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epik domain registar management
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Alright, this one is a bit more obscure, I don't know if anything is going to come of it, or if anything will change.
Basically, the Epik domain registar and hosting services is under new management. There is an email floating around to epik customers containing the following

>The past 10 months have been challenging at Epik. We're sorry for any inconveniences and frustrations that some of you may have experienced. The Epik domain platform is now under new ownership and management and moving forward we're committed to providing enhanced services and experiences for all Epik LLC users. To learn more about the transition, please read our press release.
>We're contacting you to provide a service update relating to service expectations in the near future:

> All primary TLD registries are fully funded, ICANN has been made whole, and we are finalizing relationships with a handful of smaller ccTLD registries.
> We're working with ICANN to solve any outstanding issues.
> Our support team is up and running and working through a large volume of existing inquiries. We're answering emails in 1 to 2 business days. >We're answering nearly all calls in real time. Overnight chat support will be back online next week.
> In-store-credit can be spent in the online account.
> We are making some large changes to the websites, our client account, and the admin portal. As a result, some things may not work as expected. >For example, Daily Diamond deals and NameLiquidate are currently under maintenance.
> The new Epik support team is here to help! If you tried to contact us before June 5th and you have an urgent matter, we ask that you reach out again.

>If you're having troubles with any part of the system, please reach out to our support team. We are committed to solving your problems! We appreciate your patience as we strive to provide an excellent domain experience.
>Epik LLC
The mentioned press release is the following https://www.epik.com/about/pressreleases/epik-llc-completes-transfer-of-epik.com-from-epik-holdings-inc
>Epik LLC has acquired and transferred Epik.com and the associated domain management platform from Epik Holdings Inc.

>Epik Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2009 by current Chairman Robert Monster, whose tireless efforts built Epik.com into one of the world's most recognizable domain registrars, best known for its commitment to free speech and privacy. Monster invested aggressively to build one the industry’s leading domain management platforms with a worldwide customer footprint and a reputation for legendary support.

>In September 2022, Monster brought on a seasoned CEO, Brian Royce, to protect the interests of Epik stakeholders. Royce focused on tactical efforts to pivot Epik.com into a scalable and process-driven company. Epik Holdings Inc. was able to reduce costs and avoid bankruptcy on the way to securing the sale of the core registrar and hosting businesses to a logical acquirer.

>"It's been one of the biggest challenges and successes in my career so far to have saved Epik from financial collapse," said Royce. "I got to know so many amazing people who were gracious enough to stick and work with us."

>Epik LLC will focus on the core features of Epik.com's domain management platform and help solve web problems for Epik clients. By focusing on providing exceptional value, Epik LLC will become the obvious choice for anyone trying to register and maintain their domains assets and digital intellectual property.

>As part of the transaction, Mr. Monster will return as CEO and majority shareholder of Epik Holdings Inc. The company plans to continue development of resilient infrastructure for digital empowerment with an initial emphasis on empowering the emerging parallel economy”. Epik Holdings Inc will change it's name to Kingdom Ventures to avoid confusion, and develop key properties like Masterbucks, Amplify, Bitmitigate, and other vital services needed for digital empowerment.

>“After a season of chaos, an orderly transition for the Epik registrar is well under way. The stage is being set for a stronger and more focused Epik. Upon review, the decision to hold the line on lawful free speech came with both blessings and challenges. While we did not always choose the easy path, we did our best”, said Monster.

Epik does a lot of stuff for gab.com, and probably a lot of other people who have concerns about freedom of speech
I did a little digging and found this gab thread that seems to clarify things further

Mostly just sharing for everyone else. Overall it looks like nothing is really changing, but who knows these days.
I used them for a couple of years. I was unable to renew my domain a few months ago. I paid several weeks before my domain expiry and I was not able to get in contact with support. Ended up having to do a very last minute transfer out of there to another registrar, effectively forfeiting the money I paid twice over for renewal (once for the auto renew that didn't go through, and once for the manual renew that didn't go through). Ultimately I'm not that tore up about the money, I'm just glad I was able to save my domain. I do hope they get thier stuff together, and I feel I gave them every benefit of the doubt I could, but when you're domains are in actual jeopardy of being lost there really wasn't much choice.
What does this mean for the larger internet?
Registrars are just resellers for ICANN, a bit like banks and the federal reserve, so on a high-level this means nothing.

Epik specifically had a reputation for not actively participating in cancel culture. Modern economics views reputation as an asset, so you might see them liquidating that in the coming years.

Anyone remember if epik was already in bed with the jews before this?
>Anyone remember if epik was already in bed with the jews before this?
there was some gab flaming about how one of the managers was married to a jew, or something like that. This was brought up several years ago now and Rob (owner of epik) specifically addressed it back then. would have to dig through gab to find the posts and I really don't want to.
That was the only jew related thing I remember seeing. nothing troubling IMO
Certain low-level services for clear-web, such as a domain registrar can decide to drop you now. Prior to the last 8-9 years, domains were only dropped if the FBI asked them to because child porn or actual sandnigger jihad training websites. There are also a lot more TLDs too which have their own rules that are not really enforceable unless enough people complain to the right set of people. Domain registars are brokers for the TLDs, and have to make deals with different agency owners of the TLDs in order to sell them.
Probably not 100% correct on all of that, but this is probably a good place to start to read up on it https://infogalactic.com/info/ICANN#Structure
If any one of those low-level agencies decides you shouldn't exist on the internet, then you will not exist on the internet.
Epik is the only domain registrar I know of that will take 'higher profile' conservative or christian websites and offer hosting for. I think gab was the highest profile one they took, but there have been quite a few others that were actively kicked from other woke registrars such as godady.
Having said that, there are plenty of non-clear-web options around. There are some interesting blockchain projects that do similar domain registery and lookups, as well as more open (still centeralized) options like OpenNIC. The only way people can access such websites build with those is to specifically add a DNS server to your router or computer connection configuration so that the other non-standard TLDs can be resolved.
Another option is to not even use TCP/IP at all. https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/faq.gmi is one such project.