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Holohoax Hilarity - ITT we post the funniest holohoax claims from Satan's funniest clowns
>A riveting story told by two-time Auschwitz survivor, Michael Rose, surrounding the infamous swimming pool on the grounds. In this recollection, Rose tells of his harrowing experience being "fished" out of the pristine waters of the pool, along with his sister, daughter, and fellow prisoners.

>"They always had the pool cleaned every day by the inmates. Thousands of gallons had to be drained and refilled by hand to remove the pink shade it would become after the Nazis were finished, what they called, 'lustiges angeln'."

>"Often, on a hot day, they would stock the pool with about 5 or so people. They found it amusing to knock us in when we were unprepared. Most of us didn't know how to swim, but it didn't matter any way, because we'd have our hands bound with twine said to be made out of Jewish flesh and sinew."

>"The first time I was chosen, they grabbed me out of my bed, threw me down, and tied my hands back. I was shocked to see that it was an officer who I had grown fond of. Otto took me to the pool, where I saw 4 others already thrown in, struggling and kicking their legs to stay afloat."

>"I hate to describe this part, because it really shows a level of cruelty never seen on this Earth. The Nazi 'fisherman' would have fishing poles equipped with large, 5 inch hooks. Sometimes they would even bait them with the fingers and toes of other inmates. As those who were thrown into the pool quickly started drowning, the only way for them to get out would be to bite down on the hook and allow themselves to be reeled in just like a fish."

>"Many perished during this game simply because they were too heavy for the Nazis to pull out. Fortunately, I have strong kicking legs and lungs. I made it out of the pool twice. The second time I had to spit out what I think was a toe, as they unhooked me from the line. Despite the large punctures and tears from the hooks, my face healed completely."

>"My sister wasn't so lucky. Poor Emma, she refused to bite the hook baited with her husband's ring finger. It was a terrible sight, watching her kicking become weaker and weaker. Her death was fast, her legs suddenly stopping - and she swiftly sank to the bottom of the pool. They didn't retrieve her body for 6 days."

Rose ends his retelling here.
>Despite the large punctures and tears from the hooks, my face healed completely."

Oh man
>the camps had pools and soccer fields
>we had better come up with a way to make the pools a bad thing, quick, what hurts a lot?
<drowning? No, wait, fishing hooks
<weren't the nazis dealing with major supply line issues? Wouldn't water and similar accommodations be extremely helpful for the soldiers to-
>come now, schlomo, they're not gonna fact check these things!
Bears and Eagles in cages.
Rollercoaster of doom.
Masturbator of death.

Any writings on these claims?
>Any writings on these claims?