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Archived thread

The ideal state?
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List everything a State would need to be redpilled
Also critique ideas that seem stupid/unnecessary

>no gun laws. You can own a cannon, automatic rifle, tank, whatever the fuck you want if you're white and over 4
>every child spends years 16-20 in mandatory military service, like Singapore
>lesbian and gay faggots cannot adopt children
>no gay parades
>if you have a mental disability, are dead, or have ever commited leftist terrorism you cannot vote. sorry old folks homes full of boomers and ninety-somethings, your voice should be used to ask who your grandkids are, not to decide the fate of a nation
>service guarantees citizenship, securing your fundamental human rights while giving the state an obligation to protect them
>taxpayer money can't be spent on disabled kids
>additional Constitutional Amendment to legalize self-defense murder/gun usage in all cases.
>charities that try to do anything abroad are taxed for it. No more tax-free millions to foreign countries
>no foreign aid at all
>white genetically-fit parents can apply for govt aid to make it more affordable to raise large numbers of children no matter your financial situation
>blacks, chinese, and indians can't own property or businesses (Japs are fine)
>free speech protections. everything is free speech. Except feminism, it's banned.
>judaism and islam are banned
>leftist/jew judges go to the chambers
>wanting your nuts chopped off, going tranny, thinking you're a dog/dragon on the inside, feminism's "men bad" religious beliefs, and wanting the gun rights of others removed are all recognized as medical disorders.
>one govt-run TV channel like the BBC only non-cucked, puts out quality family-friendly television and redpilled documentaries. Other TV channels are allowed to exist(unless they're degenerate), this just competes with those while giving parents something they can trust as their kids watch it for hours.
>fertile white women below 30 can be paid below minimum wage to get back in the fucking kitchen if they're white and genetically fit and have enough white kids. But they're only paid during working hours, to make that more affordable for the state.
>govt cannot own land unless it's for the public's benefit. Yes to plant-filled and slide-filled parks, no to giving free housing to Tyrone and Muhummud
>nationalize public transportation, the trains and busses need to run on time, the nation should take this even more seriously than Japan is said to
>foreigners cannot own land or ever receive benefits.
>falsely accusing someone of rape gets you killed
>a govt department manages worker's unions and legalizes the union-busting of exploitative lefty unions
>non-lethal drugs are legalized but taxed heavily because fuck weed users
>yearly govt-run competitions for kids and teens, whoever develops the best video game of this year's theme gets a cash prize. Why? Because everyone should learn to code.
>anti-degenerate pornography laws forbidding positive depictions of racemixing, cuckoldry, and faggotry on TV.
>People poor enough for benefits have their financial records checked by the state every so often to make sure they aren't blowing their cash on cigarettes, alcohol, or scratchcards.
Forget the small details and go straight to the fundamentals.
Every element of society DOES something in exchange of a reward. This is the core of daily interactions.
The State has to regain its right to make its own money without foreign interference like (((central banks))). Which take us to the wise quote by the kike Rothschild who knew what makes the humans tic.
What if the state had its own bank, with no jews allowed anywhere near it?
Then a healthy society without usury might arise.
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Many of these are legislative nightmares, you'd have trouble keeping business in the country with this, let alone your citizenry. Over-regulation is the left's problem, the mindset that every problem can be solved by law and edict is what led us to this point. A little legislation in the right places can have a domino effect on a society, solving various connected problems, a phenomenon that most people never recognise exists. Watch me ignore myself.

>Citizenship is restricted to landowners and actively serving military. No stake, no vote. This applies to native borns as well.
>Mandatory civics and economics classes to maintain voting eligibility, if a voter has no clue how the economy or state machinery function, they should not be allowed within a mile of a ballot box.

>People are restricted to owning one piece of property, citizens can own a second property without taxation. This applies to businesses to prevent the formation of megacorps.
>More than two properties gets increasingly harsher taxation to discourage land barony.

>Any office below mayor can be held indefinitely, mayor and up have a hard two term limit. Term extensions are not permitted by constitutional edict.
>Corruption punishable by life imprisonment.

>Corporate entities are reclassed as corporate entities, not people, and are therefore disbarred from making campaign contributions.
>Usury abolished in its entirety, economic model returns to backed currency over fiat. No more creating money out of nothing.

>ONE (1) state owned channel, all records of internal operations are to remain publicly accessible until the heat death of the universe. This channel is to remain for news and PSAs specifically. Term limits for leadership positions apply here.
>Opinion pieces are disbarred, no penalties for misrepresenting facts from inaccurate sources, however, a clear, loud and prompt retraction is mandatory.

