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Triple K Hooligans like Moonman, Posts Greens Everynight!
Triple P is back: Pony Prompt Pomf! What are we gonna do in this thread, big bro Sven?
*Smacks Lips*
I'm gonna present you with a peeeeeeeeee... prompt. Prompt. That's what I was gonna say. You, are gonna read it, and be so inspired that you can't help yourself but to write entire walls of text on the subject matter(Or maybe like three sentences) whatever, it's gonna be great... Great.

Here's that prompt, be inspired:
>Be Anon and be in Reversed Gender Roles Equestria.
>You're happily married and have herd with two lovely mares, or well that used to be the case.
>But now all they do is bicker with each other.
>This domestic issue has gone so far that a quiet dinner-table is preferable to a one were you talk because all your two waifus do is fight with each other.

<You can choose who they are and what they fight over.
<Here's some examples (only for inspiration):

>Who? : :rainbow-dash: Rainbow Dash and :mayor-mare: Mayor Mare.
>Why? : Rainbow crash keeps demolishing walls, windows, and roofs in Ponyville and Mayor has had enough with her excuses.

>Who? : :rarity: Rarity and :suri-polomare: Suri Polomare.
>Why? : They have their past but now their clothing enterprises also compete with each other all over Equestria.

>Who? : :aryanne: Aryanne and :zecora: Zecora.
>Why? : Aryanne hates how her precious Anon is being defiled by a filthy Zigger while Zecora thinks Aryanne is a horse-nahtze.

