds increase in frequency.
>Well, here goes nothing.
>You kick down the door where you recognize the sounds to be coming from, striking what you think to be a cool bipedal action pose.
>Of course, you promptly lose your balance and fall to the floor.
>Rubbing your head and getting up, you see a mildy amused but still very bound and gagged Rarity in the corner.
>You came here for Sweetie, but even worst pony didn't deserve to starve to death slowly.
>You grab a knife from the kitchen, slicing through her bonds.
>You doubt you could've untied them, anyways.
>You also undo the gag.
>It's not one of the bondage ones you always used to see lying around your gay friend's house, just a bunch of wadded dish towels shoved in and secured with a piece of rope.
>Clearly whoever did this doesn't have disposable income.
>As soon as it's off, she starts flooding you with dialogue.
>"Oh, Celestia! Thank you for saving me! I knew someone would come, though I didn't expect such an unkempt filly. I-"
"Yeah, you're welcome. Where's Sweetie Belle?"
>"I don't know. She ran off when they came."
>"They were wearing masks and black skintight suits. I didn't catch any identifying features."
"Do you know if she's a decent runner?"
>"I know she can sprint, but I don't have anything on stamina…"
"Thank you. You should probably report this to the authroities."
>"Oh no. I couldn't do that, we've already spent quite a bit of effort keeping this under wraps."
"Keeping what under wraps?"
>"I'll tell you, but only because you saved me. The magic of friendship is a very powerful weapon. We've used it multiple times to seal away and murder some of Equestria's most despicable, but it's a very fragile thing. Without one of the Elements present, the other five won't function as weapons. That's where Sweetie comes in…"
>You hop up on her bed, frankly more than a bit pissed that she called you unkempt just because of your mane.
>She raises an eyebrow, but doesn't object like you hoped she would.
>"Researchers at Canterlot University, under the encouragement of Twilight Sparkle, found that the magic can be absorbed by other ponies in lesser amounts, provided they are often in close proximity, and have a close relationship with the Element-bearer."
>You nod.
"I'm guessing this research was rather applicable, wasn't it?"
>"Well, as soon as the press began to report on the study, half of the team was kidnapped. After that, it was unanimously agreed upon that we needed to keep our sisters out of harm's way. The public would be informed that they were dead after a short gestation period of 'disease.'"
"Then what of Sweetie? Why wasn't she brought away as well?"
>"I'll get to that in a minute. Scootaloo went off without a hitch, but Applebloom was taken by a group of ponies the night before her planned extraction."
"Any relation to the ponies that came through here?"
>"Possibly, they didn't get a look this time. It happened when everypony in the house was asleep. Right, back to Sweetie. Twilight felt it would be unnessesary and slightly suspicious if all three of them disappeared, so she decided to leave Sweetie alone."
"So… you let one of your assets get kidnapped, leave one unguarded because of a desire to not further trigger an already very prevalent air of suspicion, and you see no problem with this?!"
>"Things could have gone better, but I think the plan was exquisite."
>You're not going to blatantly insult her, you want to keep your relations intact at least until you can milk everything out of her.
>Input questions.


1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]


>ywn love the scp filly
why live


Ask if you would be a target 1d100[ 1d100 = 1 ]


"close relationships, is it just limited to family? why havent any of yours been taken away?"
"you're an element of HARMONY, why are you fine with this fucked up, chaotic shit happening?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]


well, she IS a shit anyways.


Alright, as promised I have completed the Sunday update! Anon does some things and learns some shit, more Chrysalis, and not much else for information on outside the hive. However, Anon starts thinking about some things which may end up building to something! Here you go!

>be Anonymous

>you've left yourself on autopilot for a while, let's see what you come back to
>okay, Sapphire's real name is Spinneret but Emerald's still Emerald
>Chrysalis is here and needs your help
>she broke down in front of you and you gave her a hug
>you agreed to help her raid Equestria
>you went over the necessary materials to make guns
>hold on, rewind
>you agreed to help, and you're planning on doing that with guns?
>you really shouldn't leave yourself on autopilot anymore
>well, genius, how are you getting out of this now?
>Chrysalis stands up from her couch, saying a few words before opening the door for you
>"I can get the iron carbon and sulfur easily, but the saltpeter will be more of an issue. In the meantime, it's been a while since you've eaten. Would you like me to show you where you can get some food?"
>this might be a good time to try and at least lessen the potential damage that your stupid autopilot caused
"Alright, but I just remembered one more condition that I have to help in the way that I plan to. You have to promise me that what I give you will not be used unless absolutely necessary. These tools will be dangerous and have the potential to end a life in an instant; they are not to be treated lightly."
>after you say this, you get up and move over next to Chrysalis
>she takes in what you say and then gives you a reply that makes you less worried
>"I promise. I'll tell any of my soldiers that use one about this, and make sure that they agree to it as well. Now, let's go. I'll show you around myself."
>good, let's hope those soldiers are as obedient as Emerald and Spinneret
>you follow Chrysalis out past the two guards and into the hall, passing through a lot of similar-looking rooms
>almost every single changeling you see along the way ends up saying hello or stopping to wave
>Chrysalis always ends up giving them a smile or returning the greeting, each time looking and sounding just as warm and inviting as the ones before
>she really must care a lot
>would it really be so bad to help her out, if only this once?
>Twilight would probably never forgive you, and that would suck
>but who needs Twilight when you've got bug horse?
>but Twilight is your friend!
>you can't just ditch her like that!
>but Chrysalis is also being just as nice as Twilight was, and even offered to let you become yourself again!
>but Twilight's the only pony who can get you home
>shit, you're right
>unless Chrysalis can do it too
>you remember how powerful she was against Celestia that one time, maybe she could get you home if she had Twilight's notes
>why are you trying to find a way out of this?
>why are you NOT trying to find a way out of this?
>both of you, shut up!
>we need to think!
>what would be the best option?
>+has connections to princesses
>+already knows everything necessary to get you back to normal and home safely
>+knows lots of cool shit, can probably teach you some science
>probably won't let you act on that knowledge, though
>-it's just her and Spike
>-won't let you be normal for fear of causing public panic
>-hated by princesses
>-knows how to make you normal, but not get you home
>-may not know cool shit and thus may not be able to teach you science
>+is willing to let you do whatever you want with the knowledge you currently have, though
>+lots of changelings, you'll never be lonely
>+pretty much implied that she'd change you back if she could



>well, it's pretty much an even split of opposites

>whou would've guessed
>this is going to take more thought
>in the meantime, let's see if we're there yet!
>no, but it seems like we're close
>you can smell food from here
>smells pretty good, actually
>wait, is that?
>is it?
>it smells like it
>you can barely hold in your thoughts as you two make it to the large room with the source of the smell
>yep, it is
>cooking meat!
>you see a couple open fires in pits on one side of the room as well as some other areas holding other types of food being prepared, and a few different changelings managing it all
>one of them comes up to the two of you and offers a greeting
>"Good evening, my queen. I see that the guest is also with you, what may we do for you both?"
>"Hello, good evening to you as well. Anonymous here hasn't eaten or had anything to drink yet, and I was hoping you could give him something to fix that."
>the changeling then turns to you
>"Alright, what would you like?"
>hm, what could you get away with asking for?
"Well, what's available?"
>the changeling turns around and surveys the room before her
>"We have pretty much everything you could ask for in stock, since our food supplies are quite full right now."
>cool, let's see what 'everything' includes!
"Can you get me some of what's making that delicious smell?"
>the changeling looks a bit confused, and shoots a glance at Chrysalis
>Chrysalis nods at her, and she turns back towards you
>"Alright, give me one second. I warn you, though; it may not be good for a pony."
>well then, good thing you're not a pony!
>well, at least you shouldn't be
>the changeling trots over to a table with plates on it and grabs one before going over to one of the pits
>she levitates out some meat with her stubby, curved horn before placing it on the plate
>she then comes back over at a slower speed to make sure the food doesn't fall off
>once she's back over to you two, she gives you the plate with the meat on it
>"Be careful, it's fresh off the fire."
>you grab the edge of the plate in your teeth and move over to a flattened rock that looks like it was converted to a table
>on the way though, you end up finding a cup and getting some water for yourself too
>can't forget to drink your fluids
>after you set it down and sit near it Chrysalis gets some food of her own and joins you
>"You may be confused as to why we have animal products available to eat here since you're probably used to pony food by now, but I'll tell you. We changelings are actually capable of eating almost anything, since we often have to blend in to where we're located. However, love is still our main source of energy as a form of magic that we are capable of metabolizing."
>okay, you just got learned some science about changelings
>maybe Chrysalis can teach you some things too
>maybe, just maybe
>though, that is something interesting and a plus for Chrysalis
>you won't have to be a vegan
>you take this opportunity to try some of the meat placed before you, now that it's cooled a bit
>you bite a chunk out of one of the smaller pieces to find a unique flavor
>almost like pork, but cooked in duck fat
>also, is that spices you taste?
>it may be, but it seems to permeate the meat much more evenly than a rub and isn't as apparent as a brine or marinade
>you may just have to ask what this is
"What is this? It's good!"
>Chrysalis swallows a bite of her own food and turns back towards you
>"It's roasted desert krait, it has similar properties to the common dragon except they're much smaller and non-sentient."
>desert krait, huh?
>you might have to find some of them to bring home, it's pretty good!
>well, if you can get home
>also, Twilight might not let you
>stupid purple, ruining all the fun!
>Chrysalis would probably let you do it
>either way, you probably wouldn't get very far trying to pit them against each other to make both deals better
>you'd probably just make the tensions between ponies and changelings worse and make both of them hate you in some way



>oh well

>you and Chrysalis finish up your food and go back out to go see some more of the hive
>first, she takes you to the area where resources are stored and you see a lot of cool things
>massive stacks of ingots, fully assembled tools, and a great number of other items of varying size and importance
>next she takes you over to where changelings sleep and rest
>you see a few changelings come in and a few others leave while you two are there
>they must work in shifts
>after that, you two go back to where Spinneret first let you out of the pod in the suitcase
>turns out that that's the entryway
>well, one of several
>this hive must be massive!
>this is where Chrysalis says the tour needs to end, though
"Oh, alright. So, when am I able to go back?"
>she thinks to herself, eyes shifting around like she's running numbers
>"If it was entirely necessary, you could be back at Twilight's castle by tomorrow afternoon as long as the train is on time. However, since you agreed to help us here, I assume it would be a few days at least and a week at most."
>Twilight's probably shitting bricks right now and would probably shit out an entire wall if she knew where you were
>but you're not getting out of here without waiting until somepony comes to get you or until Chrysalis lets you, so here you'll stay
"Well then, I guess I'll be sleeping here. Is there any place in particular you'd like me to stay in?"
>Chrysalis weighs all the options in her head before telling you an answer
>"Well, the easiest place for you to stay in would be the resting room, since you could remain in close proximity to your friend Emerald. However, I'm open to sharing my quarters if that's more to your comforts as a guest and ambassador from another world."
>you have options, then
>as interesting as being able to say "I slept with Chrysalis" would be, you don't feel like intruding on her any more than necessary
>she's already being a hospitable host with what she's doing
>Twilight never even gave you a tour either, now that you think about it
>you just had to find everything yourself
>also, the only time you've been treated like a foreign guest around ponies was for that brief time in Celestia's throne room, and we all remember how that ended
>fuck it, staying with cheeselegs might not be all that bad!
"Okay then, I'll go to the resting room. I wouldn't want to overstay my welcome, after all."
>Chrysalis nods and smiles, turning back around in the process
>"Shall I lead you back there, then?"
>you accept her offer, and once there you find an open bed to claim
>it's a bit stiff, but at least the room is kept at the perfect temperature for the number of blankets on the bed
>you soon begin that familiar fall from consciousness as the void left by today's stresses quickly fills with fatigue, and you're asleep in moments


Good shit, but in the future maybe don't directly copy concepts that other writefags are implementing in their stories so closely. There are no original ideas, but subtlety is key.


what did I copy?