Foreign Policy:
>Immigration severely curtailed, permanent residence requires severing of all ties, loyalties and claims to citizenship of one's former nation of residence. Residence requires fluency in the lingua franca, this includes any attached family regardless of age, excepting of course the inability to speak.
>Foreign investment disbarred, both by the nation itself and by other nations.
>Declaration of war requires a majority(By state, same for executive election) vote after public debate takes place. Defensive conflicts do not count.

>Legal system trimmed back to actual disputes and crimes. Honour dueling made legal for all other disputes once again. If you're offended that someone didn't use your proper pronouns, you're free to challenge the perpetrator to a duel, have fun putting your life on the line.
>Firearm restrictions include prevention of sale to criminals that have committed severe crimes only, manslaughter and up. Restriction applies to the disabled, being defined as being incapable of understanding the use, function and maintenance of a firearm.
>Military ordnance and equipment is restricted to actively serving and former military personnel, and only if they are without severe criminal record and can display a working knowledge of said ordnance/equipment.
>Death penalty for repeats of severe crime, you get ONE (1) chance at rehabilitation if you commit murder, if the body count is higher than one for a given offence, no chance is given. A repeat offence after your first gets you the death penalty.
>Provable harming of a minor in any capacity not related to reasonable disciplinary measures is punishable by death without trial.

>Public schools are restructured to mimic bootcamp to a less harsh degree in order to foster unit integrity among students, disciplinary measures are reinstated at such schools in the event of unit integrity failure.
>Private schools are left untouched, but are required to implement some form of disciplinary and unit formation measures in addition to the mandatory curriculum of civics and economics classes.
>Universities may either be state funded or privately funded, no inbetween, state funding comes with both government and community oversight. Privately funded campuses are on their own, but are still required to enforce the mandatory curriculum.

>Faggotry and degeneracy is legal in the confines of your own home, anywhere else gets you jailtime for public indecency, this includes speaking of it in a public place. Repeat public offenses incur scaling penalties up to and including being disbarred from citizenship and thus holding any kind of office.
>Gays are permitted to marry if, and only if, they're able to find an institution with the legal permission to do so and that institution has no problem doing it. Marriage's performed in other nation states are not recognised. They are not permitted to adopt under any circumstances.
>Financial benefits of marriage are restricted to heterosexual couples capable of reproduction. Said benefits are mandated with the expectation that said couple will produce any number of children up to three, after which point no further benefits will be given for additional children.
>Financial benefits remain with whichever parent wins custody in the event of a divorce. Divorcees must display a psychological and financial capacity to raise any children in such a dispute. If either parent is unable to display said proficiency, the court is to go through any willing next of kin until one is found. If related and capable parentage cannot be found, they are placed in the foster care system.
>Eugenics research legalised.
>Eugenics implementation allowed only under dire need. Dire includes broad spectrum contamination of the nation's gene pool with genetic defects (Or reasonable prediction of such within a timespan of 100 years), demographic replacement of native ethnicity reaching sub 75% and manmade/natural catastrophes.

not the ideal stae, but one in which the situation gets continously better:

- anti subversion clauses in constitution
- right to vote only (or with extra voices for) the taxpayer
- rules of debate enforced in gouverment
- ministers must pass a debate of qualification
- first three amendments as undilutables
- lobbyism is treason
- full reserve money from a national bank; created based on the real growth of production and services
- monopolies are socialy nbound to thge people
- life exisistance securing ubi for citizens
- child neglect is highly punishable
- parents credit ( relieved per sucessfully raised ( school eduated, nonviolent, etc) child)
- copper spiral for those who neglect their children repeatedly
- strong requirements for citizenship (spirit and merrit is tested)
- things that harm life(also in the long run) can not be advertised as anything than harmfull
- advertisement for the extermination or self extermination of a people is terrorism.
- statistics are usable in policing
- ethnic minority or majority does not aleviate one from crime
- the provable truth can not be hate or crime.
- gouverment salaries are bound to a fixed multiple of the median income
- free market, no subsidies ( except for the general sectors that are necessary for the sovereignity of a nation to the degree of achieved sovereignity)
- mandatory military basic training for men ( controlled catastrophe to chalange the boys to become men. a culture needs an initiation rite for men. women are initiated by their base biology)
i realy like your media, property, politics, corporate entity, slim legal system, guns and custody concepts.

