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the necessity of Decentralization
what does mlpol think about moving from a site like this to a more decentralized format? As corporations and governments clamp down more and more on fringe groups and especially the far right options like https://zeronet.io/ and https://getaether.net/ become inevitable as services like cloudflare as well as the ISPs themselves and such will only tolerate such people for so long. Do mlpols mods have any plans or anons have any interest in establishing alternatives for mlpol.net on such services if for no other reason than to have a backup if/when this site gets taken down?
Personally I have pipe dreams of buying up 4chan after becoming a super successful business tycoon, but I genuinely have wanted to get people off of 4chan for a long time due to how pozed the mods are.

In my opinion the main hurdle of this kind of platform shift is not, and has never been adoption of users. It's free time to refine the product. These products and services, free or comercialized, take a lot of time to develop. Moot himself created 4chan not wholecloth but by stealing it from a system developed in japan, which was itself a later stage in a very iterative design.

The same reason is why today no new browsers are coming out. ots all chrome. Without a way to finance our goals, pay people to create this kind of platform, it just doesn't work. The person who can solve this problem needs to be a business person, and I hope to be that person, but truthfully anyone could crack this nut. it might even be our enemies but I severly doubt it. Our enemies do not have cash flow problems and so do not have any real reason to invest in a solution to this.

Basically this is the kind of problem you can only solve if you can get a small loan of a million dollars. In broad stroaks, what is needed is a way to invent a new model of workers compensation. Without the ability to set manpower to the task of creating and maintaining a useable decentralized platform and proliferating it to its intended userbase, you are shanghaied in trying to cut through a mountain as a single individual. These small groups are often passion projects done in the free time of their respective creators, and they rarely take shape because of it. Content such as wrongthink. This is why these web alternatives don't see much adoptation. No one has solved the issue of distribution to its new audiance, and that is something that needs to be solved for any decentralized system to matter outside of simple preservation for a select few. Obviously our political sides greatest weakness is technology, largely thanks to boomer apathy on the whole industry.
there are viable alternatives that exist as I linked in the OP but they don't have the convivence or easy of use of more traditional websites, so people generally opt for what's more familiar.

I'm just worried that as larger entities of influence grow less and less tolerant of dissent and anyone on the outside of the overton window a lot of anons on sites like this will be caught off guard and left out in the cold, easier options are available to us now on the surface internet but the rug could be pulled out from under us sooner than we think and it'se always better to be prepared
I don't get why fags here are so opposed to an onion site. Exceptional anonymity and no javascript or cloudflare. Onion chans get flooded with CP though, which sucks.
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being prepared for a losing strategy is generally the best pervue for the powerless and its what I've tried to become less obsessed with but it makes sense to do. I just want to dream bigger than that, rather than hide a platform from them, I want to build one that will crush them and turn the network effect on their heads. I would like others to feel similarly as I do.

tor is a fed honeypot.
Until you do build that one isn't it worth promoting existing alternatives to get people used to idea of moving away from the existing internet infrastructure?
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When shit like Sci-Hub, Bitchute, The Pirate Bay, and even 8chan still stand, we probably don't need to worry. Threat level is low enough that any kind of meme buzzword tech isn't gonna be worth it.
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The problem with decentralization is that nodes are classified as operators.
If a decentralized network is deemed illegal or a national security risk, then simply connecting to the network makes you an enemy of the state.
The main issue with all modern communication methods is they lack plausible deniability.

For instance: TOR.
TOR has been compromised for a long time. The feds can easily track down anyone who uses it because of the sheer number of nodes they control.
And then there's the argument, "Why are you using TOR? You can just visit and post on websites whenever you want. Only criminals and predators use TOR."
You can't just simply say, "I use this because I value my privacy." because if you were to ever go to court, the jury would view your desire to be private as an admission of some guilt.

The answer to decentralization is to build it around a mundane service, such as DNS or time.

Realistically, modern decentralization has to be built on existing corporations because of their widespread social acceptance.
Or, machine learning needs to be used to restructure transmissions in such a way that it's perceived as innocuous data.
Just for edification:
the main idea of bringing it up is that there is no real formula or secret ingredient to success here
If you want to get people into an existing platform, weather its 4chucks, mlpol, the deep net, etc you need to solve the same problems as if you where starting from scratch; the marketing of the product or platform for its intended user. No matter how you slice it, its a marketing issue, which means you need to do your homework in marketing. Weather your time invested in it will be worth while is solely dependant on how much effort and time you are willing to invest in studying to create or proliferate an existing platform.

I would hardly call 8kun any kind of 8ch successor.
high value take anon.
8chan is literally down and the Pirate Bay is a honeypot
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>tor isn't anonymous
>the feds can see your IP on tor
Is this a discussion about hiding from the government, or avoiding deplatforming? If we're just discussing ways to avoid deplatforming, then an onion site is just fine for that, isn't it? No, it won't hide you from a determined government, but we're not hiding now either.
Thats... actually one of the soundest arguments for a tor site to date. It will be looked into.
I thought the implicit reason is that the government would shut it down. And lacking a way to do that on onion, shut the admin for the site down.
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>tor is a fed honeypot

as opposed to clearnet sites, like mlpol lol? I am thoroughly convinced every single chan site on clearnet is a honeypot. Just got asked for html data canvassing as I was typing this.

