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i miss the confederacy
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the confederacy will be a country again
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Probably not as such, but with how dysfunctional everything is getting, I wouldn't be surprised if the US, not in law but in effect, balkanizes into a number of ethnically and culturally homogenous regional states in the next 30 years.
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My prediction for the future is an increasingly gridlocked Federal government attempting to grab more and more legal authority for itself while simultaneously losing the ability to wield that authority effectively. Basically it gains power in name but steadily loses it in practice. Meanwhile states begin disregarding Federal edicts more and more brazenly whenever the faction they dislike is in control. We've already seen it with "sanctuary cities" during the Trump era and red states largely ignoring Federal covid guidance during Biden's tenure. I read somewhere recently that Texas and some of the other border states are currently trying to create some kind of legal framework for deporting illegals. California and a few of the other blue states are enacting their own laws protecting abortions and child sex-change operations and all that. How much success these individual efforts are going to have will probably vary, but I think we're going to see more and more of this going forward.

Eventually I suspect some of the larger and more powerful states might start doing things like issuing their own currency, especially since it seems like the US dollar might be losing its reserve status in the near future, and that's when things will really take off. I see more ideologically aligned states forming blocs with each other and cooperating, while largely ignoring ideologically opposed states, or cutting them out of their trading networks. We've already seen a bit of this with California passing "travel bans" for government employees into certain red states.

Eventually the result will probably be some kind of balkanized situation where the states, or maybe large blocs composed of former states, essentially become de-facto nations unto themselves, with some sort of nominal Federal system in place that holds little to no actual power. I imagine this transformation will largely occur through a slow process of economic squabbling and lawfare; another "blue army vs. grey army" shooting war seems unlikely.
I'm expecting 'underground' in plain sight above ground alternate civilization(s) world wide.
Just not giving a shit about them. They'd try committing electronic economic suicide, and they do that. But people are too strung out.
Leading to those who can't give a shit and those who care about those they like and those who help others (variety of reasons).
Electronically some funny stuff happens.
Militarily jammed and gummed up with diversity, political, bullshit social justice, Marxism, Judaism, ect. to operate.
What'll happen is they all get some sort of signal to panic and run to some bunkers as the signal says shit hits the fan.
Those who follow them into the bunkers are super fucked, it's like inner cities without any meaningful light or food or sanitation or law or order.
As they live in the 'peace and safety' bunkers the signals that would say that everything is a-okay to leave just never occurs or if it does a long long time after.

Which leaves the rest of anybody else above ground just live.
I'd expect major crime to follow them into the bunkers.
I think something better is on the horizon, but I can't discount that possibility.
Something new and somewhat unexpected. Pone Christ Theocracy?
My political ideology is centered around the Bill of Rights, the Confederate States, and Hitler's National Socialism, blending together to create a new way, since all the old guard have been dead for a hundred if not hundreds of years.
(((New York))), (((New Jersey))), Commiefornia, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, (((Utah))), Pennsylvania, Idaho, Washington, are all Balkanized.

Big chunks of Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Delaware, Connecticut, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, North Carolina, Hawaii, are becoming Balkanized.

Select pieces of Montana, Wyoming, North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Oregon, Alaska, are being Balkanized at a rate quicker than has been noticed before.

In 1933, the (((police states))) expanded from local to nation wide under the jackboots of feddygoys and their """JuSt FoLlOwInG oRdErS""" simps. There are no differences between boots of any group, department, or semi-differentiated ideology, only how quick they can rustle up loyal bootlickers whom hate the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Better start adding in some Mussolini there. The First Amendment is a mouth missing the teeth and tongue, especially without the next to defend all the others.
I doubt the U.S. would split like it did with the Confederacy, just because the political divisions aren't as split geographically as they once were.
Today's geographic divides are more urban/rural than north/south.