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Archived thread

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Who else got 1200 Trumpbux today?
I think we're well past of begging for crumbs.
Nobody begged for it though.
To forbid under threat of government's violence to make a living is unsustainable. Think about it, it's about to comply or to get ruined and starve.
It's free money dude. I don't know what government violence or starvation has to do with it.
It has everything to do with it, anyone refusing to obey will be kidnapped and fined, further resistance may get the resistor murdered.
It's simple. Take the $1200 and remain non compliant.
Fuck Trump, he gave Wall Street 4 trillions, and the people 2, but the trick here is that the people, not Wall Street, owes 6 more trillions to the Rothschilds.
Time for the people to make their own money?
>Social Media Erupts as Americans Receive COVID-19 Stimulus Trump Check
>Social media erupts as millions of Americans woke up Wednesday morning to find they had finally received the much anticipated Trump stimulus check by direct deposit. Twitter users expressed their enthusiasm and praise for the needed funds during the national emergency caused by the Chinese COVID-19 outbreak.
The hard truth will come when the niggers realize those coins aren't enough to pay the bills and in a few month the money will stop.
>pay bills

you might not understand how being a nigger works anon...

I'm still waiting for my income tax refund check to come. I mailed in the forms over two months ago. When I try to check the refund status on the IRS web page, it says it can't find my information. And, of course, when you call the IRS phone number, you get a recording that tells you, in English and Spanish, that there's no one to answer the phone, nor will there be for the foreseeable future, try the web page, bye! Click!

I mailed the forms for my state income tax on the same day and got the refund check over three weeks ago.
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I think Trump just bought the black vote with money.
I hope this makes him feel secure enough to start doing something about chicoms, antifa, leftist subversion, jews, muslims, and so on.
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>I hope this makes him feel secure enough to start doing something
When will you learn?
Don't depend on politicians but lay the groundwork yourself. The counter-mainstream black community is becoming redpilled on Jews and with this there's enough of a shakeup to consider aligning with "enemies." We can collaborate.
Trump hasn't done shit because he was always cucked by ZOG, not because he needed to feel comfortable, he's not /ourguy/, and he's never been so.