The whole gunpowder concept seems remarkably close to a plot point Lone has been working on for a long time… maybe I'm just picky, but it felt a bit awkward.


That's literally just ASSFAGGOT filly

>You will never go Solid Snake on abusive Twilight to meet your cuddleslut.

>"Anon, Anon, wherefore art thou Anon?"


I guess, but is there anything more glaring? also, I was one of the people initially advocating for killing twilight so I feel just slightly entitled to that idea ^:)


Not really anything more glaring recently. The last issue I had with your story was the suicide ending, but that's resolved.
I can respect that, but keep in mind that he turned down quite a few methods of conventional and unconventional warfare in favor of gunpowder, just throwing that out there. I'm just kind of a stickler for keeping it new, and I might even be seeing issues that aren't there because of that.


then don't worry, the gunpowder's pretty much just something I'm using so that Anon doesn't have to pull some other method of leveling a playing field out of his ass.


File: 1520834776408.png (66.89 KB, 468x402, 1520053869767.png)

Fair enough. Kinda also feel like it'd be less likely for someone to make autonomous decisions in such a pressing environment, but I'll stop now. I do often find issues with things that you implement in your story, but I understand this is one of your first attempts at writing. I'll keep the criticism light for the time being. Though criticism is often neccessary for a writer to grow, I feel like I often piss people off when I'm overly so.


keep it coming, m8. I can usually find some way to work with it, and I always enjoy improving.


i know
but i just really want to love her, the poor filly


File: 1520836453660-0.png (771.97 KB, 2500x2500, NO LEWDING.png)

File: 1520836453660-1.png (3.58 MB, 1958x2375, lies.png)

whew, well ive still got the requests on my mind, my motivation's just been shit lately, for whatever reason. had this redraw unfinished for a while, had just enough of a push to finally finish it, so here's your, "im not dead, just a faggot," reminder
also i just glanced at the pic like once, i didnt even mean to match the mane, tail or text like that
spooky shit


File: 1520836730141.jpg (59.67 KB, 894x894, Blossomforth-WideSmile.jpg)


"I've made a few friends, but I'm probably going to need more. Not counting you, Twilight, and Lyra - who isn't going to be in Ponyville anytime soon - I've got… Applejack, Rarity, Cheerilee, Carrot Top, Big Mac, and Cherry Blossom."

Blossom nods as she listens to you list off your friends.

>"Alright, that's a good start. Assuming we can get them all to come… I could probably bring in Flitter and Cloudchaser. So that means we only need two more. Twilight?"

Twilight awkwardly shuffles her hooves against the clouds.

>"Umm… I suppose I could bring in Noteworthy."

"Wait, let me get this straight, I've made six friends, and you've only made one?"

She shoots you a discontented glare.

>"Never underestimate the power of the public school system to bring ponies together, and the power of private tutoring to isolate them. Besides, I haven't been in a rush to befriend the entire town."

"I thought we had a bet going."

>"We still do. But remember that we didn't set a time for when we'd start tallying up our number of friends. It may as well be whenever Canterlot stops being full of changeling infiltrators. I've got plenty of time to snatch up all

of your friends and make more of my own."

"Oh that is just wicked…"

Blossom clears her throat to interrupt your not-sibling rivalry.

>"Hey, speaking of time, we should probably plan this party for sooner rather than later. You said it was a week ago that you got your cutie mark, right?"


>"Well, we should probably have it in the next three days or so. Do you think one of you two could make another friend to invite in that time?"

"I suppose… also wait, didn't you say it had to be fillies in specific? Wouldn't Big Mac not count then?"

She places a hoof on your shoulder.

>"Silly Anon, everyone's a filly on the inside!"


>not attempting to reunify ponies and changelings
Filly has failed her diplomacy roll.


File: 1520838241750.png (407.85 KB, 1464x1782, 1392557.png)

>Not for sexual
That thick meaty flank says otherwise.


It's better when they struggle



This man is French. He is therefore an expert on all matters of love making. Listen to him.


Hope you get right soon, Anon.

Also, general call to our drawfags: we need more snek filly.




File: 1520852217565-0.png (762.5 KB, 2228x1614, 1353624.png)

What if filly doesn't, like… like you?


I…I don't know what you're trying to say? What do you mean?


Ok, like… but so… like, if filly doesn't like, like you. Like, what do?


…Is it even possible to have those words in the same sentence?


Spoonie delivers!


That was one of those sentances where the words are definatly in english, but when you put them together they make no fuckin sense no matter how many times you read it.


I think he was making a nod to Shaggy.
>Ywn be the talking green horse mascot of an amateur mystery dolving business.
>Ywn have hot lesbian sex with the awkward intellectual of the group after a long night of coffee-driven research on Ancient Mayan Temples, because you're the only two that can pull the dead weight of the rest of the group.


Formatting fucked up reeeee




File: 1520863667934.png (300.02 KB, 1600x900, AnimeAnonfilly.png)

Neato, and I like the MBLF

Beautiful pic! Funnily enough, even after everything that's happened I think that talking Earth ponies is the most unbelievable part of this story.

In as calm a voice as you can muster, indicate that Sweetie Belle being possibly dead should evoke more emotion from an apparent paragon of ponykind. At the very least, the emotional trauma Rarity's sister suffered from two of her best friends supposedly dying and then herself being kidnapped will be severe and perhaps permanent. As apparently in this world no compassion exists among even the closest of family, there is no point to subsist in it any longer; tell Rarity to just kill you and make it look like the kidnappers did it.
1d100[ 1d100 = 94 ]

Nicely done! Hopefully Anonfilly goes down the "arms dealer" tree and after teaching Chrysalis about guns teaches Twilight about bulletproof vests.

It's Twilight's turn to pick up the slack. Get her to join a book club to make friends.
1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]

Top 10 Anime Crossovers


File: 1520868669705.png (1.16 MB, 3943x3827, 1506449536823.png)

i really, really want to lovingly breed this filly, over and over until she's the consistency of jello


>Implying Lone15 would let you off of his wild ride.


Not seeing the obvious bluff


In your best Celestia voice, tell Twilight to "Stop reading those dusty old books and make some friends."
1d100[ 1d100 = 46 ]


>Not seeing that I was joking


File: 1520890603388.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)


File: 1520900568189.png (Spoiler Image, 406.65 KB, 1400x1200, 1472487__explicit_artist-c….png)

yes it's weird but there's the thing, Ponies are ponies, they don't know they can communicate with other horses, what sounds normal for Silver will sound strange for Anon, and Silver don't understand why she is able to talk to humans, that's all the thing.

There's a lot of magic in them they ignore yet.

"Yeah Anon, I was thinking, how is it possible that …I'm a pony, I can talk to humans. You're a human, and can talk to ponies?"
>Anon:"Look, I don't want to know about this anymore. Maybe because I'm a human in the body of a pony, like you used to be a pony in the body of a human! There! It's magic."
>He's picking his parka
>Anon:"are we all good? we better not stay here longer, the whole area is certainly looking for us."
"I was just thinking it'd be good to know."
>Anon:"Like, when Twilight transformed me into her filly, how did I know how to trot so well? How to gallop, or use four hooves. How did Diamond Tiara just got a bump on the cranium and suddenly was able to use magic, how you managed to drive a car or use human stuff right after having a spell that gives you hands?"
"good point, i guess…"
>Anon:"don't forget your glasses this time."
>I'm zipping my vest biting this thing, drinking a bit more while Anon opens the door. Fact, he knows how it works, other horses here don't seem to want to leave.
>maybe these ponies are happy here.
>Anon's leaving, not saying a word.
>I beg to differ.
"Goodbye everypony, and thanks again for allowing us to spend this night warm and everything!"
>we're going outside the barn, and I'm following anon.
>The Sun is merely rising, illuminating the horizon slowly with beautiful gradients.
>We're heading in direction of the south, regardless.
>Crossing by some other farms, lands, various paths, walking for kilometers, not seeing a single car, truck or human.
"I think it's strange Twilight did not warn us about anything, I have a doubt, what if she wanted us to find something…"
>Anon:"like what?"
"about ourselves, maybe? Testing us. You know the reputation of bullies we have."
>Anon:"she was pissed about me and think I still belong to this world, realized she can't have me. That's the thing. About you and DiamondTiara, I don't know."

>far away in the south

>DiamondTiara's stopping on the side of a road on a mountain area.
>she's checking the remaining food Anon packed in the trunk of his car.
>she's drinking a bit while reading a map.
>Diamond:"I won't make it. They went there with a plane that does 1000Km/h and I can barely hit 150 on straight lines. They are dying in the cold of the arctic. …All that because I failed."
>she's throwing the empty bottle away
>kicking in some random rock out of rage.
>sits there. silently for a minute.
>After a moment, she's feeling something, like a reminder.
>Diamond:"I can sense his presence.. Discord. He's closing in…"
>She's looking around.
>Diamond:"Here he is."
>stands in position of attack, closes her eyes trying to detect him.
>Discord, out of nowhere, not being visible"Because, obviously you have something I need to go back home. Yes, you and your friends! I must admit it was unexpected that you managed to recover so fast. I've been looking for you everywhere, but you used some magic earlier. This is uncommon in this whole world."
>Diamond:"Show yourself if you're a stallion, already."
>Discord appears in front of her "How are you doing on this fine day, Miss?"
>Diamond Tiara's faking not being pissed at him, acts quite natural. "Just coming to pick some friends. That doesn't means you of course."
>Discord: "You look quite tired, poor little thing!"
>Diamond:"Humans captured Anon and SilverSpoon."
>Discord:"I know that. Let me see, oh. They're in the place you circled?"
>Diamond:"Aren't you supposed to dump this world into chaos already?"
>Discord:"Why? I love America, this place, this world, it's already chaos! What else could I be good for? Getting hookers, drugs, spending money, playing games, putting some fun on a vegas table, then people here are being jealous of my success. You know, you should have fun sometimes. Why can't you sing a song, that will make you happy, all ponies are doing this!"
>Diamond:"No. I know what you want. Without us three, no portal."
>Discord's grinning, making bedroom eyes "Oh Diamond, you know how to talk to males! You're trying to travel 5000 kilometres with a car, it will take you days and your friends WILL get arrested for good this time." He's poking her horn. "Even your magic won't help them."
>He's coming close to her
>Discord:"See things like this, you have the advantage right now, but I have the magic. I don't really care about distance, time is just a bit more trickier to me, space and universe, pfft. Except I don't have yet the thing to make holes into them. But you ponies have visibly something in you, maybe Twilight used a spell that makes you act like a beacon or something. I took the time to spy the few notes she left for you. Don't you know more than this about this ..science? This sorcery?"
>Diamond:"No I'm afraid, she just made me a unicorn temporarily, and a shitty one. But don't you dare use one of your silly tricks on me again."
>she's pushing me away
>Diamond:"I know you're a traitor, you prefer to create alliances against the enemies of this world instead of destroying them, this is just what we know."
>Discord:"Oh don't be mean."
>Diamond:"Okay, can you bring Anon and SilverSpoon and we go to a point we can use magic to open a portal?"
>Diamond:"Firstly because you counted on Anon to make you discover the human world. You cheated on us, you shat on our friendship, Anon and Silver got in a coma, they almost died, while I was turned into a plushie."


