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Alexei Navalny's Assassination
So, the cat is out of the bag. I was hoping the war in Ukraine would end with the election, whether by Putin losing or just being forced to peace, but he gave up all pretense of honesty and I have no idea what happens next. I'm scared. What do you think happens?
Business Dog
How do you know he was assassinated? That's what a warmongering synagogue-of-satan/"jew" would say, so be careful who you side with.
Maybe he was just "vaccinated". Ever heard of "SADS" (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)? It seems to be the latest "new normal" thing going around, along with heart attacks and strokes in children - "didn't you know that always happened, and is accelerating due to man-made climate change? We must give up our sovereignty to the synagogue-of-satan globalists, so they can save us from our filthy lives by killing us."
You sound like you watch too much mainstream lies.
Maybe he was even murdered by "the good guys" to help give them extra reasons to fire up the next and much bloodier phase of their hungrily-awaited ww3.
Very "convenient" for him to "die" right at this very moment, no? Lots of "convenient" timings going on. Pure coincidence, of course.
Just before the planned and inevitable global dollar collapse, too!
I bet the dollar collapse and all its evil synagogue-of-satan tyranny and genocide/solutions will be blamed on the fake-war with russia!

Also, how about you stop looking at (or pointing to) the puppets, and start looking at who is pulling them, hmm? Or are you "too scared" and would rather participate in the deadly ww3 Punch and Judy show as a drooling NPC spectator? At least be a "Nooticer Pone", so you don't add to the misery/lies being inflicted upon the global population by the devils.

Also, "being fearful" is a terrible sin! Fear enables satan and his synagogue-of-satan/commie/zionist/etc. minions to overpower the masses, and makes a mockery of God's power.
Have you learned nothing in the past few years, or are you just a dirty propagandist troll, of which there are millions around the world BTW. It's amazing this isn't being mentioned more, and the image boards that don't sniff them out end up dying soon afterwards from lack of genuine activity.
Ever since the CIA docs got leaked, it should've been obvious: Ukraine is undeniably fucked and Russia pretty much already got what they wanted and are essentially just waiting for the uppity slavs to run out of limbs to shoot guns with. Face it dude, this war will not end in Ukraine's favor.