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Why Do Hollywood Woketards Fuck Up Everything?
SPOILER ALERT if you care.

Last night's episode of The Last of Us on HBO (Homo Box Office) was one of the worst examples of Hollywood woke-tards letting their politics interfere with their artistic talent. The Last of Us is based on the video game of the same name and the plot revolves around a fungus pandemic that turns most humans into zombies. The first two episodes were really based, but episode three was a fag wank-fest. Fully two thirds of the episode was wasted on the relationship between two post-apocalyptic Massachusetts faggots. One of the fags fixed up a clothing boutique (really) which he pretended to run, and they dined on fine food and wine. What was really weird is that one of the fags was Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation. The show also took a subtle dig at the right, implying that Offerman's gay character was a right-wing prepper with a Don't Tread on Me flag and fifty guns in his sub-basement bunker.

On an unrelated note, someone needs to inform the director, cinematographer or whoever that there are no mountains or conifer forests ten miles west of Boston.
>Why Do Hollywood Woketards Fuck Up Everything?
They are literally Satan worshipers and pedophiles. That may be the answer.
Because they aren't allowed to publish anything that might offend someone.
I too was disgusted at this waste of an episode in an otherwise solid zombie genre series. Hollywood fags are in such a bubble, surrounded by their left-wing friends, that they don't realize most Americans don't want to see this kind of garbage.