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Are you ready for mass starvation anon?
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Africa is facing starvation already.
The war exacerbated already strained logistics that were close to their breaking point because of corona.
Ukraine, one of the grain baskets of the world, is fugged.
Ruskies are courting poorer nations by claiming they will sell them food first, but the truth is russian seens come from abroad, Russia may be well off regarding fertilizer (they produce much of it) but most of their seeds are imported.
Historically speaking, China's governance has been btfo by peasant revolts as soon as food started being an issue, to this end, they now have the largest reserves of grain.
The US has practically no grain or corn stored for a disaster, not like the government would give you any once mass starvation started.
Lots of factories and warehouses in the US are suddenly bursting up in flames as well.
And last years harvest of grain was fugged, as the US experiences droghts, same for europe.

In short, shit has hit the fan, and we are now going through the motions, expending the resources we still have, which we will soon have none of.

What have you been doing to prepare for mass famines?

I will give some very general prepping tips on what you can do.

- Prepping alone is worthless, someone will steal your shit.
- Prepping for the safety of your family is fine, but historically, communities and neighborhoods who banded together have recovered quicker from a distaster.
- 2000 cal per person, per day, for 365 days makes 730000 calories per year. This means, for example, 500 kg of kidney beans aprox. Calculate around these figures.
- You need 4k calories daily for a man performing sternuous labour.
- Generally, you can store lentils in a sealed food-grade container with an oxygen remover thingy for several years. If you buy things you normally eat, you will use up these resources regardless if the collapse happens.
- Baking soda can be used to soften old hard beans.
- Learn how to cook your prepped food in a variety of ways, stock spices.
- Loose lips sink ships, if someone knows you have food, they will raid you first.
- Despite this, networking is super important.
- The only security can be found in numbers of people (with guns bullets).
- Normalcy bias, you have it.
- The collapse won't be what you expect it to be, the collapse can very well be a worsening of quality of life over a period of a couple of years, constant shortages, electrical grid failures, and one day, the shortage will be permanent.
- Manage your fear, you will buy things you don't need and fall for scams unless you prep with a cold head.
- This bears repeating: Do not fall into fearmongering.
- This winter looks to be mild in Europe, nevertheless, no electricity in winter means no heat, it won't kill me, but ask yourself: would it kill you?
- Rule of 3, or how long you can survive: 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter (in extreme conditions), 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. A good shelter includes heating.
- the ability to organize a group, medical skills, and engineering know-how, are invaluable. Knowing how to make propane would mean you'd never starve. Everyone needs propane (and propane accessories).
- Where there's shit, there's food, shit in a sealable container, and empty it far away, at 4. If your neighbors aren't starving, don't bother.
- If you can, plan to get out of the city, call up your grandma and pay her a visit.
- Have a list of people you can trust your life to.
- Prepping is what our ancestors used to call "getting ready for winter".
- Guns aren't needed if nobody else has them, but are required if a few other people have them.
- The US and EU, and UK governments will do anything to maintain their governance even over a pile of rubble. This includes stealing from civilians. In commie romania, people learned to lie, and to butcher pigs in the root cellar.

Most importantly, when FEMA comes knocking after any food you may have, tell them this:
> No sir, we have no food here.
> Yes sir, we will comply with the search.
> Here sir, have some sausage... to aid with the search.
> I am glad you found nothing officer!
> Have a good day, officer.

Links of interest:
>levels of prepping: level 3; enough for a year
>beans 101
>China Is Feverishly Preparing For The Coming Global Famine
>californian rice is fugged

Also prepping thread I guess.
When do you think we'll start to see the major effects in western countries?
Dried beans technically have infinite shelf life if stored properly.
They will harden as they age, which increases cooking time logrithmically.
Get a pressure cooker for old beans and questionable meat.

Botulinum toxic is broken down at cooking temperatures:
>Third, the toxin was adequately inactivated in toxic fillets after deep-fat frying for 3 min at 375 F (190.6 C) or after pan frying for 5 min per side at 400 F (204.4 C).
You can eat slightly off meat as long as you cook it thoroughly.

Food will not spoil if it's continuously simmering at sea level, or slightly above sea level with a tight fitting weighted lid.
You can theoretically make a soup, let it cool down partially for ~2-3 hours, then reboil it and leave it simmering without affecting quality.
Or you could have a broth always simmering that you just add more things to.
Boiling bones will add a significant amount of protein and nutrients to your diet.
Those dried bone dog treats? You can add them to stocks.
Soup anon is absolutely based.

Nitrates preserve meats.
Wood smoke contains high levels of nitrates. The worse wood burns, the more nitrates it will release.
The smoke ring that's so desirable in meat is actually a ring of nitrates within the meat.
Sausages require the addition of nitrate in addition to the smoking process.
Shelf stable meat requires it to be dried, salted, and smoked.