This, the hell's going on, where did all this plebs came from? Is it because the election's coming?
I'll believe in blacks being willing to give up their parasitic anti-white lifestyle, turning on their jew handlers, going back to Africa without a fight, and trying to make their own country worth something when I see it.
If all the foreign aid and globalist interference in the world couldn't help Africa become something good and sustainable, why would all the half-black and quarter-black raised-by-single-white-moms famous blacks going to Africa help the 100% niggers who kill each other for witch doctory and imagined "penis thievery"?
The world would be a better place if it was 100% white. Or at least mostly white. Niggers are dumb, the chinese are spiteful commie bugmen and the Japs can't do anything we couldn't do better. Avatar is proof that when westerners actually try to make a good anime, they succeed. Still, the Japs are good at making anime. So spare them, but not the invasive chiniggers.
I'm here for the entertainment.
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We wuz republikangz.
>We wuz republikangz.
I didn't because I filed with TurboTax. But I did get my federal refund so I hope to get my Trumpbux in the second round.
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Wu wuz Republikangz n sheeit nigga, I swear to God mang, we wuz africa i-muh-muh ancestors from africa like fuck mang i-i-i-i look at dem slave ship pics and sheeit i share on instagram, sheeit dem niggas n chains ain't white muthafucka they niggas and sheeit i-i--i-i-i swear to god mang this why we demand repartions n sheeit. i-fuck mang i swear to god mang why my great great great great grandma wuz slaves n sheeit down south in Kentucky. I swear to god mang my great great great great grandma wuz slave to da Democrats mang, like muhfuggin bix nood they whip my poor great great great great grandma to near death before the underground railroad n Abe Lincoln n sheeit why the democrats make our lives worse and assassinate him mang? Shit nigga. Look look look mang, Donald Trump is black, I dunno why these medias are lying to you, he's black, not white mang, the Republikangz are ruled by black people. Sheeit I tell u what mang I tell you what I swear, the black people will be going back to the Republikangz, they gonna want us back mang.
Your impersonation is spot on. It's like you've been in these trenches for decades!
Since you're clearly new at this, avoid spilling word-spaghetti and just say "this". It will help you avoid getting spotted/tagged as a newfaggot with nothing useful to say
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Okay? But who cares about getting spotted as a newfag anyway?
The dude who cries about commie-shit conspirators whenever he's pegged for acting like a newfag
I have to be cool on the internet at all times. Otherwise I will be called an uncool faggot.
They've been pretty quiet lately, which is nice. Thanks for the advice!
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>he's ever been cool on the internet
More gaslighting
>pretty quiet
That's why you were crying about it in thread right? Should I link the post?
Stay mad sweetie.
Perhaps I should elaborate.
I know that the sight of my flag fills you with rage. Every time someone with a UK flag posts and you think it's me, you cry. You whine. About the smallest and most pointless shit.
You're still mad, after two years. Or is it three? Are we going on three years, now?
I don't know why you expect constant perfection from me, or why you and your discord friends whine so hard whenever you don't get it from me.
But understand this: I don't owe you anything. I don't owe your little discord circlejerk anything, and I don't owe you anything. I don't owe you my time, or my patience. Yet I've given you both of these things despite your poor behaviour for how long?
Every time one of you discordfags REEEEEEEEEEEs on this site about me, it's an attempt to derail the thread.
You're threatening to post something you don't want to post, because you want newfags to think your threats are credible and your vendetta against me is reasonable. You are not reasonable, you are a faggot.
You don't even have any legitimate criticisms of my character. Look at you, trying to pull "You're gaslighting people into thinking you were ever cool!" out of my sarcastic "I have to be cool on the internet at all times!" statement.
Like Snopes trying to "Fact-Check" comedy websites like the Babylon Bee.
Like I said in the last thread where one of you started attacking me out of nowhere, and nobody joined in with you until I pointed it out, causing you to beg your discord server for two or three reinforcements...
"Reeeee it's nigel fuck nigel"posting is a pointless waste of time.
And only faggots do it.
It's like you want this whole website to be like Discord or Reddit.
Judge me for the post I make this week, like you should on an anonymous website, rather than bitching at me based on who you think I am as a person.
Do you know what makes this site special? It's normally lacking redditors. This board's slow, but high-quality. It's high-quality when you aren't trying to derail good threads, anyway.
It doesn't matter how many times people post "It's nigel's fault for replying to your bait", it doesn't change the fact that you're derailing good threads in an attempt to make newfags think your hateboner for me is normal.
When I stop replying to your bullshit, you stay quiet for a bit. And then you kick off again and have another tantrum in the next thread I post in.
Quite pathetic, really.
"Reeee it's nigel fuck nigel"posting doesn't contribute anything positive or constructive to the site.
It isn't pony-related conversation like arguing over whether your favourite pony is good or shit would be, and it isn't politics-related conversation like arguing over whether people as gay as you should be put in camps where Pence can try to zap the gay out of you.
You've been mad at me for two years, possibly three, so at this point I really don't think there's any point in doing anything other than calling you out for being a colossal cowardly faggot with nothing better to do. Have you really had nothing better to do for three whole years? I don't care what your perception of me is, because you are a faggot. I don't care how you view me, because I've been living rent-free in your circlejerk's heads for three years. Which reminds me, that pool table I brought in a while back was nice.
I don't want to be the center of attention. All I want is a quiet life. So why do you insist on trying to make everything about me and your hatred for me every time you see me?
