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G'day everyone, I've been trying to write up the founding story of /mlpol/ and it's finally done.
Sorry, if I make any grammatical errors. There's a lot of text so I'm sure some stuff slipped through the net. But I hope this contribution helps the community preserve critical information in the years to come.

Archive link to the Comprehensive history of /mlpol/

Archive link to the Complete History of /mlpol/
>The history /mlpol/’s founding
To those reading this – I am originally an Australian native of /pol/. My purpose in writing this is to give a comprehensive chronology of events that took place in early-April 2017, leading to the founding of /mlpol/. I do not know how long our community will survive but for the sake of future generations I will endeavour to preserve our founding story while the details are still fresh in my mind. Everything I write is based on events I witnessed first-hand or what others have reported with the support of screencaps. I have also sifted through countless dead threads trying to fill in as many of the gaps as humanly possible. The draft for this text is being written within a fortnight of all that has transpired so the reader can consider this a primary source. However, I am writing this from the perspective of a former /pol/ack – personal biases will inevitably be illustrated in my writing so please take this into account. Finally, I must thank the countless anons who posted everything they knew about the revolution. Without the diligent reporting of the community, recounting this extraordinary tale would not have been possible.
>April 1st – April Fools’ Day

To celebrate April Fools’ 2017, a series of boards on 4chan were temporarily merged for the day. Of these amalgamations, the mods chose to combine the two resident containment boards of the site (/pol/ and /mlp/). The administration of 4chan had a history of neglect and outright abuse towards the posters of both respective boards. Notable instances of such crimes include “/pol/ harbor” (2014) and /mlp/’s “The Scruffening” (2012). Due to this precedent of mod-organised harassment, it was believed by many this merge was a ploy to get /pol/ and /mlp/ to fight each other for the amusement of the wider-chan community.

Initially, conflict erupted between /pol/ and /mlp/. For the first time in years, /mlp/ was on a red board and could freely post horse-pussy without the mods intervening. However, this had an unintended effect by the second half of the day. The sheer amount of cartoon porn being posted had flushed out the most insufferable members of /pol/. Those individuals primarily being migrants from r/the_donald – a Subreddit dedicated to the blind cult worship of Donald Trump.

During the US election cycle of 2015-2016, /pol/ supported Trump for his anti-internationalist remarks. As the election went on, and /pol/-made Trump memes broke into the mainstream, the board would be overrun by Reddit interlopers. This rapid influx of newcomers, without adequate time for assimilation, irrevocably altered the culture of 4/pol/ forever. While the quality of threads had been low for years, conditions had taken a noticeable slide by Inauguration Day. Indigenous /pol/acks had come to accept the death of the old /pol/ until that fateful day when /mlp/ managed to chase out her cancer with lewd OCs.

With /pol/ finally liberated and /mlp/ awash in pone puss, there was much celebration into the night. Like a regime of terror had ended, individuals were free to have open political discussions. No thread was derailed and all rejoiced. It was said by many that it was the best thing to happen to both boards in years. I don’t think I can put into words the pure euphoria experienced on that day. It was like the old 4chan had been rebirthed like a phoenix and a true sense of comradery reigned supreme, once again. Of course, all good things must come to an end and so it was that /mlp/ and /pol/ were reinstated by the mods. While most said their goodbyes, a dedicated faction from both boards refused to return to their cage, now having tasted the nectar of freedom.
>April 2nd – Declaration of Independence

Perhaps it was naïve optimism that took hold of us on the 2nd day of /mlpol/’s existence, but a large number of us held our ground and refused to leave /mlpol/ despite it now being made a hidden board by the mods. It wasn’t long before rumours began flying around that the mods had decided to keep /mlpol/ as a permanent hidden board. Others said that the board was being trialled for at least a week. Both these rumours eventually were proven to be false.

The rumours can be traced back to “leaked” information that the mods had held a guiding vote on whether to keep the new merged boards. The Yes vote supposedly won 25-24. However, the Head Moderator of 4chan refused to accept the results. He promptly fired at least eight mods and janitors who voted in favour of keeping the merged boards. The ballot was declared invalid and word was sent to proceed with the deletion process. HOWEVER, I must note that the information in this paragraph is highly contested and it is uncertain if this vote ever actually transpired.