File: 1520901104741.png (684.76 KB, 758x636, 536yt.PNG)


>Discord looks pissed: "I had a plan and YOU ruined it, you brought weapons and go all commando killing everyone, you call this diplomacy? Why should I help you?"

>Diamond:"Because you don't belong to this world and realize it."
>Discord:"Yes but i have all the time, however, you, it's different. Every minute counts."
>Diamond:"You owe us this, we're in the same boat. And I won't tell a word to no princess."
>Discord:"If you say so. Just one thing."
>Diamond:"What kind of thing?"
>Discord:"I never really made it with a filly like you, you're hateable, you're bitchy, aggressive, I'm going to be honest I both like you, and hate you with passion."
>Diamond:"Are you serious?"
>Discord's wrapping around her again "It's just you to decide, but if you show me you're a nice pony to me, I will save your nerdy spoony friend and Anon the Mous."
>Diamond:"This is rape, you tried earli-"
>Discord:"We have been interrupted. I just want you to abandon yourself"
>Diamond's exploding, zapping him away, summons a shield "IT'S ME WHO'S GOING TO FUCK YOU DEAD IF YOU DARE EVEN TOUCHING ME! If you were just a bastard I would consider it but you're worse than this. I know what you are!"
>Discord:"Fine, fine, so I'm leaving."
>Diamond's breathing heavily, pointing her red glowing horn at Discord, then points it at some rock a dozen of metres from there.
>she's shooting at it with beams of magic, yelling "AAAAARGH FUCKING MOTHER BUCKING!"
>Discord's kind of surprised
>Discord look happy, and jumps on the pasenger seat
>Diamond sits on the driver seat, exhausted."You won't do any kind of weird shit on me. I learned the last time, I now know how to stop you, if you do anything, I'm killing you."

>she starts the car

>Diamond:"Let's go find a place somewhere else than this road. I don't want us to get caught or something. And don't say a word."
>Discord's silent.
>They're travelling to some kind of old gas station with hotel that says "closed" on it.
>Diamond's seen many places like this through her path
>She's stopping the car in front of it. The air is dry.
>She's pissed, checks through the window "Get your ass over here. Now I'm being the hooker of a chaotic pseudogod who can't control his dick"
>Discord:"Please don't judge a book by its cover."
>Diamond bucks on a hotel room's door, revealing a huge amount of dust, but with a bed, and some 70's style of decoration and a TV.
>she's jumping on the bed, throw the layers away, lays on her back.
>Diamond's taking a deep breath. "There. Do what you must."
>She's closing her eyes.
>Discord's looking all happy, and goes next to her.
>starts caressing her.
>Diamond Tiara's trying not to move, and melts down, crying.
>Discord:"Aw… I haven't even started!"
>Diamond:"I'm fucking pathetic. My friends are dying and we're fucking"
>Discord:"I'm sure your friends are fine, don't worry, or I would have hurried up. Let's just have a little moment before we move onto something else, alright?"
>Diamond:"It's not alright. Everything I do is fucked up. I am a fucked up filly, so go ahead finish me."
>Discord:"You're not evil, I'm not evil either, we're just what we are, we deal with it, even if no one likes us, that's what makes us different!"
>She remains silent as Discord's caressing her belly
>Discord:"I'd hate myself for going too harsh on a pony like you, I was worried I could have killed you earlier when I transformed you into a plushie"
>Diamond's looking at him as he's caressing her clit
>Discord:"Also looks like you haven't ate anything solid in a while."
>Discord's going lower and starts licking, sucking her.
>She's panting
>Diamond:"Thanks for the observation, and no, my stomach is empty."
>Discord:"I'm gonna make you feel better, what kind of monster would I be if I don't take care of my enemies? A mediocre one!"
>Discord's unsheathing his cock, caressing her vulva with it
>he's slowly inserting it inside Diamond Tiara, cuddling her hips
>Diamond looks embarrassed, but sweating "What am I supposed to do?"
>Discord:"Let me take care of you for this moment. Try to stop thinking about all the things that are tormenting you, leave your stress alone."
>Discord:"I'm trying."
>Discord's wrapping all around her, his wing and tail enlacing her body.
>His strange anatomy unsheathes a second, smaller cock rubbing against her anal region, frotting against the base of her tail, squirting some precum.
>Diamond:"You must be really alone to come to me, and want to fuck me. Haven't found a human to fuck?"
>Discord:"Plenty, mind you, but they are soulless. Same for the guys. I did both and started to get depressed. They have disgusting kinks, and when it comes to fulfill them, they are so close minded, scared, this is like they are hungry for cum, getting drugged, they miss the point, so yes, I needed some pony."

>Diamond:"I'm starting to feel some of Fluttershy's influence on you. That girl you transformed into a unicorn, you wanted Fluttershy on your side. right? you realize she is absent from this world and you want her again."

>He's thrusting into Diamond Tiara
>Discord:"It's hard to hid anything from you." he replied, a bit nervously.
>Diamond giggles a bit. "What are you doing?"
>Discord:"You like it or does it hurts?"
>Diamond:"It's fine. Just weird. What are you doing?"
>Discord:"Exploring deeper inside you, something you have probably never tried with any of your colt of filly friends, did ya?"
>Diamond:"Okay was just wondering, but now you're here, what was your plan when coming here? In this world?"
>Discord:"There was no plan, just having fun, being random. I don't make plans that's my philosophy, remember? I was kidding! Exploiting dumb humans and their beliefs! That's what Anon would call… Trolling!"
>He's carressing her cheek as he's going deeper.


File: 1520901345892.jpg (97.4 KB, 1000x1000, innawewdsanon.jpg)


>Diamond:"I kind of knew it since the beginning. But again, I … Tried to do some magic and follow everything from the book, and I couldn't even achieve to create anything, I'm all in bruteforce and destroying things, but zero in creation, the rest it's zebra to me! …I'm scared!"

>She's crying again
>Discord's doing his best, embarrassed, and kind of worried that even doing his best he can't get her happy
>Discord:"You're going to make it, don't worry, are you sure Twilight didn't…"
>Diamond:"That's the thing, she let me explore her library, but I don't really look at how to perform magic, only what it does, Twilight thought I could be but no! It was bullshit! I wanted to kill you when you turned me into a plush! But why for? It's my fault for not anticipating your attack too! And we were supposed to get rid of you, even that I couldn't and now you've got my cock in me!"
>Discord:"Come on. I know all this, that's why I hate seeing you crying."
>He's snuggling her
>Discord:"I'm having the weirdest sex ever."
>Diamond:"Are you cumming inside me?"
>Discord:"Precisely, but rest assured you won't have to bear my children."
>Diamond:"It's just… warm. I like it. I thought you peed."
>Discord:"NO, I mean, I have internal testes so that's why, I mean… What?"
>Diamond:"One day a colt at school wanted to have sex, he didn't knew how to do it, so he just peed in me. It felt good, but I found out he was doing it wrong."
>Discord's making a creeped face.
>Diamond:"I got weird topics of conversation, I know."
>He's taking his dick outside of Diamond, and rolls over on the side of the bed.
>Diamond:"I even wonder how you managed to fit this thing inside me.
>Discord:"Alright, time to do my part. Do you think Anon is still mad at me?"
>Diamond:"Yes. Same for SilverSpoon, and me too. But you will deal with it."
>Discord:"Sure. Now I'm going outside and try to use some of my tricks that works. Hm. Are you coming?"
>Diamond:"Nah I'm knocked, I need some rest, take care of bringing Anon and SilverSpoon as you promised."
>Discord:"Alright, pff."
>He's zipping up his dick
>looks outside, picks a pair of binoculars out of nowhere, and looks in direction of the north.
>He's also wearing a scarf and a bobblehat, picks a pencil, draws a door in the air.
>Discord:"I'll be right back, okay?"
>Diamond's laying on the bed:"hmm."
>He's opening the door, blizzard and snow are overflowing, filling the room, freezing it.
>Discord:"I spoken too fast. It's really chill"
>Diamond:"So, hurry! You're freezing the whole room!"


>We're still halting from times to times

>most of the time, we notice a police car in the distance, or military patrolling.
>Anon:"they might pretend it's an exercise or for the security of all"
>in the distance we can see cops and military arresting every vehicle, inspecting them. They're with dogs, armed with machine guns, everything.
>Anon:"We can't go on this way either."
"We're doing all of this for nothing"*cough*
>Anon's grabbing me "We're gonna make it, don't worry, I promise I'm gonna get you out of here."
>There's helicopters still patrolling, coming closer and closer.
>We're hiding whenever we can but I am sure this time it was ridiculous to even think we can fool them twice.
"It was just audacious the first time, exploiting the weaknesses of this part but this isn't common, when they have the right orders and coordination, humans can be fearsome, alone, a human is useless."
>Anon:"What's that thing? Oh no. I must be fucking dreaming."
>going down the mountain, some kind of vehicle, thing is rushing on us.
>It's Discord. On a sled. Chased by an helicopter.
>Anon:"what a cunt."
>The draconeequs is dressed in red with a silly hat
>Discord:"I got told you were in trouble?"
"fuck you."
>Discord:"Sure, get in"
>Anon:"fuck off Discord, you're getting us all killed that's what you want?"
>Discord:"Nope, I want to make sure to be able to go home.
>He's lowering sunglasses "Come with me if you want to live."
>Anon:"You think we're safer with you rather than with these guys?"
>some bullets impacts the ground
>there's marines on the other side, shooting at us.
>Anon:"Silver, get in!"
"Go! GO!"
>Discord's woodern sled makes a loud motor noise
>He's taking us through the snow on our way back.
>There's a helicopter with snipers shooting at us.
"Discord! Where are we going?"
>Discord:"tsss, quit being annoying."
"I don't know, I'm panicking cause there's an army after us you know."
>we're stopping in front of a door standing there.
>Anon:"We're surrounded!"
>Discord's going down, we're stopping in front of a door. "After you!"
>Anon:"Are you kidding me?"
>I'm not hesitating , and get inside. Followed by Anon and Discord, who slams the door behind
>Anon:"urgh… Where are we."
>try to get back on my four hooves.
>it's a room, Diamond Tiara's here
>Diamond:"Spoonie! Nonny!"
>she's hugging me, she's so warm…
>Anon's hugging her too.
>Anon:"Okay Discord, I should say thanks for getting us out of"
>Discord:"Pfheh. it's nothing, also it would be boring without you. hehehahaha! Oh also I need you three because apparently you have the magic to summon, invoke, you know…" he's smiling.
"I know…" I continued on the same tone, as I'm reheating my hooves in the hot sand.
>Discord:"You know.. The interdimensional heliosynchronous quantum entanglement transexistential tunnel…"
"Yeah what about it? Didn't it disappear?"
>Discord:"That's the problem and normally you three… Have some magic thing to re-open it."
"Yes, well, in theory, you're the chaos god who's able to summon portals through space like you did here."
>Discord:"It was nothing, here we're talking about something radically different."
>Diamond:"I was on it but we don't have everything, normally we should find a portal, that's our point of extraction"


>Implying bulletproof vests actually make you bulletproof, rather than just barely keep you alive


Shit meant to reply to >>127554

Keeping it for Satan digits


It's alright man, the (You) Felt good regardless…
I-I'm going to die alone, aren't I?


aren't we all?


