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Friendship Is Magic- Meh
The Ticket Master- Yes
Applebuck Season- Yes
Griffon the Brush-Off- Meh
Boast Busters- Meh
Dragonshy- Meh
Look Before You Sleep- Yes
Bridle Gossip- Yes
Swarm of the Century- Yes
Winter Wrap-Up- Yes
Call of the Cutie- Meh
Fall Weather Friends- Yes
Suited for Success- Yes
Feeling Pinkie Keen- Yes
Sonic Rainboom- Yes
Stare Master- Yes
The Show Stoppers- No
A Dog and Pony Show- Meh
Green Isn't Your Color- Yes
Over a Barrel- Meh
A Bird in the Hoof- No
The Cutie Mark Chronicles- Yes
Owls Well That Ends Well- No
Party of One- Yes
The Best Night Ever- Yes

15 Episodes I would
7 Episodes that are Meh
3 Episodes I wouldn't