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On Legal, Local Action
I was recently on jury duty, and it gave me a lot of thoughts I've discussed with family and some of my fellow anons in private. I'd like to branch it out into a thread of local community-centered acts you can take, and the implications thereof. Something, anything to keep this place from being some horrific combination of one political lolcow's BBS and Google Drive folder.
In case I've ruffled your feathers, Boom Boom, here's a genuine, personal note for you:
It's easy to despair when you stare at the news and make wojaks all day, even when the news outlet seems to be based to some extent. If the anon in other thread was you, which I suspect strongly, then that means you're stuck in the same shithole of a stateas I am, and you see the same bad news every other day. But there is always something that can be done, although very few of these things you can do actually have an immediate and tangible result you can trace back to yourself. The first rule of participating in civilization is to come to terms with your own mortality, and accept that you might not bear witness to the world you want to see. Without pulling some Rothschild shit, you won't see the changes you want universally implemented, because without the backing of the entire financial system across the entire western world, you cannot expect everyone to blindly follow your lead. Which makes this an uphill battle which will often be difficult. The best you can do is to do what you can now, often without any fanfare or credit to take. I know that hurts your ego but if you believe in the existence of your people and a future for white children, you will have to accept that.

In no particular order here are the actions I have in mind which any one of you may be able to engage in:

>jury duty
This one will take a brief explanation, and it's the big reason I made this thread to begin with. At least here in America, the law is predicated on case law, meaning any Jew can browbeat someone into submission. It is true that winning the court case is only part of the battle, but it is the part which future cases can draw on, and use the precedent to enshrine things into law or at least make it de facto the law in that area/field of law. When you're summoned for jury duty, if enough based and redpilled individuals simply drop out because they can't be assed, and not because their financial situation is at stake or their family genuinely needs them at home, that means more people with nothing better to do with their week are going to fill the jury box. This means more minorities, more welfare queens, and more Soros-funded political agitators who will more likely than not vote tribally or pick the option that sounds the most politically correct to them.
Another aspect to jury duty is the somewhat niche but still important to remember verdict known as "Jury Nullification." CGP Grey made a good video about the topic, though I highly doubt that you'll be at risk as long as you only bring it up in the jury deliberations and only when the defense is acting in accordance with the values you most strongly believe in such as self defense.
TL;DR, if the defendant is technically guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but the jury can agree that he doesn't deserve punishment, they can invoke nullification on the case. This is possible only because of two laws: one states that jury members cannot be held liable for wrong judgments, and the other states that once found not guilty, a defendant cannot have charges pressed on him for the same incident again. Hopefully you can see how important this would be for fighting against things such as cases of self defense or small-scale brawls that are unjustly prosecuted as hate crimes. It means more lawyers will have to stop treating it so lightly they can tack it onto any violent crime without a care, and there will be less cases in which the defense's attorney has to cede that point.

>churches, community centers, other volunteer work
I'm sure this won't be controversial to religious anons, but for others among you, consider that the vast majority of communities are religious in the US. Small communities are especially influenced by their church as a central pillar, and even in bigger cities the religious are still at least in the plurality, if not the majority. These people are strongly kept together by their religious institutions, whether or not they are right. You don't even have to agree with their denomination, as long as you are respectful and willing to let go of any disagreements, and act amicably with others. Often that's all the people there are looking for, is a little grace and the ability to set aside your differences and treat your neighbor as your brother. These churches also engage in outreach, often to spread their beliefs to others but even more often to do things such as construct and maintain parks, pick up litter, and aid the homeless. Charity and volunteer work is shown by data to be far more effective in getting the homeless off the streets than any level of government aid, and these churches may turn known addicts away as a means of getting them to go clean, meaning there is gentle social pressure to become sober.

>exercise, martial arts, gun training/licensing, lifting
This is obvious, but if this thread gets enough retention and discussion I may elaborate, and we could even potentially organize meaningful /ub/ activity, such as gym meets and hiking trips. Perhaps we could even make camping/hiking into its own additional activity, as many men's clubs do. Speaking of which,
>men's clubs
Not only a given for improvement, but also for networking with others who are often motivated politically and socially.

What other means of action would you like to share, poners? We may not all be able to become cops, for a multitude of reasons, but there are other things we can do or encourage each other to do, and unlike some, I do want to see communities and towns get better
Another thing to consider is local employment. Both forming and joining small business formed by locals. The money you make from a large business does nothing for the local economy most often, as it is typically sent towards other large businesses like Walmart, meaning both your labor and income are sent out of the community. Plus, you typically have a much kinder working environment and customer service locally. It is not easy by any means to create and locate open positions in local business, as they are often restrictive when you are not already in the loop, but it would provide the most benefit long term to a community.
That's definitely another good point, actually. Although you're also right that it's very difficult to get into local businesses in my experience. The only local business I can remember being in was a state-wide branch for a shitty chicken place in the Carolinas, which had severe fly problems and shut my location's doors on my first payday. Talk about bad luck, eh?

Perhaps one thing I can add to the benefits of church is that there are very many local businesses there, and if you get to know the people through church they may actually extend a job offer to you if you show interest.