i think a taxpayer voting system is preverable to the landowner voting system, as land is a severly limited rescource with our society. net tax paying also implies a minimum education to hold a net benefitiary job.

i would change the faggotry clause to be more general, making fetish desensitizing and sexualy explicit behavoir in public ( and especialy infront of children) a crime in general. this easier to be defined than indecency and covers a bigger area than faggotry, while excluding tolerable acts that can be easily be prevented from affecting children.

public education needs a general rework, but not to the degree of a bootcamp. there should be a bootcamp tier for those unable to be civilised in public schools.
Taxpayer voting has a loophole in that economic migrants can straight up get in, get a job doing menial labour and start influencing the direction of the country, which invariably leads to subversion. I view taxpaying more along the lines of paying a subscription fee to use public services, rather than as a right to influence the government. The entire point of landownership giving voting rights is that it is a limited resource, with military service being a backup, if you have no stake in the nation or aren't willing to put life and limb on the line for it and its people, I don't believe you should be allowed to have a hand on the wheel.

This also cuts out the problem of mob rule, that's to say, cities controlling an entire state by dint of numbers, since people living in apartments would never be able to vote, a place like LA or NY wouldn't be able to strong arm the counties around it into submission.

As for faggotry, I was running out of characters and had to trim out a lot of specifics to keep it all in a single post, or I'd be here all night outlining sweeping reforms to every area of society. Nothing builds fraternity like shared suffering, which boot is specifically designed to achieve, I don't see any reason not to implement this for public schools given that's where the rowdier students tend to end up. Ideally, those unable to be civilised in this way would be booted from public schools and thus excised from being a major influence on society. That would require making education non-mandatory though, which comes with its own set of problems.

I'm stealing government salaries and crime statistics for future discussion by the way, sorry not sorry.

it should not be just any taxpayers, but net tax payers. this would rule out nearly all migrants. citizenship is also needed, which is locked behind bars of merrit to the country, actualy following the law, not advocating for any dilution of the law, agreeing with the spiritual basis of the law, etc. with a long testing time.

some shitty economic migrant or the uneducated apartment masses are not net taxpayers.

the military aspect is fine.

having to pay for a nation ( by being a net taxpayer) is a stake similar to owning land. a landowner could also try to subvert the state if he is blind enough to not see the value of the nation.

in germany public school is the norm instead of the trash bin, so we would need a boot camp extra. if private schools are the norm in australia, your proposal is fine.

i take the net taxpayer methode over the landowner methode, because the future will bring a lot of skyscrapers etc. and a high population density. apartments could be privately owned like in singapore insted of rented. the problem then lies with an oligarchy of skyscraper landowners (having enough wealth to tank the increasing taxes) dominating the voting pools, leading back to mostly corporate intrest voting.
the propesed remaining general citizen right to vote ( though the net taxpayer vote should be a large multiple of their influence per vote) is intended as a counter to robotic replacement of the possibility of self suffiecient work. this voting system is a risk, but i think the other measures ( constitutionality, anti subversion laws, median income binding and rules of debate) should be able to counter this. a robotic replacement would be harder to counter. outlawing capable robots is self defeating for the prosperity of mankind.
What if everyone had military service
The military tried real hard to get foreigners killed during service?
>up to 3 kids
We're a dying race that needs to repopulate. 4 kids or more, no more than 7.
What if part of the jew plan is to keep their inflated wealth
Wait until we go back to the "Currency backed by gold" system
Then exchange it for gold and steal America's gold?
Also isn't a robotic workforce a good thing? Nobody buys chimney sweepers any more, so they're free to get other jobs. Any job that can be automated out of existence is one a future economy won't need as much as other jobs.

it is a good thing, but it would prevent nearly all people from voting in the proposed system, making the robot owners an oligarchy.
Makes sense.
It'd be even worse if robots or "self-aware androids" ever got the right to vote. Anyone who says robots deserve rights is a faggot.
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Laws that change anything have to be separate, summarized (for mass consumption and have the same meaning), and everyone involved has their name stuck to the thing. (Maybe what their role was as well).
No slipping shit in to alter stuff.
Make them public documents, and easy to search and find.
very good addition
A simple set of easy-to-understand laws will make the jobs of Lawyers so easy, anyone could do it.
This will also stop jew/jewed liberal judges from "reinterpreting" contradictory or up-to-interpretation laws to their liking.
Take this with a grain of salt.

