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Jews created Islam
Reading about the history of the criticism of Islam, I stumbled upon a book that makes a fascinating claim.

According to the 1977 book "Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World", which bases it's historical method solely on analyzing Christian and Zoroastrian documents, Islam didn't spring out of pagan Arabia but instead was a Jewish messianic movement used to reclaim Jerusalem.

>They depict a 7th-century Arab conquest of Byzantine and Persian lands that is not yet "Islamic".[57] Various sources the conquered people (Greek Magaritai, Syriac Mahgre or Mahgraye) call their conquerors "Hagarenes" rather than Muslims. Instead of being inspired to conquest by a new prophet, holy book and religion, the Arabs are described as being in alliance with the Jews, following a Jewish messianism to reclaim the Promised Land from the Byzantine Empire. The Qur'an came later (according to the authors) as a product of 8th-century edits of various materials drawn from a variety of Judeo-Christian and Middle-Eastern sources while Muhammad was the herald of Umar "the redeemer", a Judaic messiah.[58]


In other words Islam was a fake and gay jewish movement, almost identical to modern day ISIS, used to attack the normies of the time, Christians and Zoroastrians. Of course the book is roundly criticized by modern jewish scholars, but couldn't that be because the authors exposed (((them)))?

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