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Some nice posting to comfort you and brace for the future
It's common for people to long for sun when it's raining only to miss it on a hot sunny day. That is because when we are met with a condition that is hazardous to us, we tend to idealize another one that counteracts it. But in reality, there is a middle ground that is most preferable, not either of the two opposing sides. If you stay under sun for long, you will get burns and a sun stoke but under rain you'll freeze and get sick. Neither are good. My metaphor is shit but hang with me. We are certainly under a "jewish globalist raining season" right now but as much as we wish for a "jewish nationalist" sun to eventually shine through, it's not as ideal as you think it is. If roles were reversed and we had nationalists in control, there is no guarantee we'd live a less troublesome life. You can't stop the rain. But at least you can hide from it for a while instead of just going with the motions and get cold in the open.

I wish you will find your umbrela, anons, and have a wonderful day.