Botulinum toxin can be detected by putting a tiny amount of questionable food on your tongue, and breaking it down with your tongue without swallowing any of your saliva or the food.
The toxin will make your tongue numb (the level of numbness depends on the concentration of toxin) within 5 minutes.
Spit out everything and rinse thoroughly.
Any numbness is a sign that the food is inedible.
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Simmering things for long periods of time takes energy though. What do you do if fuel is scarce?
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Honestly it depends on where you are. There are definitely food shortages coming, but the level of SHTF is going to vary significantly by location.

The short version is that for a variety of reasons, globalism is breaking down and it should no longer be taken as a given that anything can be shipped anywhere. Countries that have the resources to produce most of what they need, or can trade amicably within their local regions, will probably be able to muddle their way through whatever is coming; countries that depend entirely on global trade to survive are varying degrees of fucked. Most of Africa, most of the Middle East, and most of the usual list of other shithole locations are in the "completely fucked" category. No huge surprises there. As far as "less fucked" goes, America is probably best positioned, since it has the largest amount of arable land and is one of the few first-world countries capable of meeting its own energy needs without imports. It also has the best internal transport network and is the most logistically difficult country to invade. Europe's biggest problem is energy. Most European countries are going to have to either scale back their "zero carbon" nonsense and go back to coal and nuclear, or else they're going to have to make nice with Russia. Depending on who ends up controlling the grain-producing regions of the Ukraine, they might end up having to make nice with Russia one way or the other.

Grain shortages and things like that are actually not as big a deal as you might think (though again the level of "not a big deal" will vary by region). The reason most places don't have vast swaths of wheat on hand is because wheat is extremely easy to grow, so it's mostly grown in places where nothing else can be grown. Agriculture in most places, including most of the US, has been precision-tooled to grow whatever a particular piece of land can most efficiently produce, on the assumption that it can be exported to wherever people will buy it, and that anything that can't be grown locally can be imported from somewhere else. Once that way of doing things goes kaput, agriculture will have to be retooled for local consumption rather than export. This isn't something that can be done on a dime, but food shortages in areas with good farmable land and decent infrastructure will probably be temporary.

If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that if you live anywhere in the US, things are probably going to suck for awhile, but you're probably not going to end up in a Lord of the Flies scenario. The rest of the world is a little more touch and go, but I suspect most of Europe will figure something out and will muddle through it. Prepping is still a good idea, but the more extreme survival scenarios are probably not going to affect most of the people using this board.

Obviously, there's a difference between having resources and managing them; America could still easily shoot itself in the foot by refusing to drill its own oil reserves, or could insist on shipping all of our grain/corn/whatever to feed nigs in Africa instead of our own population. Europe could choose to continue committing suicide by making itself dependent on Russian natural gas and then starting a war with Russia. Plus there are the usual asterisks about Jews and the WEF and "what if this is all a plan" and so forth. However, all of that is a separate conversation. Assuming reasonably competent and well-intentioned resource management, as well as mutually beneficial cooperation within regions where it makes sense to cooperate, this is probably what the near future looks like.
>the level of SHTF is going to vary significantly by location
Yup, pretty much.
Then you're fucked.
Boiling and simmering food is the most efficient way to safely cook food while maintaining available nutrients in a harsh environment.
In a place like North America, even in shitties like Jew York, there's fuel all over the place, more than enough for a person to cook meals for a year.
You can even burn tires to boil your food. It's even easier if you have a pressure cooker.

Fuel vapour charcoal filter.JPG
>What do you do if fuel is scarce?
You can burn wood, coffee or charcoal to produce gas to burn in the engine.
Early XX century recipe for running combustion engines without gasoline.
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Good post dear sir.

>Grain shortages and things like that are actually not as big a deal as you might think.
I though the re-purposing of fields for grain production would be more difficult tbh.

>the more extreme survival scenarios are probably not going to affect most of the people using this board.
>there's a difference between having resources and managing them; America could still easily shoot itself in the foot by refusing to drill its own oil reserves [etc]
Also yup.
I also suspect most of the pain in Europe and the US will be due to mismanagement and the jews fucking about. I also expect muzzies to create trouble in certain places.