There are three main points that need to exist. Besides being as unbiased (fair and just) as possible.
Upholding contracts/agreements. (Such as the right to free speech, and the right to arms, and to freely post hoers pussy)
Final, and ultimate remediation of disputes (other means and methods ought to be done first).
Ensuring the currency is unmolested by all sources.
Maybe the Boomers who voted left should have their pensions cut off.
They voted to give themselves free shit at the expense of the youth. They voted to import foreign workers and illegal aliens and rapefugees and foreign benefit sponges at the expense of the youth. Should the youth work itself to the bone to pay off the debts Boomers owe?
Maybe the government shouldn't have anything to do with the "look after the elderly from 60 to a hundred and something" industry.
A better system would have family members of the old fart either care for him/her or throw him/her into a care home paid for by the family.
Boomer failed to have kids? Boomer doesn't get diapers and doctors.
also any form of repeatable microtransactions in your game should get it a Mature Rating
shitty mobile game where every character costs cash? disgusting, but fine i guess.
shitty mobile game built to encourage a gambling addiction? cancer.
I think you have the wrong thread my dude
What? A law forbidding repeatable microtransactions would be a law passed by a redpilled state.
What if time spent in Military Service allowed you to own any gun you can afford, as long as you weren't Dishonourably Discharged for rape/insanity/anything like that?
Then a system where a period of Military Service, typically from ages 16 to 20, is mandatory to be classed as a Citizen with rights?
The process of attempting to qualify for Military Service is the perfect time for the physically and mentally unfit to be turned away and denied voting/gun ownership rights.
Do you really want a 400 lb karen, 90 IQ nigger, or weed-addicted commie voting in your country's elections?
Perhaps the military should have additional branches meant for farming or vital construction in their own country, to ensure as many morally-fit whites can get rights as possible even if they don't meet the harsh physical demands of the military.
The only downside of such a system is that it would suck to live in a world where it exists and is taken over by Jews.
But such a system would be far stronger against Jewish subversion than this "Democracy", which has already become Anarcho-Tyrannical Jewmuslimniggerism.
Citizenship through service!
Yep! That's what inspired me.
Back when I was a coomer who watched jewtube all day I saw a video that called the film Ready Player One shite.
>"the movie claims that Pop Culture can be a substitute for religion. But the movie shows The Iron Giant in its big obligatory war scene engaging in violence even though The Iron Giant was anti-war and anti-violence. The iconography of pop culture elements are here, devoid of their meaning! Remember Starship Troopers, a fascist book turned into a comedic anti-fascist movie? We needed that here."
Then I said
>"I think I'll watch the film and read the book if he hates the book and loves the film".
Turns out book is good and film is comedy gold.
I wouldn't really call Starship Troopers fascist. It just recognizes that Humanity would need to be at least this tough to beat alien bugs in a war.
>>if you are dead you cannot vote.
How ableist against the living-impaired.

