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Someone raised a good point on here the other day but I didn't see many people discussing it, although I think it makes a lot of sense when pondered upon.

>Black people do not understand society.

Because of all the liberal shitheads and social justice faggots telling blacks that everything is racist if it negatively affects black people, it makes them think that society is just out to get them.

>Black person chimps out and shoots a whitey for being racist.

>Goes to jail.
>"He din' do nuffin wrong!"

"He din' do nuffin!" is always the nigger's last cry for help. I first thought they were just lying (because they're niggers) but could it be that they actually think NOTHING illegal happened?

Like if a black person robs a store it's okay because the owner was white and "racist"?

Or if they mug a white person it's okay because it's racist?

Or the police pull them over for driving like a moron that that's racism?

Are you telling me they actually believe they didn't do anything wrong and white people are just out to cause them misery? Fuck me.

Why are people like this allowed to live in white society?
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