Oh, the drama! How will ur Anon mend their pony hearts and make them see reason? Ponies please! This, this is about love. But they cannot see. idk ^^
372644 372727 372734
>Your penpal buddy laments about the woes of pony heat and that if you both got together neither of you would be virgins and you share almost every hobby and you'd both live happily ever after with a massive family.
>it's been...
>A long time as much as you want to head to the alleged mare you've been in contact with for what seems like ages now.
>It's then you almost feel like singing along to something just out of reach.
>Signing off your correspondence with your desires to be with the tomboy waifu nerd you head to sleep. Like every night.
>Suddenly with no warning you're laying on something warm and white and pony shaped.
>She's awake home training doing her good.
>With a kiss and talks about how her sister might dissect you or give magic cancer you craft a brilliant disguise.
>Inspired by the power of being white you wear a sheet with blue hair and eyes dyed to it.
>An almost perfect disguise for ponies, a criminal offence ranging in the millions of bits, compared to your over inflated monopoly money it's a lot of money and years of jail time.
>A second disguise that's the color blue as her tail and mane, and you just trail her all the time.
>For a time everything is perfect.
>Shining Armor not caring about other ponies opinion of her almost stallion like appearance, you hanging around with thread bare cloth not helping that image.
>The peak of what a stallion should look like according to all other ponies, and that's when you understood the Japs might have gotten something shaken loose with a fat man and little boy but you're living in one of those Asian novels.
>The ones with two paragraphs for a title.
>It's inevitable the kid sister will be someone important or a love interest, some princess will be evil somehow and you are the anti-magical mascot.
>But you're prepared, horse-holic and your waifu did you both well with the mind blowing sex, sweet romance and various fun.
>Your her hidden shield, covering her flanks.
>Together in the highschool arc you meet her, the first challenge.
>Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, pink alicorn of love.
>Allegedly totally smitten with the hunky stallion full of hot intense love.
>Going through various clubs and athletics a perfect academic record. Two minds are better than one.
>Together you'll make your waifu's dream of being the highest positioned royal guard a reality.
>Your training going well, with everything being slightly magic at all times you are immune to anything imbued with it.
>Today there's a small issue Cadance the pink is trying to steal your two thirds of the pizza again.
>Something about needing to not eat for four ponies or your waifu will grow fat.
>Admittedly the sudden disappearance of so much food by Shining Armor has led to you both solving some odd mysteries and unmasking various schemes. All making a picture perfect portfolio for the best royal guard ever.
>The issue is you're fucking best waifu while eating the pizza and Cadance the love fiend tries snatching a bite.
>First problem, as all the ponies don't believe you exist they assume it's Shining Armor. Especially talking.
>Second problem, of the limited time you have between all the activities dealing with Shining Armor's heat at meal times is the most logical way forward.
>Third problem, Shining Armor enters heat far more readily than other ponies because of you and your anti-magic stuff. It's also satiated far better as well.
>Which leads to Cadance kissing Shining Armor's open mouth who sucked a bit of your semen, you both see the hearts in her eyes.
>A bit of discussion she'll help fast track being head of the royal guard and she wants just one date.
>And strangely enough you both fell in love with her too.
>Even sharing your greatest secret, each other.
>Soon to be married too.
>Even got a disguise to match Cadance too.
>Success after success in stopping bad guys.
>And then it got delayed, Nightmare Moon was redeemed by little Twiggle.
>And delayed again, Discord making a mess of everything also resolved by Twilight and friends.
>This time nothing would delay the marriage not even whatever mystery bad guy of the week it is.
>That's when it happens, some chuckle fuck in a warehouse is moaning and groaning pretending to be a lobster ghost.
>Very reasonably you say you'll deal with that and the lovey dovey ponies can sort out the details of the marriage ceremony. Just as normal, it's why you both are the best head of the royal guard there's ever been. Thrice the work for just one pony.
>The checkpoints you have to go through take far longer than agreed upon by Shining Armor.
>You get back just in time to see Cadance and Twilight frazzled, unkept and dirty running towards the wedding hall.
>Another Cadance, stands being a massive fag.
>Making Shining Armor the damsel in distress.
>Princess Celestia getting her shit pushed in the fight with Queen bug Cadance the mind enslaver.
>In a terribly complicated series of events, you are safeguarding Shining Armor and Cadance's parents along with other civilians to a safe location in the castle.
>After a while everything is resolved and you all get a truly magical honeymoon.
>Then you get your own magic kingdom, and as per usual the villain of the week keeps occurring.
>On and on life goes as the secret lover of a princess and princess.
>Even when Cadance is pregnant.
>While being the only one that can contain an alicorn for any length of time.
>Unfortunately which brings you to now after every villain has been laid low.
>Cadance and Shining Armor are being extremely snippy with each other.
>All the time.
>Even in the giant fuck pile and various game nights and bath times.
>Neither give you a straight answer.
>So you need to call in the special ed forces, and hope you still have your spleen by the end of it.
372727 372734
Whoops forgot pics.
372734 372795