Regardless, we were eager to cut ties with our parent boards and forge a new path. Soon the Edicts of Equestria (later renamed the Policies of Polestria) were created by an anonymous Leafbro. Although beginning as a simple proposal for /mlpol/’s sticky – this simple .png would have the magic of friendship breathed into its design. With large community inputs and revisions, the Edicts had become our constitution. Our declaration of independence followed shortly thereafter. A statement to the mods and the rest of 4chan that we were here to stay:

“We the memers of /pol/ and /mlp/, in order to form a more perfect board, establish discourse, ensure conversation is shill-free, provide for the common defense, ensure the general welfare, and secure the blessings of memery to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this constitution for the United Board of /mlpol/. A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a shill free State, the right of the people to keep and bear ponies, shall not be infringed.”

Along with this declaration, dozens of /mlpol/ OCs were created by defected drawfags. Using Aryanne as a mascot (a Natsoc pone OC from /mlp/) banners and symbols were distributed across the board. Friendship and magic were in full force at this point, as many strived to make /mlpol/ the best board it could possibly be. A stark contrast to the purgatory /pol/ and /mlp/ had now become.
>Dawn, April 3rd - The Midnight Revolution

Suddenly, without warning at midnight server-time, /mlpol/ was permanently frozen. We were in disarray after believing the rumours that the board would stay up. We attempted to rally back on both /pol/ and /mlp/ but these crisis threads were quickly taken down. However, there was just enough time for/mlpol/ discords to be posted. The discords were a hotbed of desperation and resolve as battle plans were quickly drawn up. These discords coordinated the initial protests and gatherings on /qa/. Many of us had paid little attention to this hidden board in the past but it was commonly believed to be where one could get the attention of the mods. Our objective was to demonstrate the groundswell of support for the continued existence of /mlpol/. Within two hours of /mlpol/ being shut, /qa/ had been flooded with over 50 /mlpol/-related threads. This event came to be known as “The Midnight Revolution”.

As the revolt continued into the night, some anons who were aware that /qa/ was not the true domain of the mods, travelled to the 4chan IRC (the mod’s chatroom) to petition for the restoration of /mlpol/. The majority of the mods were asleep at this time (hence why the invasion of /qa/ continued unabated) but the few that were awake sternly rejected our pleas. Their reasoning being that they did not want a second pony board on 4chan. The contempt held by the mods towards both /pol/ and /mlp/ had, once again, reared its ugly head. There appeared to be little hope for /mlpol/ ever being revived on 4chan, though many of us did not realise. Determined, our shitposting storm on /qa/ had only just begun.
>April 3-7th – The /mlpolqa/ War Against 4chan (part 1)

This point in history I am about to relate is difficult to cover as many happenings transpired throughout this period. Countless war stories have already been lost to time due to the sheer number of thread deletions. Only three days into its existence, /mlpol/ was now being baptised in fire. Our initial demonstrations on /qa/ had ruffled the feathers of her inhabitants – the /jp/sies.

Three months prior to April Fools’ /jp/sies had infested /qa/, displacing the natives and creating an elitist otaku culture. Their snobbery had led them to /qa/ – not to use it as a place to petition the mods as we intended – but to create some anime version of /b/. These vermin, battle-hardened by their previous victory over the /qa/ natives, began reporting and sliding our threads and posts. The reason for this opposition was primarily a refusal to understand our plight. Many /jp/sies argued that /mlpol/ was nothing but a joke-board and that we had no established culture as they did. Just as they had dismissed the validity /qa/’s former-culture, they did so wish to use the same subversive tactics on our own people. Ironically, our survival and their eventual extinction proved their claims to be inversed. Never in the history of 4chan had something like this occurred. /pol/ and /mlp/ were two boards said to hate one another. By simply dispelling this myth, we had already demonstrated something else was going on.