File: 1520903287246-0.jpg (33.23 KB, 1280x720, 622743__safe_screencap_dis….jpg)

File: 1520903287246-1.png (278.89 KB, 1542x2084, 1500784__safe_artist-colon….png)

Anon:"I've located it, it's somewhere in the Nevada desert. We got… some kind of magic pass which allows us to go through it, that's all I know. That's why it didn't work for you, man."
>Discord gets kind of arrogant:"I went there, and there was no portal at all. Is there another one, maaan?"
>Anon:"No portal at all?"
>Diamond:"Are you kidding?"
>Discord:"No, really. You ponies have a plan in this kind of situation, right?
>Discord is bringing a desk lamp and put it on my face. "Didn't Twilight Sparkle give you any kind of information in case everything went out of control? Speak!"
"what kind of plan? you like plans now Discord? Like, knowing what to do in a situation of crisis besides making jokes and trying to make fun of us, being a clown?"
>Discord:"Yeah that's kind of my stuff, I like to have fun, I'm a living being!"
>he's changing himself into some kind of handsome creature "I went in this hostile environement to explore, and dominate a world that needed a savior, a new God"
>he's changing into a filly "but unfortunately I was accompanied by three little girly ponies who keep whining and one of them who have no clue abou-"
>Diamond's pointing her horn at him.
>Discord, making fun us is turning to her, charging some magic.
>Diamond:"confirm lock state" and she's flashing her magic, just on him, point blank.
>Diamond Tiara's smiling, not saying a word.
"confirm lock state?"
>Anon:"Girly ponies? You kind of wanted some assistants"
>Diamond:"You're cute as a pon!"
>Discord:"What have you done?" He's looking at himself. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. WHY CANT I CHANGE BACK. TIARA?"
>Diamond:"Just a simple magic thing that could work when the creature does 99% of the job, but not finalizes it. I finalized you into this form."
>Discord:"Cancel it."
>Anon:"hah. He was mocking us, and now he's a little colt! Oh this is huge!"
>Diamond:"yeah pretty bad huh?"
"Poor little thing. He didn't even decide to be a unicorn!"
>Diamond:"normally his form he's a unicorn. at least he's not a blank flank, but not a reason either."
>Anon:"What are you going to do, cry?"
>Discord:"you maniacs! You realize what you're doing?"
>Anon:"Your magic is shit Discord, I got a cunt again. So basically you fucked with me."
>Diamond:"You know what it feels like being a bag of fluff, a sentient bag of fluff, being thrown in various directions, hearing your friend crying at you, hearing, feeling everything but being a ghost sealed into an inanimate object that could have been burned? It's worse than death. Also, wanting to fuck me, I really was in despair"
"he fucked you?"
>Diamond:"about an hour ago, yeah."
>Discord:"Diamond, that's … nopony's business!"
"he's so cute! I wonder if he could do anything with his weewee now! filly Anon, colt Discord… what could go wrong?
>Discord:"this is a nightmare… What if we are attacked by humans and what if Diamond Tiara dies? We will be fucked!"
>Anon's slapping him "then you better hope she's just as bad as you, faggot."
>Discord:"I was kidding, that was a test. You think I can…"
>Anon's slapping him again
>Discord:"Stop that! For the last time"
>Anon:"what? Last time what?"
>Discord:"I saved your lives!"
>I'm slapping him this time
>Diamond:"I had to let him fuck me to accept to bring you back, but it was kind of in despair because he had a terrible experience in Las Vegas with druggy hookers and even guys."
>Discord:"But I thought you liked it! And I thought you were no longer bullies!"

>we all three look at eachother

>we look down at Discord
>we're really enjoying bucking him, traumatizing him psychologically
>Anon:"You're shit now! What kind of god you are now?"
>Diamond:"You made this to yourself! You did hit yourself! You fucking moron! Haha! It's almost 2,000 years old and still zero experience!"
"and an immature behavior with the tongue of a gentlecolt, it's quite cringeworthly, I think."
>Diamond: Since it's permanent we should leave him here.
>Anon:"I'm calling the CIA and inform about the sighting of a strange gray talking pone"
"I was rather thinking, bring some redneck who haven't fucked anything in month, he'll enjoy Discord's ass."
>Discord's shaking, looking at us with his big red eyes "Please… no"
"Please no what? PLEASE NO WHAT?"
>Discord's finishing his sentence "Please no bully!"
>we all stare at him, in silence.
"He know our weak point! What are we going to do?"
>Anon's jumping on the rusty gas pump
>Diamond goes "rreeee" and wraps herself on the bed clothes on the hotel room.
"And all the snow has melted!"
>Anon:"you fillies are hungry?"
>Diamond:"Yep kind of."
>look at Discord and shout, with an angered look on my face
"nnnooo buhlly!"
>Anon is yelling "NOO BULLY!" while breaking random objects on the parking of the old gas station.
>Discord is all like "what is going on here? What is happening."
>Diamond's rushing in the car.
>Anon's taking the pilot seat
>I'm jumping on the back seat, waiting.
>Discord is staring at me.
>I'm staring back at him.
>Discord:"Okay okay. It's not like I have a choice."
>He's coming in, and we're on the road again.
>Discord:"where exactly are we going?"
>Anon:"how can I fucking know, I'm a horse. We're horses. In a car. Do you understand? Do you know to understand? Do you believe you can comprehend all this?"
>Discord:"You're not making any sense, and I like it.. But it's getting terrifying."
"When it's not you in control of the chaos, that terrifies you? Interesting, good to know."

Mind you, I'd like to test one, IRL, to really know what it can stop. I know a good kevlar will prevent the bullet to penetrate you, BUT the stopping power, the kinetic energy (mass) of a bullet WILL still impact you, make you fall or at worse, break a rib, but it's nothing.


Ouch, guys. Negative waves, man.


but are we wrong?


File: 1520904911970.png (248.19 KB, 1255x1414, 1455062178701.png)

so am i the only one who was autistic enough to start making a filly tulpa?
though i still dont get much but head pressure
except for one time i was high and she actually talked to me. that shit was so fucking vivid i cried


I've considered it, but haven't set time aside to do it yet. Filly would be the only pony that would do it for me, though.


What did she say?


B-but you'll always have us. I'm not going anywhere.


but at the exact moment of death, are we not alone to reflect on our lives in solitude until our consciousness is ripped past the event horizon of what lies beyond the mortal coil?


I heard a Fly buzz - when I died -
The Stillness in the Room
Was like the Stillness in the Air -
Between the Heaves of Storm -

The Eyes around - had wrung them dry -
And Breaths were gathering firm
For that last Onset - when the King
Be witnessed - in the Room -

I willed my Keepsakes - Signed away
What portion of me be
Assignable - and then it was
There interposed a Fly -

With Blue - uncertain - stumbling Buzz -
Between the light - and me -
And then the Windows failed - and then
I could not see to see -


I'm not gonna lie, I have no fucking clue what's going on. Your story moves at a million miles per minute, it's 95% dialogue, the ponies can somehow do everything a human can do without fingers nor magic, I have no idea what Discord's motives are, Diamond Tiara is doing practically everything with two fillies as baggage (and she's also apparently a S-tier reality warper now). I mean, Discord apparently became a colt without any explanation as to what was going on, and I had to piece it together based on later dialogue, and I'm never 100% sure who's a unicorn or a human or what.

Just take some time to write things out slowly. Give explanations and descriptions. Cut out dialogue where you can. Show, don't tell.


File: 1520914560523.png (289.77 KB, 2383x2651, 1456269311639.png)

the first thing she said was "i'm here," in this almost motherly sounding voice. i guess it was because i hadn't really focused on the one to give her yet, but i just knew for a fact it actually was her. unlike my own thoughts, where i'd seem to get a response after i thought of something, she responded to them in the middle of my sentences in the same voice. the other things i remember the clearest were, "i can't wait to be with you," and "it's okay," because i'm kind of a lazy shit when it comes to thinking about her a lot.
like, i'm still skeptical about the whole idea, but my god, that was something else. just wish i could get that fuckin stoned more often, because i find it actually is a lot easier to imagine her with me.


>ywn have a mothering anonfilly talk to you and reassure you
Why live?


File: 1520915017481.png (143.78 KB, 1000x885, 1517599914686.png)

Damn, that sounds like an amazing experience.
>"I can't wait to be with you"


File: 1520915135789.jpg (6.82 KB, 300x194, MarijuanaMare.jpg)

>Smoking weed like a degenerate
Worth it for Anonfilly, I guess.

This story is nice! The art is a good bonus. How much do you draw yourself? I have to admit, >>127760 is right. I'm used to the randomness and chaos of the story by now, but for newcomers it is too confusing. Also, "some sort of handsome creature" does not convey a small colt too well. What does Discord even look like as a pony? Did Silver Spoon lose her glasses because she does a terrible job explaining stuff.

Did you write this yourself?


>>Smoking weed like a degenerate
i want to love a little filly or be the little filly loved in any gay way possible, i'm already a degenerate
plus being with those buddies was like the only social interaction i regularly had


The next update is all written and ready to go, and as always, I did my best to implement suggestions. However, I'm pretty sure my brain's only been operating at about 22% of what it normally does, so I'm sorry if this update sucks that much more. Here you go!

