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What if i told you niggers and blacks are different.

A Nigger is a person who lives in the hood with all his hoodrats. Niggers make no effort to get anywhere in life and choose to let the white man pay for his living. The only reason they go to school is to learn how to sign their name on a welfare checks. They don't pay taxes and are all libtards.the only way they get something is either stolen from someone or bought with drug money. Niggers are worthless peices of shit and would be better off in Africa geting analy raped by rebels where they learn what a real hard life is.

A black man is considered a decent man who makes a honest living who has a nice family and can provide for them, pays his taxes and sends his kids to school motivating them to do good, but they hang out with niggers and think they are cool so take after their nigger friends. A black man is a respectible person and one you can trust because they got somewhere in life.