By morning, the mods would be upon us, banning peaceful protestors for violating GR15. The continued refusal of /qa/ and the mods to negotiate with us had forced our hand and we declared war. The gloves were now off as all the years of frustration, of injustice and abuse inflicted on us by 4chan came rushing to the fore in a rage of shitposts. /pol/ and /mlp/ had always been held in low-regard simply by our status as containment boards. This was something we had come to accept until now. Now we wanted respect.

The initial mass-bannings by the mods did little to quell resistance as our numbers only multiplied. Word had gotten to our parent boards and wave-after-wave of /mlpol/ loyalists soon joined the fray. Then Hiro, the owner of 4chan himself, retweeted an /mlpol/ emblem. This retweet galvanised us to carry on fighting, believing he was sympathetic to our cause. At this time, many /mlpol/nies wanted to remain on 4chan and were completely against moving offsite. Though the mods had failed us we thought a personal intervention by Hiro could be our salvation. Alas, this never happened.
>April 3-7th – The /mlpolqa/ War Against 4chan (part 2)

/mlpol/ was able to hold its ground and completely dominate the board for two full days (3-4th) despite the heavy opposition up against us. /qa/ was backlogged with threads demanding the reinstatement of /mlpol/, as well as threads taunting the /jp/sies. There were even some /jp/sies who were now admitting defeat and asking for concessions. However, by the 5-7th, as our numbers began to dwindle, the /jp/sies and mods managed to retake parts of the board. The war now entered a stalemate as /mlpol/ was still capable of maintaining a sizeable foothold but could not push out /jp/ entirely. Isolated attempts at dialogue at this point were made between both sides but a truce had now become an impossibility.

One of the most notorious officers fighting us at this time was known as Lee (((Goldson))). Lee, a Canadian NEET who constantly lurks 4chan for the opportunity to tell a pone-poster to kill themselves would become a bitter rival of /mlpol/. In almost every /mlpol/ thread during the war, he would post a screenshot of a TV catalogue that showed MLP airing right after Barney, complemented with the phrase “die Barneyfag!”. He was able to maintain an air of omnipresence due to a computer program, linking 4chan posts to the derpibooru archives. This would notify him whenever any kind of MLP fanart was posted. He also had 6 gorillion proxies so he was unbannable. Truly a giant among men.

On the 6th, mlpol.net was founded and the first advertisements were posted to /qa/. However, the site was still in its infancy and received little attention. As the war raged on, some /mlpol/nies had set up “bunkers” on a series of websites to coordinate and take it easy. Notable meeting points included Endchan, 8chan and /trash/. Many would come to refer to these places the diaspora boards – harkening back to the belief that the /mlpol/ board on 4chan was our true home. However, mlpol.net would become the primary bunker and eventual home of /mlpol/, in a matter of days. This was due to the tireless dedication of the owner and mods residing there, along with the breakdown of relations with 4chan by the end of the war.

On April 7th, one week after the creation of /mlpol/, the mods of 4chan were forced to freeze /qa/. The war had ended with /mlpol/ claiming victory over /qa/ and their /jp/sie overlords. The freeze of /qa/ had demonstrated that the mods could not combat the huge numbers of people fighting in favour of /mlpol/’s existence. The war had become a game of whack-a-mole for the mods – a game they could never win no matter how many resources they dedicated. So, instead of giving back /mlpol/, they chose to pull the plug on yet another board.
>The fallout of the /qa/ freeze

Following the destruction of /qa/ and high on victory, a small number of /mlpol/nies continued to fight 4chan for several days. The majority of the /jp/sies migrated to [s4s] where they would Jewishly talk of their innocence during the war, spinning the narrative of their victimhood. The irony that the /jp/sies now wanted refugee status on [s4s] after their treatment of us, cannot be understated. This provoked several /mlpol/nies to go rogue and continue hounding them. Most of /mlpol/ however, was against a protracted conflict with 4chan so there were only sporadic clashes within [s4s]. No invasion ever occured.

On the 8th, there was a brief raid on /po/ that lasted less than an hour. /po/ was specifically targeted for her non-existent population. This action also didn’t have popular support and less than ten shitposters took part. The raid consisted of a series of horse-origami threads. It can therefore be argued that the posts technically did not violate the rules of /po/. This raid was motivated by a continued desire to demonstrate our frustration toward the 4chan mods.

