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Reminder than Ching Chongs are evil and inferior race, they only appear somewhat physically appealing by using plastic surgery and skin bleaching products

>Hate their own race

>Will hate their children too since they will 99.9% of the time still look like gooks
>Broad, nigger like noses
>Sickly yellow skin
>Pitch black, squinty, soulless eyes
>Slinky hair
>Get plastic surgery for the purpose of appearing like a 4/10 white woman
>Still look like aliens or dolls
>As crafty, scheming and self interested as Jews (if not more so)
>As physically unattractive as niggers (if not more so)
>As physically weak as Indians (if not more so)
>Lack creativity (Contributed fewer significant inventions to modern civilization than the Arabs)
>1 billion people live under an oppressive one party system and no one is revolting