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What if Whites are the real Israelites, and today's "Jews" are just khazarian turkroaches with 10% DNA in common with nigs?
The Bible claims that the ancient israelites mentioned in the bible were white, and that they were not jews and the actual chosen people and that Jesus was sent to their tribes and that they would eventually move to europe and that their tribes' symbols would live on in different coat of arms and other symbols.


There are striking similarities between European heraldry and the iconography of the 12 tribes of Israel.


1 Corinthians 9:19-21

Therefore being free from all, to all I myself have become a bondman, in order that I would gain of the greater profit. 20 And I became to the Judaeans as a Judaean, that I would gain Judaeans; to those subject to law as subject to law, (not being subject to law myself,) that I would gain those subject to law; 21 to those without law as without law, (not being without the law of Yahweh, but keeping within the law of Christ,) that I would gain those without law. (1 Corinthians 9:19-21, Christogenea New Testament: https://christogenea.org/CNT/contents)

Paul is a very learned man, and is saying he can speak to a people as though he was one of them. Who are those without the law? That's the wider Adamic race who are not Israel. The Greek Ionians are the only example that come to mind.

This is an in-depth presentation on the entire epistle. https://christogenea.org/podcasts/1st-corinthians-index
Hmm. Interesting proposition. I've heard a few say the same but without explaining their reasoning. Now I have a new site to research a little sometime, thanks.

Personally, though...sometimes I can only really shrug at things like this. What matters to me is that right now the people we refer to as Israeli Jews are fleecing us. The ancient distinctions don't really matter as much to me. Perhaps checking the rest of the site will herald some kind of understanding that changes my outlook. Generally though, this kinda thing is so out of my own understanding and I grew up so flooded with pro-juden religious dogma that I'm more inclined to reject all the religious arguments.
>What if Whites are the real Israelites
It is only relevant if somefags want to establish a claim on self-righteousness on a religious basis.
It is not practical, kinda a distraction TBH.