It's tiresome, man. And kind of sad. Time has passed for everyone but you circlejerkers.
During the past few years I've reinvented myself. I've stopped wasting time with pony fanfiction and arguing about ponies on the internet. There's a 90% done "Silver Star rewrite" on my computer somewhere, but it's not in my Recent Documents because I no longer see much point in working on something to please the few hundred remaining bronies for free when I could work on something else instead. My Recent Documents are full of multiple backups of my indie game planning documents, and this game should be done in two years. I've lost a shitton of weight, I haven't masturbated in a long time, the only nut that escapes me does so at night, I have buff arms now and I never dreamed I'd be able to run as fast as I can run these days. I eat healthily and I don't even miss chocolate or pizza any more. My beer gut is gone and I can feel abs beneath my flesh. I've actually learned to code and I'm making an excellent indie game with pretty good animation and level design, and if it doesn't make me a millionaire I will keep making sequels every few years until I become one. I'm happy. I'm so much happier than I ever thought I'd be three years ago. I've found happiness in the small things in life, even as the world around me turns to shit a little more each day. People with more perspective than you are aware of current events, but people as faggy as you only care about whether I'm being cool on the internet or not today.
I don't really care about how you view me. But if I'm going to "live rent-free in your heads", can you update your perception of me? Also I've got an arcade cabinet I'm bringing into my bedroom, and you can't stop it from going there.
So at this point, either get a life of your own and stay mad at me forever. Either way, I won't bother replying to "Reee it's nigel fuck nigel"posts any more. I have nothing to prove or justify to angry NPCs who haven't grown in three years and won't change for another ten.
By the time you grow up and realize what a faggot you have been, I will have forgotten who you are.
So stay mad, I guess. Or don't. Keep posting "REEEE FUCK NIGEL REEE" in every thread I post in, or don't. Find a new hobby and get a life of your own, or don't. I really don't care either way, and nobody else has any reason to care about your feelings.
266161 266162
Fake news. We've got lots of English posters who never hear boo from me, because they can leave their autism at the door.
I'd settle for you not acting like you can post whatever the fuck you feel like, wherever the fuck you feel like. Just cuz you can type something and then post it doesn't mean it's worth reading.
>you don't owe me shit
At last! A true statement. Trouble is, it goes both ways.
Nope, pretty much just me afaik. We've been at this for so long - nearing 3 years, but you didn't start until June - that one would think you'd recognize my posting style by now
See that right there is the problem, I shouldn't be able formulate an opinion about you, if you'd stop acting like an attention-whoring faggot. Anonymous board doesn't mean "everyone respect each other's anonymity", it means stop acting like a special snowflake who deserves special dispensation to blurt out whatever gets you more dopamine.
You're kidding yourself if you think that my behaviour toward you isn't reactionary.
>get a life of your own and stay mad at me
If you insist
I'd be more inclined to believe you aren't mad if you hadn't tried so hard to keep this going for so long. But whatever, if it means you stop being bitter you can say what you want.
Do you promise to stop "REEE ITS NIGEL FUCK YOU NIGEL"posting in threads?
Also, don't put the responsibility of managing your behaviour on me. What are you, black? "Reactionary" my ass. Stop blaming others for your own problems and deal with them on your own as a man. If you are one.
Yeah, you descend into a frothing madness at the sight of me. That's one of the many things that makes you a pain to deal with.
I'm in the same boat.
Yes, you've made it clear where the frothing madness resides
donald trump doesn't care about White People.
To give away money for free seems like a bad movie regardless of where it comes from.
Yeah, in the bitter faggot who blames others for his behaviour. You know, you. Are you a woman?
That's the kind of shit a woman does when she was raised wrong.
I can't believe you are still this mad over me dissing your favourite Neopets character.
Or was it your favourite Barney the Dinosaur character?
No, I remember now. You're still mad over me calling your waifu shit.
If I say "fuck it, fine, Glimmer is a good character", will that heal you? Will it make you feel better? Will it keep you from going into hysterics every time you think you see me?
And lo, the original gaslight
Trump could give us all $25,000 from his own pocket if he wanted to. I would not complain.
266390 266391
Why do Liberals think gaslight means "Saying something I don't want said"?
This site archives things. Either of us could go dig through the archives and find some 3-year-old archived thread that proves I'm right.
But since you're the one making the "Positive claim" that I'm the baddie here, it's up to you to waste time digging through my post history like the redditor discordfag you are.
Until you find the time to do that, leave the thread alone.
You're right. Fuck Trump, he's a fraud. Boomer cuckservatives like him who think "Lowest black unemployment rate ever!" is a virtue? Fuck them all. Every job a black person has is one they got due to "Affirmative Action", and it's one a white person could do better.
>gaslighting the meaning of gaslighting
That's some next level denialism. You seem to forget that we've been down this road before, and to a man anons have rejected your interpretation of events. They're not hard to find (the threads that is), just search for Glimmer threads in /sp/ and /qa/. Honorable mentions for Rick and Morty in /sp/, and who could forget the now legendary threads in /go/ 'about redpills in fanfics'?
Protip: if you're going to try and present an argument, it helps to let the evidence do the talking. Waxing idiotic with accusations actually tends to make you look,... well let's just say that's a preferred tactic of CNN
266392 266642
You do realize that he hasn't said that he likes glimmer at all. If you don't have proof that this is his underlying problem with you, you come off as a projecting fag. Accusing someone who to everybody else seems innocent, makes you look crazy and then nobody takes you seriously. I guess you might not care about what others think but you won't be able to convince anybody either.

