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Films suitable for kids
So we're trying to get together a list of decent films for kids to watch which are at least not mostly pozzed. Ideally i'd like to split these down into a few ages such as:

Any suggestions? I'd like the pony braintrust in on this.
For a good example of an oddly non pozzed modern film see Moana as it is monocultural and has a decent message.
Ideally i'm looking for any films from the past 80 years which are suitable.
Thanks anons.
You should have asked for horse pussy instead. There would be over a hundred responses by now.

That choice of picture confuses the shit out of me by the way.

Made by Don Bluth the animated story The Land Before Time is perfect for children.
The holy mountain, a series of unfortunate events, hikers guide to the galaxy, the lobster..
You can give a child as many movies as you want, but in the end they will develop a taste of their own and go look for movies themselves.
Just remember anon, children are not idiots, give them a challenge so they dont grow up to be smoothbrains.
Seconded, I loved those films as a kid.

Also I recommend Shrek, all jokes aside it's a good film.
Here's a Hungarian cartoon from the early 80s: Fehérlófia (Son of the white mare).
It tells an ancient Hungarian, Hunnic and Avaric tale of someone with superhuman powers, but features really trippy visuals. The protagonist listens to tales of his forefather who was a king and whose reign was ended by dragons. After his mother died, he decided to destroy these dragons, who have taken over the world. Just wanted to mention it here, maybe someone will find it interesting if they're into these kinda things.
The Hays' Code means you can get just about any movie from 1934 to the mid 1960's and it will good for kids (when you used to buy or rent the DVDs they were always "unrated"), though obviously more violent films like westerns and crime dramas will be more appropriate for older kids. Comedy films like the Abbot & Costello movies are great for all ages because there's a lot going on.

I recommend older films also because it gives a look into America or Britain as they used to be with less of a modernity bias, providing a resistance to the mindset that "current year is always the best."
I recommend the 1946 black and white French adaptation of Beauty and the Beast:


It's subtitled so it's probably not a great idea for super-young kids (unless they speak French I guess), but it would probably work well for the 8-12 category. I remember watching it with my dad when I was about 9 or 10 I think. It's very well done, and the special effects are impressive considering this was made back when the only tools available were trick photography and physically making elaborate sets/costumes, so effects required real creativity to pull off. It's directed by Jean Cocteau, who was famous for making a lot of surrealist films.

For more recent stuff, I think most of the Hayao Miyazaki movies are pretty safe (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Porco Rosso and so forth). I second The Land Before Time, as well as most of Don Bluth's other films from that period. Most of the pre-2000s Disney stuff is hit or miss, I remember really enjoying those films growing up but I'm probably viewing them with a fair dose of nostalgia; even in the 1980s and 1990s there were some lefty messages that I've noticed when rewatching as an adult. Screen them to your personal preferences I guess.

Also a lot of the really old Disney films are quite good: Pete's Dragon (the 1977 film, not the one they did a couple of years ago) was one of my favorites growing up. Fantasia I think is something that everyone needs to see at some point in their lifetime; it's also a good way to expose young children to Western classical/orchestral music, which I think is particularly important considering how shit-tier and niggerfied music is these days and how anything Western and good is being currently demonized as racist.

More than anything though I'd say whatever you have your kids watch, watch it with them and make an activity out of it, don't just sit them down in front of the TV and expect it to educate them.
That's probably the most based story of a movie that i have ever heard, i don't watch movies by myself often by i'll give it a look.
Thanks anon.
Masha and The Bear.
In my opinion one of the most sane cartoons around.
Sample episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1fe8-Qli9E
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Any more are welcome! as there always seems to be a need to entertain :)