>Dear Spike and Twilight, we're going through some domestic issues and need your assistance. Your friends are welcome to come with you to help in this endeavor or just visit.
Signed, BBBFF BSBFF Flurry and everyone with love.
PS You'll probably learn some uncomfortable truths no other pony knows about. Which is why we aren't getting a professional due the classified nature of those truths.
"Okay the bait is set and now to wait dramatically."
>"The map told us of a friendship problem, we're here to help."
>That's pretty fast, didn't even get to send the letter yet.
>Donning the mask you head to meet up with Shining Armor and Cadance for the welcoming of the autismo friends.
>But the Crystal Palace is a big place.
>"Thanks for inviting us to stay until we solve the friendship problem BBBFF."
>"Always LSBFF."
>"Why don't you and your friends join us for dinner?"
>An immaculate spread dons the royal eating table.
>Sitting between your waifus. You hand the letter to Twilight.
>Her eyes go wide reading, a few times.
>"Looks like we found the friendship problem girls."
>Shining and Cadance are slightly confused so you decide to speak up.
"Shining and Cadance have been snapping at each other excessively and this is perhaps the first time in months they've held back."
>Pinkie responds with a smile.
>"Sure thing Shining Armor's tail."
>The rest of the girls are slightly confused, but your lovey dovies are shocked Pinkie even acknowledged something was off.
"To give you context years ago Shining Armor made a friend—"
"and was the cutest teen filly anyone could talk with."
>Unsurprisingly they gasp, but so does Shining Armor and Cadance.
>Twilight starts breathing faster.
>"You mean all this time... my magic turned you into a stallion?"
>"Oh my."
"No my Shining Armor was always and is a mare."
>Twilight trying to reconcile the news asked the question on everypony's tongue.
>"Why didn't you tell me?"
>Shining the strategic defensive genius picks up.
>"Twilie, it's about my friend. My very special friend who I'm married with. He needed protection and I can't just change how I look."
>They gasp and exclaim again.
>"Princess Mi Amor Cadenza is actually Prince Mi Amor Cadenza!"
>Cadance speaks up.
>"No I'm a mare and so is Shining Armor and she was always a mare as well."
>"We have a very special friend and lover..."
>"It can't be Queen Chrysalis can it?"
>"Ew no, it's our alien friend."
>Unsurprisingly Spike is handed quite a few bits.
>Maybe filing him in on zomponies and other classified threats warped his perspective, then again he turned out alright.
>"So make sure you all stay calm because he's been sitting here with us this whole time right between Me and Cadance."
>Taking off the disguise you're exposed in perhaps the first time with so many other ponies.
>"He's, he's—"
>"Who is he?"
>Rarity the rumor monger she is speaks out.
>"The mysterious Tall Dick of Canterlot! Who happens to always show up where ever Shining Armor investigated. Especially the case of the Hoo-Hoo's fabulous fashion fiasco."
>You give a small shudder, another reason why you're almost always totally nude.
"It's why I swore off the idiocy that is ball bras."
>Twilight the nerd horse can't help but defend the enchanted clothing.
>"It's the sole reason why the population ratio is only 5 to 1 instead of 21 to 1."
>Rainbow Dash has her priorities straight.
>"So you're just hanging in the wind, don't tell us you don't a sheath guard either."
>Instead of answering Fluttershy pipes up.
>"But in the Sunny-Side Up news Shining had pictures taken showing he, I mean she was wearing them."
>Twilight about to pass out from imagining a poor defenceless alien stallion hears another knock out piece of news.
>"It's actually a milk reservoir, helps keep in shape and he loves the taste."
>"But he loves my milk the most."
>"How come nopony ever saw your power pussy then, sugar cube."
>A quick glance was all that's needed for them to understand.
>"Sweet Celestia yall been doing it in public for how long?"
>Pinkie Pie thankfully breaks the ice.
>"Since the beginning 'cause he's wearing sexy alien socks."
>Twilight passes out, horn and wings throbbing with lust and blood.
>All the other mares, thirsty to catch a peek at your one of a kind lewd body pause as they realize you have two of the biggest baddest ponies with enough fire power combined to potentially match Twilight Sparkle.
>Also you the wild card.
>Rarity had that glint in her eyes every pony gets when they think they're being clever.
>"How about I join your lovely—"
>In stereo both Shining and Cadance and you instantly shoot her down with a no.
>Then Rarity smuggly grins.
>"Your friendship with benefits problem is you have three alpha head mares even if you're a stallion."
>This statment fills you with dread.
>If anything is every simple enough to be stated as is, it becomes inversely as difficult.
"What's an alpha head mare?"
>The following management-babble about pony sexual relationships, is biggest baddest mare is bestest and needs to show she has the biggest dick in the room.
>That didn't feel right though.
>Even when both your mares are begrudgingly nodding.
"No, that doesn't seem right, that's not the full story. All the evidence doesn't fit."
>It's a pensive silence.
>"Ummm, you are the father for Flurry Heart?"
>You nod.
>Freezing in place an uncomfortable idea floats up
>you've been banging Shining Armor unprotected all this time.
>It's at that point Shining Armor starts sniffling trying to put on a brave face.
>Cadance pulls Shining Armor into a hug, pulling you in to.
>The love princess talks.
>"Ponies are married almost around the time their eggs are fertile, that's when the family home is secured and the traditional third honeymoon begins to ensure a successful pregnancy."
>Mouth fills with lead.
"Maybe it's because of what I am."
>Careful pregnant pause as all consider the implication.
>Twiggles twitches back to awareness, blinking rapidly, yelling and blasting you with beams of magic.
Thank for your tribute. You will not be forgotten. Your legacy will live on and you will be celebrated forever.