>your dreams are once again a vivid representation of your situation in real life

>once everything's finished rendering, you see that you're inside a cavernous expanse underground that's studded with gems and laced with shining veins of metal
>what is this, Minecraft?
>well, you're not complaining if it is
>this looks pretty stunning, the light gray of the walls contrasting well with the bright yet subtle technicolor gems and shining metallic bands
>you don't have to wait very long for Luna to show up, though
>in fact, she appears in front of you in a flash of blue as soon as your environment is stable enough
>"Anonymous, where are you? Twilight said that you never made it back to the castle and asked me to find you."
>oh, business right off the bat
>you're going to need to put this as lightly as possible if you don't want any ponies to flip out over you
"I'll tell you, but you need to promise me something first."
>Luna sits down in front of you and holds up her right hoof
>"What is it?"
"You need to not flip out and come to get me, or send anyone to do so. I think I'm in a position here to actually do something, and it'll be ruined if any sort of hostility is shown."
>she looks confused, but she doesn't drop her right hoof as she accepts your promise
"I can't stress that promise enough, but I'll tell you. I'm in the badlands, more specifically inside a changeling hive."
>Luna's eyes widen and she looks like she's about to say something, but you cut her off
"Before you say anything, yes I was brought here against my will. However, after meeting Chrysalis, it's clear that I'm not in any sort of danger. She's actually being quite hospitable, if you can believe it."
>she raises an eyebrow and gives you a confused/disappointed look before stating her argument
>"How do you know that you're not in any danger? This is CHRYSALIS we're talking about, the changeling queen that nearly conquered Equestria in a day!"
"Yes, but that was back when she had a hive with numbers enough to pull that off. There were probably millions of changelings in Canterlot alone on that day, and in this entire hive I haven't seen more than about 100 and can't imagine that there are any more than about 60,000 in total. She's in no position to do anything like she's done before, and that's actually the entire reason why I'm here."
>"She called you to the middle of the badlands and had you delivered into her hive… to ask you for help?"
>you nod at her as she looks at you disbelievingly
"Yeah, as hard as that is to believe. Chrysalis went to all this effort to find me and she wants me to help her. At first I didn't have the best idea of what to do, but now that I can talk to you, I'm pretty sure that you can help me out with an actually good idea for a solution that benefits both Equestria and the badlands."
>"A peaceful solution would be beautiful, but I'm sure tartarus would freeze over before that's possible."
>now it's time for you to actually tell her what you have in mind!
"Trust me, it's entirely possible. These changelings are stacked with resources, and Chrysalis said that they can pull a metric shit-ton of raw material out of the ground. All you would need to do is just make sure that she's got the necessary supplies to maintain her hive and rebuild her species, and I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't be against sharing some of it."
>Luna starts thinking after you finish speaking your point
>could she be actually considering this?
>"Even if this isn't some plot to lower our defenses as you seem to think, how am I going to convince Tia? You seem to forget that Chrysalis nearly killed her during their first formal meeting, and that wasn't even the end of it. Once she's made up her mind, my sister is very hard to convince of the opposite."
>oh, then it wasn't that easy
>you may need to have some better arguments
"Then I'll work on what I can from here and you try to gauge Celestia's reaction. Also, tell Twilight that I'm going to be gone for about a week at most, but that I'm safe."
>Luna looks up at you with a slightly worried expression on her face
>"And I'll do what I can from Canterlot. I just want you to remember to stay safe; I'm always just a quick nap away if you need my help too."
>you kneel down in front of her and wrap your arms around her in as reassuring a hug as you can give
"I promise I'll be fine. At worst, I might decide to stay here for a bit longer, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen. After all, I don't want to hurt any of you that I'm already friends with!"
>Luna reaches around your neck with her hooves, giving you a hug in return
>"Good, I don't think Chrysalis would be nearly as good of a friend as I am."
>there it is
>that mocking, slightly smug tone
>everything's going to be fine
>now all you have to do is just not incur the wrath of Twilight long enough to make sure that everything goes smoothly



>also, you should probably try to gauge Chrysalis's reaction to a diplomatic solution

>that should be pretty easy, after all you're probably going to be spending a lot of time around her
>you both break out of the hug and you ask a question that should hopefully lighten the mood a bit
"So, you wanna explore around here? It looks pretty cool, and I think I see some branching paths up ahead."
>Luna agrees, and you two spend the rest of the dream spelunking in this huge cave system
>after you two end up seeing everything there is to see (and you stopping for about 30 seconds to laugh at a stalagmite shaped like a penis) , you wake up back inside the hive
>that was a pretty restful sleep
>and when you wake up, you see a young changeling hovering over you with a pair of bright green eyes
>it's Emerald
>"Good morning, Anonymous! I hope you slept well, because Mom wanted me to show you what kind of stuff is out here in the badlands while she's getting everything ready, whatever that means."
>okay, a day in the life of a changeling
>sounds interesting enough, this never was really explained much in the show if you remember correctly
"Alright, what's first on the list?"
>you hop out of bed and Emerald joins you on the floor
>"First we should probably eat something. I know that it's not fun to work on an empty stomach."
>so you follow Emerald down to the area where you ate dinner yesterday and eat a nice breakfast of more Desert Krait and also some roasted vegetables
>no offense to Spike's cooking, but you could get used to this
>it actually has some food that you enjoy besides nothing but vegetables and starch!
>after you two finish eating, you follow Emerald up to the surface with a few other changelings
"What are we doing up here?"
>"We're going to collect water from a nearby source. The badlands are a very dry place, but we've figured out a way to get all the moisture necessary out of the environment."
>she then walks over to a changeling standing near a pile of what looks like backpacks and grabs two of them
>when she gets back over to you, she gives you one
>"Here, put this on. It'll help you carry all the water. Also, when we're on the way to it, I can show you all the cool stuff around here!"
>you put on the bag, which is surprisingly light for its size
>this isn't how you imagined you'd be spending your first days here, though
>oh well, it's pretty obvious that they're short on labor anyway and it'll give you something to do while trying to find a good angle of attack for convincing Chrysalis
"One question, how far away is this source of water?"
>Emerald thinks to herself for a few seconds while the rest of the changelings gear up
>"About an hour, but don't worry. The time will fly by, and we always go early enough in the morning to make sure no one gets dehydrated."
>okay, but how does a pony fit this model?
>Emerald must see this concern on your face, because she has an answer for it
>"If things get too bad, you can always check one of the pockets on the pack. There's always an emergency set of rations in case you need it."
>sure enough, you reach around to check the bag and you pull out a canteen
>soon enough, the rest of the changelings start moving and you two follow close behind
>while the walk is happening, you two also manage to hold a conversation
>every once in a while, Emerald points out a rock formation and tells you what she knows about it too
>eventually though, you ask her a question



"So, do you do work like this every day?"
>"Not every day, but I'm getting close to the point where I have to choose my job for the future. I'm trying out everything a few times just to make sure that I know what I'm good at, and I also want to make sure that what I'm good at is also fun."
>Emerald shifts her path to get a bit closer to you before going on
>"Between you and me though I'm pretty sure I want to be a spy if only because I'd get to see you more often."
>you've had that much of an effect on her that she's willing to make a permanent choice just because of you
>that's commitment
>now if only some of the thots back home could learn from her
>but that's not going to happen
>thots are always thots, and there's nothing that's going to stop that
>maybe you can bring a nice pony home with you if you ask Twilight hard enough?
>probably not
>maybe Emerald would be willing to come home with you if you ask her nicely?
>more likely, but it's still a stretch
>either way, the party you're part of eventually makes it to a large river twisting through the terrain
>wow, this is one hell of a water source
>but what about pulling moisture out of the environment?
>Emerald has an answer for you, though, and you didn't even need to ask
>"This is the water source, it's pulled out of the ground by some pumps placed about 10 miles upstream from a reservoir underground and it flows down to a nearby lake that another party usually hits before nightfall."
>you follow her up to the bank and copy what she's doing to collect water
>after the pack is full, you put it back on and find that it's still not that heavy
>what is this sorcery?
>you would've killed for a backpack like this at home
>you're pretty sure that hauling around all those books ended up permanently messing with your posture
>oh well, the walk back isn't anymore eventful than the walk there
>you do have to take a swig out of the canteen, but that's about it
>other than that, it's just another conversation
>well, can a debate about who would win in a fight between Celestia and 4 Hydras really be called 'another conversation'?
>you still think that those hydras would at least have a chance
>when you all get back, you see another team of changelings waiting just outside the entrance to the hive
>you do as the others in your group are doing and hand off your pack to one of those who are waiting, and after that everypony heads inside again to go their separate ways
>except for you and Emerald
>that's because you two still have more stuff to do today
>however, that can wait for a bit
>as soon as you two reach the entry room, you two are met by Chrysalis


Mama Anonfilly + Anonabby green when?


File: 1520922275338.png (252.79 KB, 1438x1391, Twilight-SexyGlasses.png)


Making a few new friends in a day or two would be easy for you. There's still a few fillies in Cheerilee and Rarity's circle of friends you need to get to know better. But when you think about it, you've done more than enough. You're already bringing in half of the guests here, plus it's your party. Blossom seems to have volunteered for some of the planning, and she's also bringing in some rock-solid choices. Flitter and Cloudchaser? You've seen those twins before, and you know they're pretty damn cute.

This just leaves Twilight. For someone who apparently had a degree in one of the social sciences back on Earth, she really isn't getting into this social thing enough in Equestria. It makes you wonder whether she's naturally asocial, or if there's something about living here in Equestria that's keeping her from forming too many close relationships. Either way, it's about time she pulled her weight on this matter.

You put on your best Celestia impersonation and approach her.

"My faithful student, it's time you stop reading those dusty old books and make some friends."

She shrugs.

>"Sure thing. While I'm at it, you got any preferences for your party? Fillies? Colts? Pegasi? Unicorns? More Earth ponies?"


>"Well, Anon has never been a problem," Twilight lied through her teeth, "and she just loves her aunty and uncle"
>He looks to you, and you return a sheepish smile
>"The guards have a field simulation starting tomorrow that will continue for two days, which I will be leading. The place will be monitored by a skeleton crew, and we can't afford delegating three guards to Anon".
>"Three?" Twilight inquired, confusion drawn upon her face
>"Anon has a tendency to get in trouble, and we can't afford anything going wrong this weekend, so the regular servants won't be able to help."
>"And what, pray tell, is drawing so many domestic resources?" she asked coldly
>Damn, she was desperate to pawn you off
>"The Yaks are visiting." Shining Armor answered with a dead tone suitable for a funeral
>"I'm so sorry." Twilight replied with genuine sympathy
>Even she hated snowniggers


>You and Twilight walked out into the sunshine that penetrated the frozen tundra and into the bubble, which glared annoyingly against the crystalline structures
>Shining Armor had offered to set you up with a well-compensated local family, but Purple had refused for any number of reasons
>You had no problem with this
"Well Twi, I guess you'll have to just let me stay home alone this time. Don't worry, I promise to be a good filly, and brush my teeth every night."
>"Oh-oh no, you're gonna be supervised one way or another. I have LOTS of friends."
>Damn it
>Well, hopefully she would choose Fluttershy, that dracon cumdumpster let you walk all over her


When someone can make it not awkward.
>(You) being motherly to (You)
>(You) cuddling (You)
>(You) Singing a lullaby to (You)
> (You) calling (You) a faggot

I don't know if it's just how I look at it.
But it just feels odd to imagine.
Kind of like…narcissism? I'm not sure if that's the right word.


