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"The Crisis of the 21st Century"
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Is he right?
Is he wrong?
Is this the crisis we have to look forward to in the future?
Niggers, poos, and chinks
>wars because of this and that
>shit standard of living for commoners
Jew lovers
>inefficient agra because of cows
Can't grow lush farms in scrubland where cows grow fine.
This train of thought leads to: U WIL EAT DA BUGZ N LIKE IT YT

He's wrong but he's incapable of acknowledging why because he's likely an anti-racist.
He is right on all accounts about antibiotics.
And he's partially right about regulation holding back industry, which holds back progress.
But he never acknowledges that regulation doesn't harm incumbents because it's created by incumbents to stifle competition.
He also never acknowledges that taxes have destroyed most of the industrial and population growth for the same reasons as above.
>Immigrants have proven their worth in countless ways
He spends exactly zero time listing even a single way immigration is of worth. He's aware of the economic angle of increasing the supply of workers without proportionately increasing demand, but he doesn't acknowledge the cultural and racial tensions that break down social cohesion as a result of unbridled immigration.

He's right about Africa, the population boom there was artificially induced, and the niggers have no interest in doing the work needed to sustain their numbers. The entire continent is gonna burn the second they stop receiving aid and/or drive off the remaining white farmers.

He's so close to naming the jew, but he's either an intellectual coward or playing the system to stay on the air.
What does the faggot in the video have against cows?
I've never understood the liberal hatred for cows. They keep insisting cows are the fucking devil. Why?
Is it because cows give milk and beef, and real milk and real beef are better for you than soy milk and fake beef made from bugs? Do they want to force vegan bug-eaterism on you?
for the elite, immigration is very worthwhile.
>He's aware of the economic angle of increasing the supply of workers without proportionately increasing demand
they get more of a slightly bigger pie here, as well as all of the(for them) positives of wrecking and breaking down society, obviously the common man is completely shit on though.
>What does the faggot in the video have against cows?
virtue signaling. obviously some exceptions will have to be made, since bugs aren't kosher after all.
They graze and fart. Methane is supposedly a very potent greenhouse gas, and grass is apparently more valuable than the life of a spotted bovine.

And the real shitty reality?
Grasslands produce more CO2 than they sequester.
>Grass makes Phosphor bio-available
>Cows eat grass
>People eat cows, and fertilize crops with cow waste
The scrublands and grasslands that can only support grass have plenty of mineral nutrients, but lack the rainfall necessary to grow significant amounts of vegetation.
This faggot believes that we should be diverting rivers and pumping aquifers (destroying the environment) to water land that cannot sustain plant life.

We would unironically be better off building subterranean cities in the deserts and mountains and restoring the coastal regions to their natural rural-agricultural states.
Come to think of it, how should humanity's relationship with the world be changed? Should there be caps on how much harm any nation or state can do to the environment?
What are the optimal locations for people to live and work? With the rise of online meetings and online businesses and working at home, there's never been a better time to live in cheap rural areas instead of overpriced city apartments. Didn't someone once say that if a second New York but double the original's size was created somewhere in texas America could support more than double the population of any other country on the planet?
I hate centralizex government and central planning as much as the next non-commie but to get the power to overcome the anti-whites and create a sustainable future for white children some sort of plan will be needed. Just kicking all nonwhites out of the first world then making anyone who wants to return pass strict immigration standards only the top 0.1% of humanity could pass would probably do 70% of the work. America would be left with a lower population after that, especially if the lefties get kicked out too. Or given helicopter rides. After that, abolishing affirmative action and making govt policies to encourage high white birthrates and help white men start families while correcting leftist subversion and ending feminism's weaponization of divorce courts against men should be easy. Many white families are so poor that they can only afford kids if both parents work. There should be a system where, if a white family can prove that they are mentally and morally and genetically healthy individuals who would make good parents, the wife gets paid to be a housewife so the man can work hard knowing his kids will have a good mother at home. Maybe something like the Hitler Youth but bigger and better should be made for white families that can't raise their kids but still want their kids to grow up skilled and educated intellectually and morally without leftist subversion. Just send your kids to big summer camps while continuing to work hard for the good of white america or whimerica instead of weimerica.
>Trash OP
How about you stop posting borderline e-celeb threads and also, actually write down with > what the happens in the video so I don't have to watch one of a million other political youtube vids.
Make a better thread next time and I might bother posting in it.
Overall I thought this guy basically made sense. His view of the present world situation, its causes, and what is likely to come out of it are pretty well-reasoned, and he backs it up with data. A lot of what he says is consistent with conclusions I've drawn, though I don't necessarily agree with all of it. I don't share a lot of his optimism about technology, and I think what he attributes to "climate change" is mostly just resource mismanagement and overpopulation.

