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A friend of mine has been nagging me to visit this site to find political answers that i apparently won't find anywhere else lol (yeah okay)

First of all i don't agree that there are any answers here. Simply because there is too much antisemitism. I'm jewish myself and i find this sentiment highly offensive. You can't be truly politically enlightened if you're racist.

I've seen the hate thats on this board in many threads, calling people the K word because they have a different opinion, worshipping hitler, making fun of 6 million innocent people that perished because of who they were, it's totally absurd and repulsive, not "enlightened".

The racism doesn't even end there, it transcends into a hatred for black people and muslims too, without considering the oppression especially blacks have to deal with on a day to day basis. Things didn't just magically get better for black people once slavery ended. They aren't stupid people either, i have a black friend who's studying sociology with me and he has a 3.8 gpa so far, with a full scholarship. I dont see many white people have full scholarships to be honest, which is just impossible to ignore.

I hope you guys one day realize that we are all equal and we are all stronger when we work together, take it from a jew whos grandfather was killed in nazi germany.
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