Good find fren, two things however:
Do not use jewtube directly, use a mirroring site like yewtu.be
Beware of coomping consoomer channels, and consoomerism in general. For the last 5 years, there has been an increase in camping equipment consumerization and influencers selling useless shit you will never use. Consider that a good purchase is one of something you need, that will use a lot. A pressure cooker isn't something I would consider for camping; a regular pot works just as well.
To tie it to prepping, prep for the situation most likely to screw you over. Buying shiny new thing you think might be useful isn't prepping.
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OP, I'm not dismissing your perspective but what do you think of this: I and my friend have felt that this system is made to be substained forever. Like, the point is to cook the frog slowly, are you saying they are gonna be forced to accelerate the cooking or are you saying they intentionally are switching up the pressure?
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The pedocrats are building bunkers. Maybe they don't need them, maybe I won't need my bags of rice.
Frankly speaking, I think you are right in the stability of the system.
That does not discount that mass starvation be on the menu.

Or, we could be talking about shortages and failures on the part of global trade to deliver certain goods, sometimes those being of a critical nature, as has already happened with cooking oil in Europe at the start of the ukraine operation. It is not unrealistic to expect a more general failure of a logistical nature.

One of the concerns of our dear neo-faudal lords is overpopulation.
A quick and easy solution aside from another black plague that kills half of the population, is a (((vaccine))) that does the same, or mass starvation.
But the shot wasn't as deadly as we had feared. So I think mass starvation is next.

Another, more schizo reason for believing this is that the enemy often likes forcing biblical prophecy. One of the more relevant ones is apocalypse.
The riders of the apocalypse are plague, war, starvation, and death. So far 2 of them have shown up, at least in the minds of the western man, as covid wasn't really a plague, and the ukraine operation is a half-measure. I hope the coming famines are half-measure as well and greatly exaggerated by media, instead of being a real issue.

A more important point to be made, I think, is that our dear overlords don't care if half of us starve as long as they get what they want, which at this point is the restructuring of society along neo-feudalistic lines.
>If half of the peasantry die off, all the better. At least it will be the dumber ones who didn't stock up food.
- Bill Gates, probably.
>The Stage Is Being Set For A Massive Global Rice Shortage
>This wasn’t supposed to happen. For months, I have been writing article after article about the rapidly growing global food crisis, but even though drought is devastating so many other crops all over the planet I thought that there would be plenty of rice in 2023. Unfortunately, I was wrong. As you will see below, some of the biggest rice producers in the entire world are being hit really hard, and rice production is going to be way below expectations this year. Of course rice is one of the primary staples that poor nations depend upon, and so this is a really big deal. If there is a serious shortage of rice in 2023, that is going to have enormous implications for all of us.
>An announcement that India just made should be front page news all over the globe right now.
>India usually accounts for over 40 percent of all worldwide rice shipments, but now they have placed severe restrictions on all future exports this year…
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>I though the re-purposing of fields for grain production would be more difficult tbh.
It could be; I don't claim to be an expert on the subject by any means. What I do know is that wheat is an absurdly simple crop to grow, compared to a crop like rice that is very labor and resource intensive, and can only be grown in certain climates. I don't know the logistics of exactly how American agriculture is set up, but I know that a large chunk of our arable land is used to grow corn and soy for export, and it stands to reason that, in a pinch, those fields could be switched over to wheat in relatively short order.

If the object is for the elites to have complete and total control over the rest of the world population, then keeping the global system permanently sustained makes the most sense. People who are well fed, entertained, and basically comfortable tend not to pay much attention to the news, or will just accept whatever narrative they're fed without bothering to question. Those kinds of people are easiest to control, which is why the most successful tyrants are the ones who go out of their way not to behave like tyrants. People who are facing starvation or plague are more likely to do desperate things, like organize or revolt against the system en masse. For a small group of elites to control a large population of humans, the larger population needs to be kept docile and clueless.

This is why I don't subscribe to the theory that mass starvation, or the Covid "pandemic" or any of the other disruptive events that have taken place recently, are part of some kind of elaborate plan. Conversely, I think all this is evidence that the elites are not only losing control, but that they never had that much control in the first place. When there's plenty and most people are more or less content, it's fairly easy for a small group of wealthy and influential people to direct the course of global affairs. But when things start to break down, people become angry and start directing their anger at whoever is in charge, and those people will try to deflect blame onto someone else, usually whoever is above them.

I could be wrong I suppose, but my theory is that elites want globalism to keep going because they need it to keep going. The problem is that the globalist order is breaking down regardless of what anybody wants, because it was never practical or sustainable in the first place. Thus, what we're witnessing currently is not some diabolical group of Bond villains deliberately unleashing the four horsemen on us. We're witnessing the catastrophic breakdown of a system that seemed indestructible but was actually quite fragile, while the people in charge of that system are taking increasingly desperate measures to try and hold on to their power before everything goes completely to shit.

