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UK hate thread
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>Lied about the Lusitania in order to drag the US into WWI
>Blamed Germany for the start of WWI and WWII
>Firebombed German cities with the goal to kill as many German civilians as possible
>Allowed the (((Bolsheviks))) to rape and murder German children
>Handed over Jerusalem to kikes on a silver platter
>Elected a Jew as their Prime Minister
The eternal (((anglo)))
I know anglos are despicable, but...
>>Lied about the Lusitania in order to drag the US into WWI
That was Wilson, jackass.
>>Blamed Germany for the start of WWI and WWII
But, Germany did start WWII when they invaded Poland. WWI, however, was started by England using the invasion as Belguim as justification (Despite giving up all sovernty to the nation a century prior).
>>Firebombed German cities with the goal to kill as many German civilians as possible
Americans and Russians did this too. In fact, the English generals drove the American's crazy during WWII because they just focussed upon bombing "proper" targets (IOW, individual squads, and only when on certain lands), meanwhile the American generals beat it into their skull that the only way to win is to bomb supply lines and military installations.
>>Handed over Jerusalem to kikes on a silver platter
No, they didn't. In fact, they kept changing the terms of the contract when the Kikes finally ponied up enough money to buy Palestine from the Bong government.
>>Elected a Jew as their Prime Minister
Who was this?
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Benjamin Disraeli, a famous and exemplary leader of the Conservative party in the 1800s and several times a prime minister, was born of Italian Jews and an ethnic Jew, though I believe he was Catholic or Anglican.
Oh, yeah, he was the guy who crashed at Mary Ann's estate for years on end, and ended up falling in love with her. Also, from what I hear, he was actually quite conservative.
Not got anything to add.
he founded the Empire - until then it was still exclusively a Kingdom, it was when the title of Empress of India was created for Victoria that the British Empire was born, a zionist child for zionist aims.
Britain is nothing but a Jewish Golem.
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Story time? Yes, story time. For those even remotely curious as to why britmutts are nothing more than modern neo-kikes, please start with:
-Prolonging the Agony: How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a-Half Years by Jim MacGregor & Gerry Docherty
-Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists by Anthony C. Sutton
-Other Losses by James Bacque
-Gruesome Harvest: The Costly Attempt to Exterminate the People of Germany by Ralph Franklin Keeling. WARNING: filled with various (((anti-notzee))) propaganda.
-The German Expellees: Victims in War and Peace by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas. WARNING: Contains some elements of (((anti-notzee))) propaganda.
-Orderly and Humane: the Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War by R. M Douglas. This one has numerous, well sourced depictions of concentration camps being used as death camps. a la the same ones used by Winshigger Cuckshill during the Boer War.
-After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation by Giles MacDonogh. Contains mostly britcuck agitation propaganda about (((dem EEEEBOL HUNZ))) along with a selection of 'muricunt (((we'z da goodezt goyz cuz we defated da baddest goyz))) nonsense.

Last, but certainly not least, read:
-The Assassination of James Forrestal by David Martin. This one will either make people understand that most of history is a fucking lie, or prove that you are too zog'd to be saved. After World War Jew, an honest, upright, proper man began discovering certain highly inconvenient truths about the military-industrial cartel complex expansions which FDR, a half-kike half-swecuck traitor to humanity, along with his faggot pedophile drunkie friend Winshigger Cuckshill, continued to push for. After repeated denials and mysteriously cancelled investigations, James Forrestal was not-so-cleverly "taken care of" a la a 16 story """jump out of a window""".
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All that text and nothing about Cromwell...
>He became an Independent Puritan
>Got the jews back in
It's a shame, I know. Reich. I'm partially aware of his sordid history, don't have enough facts on his life to point him out as another big shabbos goy. There are a few careful mentions of someone that fits Cuckwell's exact description in Orderly and Humane & After the Reich. Biggest problem is Cuckwell isn't talked about much. Research material is often biased, or littered with red herrings/propaganda to the point that picking any value out of a single book is an exercise in trying not to sudoku.

What I do know: Cromwell become a Puricuck as if the puritan mindset has EVER had a single fucking positive to it for the benefits of making certain "high ranking" judeo-xtian friends, whom were the closest friends of kike bankers, loan dealers, and politicos. By installing kikes into nearly every office he and his "friends" could access, the kickbacks to both the military-industrial complex and the new house building markets ("because muh NAAAAWTZEEEE bombings did SO MUCH DAMAGE!111!!") were massive. Comparing the kickbacks between the JewS in 1940-45ACE against 1940-45ACE britmuttland does not work well given the differences between flat buying power across the (((allies))) vs. having EASY access to the openly jewed and forcefully starving Europoor markets.
Cromwell was fully for:
-pay the think tanks and high ranking officers!
-extend the war! let it go on for decades!
-bleed the enemy dry of everything they have!
-let the common goy suffer on a loaf of bread each day!
-all officers deserve to eat a one hundred shekel meal three times a day!
-fuck the common man, take his house and his daughters!
-freedom is slavery, so enjoy it!

All while hating the basic ideas of why the common man must be granted the right to advance his station through labor, but only the common man is allowed to trade his labor.

I will be looking into him much more critically, though that will take time.
Filthy Anglos
>Story time? Yes, story time. For those even remotely curious as to why britmutts are nothing more than modern neo-kikes
reminder to any doubters that further on into the war, National Socialist broadcasters would refer to the Angloids as "the jew amongst the aryan nations". it's a serious problem that has to be dealt with severely.
>This one has numerous, well sourced depictions of concentration camps being used as death camps. a la the same ones used by Winshigger Cuckshill during the Boer War.
it's also worth noting that the Boers were closely related to Germans, and as such the Boer genocide was publically condemned by Hitler himself.
Cromwell's vital to understand, as the royal families that had, till that point, ruled Britain, were by virtue of either Catholicism or friendliness to Catholicism, linked to the rest of Europe via marriage. Cromwell was the first ethnically English ruler of England... and look how that turned out! and once the Prince of Orange invaded later on in the century, despite his superior Dutch genes he was forced to subsume his authority to parliament. so Cromwell secured once and for all the rule of the Anglo scum over his own island, thus dooming us for all eternity. we can only be ruled by foreign empires, like the romans - Angloid filth are not capable of ruling ourselves.
>I will be looking into him much more critically, though that will take time.
I have a few pointers for you - look into his role at the trial of King Charles, and the similarities between the legal attitude expressed by the Parliamentarians at the trial and the modern pseuo-legalism of British courts. look into Thomas Fairfax, the much more moderate leader of the Roundheads who was eventually ousted by Cromwell. also look into the conditions that began the war, particularly the role of John Pimm, who most famously claimed that the King's governor in Ireland was planning to invade England and overthrow parliament, and when asked to present proof and was unable to, produced a warrant the next day without legal authority of a court declaring the governor "guilty" without specifying what crime he was guilty of. that was the exact action that led to King Charles storming parliament, which was the breach of parliamentary privilege that ultimately led to the civil war, so the context around that is quite important.
lastly I want to clarify that despite my defence of King Charles, I'm not a monarchist, I just want a German governor ruling over us, I don't think we're fit to govern ourselves as a country.
Uk involvement in Serbia
holy shit, this is big
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