File: 1520928703805.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 1509265189499.png)

>anonymous is just one guy
>anonfilly is just one filly
not how it works mate


Imagine for a moment that that is exactly how it works.


File: 1520929091044.jpg (57.96 KB, 512x528, 1513306261374.jpg)

that's a shit thing to imagine.
then how would i be able to fiddle the filly as the filly then?
and who the hell would be the lucky sumbitch even chosen to be the OG filly?
and i'm sure as hell not gonna share a filly with other anons, and that's assuming that the filly even WANTS lewd, on top of some gay shit like that

dont put these trash ideas in my head, kthx


Maybe call Anonfilly "Anon" and babby "Nonny"? I've seen it used that way before.

And you don't have to show it from two perspectives, I don't know why you'd think you'd need two different (You)'s

When a chapter is about Twilight, lines aren't written:
>You (Twilight) hugged You (Anon)
(You) is based on character perspective, not when you're talking about Anonymous


You are like a little baby, watch this.

>There is only one filly, and everyone here is forced to share her consciousness


so, like reuben's filly?
nigga, watch this shit
>there can only be one filly innaquestria at a given time, it's only when the anon finally passes that the next is reborn as the filly, memories of the past one completely intact
try staying sane after being the 10th filly


File: 1520930243150.png (89.2 KB, 1088x1217, 1469261492068.png)

You ain't shit, check this out.
>Different Anons each control a single vital organ in Anonfilly that is fully capable of vocalisation and some locomotion




Y'all have no imagination. Watch this
>There can only be one active filly at a time. At around age 14, Twilight unbirths Anonfilly, and proceeds to have unprotected sex with an Aryan stallion to bring about the next Anon. The other Anons are asleep as eggs in Twilight until it's their turn again and become the fetus, and eventually the filly, retaining their memories.


>"heh, hey dude, check this shit out"
>"we don't have eyes dumbass"
>"what did you do?"
>"what, i just did my humble duty as this filly's bladder!"
>"ey give me more meat, i'm tired of this horse shit!"
>"fuck off, at least you don't have to actually DEAL with the shit!"
>all the organs laugh


File: 1520930524870.jpg (722.7 KB, 882x1200, 1476468961651.jpg)

>This again
Gonna have to cede defeat, there's no topping this


>ywn have filly foreplay as a slutty school girl for you
why live


File: 1520930745434.jpg (69.4 KB, 588x559, 8465432643685.jpg)

Just to suffer



You are all like the silly ponies. Here:
There can only ever be one Anonfilly in Equestria. All of the Anonfilly's eggs contain the souls of all of the Anons who wish to become the filly. When an Anonfilly gives birth, she becomes absorbed through the umbilical cord into the new Anonbabby. She becomes one of the Anonbabby's eggs, and all of her unused eggs also get transferred into the Anonbabby. The Anonbabby is a new Anon with all of the memories of the previous Anonfillies inside her, including the memory of giving birth to herself. If an Anonfilly fails to give birth by the time they reach the age they were before becoming the filly, she's forced to autounbirth herself to transfer her life force into one of her Anonfilly eggs.


well why does suffering have to be so fucking gay, and suffer-y?


File: 1520931642855.png (11.6 KB, 521x405, Naptime(S)[wT].png)

>tfw there's an oldfag who was 80

I assume Twilight is still the one taking care of Anon?


Yep. She's cursed to forever watch this cycle of Anonfillies giving birth to Anonfillies. She can't die so long as an Anonfilly lives.


>Implying she doesn't love every moment of child-rearing, from nursing to the first day of school to her birth-death
>Implying she isn't the cause of this


File: 1520936031656-0.png (979.18 KB, 2500x2630, wholesome filly making.png)

File: 1520936031656-1.png (956.63 KB, 2500x2630, wholesome filly making as ….png)

alright, well, i was just planning on making a quick wholesome pic of petting the filly, but now it's 4 in the morning and i ended up with a wholesome lewd instead.
can't ever have enough of them, i suppose.
d-dont focus on the background too much



It's got the most important three words…


File: 1520936404425.png (659.31 KB, 902x886, 1520105084414.png)

Damn, that's cute and perfectly lewd


File: 1520936435215.png (445.76 KB, 1464x1782, 1517543614977.png)

>that subtle creampie

Also checked.


Ur a faget?


File: 1520936737531.png (506.63 KB, 842x1300, HeartEyes.png)

>Filly will never have heart eyes because of you.


no, gas the kikes!


Is EatCarbs dead?


File: 1520954433582.gif (2.67 MB, 640x360, 1520951601189.gif)

>"Yes Anon, you re a faggot"
I actually just wanted to post that gif tbh
Also how come there hasnt been a flutterrape green yet? Its the perfect situation for flutters to get what she wanted even if it isnt there anymore


Very dead. Another dead green to add to the pile.


File: 1520959631669.png (488.56 KB, 2333x1933, CutePegasusAnonfilly.png)

Really neat! Though, I'm assuming Anonfilly's digestion remains the same as regular horses and so eating krait will do quite a painful number.

"Do I look like a racist? Wait, forget that question." You have only one colt in the form of Big Mac (I don't know who Flitter and Cloudchaser are), so to keep him from being the awkward guy at the party prioritize colts. You could even matchmake between some of the colts and fillies.
1d100[ 1d100 = 15 ]


File: 1520961324950.png (1.16 MB, 2964x2090, 1623336__explicit_artist-c….png)

Pic related are Flitter (top) and Cloudchaser (bottom). Just imagine them as fillies and not having sex.


Pretty good, dude

Pls come back Carbs

>Just imagine them as fillies and not having sex.
Kek. Was that the best reference you could find?


More like first, to just get an idea. I'll continue looking.


File: 1520966048117.png (486.06 KB, 3718x2000, 745287__safe_artist-colon-….png)

There: actually fillies.


Fuck. My heart.


Why aren't they fugging?


I can't believe I'm saying this…

…but porn of filly Flitter and filly Cloudchaser doesn't exist.




I've looked, and there's nothing.


File: 1520967757860.jpg (312.46 KB, 700x700, FlitterCloudchaser-WetKiss.jpg)


Can confirm. Just checked derpibooru for flitter,filly and cloudchaser,filly. Neither produces any nsfw images of either filly.

So I'm going to call Rule 35 on this. Someone has to make this shit. Because I can't draw.


File: 1520968184003.gif (497.95 KB, 560x515, 1495784778957-1.gif)

I got this one



Doesn't really look very filly, but still adorable.


Yeah, that looks like just normal mare-aged Flitter and Cloudchaser.

But yeah, still adorable.


>You get turned into a little filly
>Every one of the Mane 6's parents are more than happy to take care of you once a month to see whom you'd like to be adopted by the most
If you were a filly, then who'd you pick?


Rainbow dash


Tough call


Well, I wouldn't be able to choose my favorite choice, so…


i fuckin love this story and i love (You) because of it, i need more of this green in my life pls


File: 1520975508724-0.webm (587.53 KB, 834x1062, bouncy whistles.webm)

File: 1520975508724-1.png (833.59 KB, 1280x720, Twilight_Velvet_pops_out_o….png)

>dead parents
>parents of shit pony, though they do seem alright
>betas who somehow were able to raise 2 kids
>boring rock farmers
yeah, i think the only competition would be between the 2 best moms


File: 1520981446486.png (378.39 KB, 800x612, 1674970__safe_artist-colon….png)

"Last Anonfilly desperately fends off /mlp/ mods trying to ban her in the year 2018"


>not fat fucks reeing from their computers
i dun think so


File: 1520982345304.jpg (343.79 KB, 800x615, 1520520326457.jpg)

>not posting a superior version
What are you, a faget?


>first attempt
lol no, I'm used to drawing more realistic looking fluid, it was just hard to get it to look good with the cartoon style, i also took into account that it would have dripped down her marehood while she was standing, but now she's sitting down it flows the other way

Anyway, suggest some things that I could draw QUICKLY.


Anonfilly sitting in a tower equipped with a helmet and weapon


A filly in a pillow fort.




Anonfilly raping Buizel


consensual fluff petting and ear rubbing!


Filly making a plushie


of herself?


Filly stealing Purples strong drinks.


Was imagining that yes, but I thought I'd leave it open to artistic freedom and aesthetics.


>All these Nordic crosses.
Are we being invaded by Scandinavia?


Filly and babby doing whatever you want together


Agreed, this comes down to those two. Are we assuming Anon is a Pegasus since she can live in Cloudsdale? Then I think Rainbow's parents are best since they can help with Pegasus stuff.

Also, I notice the conversation is focused entirely on moms. Which makes sense, as Anonfilly threads double as mommy issues ones.


eh, I thought I remembered you mentioning something about a first attempt at fluids with that pic, but maybe it was just something about trying to get it to work with the style; my memory ain't the best and that thread was a very long time ago

anyway, I'd like to see an earth pone filly, a pegasus filly, and a unicorn filly all cuddling one another
also seconding these


no u
but being a filly, naturally you'd spend more time with the mom, and who wouldn't, they're grade a milfs my dude


>Anonfilly threads double as mommy issues ones
I'll have you know I don't have any mommy issues! I only have lonliness issues


File: 1520987310759-0.jpg (65.35 KB, 522x582, 1495564541132.jpg)

>as Anonfilly threads double as mommy issues ones.
excuse me faggot, i only have daddy issues thank you very fucking much, and also >>128374


File: 1520989747626.png (72.06 KB, 1200x1200, 1451467978064 - Copy.png)

Even though my shit is inherently mommy issues, I don't have mommy issues.

Just social issues and no romantic life,
courtesy of childhood trauma


File: 1520989892314-0.png (1.07 MB, 4840x4840, 1444273420920.png)



File: 1520990025353.png (26.86 KB, 770x934, 1458354008312 - Copy.png)

FuCkiNg, LeT mE sUfFer aLoNe


File: 1520990121519.png (398.57 KB, 1293x1748, Thinking 1.png)

>my shit is inherently mommy issues
>I don't have mommy issues
What did filly mean by this?


File: 1520990168337-0.png (166.34 KB, 751x748, 1510033675812.png)



File: 1520990227505.png (698.9 KB, 8725x6544, scrunch filly smile.png)

nah m8
you're gonna get cuddled by all the rest of us until you're happy, and you're gonna love it


>my shit = my greentext
I just like writing depressing shit.
No better way to do that than with an absent father and piece of shit mother like Twilot.


File: 1520990420952.png (37.29 KB, 434x407, 1459646124526 - Copy.png)

Is tHiS a MeXiCan STanDoFf?