In the end, the conclusion to draw from this is probably the same either way: the existing system is breaking down and we can't and shouldn't assume it will continue to provide for us. The global elites don't care about us regardless of whether or not they are actively trying to kill us, and we can't and shouldn't assume that they will act in our interest. The sensible course of action is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
>a good purchase is one of something you need, that will use a lot.
I use a pressure cooker at sea level, and I see the utility in them.
You can use them to fast cook tough cuts of meat, so a normal cooking time of 4-6 hours can be cut down to 1.5 hours.
It's better to just use invidio.us directly, because it will give you a bunch of mirrors.

99.99% of the vanlife-offgrid-homestead shit you see on youtube is bullshit.
deus ex.jpg
Thank you for your answers. You gave me a lot to think about.
Heh, your description sounds like the plot of deus ex.
This is a must read article that brings awareness to the true reality of a SHTF scenario, and really brings to light the many shortcomings of the survivalist/prepper community.
Far too many preppers often think they'll be fine alone with their bugout bag, tacticool gear, stack of bullion, arms, and field guide on edible mushrooms.
The truth of the matter is that all gets thrown out the window, and expectations become shattered about what to expect from such a scenario and of course people.
Something often overlooked is diplomacy, and the art of neutralising a threat without violence and both walking away with the two parties intact.
Whilst people are capable of resorting to banditry and murder to provide for themselves and their families, that entails risking your life on the flip of a coin likewise its the same for defending from bandits.
Most people 99% of the time would rather avoid that altogether so compromise is often the best policy for both parties involved.
As a single gunshot let alone knife wound, could quite easily prove fatal due to infection.

Whilst essentials such as Medical supplies, food, water respirators, weapons and warmth are highly essential.
Equally as important are your bargaining chips to barter for supplies and to deescalate situations.
You should also be stockpiling luxuries such as cigarettes, lighters, alcohol, coca cola, chocolate, boxer shorts, socks, sanitary towels, soap, dental products, stationary, notebooks and toys.
As lets face it even in a SHTF scenario, people are willing to bring a slice of luxury into their lives for upping spirits alone and such items will be in high demand.

In addition this whole lone wolf survivalist mindset, of "I will be fine on my own trusting no one in my cabin in the woods" is a straight up death sentence.
Lone operators are easy pickings for banditry and nature, often among the second to die, preceded only by those in the inner cities.
Those in for the long haul are your high trust small community bands, and cooperative neighbourhoods of long fostered relations.
These communities have safety in numbers to repel bandits, a diverse array of skilled individuals, a larger stock of supplies and a greater resource gathering potential.
I cannot empathise enough the importance in fostering community cohesion, because without it all your prepping will be dashed to the rocks.
Be friendly to your neighbours stop to chat and give time, buy their apples and eggs, attend village fetes, council meetings and offer to lend a hand at organising community events.
Because when it comes down to it you alone cant face this situation on your own, your best chances are with the help of others.
>bosnian war link
This link is indeed invaluable. It shows how the lone wolf fantasy is just that, and it presents perfectly the idea of "safety in numbers", as well as "trade for what you don't have".

>Whilst essentials [...] are important.
>Trade items should not be neglected
Coca cola stores for fairly long. Judge on your own whether your country is one of smokers or coffee drinkers, in my case smokers, so it is easy for me: stockpile the most popular brand of cigarettes.
However, other people may be looking at stockpiling a few extra bags of coffee. Instant coffee also works.
Alcohol is great as well, as it keeps forever and can be used as a disinfectant.

>In addition this whole lone wolf survivalist mindset, of "I will be fine on my own trusting no one in my cabin in the woods" is a straight up death sentence.
>The elites need to keep us fed and comfortable to keep us docile.
No, they just need us not to organize a popular revolt that can challenge their power.
Just ask Stalin, his cattle were starving, but not once did they bite back.

The truth is that the normie is a creature that will not act unless moved to act, by us.
Problems with that?
- The glowniggers will subvert any revolutionary movement, as the zionist/bolsheviks have obtained their power through revolution. See yellow vests, occupy wallstreet, or the trucker convoys.
- Those they can't, they suicide. Ask the Clintons how effective this is, they are still powerful within the US.

We need to first:
- Protect ourselves and ensure we won't be wiped off by the first disasters, namely famine and war, as well as genetic testing.
So far it seems like dissidents can successfully avoid the third.
Then, we need to organize our local communities, be excellent members and create trust and ethnic love among our own.
Parallel to that, we need to create our own groups of inner circle frens, and groom them into our mindset. I have tried finding like-minded anons irl, it's impossible, but bringing others to my side? not that difficult.

Let's not derail this thread any further with discussions on the nature of the pedocrats.
We have more interesting things to talk about, such as a holistic approach to prepping: circling the wagons and ensuring that our communities will survive with us!

Prep for food or nutrition scarcity. Prep your communities.
In general, I expect the worst, but I am a fatalist.
Teste. (((teste)))