I wouldn't want the state to handle the large generation expansion problem.
I don't know how to prevent(other than kicking excess people into new settlements) the problems that will appear.
You mean the "Mortally Challenged"?
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Rate my ideas
Illegalize Ursury.
Tightly regulate banks and cap the salary and bonuses of all bankers.
And allow people who need a loan to start a business but are denied it to sue the banks.
But only if they have a really good case.
Banks have no business making money for anyone but the people they are meant to serve.
Also no college courses can cost money unless they teach skills necessary for a job. Engineering yes, Gender Studies no.
Also price caps on essential healthy food and college courses.
Chocolate can cost whatever but nobody should be too poor for healthy eating.
conquer China and NK and Africa.
liberate australia and do that "put water in the center of the island to turn desert into farmland" thing. Fuck the desert geckos they can survive in our zoos.
maybe a literal food stamp system where the poor take their stamps to a building to exchange stamps for approved food and supplies. Or the food and supplies are mailed to them. No cash for the chavs means no money for them to waste on booze and cigs and gambling and drugs and new TVs and fucking scratchcards
Legalize self defense.
Put some tax budget into space exploration. We need white colonies in space.
Every crime with a white victim and foreign suspect is a hate crime, hang nigs and purge the prisons full of blacks and mudslimes with lethal torture chambers.
Maybe recognize Obesity as a combination physical and mental disorder so fatties get made to exercise in camps until they can say "wow being fit transformed ny life im happy now". But only the 300lbs fuckers.
Feminism is a mental disorder that should get you put in padded rooms and regular electroshock therapy sessions.
ban jews
little girls who want to be "butch" get talked out of it by therapists. Being a fat middle aged canned beer addict is not hot or ideal on a man or woman.
Conversion therapy or jail time for fags and trannies. People will only know you are one of ghem if you make it someone elses problem or act out in public.
Kids have to be taught in schools why communism is bad and wrong when they're taught about WW2 and how Hitler did nothing wrong
Propagandising your schoolkids and being an intentionally shit teacher are both crimes now, cops should take the education of future voters seriously.
no teacher's unions ever.
state religion is christianity because what else would it be, fucking paganism or woo woo crystals or woo woo satan statue imaginary demon cancer or jewery thats what.
>Illegalize Ursury.
>Banks have no business making money
This said it all. The only valid entity to issue money is the State and private banks are irrelevant because usury is banned.
>Also price caps on essential healthy food and college courses.
No caps, a competitive market is necessary
>conquer China and NK and Africa.
Absurd. Fix problems at home and leave the rest alone.
>Put some tax budget into space exploration. We need white colonies in space.
Stop smoking drugs. But if you insist, you are welcome to fund it with your own pocket.
>ban jews
>little girls who want to be "butch" get talked out of it by therapists. Being a fat middle aged canned beer addict is not hot or ideal on a man or woman.
No need, just revert to hard patriarchy when women were men's property and everything will be fine again.
>Kids have to be taught in schools why communism is bad and wrong when they're taught about WW2 and how Hitler did nothing wrong
Remember, most of those "spooooky demons from the "Ars Goteia" are actually just old pagan myths, roman myths, and symbols of roman gods given their own name by overimaginative tards. The only demons on this planet are Jews, Muslims, Feminists, and Liberals. Shove that up your Arse Goatseea, satanfags. Imagine burning incense and praying to a picture of a roman goddess's pet Owl, thinking he's his own magic monster that'll give you superpowers like some kind of fucking Pokemon. This post made by Christ Gang
I like banning ursury but should the state really have control over money? What if the state goes bankrupt?
>no price caps on food
fair enough
>no price caps on college courses
Are you sure? Kids are going into crippling lifelong debt because their Boomer parents made them go to college. Some college courses brainwash kids into hating whites. Those ones should be shut down.
>no space
why no space? should we just wait until NASA or Elon Musk figures out space colonies first, and hope the Jews don't ruin that?
>hard patriarchy
hell yes.
TBH, today's college is deprecated, a waste of time and money.
The investment required is way overpriced and the return is doubtful at best.
>why no space?
I think you believe the propaganda. If I'm not mistaken the space payload cost an average of $100,000 a kilogram, and considering that today and at least for more than a decade America won't be able to reach the space station without a Russian Soyuz, all "space forces" announcements are lies for domestic consumption, except if the intention is to keep hanging satellites in low orbit.
In other words, space exploration is a waste of resources.
Sure, colleges are already dying. But shouldn't they die faster?
When the technology is ready, colonizing alien planets and artificial habitats will be necessary for the further survival and expansion of white humanity.
also I had an idea. What if schools and colleges were forbidden from taking donations from politicians?
>What if schools and colleges were forbidden from taking donations from politicians?
As always they will try to find ways to 'gift' stuff. Another part is that systems made are exploited, and there are monopolies at play.

So how about taxes or lack of in a new hypothetical state?
Opt in, opt out, or is it like a charity with payments, or more like the systems in place now?
Maybe a system where you can opt out of paying taxes and gaining anything from the govt.
Paying taxes becomes the new paying an insurance company in case an injury happens.
police and military are hard to opt out off, as they don't check your status before defense. or the would sue you for extortion of service.
Okay, how about a tax bracket system where you can opt out of paying non-essential taxes to give up the right to take part in whatever non-essential things they pay for?
No "High taxpayer-only roads" though, that's too extreme.
also I've fucked up my browser somehow, can't access internet unless it's through my VPN
this kind of taxation is doable.
but i'm of the opinion that these systems should be inherently private. the goverment should be as minimal as possible.

the state should only tax for police, military, courts, administration and jurisdiction. possibly for the proposed mini ubi and minimal education.

only naturaly coersive things should be in the public hand (like water access or electricity. where alternatives are nearly impossible to localy establish and there would be a monopoly any way, so the monopoly of the state, which can be influenced by the people, is the lesser evil) and payed by the users.