Like, I for example is only hypothetically thinking about the possibility that you right and that this other guy's grievance towards you is due to you disliking his fav poner at one time in the far past.
But realize that nobody even remotely thinks that this is the case because its farfetched as fuck and you have presented us with no proof.

>making my post extranous
Not extraneous at all. Welcome to the glimmernigger conspiracy
Whew. For a moment I was worried most of the previous threads were lost, but then I realized that they were all archived and posted in the glimposting thread on /qa/.
Recommended reading for anyone interested in sussing this out not actually recommended, unless anon is masochistic. Bring brain-bleach
Honestly, let's just not derail this thread. I thought that I knew what the drama entailed as my first exposure to it was with the "I think I have a problem thread," but there apparently it goes even deeper. Let's just move on. No side of this argument is going to shift in their positions. It might actually be three fucking years now, fucking Jesus. I might be viewed as cucked because I say that everyone should just move on but keep in mind that I don't wanna draw hasty conclusion on something I clearly don't know about. Even if you think who is right or wrong is clear as day, I do not know everything or enough to make a conclusion. All I know is that I'm not even remotely interested in all this and it is not part of the thread's subject. If you have to talk out about it, do it somewhere else, like /sp/ so we can move on.

Let's get back on the thread.
I received my Trumpbux, but it's not particularly useful to me since I'll just be paying for the Trumpbux over time via taxes. I've been continuing to work via telework, and I have a rainy day fund set aside in-case I ever get laid off.

That said, this kind of situation where a quarantine temporarily disrupts livelihoods is probably one of the better justifications for this sort of monetary shell game. I will find it hilarious if this does manage to win Trump the black vote this fall. Say what you want about Trump being in Israel's pocket. He's done more for American interests than Hillary or Biden ever would have. Trump and this virus have certainly done a lot to undermine Chinese interests, which is a win in my book.

>Say what you want about Trump being in Israel's pocket. He's done more for American interests than Hillary or Biden ever would have.

This is pretty much what I've been saying. At the very least the Trump presidency is disruptive and he's provoking a conversation about globalization and open borders that we wouldn't otherwise be having. The worst possible outcome of the 2020 election imo is if Biden wins and our politics just go back to being a fake argument between neocons and neolibs who both want to keep the same failing system in place.

I think the virus itself is probably about 15% real danger, 85% herd panic. I'm not personally that affected by the shutdown either as I've been able to keep working and I've got savings I could fall back on if I had to, but I get where people who have been forced out of work are coming from. The distinctions about essential versus non-essential are pretty nonsensical and it's silly to force local businesses to shut down but allow chain stores and fast food to keep operating.

Mostly I just hope Trump sticks to his guns on China and we can finally start detaching ourselves from them.
He's that same faggot mad at me for calling his waofu shit 3 years ago. I didn't give him a name, but I'd recognize that posting style anywhere. Mindless insults and hypersensitivity, projection, accusations heaped atop more accusations, lies, victim blaming, blaming your own actions on others, getting evasive when asked for proof or a justification for prior behaviour... Faggotry.
Once upon a time the site got raided by a group of faggots who thought their "Raid forum, be annoying faggots, call Glimmer perfect and insult anyone who disagrees, reduce the level of discussion, gaslight by insisting anyone who has a problem with you just hates Glimmer to an irrational degree, beg forum moderators to make you Janitors who can delete anything they want" tactics would work.
They fucked off after it didn't work.
Some faggots are still salty at me for noticing the bullshit and calling it out first.
If anyone wants to dispute what I just said you need to post evidence and put effort in. I'm not paid to treat tards with kid gloves. I'm not paid to pretend the opinions of liars are worth anything.
Every few months, a salty liar will lie about what happened and hope some dumbfuck newfag will believe him. Fortunately, newfags here aren't dumb enough to believe what you can easily fact check and debunk on your own time.
If everyone ignores the Glimmernigger, it will shut up for a few months and try to start this same bullshit yet again in a different thread a few months later.
It would be nice if someone else could take over "telling the glimmernigger with a hateboner for 'nigel' to fuck off and stop trying to start 3 year old beef" duties
I just want a quiet life, and I hate being in the spotlight like this. The redditor wants me under constant scrutiny because his raid on the site failed long ago.
Don't feed the glimmernigger.
Sounds good to me.
I don't care about "winning" pointless arguments. Only important ones on politics.
I don't like a cartoon horse, big whoop.
She's a fictitious character in a show I've lost interest in. Redditor raiders who use her as a scapegoat for their own behaviour are objectively pathetic and untrustworthy. I don't see value in a simp who can't separate fiction from reality and whiteknights for a fictitious character. So I have no reason to value his opinions or respond to his posts.

