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The politics of anti-semitism on /mlpol/ and in general are largely about anti-capitalism.

The economic losers in America have different coping mechanisms for being rated less valuable by capitalism. While the losers in capitalist societies universally turn to socialism – they have varied descriptions of their imagined oppressors.

Ironically, it is the white socialists of the nationalist variety are obsessed with genetics and racial attributes. Their lack of success in a meritocratous capitalist society is undoubtedly a result of their inferior genetic makeup.

Whites overall are incredibly successful under capitalism – but we have our genetic trash. The national socialist is our genetic dead end – our nigger. They obsess over race mixing and their imagined Jewish oppressors as a mating strategy in an attempt to pass their inferior genes forward through their racial superiors, white libertarians/capitalists.

But the privilege checkers, and national socialists, and communists and welfare niggers all nearly identical in their political and economic outlooks. The only thing that differs is 1) their imagined oppressors and 2) their in-group / out-group strategy.

While a national socialist might want to rid America of Mexicans on "nationalist" grounds.. it has the same effect as the nigger advocating for welfare payments. Both groups of socialists seek a political strategy to the the fact that they are economic losers with bad genes. The national socialist is out-competed by the Mexican, and the nigger is uttery worthless. So they both seek to establish in-group/out-groups and imagined oppressors so that they justify an economic reward for themselves that they are incapable of earning on merit alone.
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