I will fight for my right to be mentally ill


File: 1520990778917-0.jpg (83.71 KB, 885x841, 1495492687809.jpg)

>using my edit again
you're already giving in mate

you just don't realize it yet


File: 1520991125906.png (110.01 KB, 600x532, 1469205058448 - Copy.png)


File: 1520991477306-0.png (27.82 KB, 410x410, Disappointed 2.png)

File: 1520991477306-1.png (672.59 KB, 2136x1902, Stockholm Filly.png)

I've figured it out boys
>We write Twilight as Anonfilly's mom because we want a mother figure who's smart, kind, and stable, but previous neglect causes us to overcompensate for our (emotionally or literally) absent moms, thus creating Twilights who are obsessive, controlling, and/or downright abusive, because any of the three is better than being ignored in our twisted view of parental relationships
>We can admit this is unhealthy from a meta perspective outside the story, but deep down, were we to be inserted into an identical situation, we would accept or downright welcome it
>tfw writing self-insert cartoon pony fanfiction on a Swedish nazi forum taught you more about yourself than any of your therapists ever did
>pics related


Are you fucking psychoanalyzing me?
Twilight was more symbolic for me. In my point of view, she was represented as a mother at face value. But additionally, as someone who is trusted deeply (A childhood friend, a parent, etc.). While filly represented the unsuspecting victim of the person's deliberate abuses but maintains the relationship due to the fact they don't know how to escape the situation according, or act appropriately to it.


File: 1520993915148.png (169.14 KB, 881x870, tiedupfilly.png)

Your suggestions were boring.
Another pic coming once I finish my pizza.


you never said lewd was an option you faggot


Well what the fuck is going on in Anonfetus-posters' heads??


File: 1520994753466.jpeg (195.67 KB, 2000x1566, 1509638839509.jpeg)

>this theorizing and story analysis
If all this is true, then I'm not sure why I'm here


hey miniscule phallus can you draw me the filly's ass being stretched apart by the huge knots of several werewolves thanks


actually please draw acracebest oc being brutally murdered in some way by the filly. idk exactly how, maybe sexual torture until he just cant take it anymore. or just poison, with ac choking and slowly painfully his body failing seriously fuck that guy though I hate him so much


>ywn have filly suck you off as she whines, moans and begs to have you inside her
why live


Don't hurt me like that…


I don't care for acracebest, so even if it is with negative connotations, drawing his oc at all is no bueno.

its like you don't even know who I am.


well clearly not, ive known a few artists that wouldnt do lewd unless they felt like it
can we have some ponut stuff then?


Okay guys, between an accidental 4-hour nap and IRL stuff that I need to get done, I'm not going to update today. I'm still going to update tomorrow, and I promise that I'll try to hold as close to the regular schedule I set up as I can despite the things that I have to do to not fail at life. I hope you all understand, and again, sorry.


File: 1520996747383.jpg (58.44 KB, 545x744, IMG_20180313_220428.jpg)

this is the green hoerz thread rite


fucking hippie


its ok just do whatever you need just dont die for us pls I love youn-no homo or anything ff-faget…


File: 1520996893740-0.png (1.72 MB, 2437x3000, 1516502149036.png)

one day aint the end of the world mate, you're fine
i want to get high with hippie horse as the filly


Don't worry, I'm not even close to ded! Love you too anon, no homo.


File: 1520997998237-0.png (3.66 MB, 8000x10000, 1486339257434.png)

>lie on my regular pillow
>spend hours in pain and thinking about everything
>lie my head on my pillow filly's rump
>fall asleep any time, in any position
even irl she's the best thing for me


>in any position
hey uh
can I
have what you're having?


no u
I still want to see a filly pillow fort





i'm having filly pillow
i meant like the way i'm facing, where my arms are, if im curled up and shit
all i do is roll around on my other pillow, can never get comfortable


File: 1520999712198-0.png (627.78 KB, 2369x2596, IFUCKINGLOVETEMPLATES.png)

File: 1520999712198-1.png (683.83 KB, 2369x2596, IFUCKINGLOVEDRAWING.png)



File: 1521000292438.png (99.71 KB, 873x915, SpurdoFilly.png)

>She isn't drawing a cock


File: 1521001567725.png (209.72 KB, 1550x558, Rebirth.png)

This is clearly the work of a healthy, well-adjusted human being.


File: 1521005050681.jpg (306.84 KB, 1000x816, nap time.jpg)

3 days late, are you talking about Happy Harvey?


File: 1521009196354.gif (88.84 KB, 650x450, Twilight-Words.gif)


"What do I look like, some kind of racist?"

>"Didn't you say when we first met that you were a national socialist?"

"Hey, hey. I said I had a national socialist stuck in my head. I never said I was all Heil Hitlers and gas the Jews. And even if I was, context is ponies, not humans."

>"Whatever you say, Anon. So no preferences?"

"Eh… another colt might be nice. Don't want Big Mac to be the only guy here and for the party to be a… what would be the female equivalent of a sausagefest? An Arby's luncheon?"

>"Ew. Did not need that image in my head. And technically, Noteworthy's a colt too. But I'll make a note to get a greater male presence in your party. I won't judge you for being into guys while you're a filly."

"It's not for me. I want to try and pair up some of my friends. Well, except Cheerilee of course. She's too pure."

>"You just want her all for yourself, don't you?"

"You're goddamn right I do."

>"Well good fucking luck with that. Try not to corrupt her. In the mean time though, we should probably get down from here if you want me to go out collecting friends. We've got less than half an hour before this spell ends, and if I'm not around to recast it for you, you're gonna look like the breakfast menu of a Dr. Seuss inspired diner."

"Alright, alright, fine…"

You head back down the cloud staircase with Twilight, which Blossom picks up to toss back onto the larger cloud as you leave. When you finally reach the bottom, Twilight heads off towards the town square. You are now alone with Blossom. What do?


File: 1521009278692.png (121.18 KB, 606x660, HERSEY.png)


ayy bb, want sum fuc?


File: 1521010304232.jpg (102.52 KB, 854x737, 546218.jpg)

Mutter about national socialism not being inherently racist and them gosh darned jews for propagandising it as something that is. Let's find out what Blossom wants to do, she's been here a while, probably been around the block a few times, I bet she knows where fun can be had. 1d100[ 1d100 = 41 ]


>"Do I look like a racist? Wait, forget that question."
>"What do I look like, some kind of racist?"

I think you missed read it what that anon said. Anonfilly were suppose to make a joke about how he feigned to be offended but actually he wasn't. Not tell Twi that he is not racist. With he, I refer to anonfilly.

Also, will Twilight start to surveil Anon soon because of anon's erratic behavior?

Hehe, I like how Anon said that cheerlie is too pure and Twilight pretty much answers that anon should try not to corrupt her. Why don't you trust anon twi?


Ask Blossom what she does for fun and maybe look for your group of friends to introduce her to them. 1d100[ 1d100 = 69 ]
Hmm, Twilight didn't say anything about not corrupting Blossomforth.


File: 1521011656728.png (236.23 KB, 900x935, AnonfillyGitGud.png)

Uh oh, sounds like competition between Big Mac and Anon for Cheerilee's heart!

Blossom's still a kid and after that nap is probably pepped up with energy. Why not play some frisbee? You might run into somepony while you're running.
1d100[ 1d100 = 23 ]

Also, I noticed on the shill thread that got saged last night that someone had quite a bit of Blossomforth porn. You weren't the one who drew it, were you?

This. Anon has quite a high power level. I was hinting at the classic comedy routine where a character is offended at one of his traits being leveled against him, but quickly realizes that debating against it is fruitless.


File: 1521011763405.png (154.76 KB, 757x1056, ApplejackSmirk.png)

>does for fun
>those numbers


File: 1521013402970.png (810.1 KB, 2369x2596, fillyception v2.png)


Welp, she is now drawning a dick

Btw, I'm newfag here, how to I draw the dice?


File: 1521014234187.jpg (23.59 KB, 400x300, dice 1d100.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 2

to roll dice, either put "dice 1d100" in the email field or type (1d100) but with these [] instead of these () as part of your comment 1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]
you can also change the number of dice rolled as well as the number of sides on the dice rolled by changing the number before and after the d 5d20[ 5d20 = 58 ]


File: 1521014418910.png (117.79 KB, 800x800, ...really.png)

>low rolls on each of the dice
that's real fuckin' funny, random number generator



30 minutes.
Also, I got ads about dating websites. Stop trying to make me satisfied with anything but hooves!


Thanks a lot and seems like rnjesus hate your guts for some reasons


File: 1521015159993.png (452.27 KB, 4840x4840, HI, ME!.png)

>dating websites
christ, my faith in the website just continues to crumble
at this point it's not about going back to /mlp/ for me, just inconveniencing the mods with best filly


I think it's already dead.


16 minutes. They moved it to /trash/ rather than deleting it outright


File: 1521015619742.png (94.08 KB, 500x500, Twilight-SeenSomeShit.png)

Ah fuck, I did misread it. Oh well. Still felt like making a callback to that one time when Anon asked Twi what she felt about National Socialists when she was going on her big fuck commies spiel.

>Also, will Twilight start to surveil Anon soon because of anon's erratic behavior?

What makes you think she doesn't keep a close eye on Anon?

>Why don't you trust anon twi?

Probably because you tried to molest her, her brother, Lyra, and Princess Celestia. You also watched her brother and Cadence having sex while under their bed.

Granted, you haven't acted completely fucked up in a while, but remember that she was a mother back on Earth, and mothers tend to remember your mistakes and tease you about them years down the line.

Also, she may not be the most trusting of ponies anyways.


U WAN SUM FUK ? 1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


File: 1521015980220.png (158.89 KB, 550x550, 1459787__questionable_arti….png)

>that roll
Both Epona and RNGesus have blessed your Aussie shitposting, my child.


You can also add modifiers to dice rolls like this 1d100+9999[ 1d100+9999 = 10043 ]


mods tossed the filly thread into /trash/ again https://boards.4chan.org/trash/thread/14553592#p14553592

by the way, there's currently a meta thread on /mlp/ which started as a "why are there so many generals?" thread https://boards.4chan.org/mlp/thread/32046023


Still want this, to whoever's reading this.


>those numbers
Hopefully Blossomforth interprets this as Korean.


I am so filly right now.


File: 1521023157763.png (236.47 KB, 1362x812, 1441604724168.png)

i need a fillyplush picture, i realize i have none


This makes me so profoundly sad.


That looks a bit like a NEET Filly.


File: 1521025183384.jpg (833.08 KB, 2448x3264, rebel filly.JPG)

actually, could just make one
was kinda too lazy to think of another pic to make, but i saw some things i could just throw together
filly likes to live on the autistic edge


Okay, don't want to come off like an attention whore. If you don't want to hear a bunch of personal shit, don't scroll over the spoiler. I had a perfectly healthy and loving relationship with my mom, the problem was that she died when I was still a kid. When I started this green, I didn't intend to have Twilight be an abusive cunt, but then I realized that I didn't really have enough experience with the flip-side of the coin to write it in a way that I would have felt satisfied with. Sidenote, I'm sorry for the lack of updates the past few days. Daylight savings time has been getting to me.


>don't want to come off like an attention whore.
jk bby ily


File: 1521031199645.png (92.14 KB, 640x960, 1517340942702.png)

I fucking love all you faggot fillies, no homo.


File: 1521032876755.jpg (584.93 KB, 1080x2834, 1476542337778.jpg)

>We can admit this is unhealthy from a meta perspective outside the story
Fuck you, I'll admit outright that this kind of thing is precisely what I want, ironically enough, imagining myself being treated that way makes me feel safe.