TOR is not a fed honeypot, they couldn't even find DPR through snooping they had to find out where he was via a coffee shop location after releasing personal information to an informant.
If you take the proper steps to protect yourself you are perfectly fine on TOR, given you aren't a novice on the subject and fairly advanced. None of this would even be a necessity if we could just post freely on clearnet sites with a guarantee of freedom of speech.
In time, the govt may try to shut /mlpol/ down, but this site was started in about 24 hours. It can be rebuilt elsewhere if necessary
Freedom of speech is a myth, theres always a standard of some sort, whether its conduct, decorum, or just plain jot posting illegal shit. You're still not making an argument with all your 'fug this site'shit. I suggest you shit or get off your high hoers
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>freedom of speech is a myth

it's only a myth because faggots like you think it is

Stop pretending like this place is a free speech haven, it's not..that has been my point all along and you just admitted it.
I'm worried about things like zero net because a glow nigger could just post CP and then everyone would have it on their hard drives. How could that be avoided?
If you want a site where people are free to post CP in the name of free speech why don't you make it yourself, be the change you want to see.
## Ninja
Pray tell, what are you not able to say or post that you feel is an unreasonable infringement on free speech?
The pirate bay is thinking about making a I2P gateway because of all the VPN and ISP blocks.
If you're butthurt you can't post ChP here, you can always change your name to something Jewish and become a Netflix Exec.
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>he doesn't know about the 2020 china virus pork bill
This entire site, and every imageboard was deemed illegal yesterday.
>muh freedoms
Every piece of art on this site contains copyright protected characters. Your entire community is built on copyright infringement.
Now because of yesterday's bill, everyone involved in any imageboard is a felon.

Once the new porn bill passes it will be twice as bad.
>24/7 hotlines
>real-id for posting
<but not for voting lol

>as opposed to clearnet sites, like mlpol lol?
TOR is a fed honeypot because it's sold as protecting your privacy through anonymization when it doesn't.
See: >>295330
The main issue is that >>295484 happens continuously. If not with CP, it's something else that the feds or their major donors don't like, and that list has been growing exponentially.
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>site is illegal
In the US. It's not based in the US. And even so, it's not copywrite infringement if there is no monetary gain derived from the use, per the letter (and not a very basic summary) of the law
>it's not copyright infringement if there's no monetary gain
It's copyright infringement if the courts say so, and they say so whenever their stature is threatened or someone pays them enough.
Or, the state portrays you as an undesirable to the jury.
And just because it's not hosted in the US doesn't mean that the US won't attack it.
Read the bill anon
Alright, you're lazy, I get it.
The bill targets sites and groups who's main purpose is to distribute copywriter material, for profit.
/mlpol/ is not such a site. The site doesnt accept donations or income because (((PayPal and patreon))) axed that years ago, and there are no ads so there is no case to be made that the rudimentary infringement (which its self is arguable) is in any way profit generating.
Worst case scenario, movie night gets rethought/mothballed, and even that is an improbable outcome.
But you're welcome to leave if you're scurred
while I revile CP I do have to wonder, where it legal, how many vigilante murders would occur from the dusty effect of mass proliferation.

though the presence of it might also invite more people to participate, which would invalidate it. haven't really given it much thought on the psychological matter.
>it's not copywrite infringement if theres no monetary gain
If this where 4chan I'd call you an underage b& but in the interest of comfey mlpol and frenship I will just tell you that statement is hopelessly naive when it comes to (((Copywrite))).

If trump didn't redline that bill I will have lost all remaining respect for him. waiting to see the posted revised bill he recommended if any. Everything now rides on the murders. fuck (((copywrite))) mafia.
oh, I realize what you're getting at now. sorry but I really doubt that the courts will side with the defendant when the prosecution says the users gained monetarily by not having to pay for the product.
And you're hopelessly naive if you think that this bill is a threat to the site, but I'll assume you havent read my follow up. As for
>underage b&
In my experience, that's a lame attempt to obfuscate the fact that you have no further arguments. Let me know when you have some cuz I havent even begun.
You seem to be operating under the delusion that the extensive and litigious process that MAY eventually make it's way eventually to /mlpol/, wont be seen well in advance. As though of ALL the streaming and copywrite infringing sites on the internet that are literally and directly in violation of the bill are going to take a back seat because theres a small contingent of nazi hirsefu Kershaw in an obscure site that sorta kinda but not really has some copywrite infringement.
Let's take thewatchcartoononline.tv, my personal go-to for anime. You're suggesting that they're gonna come here first, in spite of the above named having for over a decade flagrantly violated copywrite.
Oh? Are they international? So is mlpol.
I get that you're worried and shit, but for fu it's sake stop and take a deep breath.
This was all predicted in advance
/mlpol/ may not be able to outrun the bear, but its miles ahead of the other campers.
Jesus christ, you fukking knobs are so green.
>t. Guy who remembers Thundarr the Barbarian
>screetching the post
Why don't you direct that attitude elsewhere. I don't particularly care to get into an internet fight with someone who cares about how this bill will only affect this one site. If enforced this bill will fuck the entire internet. pretending it wont be a problem because we're somehow low on the list of priorities is a shit take. We're a political board. If we don't influence against this we have no reason to really even exist. the enemy is playing with tanks in our backyard.
Project much? I was addressing the bill wrt the thread topic. Nice to see how you respond when you're out of arguments though.
As for this bill on a macroscopic scale, remember megavideo? Not exclusively sites like this have always been around AND been more or less illegal. This bill really doesnt change anything.
>you seem to be operating under the delusion
>projecting much
You still havent addressed what is an unreasonably prohibited form of speech
I was never asked that.