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>new job = new apartment
>find a place that's priced right and includes a ton of amenities
>visit apartment – very clean, modern, 5 mins from the office
>biggest place and best price of anything
>right on main drag, nicely landscaped and paved
>saves me a ton of money over the next year
>going to sign paperwork
>see two big, fat black women sitting outside yapping about not having money
>ask agent what kind of tenants live in the complex
>gives me "that's against rules" answer
>decide I don't care, move in
>here for a month and I'm cozy, not around much during the week, place seems quiet and empty on weekends
>have time off from work and end up being around during weekdays and nights
>car alarms, dogs barking, rap music, hollering, doors slamming, hallway reeks of cigarettes every night
>go outside to get to car and some nigger and his fat white trash gf are sitting on the stairs, refuse to move… I have to go around them
>old black man won't open door for me when I'm locked out
>get yelled at by sassy black woman when I politely held door for her
>trying to do laundry and I'm tripping over Pedros (sitting on their ass surrounded by work tools) and blaring latino music
>getting mail for old tenant about bail bonds, paternity checks, unemployment
>creeper hits on my gf every time she comes over, now have to use different entrance
>open my door and some chimp's dog runs into my apartment
>sigh, go back in and be glad I'm not a nigger

Fucking niggers