As soon as he got to the last section on "culture" he completely cucked out. That whole section was just a bunch of ideological statements with no data or anything to back it up, completely out of tune with the rest of the video. He cucks noticeably in other subtle ways too, like at one point he illustrates how scientists can easily fudge data, that they have a financial incentive to fudge data, and can easily get away with fudging data because we have this idiotic cultural taboo against doubting "science." However, he stops short of suggesting that scientists might actually be fudging data for financial and/or political gain, and that ideas like global warming should therefore be treated skeptically.

He does a similar thing when addressing issues like women in the workplace or immigration. After spending an entire video explaining how norms, social attitudes and values tend to fluctuate based on external circumstances, it's completely silly that he then treats ideas like "Hitler was bad" and "taking women out of the workplace is morally reprehensible" as universal self-evident truths that can't possibly change.

Overall I think this video is a good example of why YouTube is just plain not a serious venue for this type of discussion anymore. It's just like commercial television at this point: the YouTuber is trying to make money off of his channel, and in order to do that he has to avoid saying things that will get his videos flagged or pulled, the same way a television personality has to be conscious of not offending his sponsors.

Even this kind of vanilla historical analysis will piss off cultural Marxists if it states the truth too plainly. So, even if your video literally just proved, with nothing more than a few charts and some examples of historical precedent, that immigration lowers wages and creates social discord, you still have to throw in a couple of "immigrants make us stronger" platitudes to protect yourself. I honestly have an automatically low opinion of anyone who takes being a YouTuber seriously at this stage of the game, and I particularly disdain anyone who tries to do it for a living. I also found the product-shilling annoying.

This guy is somewhat informative but most of the content here is just stuff you could easily learn on your own by reading a few basic history books. He's not really offering any deep insight or interesting takes, nor is he entertaining enough to justify watching him for fun. I also noticed he made a lot of typos and spelling errors in his caption cards. This would be a good video if you're trying to steer some normie relative on Facebook in the right direction, but that's about it.
It's only an e-celeb thread when people circlejerk about some e-celeb, argue over whether he's "/our guy/" or not. This thread's not about the person who made the video or whatever he had for breakfast last week, it's about the video and what it says/predicts.
Personally I don't think global warming is real. Big money should be spent cleaning plastic from the ocean and stopping china/india's harmful overpollution but aside from that, America only harms itself and its economy and its race by exporting its key industries to nations with lower wages. Nations where life is cheap shouldn't be used to enrich smartphone and electronics companies with cheap labour, they should be used for farming to keep the global cost of food (and the cost of living) down. We'd have plenty of money for that if we stopped pouring money down the black hole codenamed the third world.
Sure, I said borderline though. I think it's a fine line but maybe I was overzealous.
Genetic dead ends are always needed on the frontier.
The problem is that there are no more frontiers and too many dead ends.
Look at what a prison colony has made: Australia
Look at what colonies have made: U.S.A., Canada, Singapore, etc.

The correct course of action isn't to eliminate genetic dead ends, but to expand. Lebensraum. First Solar Lebensraum, then Galactic.
There is enough land on Mars to expand indefinitely for the next 200 years.
Phosphor may be a limiting factor; however, if current high energy plasma experiments aren't a scam, the phosphor limit is merely a matter of having enough space in which high energy reactors can be built and operated without risk of malcontents weaponizing them.

The role of humanity as the apex lifeform from this biosphere is to protect and propagate the life from this planet across the universe.
Any lifeform, memetic or otherwise, which opposes this duty is a threat to the continued survival of everything you love.
This planet is one basket, and as the saying goes, it's bad to put everything in one basket.
This sun is one basket.
This arm of the galaxy is one basket.
This galaxy is one basket.

This verse is one basket.