File: 1521032906815.png (2.06 MB, 5000x3545, 1517207433473.png)

We love you too.

Now bend over.


File: 1521033089394.png (205.01 KB, 894x1007, 1506222924971.png)

I-I said no homo, you faggot!


File: 1521033598152.png (54.58 KB, 1500x1514, 1518354364032.png)

We're all faggots here. But, if it makes you feel better, no homo.

Now bend over.


File: 1521033726370.png (142.6 KB, 1043x729, 1474889246613.png)

F-fine, but only because of your digits.


File: 1521034126487.png (211.91 KB, 1496x1498, 1577541__explicit_artist-c….png)

Don't worry, I'll be gentle.

Nice 69 digits, though.


File: 1521034631632.png (203.13 KB, 893x817, 1505878457221.png)

Y-you too…


File: 1521034956194.jpg (427.66 KB, 2103x1872, 1279083__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

>cue green-worthy gay shit like pic related


>>cue green-worthy gay shit
oh my god
have we even HAD a green about two fillies going at it? what the hell, man?


You know, I don't think I've seen one.

Well, there's an idea for me. Or you. Really whoever puts it out first.


>Ywn pityfuck edgy Lone15fillu
Why live?


File: 1521039922291.jpg (354.97 KB, 1727x1842, 1476568291660.jpg)

So we can meet and pity fuck him together, of course!


That doesn't mean you lack issues, though. It probably has something to do with >>128558

We still love you, though.


L-love you too…
No u!


File: 1521040759257.jpg (113.89 KB, 700x1322, (You).jpg)

Unf, looking forward to it.


File: 1521046897162.png (349.06 KB, 800x920, 1508505861435.png)

christ i hate how /ptfg/ just leeches off of our thread's work like this, be it green or picture. if it weren't for us, they probably would've died out a long time ago. and THEY can post our content without getting deleted, banned, or moved, but WE can't?
it's just more bullshit for the pile.


It's just that one britfag doing it, they do have their own writers, but they barely update. They have no artists to speak of because few drawfags are willing to draw the body horror sequences their thread routinely faps to. Their thread would be dead if not for Anonfilly.

Mods wanted Anonfilly gone because it was an active thread, and an active thread is bad on a board they're trying very hard to kill.


>dead parents
Okay, then how about Granny Smith in that case?


Lone15 is for sexual.


File: 1521063953125.png (156.3 KB, 631x779, 1513449352115.png)

Forgot pic.


File: 1521064173528.png (1.18 MB, 1205x9954, 1679730.png)

Poor filly

Had to cut the first panel off because it was too tall


>Those sleeping fillies


I really hope Anonfilly abuse stops being a thing with this artist. Or at least she gets her revenge.


I hope that they make amends with one another and end up becoming friends, to the surprise of both


File: 1521074742360.png (2.2 MB, 2262x1944, she knows exactly why.png)

i want to sensually massage the filly's hooves and see her smile


File: 1521076049465.png (500.4 KB, 449x4096, tall.png)

>Had to cut the first panel off because it was too tall


File: 1521077207078.png (768.07 KB, 2369x2596, IFUCKINGLOVERECURSION.png)

thanks for template bby


File: 1521078434936.png (Spoiler Image, 220.02 KB, 900x721, 1202032__safe_artist-colon….png)

I want to hold hooves with the filly.


File: 1521078626107.png (Spoiler Image, 132.15 KB, 741x1024, 1518457153052.png)

this is my dream as well
m-maybe we could work something out here?
properly spoilered now, dont want the mods to put me on a blacklist or anything


File: 1521078784809.jpg (42.67 KB, 380x438, 1432168233336.jpg)


Gets me every fucking time.


Hey guys why is anonfilly here


because mods on /mlp/ are shit and decided to evict them. They moved in here shortly after, since they remembered April 1st.


File: 1521080445659.png (96.41 KB, 524x600, 1624588__safe_artist-colon….png)

anonfilly has always been here, anon. what are you talking about? :^)


It's more that they got violently kicked out than anything else. /AF/ decided to take refuge here, and the rest is history.


File: 1521080492943.png (Spoiler Image, 97.7 KB, 1067x794, 1642495__safe_artist-colon….png)

So, like a pact or something? If one or both of us becomes the filly, we'll agree to hold hooves? I like it.


File: 1521080524076.png (194.81 KB, 417x578, 1508906798041.png)



why do you keep coming back here? It's clear that you don't actually participate and instead shill for exactly what these posters wanted to get away from. What drives you to then continue doing this? It doesn't help!


Basically this. As an /mlpol/ native, I've been enjoying the Anonfilly threads, myself.


for them sweet sweet (yous)
people keep giving him them after all




File: 1521082671767.jpg (606.76 KB, 3000x883, fillyconvict.jpg)


Do you need someone to post bail for you?


This is the greatest pic I've ever seen. I love it.


His thread's dying and he really doesn't want it to, therefore the shill works tirelessly to propagate his thread and destroy any others.


>Piece of shit parent gives birth to child
>Parent never amounts to anything, child goes on to be a renowned surgeon or something
So the parent is the one who deserves all of the credit?


Okay, I have to say that another delay's happening today due to technical difficulties. I was about halfway through the update when my computer decided to restart, and I lost all the progress I made. I'm sorry that my computer's stupid, but I promise that I'll try to rewrite everything that I lost and get the finished product to you all tomorrow.


Windows 10?


Yeah. Pretty much.


What a shit analogy.


I know that feel, Placeholder. I know that feel.


shit analogies for shit people. Now get lost, ptfg a shit.


>ptfg a shit.
But not shit enough to get itself banned, eh.


shit enough to not get banned on shit.


File: 1521086009475.png (Spoiler Image, 106.86 KB, 1067x794, 1521080492943.png)

Green for filly


File: 1521086776242.png (94.73 KB, 839x928, 1454877885216.png)

You're a fucking degenerate.


Stop giving the autist attention. Let him tantrum some, and soon enough he will go back to rolling around in his own shit.


aw, and arguing with the shill was starting to get fun.


Yes, this Alt is a joke. I'm not that brutal.
"Yeah, I have a couple of questions."
>"What would the first one be, Darling?"
"Why the fuck are you just okay with this happening?"
–Alt End 2–
"Don't you see the implications of what you've caused? Don't you know that you could have possibly gotten your sister killed with this misadministrative nightmare?!"
>"I wouldn't go that far, Darling."
"At the very least, you've put her through quite a bit of emotional trauma. You know what? I don't want to live on this planet. Kill me and make it look like the kidnappers did it, please."
>Rarity blinks.
>In one swift motion, Rarity picks up the knife you used to cut her bonds with and slices through your jugular.
>With the last of your energy you manage to write out 'Fucking Raraniggers' on the clean sheets from the pool of viscera forming at your ruined neck.
-/Alt End 2–
"Don't you see the implications of what you've caused? Don't you know that you could have possibly gotten your sister killed with this misadministrative nightmare?!"
>"What else was I to do? I was restrained."
"No, no. The decision in the first place, why was it made?"
>"Twilight thought it was best, and nopony wanted to question her. We still don't…"
"So you're one of five sheeple?"
"One of five sheep?"
>"How rude."
"Look, I don't have all day. I'm Twilight's adopted daughter in case you haven't gathered that. Am I in danger?"
>"Hmm… it's possible, but Scootaloo had a very close bond with Dash. Twilight never really struck me as the kind that would have a mutualistic relationship with her foal, tell me if I'm wrong."
>You shudder.
"You're not wrong, but I don't know how much whatever groups are after the other would know."
>She shrugs.
>"Take care, darling."
"Eat shit."
>She slaps you across the face, hard.
"That's not the way a respectable woman should talk."
>You grumble to yourself as you exit.
>Assuming the clock is correct, you still have two hours left before you have to meet up with League in the designated spot.
>Input action, specifics. (I.E. If it were 'Search for Saltpeter' please specify where to search.)


didn't we already find the saltpeter, though?


Search for the materials to build the pipe part of the pipe bomb in town 1d100[ 1d100 = 88 ]


we decided on a shotgun, but pipe is still useful.


Key words: If it were


I thought it was decided that building a shotgun was a bit too adavanced to do or something?


nah, it's fucking simple to make a shotgun. With the pipe bomb, we'd probably end up killing ourselves before we actually killed Twilight.


Needs an image of Jihadi Filly


You two.


Okay, but /k/ generally knows about weapons…
1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]


KK rolling now for finding shotgun parts in town 1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]


My vote is still on the bomb. The shells are going to be nigh impossible to manufacture with hooves.


just in case it wasn't clear, I'm the guy arguing for shotguns.


File: 1521091680628.png (132.35 KB, 1031x1292, AnonfillyExtremeDisgust.png)

I can take Twilight being sociopathic and manipulative, but Rarity? This goes too far.

Look for sulfur in the pharmacy. They sell that, don't they?
1d100[ 1d100 = 15 ]


File: 1521092298157.png (108.48 KB, 557x526, Blossomforth-HeadAlmostUpH….png)

You watch as Blossom cleans up the last of the clouds. Though you're not sure what her real family was like, you can imagine they might be a bit proud of her for how responsible she can be. She picks up after herself without needing to be told to, and if you interpreted her correctly, she's making a living for herself already. A quick glance at her well-toned flanks makes you wonder how mature she is in other areas.

You whistle for her as soon as she's finished with her task.

"Hey Blossom, you want some fuck?"

She looks at you confused and shouts back at you, flying closer to hear you better.

>"Do I want some what?"

"Do you want to fuck? Twilight's gone and I've got the basement to myself. You do know what fucking is, right?"

Blossom's eyes light up and she begins to sport a mischievous smile. She walks around you in a circle, gently stroking your fur with her wings.

>"You know Twilight warned me about you."

"Oh really? What'd she say?"

Without warning, Blossom sweeps a hoof under your hind legs to trip you, and you fall on your back. Quickly, she climbs on top of you and straddles you. Somehow you feel no reason to resist. You might be outside, but there's not really anyone around looking in your direction.

>"She said you might try and get me in a compromising position like this!"

She grabs both of your hooves and pins them against the ground.

>"And that you'll try to get me to do some real gay shit like this!"

She presses her nose against yours and moves in to almost kiss you, but just before you can try to accept it, she pulls away and gets up off of you.

>"Actually, she didn't say anything, I'm just fucking with you. C'mon man, you don't even have a dick. What do you think you're gonna do with a cute little filly like me?"


>she challenges your manhood
1d100[ 1d100 = 88 ]


DO NOT LEWD THE BENDY LOLI 1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


Keep in mind every character is an emotionless husk just like the writefag.


After my 21 day vacation.
Place your bets now Fillies and Anoncolts.
Do i hear 1 hour?, 30 minutes?, less than 10?


you may not have a dick, but you sure as hell have a fucking tongue!
1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]


It was 16 minutes when the same thing was tried 22 hours ago


Forgot to backlink that post. Oh well.

And it looks like unless someone manages to beat an 88, I'm either going to write something very comedic or very very sexual.


why not both?


as the guy who rolled the 88, I demand both.