As things died down on 4chan, many /mlpol/nies began to consolidate on mlpol.net. This site was run by members of our community which made it an attractive option for settlement. A lot of posters on mlpol.net have since found the place to be much comfier then 4/mlpol/ and have decided to not return to 4chan. As I write this, the number of posters is quite small in comparison to where we started. But with each day, the board’s conditions improve and stragglers find their way here. We may yet achieve the ideals we set out to fulfil on April 2nd.
Hail Celestia.
One thing I didn't see that probably deserves to get covered was /mlpol/'s Operation Market Garden: The Anne/x/.

Shortly after The Midnight Revolution was in full swing and the occupation of /qa/ had already begun, the first official word from a confirmed mod had come in that not only was the board not likely to come back, even if it did /mlpol/ would have to petition the admins since moderators don't have the power to freeze and unfreeze entire boards.

This led to a rift in the young movement between the two major discord groups as to what the best course of action going forward should be. One group advocated a peaceful occupation of /qa/ while trying to diplomatically sway the site staff to see our point of view while the other group thought that the more direct option of raiding other boards and forcing the site staff to give us /mlpol/ back was most effective path forward.

Eventually a group managed to unite the two discords in a compromise: 24 hours would be given to let diplomacy take it's course without raids torpedoing any chance of a peaceful resolution. If we still hadn't been given any official statement after 24 hours it would be clear that the staff were ignoring /mlpol/'s pleas and raiding would be given the green light. The 24 hours came and went and only confirmed what the denizens of 4chan have been saying for years: mods are, indeed, fags.

With the agreed upon deadline rapidly approaching the brave Wehrmacht of /mlpol/ suited up for war. The target would be /x/, as it's a slow board but large enough that the message that /mlpol/ was here to stay would be received loud and clear. It was a sound plan on paper, but little did the freedom fighters of /mlpol/ know, sinister forces were already conspiring behind the scenes to doom the inaugural march of the 1st /mlpol/ Expeditionary Force.

Problems first began to manifest when a good portion of /mlpol/ which looked upon /x/ fondly did not want to raid a board they respected. Ultimately though, the whole operation would be doomed to failure due to one despicable individual: Leakerchan.

Some say Leakerchan's autism burns with the luminosity of a thousand suns, some say he's the incestuous offspring of two gorillas, all we know is that he's a massive faggot.

Unbeknownst to the /mlpol/nies, there was a snek in their midst. The entire operation had been infiltrated and reported to the mods beforehand by a /jp/edo that was fond of the moniker "leakerchan".

The /mlpol/nies marched into /x/ expecting a fight, they received a firing squad.

By this time the mods were already laying in ambush, waiting to mow the unfortunate /mlpol/nies down. Threads were deleted within seconds and the banhammer was brought down with avengeance, my own was a 15 day.

In the end, /mlpol/ would become stronger after it's baptism by fire. Opsec and planning were both greatly improved by the experience and the green members of our community would become tempered in the flames of battle. Even though we may have lost the battle, we would win the war.

Never forget the brave shitposters that gave their lives that day.

Mods to right of them,
Mods to left of them,
Mods in front of them
Reeee'd and raged;
Stormed at with purges and bans,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of hell
Rode the shitposters.
Thank you for the great account, I shall put it in LaTeX.

An important historical note is that s4s completely went scorched earth during this time. Their entire catalog was bury pink. All rude threads were buried. All who came to s4s saw miles and miles of nice board, truely a demoralising sight.

They knew they were being raided, s4s posters have such a highly developed sense of irony and they post at such high levels that any foreigners stick out like a sore hoof. They can be raided nor subverted, a great people.
>the history of /mlpol/
I can summarize this in a few words.
>Autism. Hatred. Ponies. These were the ingredients used to create the perfect Board War. But Hiroshimoot accidentally added a fourth ingredient, Redpilled Nazi Pones, and thus, /mlpol/ was born! Using our autism, Nazi Ponies have dedicated their lives to bringing The Magic of Friendship to the heartlessness of politics!