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Holocaust Cognitive Dissonance - Trauma Induced Theory
How young were you when you were shown photos of mangled or hung or stacked dead bodies under the label of "the holocaust"?

For me, it was when I was a child. I'd never seen a dead body or malnourished person before that day my teacher showed us dozens of these photos all at once. Before that day, the most violent thing most kids saw was in cartoons if they weren't watching adult police procedurals full of sex and violence with their parents. The documentaries full of lies, the gore, the mass formation psychosis from the holocaust trauma... This is trauma that was intentionally instilled into us at a young age. Drilled into us. It took me years to realize what had happened. This was a public school and I'm pretty sure everyone was taught this curriculum. Everyone went through this unless they were homeschooled by national socialists.

The trauma induced by being shown graphic images of photoshopped violence at 10 years old caused cognitive dissonance around the topic for the bulk of most people's lifetimes. Despite loving conspiracy theories about corporations and media companies I would disregard anything that mentioned zionism or jews or hitler because I was programmed to think nazism was a step too far. A step too far towards what, freedom from Jewish corruption? What's wrong with that?! I had been brainwashed to think it was wrong to be a Nazi. Conditioned. Indoctrinated.

My point is that we are all traumatized into believing this ridiculous holohoax story in our youths. Despite the ballpoint pens, the time it takes to cook a body, the lack of mass graves, the silly "nazis forced us to dig up and move the bodies" stories, the lack of evidence, the wooden doors, Anne Frank's transfers during her prison stay, the detatched smokestacks built after the war, Anne Frank's family suing each other for plagiarism or whatever, Anne Frank masturbation scenes written by a dirty old man who just cant fucking help himself when he thinks of how many kids will be forced to read this perverse fanfiction in the new globalist weimar republic... This is fucked up, this would still be morally reprehensible even if the holocaust was true. Showing kids pictures of corpses to train them to hate who you tell them is responsible is never okay. But it happened to everyone who grew up under ZOG. This is a purposeful, psychological attack on the population targeted towards impressionable children. It must be stopped. It must be brought into the light. Everyone should be made to know that they were a victim of a malicious psyop intended to instill permanent trauma based brainwashing within them.

Remember what they did to you, how young you were, and how long it took to undo that damage. Never forgive. Never forget. Everyone has their own story of the first time they were told about the holocaust and how they figured out it was bullshit. Understand that this is the reason why the story is so important to everyone. Understand that the normies you deal with have been traumatized the same way, indoctrinated, shamed, gaslit, programmed.
I know I will get shit for this, but I believe the holobunga actually happened. I just think it was more typhus and starvation than gas and ovens. I believe Jews are neurotic and they over sensationalized parts of it because they wanted to be believed above all else even at the cost of realism. I'm also not so sure about the numbers, but that's something I'll be an agnostic about.
Some jews probably did perish in the camps during the bombing runs on supply lines or after the Allies took over the camps. The Holocaust never happened because there was never a systemic campaign to wipe out all Jews by the German people. When the Jews say the holocaust happened, that is what they mean, and that is what they have been using as their excuse to "punish" whites and spread weimar degeneracy and advance the Kalergi plan.