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>So we been breaking bucks for 3 generations.
>Mos' time the breaking sticks. The buck don't give you any kine uh problems.
>B b but sometimes, sometimes... well sometimes you get a PECULIAR buck.
>This one buck, well he was the peculiar type, he a uh well he would act up but he wouldnt hide it.
>It seem every week he was pretending to take a nap on apple pickin duty ( but with one eye open all koi like) or he'd take extra apple pie, or or or he'd sit his flank on the front porch and play with the fillies.
>Every week he'd do somethin' rascally IN PLain damn sight of Granny Smith.
>Granny would call out to the buck to get to the Breakin Barn. This Bucks eyes would light up and before you could whistle Stop the bats, he'd be in the barn.
>This Buck would run to that breaking barn like it was a cool stream on a hot August Day in Ponyville.
>Hellll it got sooo bad this buck would TELL You what kine mischief he was gone get his striped hiney into. He hadnt even DO nuthin yet...
>He would skip over to the barn after an call out "COME ON GRaaaNNY THIS BUCK AINT GUNNA BREAK HISSELF."
>Just down right peculiar...
Hi Janny Josh
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Piss off with this forced fucking /tv/ meme you nigger obsessed cuck.
Dont know, kind of like this one since it makes BBC posters seethe.
Idk, I think it's pretty funny.