>present evidence
You first, since you're the one making this about more than "stop posting like a newfag"
File (hide): 87B526462C23E97C9B97459E75D95810-297040.m4v (290.1 KB, Resolution:360x360 Length:00:00:06, 1587836460.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>Get your nigger number goy!
post in case of zombie outbreak.png
You want me to go get the archived links? You said you want it, so sure, here's one link.
I hope nobody accuses me of trying to revive this old crap, because I want it to stop and stay dead forever.
>simp and white knight for a bad character
>bait by making worthless threads full of mindless waifufag praise of bad character
>bait by filling unrelated and better threads full of mindless waifufag praise of controversial or bad character
>get unironically hyper-butthurt and attack anyone who says anything bad about your waifu
>try to get threads you don't like derailed and locked
>continue attacking anyone who says anything bad about your waifu on discord/in unrelated threads
>insist that anyone who has a problem with your behaviour... actually just really really hates the character you're white-knighting for
It's not about the character.
>mention rewritten versions of past events out of contents in different threads, hoping to dupe newfags who haven't seen these arguments debunked in other threads
It's never been about the character.
I stopped caring about the character long ago, and I barely care about ponies at all these days.
But I could still tell you why the character's bad if you want.
You could agree or disagree, and we'd have a conversation about it.
It could be fun. It could be boring. It would be a pony discussion.
But Glimmerniggers aren't here for pony discussion.
They don't want to defend their love of a character by arguing in favor of her, they want to "Defend their waifu's honour" by attacking her critics with all the low-IQ marxist tactics and logical fallacies they know.
That's the important distinction.
They don't want to post "omg i love glimmer i wonder what her farts smell like she's so perfect i wish she'd step on me" on their own in their safe-space discordfag circlejerks where they'll get a bunch of positive black-woman-clapping and glimmer-clapping emoji reactions to that faggotry.
They want to try and ruin your fun because it's fun for them.
They have absolutely nothing better to do.
They don't want to conquer territory because they want more places where they can spaz out over their love for Glimmer, they want to conquer territory because it isn't theirs.
"Glimmerniggers" would be just as annoying if they acted this way over Zephyr Breeze, or Sonic The Hedgehog, or Justin Bieber.
Their bullshit is the gayest low-IQ thread-derailing trolling technique possible.
That's why it works all the time for them on 4chan's /mlp/.
And it works even better on Derpibooru, thanks to these absurdly unstable marxists having Moderator and Admin roles.
They're the problem here, not whatever character they claim to do this for.
They use the distaste for the character as a shield for their own actions.
Their love for the character is "ironic" when it's convenient/something to gigglepost* over, and genuine when it conveniently motivates them to abuse others in a marxist manner.
Remember when they begged the site's staff for Janitor roles, claiming it would stop this bullshit?
Even though they were the ones who started this bullshit all along?
Literal marxist agitation tactics from the literal marxists.
Once again: Thank you, based staff, for never giving into these marxist tactics of theirs.
I've seen sites get ruined by these tactics before.
I've seen sites get ruined by these kinds of people before.
It's why I fought so hard and for so long to raise awareness of this poison.
I love this site.
But I don't want celebration, or thanks, or my name up in lights.
I don't want a "Congratulations" or a "Thanks mate" or "I love you Saint Nigel, slayer of Glimmerniggers, hallowed be his name".
I just want a quiet life.
And I just did what anyone would do first if they saw it coming first.
In any case, there are barely any glimmerniggers left on the site.
The swarm's gone.
They can't fill a thread with lies from different IPs at the speed they had 3 years ago.
Most of them got bored and fucked off once that ban on "Posting Glimmer as a triggering agent" was put into place.
It made them realize the mods here won't fall for their "everything we do is Glimmer or Nigel's fault" bullshit, so they left.
Only one or two remain who unironically hate "Nigel" for stopping their raid and saving this site from them.
I hope they grow up and get a life soon.

>*Giggleposting: that thing where a faggot posts "haha imagine caring, i don't really believe what i said i believe i'm just trolling ironically" or "lololol imagine saying that haha u mad" or "lol omg XD X3 teehee ahahahaha lmaooooo" in place of anything worth posting.
Typically done by lefties on lefty sites whenever a conservative posts something or gets banned by lefty mods.
They do it because leftists think humans care about their opinions, feelings, scorn, and mockery.
I don't care what tone arguments marxists use on me, because tone arguments are for faggots.
Why would I listen to their nitpicks of me or my posts if they're the type to dismiss legitimate criticism of shit television as "just nitpicking"?
Why should I take their advice on anything, ever? Emulating them wouldn't make me a better person. Trying to shorten my posts and sound more like what those NPCs think a "ebin 4chan user" should exclusively sound like wouldn't be genuine.
I don't care if marxists boo me, because I've seen what makes them cheer.
oh yeah, forgot about the milky thing.
Didn't have space to describe it properly in the pic, but I once made a post that judged the crap art of Assigned Male despite how much money it made. I also complained about the incredibly infrequent upload schedule of Milky Way because I liked that blog back when I was a coomer. #nofaplife
Naturally, glims tried to spin this as "He makes threads about patreon!!!" because it sounds bad.