Occult Facade, I always have to read your stuff a few hundred times before I grasp a gist of what is going on but what's so great about you is that if I do read it diligently I often find the answers to my questions.

Though, having said that, I understand like 70% of this story after reading it a few times. ^^

>ball bras
>A barrage of power harmlessly is absorbed into you. Bathing the large dining room in her magical pink glow. The untouched royal crystal meals glinting off her immense magic.
>She keeps going.
>"You can't trick me. I've read the reports. I've talked with Thorax and the reformed changlings. So no matter how much love you have stored up you can't face against true love or the magic of friendship."
>Maybe you should have read the after action reports about the changlings, but that's the medical rehabilitation area and you were a bit more occupied with other matters.
>Something so extreme Twilight would just start blasting.
>Then again Twilight is pretty quick with the trigger.
>You're just sitting in The Thinker pose.
"What could changlings do that's so abhorrent?"
>None of the ponies answer as Twilight is digging deeper in her magic to scrub out your existence. But maybe that's the wrong question.
>Meanwhile you dig deeper into the knowledge of your old world and the dark arts of horse puns.
>Ponies are the big dick saviors of this world, the places they touch turn out well.
>More importantly is that this world's gender roles are the opposite of your own.
>There's an exception for cutie marks though.
>Like super sentai and other related media many the villains are the akin to the horny fanservice.
>But also thematically fitting.
>Who should for all intents a purposes try to take revenge, but didn't.
"Hmmm, but why was she obsessed with Starlight Glimmer, The Rainbow Laser gang but not us."
>Cascades of magic enough to level a few cities still do nothing as WMD Twilight keeps it up.
>She trapped my family in the love extracting goo, but we had Flurry Heart by then.
>Stupid haunted mine bullshit keeping you from being there for them when they needed you.
>There's probably not enough information to take a firm stance anywhich way yet, and that's not even considering Cadance yet.
>You then notice the floor where Twilight is standing is steaming and being pushed like rolls of fabric.
"Hey you're ruining the floor Twilie."
>"I don't care you ruined my big brother best friend forever!"
>You carefully walk closer to her. High stepping unto of the table avoiding the royal berry salads making a beeline to the lavender alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle.
>These days you know better than to touch a pony's horn unless their your lovely mares, the shock of what is antithetical to magic positively orgasmic.
>Less said about the bottle incident the better.
>Instead of touching her and turning her into a real mare, you do the next best thing.
>Lightly you close the distance and boop the snoot.
>Causing her to discharge one last time, scrunching her cute muzzle and realizing why you could have done anything else you didn't.
>Her sweaty purple fur and heavily blushing checks looking just adorable on your little sister-in-law. Her friends a bit hot under the collar.
"Let's figure out what's going on. So what's in those reports Bookfort princess."
>Cadance and Shining are still hugging each other whispering to each other slow tears soaking their coats.
>"Oh stars you're actually an alien and that wasn't Shining's tail back then."
>She takes a moment to collect herself.
>"Sadistic changlings can spend years slowly conditioning a pony to fit their image, through training, potions and magic. Everything shaped into whatever they imagine, with time and effort."
"Thank you, LSBFF. I haven't seen any lately, but that's surely important to know."
>A small hug for the purple, which causes her blush to be a bit stronger, but it's returned.
>With that everyone sits back down to eat. So the meal begins even if some are cooled off by now.
>You could cut the awkward air with a knife, instead you're cuddling your mares and eating with them.
>Rainbow Dash is the first to make some small talk.
>"You know this isn't half bad, reminds me of some grub the Wonderbolts have then Spitfire told me to keep to my own side of the lunch room."
>Shining Armor already looks a bit better and talks.
>"It reminds me of back home, not quite all the time but you get a taste for it."
>Pinkie Pie ready to spring into action steals the show.
>"Wowie you're right it tastes close to something back home at the rock farm and I only tried it once, but it's right on the tip of my tongue."
>At that the awkwardness is broken as suggestions for what kinds of spice and playful talk rose once again.
>Rarity looks at Spike then nods looking at Twilight, cuts in while Twilight pulls out a breaker and cotton swab.
>Spike does that irritating claw tapping.
>"Scrumptious, and for dessert won't you tell me why you're so angry?"
>That set off Cadance.
>"I'm not angry!"
>The Shining.
>"Puh-lease you can't help but start yelling at the start of a—"
>"Like you're any better miss waterworks to verbal flaying, you—"
>"Me? It's never about me it's always you, you, you."
>Spike yells.
>"Stop! Twilight take their magical measurements."
>With a glow, a beam and a swab on the horn. She hems and haws.
>They're utterly shocked and torn between wanting to castigate Spike or Rarity.
>"Doesn't look like anything I've seen changlings accomplish there's just too many conflicting and complicated sources all interesting it'd take a genius to plan whatever this is."
>Fluttershy asks the question that's on the tip of your tongue.
>"Ummm what is it?"
>"Magic density analysis, its the quickest way to see if there's anything foreign in a pony's body."
>That's really concerning.
>"Sorry Shining and Cadance you both and mom and dad said not to do science at the table, but I think we're going to have to do some advanced science here and now."
>She has a gleam when she looks at you.
>Maybe this wasn't the best idea, but you'll tough it out, for them.
Thanks, I can't quite seem to nail down easy to read. One day perhaps it'll be that.
I'll post some of my personal notes after the story is done. Maybe an MS paint thing...
Going to do RGRE might as well go all the way.
Getting to it, just letting you all know I haven't given up yet.
I'll get to the other green after this one.
No worries. Your not obligated to do anything. I drop things all the time, it's great. ^^

I like ur story so far tho fren. What I understood ^^